10 Top Rated Paint Primers of 2022 – Gives Best Results on Variety of Surfaces

Premium Choice

Rust-Oleum Zinsser 02004 Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer

Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 Quart 946 ml White 1-2-3 Primer image
  • Perfect for both Interior and Exterior; for new or previously painted surfaces
  • Uses water-based formula which sticks to surface uniformly
  • One Can covers up to 87-112 square feet per quart

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Value for Money

Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer

Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer Quart image
  • It covers up to 160 square feet which dries within 30 minutes
  • It gives water-based coating with low odor which is easy to clean
  • Fungicidal protective coating which kills existing mold

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Best Oil-based

Minwax 47500000 Tung Oil Finish Primer

Minwax 47500000 pint Tung Oil Finish image
  • Gives ideal protective finish and restores vitality to dry woods
  • Delivers a glossy and bright finish for furniture, doors, and other woodwork
  • It dries down quickly within 5-10 minutes

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Do you pick the best-quality paint but are still not able to achieve flawless paint on your walls? Do children in your house love to test their drawing skills on walls and doors? Even when applying the most premium paint, it doesn’t adhere for so long on your ceilings. Does your paint slip off from the glossy surfaces as soon as you apply it? If you face these issues in your interior and exterior painting jobs, then it’s time for priming. The best paint primer will provide you with sun, fade, and water resistance. These waterproof primers give long-lasting adhesiveness and hide all your light to dark stains.

There are multiple types of primers like car paint primer, drywall, metal primer, plastic, or wood primer specifically designed to exhibit premium results. We always doubt the necessity of applying an undercoat, but this is a well-researched fact that primers do give a professional finish. The only important part is finding your best kind, and our review list with a buying guide will surely help achieve it. Based on the best interior and exterior primer paint reviews, we have curated a list to make your job easy.

1. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water Based Paint Over Oil Based Primer

Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 Quart 946 ml White 1-2-3 Primer image

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The first primer we have is Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer for all surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and delivers outstanding adhesion, low odor, great flow, and equal leveling on almost any surface. Be it drywall, concrete, enameled trim, siding, tile, or metal. That is why we call it by multiple names: wood primer, plaster primer, tile primer, glass primer, metal primer, and concrete primer. It contains a rust inhibitor making it the best metal primer paint. The general primer covers 100 sq. ft. per quart and is an ideal choice for dark topcoat colors. Many of its customers review it as the best primer to cover dark paint.

We find this water based primer paint very useful as it gives tri-benefits. First, this resists mold & mildew growth, blistering, and peeling. Second, it sticks to all the surfaces without requiring any polishing with a mechanical sander. Last but not the least, it dries out in just one hour due to this water-based formula. This primer-sealer provides premium stain blocking and bond coating anywhere in and out of your house. Another extra benefit is this latex sealer gives a dual performance of an oil base primer along with the benefit of a water base primer. Zinsser Bulls Eye Self Etching Primer Over Paint is a whole-house primer-sealer. So next time when you pick up any DIY projects for painting, apply this flexible acrylic primer.


  • The water-based formula prevents the etching and peeling of the topmost layer of the paint
  • Easy to use and dries out to touch within 35 minutes, and you can topcoat in 1 hour
  • Compatible for both interior and exterior applications on different types of surfaces
  • Rust Resistant and seals any kind of material like satins, graffiti, and tannin bleed

2. Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Vinyl & Plastic Primer Paint

Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer Quart image

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Rust-Oleum manufactures versatile and flexible coating with each unique feature in different cans. This 276087 Primer is a protective one specially formulated to kill mold, mildew, moss, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria. The best part is this primer has a low odor and smells much better than other similar mold-killing primers. It comes with an EPA-registered antimicrobial to hamper the growth of fungal organisms on multiple surfaces. This best bonding primer is suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces, including under-wall coverings. Its water-based coating dries to the touch in 30 minutes and recoats within one hour to complete your project quickly.

The Rust-Oleum 276087 is best suited for topcoats. Because it contains a chemical that binds or etches onto any topcoat areas like metallic surfaces, chalk siding, and masonry, you can cover up to 160 sq ft per quart and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. This mold killing primer also has excellent adhesion and works with any oil paint and latex paint. It is also available in convenient aerosol spray paint to reach hard areas. This mold killing primer is the next best thing in your house to prevent any future bacterial and fungal organisms on the paint film. The auto primer paint also delivers a breathable and flexible coating.


