14 Best Rated Paintbrushes 2022 – Gives Premium Finish to Walls, Cabinets & More

Premium Pick

Pro Grade 5 Ea Paint Brush Set

Pro Grade 5 Ea Paint Brush Set image
  • SRT filament blend holds more amount of paint which saves time
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior projects like walls, decks, cabinets, fences, doors, etc
  • Set contains 1″ Flat, 1.5″ Angle, 2.5″ Angle, 2″ Stubby Angle, & 2″ Flat brushes

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Best Quality

Bates Choice 4 Pack Paint Brushes

Bates 4 Pack Treated Wood Handle Paint Brushes image
  • Comes with thick synthetic filaments which holds 2 times more paint than the normal brush
  • Professional quality brushes; easy to hold and lightweight
  • 4 brushes; three stainless steel ferrule flat style and angle style

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Value for Money

Wooster Brush Q3208-1 Softip Paintbrush

Wooster Q3208-1-0.5-1 New Softip Angle Sash Paint Brush image
  • Nylon and polyester bristles delivers the perfect amount until the last stroke
  • Its soft tips ensures smooth finish with all type of paints (oil-based and latex)
  • Comes with brass plated ferrules and solid plastic handle

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A perfect brush is the first tool while taking up a painting project. There are tons of brushes available in the market, but not all are suitable for your project. Some brushes are specifically made for wall painting, chalk painting, canvas painting, and various other painting projects. Choosing one of these many options may give you a tough time. To help you out, we have tried and tested all the popular and best paint brushes in the market.

Before addressing this review, we compared their bristle length, quality, grip comfort, handle length, and every factor. After testing out the brushes, we listed out the best brushes in different categories. The reviews will help you in choosing the best paintbrush for your project. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this particular guide will help you get the best tool for your painting.

1. Pro Grade 5 Ea Paint Brushes for Trim

Pro Grade 5 Ea Paint Brush Set image

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If you are looking for paint brushes to paint your house or fence, you should get this particular set of Pro Grade paint brushes. The best thing about these brushes is that they are affordable. You will get a set of five reusable brushes at a reasonable range. We tried using this set to paint a room, and we were quite impressed by the paint application. As the brush has synthetic bristles, it was easier to use them for painting the residence. The brushes come in different sizes and hence are perfect for getting a straight edge.

Moreover, these brushes have flat bristles, the perfect feature for getting stronger and wider brush strokes. Another thing that we liked about this brush set is that it comes with an SRT filament which holds the paint for a longer time. Hence there is no paint wastage and frequent dips in the container. It is even easy to clean, and we didn’t find any loose bristles coming off during the wash. The grip of the brushes are excellent, and you can even use them for tough projects. Finally, we found it reasonable to spend money on this brush set. Unlike other brushes, we used this set for around 4 projects.


  • The brush set contains 1″ Flat, 2″ Stubby Angle, 1-1/2″ Angle, 2-1/2″ Angle & 2″ Flat brushes for all needs in a single project
  • Easy to clean and reusable brushes are perfect for any project, from painting fences to making art decors
  • SRT filament can hold more amount of paint, avoiding any mess from frequent dips in the container
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects delivering perfect strokes and straight edge cuts

2. Bates Choice Professional Paint Brushes Set

Bates 4 Pack Treated Wood Handle Paint Brushes image

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If you are a beginner and need a set of paintbrushes for your first project, you should try out the Bates 4-Pack paint brushes. It comes in a set of four flat brushes, each of a different size. While testing out the brushes, we found that they were extremely light in weight and handy. At first, we doubted that they were feasible and might break if we put too much pressure on them, but surprisingly, the brushes were strong enough to last long. The best thing about this brush set, which we liked a lot, is extremely comfortable to use. The handles have perfect wood finishing and will not put pressure on your hand while you are painting.

The bristle width of the largest brush in the set is about three inches, with a handle width of 0.5 inches. It is the best brush to get a fine finishing in less time. Besides that, the set consists of an angled flat brush for the edges and two flat brushes, each of width 2 inches and 2.5 inches. This brush set is one of those brush sets that anyone can use. Even if you are a professional, you can easily use this brush set for your projects. There was no paint wastage when we used the brushes, which is important when doing your first project. Moreover, the brushes have thick filaments, which makes the brushes durable.


