10 Budget-Friendly Lawn Mower Blades for Clean and Fresh Lawns – Review 2022

Best Overall

Maxpower 561713XB Mulching 2-Blade Set

Maxpower 561713XB Black Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set image
  • Set has 2 mulching blades of length 21″ and width 2-1/2″ each
  • Perfect for commercial purposes that gives 42″ cut
  • It comes with 5 Point Star Center Hole and is manufactured to meet all OEM specifications

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Easy to Install

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16″ Mulching Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3by16-inches Mulching Blades image
  • Comes with set of 2 blades which are Quality Gator “Fusion G5” Blades
  • Each blade is of 21-3/16-inch Long, 3-inch Wide
  • Has 0.164-inch Thick Mounting hole that fits 6 point mounting hole on Cub Cabet, MTD, etc

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Value for Money

Toro 22″ 131-4547-03 Recycler Mower Replacement Blade

Toro 131-4547-03 Recycler 22-inches Mower Replacement Blade 59534P Display pack image
  • This tooth mulcher blade has 2-1/4″ width and 21-11/16″ length
  • It has the thickness of 0.1500-in and outside holes has diameter of 0.3820-in
  • It cuts both wet and dry grass effectively, wet grass in particular clumped up

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Lawns are beautiful parts of homes, and they need constant maintenance with proper cutting tools. A lawn mower is a machine with a revolving blade to adjust grass height, making our lawns attractive and safe. If we don’t take care of lawns, unruly grass can grow and surround our gardens, thus making it difficult even to move around. For effective cutting, we need sharp and correct blades for our lawn mower. Best mower blades can be tricky to purchase if we do not know the accurate features to look for. The height of grass to be cut can be adjusted in the lawn mower by us, but effective cutting has to happen with the help of perfect blades.

To make your lawns more habitable and usable, get to know in detail about different types of lawnmower blades. We also delve deep into the features of each brand that we have handpicked from Amazon. This review about the best lawn mower blades will suit people who wish to retain their lawns’ beauty regularly. In the end, you will be able to buy your lawn mower blade with apt knowledge.

1. MaxPower 561713XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

Maxpower 561713XB Black Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set image

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Maxpower 561713XB mulching lawn mower blade set has taken a position in our list since it can cut up to 42”. There are 2 blades each measuring 21” long and 2 ½ “wide. These are compatible with most commonly used lawnmowers like Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna. We also received the set with a 5-point star hole. They can be connected to the spindle with the help of these center holes. In our case of mulching mower blades, it has a 5-star hole to enable matching with specific spindles according to the lawn mower brand. This feature should specifically be noted while buying a lawnmower. We used these blades to cut with good force and for precision cutting. They also last longer and perform perfectly through the years.

You can also rely on this set of blades to perform better since they were made with premium-grade high carbon American steel. This gave sturdy and firm operation. We noticed that blades are sturdy and bent even on the limited force. It shows their high quality while forging them. Developed with heat-treating technology, these blades give lower operating costs. Besides home use, it is best suitable for commercial purposes also. They are very sharp, thus requiring caution while handling to fit inside our lawn mowers. This sharpness helped in not making multiple trips to mow down a small area repeatedly. Time and money were saved considerably.


  • High-carbon aluminum steel design, sturdy and firm operation, performance increased, also we had good force while cutting to reduce repeated mowing sessions
  • 42 inches 2- blade set, sharp for precision cutting, each blade is 21” long and 2 ½” wide, this gave enough cutting room to clean off lawns 
  • Commercial use mainly, big lawns can be mowed easily with the help of this premium blade, can be used for home purposes too
  • Developed with heat-treating at high temperature, lowers operating costs and saves time for lawnmower operators
  • 5-star hole suitable for most lawn mowers from Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman, etc.

2. Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Mower Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3by16-inches Mulching Blades image

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Oregon 598-629 Gator mulching blades have two types of cutting edges on either side. This is one of the best mulching blades for lawn mowers found on the market. This 21 inch lawn mower blade has a 6-star mounting hole in the center and comes in a set of two. Each one had a length of 21 3/16” and a width of 3”. We were happy with the dimensions since it could cover a good area of grass bed during one revolution. This surely saved time and money for the consumer. Consider the same mounting hole spindle on the lawnmower you plan to replace the blades for. Replacement blades can be best found out by previous size and mounting spindle type.