  • You can paint over already formed mildew and fungi to kill them and maintain a protective layer
  • Contains EPA registered antimicrobial, which will resist any further growth of bacteria and mildew
  • Water-based and low odor coating makes the further cleaning process easy
  • Works with any topcoat and binds metal, masonry, and chalky siding

3. Minwax 47500000 Tung Oil Finish Primer Paint for Wood

Minwax 47500000 pint Tung Oil Finish image

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Minwax Tung Oil Finish Primer specifically designed to protect the wood inside out and crown it as the best paint primer for bare wood. It gives furnished finishing by penetrating wood pores and restoring its vitality. This oil-varnish blend can be applied to both stained and unstained wood. It is recommended with furniture, woodwork, cabinets, doors, antiques, and paneling. Applying Tung oil gives an enriched appearance of wood with the properties of enhancing the grain of the woods. It causes no harm to the breathing and skin if it comes in contact after applying on the surfaces. The wiping of Tung oil also gives resistance to water, acid, alkali, and mildew.

Before applying this primer paint for wood, we recommend removing the old paint and dust by sanding or scraping to obtain a smooth and uniform surface. Then you can apply a generous coat of Tung oil which settles on the wood in 5-10 minutes before buffing. You can also periodically apply on wood finished with this Tung oil by simply applying another coat to maintain its shine. And if you wish to clean up, it can be easily done with mineral spirits or paint thinner following the safety measures from the manual. This exterior wood primer provides the ideal protective finish for the woods in your house to make them remarkably durable and lustrous to enhance their beauty in minutes. So give your wood the care and protection it deserves with a brush of Minwax Tung Oil.


  • Protective finish for woods to prevent any mold and mildew formation
  • Restore vitality to dry woods and provide an ideal protective finish
  • The primer has high durability and is easy to maintain
  • Delivers a bright and glossy finish for any surface
  • Dries down quickly within 5-10 minutes

4. Sargent Art Liquid Gesso, Acrylic Paint Primer

Sargent Art 22-9703 Gallon 128oz White Gesso Surface Primer image

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Sargent Art Liquid Gesso Canvas Primer Oil Paint is a key ingredient to any creative craft. It can be used as an acrylic primer and is formulated to be used on raw canvas. Apart from being used on canvas, it is the best preparatory step for acrylic and oil paints. This helps the paint to stick properly and provides color uniformity. Also, it has double economic benefits because the lightweight gesso is available to you at the most affordable price. And coating this surface primer allows you to use less paint. Creative craft is proud to claim it as AP certified, non-toxic, and safe for the environment.

This primer for acrylic paint can be easily blended, providing matte and chalk-like texture, and is an ideal choice for many craft and hobby projects. It is highly durable and becomes permanent after drying. But before drying, you can very easily clean it with soap and water. It gets completely dried up within 1-2 hours, depending on the low and high temperature of the atmosphere. So if canvas painting is your passion or profession, this acrylic canvas primer oil paint by Sargent art will provide you with the best smooth canvas texture.


  • Used as an acrylic primer and provides a great surface preparation for oil paints
  • AP certified and non-toxic with a thick consistency and water-resistance
  • Used on raw canvas for prepping before starting a masterpiece
  • Lightweight Gesso which is economical and durable

5. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Oil Based Primer Over Latex Paint

KILZ 2 20941 Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior Exterior Latex White 1-gallon Primer Sealer image

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Kilz 2 multi-surface interior/exterior latex primer has excellent adhesion and sealing properties. The best stainblocker primer seals porous surfaces and covers light to medium stains from water, pencil, grease, and felt marker. This versatile primer-sealer can be used on interior/exterior surfaces with latex and oil-based paint, including brick, glossy surfaces like tiles, painted metal, drywall, stucco, masonry, plaster, and wood, and paneling. It covers approximately 300-400 sq. ft. per gallon, dries to touch within 30 minutes, and is ready to recoat in an hour. It is highly durable and can stay for long, free of dust, grease, chalk, rust, mold, and peeling. We advise you to mix it well before using it. You can also use it as a spray paint primer to reach corners and other hard places or apply it with a brush and roller.

We claim it as the best drywall primer because it seals new drywall perfectly. Kilz 2 Primer has a low odor and mildew resistance finishing. We experience that after applying this sealer, paint sticks better to the surface and makes paint color brighter. At the same time, it allows using less paint to give perfect finishing. Stress-freely, you can change the color of your surfaces because it is an ideal choice to hide previous colors. This multi-surface stain blocking interior/exterior latex primer/sealer is a versatile and reliable sealer with a powerful stain-blocking performance. It is great for changing color on multiple surfaces.


