15+ Durable Ladders of 2022 – Ideal for House, Garage & Office

Best Portable Choice

HBTower 3 Step Anti-Slip Pedal Folding Ladder

HBTower Green and Black 500 lbs Sturdy Portable Steel Folding 3 Step Ladder image
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Non-slip folding step ladder design
  • High-grade steel frame and Automatic metal safe buckle lock

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Best A Frame Ladder

Little Giant 13 Ft 15413-001 1A Multi-Position Ladder

Little Giant 15413-001 M13 Type 1A 300 lbs Weight Rating 13 Ft Multi-Position Ladder image
  • Lightweight yet holds 2 persons (300 pounds)
  • Features dual-pin hinges and Easy-to-use rock locks
  • Can use it in 16 unique configurations

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Best Budget Pick

Rubbermaid 1-Step Steel Step Stool Ladder 225-pound

Rubbermaid RMS-1 White 225-pound Capacity 1-Step Steel Stool image
  • Carries weight of 225 pounds
  • Comes with Soft comfort grip and Rubber Padded Feet
  • Lightweight and compact

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If you have trees to prune or hang up some beautiful lights over your ceilings with the help of a chair, it cannot be that fruitful. Besides, most ladders introduced into the market provide you great benefits. Let us introduce the best ladder varieties for all your multi-purposes. Buying a step-stool will be very useful in the long run. We have studied that there are more accidents occurring day-by-day due to poor-quality ladders. If you are a regular person who does small house works like hanging pictures over the wall or changing a light bulb, a stable and secured stair is just a must.

While searching for an ideal ladder, we have clubbed in the top list in the market for you. A good ladder with durability, stability, and safety is worth every penny you will be investing in it. After comparing and reviewing hundreds of models, we have chosen the top 16 ladders, so you can safely get all of your household repair chores done with ease. We have tested all these below products multiple times to collect a piece of detailed information of every model. They all are different in features yet are one of their kind to fit in every need of our purposes.

1. HBTower 3 Step 500 Lbs Portable Lightweight Step Ladder

HBTower Green and Black 500 lbs Sturdy Portable Steel Folding 3 Step Ladder image

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The HBTower 3 step folding ladder is a unique one among its customers. You can use this handhold stairway while changing bulbs or reaching out to items kept at unreachable heights. It’s surprisingly much lighter than wooden ladders and weighs just 14 lbs., so you can easily carry it around anywhere you would like to. We loved how sturdy and strong this best folding ladder was that it wouldn’t even bend a bit even if a heavy person stands over it.

Its rubber-covered hand grip and anti-slip wide-sized pedals with big rubber feet make this step-stool even safer and secure to use. Many of you might have problems as to if you get a stair where you will have to store it. We assure you that this foldable step stool can easily get folded into 1.6”(L)x20.1”(W)x44.5”(H). Thus, it makes it compact to fit in behind any wardrobe or a small narrow space. Also, the HBTower’s best portable ladder, built with high-grade stainless steel, ensures utmost reliability. A unique cross design that reinforces firm support will make you feel safer while climbing. A 2-year warranty also backs you with its performance.


  • Foldable step stool with wide anti-slip pedal
  • Horseshoe and non-slip rubber feet
  • Carries a weight of 500 pounds
  • Made of stainless steel frame
  • Automatic metal buckle lock 
  • 2-year warranty service

2. Little Giant Ladders Systems Velocity 13 ft Type 1A Multi Function Ladder

Little Giant 15413-001 M13 Type 1A 300 lbs Weight Rating 13 Ft Multi-Position Ladder image

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Little Giant Velocity multi-position ladder, designed as a two-person ladder coming next on our list. We were impressed by how this product comes constructed with tough alloy material making it lightweight and portable. We’ve researched and found out that the Little giant 13 feet steps is highly preferred by professionals for their small construction works. There are two unique features in this product: a dual-pin hinge and easy-to-use rock locks for easier and faster adjustments. It can carry weights effortlessly up to 300lbs. Another useful feature offered is its varied angles of usage. It is a 900 ladder with velocity trestle brackets that forms a scaffolding system.

You can also change angles of this step-stool to meet your specific requirements. Its sturdy wide-flared legs made up of aerospace-grade aluminum give a steady and firm hold on any type of surface. Compared to our previous model Little Giant multi-position stairs, it is a bit heavier, weighing about 25 pounds since it’s a heavy-duty ladder that construction workers use. Also, we’ve observed that customers liked how durable and steady it was.