Cutting efficiency since day one has been excellent. Even age-old mowers can be fired up with this set easily. We were surprised that our old lawn mowers could work so brilliantly after fixing a pair of these new mulching blades. Thicker blades with the correct width made sure even roots in the grass could be efficiently cut without hassles. The firm-built and sturdy operation meant you didn’t have to spend many times mowing our lawns just before it rains. Dry grass especially could be cut superbly. Heavier blades from Oregon meant that it was ready to work with the same performance in the long run too.


  • Sharp enough to cut all grass with no leftovers in one swing itself with tungsten forged edges, worth every penny spent, good one-time investment
  • Dry grass could be cut beautifully, and wet grass may clump up; still, it could be cut with no extra power, performance is commendable
  • Area covered in lawns was appreciable, saved time and money, and reduced the number of times lawnmower moved past lawns
  • 21-inch length in each blade, 3 inches width enabled precision cutting, roots, and big grass can also be cut without problems
  • 2-blade set, mulching blade type which can cut mowed grass into several small pieces before moving into a deck of mower

3. Toro 22” Recycler Replacement Lawn Mower Blades

Toro 131-4547-03 Recycler 22-inches Mower Replacement Blade 59534P Display pack image

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Toro 22” recycler mower blade is one of the best lawn tractor blades. We got a single blade on purchase from Toro. This 22-inch lawn mower blade is a mulching type compatible with all lawn mowers. The center point has three holes. Center holes in this fashion are the most preferred among consumers since replacement can be relatively easy. Most spindles will fit this blade. Consider two other side holes than the center hole while matching it to our lawn mower. Spaces between the holes are also important while placing them. You can match it for replacement with older ones that have the same three-holes pattern.

The width of this blade is around 2 ¼” inches. We wore regular gloves while replacing this on our lawn mower. However, care must be taken while handling it. The blades were sharp enough on purchase. They do not lose sharpness even after months of use. You could cut even wet grass very well, which is a point to note since most blades do not cut wet ones effectively. Dry grass could be cut with minimal or no effort. You can get a good angle cut from this blade, and aggressive cutting was maintained throughout.


  • Wet and dry grass could be cut effectively, wet grass in particular clumped up, but the force was huge to chop them to pieces as well
  • Center holes are circular, fits with most common lawn mowers, and is compatible with most blades for replacement
  • 22-inches single lawn mower blade, sharp, cutting with precision, mulching blade type for cutting grass finely
  • Mess-free cutting, back edges are raised to fill up the bags full, small pieces are also not missed
  • No vibrations, strong and sturdy material design, higher performance compared to most blades

4. MaxPower 331528B 21 Inch Mulching Blade

Maxpower 331528B 21-Inch Cut Mulching Blade image

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MaxPower 331528B is one of the best mulcher blades for sale on Amazon. It has a unique bow-tie center hole for connecting to the spindle in our lawn mower. Single blade comes with the package from the manufacturer. The length of the blade given is 21 inches. 2 ¼” width ensured we got a perfect cut even with thick grass and roots. The owner’s manual can be checked to get the number of blades replaced with this best 21 inch mulching blade from MaxPower. The specialty of bow-tie center hole, as we noticed, was the compatibility with 5-star, 6-star, and even triangular spindles. This can fit many spindle-type lawn mowers. You didn’t have to buy specific blades considering its wide range of acceptance.

This is a cheap alternative to most blades on the market, cut at a perfect angle. The blade, once attached to the mower, worked like magic. No adjusting or alignment was required if we chose the best lawn mower blades replacement. No sharpening was required on opening the package. We used the blades with obtained sharpness and were able to cut both dry and wet grass efficiently. They may look dull on arrival, but you will yield excellent cutting of the grass in lawns with the correct angle and sharpness designed.


