Give your Garden a Polished Look with these Best Rated Lawn Edgers (2022)

Best Overall

Greenworks 21302 40V 13-Inch Cordless String Edger

Greenworks 21302 40V 13-Inch 2.0 AH Battery Included Cordless String Trimmer image
  • Charges full battery within 60 minutes and you can run it up to 30 minutes
  • Ensures easy edging with 4-position pivoting head that trims at multiple angles
  • Comes with 13″ cutting path with auto feed head that gives quick trimming

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Premium Choice

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 14″ String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 Electric 6.5-Amp 14-Inch String Trimmer image
  • Trims the toughest weeds with powerful 6.5 amp motor
  • AFS technology helps edger in providing hassle-free line feeding
  • 2-in-1 product, which you can convert from trimmer to edger by rotating

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Value for Money

WORX 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger / Trencher

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5-inches Orange and Black Electric Lawn Edger _ Trencher image
  • Cutting line indicator gives the professional and clean results
  • Comes with 12-amp powerful motor and 3-position blade depth
  • Features adjustable shaft which makes the edging comfortable for users of different heights

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Keeping your lawn or garden well-manicured does require a lot of effort, but you can make it easy by employing a garden tool for its maintenance. Getting a lawn edger will help you cut through the walkways or pathways, creating a clear and crisp paved path. It generates a clear flower bed giving your lawn an aesthetic and appealing look. The overgrown grass would otherwise look shabby and would tangle through your pathways. Lawn edgers are of various types, and you can choose one depending upon the requirements of your lawn area. The lawn edger blades are sharp enough to cut through heavily grown grass, allowing for efficient working.

Checking out the various lawn edger reviews, you will see that the various edgers are equipped with varied features that help to serve the purpose well. Getting a lawn edger for our garden satisfied us with its high-rated, efficient performance that gave an entirely new look. It helped to enhance our workability, giving competent results. Based upon the lawn area and usage, you can employ an electric or a gas powered edger. A gas edger is more efficient than an electric edger and gives high power results. To get a highly efficient product, check out our top product list that will aid you in picking up the productive tool for your garden.

1. Greenworks 21302 40V 13-Inch Battery Powered Lawn Edger

Greenworks 21302 40V 13-Inch 2.0 AH Battery Included Cordless String Trimmer image

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Greenworks 40V 13″ trimmer or edger is a perfect product that helps to keep your lawn maintained at its best. This cordless electric lawn edger does not use gas for its power source and thus reduces the hassle of gas maintenance during work. Reviewing the product we felt that it is quite light and reliable to use. We did not have to make many efforts in starting the edger because of its single push button. Due to its lightweight, it allows convenient operation without aching your arms. Equipped with a strong edging wheel, it is powerful enough to cut through the weeds easily and efficiently, catering to a 13″ cutting path.

The GreenWorks 21302 has a 4-positioning pivoting head that aids in easy trimming and cutting. The head can be rotated to 90 degrees, making it versatile to use in all directions. Being provided with a 2.0 Ah, 40V battery, this smart edger allows for 60 minutes of battery runtime without any obstructions. Since it is conveniently quiet, it does not create any nuisance and allows for a smooth and easy operation. Due to these features and added 3 year warranty it has become one of the best electric lawn edgers used by many people for their lawns and gardens.


  • Being light in weight, it offers easy mobility and maneuverability, making the task smoother
  • The product provides a 13” cutting path, making the cutting more efficient and reliable
  • A 4-direction pivoting head with an edging wheel makes the work easier and quicker
  • It’s quiet operation allows it to be used any time without creating any disturbance
  • It is provided with a 2.0Ah, 40V battery that provides 60 minutes of runtime
  • This edger is easy to operate with a single push button

2. Black+Decker BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14-inch Electric Lawn Edger

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 Electric 6.5-Amp 14-Inch String Trimmer image

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To keep your garden beds neat and tidy, this Black&Decker comes with a smart featured trimmer/edger that is powered by electricity. It is efficient enough to work for tough weeds, grass and helps to do away with all types of overgrowth. Using this product for our lawn, we realized that the sharp-edged tools gave a finished look to our lawn. It helped us trim all the grass along sideways, walkways, and flowerbeds. No doubt this turns out to be the best battery lawn edger that you would like to have for your place.