  • Trestle and plank scaffolding system
  • Sturdy aluminum built ladder
  • Lifetime warranty service
  • Features dual-pin hinge
  • Easy-to-use rock locks
  • 300lbs. weight rating

3. Rubbermaid RMS-1 1-Step Steel Step Stool

Rubbermaid RMS-1 White 225-pound Capacity 1-Step Steel Stool image

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For reaching areas that require just a little extra height, you will need the perfect stair. Rubbermaid 1 step stool is perfect for satisfying precisely that exact need in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage. This product comes with a durable round tube steel frame and steel platform that contains threads for better grip. This product is much easier to install than our other picks on this list. You can simply fold open it, and its step automatically locks up. We were immensely fascinated seeing its functioning, which offers a limited 1-year warranty service. Weighing only 7 pounds makes it safe to carry around.

You’ll love how stable this best stair ladder is and will not vibrate or shake the moment you step over it. Rubbermaid 1 step stool comes with non-slip and non-marring feet that keep its stool in place while you reach your hands to get things out from hard-to-reach spaces. It also features a type 2 ANSI duty rating and can easily lift weights up to 225 pounds. Its stool is ideally constructed for do-it-yourself jobs and will take just a small space of your room to be stored. The high-grade rubber feet will keep your flooring from unwanted scratches.


  • Can lift over 225 pounds
  • Certified frustration-free
  • ANSI Type 2 Duty rating
  • Rubber padded feet
  • Durable steel body 
  • 1 step style ladder

4. Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite ‎15272-001 Small Step Ladder

Little Giant 15272-001 Flip-N-Lite 4-Foot Stepladder Aluminum Type 1A 300 lbs Rated Ladder image

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Owning a strong and firm step-stool to work your daily chores can be a valuable investment. We have another model getting over our list, which is the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Step Ladder. It is an ideal product for stairs contributing durability, affordability, and reliability all in one. Constructed for heavy-duty and longer-time tasks, this flip-n-lite step stool will give you comfort and stability while performing your jobs. It comes in 3 different sizes that are 4, 5, and 6 feet, so you can select your needed height for varied tasks.

This industrial ladder exceeds all OSHA and ANSI duty standards and, backed by a type 1A, effortlessly holds on to 300lbs. Its extra-wide-sized foot rungs will keep your legs from getting tired or fatigue during long hours of operation. The feature that we were impressed by a lot is its tool tray cap. Here you can keep a set of small tools such as nuts, bolts, screws, or measuring tape all in hand while working. This best extendable ladder has a height of 4 feet and weighs extremely light, about 9 pounds, so that you can tuck and store it in your car or van smoothly. Thus, it occupies a special place among most other industrial step ladders.


  • Equipped with a handy tool tray top cap
  • Features an easy-release handle
  • Extra-large standing platform
  • Aluminum built finish
  • Weighs 9 pounds

5. Cosco 2 Folding Step Stool 11308SWB1E

Cosco 11308SWB1E Two Blue Three Big Folding Rubber Hand Grip Step Stool image

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Cosco folding step ladder comes in 6 varied color combinations. Also, we’ve seen how Cosco has used high-quality plastic material to build this two story ladder. It can be comfortably moved from one place to another with just a single person lifting it. Features such as non-marring led tips not only give tight support while climbing but also prevent your floorings from getting scratches. You can easily reach over to cabinets, high closets, or even cleaning low ceilings. Legs of this stair, made with slip-resistant rubber, prevents any mishaps. This best multi use ladder’s rubber delivers firmness during operations, and also, when we added load over, it did not shake or bend even a little.

It is aptly suitable for small household chores and not rough industrial use. Since it is made of plastic, it’s slightly on the weaker side and may break down easily if a force applied over it exceeds the limit. The rubber handles are placed ergonomically to offer you a tight and steady grip, so you feel comfortable while climbing and getting down. It is truly the great choice for home use. Not just can you use it as the best step ladder with handle but also sit on it after a tiring long-hour operation.


  • Extra-large slip-resistant steps
  • Continuous rare leg supports
  • 2 step foldable type
  • Plastic constructed body 
  • Non-marring leg tips

6. Skywalker Trampoline 2 Step Wide-Step Ladder

Skywalker Trampolines SAL302 2 Rung Plastic Wide-Step Ladder image

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Have the most accessible trampoline ladder with Skywalker 2 step ladder. This toughened plastic rung, manufactured with weather-resistant galvanized steel, is highly durable and reliable. We have picked this model since it structures a distinct design than most standard stairs in the market. It comes with two hooks on either side, so you can hook it up onto the trampoline for faster installation. This Skywalker trampoline 2 step ladder has extra-wide constructed rungs that are anti-slip. Both hook and ladder offer smooth and comfortable operations.