  • Bow-tie center hole can be connected with bow-tie spindles, 5-star, 6-star, and triangular spindles can also be connected with this center hole
  • Mulching blade, 21 inches, good length and width on the blade to cover vast area even during one round of operation
  • Sharpness was just sufficient to cut at the perfect angle, and perfect finishing was obtained at the end of the mowing
  • Cheap and worth money spent, 1 blade is only given, acts tough, and saves money for all consumers
  • Covers a wide range of replacements, well suited for all primarily used lawn mower brands

5. EGO Power+ 21 Inches High Lift Mower Blades

EGO Power+ AB2101 21-Inch Lawn Mower High Lift Blade image

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EGO power+ lawn mower blade is a 21 inches type. This high-lift lawn mower blade enhanced bagging efficiency in our lawn mower. The main purpose of using a high-lift blade is to create enough suction to circulate and expel the grass cuttings constantly. A higher airflow from the lawn mower motor ensures these clippings are not stuck when mowing wet grass. You can mow wet grass with the help of this single high-lift blade from EGO. We could also fit it easily with EGO 21” lawnmowers. This was specifically designed for increasing bagging capacity, which in turn reduced our times of mowing. Time and money were saved due to the usage of this tool.

EGO blade is not recommended for use with mulching plug as per the manufacturer. It is sharp to a good point where you need to be careful while handling. Keep it away from children while unpacking. You can mow lawns even during rainy seasons where the growth is rapid. The blade had a good cutting efficiency, and lawn health was maintained. Even after several repeated uses of this best high lift mower blade, sharpness did not reduce. Thus it was in for the long haul.


  • High-lift type blade increased bagging capacity, no need for repeated mowing, and even small clippings were collected successfully
  • Sharpness was good while unpacking, no need of sharpening even after repeated use, cutting efficiency was maintained
  • Wet grass could be cut easily with this type, lawn’s health improved thereby keeping grass and roots firmly off our lawns
  • Three-holes type in center fits with most lawn mower spindles; make sure to measure diameter before replacing
  • Genuine parts from EGO deliver world-class quality and long-lasting performance

6. MaxPower 331740B 22 Inch Lawn Mower Blade

Maxpower 331740B Black 22-Inch Cut Mower Blade image

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Maxpower 331740B 22-inch mower blade has a 5-star center hole to fit the same type in our lawn mowers. We could fit the most common lawn mowers like Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman. This was easy since there was no need to change our old lawn mowers just to replace mower blades. The basic measurements in lawn mower blades were maintained here also. 22 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches in width. These dimensions were useful for us in covering good areas of the lawn while mowing. Repeated mowing of places was not necessary, thus saving time and power. Money spent on these electric lawnmower blades was certainly worth it and was a good one-time investment.

A 5-point star hole was designed in the center of this lawn mower blade. Make sure you only connect the spindle from the old lawn mower with a 5-star type. Otherwise, a replacement cannot happen. Cross-check with the manual to find the perfect blade numbers for exact replacement. Many blades were supported for changing when compared to other low-quality ones for sale in the market. There are no wobbling or balancing issues during operation after fitting it in the spindle.


  • No vibrations or misplacements were found during operation, clean and neat cutting after mowing, and even small pieces were not left out
  • Sharper for a perfect cut, no need of sharpening often, sharpness was maintained throughout with even cutting
  • 5-star hole in the center, designed to fit exact replacement, most lawn mowers were compatible with this blade
  • 22 inches blade with this package, good width to support huge cutting areas at one go, no repeated mowing
  • Easy to install, no particular steps needed, can be done easily without any external help or manuals

7. USA Mower Blades AYP340BP Sharpening Mulching Blades

USA Mower Blades AYP340BP 2 Pack Mulching Blade image

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USA Mower blades 21 inches blade is a perfect choice for lawn mower enthusiasts. You can make use of its good width to cut a wide area without repeated mowing often. The basic feature to notice in this lawn mower mulching blade is the center hole. It has three holes with a 5-star hole in the center. The other holes are smaller than the star hole, and only such a center spindle can be installed for replacement with this blade. 22 inches long and 2 ¼ inches width gave good and needed coverage in one run. No trails were left behind after the operation. If we had trails, it would have been an ugly lawn at the end. Our lawn maintained its freshness and beauty even after repeated mowing through these blades.

This blade supports Craftsman Husqvarna perfectly if you are choosing to replace your old blade. Skewed ends increased effective clipping of grass. It is a combination of high-lift and mulching types to increase bagging capacity. Even smaller pieces were neatly cut and filled up inside the bag. This blade is completely made in the USA and is a durable home product with a firm and sturdy design. We had to make sure the part number and measurements of the center hole matched perfectly with the old one to replace it correctly.


