Get all the Warmth and Comfort with these 14 Best Patio Heaters of 2022

Best Overall

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater

Amazon Basics 62703 Powder Coated Outdoor Commercial _ Residential Propane 46,000 BTU Bahama Blue Patio Heater with Wheels image
  • Comes with auto shut-off tilt valve which ensures safety
  • Easy push-button start up with its Piezo ignition system
  • Provides heat up to 9-foot which is great for commercial places

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Best Propane Heater

Hiland HLDSO1-GTHG 91″ Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater

Hiland HLDSO1-GTHG-A Black 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater with Cover and Stainless Steel table image
  • Has Propane tank of 20 lb that lasts for 8 to 10 hours
  • Features safety auto shut off tilt valve and reliable igniter
  • It provides heat up to 10 sq ft area in every direction

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Dr Infrared Heater DR-338 Infrared Patio Heater

Dr Infrared Heater DR-338 Black Carbon Infrared Patio Heater with Tripod image
  • Perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • For fixed mounting wall and ceiling mounted hardwares provided
  • Comes with 12.5 ft long extension cable and double tip-over protection

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You might have a large backyard or outer open space in your house and wish to have a cup of tea or coffee with your friends during the snowy winter. But the cool chilling winds restrict the fun and quality time that you long to spend. A patio heater serves well to solve the purpose of luxuriating such an outdoor seating area or large open spaces. It comes to your rescue, allowing you to enjoy the warm and cozy environment during chilling weather. Best patio heaters are designed for a specific purpose to radiate heat and keep your surrounding area warm. These devices use fuel to generate heat that escapes out to provide you with the desired warmth.

Patio heaters can be of various types that help to meet different requirements. You can get a propane or natural gas patio heater depending upon the type of usage you will employ. Also, these can be wall-mounted, stand straight on the floor, or adjust well on tabletops. The table top propane heater is the most commonly used type that became our first choice. We employed an electric outdoor heater for our patio space, and that was quite easy to use and maintain and served our purpose well. These devices help keep your winters warm, allowing you to make the best use of the available outdoor space. Even these are now used for commercial purposes, being employed by many restaurants and cafeterias.

1. Amazon Basics 46000 BTU Propane Patio Heater

Amazon Basics 62703 Powder Coated Outdoor Commercial _ Residential Propane 46,000 BTU Bahama Blue Patio Heater with Wheels image

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Amazon Basics outdoor patio heater is a perfect fit to keep your cool winters warm. With 46,000 BTUs, it provides a heating radius of 9-foot which is ideal for commercial cafes, restaurants, or residential patios. Being made up of aluminum, sturdy plastic, and rugged steel, it stands out well with greater durability. Checking out the product for its workability, we figured out that it got started very quickly, just with one-touch push-button due to the Piezo Ignition System. We were very conveniently able to regulate the heat using the control knob to adjust to low or high heat.

This outdoor gas patio heater comes with a water box for adding weight to the base that helps increase the product’s stability. Weighing about 38 pounds, it is provided with wheels that cater to the easy mobility. Provided with an auto shut-off valve, the furnace automatically turns off if it tips over. This adds to the heater’s safety, preventing any issue that might occur due to voltage instability. Boasting a 1-year limited warranty, this device is one of the best products that serve the purpose well for the price it calls to be paid.


  • It requires a 20lb liquid propane gas tank, but the tank is not included
  • Heat can be easily adjusted with the control knob provided
  • It can be easily operated with one button push switch
  • Ensures greater safety with an auto shut-off valve
  • Offers easy mobility with the wheels provided
  • Provides 9-foot heating radius

2. Hiland Pyramid Propane Quartz Glass Tube Patio Space Heater

Hiland HLDSO1-GTHG-A Black 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater with Cover and Stainless Steel table image

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The 91-inch Hiland pyramid propane heater is equipped with one cover and a stainless steel table to mount it with comfort. Featuring a unique design, this product stands out as the best choice for your patio. Reviewing the product provided us with a reliable igniter that allowed us to ignite the device easily. We were quite satisfied that the product has an auto shut-off safety valve that helped us with additional safety. Due to this safety feature, it has become one of the best outdoor patio heaters for your home.