This 14-inch 6.5A electric string trimmer is designed to meet all the customer needs. The assembly includes one BESTA510 string trimmer, one AF 100 Spool, an auxiliary handle, and a guard. Working at an rpm of 8000, this best lawn bed edger offers an automatic feed spool technology that eliminates bumping for more string. Also provided with a cord retention system, it helps minimize any accidents that are likely to occur while working. To provide greater customer satisfaction, it offers a 2-year limited warranty that helps to meet all the requirements.


  • It is provided with a 14-inch 6.5A electric cord that gives highly satisfactory results
  • The cord retention system helps to reduce any accidents that might occur
  •  Provides efficient and tough weed cutting resulting in better results
  • The smart edger works at 8000 rpm, offering competent results
  • It is equipped with an automatic feed spool technology

3. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5-inch Electric Edger & Trencher

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5-inches Orange and Black Electric Lawn Edger _ Trencher image

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The WORX 7.5″ lawn edger is a perfect product to give your lawn a professional and managed look. Provided with a 12 amp motor, it spins the blade at a faster rate of 4700 revolutions per minute, giving a neat look to your garden. While employing the product for our lawn, it allowed us to cut down the grass at 3-depths of 1″, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2″ very comfortably. These three positioning blade depths made our work easier and quicker and resulted in the efficient trimming of our lawn. With the cutting line guide indicator, this professional lawn edger gave us an effortless way of trimming and cutting the grass.

This electric lawn edger is compatible with being used for any height and length to provide greater workability. The adjustable shaft will allow both tall and short users to use this product with ease without any difficulty. Weighing just 14lbs, it was light enough for us to maneuver comfortably over a large area delivering heavy-duty cutting results. Thus, though light in weight, it is powerful enough to cut through tough weeds and grass. This is one of the major reasons that it has become the best lawn trimmer edger for home purposes.


  • With the line cutting indicator, it becomes convenient to cut the grass neatly from the edges
  • Provided with a 7.5″ blade that is efficient enough for 4700 revolutions per minute
  • It offers three cutting depth adjustments that make it easy to work
  • Works well with greater efficiency with a 12amp powerful motor
  • The adjustable shaft allows it to be used at any height

4. EGO Power+ ME0800 8-inch 56V Edger Attachment

EGO Power+ ME0800 8-Inch Edger Attachment _ Power Head Battery _ Charger Not Included image

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This 8-inch edger attachment is compatible with EGO Power and a multi-head system. Provided with a 56V ARC Lithium battery and tools, it works with greater power than expected. Our lawns employing the product helped us with a cutting depth of 3″, making our driveways and sidewalks clear and decent looking. Furthermore, with the help of an adjustable knob, we were very conveniently able to adjust the depth of the guide wheel as per our requirement. Thus allowing us to customize it according to our need, this becomes one of the best battery operated edgers you could aim to buy for your place.

This smart edger attachment is designed to work well by attaching all the tools to a single head driven with greater power. Being powered by a battery reduces all the hassle that would have been generated in a case driven by gas power. The rugged and sturdy construction can withstand all the extreme weather conditions, keeping your product unaffected. With easy-to-swap tool attachment, it becomes convenient to store all the tools, saving your space and time. Accompanied by genuine EGO parts, this provides greater durability and efficient results, making it the best lawn edger for home use.


  • It is provided with a 3-inch edging depth with a high-efficiency brushless motor that aids in giving efficient results
  • Equipped with water-resistant construction, it can bear all temperature variations
  • High battery power allows it to give satisfactory and better quality results
  • Being powered by a battery reduces all the hassle created by gas

5. BLACK+DECKER 12 Amp LE760FFAM 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Lawn Edger

BLACK+DECKER LE760FF Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher image

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This Black+Decker 2-in-1 edger and trencher is an ideal choice if you wish to maintain your garden or lawn in a well-defined manner that gives an appealing look. Its 12amp high torque motor is powerful enough to cut through massively grown weeds and grass, allowing it to be used for better results. Getting acquainted with the product, we were able to convert it from edger to landscape trencher with the help of a pull-up edge guide. In addition, this best lawn trimmer and edger provide us with a three-position blade depth. This allowed us to control the cut depth as per our requirements.