  • 21 inches length blade, good width to cover a big area and thickness can remove even grass and roots that are tough and deep-rooted
  • No trail marks are left behind after mowing, the beauty of the lawn is maintained after every mowing period
  • 5-star hole type with two other holes of smaller diameter fits well with major lawn mower brands perfectly
  • Installation is very easy if we know the correct part number of replacements and the center hole
  • Good durability with sturdy design works well in the long run, cuts are effective and clean

8. Maxpower 331981B 21 Inches Gold Metal Universal Lawn Mower Blades

Maxpower 331981B Black 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade image

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Maxpower 331981B 21 inches universal mulching blade is one of its kind in the market. You will get a blade with a good metallic gold color, which is attractive. Since it was made of metal, it was sturdy and strong in its operation. The blades did not bend easily while meeting an obstacle or deep-rooted grass or small trees. Universal gold metal blades fit most other brands for easy replacement. They are made from high-quality metal to ensure the best performance and long-lasting durability. This is one of the commercial blades used for large lawns in offices, big houses, etc.

The teeth on this lawn mower blade replacement have sharp features for fine cutting of grass. The blade is 21 inches in length, and it is one of the cheap lawn mower blades though it gives superior quality. The dimensions were used for a bigger surface with the perfect cutting of deep and strong grass. Uniform cutting was ensured due to the airlift design in the blade. All the pieces were sent to the bag with high efficiency. There are several washers to reduce center hole dimensions. This made sure we could connect most types of lawn mowers with this blade and its washers.


  • Several external washers were given with purchase, using we could reduce center hole diameters to support various blades replacement
  • 21 inches with good width for big sized lawns cutting, commercial purposes mainly solved, good blade width for cutting thick grass
  • Increased mulching with the good surface area covered, smaller pieces were not left behind and sent into a bag with good force
  • Even cutting due to airlift design, uniformity was maintained throughout the mowed area, no trails were left behind
  • Center hole could accommodate most blades, and the universal blade can fit most regularly used lawn mowers

9. Oregon 95-605-3 G3 Gator Heavy Duty Mower Blades

Oregon G3 95-605-3 Set of 3 Gator Blades image

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Oregon G3 gator blades come with a 5-star center hole for enabling a good connection with most lawn mower blades. Spindles should be noticed with caution since you should replace them with the same spindle-type center hole. Gator blades deliver very effective cutting. This mulching push mower blade comes in a set of 3. You can use them for bigger deck mowers. Otherwise, you can use this for single-blade lawn mowers as well. A total of 54” blades are available for purchase. Big lawn mower tractors can benefit from this package. There is a single blade measuring 18 ½” in length.

The width of this blade is 2 ¾” that gives a perfect cut even in thicker grassroots. Major lawn mowers like Craftsman, Husqvarna, Ariens blades are replaceable with this Oregon blade. No need to spend much as there are three blades for a cheaper price. Most market blades give only one per package. Whereas just for the amount spent, we got 3 professionally forged blades. The thickness of this blade was heavy-duty and gave a well-finished cutting at each session end. The powerful throw of cut grass into a bag with no mistakes.


  • 3 blades in one package, each blade is 18 ½” in length. Total of 54” can be used in lawn mower tractors easily
  • Mulching blades with good force push grass cut into bags perfectly. No trial is left after an operation
  • Supports a variety of blades for replacement; many lawn mower brands can be fitted with this blade
  • Good finished cutting with heavy-duty mower blades, and vacuum effect sucks up grass pieces well
  • Blades are sharp on arrival, no need of re-sharpening with external tools, uniform cutting noticed

10. 8TEN 48 inch LawnRazor Mulching Blade Set

8TEN CBL2237D LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set image

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8Ten Lawn razor blade set contains 3 blades; thus, our list of blades taken from Amazon. The entire set can easily fit a 48 inches deck lawn mower. You can connect this blade with most lawn mowers like Scag Freedom Z, Great Dane Scamper surfer, Everride Wasp, etc. This was comfortable for us since most lawn mowers were compatible and helped in easy installation with minimal effort. Sharpening of mulching blade was not necessary since it held good sharpness right from the beginning.

