13 Best Diet and Food for Parakeets to Keep Your Budgies Healthy in 2023

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If you love pets, then you might know well that simply getting a pet home is not enough, and birdies are not at all an exception in this case. Parakeet is one of the parrot species with longer tail feathers that people keep as a pet also. So, to keep your pet birds active and happy, it is of utmost importance that you focus on their diet and food habits. To enrich parakeets with proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, you need to feed them with a balanced diet. Feeding parakeets is not a hard nut to crack; you must just know what, when and how much to feed your birds.

With a variety of organic parakeet food available currently, you must look for the one that consists of all ingredients required for healthy parakeet growth. Initially, we fed our birds just with seeds but figured out that providing only the parakeet seed is insufficient. Along with such seeds, certain millets, grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are of vital importance that aid budgies’ growth. Anyone can feed them with homemade parakeet food by adding all kinds of necessary ingredients in a balanced proportion, which can improve their health. It is notable that fresh and delicious food is what attracts a parakeet very much which, thus, becomes the best parakeet food.

Tasty & Healthy Bird Food for Budgies

To feed parakeets might seem very simple, but it is of utmost importance to know what food is of great importance for your pet birds. With several options available in the market, you are likely to fall into a dilemma about which serves perfectly. To help with the same, we have come up with some top parakeet bird foods that will help to keep your birds healthy.

The Best Parakeet Food for Sale 2023


Kaytee 100213693 2lb Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food image

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro

  • Support Brain & Heart Health
  • Promote Natural Foraging Behavior
  • Natural Antioxidants
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Kaytee 100034036 2lbs Supreme Bird Food image

Kaytee Supreme Parakeet Food

  • No Artificial Colors
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • High-quality Mix
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Wild Harvest Wh-83540 4.5-Pound Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Parakeets image

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet

  • Advanced Nutrition Diets
  • Rich in vitamin A and E
  • Blend of parakeets’ favorite grains
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Kaytee 100502940 7-Ounce Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Bird Treat Sticks For Parakeets image

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Treats

  • Highest Quality Grains
  • Natural prebiotics and probiotics
  • Delicious and nutritious Treat
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Dr. Harvey_s DRH_PARAKEET_4 Our Best Parakeet Food 4lbs All Natural Daily Blend for Budgies image

Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food

  • Ultra premium ingredients
  • Aids in vibrant plumage
  • Complete balanced diet
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Kaytee 100032257 2-Pound Fiesta For Parakeets image

Kaytee Fiesta For Parakeets

  • Omega 3S enriched
  • No added colors
  • Antioxidants for Immune Support
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Birds LOVE 25lbs Spray Millet Non-GMO for Birds Cockatiel Lovebird Parakeet Finch Canary All Parrots Healthy Treat image

Birds LOVE Economy & Thin Spray Millet

  • Stress-reliever for budgies
  • Support Digestive health
  • Easy to store
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Wild Harvest A120296 Canary and Finch _ Small Birds 2Lb Daily Blend For Parakeet image

Wild Harvest Daily Blend For Parakeet

  • Ideal for para keet, finch and canary
  • Promote overall well-being
  • For Distinct Dietary Needs
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Nemeth Farms 25lb Supplement Non-GMO Worlds Freshest Spray Millet The Original Bird Treat image

Nemeth Farms Spray Millet All Pet Birds Parakeets

  • Organic millet spray
  • Perfect for all birds
  • Supplies Vitamins & Minerals
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


F.M. Brown_S 447308 Tropical Carnival Melody Mix 5-Oz Bag Small Bird Foraging Treat image

F.M. Brown’S Tropical Carnival Gourmet Treats

  • Relieve Cage Boredom
  • Perfect for small birds
  • Right-sized, Fun-to-eat goodies
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Kaytee 100502754 11-Oz Jar Fiesta Tropical Fruit Parakeet Treat image

Kaytee Fiesta Tropical Fruit Parakeet Treat

  • Highly nutrition with multiple fruits
  • Tasty and Nutritious Treat
  • Fortified Blend of Exotic Treats
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


VitaKraft 3 PACK Kracker Crunch Treat Sticks Variety Pack for Parakeets image

VitaKraft Crunch Sticks

  • Natural wood stick for maximum crunch
  • Triple baked treat bars
  • Provides much needed exercise
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


LAFEBER_S 41054816322 Classic 4lbs Non-GMO Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food for Parakeets image

LAFEBER’S Nutri-Berries avian diet

  • No no artificial colors, flavors
  • Omega 3&6 equipped
  • Rich in antioxidants
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food

What We Like?