Working at 4700 rpm, this tool-free assembly makes it quick and hassle-free to operate, thereby saving time and offering comfortable usage. The patented edge guide allowed us to cut through the hard edges and surfaces neatly and precisely. The built-in cord retention helps keep the extension cord secured, preventing any damage to the product and extending its life. To provide an additional advantage, it comes with a Black+Decker EB-007 edge hog heavy-duty edger replacement blade that makes your work easier and simpler.


  • With the pull-up edge guide, you can easily convert it from edger to landscape trencher
  • With built-in cord retention, keeping the assembly becomes quicker and easier
  • It is provided with an adjustable blade depth with variable three positions
  • The hard and durable steel blade is 7-1/2 inches, making it more durable
  • A 12 amp motor allows for powerful cutting against tough jobs

6. Craftsman CMXGKAME30A 30cc 4-Cycle Gas Power Lawn Edger

Craftsman CMXGKAME30A 30cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger image

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To ease your lawn and garden maintenance, this Craftsman 30-cc CMXGKAME30A edger is a perfect choice you can make. Reviewing this gas powered lawn edger allowed us to start the device with just 2 easy steps. The advanced easy start technology featured only prime and pull, and it was ready to work. This minimized our efforts in a tiresome starting process. Also, the 30cc, 4-cycle engine was quite powerful to work on tough jobs and allowed us to work quietly with less noise. Working with a high power yet with lesser vibrations, this resulting efficient product does not require mixing gas and oil.

Being mounted on a steel frame and provided with an ergonomic handle makes it quite comfortable to work, demanding lesser efforts to be put into it. The 9-inch dual-tipped steel blade caters to the heavy-duty operation, working well for sideways and walkways generating a clean edge along your path. You can select 6 different cutting positions that could be varied up to 1.75 inches allowing efficient cutting results. Attached with 3 premium transport wheels, it aids in easy mobility and stability, thus reducing the effort to carry the product from one place to another. Due to these features, it stands out to be one of the best gas lawn edgers for your space.


  • The heavy-duty 9-inch steel blade is a dual-tip and cuts through sidewalks efficiently
  • The 4-cycle engine does not require mixing oil and gas and works silently
  • Provided with an ergonomic handle, it becomes comfortable to use
  • 3 transport wheels add-on to greater stability and mobility
  • Provides 6 different cutting positions up to 1.75 inches
  • It is easy to start with just two simple steps

7. Southland 79cc SWLE0799 Gasoline Powered Lawn Edger

Southland SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger image

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The Southland gas lawn edger is well designed to give your garden or lawn a professional look more simply and cheaply. The machine is powerful enough with 3600rpm and using a 4-stroke OHV, 79cc engine to give a new manicured look to your lawn. Reviewing the product helped us cut up to 2.5 inches depth, thereby allowing easy and efficient workability. It’s easy pull recoil system did not call for much of our efforts to start the product. As a result, we could very conveniently start using it without investing much of our time. If you are using it after a long period of time(more than 30 days) fuel the stabilizer for smooth operation.

This walk-behind gas lawn edger has a 9-inch, 3-point blade that works well for heavy-duty jobs. Being adjustable to 5-degrees, it is variable up to 2 ½ inches deep, allowing for convenient mowing of your lawn. Also, you can adjust the blade angle to +/- 15 degrees to provide comfortable bevel edging capability. In addition, it is equipped with a curb hopping feature that caters to convenient trimming of edges around the curb. Finally, being EPA and CARB certified, it offers greater safety without any difficulty. Owing to these smart features, it is being picked up as the most liked product for many lawn owners.


  • You can adjust the blade up to 15 degrees left or right to provide bevel edging
  • The heavy-duty 9-inch, 3-point blade is durable against powerful jobs
  • It has a metal frame and blade guard that increases product durability
  • It offers an easy start with a pull recoil system reducing manual effort
  • You can adjust to 5-depths up to 2 ½ inches for easy workability

8. Greenworks 12 Amp 27032 Corded Electric Lawn Edger

Greenworks 27032 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger image

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If you are looking for an edger that makes a perfect match with your small lawn or yard, then this Greenworks 27032 electric edger should find a space in your house. Featured with a 12 amp motor, it provides powerful edging capability giving efficient results. Edging a lawn with this product gave us satisfactory results as its 7.5″ double edge blade offered better edging capability giving our lawn a new look. We also felt that the blades are designed tough and well to resist wear and tear. This edger also offered us greater comfort and control due to its adjustable auxiliary handle. No doubt it became very easy for us to operate.