  • Delivers superior finish with different brushes like angular brushes and other brushes with different widths to reach every nook and corner
  • Stainless steel ferrules for strong and long-lasting hold on the bristles of the brush. This results in the longevity of the brush
  • Durable and lightweight solid wood for easy flow of paint. The handle is both sturdy and easy-going
  • 3” inches synthetic filament bristles to hold 2 times more paint than the normal brush

3. Wooster Brush Q3208 Softip Angle Sash Brush

Wooster Q3208-1-0.5-1 New Softip Angle Sash Paint Brush image

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If you have just started learning oil painting or want to try your hand in latex-based painting, then you should get this particular paintbrush from Wooster. It is the perfect brush for oil paintings, and we got excellent results. Not only is the product made of high-quality materials, but the price is also quite affordable. The brush hardly cost us less than 5 USD, excluding the delivery charges, and we were quite impressed by it.

The bristles are made up of nylon and polyester and work perfectly fine with latex and oil-based colors. Though we were initially skeptical about whether a synthetic brush would be a good idea for oil painting, our opinion changed after using it. It is sturdy and lightweight enough for easy flow. The nice small angled tip is perfect for covering all the corners and edges. Moreover, the brass-plated steel ferrule prevents the brush from retaining the paint and makes sure that all the paint is used. The length of the handle is quite good and is comfortable to use.


  • Nylon and polyester bristles can hold more product and deliver the perfect amount until the last stroke
  • Lightweight wooden handles are sturdy and handy to give a perfect stroke while painting
  • The 1-inch bristle length is perfect for reaching all the corners and edges while painting
  • Brass plated ferrules hold the bristles very well for longevity

4. Richard 13418 Elegance Trim Small Paint Brush

Richard 13418 Elegance Soft Grip Handle Trim Brush image

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The Richard trim brush is the best round brush that we found in the market. It has a fine tip and is perfect for covering those edges and nooks with a superior finished look. The most amazing thing about this brush is that it is reusable and is easy to clean. If you are a person who is interested in latex-paint-based projects, you should definitely try this brush from Richard. However, it comes as a single piece and might be costly compared to other brushes.

This is the brush worth splurging on, as many professionals opt for it. It easily picks up paints and spreads them evenly without creating any mess. We have done latex-based painting projects with other brushes and found it challenging to use the whole amount of paint that the brush picks up. But, with this brush, it was easier to do latex paint. Moreover, the bristles are of a synthetic type and are surprisingly easy to clean. You can easily use this brush to paint the window corners, door corners and even your ceilings. It has a round handle with a comfortable grip and a stylish look.


  • This reusable brush is easy to clean and works well with latex paints. Use the correct cleaning compound to maintain the bristles
  • The round brush is well suited for painting those sleek borders with a superior finish without chaos
  • Bristles are perfect for picking up enough paint and helps in spreading evenly until the last drop
  • Bristles length is ¾ inches which is the preferable length. Primarily professionals use this brush

5. Liquitex Professional Freestyle Acrylic Paint Brush

Liquitex Professional Freestyle Varnish 1-inch Broad Flat Long Handle Large Scale Brush image

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The Liquitex professional brush is made for professional artists. From its look, style, bristle quality, handle length, everything speaks “professionalism.” If you are a professional artist, then you should have this brush in your artist bag. It is perfect to work on large canvases, life-size portraits, and landscapes. It has a broad flat handle, which is of uni-color and looks good.

Professional artist paint brushes need to be of high quality, and Liquitex has reached the level. The bristles are made with synthetic hair and are extremely soft. When we used the brush on a large canvas, it glided through the canvas smoothly, providing a nice wider and gentle brush-stroke. You can use this large paint brush with acrylic paints and get the desired results. The brush is extremely comfortable and provides you with more extensive coverage, thanks to the long handle. The flat bristles make it easier to clean the brush, and there is no wastage of paint.