The entire building of this best multi ladder is a mixture of plastic and metal material which are anti-rust, so you can use it for years to come. It’s a basic and straightforward rung that is proper for small day-to-day projects. You can use it to change light bulbs or clean lower ceilings and carry 200 lbs. Thus, it takes its own place among safety step ladders for seniors. If you are looking for a handheld stair for your home that’s easy to use and comes in a budget-friendly price range, the Skywalker Trampoline ladder is an ideal pick.


  • Fit for trampoline rail up to 4’’ diameter 
  • Weather-resistant galvanized steel finish
  • 2 extra-wide textured steps
  • Metal constructed body 
  • Hook style rung

7. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminium Telescoping Compact Extension Ladder

Ohuhu Y17-80100-07 12.5 FT 330 Pound Capacity Aluminum One-Button Retraction Extension Telescoping Ladder image

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Ohuhu is one of the heavy-duty models on our list. This product features a one-button-operated system. Just press down that button, and it will slide down steps automatically. Ohuhu’s best telescoping ladder can carry a weight load of massive 330 pounds, making it strong for rough industrial site projects. Crafted using premium quality aluminum alloy, makes it extremely lightweight to carry around without applying much strength. This above ground pool ladder features a two-button retraction mode that will safely expand and retract during operation.

There’s a cleverly designed safety feature that we were impressed with the most: its steps expand and retract safely. With this feature, you do not get your fingers pinched. Its intelligent lock-up technology system holds each section of this collapsible ladder firmly in place to prevent it from sliding. It is known to be widely loved by homeowners for its safe and secure design. It can reach up to a height of 12.5 ft. which is enough to operate in a standard-sized home. You can quickly and safely clean or fix up any small projects in your home within minutes from now on.


  • Safe one-press expand and retracting system
  • High-quality aluminum alloy material built
  • Intelligent lock pin system
  • Strengthening footboard
  • One-button operation 
  • Portable grip handle

8. Ollieroo 330 Pound Portable Lightweight Ladder

Ollieroo Step TL05101 Stool Portable Lightweight Folding Steel One Step 330-Pound Capacity Ladder image

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This simple one-step Ollieroo foldable stool is the best pick for portability. Ollieroo stool, at first glance, might look delicate, and you may doubt its capacity and performance. But its whole structure can take a tremendous load of 330 pounds easily. You can fold its stands completely and store them easily anywhere that requires just a small space to fit in. Legs of its stool have a sturdy rubber grip that will keep the stool firm when climbing over it. It’s not just a simple stair but also one of the best multi purpose ladders that you can even use to sit down when gardening or fishing.

Ollieroo lightweight step stool is easy to carry that weighs just 4 pounds and makes it one of the best lightest models. Widely bought by customers to take this stair during travel as anyone can tuck it into their car or truck easily. Fully covered stainless steel built up will offer you great help for many years to come. This foldable stool may be in a higher price range, but no worries, we assure you that every penny you invest in it will be worth its price. If you have a family with elderly, children, or disabled children, this Ollieroo steel stool is an ideal pick considering its sturdiness and firmness.


  • Top stool surface measures 15 x 10 inches
  • Steel and Polypropylene material finish
  • Legs reinforced with non-slip grips
  • Maximum 330lbs. load weight
  • Foldaway and lock design

9. Kidde Three-Story Fire Escape Anti-Slip Ladder

Kidde 468094 KL-2S Three Story Fire Escape 25 Feet Anti-Slip Rungs Ladder image

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Kidde is known for producing lightweight rungs in the industry. Kidde’s three-story ladder is great one to install quickly when you are in an urgent need. It requires no tools or extra equipment to install; just make sure to attach it tightly to a window before the rungs can be released. It is the best escape ladder and a single-use product, which you can replace after being deployed. It can be termed as a safety emergency ladder to use when there’s an urgent need. The rungs, made with high-quality zinc plated steel material, give a tight grip over your feet when you get off. Each rung is one-foot wide, ensuring comfortable climbing and descending.

This convertible ladder comes in 2 sizes that is 13 ft and 25 ft. so you can get a perfect size that fits your requirements. You can easily store it conveniently under your bed or even inside your closet. These stairs are only for one-time use, unlike other step-stools in our list, which you can utilize repeatedly. One thing that surprised us about this product is its load-carrying capacity of 750 pounds on one rung. Get yourself a fully secured stair during emergencies by purchasing the Kidde three-story rung, and give your family’s safety a top priority.


