10+ Top Rated Best Palm Sanders of 2022 that Gives Quick & Smooth Results

Best Overall

DEWALT DWE6411K 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander

DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Sander image
  • It sands at at 14,000 OPM with 2.3 AMP motor
  • Comes with Rubber overmold texture that gives smooth control
  • Features locking dust-port system to lock vacuum hose up with sander

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Best Cordless


  • Has 2-position grip which gives better control while sanding
  • Compact enough to work even in the tighter spaces comfortably
  • Speed of 12,000 opm makes work faster and efficient

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SKIL 7292-02 2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander

SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp Palm Sander with Pressure Control image
  • Micro-filtration system makes work area cleaner by capturing fine dust
  • Features a pressure control indicator that warns in case of excessive pressure
  • Great for faster stock removal

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If you love woodworking, it’s time to level up your skill by using some of the best palm sanders for your wood. Irrespective of whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or a regular woodworker, a good palm sander will make your task feel like a piece of cake. Even though sanding is a pretty simple job, it still needs a backup of the right tool to do the job effectively. Choosing the right palm hand sander for your job will surely save up a lot of time and reduce your frustration. In short, a palm sander is a great tool that can help your craft projects, give a clean finish to the wall and also repair ceilings.

To help you get to a core decision as to which palm sander is best for you, we have gathered both corded and cordless models in our list. Each of the types has its boosting features, which make them distinct from one another. If you are a professional woodworker, a palm sander with top-notch finishing features is just a must. We have briefly explained each model to give you a clearer picture of which palm sander is ideal for you. Our top palm sander will make any sanding job in your way trouble-free.

1. DEWALT DWE6411K Electric Palm Sander with Dust Collector

DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Sander image

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Our first pick is DEWALT DWE6411K palm sander known for its smooth performance and, most importantly, it’s great value. It’s a ¼ sheet palm sander with a 2.3AMP motor. DEWALT palm sander with dust collection system performs very well with its new ball bearing design structure, which will give you a top sanding experience for years to come. Speaking of its dust collection system, we can tell you that dust absorption of this model is highly effective. It works through channels with openings right down on the sanding surface. You can easily lift this palm sander tool without any issues and use it for long hours without fatigue. It has an untapped market in lightweight tools.

DEWALT has also drastically reduced the height of the tool compared to its previous models to get closer to the work surface. We also love the compact design it has, which makes it discreet during work. There’s a perforator pad to punch holes into sanding papers quickly automatically. This palm sander offers a carry bag and product to store all accessories carefully and palm sander tool intact when not in use. On our end, with its innovation, DEWALT has managed to bring out a robust model that has seen positive feedback from all its customers.


  • Dust-port lock system that allows you to lock the hose up with the sander 
  • Rubber over-molded texture offers a comfortable grip while sanding 
  • 2.3AMP Motor stands at 14,000 OPM to help give a smooth finish 
  • Rubber dust boot to protect yourself from dust ingestion

2. BLACK and DECKER 20V BDCMS20C Cordless Palm Sander


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Our next pick is the Black and Decker 20V BDCMS20C is thoroughly engineered to make you accustomed to smoother and easier sanding jobs. If you are a person tied up with sanding tasks almost every day, this battery operated palm sander is the perfect model you should look out for. You need not worry about long hours with the tool since its battery lasts longer than other models in the market. This little tool is so compact that it sands even hard to reach places. We liked its 20V max lithium-ion system feature, making this battery powered sander stand out from others. This lithium-ion battery system will last for about 3 to 4 years, offering excellent performance. With its 12,000 OPM speed, it can eliminate any dust and debris faster.

Black and Decker’s Battery Powered Palm Sander comes with all the necessary components as its attachment, making it easier to operate for busy woodworking workers. When you use this cordless sander for various wood tasks, you need to have a good grip on the tool, making this easier for you. Black and Decker have installed a 2 position grip to the palm sander. Since most orbital sanders in the market do not come with 2 grip positions, this model allows you to move it the way you want it to. Another interesting feature of this 20V BDCMS20C model is its hook and loop system for sandpaper changing, wherein you can easily change up the paper without worrying that it would get rough or tear up.


