The 12 Best Patio Furniture Covers You Can Buy Now in 2023

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Buying a cover for your furniture is as important as the furniture itself. Patio tables, sofas, and chairs do elevate your garden’s elegance, but you must make sure that it doesn’t fade away in the process. These protectors are easy to use, store and clean on a regular basis. They will undoubtedly ensure that assets remain as good as new. These things are flexible, and anyone can use them for any kind of furniture- from tables to barbeque grills. They contain an array of features and protect goods from rain and snow or any other threat to their quality. Thus, all these pieces of info must have proved how important it is to own the best outdoor furniture covers.

By investing only a little amount on these godsent gifts, anyone will save their time and money to scrub, clean, polish, and paint their furniture. Well, it is important for any family to have these covers. However, one will need a proper guide in making a wise decision regarding a highly efficient outdoor table cover. Some individuals find investing in a good quality outdoor couch cover is a task that they cannot complete easily without proper guidance. As we understand such needs, here we are with the top 12 custom outdoor furniture covers for your convenience.

The Best Patio Furniture Covers Reviews

Take a look at our exclusive list of outdoor patio covers to know which one works out best for you. Although they may differ in size and color, their quality is not at all compromised, and we have made sure of that. They are all versatile and fit securely in all kinds of shapes, square or round. Explore our reviews on these top 12 best pet furniture covers to find the one that’s right for you.

12 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Sale 2023


Tempera Patio 74x47 inches Waterproof Tear-Resistant Space Grey Furniture Cover image

Tempera Patio Furniture Cover

  • UV/Fade-Resistant
  • PU Lining Waterproof
  • Easy to use and store
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Average Review 9.9


king do way Waterproof 420D Oxford Patio Outdoor Furniture Cover image

King Do Way Patio Furniture Cover

  • Large and flexible fabric
  • Heavy duty Material
  • Resists UV rays
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Saking Water-Resistant 21 Inch Black Fire Pit Column Cover image

Saking Square Firepit Table Covers

  • Durable Oxford Material
  • High-density material
  • Suitable for all Season
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


ULTCOVER 600D Waterproof Outdoor Tough Canvas Durable Square Patio Table and Chair Cover image

ULTCOVER Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Set Cover

  • 100% coverage design
  • Waterproof backing
  • 600D polyester construction
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Vailge Waterproof Lawn Patio Outdoor Dining Square Table Chairs Furniture Set Cover image

Vailge Lawn Patio Furniture Cover

  • Cover with Padded Handles
  • Water-proof coating
  • Adjustable cord lock
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


NASUM 420D Rectangular Patio Tear-Resistant Durable Waterproof Dustproof Outdoor Furniture Cover image

Nasum Patio Furniture Cover

  • Durable & Lasting Fabric
  • Waterproof Design
  • All Season Complete Proretection
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


F_J Outdoors Patio UV Resistant Waterproof Snow Protection Table Covers for Outdoor Furniture image

F&J Patio Table Covers (Rectangular)

  • Ensures a custom fit 
  • Improve internal air circulation
  • Good tear resistance
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


PATIOPTION FurnitureSetCover-S1 600D Heavy Duty Tough Canvas Dustproof Rectangular Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers image

Patioption Rectangular Outdoor Furniture Covers

  • Anti-Fading Cover
  • Heavy duty 600D fabric
  • Offers a custom fit
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


F&J Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover image

F&J Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers (Round)

  • Water Resistance
  • Gardelle One Fabric System
  • Padded Handles
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Classic Accessories 55-155-045101-EC Ravenna Water-Resistant 108 Inch Rectangular or Oval Patio Table _ Chair Set Cover image

Classic Accessories Ravenna Patio Furniture Covers

  • Water Resistant fabric
  • Tape Sealed Critical Seams
  • Innovative Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Duck Covers UTR5629 Ultimate Water-Resistant 56 Inch Round Patio Table _ Chair Set Cover image

Duck Covers Ultimate Series patio Furniture

  • Long-Lasting Material
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy-On Cords & Ventilation
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Ohuhu Heavy Duty 600D Durable Canvas 100_ Waterproof Patio Furniture Loveseat Dust Covers image

Ohuhu Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Cover

  • Adjustable elastic cords 
  • High quality material 
  • Versatile in nature
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2

1. Tempera 74*47*27.8in Patio Furniture Set Cover

What We Like?