  • Equipped with red nylon strap rails
  • Flame resistant and durable ladder
  • Backed by 5-year warranty service
  • High-quality steel material body 
  • Tangle-free design
  • One-foot anti-slip rungs

10. Cosco 2-Step Signature Folding Aluminum Ladder

Cosco 11311ABL1E Signature Step Stool Two-Step Aluminum Plastic Step Stool image

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Moving further into our list, we included this product as we were amazed by its efficiency. Cosco signature step stool comes with a 2 step and 3 step ladder. Its toughened aluminum body comes with plastic steps assuring us with great strength. It is lightweight and easy to carry around when you have multiple jobs, especially when decorating your house during occasions. This product has extra-wide anti-slip rungs and rubber legs to keep your flooring away from scratch and hold out a firm grip while climbing.

Cosco’s signature step stool boasts a simple contemporary design that will seamlessly fit your kitchen décor. Weighs just 5.5 pounds and has 22.05 x 18.31 x 38.19 inches, enough to store it in any part of your room conveniently and does not look cramped up. It is sufficient for a homeowner to climb up to reach a three-story height. We loved how customers were happy that it is simple and easy to use, plus its installation takes just seconds. Whether it’s cleaning your house or changing a bulb, you can do it all with ease and with utmost comfort, along with safety and security for any kind of job.


  • Contemporary design structure
  • Sturdy aluminum frame design
  • Extra-large slip-resistant steps
  • Lifts load up to 200lbs

11. Louisville FS1506 Fiberglass 300 Pounds Ladder

Louisville FS1506 Orange 6feet Fiberglass Step Ladder image

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Louisville FS1506 is the best rated stepladder having a sturdy body. We were fond of its exclusive raptor boot with a bonded and non-marring tread that offers a tight grip. It is capable of lifting a heavy-duty load that can go up to 300 pounds. Another interesting feature is its protected spreader braces inside the rails help prevent damage happening during transportation. This extension step stool is thoroughly protected by an exclusive Shox system. This system gives durability as well as keeps it away from misuse or unwanted accidents.

Speaking of its fiberglass built that is non-conductive and has double-riveted steps, it provides you with utmost comfort and safety while climbing. Each step of this best articulating ladder is secured with six large head semi-tubular steel rivets that offer maximum strength. It also features mounted U-shaped back braces that are ergonomically placed with one-step intervals to provide you with tight stiffness while climbing it. This product exceeds all safety standard terms of ANSI and OSHA. Also, they have used heavy gauge stainless steel hinges to tighten up parts of it, making it firm while using and not shaky.


  • Non Conductive structural molded top
  • Molded top with handyman’s tool slots
  • Inbuilt Shox technology system
  • Protected spreader braces 
  • Heavy gauge steel hinges 
  • Raptor boot for stability

12. Xaestival Lionladder 3 Step Wide Anti-Slip Pedal Ladder

Xaestival S120HS1 Lionladder Folding 330lbs Sturdy Steel Wide Anti-Slip Pedal Portable Silver 3 Step Ladder image

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If you are searching for an excellent industrial ladder, then be glad that we are here to introduce you to one such model. LionLadder 3 step product is one of the lengthiest steps on our list, with its dimensions of 49.4 x 18.6 x 3 inches. This is one of the construction ladders, highly suitable for construction job sites since it is lightweight and sturdy to use for rough operations. We were surprised to see how such a 3 step step-stool could weigh less, which is just 7 pounds. This best tall ladder is well-modeled with a capacity to lift weights up to 330 lbs. Each step is made of anti-slip treads to offer you maximum safety and comfort while doing your projects.

The bottom base of it has proved to be sturdy and firm in our test that also contains protective paddings to keep your floorings away from scratches. You can quickly and easily fold up this stair for a high ceiling into 2.5” D within seconds. Another eye-catching feature that we observed is its wear-resistant collodion coatings that will prevent it from scratching nearby objects and other sensitive objects kept aside. It’s a stainless steel product resonating super compact that can get stored at any corner or closet of your house. It will help you fix all of your home and industrial areas’ projects much easier without wasting time.


  • High-quality aluminum and stainless steel built
  • Pre-assembled frame design
  • Carries a load of 350 lbs
  • Sponge safety handgrip
  • 3 step steel stool design
  • Wide anti-slip pedal

13. Louisville LP-2000-00 Stabilizer Aluminium Heavy Duty Step Ladder

Louisville LP-2200-00 Stabilizer Ladder image

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Superior and sturdy stability Louisville stabilizer ladder will make you do your tasks with comfort and convenience. It fits up perfectly to any window rails that are 4″ by 1 3/4″. This step stool holds to a height of 12 feet from the wall, which makes it suitable for home projects and on-site industrial jobs. The most loved feature is its stabilizer; in short, a ladder stabilizer is an accessory with wide arms supported by non-skid rubber pads. This stabilizer grips it to your house wall, making you reach the top left of the house.