  • Detailed finger attachments that can be interchanged to reach difficult spaces
  • Supported by Black and Decker 2 year limited warranty service
  • The 2-position grip allows controlled grip while sanding
  • 20V max Lithium-ion battery system

3. SKIL ¼ Sheet Corded Electric Hand Sander

SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp Palm Sander with Pressure Control image

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SKIL is known to produce some of the best tools for woodworking. We have noticed that SKIL puts a lot of effort into every new product it launches, making it more effective and easy to use. The ¼ sheet corded palm sander gives you a clean and smooth workpiece without you having to put any effort. We were impressed by its detailed features, which offer a specific finishing touch to the wood. One of them is its controlled pressure indicator system, where you can know when to apply more pressure and warn you with an indication when too much pressure is applied.

There’s a transparent dust canister to it where you can see how much dust collected and then discharge it accordingly. SKIL 2.0 AMP has a microfilter system that collects all the smallest dust particles while sanding. It offers a built-in vacuum function to help in dust collection. It also offers a 1-year limited warranty service and a 30 days money-back guarantee; what else does one need? Compared to other models, the palm sander is truly so lightweight that you will never get fatigued while using it, even during long hours. At our end, this is a perfect packed tool with efficiency, durability, high power, and smooth finish; the rest you will know once you use it.


  • Clear view dust canister for clear viewing of dust, so you can empty it when required
  • ¼ inch palm sheet with 2.0 AMP power motor for effective pressure 
  • Innovative micro-filtration system collects the smallest dust possible 
  • Built-in Vacuum adapter powerfully suctions in the dust

4. MAKITA BO4556K Finishing Sander 1/4 Sheet

Makita BO4556K 2.0 AmpTeal Finishing Sander Tool with Case image

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Makita has been popular in the industrial tool game by offering versatile tools in the market. This finishing sander will help you in attaining smooth hardwood, renovate floors, and also helps in removing paint from walls. If you are cautious about a clean work environment, we would say that this BO4556K palm sander model is just for you. Its ergonomically designed structure will make your sanding work a breeze. It’s also supported by a rubberized palm grip, which increases comfort during operations. Adding to it, you can also use the tool with a single hand using one switch button. This palm sander will truly leave you mesmerized once you get to know what kind of features it has to offer you.

It has a cleverly constructed all ball-bearing structure which reduces the noise and vibration coming out during sanding. The palm sander weighs just 2.5 pounds and works with a 2.0AMP motor which offers a whopping 14000 OPM; this feature will give you complete control over this sanding device. As we’ve tested the product, its orbital speed lets you eliminate uneven wood edges at maximum speeds. There’s a large-sized clamping lever that will help you in the quick and easy installation of the sandpaper without wasting your time. Our MAKITA Finishing Palm Sander will certainly not disappoint when crafting over wood because of its high-speed performance.


  • Dedicatedly engineered all-ball bearing structure that reduces noise and vibration
  • Effective through-the-pad dust collection for the cleaner area during works hours
  • Large-sized clamping lever for easy sandpaper replacement
  • Rubber sealed switch to stop dust contaminating the tool
  • Contoured rubberized comfortable grip

5. Black and Decker Orbital Palm Sander BDEQS300 & 1964758

BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 _ 1964758 One-Handed Mini Bar 6-Inch 4-Pack Electric Sander image

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Black and Decker 1/4″ sheet electric palm sander is one of the most advanced models in our list of best palm sanders. We say that this sander is an ideal tool for a house worker or a professional since it is lightweight, compact, and versatile. It effectively and smoothly sands the entire wood surface, including all corners and edges, and gives you an even smooth finish. With its one-hand control, you can easily maneuver around. We have compared this BDEQS300 model to several other top palm sander models. We noticed that it is the most cost-effective unit due to its simple and optimum use.