  • Eliminates light to medium stains and seals porous surface by giving a perfect finish for topcoat
  • Low odor with quick-drying, 1-gallon bucket can cover up to 300-400 square feet area
  • Excellent adhesion with mildew resistance and shows up the true color
  • Interior/exterior water-base delivers a great finish and easy cleaning

6. INSL-X SXA11009A-01 Stix Acrylic Waterborne Primer Paint for Walls & Doors

INSL-X SXA11009A-01 Stix Acrylic Waterborne 1 Gallon White Bonding Primer image

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INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium quality acrylic urethane primer-sealer that offers unparalleled adhesion to most of the challenging surfaces, including galvanized metal, fiberglass, plastic, PVC, glossy paints, acoustical or ceramic tile, pre-coated siding, glazed block, shutters, ceiling, masonry walls, wood trim, drywall, and vinyl. Stix primer gives a level-up smooth finishing to all surfaces, be it interior or exterior. To get the best result, we suggest sand or scuffing the surface first to remove the dust and even the surface. This plastic primer spray paint should be applied on a clean and dry surface with a fine nap roller, brush, or sprayer.

Traditional Primer always causes a problem in the areas with low temperature but this house paint primer where a low ambient or surface temperature is present, as low as 350. It also works as an aluminum paint primer and can be used on almost any coatings like acrylic latex, urethane, epoxy, lacquer, and alkyd. The next best thing we like about INSL-X primer is that the manufacturers provide a complete guide for quality coverage on various surfaces. Different guidelines drawn for different surfaces, like for hard-to-clean metal surfaces. Use a scrubbing pad or brush before applying primer. Sand the tile before priming. So you can go through them according to your DIY project to paint. With INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer, you are ready to take up any project for exceptional bonding and topcoat finishing.


  • Compatible with almost all the topcoats and single bucket covers 300-400 square meters
  • Waterborne primer with exceptional bonding and excellent enamel holdout
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) make sure the cleanup is easy
  • Maximum adhesion of finish coat for almost all the surfaces

7. KILZ L211101 Adhesion High-Bonding Latex Metal Primer Paint

KILZ L211101 Adhesion High-Bonding White 1-Gallon 4L Interior Latex Primer Sealer image

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KILZ Latex Primer is a unique latex primer that ensures topcoats for tough-to-paint surfaces. It is the perfect choice to use this water or oil based paint primer over metal because it is manufactured to bond securely on slick surfaces where oil-based primers fail to do so. This primer provides a topcoat with latex or oil-based paint on PVC, Formica, glass, tile, chalky paints, glazed brick, fiberglass, vinyl, laminates, plastic, metal, and more. One gallon of KILZ adhesion primer can cover approximately 300 sq. ft. You can apply it with a brush, roller, or spray, and it dries to touch within 30 minutes and is ready to recoat in an hour for quick completion of your projects.

This metal primer spray paint can be used under epoxies, lacquers, xylene, or other solvents. But when you use it on these solvents, we advise you to get it dry for 24 hours before top-coating. This multi-surface sealer blocks the porous areas and reduces the need for sanding dense and glossy surfaces. It is sun and fades resistant, making it one of the best exterior water based primers. Also, this primer is an excellent topcoat adhesion promoter that provides good tensile strength and tears resistance. L211101 Adhesion is a water base modified acrylic primer that can provide extraordinary bonding on all your interior and exterior projects ranging from hard to glossy surfaces.


  • Interior/exterior water base comes in a 1-gallon container and enough for 300 square feet area
  • Perfect for tough-to paint surfaces like PVC, vinyl, Formica, chalky paints, etc.,
  • High bonding premium primer provides great adhesion to various surfaces
  • Super durable finish and minimizes any need for sanding

8. KILZ L204511 Kitchen and Bath Interior Latex Stain Blocking Primer

KILZ L204511 Kitchen _ Bath Interior Mildew-Resistant Finish White 1-Gallon 4L Latex Primer Sealer Stainblocker image

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KILZ offers numerous primers, each with unique features to paint with. L204511 Primer specifically designed for interior, residential surfaces in high-humidity, moisture, and temperature environments, including kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms, and laundry rooms. We all know that interior spaces are more prone to moisture and humidity, giving mildew and getting trapped between primer and paint coats. This primer finds a solution for that as it contains high mildew content that hampers the growth of mildew in the kitchen and baths, making it the best interior paint primer. It is a very low VOC latex primer making it environment friendly with low odor as well. This is GREENGUARD Certified for its low emission, fast-drying, and can be recoated after one hour.