It’s built with aluminum material for long-lasting and reliable performance. The stabilizer also has 2 U-shaped bolts accompanied by extra rubber tips. Louisville LP-2000-00 is suitable to fit any standard window size. You can do all your chores such as changing bulbs, cleaning lofts, or painting walls with ease and comfort. We’ve observed that the steps are placed with a decent gap between them so you can securely stand over them and climb up or get down without any difficulties. It is ideal if you have a high ceiling in your home or do your home repairs and painting all by yourself.


  • Elegant and smooth finish design
  • Spans 48’’ to clear most windows
  • Extra heavy-duty rubber tips
  • High-quality aluminum built
  • Stabilizers with 2 U-bolts

14. BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse 3 ft. Blanket Ladder

BarnwoodUSA Rustic Black 3 ft Farmhouse Blanket Ladder image

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BarnwoodUSA rustic farmhouse ladder is our top pick if you are looking for a wooden finish one. This wooden step ladder just boasts a beautiful artistic look that’s its natural rustic wood design, making it look different from our other stainless steel or aluminum picks. Although it cannot be folded and kept aside, it is a very handy object in houses. It also acts as a shelf décor for your room. You can store table watches, small plant pots, or books on its step surface. This BarnwoodUSA blanket ladder offers 2 in 1 functions.

This product is truly aesthetically appealing and makes up to a fashionable display as home décor. We have seen that its body made with real 100% recycled and reclaimed wood provides a unique character to the handhold steps. You can get it with 3, 4, and 5 feet individually as you need. Another best part about it is that it does not require any installation; it’s just one whole unit by itself. BranwoodUSA also assures you a full money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product, and they will refund you with your every penny. If you are looking for aesthetic house décor plus a multi-use step-stool, BranwoodUSA rustic 3ft. is an apt pick.


  • It can be mounted horizontally and vertically
  • 100% recycled and reclaimed wood
  • Item weighs about 3.49 pounds
  • Natural rustic finish body 
  • No assembly needed
  • 3 ft. height ladder

15. Best Choice Products SKY1906 3 Step Portable Folding Ladder

Best Choice Products SKY1906 Portable Folding Anti-Slip 330lb Capacity 3-Step Ladder image

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Best Choice Product 3 step ladder, ideally crafted to use both indoors and outdoors to paint walls or hang lights. The ladder has extra-wide steps that are made of anti-slip material so that you can stand firmly and comfortably while doing all of your projects. Made of a high-grade stainless steel frame, this unit offers durability and reliability and is tough home equipment able to last for years to come. It measures 28.7 x 17.7 x 52 inches, making it one of the most extended ladders on our list.

It is super lightweight, suitable for various purposes where we could effortlessly move it around from one place to another. Since it’s highly compact and lightweight, you can easily store it up anywhere in your garage space or closet. There are 3 steps where you can stand over and 1 tray attachment so you can keep your handy tools such as measuring tape, screws, screwdrivers, or nails right at the tip of your hand for quick accessibility. This stainless steel built ladder can effortlessly carry over 330lbs of weight without any difficulties. Get your jobs done within minutes with this safe and secure rung.


  • Carry load capacity of 330lbs
  • Equipped with utility tray 
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Anti-slip step stool 
  • Rubber feet caps

16. Louisville Ladder FE3216 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Louisville Ladder FE3216 300-Pound Capacity 16-foot Type IA Fiberglass Extension Ladder image

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This 16 foot Louisville Fiberglass ladder is another longest on our list. Designed for big-sized houses and large construction projects. It is one of the best adjustable ladders that can carry a massive load of 300lbs., without causing any kind of vibration noises while climbing. We loved how it works great on working over electric tasks or any light construction projects. Its rungs crafted in a D shape is fully serrated for an anti-slip surface. Its heavy-duty fully steel plated leg tips are made of thick rubber treads, making it safe to use.

This fiberglass ladder weighs the most compared to other lightweight ladders on our list, about 30 pounds, making it slightly heavy to carry around. Its frame has an orange color coating over it which gives it a bright and appealing look. You will surprisingly be delighted to see how stable and steady it stands while doing projects which are over a certain height. It’s also equipped with a safe and secured swivel safety shoe that has a metal shield. Protect your flooring by getting unwanted scratches. If you buy lower-quality ladders that do not offer safety rubber grips, Louisville won’t let an inch of scratch over your flooring.