This orbital sheet electric sander has a 2.0AMP motor backed by 1600 OPM and designed to give out detailed work to your craft. There’s an easy-to-use paddle switch located at the top of the unit, wherein you can activate it by pressing down the button with your palm. You can simply have the on and off button in one press for convenient use. Another interesting highlight about this product is its triple-layer filtration system which is backed by effective dust suction. After going through numerous comments and reviews, you can conclude that customers loved it, especially those who do small woodworks daily.


  • 2.0AMP power motor that runs with a 1600 OPM for the smooth sanding process
  • Paddle switch activation for quick and easy on/off
  • Triple-layer filtration system for effective suction
  • 270-degree flush sanding clearance

6. RYOBI P440 Lithium-ion 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander

Ryobi P440 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 12,000 RPM Battery Not Included Power Tool Only Palm Sander image

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Our next pick is the RYOBI lithium-ion sheet palm sander, the first cordless palm sander in the market. RYOBI launched this model keeping in mind to offer an easy and convenient sanding experience. Coming to its features, we shall tell you what eye-catching features will impress you. An innovative rubber hex grip will give you complete control over the tool, especially when slippery. The removable dust bag is structured for a quicker cleaning process. Another factor that makes this P440 model stand out is connecting the tool into a vacuum to have a clean and tidy workspace later.

RYOBI offers 4 medium grit sanding pads, the main sander unit, and a sandpaper puncher for the unit. This ¼ inch sheet palm sander runs at 12,000 RPM. We assure you that this lithium-ion palm sander will always give you an ample amount of power during sanding and give you a smooth, clean finish. This model covered with a 3-year warranty period; compared to other models, this gives a good warranty period, so you need not worry about the repairs. This palm sander is so tiny and compact that you will enjoy sanding and not get tired of it even for long hours.


  • ¼ sheet design with 12000 RPM backed by 40 minutes of runtime
  • 3-year limited warranty for all components of the palm sander 
  • Best sander for refinishing furniture and repair
  • The sturdy high carbon steel design structure 
  • Powered by RYOBI 18V ONE+ battery pack

7. WEN 6301 Electric Corded Detailing Palm Sander for Wood

WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander image

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WEN 6301 electric palm sander will make your sanding work just a piece of cake. It gives high precision work when sanding with hand, and the tool runs with a 13,500 OPM of vibrational power. Its 1 AMP power motor works smoothly and sands away rough surfaces, while its inbuilt vacuum adapter makes dust collection an easy task. You’ll be surprised, just like us, that this palm sander just weighs 2 pounds making it one of lightest tools in our picks so that you can sand for long hours without any tiredness. Since it’s a corded drill, well appreciated you have power running in your hands every time without you having to depend on battery life.

It also features a 3.75 x 5.5-inch sanding pad supported by fan-assisted dust accumulating holes and an angled tip for sanding edges and tight corners. The 6301 corded palm sander is also simple to handle with its ergonomically placed grips. Another underlying factor of this model is its hook-and-loop base pad which allows you to change and install sandpaper between grits quickly. A dust collection port of WEN 6301 corded sander is at center, which will cut down sawdust collection during operations and provide you with a cleaner working area.


  • The center-mounted dust collection port for a clean working environment
  • Angled tip helps to reach hard-to-reach areas and edges of the surface
  • Quick installation of sandpaper using hook-and-loop base pad
  • 1 AMP motor that generates 13,500 OPM of sanding power

8. TACKLIFE PSS01A Palm Sander with Copper Motor

TACKLIFE PSS01A Soft Rubber Protection 2.2A Palm Sander image

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Our next pick is one and only TACKLIFE who produces top-notch and high-end products that will surely last for years. TACKLIFE has made this palm sander with utmost precision and cares so that you can have ultimate fun in sanding. This model PSS01A palm sander runs with a high 15000 RPM with a 2.2 AMP motor. We’ve seen a unique 2 mm pendulum diameter that comes only in this model backed by high-efficiency power to give a clean glossy finish to metal, wood, or plastic surfaces. You will have a comfortable soft rubber grip for easy use during tool’s vibration during operations.