The primer blocks medium to heavy stains from maker to grease to ink to pencil to tannin to water stains giving an excellent hide and adhesion to most surfaces and providing a sound anchor for paints. Each gallon of KILZ primer covers 300-400 sq. ft., incumbent on the surface texture, porosity, and application method. And you can apply it by using an airless sprayer, or roll, or brush, depending on the surface you are applying on. Besides moist surfaces, this extreme bond primer works properly on residential areas like drywall, plaster, paneling, stucco, brick, masonry, wood, and painted metal. So, if you wish to give your interiors a new brand look, apply a coat of 204511 Interior Primer to get smooth and level finishing.


  • Blocks medium to heavy stains and provides resistance against mold and mildew
  • Smooth and level finishing dries down fastly and ready for next coat in 1 hr
  • Low VOC formula with low odor makes the further cleaning very efficient
  • Perfect for high humid areas as it provides excellent adhesion

9. Prestige E100-9 Exterior Paint and Primer in One

Prestige E100-9 1-Gallon White Exterior Flat Paint and Primer In One image

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Prestige Exterior Paint and Primer in One is a high-end paint to get a flat and glossy finishing. What else do we need if we get the best paint and primer in one can? This contains 100% acrylic exterior latex paint and primer that can be used on exterior surfaces, including furnished wood, cement board sidings, vinyl, masonry surfaces, aluminum, and factory primed siding. It is highly durable and washable with great hiding formula and excellent coverage. This comes to your house with low VOC and premium mildew-resistant coating. Another advantage we noticed is its flat finishing, which helps you hide dents, nail holes, or patches on the surface.

We recommend stirring and mixing well before using the all in one primer and paint for color uniformity. Also, it is better to remove dirt, mildew, grease, wax, and soap, loose and peeling paint before you apply all in one paint and primer on the surface. Preparation before applying is a must. Like glossy areas must be dulled by sanding. And prime all bare new and factory primed wood with an oil-based primer. You can very easily apply it with a high-quality brush, roller, or pad painter. We experienced using two coats of this paint primer on the new surface for a perfectly smooth and uniform look. Prestige Exterior Paint and Primer in One is the next best thing to give your exteriors a brand new look with ultra-premium coating.


  • Ultra-premium paint and primer with excellent coverage and smooth application
  • 100% acrylic latex paint makes it easy to clean with soap water
  • Provides color uniformity and mildew resistance
  • Durable and Washable with Low VOC

10. DecoArt DS17-9 Dads 17-9 8 Oz Multi-purpose Primer and Sealer

DecoArt DS17-9 Dads17-9 Multi Purpose 8 Oz Primer _ Sealer image

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DecoArt Americana Multi-Purpose Primer and Sealer is formulated to adhere to all surfaces and perfect indoor and outdoor application. It can be used on any hard but paintable surfaces ranging from raw to decorative painting. For more absorbent surfaces, we recommend you provide thinning with water. The all-purpose sealer has super adhesive power to stick latex or acrylic-based paints on multiple surfaces. While using it in outdoor areas is that you don’t require any varnishing after that. This primer paint is completely non-toxic and dries up quickly to deliver a clear and non-stained finishing.

There are simple steps to follow before applying this primer on different surfaces. For glazed ceramics or glass, you should apply one coat on the surface before painting, or you can also mix it with the paint. Next up for slick metal surfaces, clean and remove the dirt before applying. These easy-to-do steps are always advisable to do for the best result. It is washable, so you can easily clean it up with water and soap before drying. DS17-9 Multi-purpose Primer and Sealer gives you superior adhesiveness and smooth paint application in and out of your house.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use with high durability with a clear finishing
  • Superior adhesiveness serves as a multipurpose sealer for various projects
  • An affordably priced brand with an extensive list of products
  • Non-Toxic and can be used on different surfaces

Buying Guide

So, this was our list of the top 10 best primer paint according to the latest paint primer reviews with features. We found that the above list are best paint primers/sealers that offer excellent bonding with other premium features. We can move on to a complete and brief buying guide that will surely help you pick your best can of primer.