  • Naturally preserved keeping it fresh
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Equipped with Omega 3’s
  • Supports digestive health
  • Provides feather health
  • Enhances skin

The Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro parakeet food appears made by top nutritional experts keeping in mind our birdies’ healthy mind and body. This best food for parakeets contains nutrients, probiotics, and prebiotics that aid in improving the digestive health of your budgies. Kaytee’s diet pro food has a high nutrition value to ensure that your parakeets get a rich diet that is helpful for them. In our observation, it provided budgerigar with high nutrition that helped them with vibrant and healthy plumage.

Kaytee ensures to include omega 3 fatty acids in this food that proves to be beneficial for brain and heart health. This food for birdies is preserved naturally, which keeps it fresh for a longer time. This healthy bird food contains natural antioxidants that aid in the general digestive system and immune support system. Its rich diet makes your budgerigar fit, keeping it happy and enjoyable. Being of such nutritional value and rich in minerals this parakeet diet occupies this position in our best parakeet bird food list, which is liked by all. Thus, enjoy the sweet chirping of your birdies by keeping them well-fed with this high-value plum headed parakeet food.

2. Kaytee Supreme Bird Food For Parakeets

What We Like?

  • Absence of artificial colors or flavors in both grains and seeds
  • Supreme quality USA made ingredients
  • Naturally preserved for freshness
  • Provides a balanced mix diet
  • Added vitamins and minerals

Pets with feathers demand greater care than any other pets because they are very delicate. And Kaytee seems to understand this issue which is why it has introduced supreme bird food. This parakeet diet is a mixture of proteins, fibers, oils, and nutrients that are perfect for parakeets. It contains wholesome, high-quality grains that make a balanced composition of all kinds of required ingredients for them. Trust us when we say that any birdie will love this supreme food. Moreover, this meal does not contain any artificial colors or flavors, which impressed us a lot. Consisting pellets and grains that provide a simple and healthy diet to your budgerigars make your investment in it worthy. These parakeet food pellets contain nutrition that pet birds require for their growth.

The Kaytee supreme bird food does not compromise with any of the used grains’ quality. Thus, there is no need for you to worry about a thing in feeding this food to your feathered mates. Kaytee ensures to not only provide a balanced diet for pet birds but also offers re-sealable barrier-proof packaging that keeps the food fresh for a longer period. This USA-made parakeet pellet food contains added vitamins and minerals that provide our little winged fellows with general health and essential nourishment. Feeding your parakeets with these natural seeds and grains of high quality gives you a noticeable improvement in their health in a very less period. This is what differentiates Kaytee from other low-quality brands.

3. Wild Harvest Wh-83540 Advanced Nutrition Diet for Parakeets

What We Like?

  • Contains fresh fruit and vegetable tint
  • Loaded with advanced nutrition
  • Packed in flip top container
  • Rich in vitamin A and E
  • Color amp formula

Wild Harvest comes up with an advanced nutrition diet that is essential for your budgie’s health. Parrots require a diet rich in seeds, fruits, and vegetables that help them grow stronger and live longer without any complications. This Wild Harvest parakeet food comes equipped with ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that help build up a powerful and strong body. Grains and seeds contained in this food pack are rich in vitamin A and E that cater to shiny feathers birds along with healthy skin. This multi-vitamin, nutrient-rich food becomes the best parakeet food for people who have pet birds.