Now comes the spotlight of this model, which is its raising triangle design and multi-angled grip; let us explain to you in short what these two are. A raised triangle structured design offers high friction and makes the tool non-slippery while operating. A multi-angled grip can be very useful while using palm sander under different operations. TACKLIFE has leveled up orbit technology, which is found in most pam sander models today. This PSS01A has 240W of Technology running in it. Trust us, and after you have worked with this corded palm sander, you will notice the clean and glossy masterpiece you will craft after that.


  • 2 mm working pendulum diameter that supports high efficiency to remove paint from surfaces
  • Effective vacuum suction function to remove all unwanted dust completely
  • Hook and loop sanding base for a quick sandpaper sheet change 
  • Soft rubber grip for comfort during sanding operation

9. MAKITA BO3710 1/3 Sheet Small Palm Sander

Makita BO3710 1.7 A Teal Sheet Finishing Sander image

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MAKITA has made its way again in the list of palm sanders. This finishing palm sander provides a pad dust collection system, which means this feature not only ensures a clean and tidy environment but also saves you against the risk of allergies due to dust. It sucks in all the minute dust particles as possible, leaving a clean area. The grip designed for this palm sander will give you less strain and fatigue during long working hours over certain projects.

We also loved its 2 finger trigger switch feature, which makes your tasks move smoothly without interruption because of tiredness. BO3710 is full of surprises when it comes to the latest efficient features. It has a knack to stop rigorous vibration which comes out from the tool. To stop corrosion and offer immense strength, its shoe base is made of aluminum and adds to the palm sander’s durability. This finishing palm sander runs with a 1.7AMP motor and functions with 11,000 OPM. If you are a perfectionist in your sanding crafts, you will be amazed by this model, sliding effortlessly to rough and textured surfaces.


  • Through-the-pad dust collection system for a cleaner work
  • 2-finger trigger switch with an easy lock-on button to it 
  • Built-in counterbalance system for reduced vibration 
  • 11,000 OPM for increased strength and glossy finish

10. DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Inch VS Disc Sander

DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Pack 5-Inch VS Disc Sander with Dust Shroud with DEWALT DW4301 10pk 5-Inch 8 Hole 80 Grit Hook image

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The DEWALT DWE6401DS model is suitable solely for professional woodworkers and not for beginners. The superb highlight of this unit is its impactful 6AMP motor which is usually not supported by many models, to deliver high torque and speed up the sanding process. Its 3700 OPM trigger allows a versatile sanding experience over various surfaces. This disc sander has a mid-handle design with a soft grip for increased balance and comfort.

Another cleverly engineered aspect of this DEWALT 5-inch palm sander is the dust shroud connected to a vacuum and works wonders giving you spick and span working area. This palm sander can fit in a 5-inch, 8-hole paper, and you can quickly change the sandpaper. Its variable disc speed is also known as the masterpiece of sanding technology, where it is light and easy to handle along with its pistol grip. If you are a constant and continuous professional sanding worker, level up your job by purchasing this DEWALT DWE6401DS variable disc sander.


  • Adjustable dust shroud which can be easily connected to a vacuum
  • Mid-handle grip design for comfort while sanding for long hours
  • Powerful 6AMP motor offers high torque performance 
  • 3700 OPM VSR trigger switch for versatile surfaces

11. Black + Decker 1/4 Sheet Electric Palm Sander BDEQS15C

BLACK+DECKER BDEQS15C _ 1964758 4pk Clamps One-Handed Mini Bar 6-Inch 4-Pack Electric Sander image

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Compared to our above picks, this is one of the most recent models of palm sander. This electric sheet sander is very versatile and performs on various surfaces that include wood, metal, and plastic. The palm sander will perfectly get your job done with its quick and impactful speed operations. This BDEQS15C features a 1.5 AMP motor and, ideally, will give you beautifully crafted doors, walls, furniture, and tabletops.

We have noticed that this model is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have any complicated features, making it tricky to use. There’s the dust-sealed power switch and a dust collector installed in the palm sander to effectively collect all the dust particles irrespective of the size and protect the internal and external tool life. If you are looking out for a palm sander tool that is extremely simple to use and comes with powerful features, this electric sander is an ideal choice.