This Quartz glass tube heater uses a standard 20lb propane gas tank that works well for about 8-10 hours if working on high mode with a butane heat output of 40,000 BTU. With its stylish design and unique build, the mesmerizing flame is designed to spread the heat in all directions. It helps to serve the outdoor heating purpose well, making the winters warm and cozy and covering a larger area of 10sq. Ft, it is an ideal fit for your large courtyards or open spaces. Due to its excellent features, it has become one of the best propane patio heaters that you might look for.


  • Unique and stylish design complementing the area kept in
  • Requires 20lbs propane gas tank that lasts 8-10 hours
  • Auto shut-off valve provides safety to the product
  • It also comes with a stainless steel table
  • Covers a large area of 10sq ft

3. Dr. Infrared Patio Heater DR-338 with Tripod

Dr Infrared Heater DR-338 Black Carbon Infrared Patio Heater with Tripod image

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The Dr. Infrared carbon heater is well built for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is a perfect product for houses, backyards, garages, open restaurants, or large spaces. It allows you to come up with a recreational environment letting you spend quality time. Getting acquainted with the product, it became easier for us to mount it on the wall or ceiling. Also, provided with a tripod stand, it became convenient for us to stand it upright by adjusting the height required. The heater is provided with double tip-over protection to provide increased safety and protection that leads to absolute safety.

This efficient furnace provides clean and instant heat with 3 power settings of 900W, 1200W, and 1500W that can be adjusted very comfortably. It is also provided with an extra-long cable that can be extended for better reach. The 12.5ft long extension cord from the tip-over protection socket adds stability. To come up with a strong heat efficiency, it is provided with a high-level mirror aluminum reflector that offers 90% reflectivity and a perfect design to fit the carbon lamp. The simple device is easy to use with a plug-in that can be operated with the help of remote control.


  • The unique design aids in fitting the carbon lamp that brings greater heat efficiency
  • It is easy to mount on a tripod stand or can be mounted on a wall or ceiling
  • It offers an instant heating capability that can be adjusted to three levels
  • The 12ft long extension cable makes work easier and convenient to use
  • This can be used indoors and spacious outdoors very conveniently

4. Hampton Bay Stainless Steel Small Patio Heater for 200sq. ft.

Hampton Bay NCZH-G-SS 48,000 BTU Stainless Steel Patio Heater image

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To make your backyard a comfortable place to sit even in winters, the Hampton Bay stainless steel propane heater is one of the perfect picks. The alluring stainless steel finish enhances the décor of the place where it is kept. Checking out the product by installing it in our backyard, we learned that it could easily cover an area of 200sq. Ft. with optimal heating. It uses propane as the source of its energy, thus known as a propane gas heater. It is due to this that it calls for a propane cylinder to be sold separately.

The smart outdoor propane heater is designed to meet the requirements for houses and commercial purposes. It is designed to use a 20lbs propane gas tank but is not provided with one. To let you adjust the heating temperature with comfort, it comes with a control valve that is easy to use. With the easy-to-use knob, it became very convenient for us to adjust the heating temperature. Being made up of high-quality material, it helps to provide greater durability and thus extended product life. It is equipped with a better safety feature. The anti-tilt switch is provided that helps to serve the purpose better.


  • The elegant and superior design aids in beautifying the place where kept
  • Made up of stainless steel, it becomes durable and stronger to be used
  • It can easily heat an area of up to 200 sq. Ft. without any compromise
  • Provided with a control valve to regulate the temperature easily
  • Compatible for 20lbs propane gas tank

5. Style Selections 48000 BTU Stainless Steel Propane Space Heater

Style Selections Garden Treasures 48,000 BTU Floorstanding Liquid Propane Stainless Steel Patio Heater image

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If you are looking forward to a product that would let you enjoy yourself in your backyard or outdoor space even during chilly winters, then this Style Selections or Garden Treasures elegant patio heater is a perfect choice for you. Made up of stainless steel, it uses propane gas as its power source. With 41 pounds, this furnace works well with a heat output of 48000 BTU (British Thermal Units). Reviewing the product, we inferred that it covered an area of about 200sq. Ft. of our lawn quite efficiently. This undoubtedly made this product one of our best choices for outdoor patio heaters.