  • Enhances UV protection 
  • Resists tear and wear
  • Easy to use and store 
  • Windproof in nature 
  • Waterproof layer
  • 1-year warranty

Be it a dining table set or just a coffee table, this Tempera premium patio furniture cushion covers works for everybody. Dependable protection at a reasonable cost, this table and chair sheet is a great choice. Its fabric top has a UV protection layer along with being waterproof and windproof. Tempera ensures that its users won’t be disappointed or worried when it gets windy or rainy as it protects their assets against all odds. This particular item, 74”x47”x27.8”, arrives packed with such durable materials that make it so desirable. Besides, it is perfect for tables and chairs which measure 72” in length and 45” in width.

We chose Tempera outdoor furniture cover after great consideration, but its features speak for themselves. It is flexible for table sets as it has an elastic hem with a toggle to tighten or loosen the sheet for a perfect fit. A 4-click close strap makes it easier for people to secure the product for maximum protection and ensure that it stays in place. Handles are stitched securely to the sides, so it is convenient to put these outdoor water proof furniture covers to take on or off easily. Its premium fabric protects against all odds with a PVC-free layer, UV resistance, waterproof PU lining, which is a great perk. Besides, integrated air vents reduce condensation and wind lofting inside. Thus, this lawn chairs covers becomes a must-buy.

2. King Do Way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

What We Like?

  • Waterproof, dust proof and windproof
  • 420D dust proof thick Oxford fabric
  • Large and flexible fabric
  • Element protection 
  • Resists UV rays

This weatherproof patio furniture cover eliminates the need to buy an extra protector to secure everything up. And it is one main reason why we loved this product. With a thick fabric to protect assets at all costs, King’s Do Way outdoor table covers are a great purchase. Need to keep sofas, chairs, and tables in good shape and state is necessary. Thus, this product should be in your house. King’s patio furniture sheet is perfect for keeping chairs and tables brand new. Not only is its size appropriate for sofas, but also patio sets. Built with Oxford Polyester 420D fabric, this sheet is super durable resisting UV rays. Furthermore, it is so large ( 83.86” in length x 48.43” in width x 29.13” in height) that it can fit possibly on anything in homes.

King’s patio furniture cover will prove to be a great investment for the protection of garden furniture. The King do way has manufactured this custom patio furniture shelter in such a way that it is dust and waterproof, with extra layers for element protection. Its thick fabric makes sure that this thing does not fly away and is also very strong and won’t tear easily. This sheet is large enough for even an 8 piece patio set, and we believe it is such a great deal for the price and features. We recommend this waterproof outdoor furniture covers strongly to everyone with large table sets to ensure maximum protection.

3. Saking Water Resistant 21″ Fire Pit Column Cover

What We Like?

  • Strength wrapped sewing threads 
  • Safety handles & drawstring 
  • Waterproof & weatherproof
  • Air Vents & buckle straps
  • High density material 
  • Silver-plated backing

Securing your barbeque grills is as important as any furniture. Investing in a good fire pit cover is essential to protect grills against any harsh weather conditions. As we understand that it is not that easy to move a heavy grill in and out every day, we bring you Saking’s fire pit column cover with a waterproof coating and thick material. A heavy duty patio furniture at a reasonable price, we believe that this sheet will prove to be a great investment for homes. Speaking about its measurements this one measures 21” in length x 21” in width x 35” in height.