What is Primer Paint?

As the name suggests, a primer paint or undercoat is an initial coating applied on the surface before painting. It lays down the foundation for your DIY paint projects to be used for both interior and exterior applications. Primers applied on drywall, wood, metal, fibreglass, tile, concrete, plaster, brick, ceiling, and anywhere you wish to. In short, it is the base coat for a flawless painting job.

Why Use Primer Paint?

Primer paint can be used in and out of your homes. You can apply the best paint primer for new drywall. A new surface soaks paint like a sponge, so it’s better to prime. At the same time, on old surfaces, it covers stains and blocks holes. Also, primers are not always necessary to apply. You can also apply a bottle of multi-purpose and all-in-one pain-prime to avoid double coating.

What is Primer Paint Used For?

Primer paint used for:

  • Creating a smooth and uniform base for seamless painting.
  • Provides better adhesion to paint for high durability.
  • Hides stains and blocks porous surfaces.
  • Neutralizes and blemishes color uniformity.
  • Reduces the number of paint coated.
  • Provides double protection to top coating.
  • Hampers the growth of mildew and other fungal organisms.
  • Better and glossy appearance with flawless painting.
  • Allows dust and water-resistance surfaces.

How does Paint Primer Work?

A paint primer works as a sealer and stain blocker between the surface and the top coating. The composition of a primer defines its application and usage. It consists of synthetic resin, solvents, and additive agents to provide excellent adhesiveness. Its polyethylene (plastic) works well for providing high durability and wear resistance. A low VOC in a paint primer works to spread low odor and is safer for the environment.

When to use Paint Primer / When should you use a Paint Primer?

  1. The porous surfaces like new drywall absorb the paint, so always prime with exterior oil based primer. 
  2. Primer helps to hide all the stains from grease, water, pencil, marker, and tannin. If your walls stained, you must use a stain blocker primer.
  3. A glossy surface is hard to paint because of its less adhesiveness. So a furnished wood and enamel require sanding and primer.
  4. Surfaces with mildew growth and odor should be primed.

How to Apply Primer Paint?

  1. Open the can and give a nice stir.
  2. To begin your DIY project, you can prime with three tools: a paintbrush, roller, and airless sprayer.
  3. You can pour the primer into a paint tray and use a brush for priming edges and an air sprayer for water-based primers.
  4. Then you can switch on to priming the main surface.
  5. After drying, apply the coat of paint.

How Long to Paint after Primer?

Water-based primers take less time to dry than Oil-based primers. Usually, water-based primers dry up to touch in 30 minutes and recoat in 2 hours. And oil-based primers take 8-10 hours to dry. The drying time for the primer to paint also depends on the temperature and humidity of the surface you are applying on.

When Primer is not Needed?

Yes, this is true that primer not always required before painting. A previously-finished surface in good condition doesn’t require priming. If you are applying paint on non-porous and non-glossy, you may skip the priming step. If your walls and doors not stained, you can avoid priming them. Also, if the color you’re applying is similar to the new one, then a primer is not needed.

Who Makes the Best Primer Paints on the Market?


KILZ is the most leading manufacturer of paints and primers on the market today. It has been serving its customers for 40 years with its premium products. It was also named the Paint Brand of the year 2015. This brand showered with multiple different models for all surfaces and paint types. KILZ primer, sealer, and stain blocker provide superior quality, fast-drying, low VOC, mildew resistance, and excellent adhesion.


The most trusted brand known for professional-quality paints, primers, wall covering preparation, and other coatings. Innovation, quality, and problem-solving features have been their key mantras for more than 150 years. It is marketed by Rust-Oleum, a manufacturer of paints, primer, and wood care products. Zinsser paint primers are best for both professional contractors and DIYers with high-quality and great durability.

Types of Primer Paint

Oil Based Primer

Oil-based primer, a versatile primer applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. You can use oil based primer over latex and oil paint. It is a good stain blocker, seals the porous surface, and stops bleeding through the paint’s surface. This primer takes more time to get dry than water-based primers and has a high amount of VOC. It requires mineral spirits for thinning and cleaning.

Latex-Based Primer

Latex-based primer is a water-based primer or acrylic primer with fast drying and easy cleaning with water and soap only. This is the primer for oil based paint because it helps to prevent chipping and peeling while drying. It is good for new drywall because it provides the best uniformity to the surface and seals light stains. This primer exhibits excellent resistance and releases less amount of VOC.