This Garden Treasures patio heater features a 20lb standard propane tank with a tabletop for a drink holder. The propane tank does not come included with the patio heater. Checking the product for its stability, we made it stand out straight upright on the floor very comfortably without any hassle. Since it is made up of stainless steel, it provided us with greater durability and increased product strength. To provide the easy mobility of the product, it is equipped with two wheels at the rear bottom that allows you to move it conveniently from one place to another. Due to these smart features, it has become one of the top choices of people looking for elegant design products.


  • The stainless steel material increases the product life and provides durability
  • It will heat up an area of up to 200sq. ft. keeping all the people warm
  • Features a 20 lb standard propane tank house
  • Works with a heat output of 48,000 BTU

6. Hiland 11,000 BTU Portable Propane Heater Thermocouple

Hiland HLDS032-CG HLD032-CG Bronze Gold 11,000 BTU Portable Patio Heater Use 1lb or 20Lb Propane Tank image

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This Hiland gas-powered heater features a golden bronze powder-coated finish that enhances the area where it is kept. Being 38″ tall, it aided us to mount comfortably on tabletops with ease. It makes use of propane or butane gas for its power and works with an output heat of 11,000 BTU. Getting acquainted with this product, we easily kept it on tabletops or any such flat surface since it is provided with a heavyweight plate for stability. It uses a 1lb propane gas tank that would last easily for about 2-3 hours when working on high mode.

Looking for ease of workability, we were satisfied to see that the smart table top patio heater features an easy access door design that can be opened effortlessly. It is equipped with a protective burner screen guard or screen covering that prevents any burns or any kind of mishap from providing better safety. Regulating the heat becomes easier in this patio heater with the control knob provided. Increasing your feasibility, this radiator would let you connect to a 20lb gas tank with the help of a 5′ adapter hose. Thus, it would help you to provide longer heating hours when required. Equipped with an anti-tilt safety device, it becomes one of the best choices for people looking for smart patio heaters.


  • The burner screen guard provides a protective covering, thereby preventing any burns
  • Installing the propane is quite easier due to the easy access front door
  • Provided with a heavy-weight plate that makes it more stable to keep
  • Features 1lb propane tank that can be extended up to 20lb capacity
  • Works with 11,000 BTU that can be varied with a heat control knob
  • The anti-tilt safety feature makes it more safe and secure to use

7. WASAKKY Rapid Heating Outdoor Patio Heater Propane

WASAKKY 48000 BTU Portable Outdoor Patio Heater Image

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The WASAKKY rapid heating portable patio heater is a perfect device for personal or commercial use. It uses high-quality stainless steel, which is not easy to melt or burn, thus making the heating element durable and stronger. With an output heat of 46,000 BTUs, this heater serves well for cafes, restaurants, and other outdoor spaces, keeping a large crowd of people warm and comfortable even during winters. Checking out the product for its compatibility provided us with the ease of assembling the product without any hassle in no time. Following all the instructions step by step, the task of assembling the product became swifter than the wind.

This WASAKKY propane heater is provided with strong rolling wheels at the bottom, due to which it offers easy mobility to us without any effort. Thus, carrying it did not become a challenge for us. Producing an output heat of 48,000 BTU, it can efficiently work for an area of 16 sq. ft. using LPG or propane gas as fuel. Provided with a safety auto shut-off valve, it automatically shuts off when it runs out of fuel, reducing the effort of constant monitoring. It can be placed conveniently in gardens or open backyards, letting you enjoy the cool weather without any trouble. Due to these features, this has become one of the best stand up propane heaters for outdoor use.