Provided with an integrated cord lock feature, it helps to prevent disconnecting accidentally, avoiding any hassle that might come up. Assisted with the spring front wheels, it helps to provide variable blade depth allowing the device to be used more smoothly. Since it does not make use of any batteries, it reduces the need for charging, thus requiring a simple plug-in and ready-to use. Allowing it to be used with less noise, it becomes swift and smooth to use. Delivering high-quality results can be referred to as one of the best edgers for small yards.


  • To prevent accidental disconnection, it is provided with an integrated cord lock feature
  • Being noiseless, it offers smooth and convenient operation without any hassle
  • The 7.5” double edge blades are strong enough to resist all kinds of wear
  • The spring-assist front wheels help in adjusting the blade depth
  • The adjustable auxiliary handle provides easy usage and comfort

9. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ED70012S 11-Amp 7.5″ Electric Edger

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ED70012S Green 11-Amp 3-Position Corded Electric Lawn Edger image

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The powerful Scotts Outdoor electric lawn edger is a garden tool that works with an 11-amp motor to satisfy you with highly efficient results. This motor does not require any oil or gas to function, hence no worries about fuel or gas emissions. It has 7.5″ long blades that allow 3-position cutting at 1-inch, 1.25-inch, and 1.5-inch. It made us completely satisfied, giving our lawn a new and crisp look paving clear pathways as we desired. The blade depth was easy to adjust and did not call for much of our efforts. There is no need for any separate tool to adjust the blade depth. We managed to do so by simply adjusting the lever attached to the side.

This Scott’s edger comes with a cut line indicator that yields precise edging and trenching to make things easier. You can easily convert it into a trencher by adjusting the set height. This entire assembly becomes easy to access and keep due to the built-in cord retention that helps to keep the cord secure and tangle-free. Though this Scott’s outdoor edger is powered by electricity, it offers a more defined performance than the gas-powered edger. Being quiet and emission-less to use, it is one of the best planet-friendly garden tools that does not threaten the environment. Easy assembly of the device with 3-year warranty is the added special feature of the product.


  • Since it is not equipped with many tools, it becomes easy to store and keep wherever required
  • Being powered by electricity, it does not emit any fuel or gas, making it environment-friendly
  • You can adjust the switch comfortably to three depth positions making it more workable
  • Provided with a cut line indicator to ensure precise trenching and cutting
  • The 11-amp powerful motor does not require any fuel or gas to use

10. Ryobi ONE+ 9-Inch 18-Volt P2300A Cordless Edger

Ryobi P2300A ONE+ 9-inches Battery and Charger Not Included 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Edger image

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To help you with better lawn edging and provide a new look to your garden, the Ryobi ONE+ cordless edger is a perfect pick with efficient results. Employing the product for our garden offered us easy workability due to its lightweight. We did not face any issues in carrying it from one place to another. Also, it could be easily moved due to the front and rear wheels that helped us provide smoother mobility. This rechargeable lawn edger yields quality results, competent enough to serve the purpose well.

Provided with 4-position depth adjustment, it helps in convenient edging as the trimming depth is adjustable as per your requirement. The 9-inch blade is dually serrated, which does not let you compromise with the results. It also is compatible with all Ryobi one+ tools and batteries, thus allowing convenient usage. Being provided with an 18-volt battery gives a high power that would not require much effort. Since this best cordless lawn edger does not use any electricity or gas power, one can use it without any difficulty or power restrictions.


  • The dual serrated 9-inch blades are durable enough to give efficient results
  • The front and rear wheels help in smooth mobility without much effort
  • The 4-position depth adjustment helps to provide increased output
  • Provided with an overmold handle that makes the user comfortable
  • Since it is lightweight, it can be easily ported whenever required

11. Troy-Bilt 29cc 4-Cycle Wheeled Edger TB516

Troy-Bilt TB516 EC 29cc JumpStart Technology 4-Cycle Wheeled Edger image

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This Troy-Bilt TB516 wheeled edger is a perfect product to meet up your high-power requirements with its 4-cycle engine. The premium engine does not require any mixing of oil and gas and can be used comfortably. We tried this best edger for lawn and it offered an easy start with a simple, smooth, and steady pull. Since it comes with spring assist starting technology and is jumpstart capable, we did not face any issues in starting the device. Starting the edger could not be simpler and quicker than as we figured with this. Its 3-premium wheels add-on to the stability and easy mobility of the product, catering to hassle-free operation.