  • Bristle length of 1 inch is well suited for professional artists and beginners
  • This Freestyle brush is perfect for varnishing or professional acrylic paints
  • Gentle and wider strokes make it suitable for beginners to professionals
  • Long handle for well defined strokes and is easy to handle

6. Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle Two Inch Brush Q3211-2

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash 2-Inch White Paintbrush image

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If you are looking for a brush for your room decoration or tree-house painting project, you should go for the Wooster angled brush. It is perfect for painting the hard corners and gives you enough flexibility to work on your project. As the handle of this paintbrush is short, around 2 inches only, it makes it possible to paint even the tight spaces. The short handle of the brush was quite helpful when we used it for painting a dog house. It easily reached the tight corners and painted the whole house easily.

Another thing that we loved about this brush is that the bristles are made with a combination of white nylon and golden polyester. The bristles are synthetic, but the combination of the materials makes it possible to use various kinds of paints with the brush. In addition, it has a brass-plated steel ferrule, which retains the water and prevents the wastage of paint. The Wooster 2 inch paint brush is the best angled one that we found in the market and is preferable if you are looking for angular brushes.


  • 2-inch flexible shier grip handle for easy usage even in tighter paes and small nooks
  • Combination synthetic bristle with nylon and gold makes it suitable for all paints
  • Bristle length of 7 inches gives a perfect blend of paints and sharp strokes
  • Brass-plated steel ferrule for sturdy handling and longevity

7. New Renaissance Professional Brush for Chalk Paint

New Renaissance 4336890327 Professional Large Natural Bristles Chalk Painting and Wax Brush image

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Do you love those vintage looking pastel-color furniture and want to redecorate your furniture into one of them? If the answer is yes, you should get this New Renaissance chalk painting brush for your redecoration project. It is a mop brush and is perfect for chalk and wax painting.

The best thing about this brush that we liked is that it does not give any brush-stroke look while you are painting. It is a mop brush, and it blends the color perfectly without showing any sign that the furniture was painted. It makes your old furniture look brand new within minutes. Moreover, it is easy to use and clean compared to other chalk painting brushes in the market. We used this brush and found it to be super comfortable. You simply have to follow the instructions on the packet for cleaning the brush, and then you can reuse the brush for another project. Wash it with warm water and let it dry before using it again for the painting process.


  • Easy to maintain and reusable brush is suitable for both amateur and professional painters
  • Made with natural bristles, it is suitable for wax and chalk paints on all types of furniture
  • The brush provides a professional quality finish for an affordable price
  • Has a metal ferrule and a long handle for long-lasting and easy usage

8. Presa Premium Fine Detail Paint Brushes

Presa PS00310 Premium 5 Piece Paint Brushes Set image

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If you are looking for synthetic brushes for water or wall painting, you should check out the Presa premium paint brush set. It comes in a set of five brushes, each of a different size. All the brushes have flat bristles, making it easier to cover large areas. What we liked the most about this set because it provides high-quality synthetic brushes at a low price. In addition to that, these brushes are reusable. Therefore, you can easily use brushes for a number of painting projects.

We even tested the brushes on rough surfaces to test the quality. Surprisingly, the brush could withstand the rough surface, and not a single bristle was out of place. We even found that the bristles were still soft even after encountering rough edges. Thus, it is perfect for heavy-duty work like painting high ceilings and walls. Moreover, the brushes have SRT filaments, which keep them in place and make them durable and long-lasting.


  • Synthetic bristles deliver smooth and fine finishing for the painting like a professional range one
  • These durable bristles are most robust and work well on rough surfaces
  • SRT filament provides 30% more paint holding capacity for brushes
  • Five brushes of different sizes are provided with wooden handles

9. Purdy 144400340 XL Series 4 Inch Nylon Paint Brush

Purdy 144400340 XL Series 4 inch Swan Enamel Wall Paint Brush image

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The Purdy 144400340 is the best wide brush that we have ever used. It has a perfect wooden-finished handle and has nice synthetic bristles. The quality of the brush is excellent, and we loved using this brush. It is perfect to use with any kind of paint and will make your wall painting project successful. Moreover, you can even use this paint brush on the large-sized canvas and still get impressive results.