  • Made of high-quality steel, it offers greater durability and extended product life
  • Heat can be regulated with the help of a control knob to low, medium, and high
  • It is equipped with a reliable ignition system that allows hassle-free operation
  • Producing an output heat of 48,000 BTU, it covers a range of 16-foot area
  • Provided with a rain cover at the top, it is easy to use even during rains
  • It is easy to assemble with all the instructions to be followed

8. Mr. Heater Double Tank Top MH30T Electric Outdoor Heater

Mr. Heater MH30T F242600 Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater (Propane Cylinder not Included) image

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Mr. Heater’s gas-powered heater features radiant heating and is a perfect fit for your outdoor purposes. It is quite effective in bringing warmth to outdoor spaces like loading docks, hunting and camping trips, or any activity. Reviewing this radiant patio heater, we concluded that it could be easily connected to a 5 to 20 lbs cylinder tank, though the tank is to be purchased separately. It is provided with a push igniter button. It allowed us to operate it very conveniently without any complications making this a perfect choice for us. The tip-over safety shut-off makes this radiator safer to use by automatically shutting it off, reducing all the complications.

This tank top propane heater allows easy regulation of the heat control to low, medium, and high heat settings. Thus, you can adjust the regulator as per the temperature required. Featuring a metallic body, this outdoor heater possesses a hard and durable building that caters to longer product life. This small propane heater radiates heat effectively and allows convenient portability wherever desired. Being quiet and noiseless can be used at any point when a large number of people occupy your place without getting noticed. Its 1-year warranty is what makes this product the customers’ best choice.


  • It can be connected to a 5lb to 20lb gas tank that is to be purchased separately
  • Perfect to use for outdoor places, hunting and outing trips, loading areas, etc
  • It can be ignited quickly without any effort with a push-button igniter
  • The heating temperature can be regulated to low/medium and high
  • Made of durable and sturdy metal that increases product life

9. ALROCKET 1500W PTC Heater with Remote Control

ALROCKET DH-QN12 Space 1500W PTC Oscillating Electric Tower Heater image

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The ALROCKET space heater is one of the best choices that you can opt for personal home use or commercial use. This smart heater is equipped with a thermostat that can adjust the temperature settings from 59-99°F. With the PTC system, heating becomes faster and quicker. Reviewing the product, we observed that once it reached the set temperature, the heater automatically turned into energy-saving mode and adjusted the operating temperature. The patio electric heater comes with a 3-mode high, medium, and normal fan mode. For your comfort, it also provides you with a timer setting that could be set from 0 to 24 hours, allowing you to work at ease or sleep well at night.

This unit is ideal for your office, home, or bedroom. Its 90° oscillation caters to side-to-side rotation, distributing the heat and warmth evenly throughout the area. This oscillating electric heater is made of V-0 flame retardant material that protects against overheating and features tip-over for reliable usage to provide greater safety and secure usage. It is also provided with an LED touch panel that makes things easier to do. This is one of the major factors that make this patio radiator the smart choice of smart people.


  • Provided with an easy to use a remote control that allows all settings to be operated conveniently
  • It is provided with an eco-thermostat that allows adjusting the temperature as required
  • The heat can be adjusted with the variable heating knob that features three modes
  • It is equipped with a timer feature from 0 to 24hours for better comfort and ease
  • Offers 90° oscillation from side to side to heat the area optimally and evenly

10. WDERNI Quick Heating Halogen Electric Patio Heater

WDERNI Electric Waterproof Space Outdoor Halogen Patio Heater with 3 Power Levels image

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The WDERNI electric outdoor heater is one of the top products employed to keep your winters warm and comfortable. It is becoming familiar with the product. We inferred that this furnace used 3 halogen tubes as the heating element and warmed the area quickly in just 1 second. It provided us with 3 modes that could be conveniently switched between 500W to 1500W as per our requirement. Compared to another propane heater, this electric heater is environmentally friendly and saves up to 30-40% electricity. Provided with overheating protection, it automatically cuts off the power. The stable round base makes it strong and stable, preventing overturning or tipping of the product.

With ease to install, this electric furnace does not take much time to set up the whole assembly in just 5 minutes. The long pull switch makes the on/off and operation of the product quite easier. To get the best heating effect, the height of the pole can be adjusted at your convenience from 5.9′ to 6.9′. Also, it can be angled from 0 to 45 degrees to provide a better heating extent. Made up of a stylish aluminum body, it is durable and sturdy to withstand all the temperature variation that makes it suitable for all outdoor purposes. It can stand comfortably in a large open area, making it convenient for your patio or any outer space to dwell in winters.