Provided with a heavy-duty 9-inch dual-tipped blade, it can easily cut through tough weeds and grass, making the sidewalks and driveways edging easier. The ergonomic handle makes the operation comfortable as it smoothens the handle grip and allows for easy storage and control. Offering a 6-position height adjustment up to 2.5 inches of cutting depth, it comes out to be one of the Best Edgers For Lawn, delivering high-quality results. The durable steel frame makes this product strong and sturdy, increasing its life. The products come with a 2-year warranty.


  • Equipped with a jumpstart engine, it makes an effortless start reducing the need for a pull cord
  • The 9-inch double-tipped blades make powerful heavy-duty cutting
  • The 4-cycle premium engine does not require mixing oil and gas
  • Foldable handle design makes operation smoother and easier
  • 3-premium wheels make mobility quite convenient

12. BLACK+DECKER 20V LST400 Edger Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LST400 12 inches 20V Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger image

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The Black & Decker high-performance edger works well for your lawn or yards to keep it maintained and good-looking. It has a runtime of 1 hour when using a dual-mode switch in runtime mode. Reviewing the product for our lawn provided us with the option of choosing high power or extended run time. It worked quite efficiently when working with high power, taking out all the heavy grass and weeds on our lawn. In addition, we did not face any trouble in converting the device from a trimmer to an edger in no time.

Equipped with Automatic Feed Spool AFS, this best battery powered lawn edger advances the trimming line without requiring the need to stop and bump. It comes with a pre-wound 30-foot spool that caters to optimum performance and efficient results. Provided with the power-drive transmission, this Black and Decker’s smart edger provides consistent power for most grass types, maintaining the cutting performance for trimming heavy grass and weeds. It is due to the 20V Lithium-ion battery that this unit gives uncompromised results.


  • The pre-wound 30-foot spool caters to optimum performance with satisfactory results
  • It is equipped with a 20V lithium-ion battery that works for heavy-duty weeds
  • Power drive transmission allows consistent power in almost all grass types
  • Can be easily converted from trimmer to edger allowing dual operations
  • The dual-mode switch offers better and easier workability

13. Martha Stewart MTS-EDG1 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger

Martha Stewart MTS-EDG1 12-Amp 7.2-Inch 2-in-1 Electric Lawn and Landscape Edger Trencher image

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If you are looking for a garden tool that helps you keep your walkways, sideways, and flower beds in a more defined manner, then this Martha Stewart electric edger is a perfect choice you can rely upon. Using the product for our lawn offered us greater convenience with its 3-position depth adjustment facility. It provided us with the ease of edging our lawn at 0.33in, 0.7in, and 1.2, resulting in more precise results. These 3-depth trimming gave our lawn a new and different look. In addition, this is a great device for digging trenches or installing fences. No doubt it helped us provide a neat and crisp cut catering to a professional look to our lawn.

It is equipped with 3 wheels that make it mobile and easy to carry. It reduces all the efforts that might be required to carry in case the product lacks wheel compatibility. An ergonomically designed handle becomes comfortable to use with an easy-grip, comforting your hands. Provided with a double-edged blade, it helps create a neat line along the walkways and flowerbeds, making it more elegant and providing controlled edging. Due to these smart features, it has become the best lawn edger weed wacker for people looking for smart garden tools.


  • Provides triple depth positioning making the edging work comfortable and easier
  • Equipped with 3-wheels, it becomes convenient to carry and maneuver
  • An ergonomically designed handle leads to a greater comfortable grip
  • Provided with a 12amp powerful motor for heavy-duty work
  • Efficient for digging trenches and sideways and walkways

14. Earthquake 79cc 4-Cycle Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger 23275

Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind 79cc 4-Cycle Engine Landscape and Lawn Edger image

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This earthquake smart lawn edger and landscaper is another noticeable mention in our list. Its 79cc viper engine is powerful enough to spin a 9-inch blade at the speed of 3400rpm, allowing high power to achieve the required results. It is even suitable for smaller trench works like electric fence installation. Getting familiar with the product provided us with the ease of edging with its multi-position pivot head. Furthermore, it offered us to cut the grass at 5 different angles from 70-110 degrees, allowing us to select the angle at our convenience. This varied angle cutting made our work quite simpler. In addition, we are impressed with the easy heat adjustment capability by sliding the single-head lever.