Checking out for parakeet favorite food reviews, we figured out that this organic bird food contains seeds with a tint of delicious fruits and vegetables. Hence, there is no denying that our parakeets will be more than happy to consume this meal which becomes their favorite treats for parakeets. Packed in a flip-top container, it becomes easy to use without creating any mess that might occur while using bags. These flip-top containers are more convenient to use rather than screw-top containers. Due to its incredible functionality, we highly recommend you to go get the Wild Harvest pet bird diet.

4. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Bird Treat Sticks For Parakeets

What We Like?

  • Comes with a safe to use hanger
  • Prebiotic and probiotic infused
  • Premium-quality seeds used
  • Perfect for playful activity
  • Delicious and nutritious

Feeding your budgerigar with flavorful food along with nutritious value is what you need to do as a responsible bird owner. These Kaytee diet-friendly treat sticks are rich in taste and minerals by providing a healthy diet that your birdies seem to not refuse. These sticks are composed of high-quality grains and seeds that you can hang in your pet’s cage. We tried hanging these sticks in our parakeet’s cage, and they enjoyed them as it was something different than what we usually offer to them. These treats, therefore, are preferred, as it becomes a fun activity for them that provides nutrition with delicious ingredients.

These treat sticks contain natural prebiotics and probiotics that are helpful in promoting digestion systems. This is a perfect food to add variety to your parakeets’ feeding habits. To make these treat sticks, the best quality grains and seeds are utilized. Since the specially designed hanger is safe to use, we could conveniently hang it without any harm to our birds. To come up with better results, we recommend you to use 1 stick per bird per week, preferably of alternate varieties. Thus, it not only serves as food for them but also works as a playful activity that makes birds quite energetic.

5. Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food

What We Like?

  • Numerous seeds, millets, nuts, fruits and vegetables
  • Without any chemicals and dyes
  • Contains balanced diet food
  • Supreme quality elements
  • Aids in vibrant plumage
  • No added sugar or salt

Dr. Harvey’s best parakeet food comes up with an optimally balanced diet blended with a natural daily bird meal essential for them. This food contains ultra-premium ingredients that render better fitness and longer life to your pets, along with vibrant plumage. Dr Harvey’s parakeet food mix contains various ingredients, 14 types of fruits and vegetables and oat groats, 9 types of nuts, and including 10 types of seeds and millets. Checking for the product quality, we figured out that it is free from any dyes or chemicals or any kind of synthetic mixes that may be harmful to our feathered mates’ health.

This parakeet diet food equipped with all kinds of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables will show a positive impact on your parakeet’s growth. Its packaging is in a well-furnished method that will retain included components’ freshness as we could easily smell the fragrance of fresh seeds as we opened the pack. Since it contains various types of elements that our pets require for a healthy diet, it caters to their overall growth. Providing with standard quality of food and nutrition, Dr. Harvey’s bird food mixes becomes a wise choice for all parakeet owners.

6. Kaytee Fiesta Parakeet food

What We Like?

  • Prebiotic and probiotic for improved digestion
  • Contains high nutrition ingredients
  • Nutritionally fortified gourmet
  • Omega 3S enriched
  • Preserved naturally
  • Healthy plumage

A nutritionally blended gourmet diet with a mix of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains is more than enough for your budgie to be happier than ever. That is precisely why Kaytee has brought this rich and healthy diet for pet birds. This best budgie food provided with omega 3S, the diet helps to enhance brain and heart health. It also comprises antioxidants that are vital for general health growth and immune support. Feathers and skin are important features of any bird that needs extra care that is possible with this meal. This parakeet seed mix is developed keeping in mind multiple bird species so as to give each unique birdie a wholesome life.

Naturally preserved, this Kaytee budgie diet renders an ideally fresh pack. Moreover, you can tightly reseal it after opening so as to retain this packet’s freshness for a desirable time. Integrated with fruits, nuts, veggies, and textures, it gives high nutritional value. Since it arrives equipped with prebiotic and probiotic, this meal also aids in improving our cute parakeets’ digestive system. Along with a healthy body, it also aids in your parakeets’ mental simulation. Due to these features, Kaytee’s balanced diet becomes a great pick for budgies. Feeding our winged buddies with this multi-nutritional fiesta gives us the satisfaction that they are being fed with highly enriched food that helps in overall development.