The bristles are medium stiff, making them perfect for withstanding rough surfaces. Unlike soft brushes, this particular big paint brush will glide through rough surfaces without wasting any paint. It won’t get damaged easily, and you can even use it for your next project. The handle is made with hardwood and is light in weight, not feeling any kind of pressure while working.


  • Bristles are made with Tynex Nylon and Orel polyester so that the rush can hold more paint
  • The design of the brush is turdy with medium stiff bristles with natural hardwood handle 
  • Compatible with all kinds of paint makes it suitable for beginners and professionals
  • This versatile paint brush is perfect for rough surfaces

10. Purdy 144152125 Clearcut Series Angular Trim Painting Brush

Purdy 144152125 2.5 inch Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush image

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If you are looking for a paint brush for trimming purposes, you should get the Purdy clearcut angular trim brush. It is designed specifically for reaching hard edges and for angular painting. Though the brush is a bit expensive, it will provide great results and be a good add-on to your brush collection.

We used this brush for a few projects, and it was really easy to use. It reached the hard corners and was even handy while painting straight lines. Moreover, the stainless-steel ferrule increases the durability of the brush by keeping the bristles intact. Though the price is a bit too much, it will last you for a long time. The bristles are made up of high-quality synthetic hair, and the handle is made up of natural wood. The bristles are stiff enough to use on rough surfaces and withstand any kind of heavy-duty work.


  • The paint brush has a wooden handle and bristle length of 2.5 inches
  • Stiff bristles for brilliant strokes and fine finishing of the paint
  • High-quality synthetic hair with great paint holding capacity
  • A round-edged stainless steel ferrule makes it more sturdy

11. Harbor Freight Tools Horsehair Long Handled Paint Brush

Harbor Freight Tools 61880 0.5-inch 36 Pieces Horsehair Bristle Acid Shop Brushes image

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If you are looking for some good-quality art brushes for acrylic painting, then you should check out the Harbor Freight Horsehair bristle brush set. This particular brush set is the best set that we got our hands-on. It comes with 36 brushes, each of 0.5 inches length of bristle, and they work perfectly fine on canvas.

As the bristles are natural and made with horsehair, you can even use them for oil and latex-based paints. For the price, the brush set is quite good and will last you for a long time. Though all 36 pieces are of the same size and are flat, they work nicely on canvas. We liked the length of the handle. It is quite long, hence giving you more control while doing fine detailing on your art piece. The handle is made up of metal, hence stating that it will last for a long time. If you need a set of same-sized brushes for acrylic painting or an oil painting, then you should get this brush set.


  • Bristle length of 0.5 inches makes it suitable for even simple application in smaller spaces
  • Horsehair bristles with metal handles give a unique representation for these brushes
  • The horsetail bristles have a good holding capacity for any material like glue or oil
  • Handle length is good for easy maneuverability

12. RAM-PRO 12 Flexible Long Paint Brush Set

RAM-PRO 12 Flexible Bristle Tin Metal Tubular Ferrule Handle Acid Flux Brushes image

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If you want to try your hand in acrylic painting and don’t know which brush set will suit your needs, we suggest you try the RAM-PRO paint brushes. It comes in a set of 12 brushes and is made with horsehair, making it perfect for acrylic and latex, and oil painting. We used the set for quite some time and got nice results.

The bristle is made with good quality horsehair and smoothly glides on canvas. Even if you use these brushes for oil painting, you will get nice results. Moreover, the overall length of the brush is 6 inches, which is quite good for beginners. In addition, it provides you with more control over the brush. The best thing about this brush is that it has tin metal ferrules, which retain the paint and prevent any wastage of paint. You can even use these brushes for your DIY projects. They are durable and are easy to maintain.


  • Total brush length of 6 inches and are made with black horsehair bristles
  • Set of 12 brushes with tine metal ferrules are long lasting and robust
  • Best brush for Latex Paint and Oil and is perfect for all kinds of projects
  • Perfect for DIY projects as you can get all different sizes in the kit

13. Richard 80833 Goose Neck Angular Synthetic Paint Brush

Richard 80833 Goose Neck Angular 2.5 Inch Paint Brush image

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If you are ready to invest in a nice wide paint brush for your projects, you should go for this brush from Richard’s. It has a nice angular handle with an angular bristle, making it perfect for extending your reach and painting those stubborn corners easily. We found the best that you could even fit the brush on a pole and paint the ceilings with it.