  • Included components: BDEQS15C sander, ¼ sheet sandpaper, 1 dust bag, and 1 paper punch 
  • Dust sealed power switch and built-in dust collector
  • 1.5AMP motor with a ¼ sheet sandpaper 
  • Comfortable grip handle design

12. TACKLIFE ½ Sheet Sander with Quick Lock System

TACKLIFE PSS02A Half-Sheet 6 Adjustable Speeds Sander image

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TACKLIFE has tactfully pulled towards it a major market for its heavy-duty industrial tool range. Here we are speaking about the PSS02A sheet sander and its unique design, which makes it stand out from the other models. We love the way it was structured and how elegant the tool looked. Its aluminum base plate will leave you to glimpse at it more than twice. Its large 9 x 4.5-inch standing base makes it thoroughly firm to stand over the surface. There’s a six-stage speed dial for varied speed control, and you won’t find this feature in any other top palm sander model, and you can have precise sanding over different surface materials.

The sheet sander is a corded one that works with a 10ft long power cord that feeds 2.5 AMP power and runs within 6000-12000 OPM. This best finishing sander designed to perform tight orbital motions and is highly suitable for heavy-duty objects. Another classic feature this model boosts out is that it effectively traps small dust particles of even ½ micron. TACKLIFE is designed with a hook-and-loop sanding pad system which makes it easy to replace sanding pads. We would definitely recommend you use this product if you are a dedicated sanding worker who is always accompanied by heavy-duty jobs.


  • Powerful 2.5AMP motor with 6000 – 12000 OPM for the perfect finishing 
  • Strong aluminum base plate for even standing and long-lasting durability 
  • Built-in micro filter which collects dust particles small as ½ microns
  • Unique 6 adjustable speed dials for every surface type

13. GENESIS GPS2303 Palm Grip Sander

Genesis GPS2303 Dust-Protected Switch Dust Bag and Sandpaper Assortment Palm Sander image

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Genesis might not be a highly well-known as the others, but our research has concluded that all the products a customer of this brand are truly happy with its performance. GPS2303 palm sander, being our last pick, is tagged in the market for its durability and reliability. This palm sander is for the DIY workers who like taking matters fully into their hands. It’s a simple and easy-to-use sander tool, and you need not be an expert to operate it. This palm sander has a lower power motor than our other models, which are 1.3AMP and give you full control over the pressure and speed during sanding.

It might have a low power system, but it gives out 10000 OPM. This amount is very well enough to sand rough edges and tight surfaces with ease. You will certainly get a mirror finish once you start operating with this sander. This ¼ sheet palm sander comprises die-cast aluminum and toughened plastic material for long-lasting durability. Other features include a dust collector and an off/on switch installed in the tool. Genesis also offers a set of assorted sandpaper to fulfill your every need, along with a punch plate and dust collection bed. It’s an extensive packed palm sander for your professional or household work.


  • Oversized spring-loaded paper clamps which offer quick and easy installation
  • Components include dust bags, paper punch plate, and assorted sandpaper
  • ¼ sheet palm sander which generates 10,000 OPM 
  • Strong die-cast aluminum base for durability

Buying Guide

Sanding is the most prominent step in woodworking, and even the DIY workers also need a palm sander handy while working. Considering the necessity, we mentioned the above-curated list with top palm sanders in the market. To help you further, here is the detailed buying guide to narrow down your choices.

What is a Palm Sander?

If you are a dedicated woodcraft worker, you certainly will be familiar with this term. But for you who are first-timers, we will break down to you about what a palm sander is. A palm sander will enable you to save a lot of time and give a smooth finish to your projects. These are power tools used for sanding wherein the sanding blades deliver a random orbit motion. It uses sandpapers to give a clean finish to tough or tight surfaces.

What is a Palm Sander Used for?

Palm sanders work great for every sanding job. Depending on the surface, the palm sander will sand out the surface leaving it smooth and glossy. You can use a palm sander to sand over wood, metal, and even plastic. You can get even and clear finished crafts on furniture, walls, tabletop, and ceilings.

How Does Palm Sander Work?