7. Birds LOVE Economy & Thin Special Spray Millet

What We Like?

  • Highly digestible without any complications
  • Rich in vitamins and proteins
  • Stress-reliever for budgies
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Easy to store

These millet sprays from Birds LOVE are many parakeets’ favorite which they love to feed on. These millet treats render your dear budgies with the energy and nutrition they need without any harmful ingredients. Being a highly alkaline food, it is greatly digestible by birdies and helps to build their immune system efficiently. Once you feed these sprays to your budgerigars, they will immediately get accustomed to their taste. They supply high proteins and are rich in amino acids. Amazing, right?!. As soon as you finish feeding, you can easily store this pack in a cool environment without any hassle.

This Birds LOVE millet spray is renowned for being one of the healthiest foods that we can serve to our feathered mates. This non-GMO food can also be sprouted for providing increased health benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that chicks love to have and enjoy their every bite a lot. While serving our pet birds with this food, we figured out that it served as a natural stress-reliever for them as they got engaged with this enjoying it to their fullest. With a low amount of fat and many vitamins, this becomes very much preferable for a pet parakeet owner.

8. Wild Harvest Canary Finch Daily Blend For Parakeet

What We Like?

  • Resealable zipper for convenient storage
  • Natural taste and freshness in nature
  • Consists of millets, seeds and grains
  • Ideal for parakeet, finch and canary
  • Premium quality seeds
  • Unique orange essence

Equipped with all the high nutrition value food, this Wild Harvest parakeet food comes up with a diet that meets various needs of budgerigar, finches, canaries, and other small birds. This daily blend nutritional diet includes seeds such as canary grass seeds, red and white millets, along with wholesome grains. All these are of utmost importance for any birdie’s overall body and mind development. Its freshness had awestruck us a lot as soon as we opened it. Further, these tiny goodies arrive at your doorstep in a resealable zipper that helps you to keep the freshness intact even after opening.

This meal for parrots contains quality blend seeds that are abundant in vitamins and minerals. With a slight essence of orange, this diet brings a delicious taste that birds love to have. This is one main reason it becomes a favorite for our indoor pet birdies. Since it comprises all-natural elements in its preparation, it delivers healthy growth by giving an excellent immune system. Being loaded with nutrients and flavorful taste, Wild Harvest becomes unbeatable. On feeding your birds with this wild harvest daily blend food, you will realize that this food will develop your budgies’ overall physical and mental health. It covers all primary ingredients in an exact proportion, thus rendering a parakeet with a balanced diet.

9. Nemeth Farms Worlds Freshest Bird Treat and Supplements

What We Like?

  • Convenient to store for a long time
  • No mechanical equipment used
  • Abundant vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Helps in digestion
  • Relieves stress

Nemeth Farms’ spray millet has occupied its position in this best parakeet food list for its fresh and pure elements that work well for all birds. It is hand-harvested, hand-graded, and hand-picked without involving any mechanical devices to present great quality of taste. These healthy and tasty treats for budgerigars are sun-dried and equipped with vitamins and minerals that give a more nutritious diet to our pets. Being rich in amino acids serves as a building block for the healthy life of parakeets. You can stock them very conveniently and easily without any specific conditions to keep them fresh.

These millet sprays are famous for giving requisite nutrients. Moreover, if you want your pet to consume even healthier food, then you can sprout these sprays and serve. By stimulating a natural foraging instinct, it helps to keep any parrot busy without boredom. These sprays not only offer healthy and prosperous diet food but also help lovebirds in digestion. Besides, your budgie will maintain a fit body and loosens its stress. With a high level of carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, these millet treats are all-time the preferable, and the overall taste will make finches’ mouths water. Keeping the best food for budgies freshness intact helps to give an excellent flavor to winged pets.

10. F.M. Brown’S Tropical Carnival Melody Mix Small Bird Foraging Treat

What We Like?