  • The heating element is covered with a heat cover to prevent any kind of burning
  • Provided with a large, stable and durable base to avoid any kind of over-turning
  • It does not emit any greenhouse gases, thus making it environment friendly
  • Features greater safety being ETL, CE and IP34 certified
  • It can be operated conveniently with a long pull switch
  • Features three heating modes from 500W to 1500W

11. Buyplus Electric Table Top Patio Heater

Buyplus Garage Heater 01 Electric Greenhouse Fan Portable Space Metal Base Patio Heater image

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The Buyplus electric heater features innovative and stylish developments that are best suited for your open spaces. It adopts PTC technology that regulates the optimal heating of the product. It will cool down quickly, preventing any kind of over-heating. Reviewing the product, we could see that the 88.6-inch long cord allowed us to use it comfortably for garages or workplaces. This garage heater allows you to maintain a normal working temperature at your workplace, even during winters. Being compact, it can be easily carried away to any place desired without any hassle, featuring wonderful performance.

Space outdoor heaters allow saving energy reducing overall costs. The advanced features allow operating the furnace conveniently at 3-modes, high, low and fan only. Working with a 1500W engine heats your body and the environment in just 3 seconds faster than any other patio heater without creating any noise. You can easily switch to the desired mode according to the temperature requirement. It also lets you worry-free with the auto shut-off feature if you leave the furnace on for the whole night. This helps to prevent any kind of overheating that may lead to product damage.


  • Longer cord for better reach and workability, making it suitable for garages and workplaces
  • The 3-mode setting caters to convenient switching between the required temperature
  • Equipped with PTC technology allows maintaining the optimal heating temperature
  • The auto shut-off feature prevents overheating in case left on for a longer time
  • Provides quick heating within no time at a low decibel rate around 35-45DB

12. EPROSMIN 48000 BTU Floor Standing Outdoor Propane Heater

Raoccuy Outdoor 48000 BTU Stainless Steel Propane Powered Floor Tall Standing Patio Heater with Wheels and Cover image

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The Eprosmin gas heater is a new style heater that generates a heat of 48,000 BTUs covering a large area of 269sq. that is sufficient enough to provide warmth to about 8-14 people. Featuring a 20lb propane tank, this heater would work well for up to 12 hours. Checking out the product for its working capacity, igniting the heater became quite simpler just by pressing the knob and pushing the igniter button. Also, it was very convenient for us to control and adjust the heat as per the temperature required. This propane heater outdoors also offered us greater ease in controlling the surrounding temperature allowing us to have quality time in open spaces.

This outdoor heater can be installed without any effort simply by following the steps in the instruction guide. It contains a strong base to make it more durable and offer greater stability. The built-in wheels cater to easy mobility and transportation wherever required. Due to these wheels, they can be carried to multiple places and serve well for outdoor purposes. This heater is provided with an 89-inch height with a burner situated high above to prevent any burns or injuries. Due to this, it has become one of the best portable propane heaters liked by all.


  • It can be ignited conveniently with a simple push-button, keeping winters warm
  • This product covers a large area of about 269 sq. ft., serving well for outdoors
  • The entire assembly is equipped with parts that are easy to assemble
  • Designed with a strong and sturdy base to resist wind force
  • The heat can be regulated with the easy to control knob
  • It is provided with built-in wheels to offer easy mobility

13. SURJUNY PATIOBOSS Wall Mounted Patio Heater

SURJUNY W01 PATIOBOSS Electric Wall Mounted Indoor and Outdoor Infrared Waterproof IP34 Rated Patio Heater image

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The smart Surjuny Patioboss electric heater is a perfect product for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be easily mounted on a wall that saves space and gives efficient results for homes and garages. As soon as we turned the heater on, we felt the heat instantly in no time. This infrared heater is energy efficient and uses electricity as its power source. It helps to save 30% to 40% energy, thus making it more economical to use. This patio heater is completely quiet and dust-resistant and therefore offers convenient usage at any point in time.