Palm sander functionality is pretty simple, and it works by attaching sandpaper at the bottom of the tool and smoothing the surface by abrasion with sandpaper. It is a handheld power tool that has a mechanism that moves quickly. Most woodworking sanders are powered by electricity, and some newer models are battery operated and work for a few hours. There is an on/off switch right over the grip handle. Just have to press over the switch and set on your desired pressure, and the tool will do the rest of work.

What Size of Palm Sander Do I Want?

You can get the most common models of palm sanders which have a ½ inch sheet or ¼ sheet. If you are opting for a small palm sander, it is very useful as it will offer you detailed work and precision. On the other hand, if you purchase a bigger-sized palms sander, it will be handy for bigger surface area sanding jobs. Some brands also offer mini palm sanders, which solely structured to give minute details over a surface that bigger sanders cannot offer.

How to Use a Palm Sander?

Using a palm sander tool is not as difficult as you think. We have jotted down some steps for you on how easily you can use this sanding tool.

  1. First and foremost, select the type of sandpaper that fits your job. You can start with coarse grit initially and later change it to finer papers.
  2. You can change paper based on the finishing touch you require for that particular surface.
  3. Once you have decided on the measurement of grit, you can sandpaper to your desired size.
  4. Insert cut sandpaper piece by opening clamp lock on device, placing paper, and locking it. Make sure to tighten the clamp lock for perfect grip.
  5. Next, secure the surface where you will be sanding with clamps.
  6. Switch on the sander tool and set it up to a leveled pressure.
  7. Move sander with even strokes over surface area. Only move it in a back and forth direction.
  8. Lastly, switch off sander and apply final touches by replacing finer grit sandpaper. After completion, wipe sawdust with tack cloth.

How to Put Sandpaper on a Palm Sander?

Putting sandpaper into a palm sander is very easy and just takes about a minute to do it.

  1. Turn the sander upside down, lay it flat on the surface, and unplug the cord of palm sander.
  2. Hold existing sandpaper from any corner and pull it out. Check for extra accumulated debris and dust particles and remove them off.
  3. Please make sure new sandpaper is of proper size and hold it up sander with lining upwards. Peel covering over sandpaper and attach sticky sandpaper side to surface of sander and sandpaper side facing out.
  4. Push the sander down and move your palm to paper, making sure it’s thoroughly stuck to the pad.
  5. Plug the power cord into the switch, and you can start using the tool.

How to Attach Sandpaper to Palm Sander?

First and foremost, loosen clamps of sanding block. Clamps are small nuts that you can loosen and tighten. Next, insert sandpaper which you have cut between holders and tighten clamps back again. Check to make sure it’s thoroughly attached. A few models of palm sander use a hook and loop system to attach sandpaper, making functions quicker and easier.

Top Palm Sander Brands


Dewalt has topped its name in the market by producing some of the best high-quality power tools. Their range of palm sander varies from corded as well to cordless models. Dewalt’s cordless orbital sander has been a huge hit in the market for its robust and durable structure. It has been a home brand for most professional woodworkers.


Our next brand is the simple yet powerful brand Makita. For years together, Makita has gradually and constantly improved its palm sander with advanced features and offered it in an affordable price range. Makita palm sanders have one thing in common; their high-powered motor, which runs with higher orbit per minute.

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is known for its quality tools at extremely low prices. They have been in the power tool game for almost 40 years. Their palm sanders built with high-quality materials and come budget-friendly. Harbor Freight also well appreciated for its customer service and easy return policy by the customers.


This brand is perfect for all you technology lovers since Ryobi is known for experimenting with new and innovative tech systems in its tools. All palm sanders of Ryobi have varied features such as One+HP, 40V HP, Airstrike, and expand-it. These technology systems all solely innovated by Ryobi engineers themselves to offer a seamless and smooth sanding experience.


Milwaukee offers some of the cheapest palm sander models you will ever get. They are known in the market for robust and durable power tools and specifically palm sanders. You can blindly trust Milwaukee’s palm sander products when it comes to upbeat performance and speed, and your selection will never go wrong.

Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander vs Belt Sander

The most frequent confusion for anyone is orbital sander vs. palm sander vs. belt sander, which is the best. Let us break it down for you. An orbital sander comes in two types one is regular orbital and random orbital sander. They are very much alike to sheet sanders, just that they have sandpaper in round disc form, and it swirls around the surface to give you a smooth and better finish.

The next one is the palm sander, one of the popular small sanding tools. In short, they are also known as finishing sanders; just as their name says, they perfectly fit in the palm of your hands. They work with square-shaped sandpaper that is supported with clamps. Belt sanders are power tools that work with the help of 2 or 3 pulley systems, and they help remove roughness aggressively and quickly. They are most often used to scrape out old paint over wood or other hard surfaces.

Concluding this, we would say in terms of small household jobs, a simple palm sander is enough, whereas, for industrial and job sites, a belt or orbital sander is perfect. Belt sanders are good to work for walls and furniture, and on the other side, the palm sander is for wood polishing, whereas the orbital sander is for hard and rough objects. All three have their respective features and can be used for a specific type of work. You need to know what kind of job or material you need to work on and then, based on it, choose your sander.

Types of Sanders

Electric Palm Sander: These are power tools that run with the support of electricity. They have an electrical power cord attached to a power supply outlet and continuous current flow to the palm sander. An electric palm sander is the perfect sanding tool for a beginner to start with.

Air Palm Sander: It widely used for sanding wood, car body, metals, and composites. They are engineered for industrial and professional works; they are comparatively cheaper than electric palm sanders but not as effective as the electric ones.

Things to Consider when Buying a Palm Sander

If you are on the move to buy a new sanding tool, here are some facts to look out for. Selecting a durable palm sander may be tedious, and having a powerful palm sander would greatly benefit longer working hours. Not each model created the same way, so you need to consider which features and how advanced features would come into your budget. You should consider these points before making a purchase.

Motor Power

If you have used a palm sander before or not, you must know that they run on an electric motor. We recommend you to check the power motor capacity as per your requirements. If you want to work on hard and tight projects, then a higher-powered motor is ideal, whereas a lower-powered motor is good if you want to do small day-to-day projects. Professional woodworkers widely buy high-powered motor sanders.

Vibration Control

This is another factor you should take into consideration when buying a palm sander. Over vibration of the palm, a sander can lead to an uncomfortable working experience. It can also lead to dangerous accidents because of your sander shaking too much. Pick a model with a high level of vibration control technology built into it. If you pick a lower vibration control unit, you will have to work longer with much safety.

Comfortable Grip

This is a feature where you wouldn’t get in extremely cheap palm sander models. We have listed in our list all the models that have good grip handles. If you have the desired budget, you will get comfort-enhancing features at the tip of your hand. Look for comfortable grips, especially when you have to work with the tool for long hours. A bad handle system can get your hand strained.

Orbit Speed

We’ll tell you that almost every palm sander model in the market boosts its orbit speed performance, by which you can know how powerful the tool is. In simple words, the orbit speed determines how many orbital movements the sander takes in a given period. An ideal OPM for sanding tasks would be in the range of 12,000 to 14,000 OPM. If you choose a higher OPM model, which says 16,000 OPM well, you will get better results.


This is a feature we always recommend our customers to look for, whether it’s a costly sander or a cheaper one. Having a higher number of years as your warranty can be of great use because, in a year or two, you can get your repairs done for free if there’s a problem with your sander. A palm sander with a 3-year warranty is way more beneficial than a 1-year warranty period.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the Best Palm Sander to buy?

There are several models in the market to meet your specific requirements. You could choose palm sander models from top brands like Tacklife, Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita. As per our list DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Sander is the best one to buy.

Q. What is the Lightest Palm Sander?

Palm sanders in the market have a varying range in their size and weight. We would recommend the Craftsman palm sander model 11177, which just weighs 2 lbs.

Q. Can you sand a floor with a Palm Sander?

Yes, most of the palm sander models have the feature of a sand flooring surface.

Q. What is the best grit for Sanding Wood?

For the initial sanding process, use 120 – 150 grit paper and later change it to 220 grit paper for a better wood finish.


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