  • Supports digestion and immune system
  • Multi-vitamins for overall growth
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Delicious and fresh taste
  • Perfect for small birds
  • Increased bird activity

Before moving further into this best food for budgies list, let us tell you that birds are super entertainers, but they sometimes get bored. F.M. Brown seems to understand this issue that’s why it has introduced this tropical carnival melody mix small bird mix, which keeps our feathered buddies energetic. Developed to be a perfect fit for all kinds of small birds such as parakeets, canaries, and finches, these treats are versatile. Blended with a large variety mix of right-size, it helps a birdie to eat happily and actively. Said large variety mix combines seeds, grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs with exotic flavors that give a tempting taste to budgerigars.

F. M Brown’s mix comes equipped with multi-vitamins like vitamin A, E, and D3 that improve a bird’s health. Since it is jam-packed with original seeds and grains, it offers pureness and a natural flavor vital for a canary’s growth. It not only supplies demanded components but also supports healthy digestion. This treat for birds serves as an appetizer with a balanced diet. So, you can provide your pets with all vitamins and minerals in a modified way. It no doubt gives efficient, high-quality results without any compromise. The birds actively and happily chirp after feeding this mix as they enjoy it to their fullest.

11. Kaytee Fiesta Tropical Fruit Parakeet Treat

What We Like?

  • Can be served up to 20% of a bird’s daily intake
  • Easy to feed as supplements in other meals
  • Highly nutrition with multiple fruits
  • Supplies added nutrition
  • Tasty and delicious

Parakeets also need a different diet, just like we humans crave, as eating the same thing regularly creates monotony. To feed your birds with something different, Kaytee has come up with this tropical fruit treat with a delicious taste filled with high nutrition. This parakeet diet fruit treat is a mix of fruits like coconut, papaya, mango, and pineapple. Its juicy fruits help to provide your pets with flavors, vitamins, and fibers. You can serve these treats in separate parakeet food dishes or can sprinkle them in a food mix. Anyone can serve these Kaytee’s treats up to 20% of their budgie’s food intake.

This Kaytee fiesta treat is great for added nutritional value that may not be sufficient enough by just feeding the seeds. Moreover, it is just ready to present your birds and does not require any extra effort to be made. While reviewing this product, we simply opened the box, took some quantity, and mixed it with other food grains of our parakeet. Remember to discard any leftover portion that is soiled. Many customers have agreed that their finches which were lethargic all the time, have become fun and active after consuming these treats for parakeets. Thus, it serves as a perfect dish for a parakeet to get rid of boredom.

12. VitaKraft Kracker Crunch Treat Sticks

What We Like?

  • Nutrient rich becoming a parrot’s favorite
  • Available in 3 different flavours
  • Accompanied with a holder
  • Triple baked treat bars
  • Provides exercise

The Vitakraft Kracker goodie sticks are the parakeets favorite foods that can please your canaries very much. These sticks incorporate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are fundamental for a bird’s diet, which otherwise might be missing in a regular average meal. These delicacies are made of wooden sticks covered with fine quality seeds blended to give a balanced diet. Moreover, it came with a clip holder that made it more convenient for us to offer these treats to our birds.

The Vitakraft Kracker pack of 3 treats offers 3 different flavors- 1 orange stick, 1 egg and honey stick, and 1 sesame and banana stick. Every bar supplies a perfect crunch with a delicious taste that birds love to eat. Being triply baked, they render a flavor that attracts any bird for food. It also increases birds’ activity, aiding exercise, which is necessary to prevent obesity. Thus, with an ideal blend of all nutrients and minerals in an appropriate proportion, it becomes parakeets’ most loved goodie.

13. LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food

What We Like?

  • Human-grade, non-GMO, and high-quality ingredients
  • Carbohydrates and nutrients for being active
  • Perfect shape for easy consumption
  • Omega 3&6 equipped
  • Rich in antioxidants

Being last in this best parakeet food list, these delicacies are not at all less than any of those previously mentioned foods. The Lafeber’s classic Nutri-berries is a perfect food for all pet birds, including parakeets. It delivers high nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help birds gain long and healthy life. With human-grade, non-GMO, and high-quality ingredients, it becomes a top choice for pet bird lovers. Furnished with a variety of minerals and vitamins, it aims to provide our parakeets with a balanced nutrition diet necessary for their overall health.