Its square design is flexible for all kinds of grills. In-built air vents assist in avoiding condensation; furthermore, being made with waterproof materials, there is no doubt that this sheet will damage any item on which we place it. It is so durable and thick that it will not fly off at all costs, a cherry on top. Speaking about this protector’s durability, we don’t have any issues since this one is high on that aspect. Saking’s fire pit column prevents grills or fire pits from all outdoor elements with click-close straps to ensure security. Another main feature of fire pit column cover is its high-density material to keep any units dry and safe from harmful moisture and 95% of UV rays.

4. ULTCOVER 600D Tough Canvas Durable Square Patio Cover

What We Like?

  • Wind lofting prevention structure
  • 100% coverage and breathability
  • Waterproof with taped seams
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Guaranteed to fit
  • 3-years warranty

If you want the most durable outdoor furniture cover with affordability, Ultcover’s patio furniture cover set is the one to look for. Being available in 56″ in length x 56″ in width x 28″ in height, this outdoor sofa sheet goes the extra mile to ensure that sofas are as good as new. It fits well on all kinds of outdoor patio furniture, be it square or round-shaped. Ultcover guarantees the fit of their protector in all capacities while offering a 3-year warranty on them. This lawn furniture covers along with tough and arrives made of thick, resistant material against wind, storm, hail, or even rain. Our view about this product is strong, and we do believe that it is worth buying.

Ultcover’s patio table and chair protector set is definitely our top pick for a variety of reasons. First one being its breathable seams to prevent mold and other substances from having an ill effect on chairs and tables. This one’s design is a major reason that it has many happy customers. Made with waterproof backing, its structured air vents, and heavy-duty elastic drawcords secure this product to the legs of tables and chairs. Thus this sheet avoids any items from direct sunlight, dust, leaves, hail, rain, snow, bird droppings in all aspects. All in all, it is a well-made structure for households.

5. Vailge Waterproof Patio/Outdoor Dining Square Table Chairs Set Cover

What We Like?

  • 100% waterproof and dustproof
  • Heavy duty 600D Oxford fabric 
  • Air vents and padded handles
  • Adjustable cord lock
  • Easy installation

A reason why this cover is on our list is because of the endless features it has for such a reasonable price. Vailge is popular for making high-quality products that deliver high-quality services to many customers. With such a heavy-duty quality, we know that this outside chairs and desks cover will be extremely effective in all kinds of weather. Vailge’s patio furniture set sheet which measures 56″ in length x 56″ in width x 28″ in height doesn’t let any item fade or disintegrate over time. Vailge products arrive produced of an elite Oxford fabric so that they prove to be excellent for every penny invested in them.

Looking for attractive covers for outdoor furniture? Well, this particular sheet from Vailge is your must-buy. Furthermore, it has an indestructible layer of protection for UV rays, dust, rain, snow, and even water from seeping through and ruining any items on which it lays. Its elastic hem cord ensures a tight fit so as to secure furniture completely. Large padded handles on this sheet make it easy to remove from boards and chairs. Besides, storing and folding the sheet is a breeze, thus, another great perk. With such a customizable fit, Vailge’s patio furniture set cover works wonders against all kinds of odds.

6. Nasum Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

What We Like?

  • Waterproof and windproof 
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Durable in nature
  • Modern design 
  • Compatible size
  • Tear resistant

With an attractive design for all contemporary styles, these waterproof patio furniture covers is in a lot of demand. Nasum’s patio furniture cover took us by surprise because of its undeniable desirability. If you wish to be stylish while being responsible, you cannot go wrong with a product such as this one. With over 5 different sizes available, this outdoor sheet has wide compatibility with all kinds of shapes of a porch chair or sofa. Besides, our experts are fond of its upgraded design, which includes reliable weaving and buckles for added practicality.