Tallgrass and weeds can be cleaned off with this lawn razor mulching blade set. These weedeater lawnmower blades had a width of 2 ½ inches which was standard in most lawn mower blades. Thick mowing conditions could be easily mowed with these best lawn mower blades. It is easy to fit with a single hole in the center. The presence of only one hole was easy since most blades come with this design only. You can easily replace it without any hassles.


  • Attractive 3 blade set, green color design, can accommodate 48” deck in lawn mowers, can be used separately as well as a single blade or two blades together
  • A single hole center design to match all common spindles in lawnmowers, only one hole enabled in easy installation without difficulty
  • Sharpness was intact, and no need for frequent sharpening. The teeth were kept at a good angle to remove tall weeds and grass
  • Good length and width to cover a commendable area of lawns repeated mowing of the same place not required
  • It is compatible with most lawn mower brands in the Market like, Freedom Z, Great Dane Scamper, Everide, etc

Buying Guide

We have outlined the various lawn mowers available with detailed features descriptions. The best lawn mower for sale should be looked at from all angles to suit your personality as well as your commercial needs. We will also elaborate on general information about lawn mowers and what are different types of blades available. Doubts in everybody’s mind can be cleared with the buying guide, containing all relevant and all-needed information. Mulching mower reviews and this guide will certainly help get the best mower for your personalized lawn. Best brands that sell mower blades will also be elaborated on in the forthcoming sections.

Why Lawn Mower Blades are Needed?

Lawn mower blades are required when grass or weeds in our lawns have grown over the range. It will be difficult to mow them with hand mowers since it will require more human effort. A lawn mower mulching blade will be used in cutting them using electric power. Blades with proper edges will cut effectively. Length and width of blades are important in mowing correctly. You can use sharp blades to have uniform cutting; otherwise, you have to face patchy lawns.

How to Install Lawn Mower Blades?

Lawn mower blades sharpening tools should be replaced or installed if old ones are not trimming off properly. Lawns will be healthier only if they are mowed periodically.

Push Lawn Mower blades can be installed with these steps:

  • Lift the mower deck to have a good view of the deck.
  • Safety is paramount, so please unplug the spark plug before proceeding.
  • Remove the mounting bolt.
  • The correct blade purchased should be mounted to the spindle according to the center hole size.
  • Check after installation for wobbling, vibrations, etc.

Types of Lawn Mower Blades

Mulching Blades

Mulching push mower blades are one of a kind and most preferred since they can perform three operations at once. It can bag, discharge, or cut off grass clippings with accuracy. The curved surface on the blades will bring grass to the deck and cut it several more times into tiny pieces. Best results are maintained if they are sharpened and balanced for uniform cutting.

Discharging Blades

Discharge blades are most commonly used to remove grass from the lawn mower deck. The other function supported by this type is the bagging efficiency. It creates airflow that pulls up the grass to be cut. Best mower blades will be a discharging type in most lawn mowers since they can perform 2-in-1 functions.

Deck/Standard Blades

Lawn tractor blades can be standard blades and perform bagging and discharge functions. They are straight and very powerful to lift grass for clipping at the correct angle. The cutting edge on this deck blade is more straight than mulching blades. Overgrown grass may not be mulched and can be clumped up in our backyard.

Low/High Lift Blades

Low-lift blades work best on dry and tall grasses, while all conditions can be mowed with high-lift blades. High-lift lawn mower blades are mostly preferred. They can bring out grass from deep roots, and you can clear off even weeds. They have deeper curves on ends that create suction to pull off grasses from lawns.

Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades

  • The primary difference noticed is their shape. Regular blades do not have much curved edges, while mulching blades have a more curved profile.
  • Mulching mower blades creates circulating air for directing the clippings towards the blade after cutting. In contrast, high-lift lawn mower blades create an aerodynamic airlift to direct the cuttings in a one-directional blade.
  • Discharging will be better in regular blades when compared to mulching blades.
  • The mulching blade is a 3-in-1 blade, whereas the regular blade is a 2-in-1 blade.