Provided with 4-smart wheels, it becomes more stable and convenient to move to offer clear, precise lines giving it a professional look. In addition, you can adjust the cutting depth to 5 different positions from 0.5 – 3.5 inches without any hassle with the flexible control mechanism. Attached with a small separate tool holder, it caters to conveniently storing the smaller tools in an easy and safe space. Also, it is provided with chain skirting that protects the debris from flying away and creating any difficulty for the user. These features, along with the 5- year warranty, make this walk behind edger an ideal choice for home use.


  • It offers 5 different angles for cutting, leading to better workability of the product
  • The debris guard would prevent any kind of debris from flying here and there
  • It makes use of a 79cc Viper engine, 9″ steel blade that works at 3400rpm
  • Provided with 4 wheels to offer enhanced mobility and maneuverability
  • The cutting depth can be easily controlled from 0.5 inches to 3.5 inches

Buying Guide for Best Lawn Edger

Keeping your gardens and lawns fresh and maintained requires some effort. Picking up the suitable lawn edger or trimmer is of utmost importance as it would give a new look to your area. Getting the best lawn edger and trimmer is the minimum need to maintain a lawn. The above list will surely answer your question What Is The Best Lawn Edger. But it requires awareness of all the minute details and specifications about lawn edgers. This buying guide would help you with all the basic and in-depth information about the product that will aid you in picking up the best model.

What is a Lawn Edger?

Several tools are available to help you maintain your lawn or garden and keep them regular, and a lawn edger is one of them. It is a cutting tool that lets you provide a finished look to the edges or boundaries of your lawn or garden. The edger is used in attaining separate boundaries by creating a clear division between a lawn edge and a walkway or a pathway that must be kept clear. It is due to this lawn edger that you can keep your garden edges precisely defined, in the absence of which the grass may overgrow and give an unkempt look. These lawn edgers can be driven manually or equipped with a motor depending upon the requirement.

Why do you need a Lawn Edger?

A lawn edger is employed to develop a neat and tidy-looking edged garden that easily provides a clear way between a lawn or a driveway, pathway, or patio. It helps to cut the grass from the edges that a lawnmower is incapable of doing. In the absence of a lawn edger, the grass may overgrow and roll out of the lawn bed that gives a tangled look to your lawn. The sharp, manicured edges of the law give an aesthetic appearance that gives a pleasing look and keeps your garden well maintained. Also, if the grass is left unchecked, it may grow unrestricted entering the pavements or the landscaped area.

How does a Lawn Edger work?

Usually, a lawn edger will have a heavy steel blade with adjustable depth control to set the required depth for cutting and trimming the edges. These blades are powerful enough to cut through the densely grown grass. Keep the blade at the edge of the sidewalk and press the start button. The blades start rotating, cutting off the unwanted level of the grass. Slowly and gently move ahead in the forward direction along with the edger and trimmer. After completion, check that you get a straight cutting edge.

How to Use a Lawn Edger?

  1. You must get the right kind of lawn edger for efficient results according to your lawn area or garden.
  2. Wear all the necessary safety equipment that includes goggles, earplugs, face masks, and gloves. All this equipment helps to prevent any dust or debris that might be uncomfortable for you.
  3. For better results and a convenient process, mow the entire lawn first before you start working on the edges. 
  4. Mark the path with the help of a rope. This will help you get a more efficient cutting or trimming, especially for the starting few times.
  5. Remove any large rocks or debris that might come in the trimming path and are likely to obstruct your lawn edger.
  6. Now position the edge of your tool exactly right against the cemented area of your pathway or walkway alongside which you wish to trim. 
  7. If you are employing a manual edger, push the blade down into the soil with the help of your leg force that allows you to cut through the soil gently.
  8. If you are working with a motorized edger, just turn the engine on and walk slowly in the forward direction along with the edger.
  9. Adjust the blade length and cut along the desired depth, ensuring you get a uniform level of cutting.
  10. Clear off the cut-out grass and ensure that you get the straight cutting edge that looks neat.

How to Edge a Lawn with an Edgerbattery Lawn Edger?