Multi-layered high-quality fabric that Nasum’s patio furniture cover comes made up of assures protection from dust, wind, rain, and even sunlight. Hence, we can say that any risk of high temperatures spoiling sofas or chairs is completely at bay. Durability heightened with its 4 buckles and pull string design which further locks it up, especially during windy days, is another perk. We were amazed by how easy it is to clean this sofa coat with its quality and unique sewing technology. Moreover, Nasum’s outdoor furniture covers waterproof are tear-resistant, and are also very easy to store. Speaking about this one’s portability, users can happily take it anywhere thanks to a branded zippered bag that comes along with it for free. Well, that’s another reason to buy it!

7. F&J Outdoor Patio All Weather Protection Covers for Furniture

What We Like?

  • High quality 600D built up
  • Air vents for no moisture 
  • Environment friendly 
  • Ensures a custom fit 
  • Humanized design 
  • Highly versatile

Protection of your patio tables and chairs is necessary, as we already know. So we have an outdoor futon and table and chair cover for rectangular or oval dining tables. This patio furniture protector arrives stitched in such an efficient way that it efficiently withstands any harsh climate and changing weather. Being 100% waterproof, this sheet’s durable construction and fabric material is tough and resilient to any damage. We recommend this one to all those who live in snowy areas so that they can keep their garden movables clean and brand new. Apart from all these, the product survives all kinds of temperatures with ease and provides exceptional protection as its outer material is super thick.

We can claim that this most durable furniture cover built to last long gives exceptional results when looking at its features. It measures 74” in length x 47” in width x 27.5” in height so it can pretty much fit any table or desk. Plus, UV-resistant coating protects any harmful sun rays from entering and ruining your precious items. And snow too is no exception for it as F&J Outdoor’s sheet can effectively prevent snow seeping and damaging any goods. Individuals can easily clean and store this one, all thanks to its waterproof layer and reinforced handles. 4 buckles, 2 reinforced handles, and straps provide a great secured fit on all compatible items.

8. Patioption 600D Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers

What We Like?

  • Improved stitching technology
  • Air vent ensure air circulation
  • Made up of high quality 
  • UV and fading resistant 
  • Water and windproof 
  • Offers a custom fit

Patioption, dedicated to providing you with the best technology for your furniture covers, is here with its all-new porch cover. While analyzing this sheet, we were surprised to see how precisely it secures any chair or table in each and every corner. To begin with, it arrives built with super durable 600D polyester fabric, which resists any torn and fading. Moreover, this one assures the largest fit up to 52″ in length x 52″ in width x 24″ in height. A very important aspect of this outside movables protection is its premium Patioption 2 thread stitches which provide maximum protection from tearing and cracking.

Custom fit garden furniture covers from Patioption make people very glad about their purchase and recommend it to others too. This one is so large that it fits on all sizes of patio furniture, thanks to an elastic cord with 4 buckles. Hence, any individual can tighten or loosen the sheet at any point. Thus, this weatherproof patio furniture cover makes sure it fits appropriately on all tables and chairs. Furthermore, the product also has special antifreeze technology for winters, extra UV protection for summers, and waterproof antirust for spring and monsoon seasons. Well, aren’t you impressed already?!

9. F&J Outdoor Anti-Fading Cover for Small Round Table

What We Like?

  • 600D heavy-duty construction 
  • Drawstring with hooks & locks
  • Upgraded waterproof material 
  • Intimate design with durability
  • Tear and fade resistance

Those who are searching for lawn furniture covers that are attractive and waterproof can be at ease right now. We have realized your needs and have added this round table outdoor patio furniture cover for a good experience you can possibly have. Rain and wind are not the only causes of sofa damage; UV rays and moisture build-up can also negatively impact. Hence, it is important to own this particular protection product from F&J Outdoors. This lawn furniture cover is extremely water repellent and keeps out all rain, wind, snow, moisture accumulation, UV rays, plus dust and debris. In addition, being solid and resilient, one can expect a long-run from it.