Standard vs High-Lift Mower Blades

Standard mower blades are the most commonly used with a straight design. These blades rotate horizontally. Continuous airflow is generated, and along with their rotation, creates sucking and cutting action.

High-lift lawn mower blades give the best cutting regardless of the surface they are working on. It works best while clipping dry and also wet grass. No more changing blades during seasons. This blade will work fine with a high-lift air system to suck out weeds from lawns.

High-Lift Mower Blades vs Mulching

High-lift blades, when compared with mulching, are capable of only 2-in-1 operations with discharging and clipping. On the other hand, the best mulcher blade works with 3-in-1 functions, including discharging, bagging, and clipping. The other major difference is the shape of the blades. Most high-lift power blades include a straight-shaped one or with little curve only. The mulching blades, however, will be more curved.

The grass clippings discharged will be more effective in high-lift blades only. Since mulching blades have a re-circulating design, they cannot discharge that easily. If for more discharging purposes, it is better to opt for mulching blades.

What Type of Blade is Best for my Lawn?

We have to choose the best lawn mower blades for our lawn based on simple facts.

  • Lawn’s grass type
  • Time that can be allotted for mowing 
  • Amount of manoeuvrability 
  • Functions such as bagging, discharging, and clipping

Choose between high-lift, standard, low-lift, and mulching blades suitable for the information mentioned above.

  • High-lift Blade: Perfect for a mower with bagging function
  • Low-lift Blade: Works like a charm for all turf lawns, good for wet and dry grass
  • Mulching Blade: Works for mowers without the requirement of bagging function. Smaller cut clippings can be left on the lawn for decomposition that might provide nutrients for the lawn

Who makes Best Lawn Mowers Blades in the Market?


Honda has its history in most equipment. Lawn mowers are no exception since they come with a unique twin-blade design. This is like no other brand and has better mulching and bagging performance. A better-looking lawn is the result of using Honda yard machine mower blades. Honda lawn mowers establish less work with the perfect cut.


A subsidiary of Rotary Corporation, supplier of outdoor equipment parts and accessories, they produce perfect lawn mower blades that are universal and compatible with other lawn mowers. Maxpower also makes heavy-duty mower blades that give precision and fine cutting. All types of blades are produced to cover varied users.


Toro makes mowers and blades that are specifically designed for their tool’s compatibility. From 1914, Toro has been in the outdoor tools manufacturing industry like turf maintenance, snow and ice management, etc. In the case of lawn mowers blades, we can get beautiful turfs in our lawn irrespective of seasons or grass growth. Precision cutting is a specialty in Toro lawn tractor blades.


Oregon has made its mark in the lawn mowers industry by producing blades that ascertain perfect cutting with superior design. Commercial lawn mower blades have been produced by Oregon that are made out of computerized-controlled straightening. The quality and wide variety of features in each blade type make Oregon stand out of the pack.


Gator specializes in bringing out gator blades into the market. These blades ensure gator teeth which is a patented feature. Like no other Gator, mulching mower blades can create better-looking lawns with the finer cut. The types are between G3, G5, and G6 that are superior among all mulching blades.

How to Change a Lawnmower Blade?

The following steps can be done to change the best mower blades:

  1. Set the mower at an angle where old blades are visible.
  2. Remove the fasteners that hold the mower blades in place.
  3. After loosening the screws and bolts, remove the old blade from its spindle.
  4. The new blade purchased according to lawn mowers requirements now can be fastened onto the spindle keeping the centerpiece in focus.
  5. Once done, start the lawn mower and check if the installation has been perfect.
  6. If not, vibrations, wobbling, displacement may lead to mishaps and unfinished laws, a waste of time.

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade?

Sharpening lawn mower blades is recommended at least once a year.

The best ways to sharpen a lawn mower blade is as follows:

  • Bench grinder
  • Hand file
  • Rotary tool
  • Angle grinder

The quickest way to sharpen a lawn mower is to use a drill and sharpening stone. This way, cutting edges can be easily sharpened to bring back blades from dull edges. We can follow the basic steps given in the above sections to remove blades for sharpening safely. Do wear protective clothing to prevent cuts and scratches while sharpening.

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Blade?