  • Heavy-duty plated steel shoe with rubber treads
  • D shaped rungs with anti-slip surface
  • Fiberglass built ladder finish
  • 300 pounds’ load capacity
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps

Buying Guide

So as you have read above, we have mentioned 16 of the best ladder models to get your small or big projects done with complete safety and security. We have analyzed and reviewed various online portals as well as their e-commerce site and have picked the top-rated ones for you. All of our picks range differently in size, durability, and usage. We have mentioned models that are fit for rough industrial use and also small household chores. Furthermore, we shall speak of how you could select an ideal one to fit your needs and which brand you could opt for.

Why Should I Need a Ladder?

A sturdy heavy-duty ladder comes in very handy when you have to reach for a certain height to complete a project. Standing over a stool or chair could be risky and can lead to unwanted accidents. Because ladders are self-supported, it does not require any wall for support and can also be used in the middle of any room. With various ladders to suit your every need, you can complete your tasks much safely and securely without worrying about tripping down.

How do Extension Ladders Work?

If you are in the market to get a new extension ladder, make sure you have thorough knowledge about which type to purchase to support your needs. In a standard model, an extension rung should extend to one or three feet above the roof eave. While working with it, make sure to check the brackets and interlocking guides before further use to avoid any accidents. In short, they are portable ladders that are self-supported and can have an adjustable length. It requires only two-level ground support along with the top supported area. These ladders should be erected at a close pitch of 75 degrees from the horizontal position and its base sliding out. Main basic rule of how extension ladders work is setting up an appropriate angle for the ladder with wall’s support.

What Size Ladder Do I Need?

Ladders size varies from use. If you need a step-stool for simple household chores, you could opt for an 8 to 10 feet long ladder. There are industrial step-stools that come within a higher height range that is 16 feet to reach higher areas. Before going forward to get a new ladder for your house, note down the exact measurement of your house. Or you can use the formula h + 3 + a = L, where h is the height of your house, a is the angle, and L is the length of ladder you should opt for. Buying a fitting size ladder will not only make your work quicker but keep you away from unnecessary accidents.

What is the Best Brand of Ladder?


From start to finish, Werner has built ladders that last for years. They produce some of the highest-grade ladders that can withstand any tough, challenging projects. Werner is also known as a leader for making durable stairs that are multipurpose. They offer ladders with full-proof fall protection with safety, durability, and productivity all in one unit. Werner ladders, widely used on all construction job sites and projects, offer heavy-duty functioning.


Gorilla ladders are known famously in the market to offer various styles of ladders to suit every need. They provide small-sized household ladders, heavy-duty steel ladders, dual-platform hybrid ladders, one-step platform stool, and multi-position ladders. Gorilla ladders are relatively cheaper than other branded ladder models and also comes with great versatility. Homeowners love these ladders to get all our household jobs done with complete safety.

Little Giant Xtreme

Little Giant ladder is the number one ranked online site for ladder models. They offer step-stools ranging from 4 feet to a massive 16 foot. Painters and job site workers commonly purchase little Giant ladders for requiring a sturdy and comfortable ladder unit since they use ladders for long hours of operations. Their Velocity ladder-type 1A and Revolution Ladder-type 1A are a huge hit in the market for their steadiness and rough use.

How Tall of a Ladder Do I Need?

8 Foot Ladder

A basic 8-foot ladder is suitable to use for low heightened jobs such as cleaning walls or reaching out to change a light bulb. Liberti 8 feet step ladder is the best-selling 8-foot model in the market.

6 Ft

6 ft ladders are perfect to use if you need just a light extra reach of height to clean up cabinets or ceiling fans. Small children can also use a 6ft. ladder to reach lower height cupboards. Werner 376 6 feet ladder is the best ladder purchased in the market today under this size range.

7 Foot Ladder

7 ft being just one foot extra than the previous size, can also be used for house cleaning works or hanging up decorations. Werner 7 ft. type 1A fiberglass step ladder is the best-selling under this range of ladder size.

10 Foot Ladder

This 10-foot ladder are commonly known when you need to clean fans, change lightings of ceilings or hang up decorations at a higher surface comfortably. Werner 6210 10-foot step ladder is leading under this size of a ladder.

12 Foot Ladder

12 ft. ladders are usually crafted for escape ladders. If you are looking for an escape ladder, then you will get a size of 12 ft. which is the standard size for many of the escape ladders. Kidde 12ft compact escape ladder is the most bought ladder for emergency use.

20 Foot Ladder

Coming down to 20 feet ladders, if you have a huge house with heightened ceilings, then you should opt for a 20 feet ladder. Professional onsite workers mainly buy these ladders since they require longer and heavy-duty ladders for their continuous jobs. Louisville Ae3220 20 ft. ladder is a good option we would recommend.