F&J Outdoor’s heavy-duty furniture protection is so durable that it is almost indestructible. 4 adjustable quick-release buckles make it easy to remove or put the cover in place and make storing convenient. Pool-proof nature of the outdoor grill and barbeque sheet is an added attribute to our understanding. There is waterproof backing on it, thus reassuring people during bad weather conditions. It ensures a perfect fit for things that are 62” in diameter and 27.5” in height. This heavy duty outdoor furniture cover will prevent tables from getting ruined regardless of any weather conditions.

10. Ravenna Patio Table & Chair Set Cover by Classic Accessories

What We Like?

  • 6P free and EU REACH compliant undercoating
  • Wind lock secure attachment system
  • Long lasting performance 
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Elegant and custom fit 
  • Anti moist air vents 

Classic Accessories has a very stylish and elegant furniture sheet for patio tables and chairs. This one is from their FadeSafe Patio Furniture Cover Collection which ensures longevity and durability for years. We know for a fact that it is reliable and also affordable. Made for every season, this outside furniture covers maximize security and protection and ensures us peace of mind as well. Whole material is very thick and completely conceals tables and seats, so one can have a great time with their family. Drawstrings around its base permit its tightening in accordance to obtain a custom fit.

When it comes to talking about a high-quality furniture cover, this is an excellent one that comes to our mind. Classic Accessories’ sheet is perfect for rectangular or oval table and chair sets that are of 108” in length x 82” in width x 23” in height. Nevertheless, it has paddled handles to provide comfort while removing or covering furniture. This one, being durable for your home, has a woven fabric system with UV stabilized coating and waterproof lamination. Its patented wind lock secure attachment system with an adjustable belt and cord lock closure makes sure to stay in place and protect your goods against every weather condition.

11. Duck Covers Ultimate Water-Resistant 56″ Round Patio Table Cover

What We Like?

  • Secure fit with an  elastic hem & cord 
  • Provides air circulation with air vents
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • UV and element protection
  • Tape sealed critical seams
  • Heavy duty fabric

Functionality of Duck’s heavy duty outdoor furniture cover made us include it here in this best outdoor furniture covers for winter list. With our research, we deem that this patio sofa cushion covering is extremely versatile in its use and durable with its heavy-duty fabric. This sheet is famous and well known for offering reliable performance. With good resistance to water and tear, the sheet ensures your movables’ quality during heavy rains or snow. You can blindly trust Duck’s outdoor sectional furniture covers as you will not have anything to be worried about after purchasing it.

What we find desirable are this product’s seams which appear concealed, so no water can accidentally seep through. Well, no more worry about leaving sofas and chairs outside in rainy seasons. In-built release buckles for tables and chair legs assure that this protection is going to stay even in bad weather and also add safety. Moreover, there are air vents structured perfectly to protect our valuable assets from moisture and wind lofting by promoting enough air circulation. Coming to its compatible fit this one can accommodate furniture that is 56” in diameter and 29” in height. Overall, it gives protection from all kinds of weather as well as elements to keep furniture intact.

12. Ohuhu 600D Durable Canvas Outdoor Dining Table Chair Set Covers

What We Like?

  • 600D Oxford material on its front 
  • Sustains any weather condition 
  • Stable PE coating on its back 
  • Adjustable elastic cords 
  • High quality material 
  • Versatile in nature 

This heavy duty patio furniture cover is going to amaze you as it did us with its advanced features. What we felt desirable about Ohuhu’s outdoor cover is its ability to withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Buying a good quality cover is important and makes your grills, table set more durable. Ohuhu’s patio furniture protection comes designed not only for tables and chairs but also for sofas, benches, or even fire pits. And all that is possible just because it’s extremely flexible and adjustable. Water repellent technology on its fabric assists in protecting our precious goods under rain or snow.