This easy to assemble patio heater does not require much effort in setting up and is convenient to operate just by pressing a single button. Being CE and ETL certified, this becomes safe to use, keeping all its users completely satisfied with its performance. This heater is designed to resist all kinds of temperature: rain, snow, dust, or sand. The protective sheath covering gives additional protection against any burns or mishaps due to exposed heating elements. It is due to these features that it has become the most liked product by many people.


  • Quiet operation allows it to be used even during nights without any disturbance
  • With a single press push button, it becomes easy to control the product
  • Thermostat control caters to easy monitoring of heating temperature
  • Being wall-mounted perfect for outdoor and indoor purposes
  • It can be easily operated with the help of remote control

14. Raoccuy Propane Outdoor Commercial Thermal Heater

Raoccuy Outdoor 48000 BTU Stainless Steel Propane Powered Floor Tall Standing Patio Heater with Wheels and Cover image

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The smart Raoccuy propane outdoor modern heater is a perfect choice to keep your outdoors warm and comfy. This patio gas heater gives a heat output of 48000BTU that allows about 3-8 feet of warmth that is sufficient to be used for cooler climates. When we got acquainted with the product, we noticed that the heater is provided with a waterproof cover that makes it convenient to use even during rains and protects it from dust. With the easy install technique, this outdoor heater can be assembled in no time without demanding much of the effort to be put in.

This patio propane heater is provided with two smooth wheels that can be easily rolled to provide easy mobility and transportation. Since the product is equipped with an auto shut-off tilt valve and tip-over protection, it is quite safe to use. These safety features are the most wanted things that everyone would like to have in their patio heaters. The ignition button provided is easy to use, and the heating temperature can be controlled comfortably with the adjustable knob. The heater features an automatic shut-off when it runs out of gas to provide more excellent safety, thereby reducing the pain of constantly monitoring the device to switch it off.


  • The waterproof cover protects the device from dust and rain, extending product life
  • This heater works with a heat output of 48000 BTU even during chilling winters
  • The safety feature makes it comfortable to use without any hassle and worries
  • Provided with two wheels to aid mobility and easy transportation
  • It is easy to install with step by step instruction guide

Buying Guide for Best Patio Heaters

To let you enjoy the open spaces during winters, patio heaters have come up with varied and smart features that give you uncompromised results. Getting the best patio heater becomes easier if you are familiar with all the basics from start to end about the different patio heaters. This buying guide will let you know the same in detail and help you develop the best product.

What is a Patio Heater?

As the name suggests, a patio heater is a device to heat or warm up your patio. This radiant heating appliance generates thermal radiation for outdoor use. You can very comfortably enjoy cool, snowy winters turning them warm and cozy with a patio heater. No doubt it is a perfect device to keep your courtyards well occupied during winters. A patio heater makes use of some kind of fuel to generate heat and warmth.

Equipped with a burner on top of a pole, it uses gas to direct the flames through a perforated metal screen. Heat is generated and radiated around the circular metallic appliance. Patio heaters can be of various types, floor-standing, wall-mounted, hanging, or table mounted. They can be of any four forms; gas, electric, propane, and wood-burning. Various bars and restaurants have commonly employed these heaters and are becoming common for household purposes nowadays. They extend the usage of your outdoor area by keeping it warm during winters and allowing you to spend quality and quantity time with your family.

Do I really need a Patio Heater?

If you have a large open outdoor space and wish to sip a coffee with friends in the open fresh air, then a patio heater is a must-buy. These furnaces serve the purpose well to let you enjoy the cold winters without worrying about the chill. They provide you with all the heat, warmth, cozy and comfy environment. If you have a smaller open space, then a single patio heater would work well. But if you possess a large open space, you might have to get two or more depending upon the area. Many restaurants and cafes have open spaces outdoors, and they can be converted to commercial space by employing best patio space heaters. 

How well do Patio Heater Work?

The patio heaters are designed to work well for your winters, keeping you warm even when outdoors. They generally employ electricity or gas (normally propane or natural gas) as their power source and emit radiant heat instead of the hot air that blows up into the air. These radiators are quite more efficient than normal space heaters that help serve the purpose well. Being quick and smart, they are trusted more than the space heaters, especially those who have large backyards and wish to keep them warm during winters.