Shellac Primer

Shellac primer recommended for interior paint jobs and is the best stain-blocking primer. This primer is the only primer applied at freezing temperature with fast drying and high adhesiveness. It is excellent in removing odor, high rust, and smoke stains from wood, plaster, wallpaper, and door frame. This requires denatured alcohol for thinning and cleaning. Spot-priming on small patches is also possible with shellac primer.

What to Look for in a Paint Primer?

As you gather detailed knowledge about the paint primer, you may now confidently shortlist the products to buy. But before going any further, make sure to check these features in your product. These are the main considerations a paint primer must fulfill.

Type of Primer and its Surface

The first and foremost thing to look for is to handpick the right type of primer on the particular type of surface.

  • An oil-based or latex primer works great with bare wood.
  • Oil-based primer for painted wood.
  • Rust-resistance oil primer for metals.
  • Automobile paint primer for car parts.
  • Latex bonding primer for glossy surface and drywalls.
  • Stain-blocking primer for stained woods, doors, and walls.
  • Plastic primer paint for PVC and other plastic surfaces.

Adhesiveness and Durability

The main purpose of a primer is to provide adhesiveness between paint and the surface. So, it becomes highly important to check its composition. Also, we must tell you that the best one coat paint and primer is the secret to durability. A good quality primer keeps your surface look exceptional for a longer period. It helps to avoid the peeling and bleeding of paint.

Color-Changing Ability

Next thing you should look for is the color of the old and new paint. A tinted primer helps you to change the color drastically. If you’re going from a darker to a lighter color, it helps to decrease the number of paint coats to hide the dark undercoat. And similarly, if opting for a lighter color on a dark coat ensures that no patches of light color are uncovered.

Drying Time with Environment Temperature

To complete your projects, you need to choose shellac or water-based primers. Usually, these primers get dried to touch in 30 to 60 minutes and recoat in 2 h-3 hours. Oil-based primers generally take 8-10 hours. These timing may differ because of the number of the coating layer, type of the surface, and its temperature. Humid and moist temperature requires more time.

Cleaning Material with VOC Amount

Make sure that cleaning the surface, if required, and washing the tools can be done easily. Latex or acrylic, or shellac primers can be cleaned with water and soap before drying. Automotive primer paint, stain-blocker primer, or oil primers usually require denatured alcohol or thinner for washing and cleaning. Also, we advise you to pick primers with a less amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which is safe for the environment.

Sealing Power with Mildew Resistance

What good is a sealer if it doesn’t deliver an exceptional sealing power? A primer must seal satins, graffiti, and tannin bleed off the surface to give flawless painting. Go for a primer that must fill the porous gaps of the surface to give a uniform base. Also, a mildew-resistant primer is like icing on the cake to provide double protection from fungal and bacterial organisms.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What does paint primer do?

The paint primer’s main function is to provide adhesiveness and cover porous surfaces to provide a smooth base for painting.

Q. Do you have to paint over primer?

Definitely, yes, you have to paint over the primer. Also, there are many all-in-one paint and primers available on the market nowadays that reduce your time and energy to coat paint over the primer.

Q. Can you use primer as paint?

Yes, there are all-in-one paint and primer bottles that can be used. But if you only apply a primer-sealer, you can’t use it as paint. It is not formulated to stand by the functions of top coating.

Q. Can you use paint latex over oil primer?

Yes, you can use paint latex over oil primer but make sure that the surface is clean before priming and is dried up before painting. Oil-based primers usually take 8-10 hours to dry up completely.

Q. Do you still need to clean the surface if you use primer?

It is advisable to clean and remove dirt and old paint by sanding and scraping the surface before using the primer to get the best smooth application.

Q. How long must you wait before you start painting?

Water-based primers are dried up within 30 to 120 minutes. And oil-based primers take 8-10 hours to dry up completely. So it depends upon the type of primer and atmosphere of the surface area.


We aim to give you the best possible solution to all your painting problems with the underlying benefits of all primers like automotive paint primer, metal primer, glass, latex, oil, and other primers. The exterior paint with primer is a crucial preparatory coating to deal with outer weather conditions and give you extra protection and high durability. Also, now you can ensure your surface has a beautiful finish at the most affordable price. A new coat of primer can make your painting job breathable and flexible. We hope that this best paint primer review will answer all your questions and clarify all your doubts. So what are you waiting for? Apply a primer to your house to all your professional and DIY projects.

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