As the handle is angular, it makes it easier to paint the high ceilings. The bristle length is around 2.5 inches, which is quite good. In addition to that, the bristles are made up of high-quality synthetic hair and are compatible with all kinds of paint. You can even use oil-paint with this brush and get good results. Though the price is high, the product is worth it. Moreover, the flexible handle that can bend in any direction makes it possible to reach even the toughest spots in the corners. Even if you use this on an extremely rough surface, the bristles will remain intact and won’t come off the brush. It is easy to clean and will last you a number of years.


  • Bristle length of 2.5 inches delivers an excellent paint holding capacity
  • Angular bristles give brilliant strokes for any kind of paint
  • Can fit on any extension pole with precise strokes
  • The flexible handle is reachable to any position

14. McCauley Revolver Soft Paint Brush

McCauley Tools s145 REVOLVER Multi Position Paint Brush image

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If you are looking for a paint brush with a long or extendable handle, you should go for the McCauley revolver paint brush. It comes with a roller extender, which helps extend the handle’s length for easy reach. In addition, this particular brush comes with some of the best features that we have seen.

One of the most impressive things about this brush is that you can adjust the brush at eight different angles! This particular feature allows you to cover a larger area with minimum movement. Moreover, the revolver is compatible with all kinds of brushes. So, even if the brush that comes along with the set wears out, you can use any of your brushes with the device. Talking about the grip, it is soft and will not put any pressure on your hand. We used the whole set to paint a ceiling and didn’t find any kind of difficulty during the whole process.


  • The extension pole is not included but is compatible with almost all types of poles in the market
  • Comfortable grip with soft rubber handle for easy painting
  • Comes with a roller that is compatible with all brushes
  • You can adjust the tool in eight different angles

Buying Guide

We know how difficult it can get if you do not get the perfect brush for your project. Unfortunately, not all brushes are the same. Neither can you use one type of brush for all your projects? While some brushes are made only for canvas paintings, some are made for heavy-duty painting only. So, how can you know which type of brush is perfect for you? To help you out, we have curated this buying guide with all the important factors, types of brushes, bristles, and much more things, that you should know before buying a brush. This particular buying guide will help you in choosing the best brush for your project.

What is a Synthetic Paint Brush?

Synthetic brushes are ones that are made up of artificial materials. These kinds of brushes usually come either in nylon or polyester or in a mixture of both. They are perfect to use with Latex paint, gloss paint, acrylic paint, and all kind of water-based primers and wood finishes. The best thing about synthetic brush is that it is durable and will last for a long time. Moreover, these brushes are also known for providing smooth finishing and prevent any kind of paint wastage.

Different Types of Paint Brushes

Before moving forward with the features you should look for in a paint brush, you should know about the various paint brushes. Here we have listed down the most common type of paint brushes that you can find in any store.


The most common paint brush that every artist, pro, and the beginner has is a round brush. These are the types of brushes that you give your child for their first painting lesson. A good round brush would come with a sharp point that will help you with all the detailing, and fine line works in your painting. Look for a round brush with natural bristles in it, as it comes with a nice sharp point.


Unlike a round brush, flat brushes do not come with a sharp point. In these types of brushes, the bristles are arranged so that the brush is wide and not thick. Therefore, a flat brush is quite useful for making powerful brush strokes. Moreover, if you are working on a canvas, then a flat brush will be helpful to make a colorful string background. You can even use a flat brush for details by using the narrower side of the brush. Flat brushes come in different sizes, and you can select the one as per your project.


The next type of paint brush is an angled paint brush. As the name suggests, the brush has an angled or slanted tip, which is quite helpful in making lines and shapes of varying thickness. Moreover, angled brushes of good thickness are even useful to paint the angled corner of the door or the hard-to-reach part of the window. If you need a brush for calligraphy, then you should get an angled brush. With a single brush, you can create both thin and thick lines easily. Angled brushes are even helpful for making one-stroke paintings, which provide enough flexibility to change the thickness of the lines.