40 Foot Ladder

Last comes the massive 40 feet ladder that is used mainly for industrial job sites. These ladders come with a heavy-duty finish and are not suitable for home use. 40 ft. ladders are fit for works such as painting buildings or changing wirings of heightened homes. Werner 40 ft. extension ladder with 300lbs load capacity is the best-sold ladder under this size range.

How to Use a Ladder?

  1. Firstly, maintain a 3-point distance from the ladder while climbing.
  2. Always face the step-stool while climbing and do not look around; this could cause an accident.
  3. Place your body near the middle step when you climb a ladder.
  4. We recommend you to use only needed accessories such as ladder levelers or jacks for designed purposes.

How to Build a Ladder?

  1. Note down the measurements of your house and get an exact length of which your ladder should be.
  2. Buy high-quality wooden planks that are durable.
  3. Use a saw and cut off the wooden plank with the previously noted sizes.
  4. Join these wooden parts tightly by drilling screws and nuts to keep them steady.
  5. If you feel the ladder is still a bit loose, you can add to it a few more bolts or nuts to get the desired firmness.
  6. Make sure to have all these safety tools and equipment before starting to build the ladder all by yourself. But if you are a first-timer and have never crafted any woodworks, we would recommend you purchase a machine-made ladder.

Types of Ladders

Low Stepladders

Low step ladders range from a size range of 6 to 8 ft. They are widely used in homes to reach heights that require just a little extra height increase. They are lightweight and come in handy to do most household tasks.

Telescoping Ladder

The telescoping step-stool extends to a certain height when needed and retracts back to a complete compact size for convenient storage purposes. These telescopic ladders can be used as supported extension ladders or two scaffold bases. The telescopic ladder increases its weight as per extensions.

Extendable Ladder

Extendable ladders are the most commonly used adjustable ladders. This ladder has a feature to extend to different lengths suitable to match various high reaching projects. Extended stairs are primarily used for outdoor projects and also at industrial job-sites.

Step Ladders

Step ladders are one of the most common ladders used in every household. They are self-supported with an A-frame structure design and come in handy to do small day-to-day household chores. They are most commonly used indoors, plus they do not have great height, so not suitable for higher reach tasks.

A-frame Ladder

A-frame structured ladders are self-supported ladders that do not require the support of any wall to stand on. You can use them even in the middle of the room and do the necessary tasks. Heavy-duty aluminum manufacturing makes them a bit heavier than other models.

Multi-Position Articulated Ladders

Multi-position ladders, known as folding ladders, have a unique feature of manipulating their length and size to match your needs. You can easily set these into a step ladder, extension, or scaffolding ladder. We recommend these types of ladders when you have multiple tasks to do all at once.

Adjustable Ladder

Adjustable ladders are nothing but give the facility to customize the height size to reach certain levels. They come in handy with 6ft height that goes up to 20 feet. You can use these ladders when you require to paint your house or hang decorations at certain specific places.

Foldable Ladder

A foldable ladder is a type that provides you a compact version to store it up easily. It is a simple step ladder that is with one or three hinges set up. Widely used over uneven grounds can easily make it extended to a full-sized step ladder.

Stair Ladder

Stair ladders are similar to step ladders; here, they have two vertical sets of rungs, and the stair is structured to bridge a considerable vertical distance by dividing the stair into smaller sized spaces.

Safety Tips for Using a Ladder

  • Inspect your ladder thoroughly, and check if there is any damage to it, to avoid any unwanted accidents.
  • Clean the ladder on a regular basis, it’s much safer to use a clean ladder than a dirty one
  • Make sure to always face the ladder with 3 pointer contact.
  • Never climb the step-stool with your back.
  • Never use a ladder outdoors when weather conditions are too bad.
  • While you are on the ladder, avoid twisting, turning, or manipulating your body, as you might slip and fall off.
  • Always wear the right pair of shoes when climbing over the ladder.

Aluminum Vs Fiberglass Ladder

The major difference between fiberglass and aluminum ladder is the toughness and sturdy structure. Fiberglass is much tougher than an aluminum ladder. Aluminum ladders are also strong, but they are low in quality; if you are a professional worker and need a rough and sturdy ladder, a fiberglass ladder is ideal.

On the other hand, aluminum ladders are suitable to be used in small household chores. An aluminum ladder has a feature to resist bad weather. Still, a fiberglass ladder has a much higher resistance to electricity, so you can safely keep it near a power source outlet. The aluminum ladder is on the winning side when it comes down to the price range. Aluminum ladders are much more affordable than fiberglass ladders. A fiberglass ladder is always a better choice, but if you need a light weighing and budget friendly, an aluminum ladder is a good option to opt for.

How to Use a Ladder On Stairs?