These nutri-berries do not contain any added flavors, preservatives, nor artificial colors. Being abundant in antioxidants and equipped with Omega 3&6, this diet supports healthy skin and a better immune system. This pet bird food is a nutritionally complete foraging parakeet food that birds are fond of. It offers twice the foraging as pellets and thus contributes similar nutrition. Providing with all proteins and carbohydrates brings up the energy in birds that are necessary for them to be active. With all these impressive features it offers, these organic bird pellets give satisfaction without compromising in quality. For this reason, it becomes the ultimate choice for parakeet owners.

Best Parakeet Bird Foods Buying Guide

If you love pets getting them home is not just enough. You have to take proper care and feed them well to give them a healthy upbringing. With our best food for parakeets list, you can easily know which food suits your birdies well. But just buying the right food is not sufficient alone. You need to know all the dos and don’ts to maintain them well. It is important to understand their dietary habits so as to follow a complimentary dietary practice to give them a healthy body and mind. Precisely for that purpose, this buying guide will help you. Do read this following section to know all about parakeets’ food that is fundamental for them.

Parakeet Care Guide

Raising a parakeet can be easier, but only if you know well how to care for your pet. These pet birds, too, require proper care to thrive with better and stronger health. Here are specific tips that might help you to keep your pets healthy:

  • Being quite social, parakeets always love to have someone to play or interact with. So, we suggest that you buy a pair of parakeets as they both will have each other as a companion.
  • To supply a healthy diet to your pet birds is a must to focus on for their long life. It is imperative to know what all foods are suitable for them as certain foods are to be avoided as they might increase risks to their health.
  • A perfect dwelling space is a must for your birds that renders them a good living environment. Their cage needs to be quite spacious as this is where they are going to spend all of their time.
  • Constantly monitor your budgerigar’s well-being by noticing its appetite. If it starts losing its hunger, there might be some issue with its health.
  • Keeping your budgie’s cage neat and clean and seeing a vet regularly for its check-up is what helps to keep your pet healthy and happy.
  • Have some small toys that your feathered mate would love to play with. Anything that makes a sound, shine, or spin becomes a thing for playing and enjoying for it.

What is the Best Parakeet Food Brand?

Zupreem Parakeet Food

Being one of the best parakeet food brands, Zupreem has provided nutrient-rich food since 1967. To fill up various pets’ stomachs and increase their lifespan, Zupreem is constantly coming up with meals that are abundant in vitamins and minerals. When it comes to parakeet foods, Zupreem delivers perfect-sized pieces with nutrients for birds so that they can eat quickly and happily.

Kaytee Parakeet Food

Kaytee, being one of the oldest brands that deliver pet foods, focuses well on every pet’s high-quality food. They come up with pet food, keeping in mind the comfort and security of any pet. With an experience of over 150years, this brand provides food that keeps your budgies healthy and lively.

Dr. Harvey’s Parakeet Food

Dr. Harvey is literally a doctor for improving any animal’s or birdie’s health since 1984. Their Dr Harvey’s Bird Foods are made with human-grade ingredients that bring a long life for pets. Providing multiple flavors of mixes equipped with all types of vitamins and minerals that are vital for bird growth is Dr. Harvey’s specialty.

What Food Should I Get My Baby Parakeet?

Feeding a baby parakeet calls for proper attention from its owner. Just like a human baby, where a child gains strength with a good diet in his initial days, so is the case with baby parakeets. One must pick up a baby parakeet meal wisely, as this is what will decide how well the chicks grow up. Food such as millet sprays, finely chopped fruits, and vegetables, along with fine pieces of a hard-boiled egg, serves a chick well in its initial days. You must also pay attention to what proportion these foods are to be fed and at what intervals to the baby parakeets.

How To Make Baby Parakeet Food?