Our professionals, after testing it out, infer that this one is wind and dust proof. Snow protection quality of Ohuhu’s garden sheet is fascinating, and its UV resistant layer prevents any harsh damage to assets. So your tables and chairs will be dry at all costs. Additionally, a close-fitting elastic hem tightens or loosens the covering as per a user’s preference. Meaning this one remains intact even when there is a strong wind or heavy rain. Measures 90” in length x 64” in width x 28” in height for all grills, desks, boards, etc. We guarantee that this sure-fit product is a great buy for any individual.

The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers Buying Guide

Expensive patio furniture requires good quality protectors to save them from rain, snow, and dust. However, it can be difficult to decide which one works best for you when there are endless products that are currently available. Various features to consider, like materials and design, are all essential factors while buying an outdoor table and chair cover set. Thus, we have assembled a buying guide to make your purchasing experience easier. So read ahead and buy the best UV resistant patio furniture covers for all of your precious assets.

Why Should I Cover My Patio Furniture?

Outdoor furniture sets are not only expensive, but they arrive made of good quality material that demands proper preservation methods. Being exposed to rains, humidity, snow, or even direct sunlight can seriously harm your furniture’s health. As garden assets, like chairs and tables, are heavy, moving them in and out every day does not seem sensible.

Moreover, moving them now and then is not only a tough and tedious procedure, but there is also a risk of them getting damaged. Thus, to keep your assets brand new and avoid the cost of constant repainting and touch-ups, an outdoor chair cover set comes into play at this point. We have made sure to list out all the best outdoor furniture covers available, not only for tables and chairs but also for fire pits and barbeque grills.

Do Outdoor Furniture Covers Work?

The custom patio furniture covers are cheap and work in a very efficient manner. By protecting with their multi-layered fabric and waterproof design, these garden sheets ensure that all items outside stay as good as new. Besides, they have buckles and elastic strings on their sides, making it easier for a user to tighten or loosen them as per their choice.

And this, in turn, allows the cover to wrap itself completely onto desks and seats to avoid any damage. As mentioned, these have handles available on sides to remove or place them easily and also store them quickly with no much hassle. Furthermore, cleaning these covers could not have been easier with their waterproof lining, which also aids in avoiding any debris from settling on their top. Nevertheless, they are durable and look stylish, all the while making you responsible. So yes, if you ask us, they work pretty well.

When Should You Use an Outdoor Furniture Cover?

To put it in simple terms, one should use an outdoor furniture cover whenever they are not using their furniture, like sofas, tables, or grills, that stay outside. In the mornings and afternoons, UV rays can harm these items, so it is essential that individuals must cover them. At night everyone should use sheets and secure them tightly over tables in case there are any unannounced rains or winds. Besides, those who live in regions with frequent changes in weather conditions should go for outdoor sofa coverings.

How to Cover Wood Furniture with Fabric?

The process of covering wood furniture as well as outdoor is as follows:

  • Take the fabric or cover out from its bag and open it completely.
  • As it is free-flowing, you can easily place it on top of a dinner table set, the same way that you would place a bed sheet on a mattress.
  • Now, secure that covering from all edges and make sure no side is uneven.
  • Once placed, tighten its ends with elastic cords placed below and adjust them accordingly.
  • Tighten all those locks, given, alongside cords for extra protection.

How to Cover Outdoor Furniture?

  • Put the cover on patio tables as discussed above.
  • Use and apply paste wax thoroughly onto tables, chairs, and even their legs to ensure they don’t rust.
  • Another alternative is the regular greasing of your patio furniture. This maintains and prevents rusting and wear and tear.
  • If you can, store your furniture indoors during bad weather conditions.

How to Use Tarps to Cover Patio Furniture?

  • Measure the length, width, and height of your furniture to acquire a custom fit.
  • Buy a tarp according to those measurements.
  • As you would spread a bed sheet, place the tarp sheet on your dinner table set and cover it completely until their legs get covered completely.
  • Once set in place, take a piece of poly rope and tie it around the entire tarp from below to make sure it does not fly away.

How to Keep Water from Pooling on Patio Furniture Cover?