Two of the most effective ways to use a ladder on a stair are making a sift-scaffolding and building your platform.

Making a shift-scaffolding

  • The oldest form to get your ladder over stairs is by do-it-yourself scaffolding. 
  • It is the most stable and safest way to keep the ladder intact in place. 
  • Make sure the scaffold can take the load at least 4 times its maximum intended load. 
  • Fix a wooden scaffold in between your ladder and wall. 
  • Insert locking pins to get a tight hold of your ladder.
  • Once the scaffold is tucked into the ladder firmly, it cannot be moved and lets you paint your walls with ease. 

Building a DIY platform

  • Build your ladder platform by using wood. 
  • Use good quality wood that can take a heavy load.
  • You can frame the platform just as you would want it to be. 
  • Since it’s custom-built, you can raise the height of that platform as per your requirements. 

How to Install Attic Ladder?

  • Measure the proper length of the attic and note it down.
  • Measure 54 inches on both sides of the attic platform and tap a nail into it.
  • Cut out a proper square by tapping the saw blade into the surface and cut along the marked lines.
  • Cut and tightly attach the hearer boards.
  • Keep two supporting header boards handy. Before inserting the ladder inside the attic, attach temporary support planks on either side of the openings.
  • Place the attic ladder assembly components. Pull down the attic stairs completely until all the hinges are extended.
  • Shim it between the stairs and joints.
  • Once the shims are tightly fixed, drill in screws through shims.
  • Extend the ladder to its full capacity.
  • Make sure to check if each foot of the ladder is touching the floor for getting fruitful results of this attic access ladder.

What to Look for While Buying an Ideal Ladder?

Choosing the best ladder for your house can be a difficult decision to make. If you are a professional worker, you might as well need a ladder that is durable and sturdy yet comfortable to use. We have jotted below some crucial features you could consider while you buy the ideal ladder for your projects.


For safer precautions, we would recommend you to opt for a ladder that is just 4 feet above your height. If you would purchase a 10-foot ladder, you can easily reach a height of 15 to 18 ft. Ladders in the market range from one step stool to 40 ft. height. You must know for what purpose you would be using that thing and get answers for the height. It is one of the most important factors to look out while purchasing a ladder since it can make a huge difference while doing certain jobs.


Look out for the right material your ladder’s been manufactured. Plastic ladders tend to be weak and can break down easily. If you are looking out for a durable ladder, opt for stainless steel or aluminum built ladder. These are not just heavy-duty but are anti-rust and have non-slip features. Using cheap and low-quality material finished ladders can lead to accidents because they may not have the strength to take enough load over it.

Load capacity

This is one of the most important factors you should consider; some ladders can take up loads of up to 700lbs. You can use this kind of ladder when you have heavy things to carry to the top or keep heavy bags inside the loft. Check for a higher load capacity that will not get dents even if you imply a heavy force. If looking out for industrial use, make sure to get a higher load capacity model.


If you are a worker who travels with the ladder around, make sure to get lightweight and not leave you fatigued while operating it. If you are looking out for a ladder for your home, get a ladder that weighs below 10 pounds, it will be easier for you to carry it around without putting in many efforts. Industrial stairs are usually heavier since they are made of heavy-duty materials and have a higher height range.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best multi purpose ladder?

Little Giant 15422-001 multi-purpose ladder, Toprung TSA-U13, and Little Gaint Ladder 17ft. are some of the best multi-purpose ladders.

Q. What is the best lawn mower for money?

Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder, Louisville Ladder FS1508 Fiberglass Ladder, Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Stepladder, and Ohuhu EN131 Telescopic Extension Ladder are some of the best step-stools for home use in budget.

Q. How much does a ladder cost?

The ladder’s price range for various types of ladder sizes and lengths is from $5000 to $35000.

Q. How much weight can a ladder really hold?

A basic 6 ft. ladder can hold up to 200lbs. and a 30 to 40 feet ladder can hold up to 500 to 600lbs.

Q. Where can I buy a ladder?

You can purchase ladders from any online shopping site such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.


Concluding our best ladder guide, we would say that owning a sturdy and durable ladder is an excellent investment for long-term use. If using it in your home, you can quickly get all of your household chores done within minutes and clean up hard-to-reach places with the ladder’s help. We have researched for you and pinned down some of the best-selling ladder models in the market. All types of ladders from industrial to home use are listed in our guide. HBTOWER 3 Step Folding Ladder with Portable Step Stool and Little Giant Ladders Systems 13 feet Multi-Position Ladder our top two picks are the best for household use, and we would recommend all homeowners to look out for these models. We hope our detailed guide has made your selection process much easier.

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