Mop paint brushes are soft brushes that are quite useful in blending colors. They can hold a large number of watercolors and will prevent any wastage of the colors. If you love mixing different types of colors, then a mop brush will help you a lot. It can blend the colors without creating any kind of a mess. Moreover, these brushes are quite helpful in making chalk paint.


Fan brushes come in the shape of a handheld fan and are perfect for creating thin brushstrokes. In this type of brush, the bristles spread out in the shape of a fan and are quite thin. The arrangement of the bristles makes it wider and thinner.


Liner paint brushes are a variation of round brushes. Here, the bristles are round but are longer. They are perfect for creating fine lines and outlines in your painting.

Types of Bristles

The next important thing that you should know about paint brushes is the type of bristles used in them. Generally, there are two types of bristles: natural and synthetic. The brushes with natural bristles are made with animal hair. Usually, manufacturers use horsehair or badger hair to make bristles. These bristles are best for oil painting and alkyd-based painting.

Synthetic bristles are made from nylon and polyester. These bristles are perfect for water-based paintings. You can even use them for latex-based painting. Natural bristles are not for water-based colors as they absorb the water, making it difficult to spread the paint.

How to Make a Paintbrush?

If you are a big fan of DIY projects and want to make your own paintbrush, then we have the perfect guide for you. Follow the steps below to make your DIY paint brush.

Materials: Firstly, you need to have the correct materials in your house to make the brush. Here is the list of materials that you would need to make your brush.

  • Any kind of hair for making bristles. Be it animal hair, human hair, or even bamboo or straw. You can shred and make bristles.
  • Get a doweling for making the handle. Wide plastic straws and even cloth clips can make for a good handle. Though, the latter one won’t last long.
  • Binding material to keep the bristles in place. You can either get waterproof glue or a perfect binding material from the store.

Process: Below are the steps that you need to follow for making a paintbrush.

  • Apply the glue or bonding material to the end of the handle, where you will place the bristles. However, if you do not want the brush to last longer, you can skip this step and simply place the bristles with glue.
  • After applying the glue, place your bristles at the end of the handle. Make sure that the bristles cover at least 1.3 cm of the end part.
  • Use a string or twine to fix the bristles in place. Make sure to tie the twine all over the bristles and the handle of the brush. You can even add more glue on top for a stronger base.
  • Give your bristles a shape by using small scissors. After doing that, leave your brush to dry for a few hours.

How to Soften a Paint Brush?

Paint brushes tend to get hard with time. There are various reasons why it happens. Generally, new brushes are quite hard and difficult to use. Here are some simple steps to help you soften your paintbrush and get that perfect brushstroke for your project.

  • To remove the hard paint, you first need to wash the brush with warm soapy water. It will help in removing some of the hard paint and make the process easier.
  • Lather up the bristles by applying dish soap to them. It will soften the hard paint and make it possible to remove it in less time.
  • To ensure that all the hard paint and particles are removed, place your brush in a glass and lather it up. Swirl the brush to create a nice lather
  • Rinse the brush using warm water
  • To make sure that the brush is soft enough, use vinegar or fabric softener.
  • Repeat the steps and make sure that the brush creates more lather than before
  • If you have extremely strong paint not removed by dish soap, use a brush comb. Use a brush comb to remove the hard paint while the bristles are wet gently.
  • Rinse the brush and then place it in a glass with a few drops of paint thinner
  • Keep the brush for some time, and then wash it thoroughly. If the brush is still not soft enough for you, apply dish soap again and rinse it.

How to Clean a Paint Brush?

  • It is important to keep your paint brushes clean. Instead of letting the brush dry out with the paint, it is better to clean it and prevent it from hardening. The best thing to do is clean them immediately after using them. It prevents the paint from drying out and destroying the brush.
  • Another tip you should keep in mind is always having a container filled with water while you are painting. Keep it in the water container once you use a brush for a specific color, and know that you won’t be using it a second time. It would make it easier for your to clean your brushes.
  • Moreover, while cleaning the brushes, make sure to use mild dish soap to create lather. Do not be too hard on the bristles. It is better to use glass for swirling the brush while cleaning rather than rubbing it in the sink.