  1. Make proper markings with the help of a rope along the path you need to edge.
  2. Wear all the necessary safety equipment.
  3. Set the blade depth of the edger between 0.5-inch to 2-inch and adjust the wheel properly.
  4. Place the wheel correctly on the edge of the sidewalk.
  5. The edger blade should be so aligned that it just scrapes the sidewalk while edging at an angle of 90 degrees.
  6. Start moving forward along with the edger, ensuring that it cuts a straight aligned path.

How to Use a Manual Lawn Edger?

  • A manual edger can be a push and pull type that employs a rotating blade and requires it to be moved back and forth to cut the grass.
  • It can also be of the type that requires you to push the blade through the grass and then trim.
  • Mark the area in your lawn or garden or along your sidewalks or driveways that you need to trim.
  • Put on all the safety equipment to ensure you do not feel any discomfort due to the dust.
  • Push the rounded edge of the tool near the existing edge of the pathway that you need to cut off.
  • Push the edger 2-3 inches down into the turf and move it back and forth as required.

Electric Edger Vs. Gas Edger

An electric edger is a perfect choice when it comes to picking up smaller-sized gardens. It requires minimum maintenance and is usually cheaper. They are comparatively lighter in weight and easy to maneuver. Since they are electric-powered, they do not use any fuel and thus reduce the hassle of fume emerging. Gas-powered, on the other hand, works well for medium to large-sized lawns. They use a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine that makes it more powerful compared to the best electric edger. The gas edger gives more precise and neat cutting just with a single stroke. In contrast to an electric lawn edger, the gas-powered one needs much attention as it emits fumes. Since they are powered by gas, they do not restrict themselves to power supply switches as the electric edger does. 

Best Rated Lawn Edgers in Market

Black and Decker

Established in 1910, Black + Decker well known for its various electric household products. It comes up with various top electric products that suit well for various uses. This brand comes up with different varieties of Black and Decker lawn edgers with a pocket-friendly price range. This is one of the best brands that deliver high-quality products at an affordable price.


Dating back to 1972, this brand established in Chicago to develop innovative products that meet customer requirements. They manufacture Echo lawn edgers that are efficient enough to give a professional look to your lawn. It delivers six different lawn edgers powered by gasoline which are suitable for heavy-duty trenching and edging.


Founded in 2007, this brand works well with high-power products that rule the market. Delivering one of the best battery-powered products constantly comes up with the best technology products that meet customer requirements and satisfaction. They aim to offer the right tool for every job, and one of their best productivity tools is Greenworks lawn edger.


This brand is new in the market yet comes up with the product that stands out from the crowd. Working since 2004, this Chinese brand has constantly been coming up with high-quality power equipment that has made its image in the market. Most of their products designed to meet the dual purpose of trimmer and edger.

Lawn Edger Vs Whipper Snipper

A lawn edger is a tool that helps you in achieving well-defined boundary lines in your garden or lawn area. These help to create a clear path between your lawn and flower bed. You can use it either manually or powered by a motor. A whipper snipper used for removing weeds or trimming the area where the lawn edger can’t reach. These can be powered by electricity or gasoline to come up with efficient results. To understand both the tools more precisely, an edger crafted to define new boundaries, whereas a snipper adopted to maintain those boundaries well.

What is the Best Type of Lawn Edger?

Rotary Edger

These types of edgers are simple to use and can be powered by electricity or gasoline. They are quick to use and reduce the time required to maintain the lawn. These make use of a spinning blade that does not require a lift or push into the ground. It can simply cut through the turf as the machine pushed in the forward direction.

Electric-powered Edger

The electric lawn edgers are quite convenient and economical to use. They make use of electric power through an electric switch. They are generally light in weight and employ a motor that has a high amp. These type of edgers generally employ blades with 7-9″ and are free from any emissions.

Gas-powered Edger

Of all the types of lawn edger, the gas-powered edger is the most powerful type employed for large lawns and gardens. This makes use of gasoline to work effectively. The gas-powered engine can be 2-cycle or 4-cycle type based on how powerful you wish to employ. A 2-cycle engine uses a mixture of oil and gas fuel, while a 4-cycle engine uses only gas and is more efficient. However, they are not environmentally friendly as they emit fumes and gases.