To feed your baby parakeet well and with a sound diet, here is how you can make parakeet baby food at home.
Ingredients required: 2 tbsp of Chickpea, Sesame, Red Lentils, White Lentils, Wheat Flour, Gram Flour and 3 tbsp of Rice

First, boil all these ingredients well except for the stated flours. Boil them for about 25-30 mins till they become completely soft.

  • Add a little water to that content after it is boiled well. Note that you have to add water in a small quantity only.
  • Then add wheat and gram flour to it.
  • Now grind the mixture well with a hand blender or mixer grinder.
  • It becomes like a paste with medium consistency. That’s it! Your homemade feed for baby parakeets is ready.
  • You can store this baby parakeet food paste for 2-3 days in a refrigerator. Don’t keep it for more than 3 days.

How Much Food Does A Parakeet Need?

If you are new to bird keeping, you probably might wonder what measures you have to take for your parakeet regarding its diet so as to nurture it well. Look at these steps for clarifying your doubts:

  • We should serve parakeets with seeds and pellets on a daily basis, around 1.5 – 2 tablespoons per bird. These seeds form only a tiny portion of their balanced diet equipped with other things.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and greens should make up about 20-25% of their daily intake. Ensure that you finely chop fruits and veggies before offering them to your pet birdies.
  • You can also feed your budgerigar with one egg once a week.

What To Feed Parakeet?

A balanced diet is something that you have to consider if you have parakeets as your pet. For a healthier and longer life, it is requisite to know a parakeet’s favorite food and serve it with the same in a better way. A parakeet fresh food list contains:


These form a major part of a parakeet’s diet and are easily available at any pet store. Since these are low on certain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, you have to equip them with other nutrient-rich food. Safflower, canary seeds, millet sprays, groats, and sunflower seeds can be used to feed your parakeet.


These are certain mimic seeds that provide vitamins and minerals, which most available seeds fail to present. Parakeet food pellets are mixed with seeds to offer the desired nutrition your bird needs. Certain parakeets that are not used to eating bird pellet food might not eat at first. They have to be gradually trained for eating pellets.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables for parakeets work as natural vitamins and nutrient suppliers, giving a delightful juicy taste to them. Since fruits contain a higher sugar content, we suggest you give these to your pet 2 – 3 times a week. You can also include vegetables and green leaves in their daily diet.


Nuts provide a high nutritious value, and we can feed them to parakeets in a specified quantity. Including these twice or thrice a week is quite sufficient as they are rich in fats. Almonds, cashew, walnut, hazelnut, peanut, and pistachios are some popular nuts that parrots love to consume.

Other Treats

Birdies can also feed on certain treats, which you can easily obtain from any of your nearest pet stores. These treats are a mix of all kinds of seeds and grains with delicious taste, liked by birds a lot. Let us tell you that parakeets are always happy to feed on these treat sticks rather than fresh fruits and vegetables.

How To Feed Parakeets?

  • Firstly you have to select the right food that best suits your pet parakeet’s requirements well.
  • Feed your parakeets with a balanced quantity of pellets, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Make sure that your budgies are getting proper nutrients and minerals. For that, you have to give them a variety of mixes.
  • Remember to store the food in a clean and dry container in a proper place so that birds can access it anytime when they want.
  • Provide your pets with cuttlebone and mineral blocks to supply some minerals that aren’t available elsewhere.
  • Birdcage should be spacious enough to allow proper movement of birds preventing obesity.
  • Serve them with finely chopped and well-served veggies and fruits for their convenience.
  • Keep the birds’ feeder clean to avoid any kind of ill-effect that may lead to bird sickness.
  • Fill the water container with fresh water daily. Discard any leftover water from the previous day.

What Fruits Can Parakeets Eat?

Giving fruits to your budgerigars is appreciable for their fitness as fruits are plentiful in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are some common fruits for parakeets which you can give to them in small quantities.

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Grapes
  • Orange
  • Apricot
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Coconut
  • Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Melon
  • Strawberry
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Pear

What To Feed Parakeets Besides Seeds?