How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes?

  • Normal paint brushes used for watercolor paintings are quite easy to clean. However, the same is not in the case of oil paintings. It isn’t easy to clean the brushes used in oil-based paints, lacquers, and even varnishes.
  • To clean the brushes, make sure to use a good cleaning solvent. Usually, manufacturers mention the type of cleaning solvent you would need for cleaning the brushes. Read the instructions and get the solvent accordingly.
  • Now, put the solvent in a container and keep your brush in the container. Swirl the brush nicely in the solvent a few times. After swirling the brush in the sink to remove excess thinner, repeat the process in a clean container. After the process is done, make sure to let the brush dry and follow the instructions mentioned in the paintbox.

Best Brush Brands


The first brand that we have on the list is the Wooster company. Wooster is known for producing the best wide flat brushes in the market. The Wooster brushes are best suitable for large painting projects like house painting, ceiling painting, etc. The quality of the synthetic bristles are quite good and will last for a long time.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a well-renowned name in canvas and oil painting. The artist has his own brush company, and you can completely rely on the brushes for oil and canvas painting. Though the brushes are costly, they are made up of high-quality material. The employees of the company craft each brush. The bristles are extremely soft and will give you the best results.

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is known for providing the best acrylic and water-based paint brushes. The company provides the brushes in sets, and each brush is made with natural bristles. It is perfect to use for acrylic painting, oil painting, and even latex paint.

What to Look for while Buying Best Paint Brushes?

If you are a beginner artist and want to buy some paint brushes, then there are certain things that you should consider while buying brushes. You cannot simply select any brush as it might not provide you with satisfactory results. Here are some important things that you should keep in mind while buying a paint brush.

Type of Project

The foremost thing you should keep in mind while looking for a brush is the type of project you need it for. If you need brushes for miniature paintings, you should go for liner paint brushes and brushes with perfect tips. Similarly, if you are working on a life-size portrait or landscape, you would need thick flat brushes and mop brushes. Your project will help you a lot in selecting the perfect brush.

Right Width

While buying a paint brush, it is important to get the correct width. You wouldn’t want a paint brush with a wider handle and bristle to work on a miniature canvas. Similarly, a brush with less width will not suit your large painting. Hence, look at the width of the brush before buying the brush. To get the perfect size, look at the base of the project that you are working on. Your project will help you in choosing the correct brush for you.

Correct Bristles

It is important to have the brush with perfect bristles for your painting. As stated above, there are two types of bristles: natural and synthetic. If you are more of a watercolor user, you should go for a brush with synthetic bristles. It will help you in preventing any kind of wastage. Similarly, a natural bristle will be useful for oil-based or latex-based painting.

Tip of Brush

It is important to have a brush with a nice tip. Be it a round brush, flat brush, or even a mop paint brush. It should have a nice tip. If you are going for a low-quality brush, you will find that the tip does not have a finished ending. Even cheap mop brushes are difficult to use. Without a fine tip, there are chances that the brush will not last long and can even mess up your painting.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What are the best paint brushes?

The best paint brushes in the market are the ones from Wooster and Harbor Freight. The bristle quality of the brushes are good.

Q. What brush to use for chalk paint?

For chalk paint, you should use mop brushes. These brushes do not leave the marks of brushstrokes and give perfect finishing.

Q. What are paint brushes made of?

Paint brushes are made up of wooden or metal handles, bristles made of natural or synthetic hair, and a ferrule or filament of stainless steel or tin.

Q. Where to buy paint brushes?

You can get paint brushes from your nearby stationary store or online shopping websites.

Q. How much are paint brushes?

Paint brushes can cost you anywhere between a dollar to 20 USD.


In conclusion, we would say that while buying a paint brush, make sure to look for the one that will suit your project perfectly. For example, you cannot use a wall paint brush for your canvas painting, and similarly, you cannot use liner brushes for chalk paint. Paint brushes are designed for a specific type of project, and you should buy the one that matches well with your project. Lastly, look for the quality of the brush before buying. It is better to invest in a good quality brush that will last you for a number of years rather than spending money on brushes that will be of no use after one project.

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