Cordless Grass Trimmer

Cordless lawn trimmers are electric trimmers that use a high-power battery that works well for heavy-duty jobs. The most commonly used battery is the 18V lithium-ion battery that gives satisfactory results. This battery-powered edger has greater battery life and provides consistent power efficiency.

Manual Weed Edger

One of the most ancient lawn edger types uses a rolling wheel with spikes. The wheel attached to a simple wooden handle that makes your work done effectively. Though it requires a little power to be invested, it is most simple, is the best-liked product for small lawn owners who can put in the required effort. A manual lawn edger tool can comfortably get into the areas where electric lawnmowers fail to go.

How to Sharpen a Lawn Edger Blade?

  1. Use the electric grinder technique to sharpen the manual lawn edger, which gives considerable results.
  2. Before starting on with the process, make sure you wear safety glasses and gloves.
  3. Clean off all the dust and debris from the blade surface.
  4. Sharpen the inside edge of the blade, ensuring to keep the bevel angle and the factory angle the same.
  5. Immerse the blade in water in between the process to prevent any kind of overheating.
  6. With just a few passes, the edger sharpens.
  7. Using a sharpening stone, clean off the blade.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Lawn Edger

Providing a decent manicured look to your garden requires a little investment. Not only monetary but also in certain calculations to pick up the best suitable product for your purpose. Lawn Edgers are of varied types, but you need to overlook certain features to get the best lawn edger for the money you pay.

Yard Size

The size of your yard is one of the important considerations before buying a lawn edger. If you have many sidewalks, pathways, or a greater perimeter to be edged or trimmed, you might probably employ a larger and more powerful edger to serve the purpose. If you have a smaller area, then a smaller trimmer would work well.

Gas or Electric Powered

As per the requirement, you can power a lawn edger by gas or electricity. A Gas Powered Edger is more powerful and efficient and suitable for large yards or gardens. On the other hand, if you have a smaller lawn area, an electric power lawn would do well. Electric powered are cheaper than gas powered and are less harmful to the environment than gas powered lawn edger that emits fumes and gases.

Engine Type

Choosing an electric edger would not demand to focus on the engine type, but if you are bringing a gas-powered edger, you must look into the engine equipped. For the gas powered edger, a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine is useful. Using a 2-cycle engine would be convenient, but it uses a mixture of oil and gas. On the other hand, a 4-cycle engine is cleaner but comparatively expensive and heavier.

Edger Blade

Most of the edgers use a blade that spins perpendicular to the ground. But some lawn edgers use an angled blade that gives a more finished cutting to your side. Also, a blade that offers 3-positions will serve greater efficiency and workability, resulting in a neat, sharp trimming line. The blade guard is provided with an add-on to better prevent debris from flying here and there and make it safe to use.

Safety Feature

It is very important to look for a product that offers greater safety and feasibility. Various new models come with greater in-built safety features that offer easy workability. They also have advanced features that are safe to use, preventing any accidents during the edging process. Look for all safety measures you need to adapt based on your lawn requirement and choose the suitable product.


Set a budget for your lawn edger and check out how much you are willing to pay for your garden tool. Various products equipped with various features may result in varied costs. For example, many electric edgers are cheap, costing less than $100. A more powerful gas edger can range up to $ 1000. Based upon how much work you will employ from your edger and how well maintained you wish to have your lawn, you might be willing to raise your budget.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best tool to edge a lawn?

As per our testing and reviews, Greenworks 13-inch Cordless String Edger with Pivoting Head is the best tool to edge the lawn.

Q. How much does an Edger cost?

An edger can vary from as cheap as $20 for a simple manual edger to $1000 for a highly efficient gas edger.

Q. What is the best Gas Lawn Edger?

The Southland 79cc walk behind lawn edger is one of the best gas-powered lawn edgers that gives satisfactory results.

Q. Where to buy a Lawn Edger?

One can buy lawn edgers from various online e-commerce stores or websites like Amazon.


To keep your garden well maintained, a lawn edger is a must-buy product. It helps to keep your sidewalks and pathways neat, clean, and crisp. We hope that our product list and the buying guide will make you aware of all about the lawn edger. A smart pick is the one that would give you maximum output with the minimum investment. To come up with all the smart and advanced features in a pocket-friendly manner, check all the features in the price range. So get a lawn edger or trimmer and get worry-free about maintaining your garden as it reduces all your efforts, letting you enjoy the greenery at its best.

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