Which Patio Heater is the Best?


Gas type patio heaters require a little more effort as they call for a professional installation to be done perfectly. They need to be hooked up to the gas line, which adds to the product cost, making it quite expensive. Since they do not require much maintenance to be made, they can be cheap to use in the long run once the installation is made. These types of heaters cannot be used in covered or enclosed spaces.

Tabletop Patio Heater

One of the most commonly used types of heater, the tabletop heater, is compact and helps to save space since it can be kept comfortably over a table. They can be both electric or gas powered, the smaller varieties generally being electric. Gas powered patio heaters use more energy and are thus used for a larger variety. Though they do not cater to a larger warming area, these heaters are perfect for people sitting around the table. Some of the models are equipped with anti-tipping, thereby providing greater safety against falling.

Pyramid Heater

This type of patio heater stands long upright in the shape of a pyramid. This long height furnace is a perfect fit for large open areas. They are generally made up of a heavy base to stand stable. The design is so well made that it gives an appealing look making it quite attractive. Powered by gas, these types of heaters give efficient results.


The infrared heater is powered by electricity and emits heat waves that help keep your body warm. Unlike radiant heaters, you might not feel the heat, but it helps keep you warm or any other object to which it is pointing. It is the most advanced type of patio heater that is employed for large spaces and areas. This is the ideal one to be used in a windy climate as the heat is unaffected by the wind.

Fire Pit Heaters

This type of heater uses an ancient healing technique that uses wood or fire to warm up the area. There is a pit in the center and requires fire to be lit. They are more expensive than other types as the large fancy models are purchased for larger areas. Also, they require more maintenance to be done but undoubtedly give the best warmth and comfortable results.

Mushroom Heater

Boasting the design of the mushroom shape, this is one of the original styles of outdoor patio heaters that can be in varied sizes. If it is powered by electricity, the infrared heat spreads out evenly, covering a larger area with a smaller size. These types of heaters generally feature an elegant design and are budget-friendly to get. Since some models do not have a weighted base, they can easily tumble over, providing lesser stability.


This is the most straightforward to use as it does not require any mounting or installation. Powered by electricity, it just requires to be kept near a power switch and only demands to be plugged in. It is easy to use and maintain and does not call for much effort to operate. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is that this type of heater comes up at a higher cost than a gas or wood heater.

How to Light Patio Heater Manually?

With Pilot Ignition System

  • Turn the ignition system clockwise, push the control knob, and keep it still for 45 seconds.
  • The pilot hole is ignited and checked through a 1/2 inch match lighting hole.
  • Press the stick button 4-5 times and do not let go of the knob.
  • When the flame pops out of the knob, turn it to a high mode or as you require based upon the temperature outside.

Without Pilot Ignition System

  • Ensure that the gas tank is completely closed to provide greater safety.
  • Attach the tank and slowly open it until you open it to maximum patio heater usage.
  • Turn the gas control knob to a low position and press the ignition 3-4 times.
  • Keep the gas knob depressed to make the gas flow prominent. If it does not get ignited, you may use a long-lighted candle for the purpose.
  • When it becomes stable, release the gas knob and turn it to high, medium, or low, whatever is required.

Who Makes Best Patio Heaters in Market?


This brand stands out with its products that ensure quality along with being customer-friendly. Being one of the large suppliers of best patio heaters they target to deliver a reliable product to their customers that does not lead to any trouble in the near future. Offering the best services, this brand gives one of the bestselling products.

Hampton Bay

It is one of the best brands that offer high-quality aesthetic products for home furnishing and décor. Hampton patio heaters deliver the best results that you might aim for. They come up with the best patio heaters that not only provide efficient heat but also enhance the area where it is kept.

Dr. Infrared

Dr. Infrared comes up with a product that gives you all the comfort even during chilling winters. Their heaters are designed keeping in mind the unbeatable heating capacity, safety design and efficient energy. These heaters are made keeping in mind the customer’s need and maintaining their trust by keeping them satisfied.