Just feeding with seeds can be boring for you and the parakeets as well who love to have a variety of food in their diet. Moreover, seeds alone are insufficient as they lack some nutrients and minerals that need to be covered up by some other foods. So, here is a list of food you can serve your parakeet apart from seeds:

  • Pellets are rich in nutrients that seeds might lack, and anyone can give them by mixing with seeds and simply putting them in a bird feeder. 
  • Nuts also provide a high level of nutrition and work as antioxidants. You can feed your parakeet with walnut, almond, hazelnut, pecan, and pistachios. 
  • Fruits are parakeet favorite treats. Ensure to feed them with fruits, not too much but about 5-10% of their diet. You can include apple, banana, mango, coconut, watermelon, and peach.
  • Vegetables are also good sources of antioxidants. You can have asparagus, carrot, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, broccoli, beet, and cabbage for your finches. 
  • To include your parrot’s food with rich vitamins and minerals, grains are a must. Amaranth, buckwheat, barley, oats, rye, and quinoa are some grains suitable for bird feeding. 

What To Look For In A Parakeet Food?

Here are a few things to be taken into consideration before you buy the best organic bird food for parakeet:


Try looking for food with natural ingredients that offer preferable nutrition. Organic parakeet food is also available in the market, which many people prefer. Parakeet food pellets are different from parakeet seeds so do not get confused with them. Make sure you get a meal-type that serves high-quality ingredients.


While buying food for your pet, you must check well its ingredients list and know whether that list contains any fillers or not. Fillers are sometimes added to parakeet food just to increase the quantity. They do not add to any value and neither provide our pet with any nutrition. These fillers reduce nutrients your parakeet might gain while eating. So, it is preferred to go for food that consists of lesser fillers.


For a balanced diet, your parakeet must eat all types of foods. You cannot just restrict it to eat only seeds. For this, you must check that the food you are going to buy contains different varieties of seeds and grains required for growth. A single variety of sources will not solve the purpose.


To provide a healthy diet, buy a meal that contains premium quality seeds. Though it might be a little expensive, nevertheless it is of great benefit for your budgies well-being. Quality seeds and grains will offer high nutritional value without any side effects. So thoroughly check this feature without any compromise.


Before buying any particular food for your birds, make sure that it does not contain any added preservatives that may be harmful. These preservatives can sometimes lead to allergies or any other health issues. Consider the food that is preserved naturally without any artificial preservatives being added.


A diet that you are going to feed your birds should contain fragrance that pleases the bird and attracts it to eat. We humans don’t love to eat food that does not smell good. So is the case with these birds. They will not eat food if it does not have an odor that pleases them.

Frequently Ask Question

How Long Can A Parakeet Go Without Food?

Parakeets can go without food for 24 hours.

How Much Does Parakeet Food Cost?

Parakeet food on average costs about $10 to $25 depending upon what type of seeds are equipped in it, you can get cheap parakeet food of the best quality in amazon.

Can Cockatiels Eat Parakeet Food?

Since cockatiels and parakeets are similar kinds of birds, they can eat similar kinds of meals.

Can Birds Eat Chia Seeds?

Yes, we can serve chia seeds to birds by sprinkling them on their food or adding them to their grains.

Can Parakeets Eat Oranges?

Oranges are suitable for parakeets but in a limited amount since they are high in sugar content and can be harmful in excess.

Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries?

Parakeets can eat several fruits and berries, strawberries being included.

Can Parakeets Eat Fruit?

Yes, parakeets can eat fruits but in a limited quantity as fruits contain a lot of sugar.

Can Parakeets Eat Carrots?

Yes, parakeets can eat carrots and can be included in their diet.


Offering your parakeets a balanced and varied diet is of vital importance for them to keep eating healthily. Feeding the same diet daily sometimes results in dullness and thus requires change. The best parakeet care food should be chosen for your pet friends and served with a variety. You would wish to see your birds chirping happily and actively. And this requires focusing on their nutritional diet without fail. Hope our list of best bird pellets and food will help you pick up the most suitable product for your pet birds.