Lawn mower blades can be removed from spindles before subjecting to thorough cleaning. We can use spray bottles or hoses to spray water on universal lawn mower blades. You can use a combination of many homemade cleaning agents to clear off dirt, grease, grime, and other tough stains. Scrubbing can be used in cases where difficult stains have to be removed. However, take extreme precautions while working with mower blades. We can use protective gloves to prevent cuts. Also, wear appropriate masks and goggles while using different cleaning solutions. Rinse with water at last and store in a dry place.

Tips to Maintain Sharp Lawn Mower Blades

  • Knowing when to mow and how to go about on turf requires extreme care.
  • It is best to use mowing blades only for that purpose to keep their sharpness intact.
  • A regular sharpening can also maintain a life of blades
  • Choosing the right blades for our lawn’s requirements will also keep sharpness right.
  • Prevent clumping up of wet grass on mower’s blades since that can dull the sharpness of edges.

Features to Consider While Buying Best Lawn Mower Blade

After gaining thorough knowledge about the product, you may conclude your requirement to buy a lawn mower blade. But before going any further, make sure to consider these features while buying one.

Types of Blades

According to our lawn’s requirement, choosing the type of blades is best. It can be chosen between high-lift, low-lift, mulching, and standard blade. High-lift does only 2 operations but is very useful for mowing wet grass. Discharge is also better in high-lift lawn mower blades. In the case of a mulching push, mower blades can be used effectively for dry grass but perform all basic functions of discharging, bagging, and clipping.


Sharpness of blades is considered most important since dull blades will make work unfinished and improper. New ones need not be sharpened. However, it is best to maintain their longevity by sharpening at least once a year. Sharpening mulching blades can be done with many methods, as suggested above. Sharper the blade is faster the cutting will be. If done with proper sharpness and angle with the correct blade, mowing is very fast.

Length and Width

The length and width of blades play a crucial role in determining the area to be mowed. Most riding lawn mower blades come 18 to 22 inches in length in common. This determines the area which will be mowed at one go. The width helps in determining how wide the grass is going to be cut. Both dimensions are necessary to decide whether we have to keep running over a space repeatedly or not. Time and money-saving can be done if chosen with the right length and width of blades.

Center Hole

The center hole in mower blades determines which type of blade must be replaced in our old mower. The common center holes are round, 5-star, 6-star, triangular, bow-tie, etc. The last one specifically is good since it can accommodate most other center hole types. Riding mower blades with a common circle hole fits in most common lawn mowers. We have to choose with caution. If chosen wrongly, then the purchased lawn mower will not fit inside the spindle.

Number of Blades in Package

Most common lawn mower decks contain blades measuring 54” inches to the maximum. This can be used in commercial places to mow down very large turfs. Sometimes, we get 2 or 3 blades in a single package. All these can be used together for bigger lawn mowers. Otherwise, we can use each blade separately for each lawn mower for different areas. 42-inch lawn mower blades are also available in the market.

Value for Money

Push mower blades purchased and used should be value for money spent. Every penny we spend should have a requirement. The blades should last long with good performance and power. Regular sharpening and care of blades will keep their lives good, and frequent changing of blades can be averted. We can buy packages with three or two blades to serve different lawn mowers in our house. It is best to research completely before buying to avoid wasting money on getting the wrong lawn mower blade.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to balance lawn mower blades?

You can file the lawn mower blades to balance them. Remove the blade and balance by testing it on a nail.

Q. Do brand new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened?

Brand new lawn mower blades do not need any sharpening. Only when they are worn out, and dull, sharpening is required. Dull blades give an uneven cut.

Q. Are lawn mower blades reverse thread?

Generally, lawn mower blades are not reverse threaded. Threads rotate in a clockwise direction mostly, which can be removed in another direction.

Q. What is a high-lift mowing blade?

High-lift mowing blades have deeper curves on their edges to support mostly bagging and discharging. Wet grass can be easily mowed with this type of blade.

Q. What is a mulching blade?

Mulching blades are also known as a 3-in-1 blade with bagging, discharging, and clipping all at one go. Grass cut is further minimized to smaller pieces which bring it back to the deck.

Q. Which way does a lawn mower blade turn?

Most lawn mower blades turn in the clockwise direction. To remove the blade, it must be turned in the opposite direction.


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