Firesense has been manufacturing heaters since 1998 targeting people’s needs and satisfaction. Their heaters are designed in varied shapes and sizes that meet up the requirements of the winter season. Due to its high-quality product, this brand owns a high reputation in the market for delivering one of the best patio heaters.

How long does a Propane Tank Last on a Patio Heater?

Propane heaters are the most commonly used type and use propane gas as their power source. Different patio heaters have different tank capacities as per the features and requirements. Based on the capacity of the tank, the duration for which it would last will vary. A propane tank of 20lb capacity can hold up to 430,000 BTUs of liquid propane that can comfortably last for about 10-11 hours.

Things to Consider While Buying a Top Rated Patio Heater

If you are out to buy a perfect patio heater for your space, a little research calls to be done. The best product would be that which satisfies all your needs and requirements. Even a small heater could serve well if you pick it up, considering a few necessary features that should not be omitted.


The major point of consideration is how you are going to use the patio heater. Consider your yard or open space area. How many people are likely to use it helps to decide the best suitable product. If your area is small and people sit nearby around a table, then a tabletop heater might serve well. If your area is large and you are expecting a number of people, then employ a large electric heater or probably a fire pit.


How efficient or powerful your heater is will depend on how much area it covers comfortably. The power of a heater is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher BTU implies that the heater is more powerful and will heat a larger area of your yard. Checking out the BTUs of different models will help you compare the various types and let you get a perfect power heater for your space.


Different types of heaters are equipped with various features that enhance the quality of the product, thereby increasing the overall product cost. How much cost you are willing to pay for the product will largely determine which type of heater you can pick. Many tabletop heaters come in a nominal range of $50 – $200. Floor standing heaters usually range from $200 – $1000 for normal gas users.


To provide you with better workability and ease of usage, many patio heaters come with safety features. Before you pick the product, check that the heater is provided with a strong and durable base to prevent over-turning. Also, the auto shut-off feature will help you prevent overheating of the product that might risk or damage your product. The gas and wood-powered heater should be placed in an open area to reduce the effect of gas or the risk of fire.

Weather Condition

What type of weather your backyard is likely to face will determine the type of heater you might get. If the area is prone to much rainfall, getting a fire pit will be of no use. Similarly, if you are located in a too windy area, keeping a floor standing heater upright might be troublesome. Thus, based on what type of climate your place will experience, you should pick up the suited product.


Many heaters are designed just to serve the purpose of heating; on the contrary, many are designed to beautify the place or area where it is kept. The more you play, the more aesthetic and alluring heater you might bring to your place. It all depends on whether you are looking for a product simply to satisfy the heating requirement or wish to upgrade your open area’s look.

Ease of Use

Many heaters are simple and do not demand much care and maintenance, while some need to perform various operations and call for proper maintenance and care. Based on how well you can maintain your product, pick up the heater easily and comfortably. While most gas and electric heaters do not involve any complexities, the fire pits need much effort to be maintained properly.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to increase the flame on a patio heater?

The patio heater should be ignited carefully first, and then the flame of the heater can be turned to high with the control knob present.

Q. What is the best patio heater to buy?

To get the best patio heater, you can check out the products of one of the top heater brands, AZ heater or Hampton bay.

Q. Where can I buy a patio heater?

You can buy a patio heater from any of the stores or e-commerce sites such as amazon.

Q. Which patio heater to buy?

To get the best patio heater for your place, you can check out the top list with detailed features.

Q. How many BTUs do I need to heat my patio?

Depending upon the area of the space, the BTUs may vary. For an area of about 450 sq. ft., 10,000 BTUs would be required.


Patio heaters have served the best to provide you with all the comfort and luxury in your open areas during cool snowy winters. To make your outdoor space a suitable place to hang out with your friends, an ideal patio heater should be chosen that might serve your purpose well. Getting the best electric patio heater or a wall mounted one calls for some research to be made. With various options available, our top product list would help you find the best suitable product for your area. Depending on your area and the climatic conditions, you can pick one from tabletops, free-standing, fire pits, or other available types. These patio heaters will surely help you serve well and make the best use of your outdoor space.

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