Pooling of water over patio furniture covers is one common issue, which indeed requires a simple solution. According to what we have come across, a chair cover is not a flat plane, so its low points will collect water and debris on top, ultimately leading to an item’s damage.

  • To avoid this situation, we recommend people put a wooden stick and, if they can, paste a tennis ball over their garden furniture.
  • Try to place those weights in the middle of your movables set before covering them.
  • After covering them with sheets, those sheets will be raised so that all water contents and debris will flow down like a slide.
  • This raised cover also provides airflow between the cover and furniture to prevent moisture and condensation.
  • It also helps prevent frequent cleaning and keeps both cover and sofa set dry.

What to Consider When You Shop for Outdoor Furniture and Covers?

There are various factors that you must keep in mind while choosing outdoor patio furniture, as well as their dust proof furniture covers to protect them, which are:


The main aspect of buying furniture and its cover is size. Depending upon your patio or garden and your personal taste, you can go for big or small furniture and covers. As cover depends upon furniture’s size, one has to pick an apt product. Although a large set might require extra coverage, a small one may be insufficient. So everyone has to choose a precise size of a piece of asset and its sheet. If you are not aware of a particular measurement you can go with oversized patio furniture covers.


Good quality, needless to say, adds to a good’s durability as well as its overall appeal. A cheap quality sheet, like plastic or thin fabric for porch movables, is a waste of money. For goods that stay outside, their construction should be of materials like aluminum to prevent any rusting and soaking moisture. In the case of sheets, our experts suggest going for polyester fabric.

Air Vents

Even though a garden asset arrives made of sturdy aluminum material, prolonged exposure to chemicals and other substances in the air and rain can ruin it. While generic covers protect movables from the same, it is a necessity to have air vents these days. Proper air ventilation avoids condensation and water vapor settling in, which protects a sofa or chair.

Waterproof Design

A lot of tables and seats these days appear equipped with an outer coating of fabric to prevent themselves from being ruined in rain or sprinkles. However, we truly believe that coverings should, in general, be waterproof so as to assure protection against heavy rains. Thus, keep into consideration how effective a waterproof material is before buying a product.


For a precise kind of protection for your precious goods, you need a cover that fits appropriately. Fastenings on covers should be tight and secured properly with zips and/or locks. This ensures that a sheet has a perfect and flawless fit and will not move during heavy rains or winds. It also means that all goods will be as reliable as new when you take off their coverings.


An essential step of buying a furniture cover for a yard table and chair set is measuring it beforehand. Sheets come in various shapes and sizes, so picking a perfect fit is important. You should buy a cover that can protect even tables’ and chairs’ legs, so you don’t end up with chipped ones in the long run.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the best material for outdoor furniture covers?

Polyester is the best material for outdoor furniture covers as it is strong and durable and avoids damages.

What is the best weatherproof outdoor furniture?

Furniture made out of aluminum and resin is the best weatherproof outdoor furniture as it prevents rust and damages to a great extent.

Can I leave patio furniture outside in the rain?

No. We highly suggest people not leave patio furniture outside in the rain without covering it first otherwise, the patio furniture will get ruined.

How do you weatherproof outdoor wood furniture?

We can weatherproof wood furniture by buying a durable cover for the same and using it at all times.

Can I use a tarp to cover patio furniture?

You can use a tarp to cover the patio furniture, but it will not be as effective as a patio furniture cover because it has a high risk of gapping and damaging due to pressures.


Good quality patio furniture is not only expensive but also demands proper maintenance. To avoid the hassle of moving desks and chairs on a daily basis and repainting/polishing, investing in a durable table set cover seems like a great solution. With only a reasonable price to pay, people will get an assurance of a lifetime. Best heavy duty outdoor furniture covers as mentioned above come built with good quality polyester fabric, waterproof shields, wind-resistant technology, ventilation, and UV protection layer. Well, all such will prove to be useful in safeguarding your favorite things. So choose an ideal one among those products.