15 Cool Hatchets for Sale – Perfect for all Outdoor Enthusiasts

Best Overall

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet image
  • Superior Bade Design provides cleaner cuts
  • Features Stronger FiberComp handles and inseparable insert-molded heads
  • The size of the hatchet is 14 inches

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Runner Up

WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet

WilFiks Chopping Axe 15-inches Camping Outdoor Hatchet image
  • Ergonomic design adds comfort
  • Durable Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated blade
  • Resharpened blade features fully Polished Finished Edge

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Value for Money

Estwing Camper’s Axe – 14″ Hatchet

Estwing Camper_s Axe EB-25A Black 14-inches Hatchet image
  • Comes with Heavy duty sheath
  • Durable and perfect for small trees, logs and branches
  • Features rugged shock reduction grip

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We all love to go camping, but we have to strain our bags with heavy tools to build our tents and survive in those woods. So to make the process a bit easier, hatchets have gained immense popularity because of their effectiveness in camping. Hatchets are one of the most used tools in carpentry that are mainly used to cut and split woods apart from carving, camping, and others. They are one-handed tools and easy to carry everywhere due to their small size. It has a sharp blade to cut into different surfaces and a hammer on one side to fit and fix different materials into place.

The handle of a hatchet is mainly made up of good quality wood used to hold the blade and hammer side into place. Hatchets again are of different types rendering to various needs of the individuals. But more or less, the structure remains the same, and the many variants of hatchets provide multiple uses and benefits. Since it has become so handy and an important tool of one’s toolbox, we have specially curated a list of the top-notch 15 hatchets of the decade, enabling you to choose your most desirable hatchet quite easily.

1. Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Camping Hatchet

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet image

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Fiskars 14 inches hatchet is one of the ideal tool for outside camping or trekking as they are easily portable. They are used for chopping kindling woods that range from small to medium size. While testing, we find it very convenient to use the hatchet with proper weight distribution. This is very important to ensure a perfect cut with optimum force. The blade of the Fiskars hatchet is geometrically designed to enhance the cut of the logs. The ultra-sharp edge of the blade makes it very easy to cut the blunt surfaces of the wood or the heavy logs with a snap. The proper power-to-weight ratio gradually increases the swing speed to multiply power, just like an aluminum baseball bat.

The blade’s handle is made up of fiber comp, which is stronger than the stainless steel to hold the blade together. As a result, even its hatchet blades have very low friction, which is why the force of striking increases. Also, there is a very low-level risk of the blade getting stuck between the wood. This multi-tool also enables you to multitask to chop wood, fix your tents, and give proper shape to the unevenly cut wood. Hence, this product is also one of the best hatchet tools available in the global market. In addition, we were amazed that this product has a lifetime warranty and a proprietary blade-grinding technique to provide a sharper edge that enables better contact.


  • Fiskars hatchet has a proper power-to-weight ratio which increases the swing speed efficiently
  • These have low friction blades that maximize the striking and prevent getting stuck
  • The handles are made up of Fibre Comp, which provides good rigidity
  • The size is only 14 inches, which makes it easy to carry around

2. WilFiks 15 Inch Multipurpose Outdoor Hatchet for Kindling

WilFiks Chopping Axe 15-inches Camping Outdoor Hatchet image

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The WilFiks 15 Inch camping outdoor hatchet is ideal for wood splitting, kindling and a compact option for camping due to its handy and small size. The design is very simple, making it quite user-friendly. Moreover, it is efficient for chopping firewood, logs, and even branches because of its sharp blade. Coming to the blade, it’s one of our favorites among the others as we found that one can sharpen it with a file without extra effort. Also, the blade’s geometry makes it more compatible for one-stroke cuts, and hence it’s both time and energy saving.

There is a very good balance between head and shaft, making it very efficient and precise. Its blade is again forged carbon steel heated, which makes it durable and enhances the efficiency of the blade. Another add-on feature is that the blade has a rubber protective sheath, which protects against rust or losing sharpness. Thus, you can use it for convenient storage and carry it easily without worrying about the accidents caused by a sharp edge. The best part is that this comes with a shock absorbing anti slip grip and cold resistant ergonomic shaped fiberglass handle to reduce the strain on your hand.


  • The blade is of forged carbon steel heat treated, making it more durable with smooth and sharp cutting
  • WilFiks hatchet is designed very simple, making it quite easy to use both indoors and outdoors
  • The edge of the chopping blade is highly polished to give the blade a sharpened surface
  • The blade accompanies a soft, protective sheath to protect it from rusting

3. Estwing Camper’s 14 Inch Portable Hatchet with Sheath

Estwing Camper_s Axe EB-25A Black 14-inches Hatchet image

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The Estwing Camper’s Hatchet is 14 inches, making it highly portable to different places of interest. The product is forged under good supervision, and the blade is crafted using the finest American steel. This is why the high quality axe is also considered one of the most durable and ever-lasting tools of carpentry. The hand forged hatchet is just perfect for chopping wood, small trees, branches, and logs. You can also use it for kindling and wood splitting purposes. The cutting edge of Estwing Camper’s Portable Hatchet is 3.5 inches which provides a good depth.

The sustainability of the hatchet in heavy-duty work really amazed us. It comprises ballistic nylon to protect the hand-sharpened edge of the blade. It can be used as good storage material, and with the help of this sheath, one can easily carry the hatchet to other places without any damage. The Estwing Camper’s Hatchet also includes a shock protection grip, which makes the hatchet comfortable and efficiently reduces the vibration by 70 percent. This makes it a more viable option to purchase among the other variants of its same kind and nature.


  • The Estwing Hatchet is one of the most durable and long-lasting striking tools providing 3.5 inches of cutting edge
  • Includes a shock protection grip which is comfortable and reduces vibration effect by 70 percent
  • It’s blade includes a ballistic nylon sheath to protect the sharp edge, which is hand sharpened
  • This is perfect for chopping wood, logs, small trees, branches, kindling, and splitting

4. Estwing Fireside Budget Friendly ‎E3-FF4 Hatchet for Splitting Wood

Estwing E3-FF4 14-inches Wood Splitting Maul Fireside Friend Axe image

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The Estwing Fireside Axe is made up of American steel and is forged in a single piece which we found very uncommon and unique. It comprises a considerable shock reduction grip, making cutting, splitting, or kindling effective and enhanced. In addition, fireside Axe has a tempered cutting edge of 2-3/8” inches. The highest quality materials of the global market are the raw materials for manufacturing this exceptional hatchet. Hence, this is also considered the best camp hatchet, keeping in mind the work efficiency.

The extraordinary blade and handle also contribute to the great performance it offers and the durability it guarantees. The size of the hatchet is 4 LB splitting mold which makes it ideal for a fireplace, wood-burning stove, and of course, camping. Like other axes from the Estwing company, this tool also comprises a ballistic nylon sheath to protect the hand-sharpened cutting edge of the blade. The handle and length of the product make it very easy to split wood. Its grip is from high-quality leather to prevent slipping and ensure a firm grip. Overall, the fireside axe is a very satisfactory product to be purchased for a purpose.


  • The Fireside Axe by Estwing is known for its durability and performance due to its high-quality blade and handle
  • It is forged in a single piece of American steel and comprises a shock reduction grip
  • The grip of the handle is made up of premium quality leather to prevent slipping
  • This tool has a tempered cutting edge of 2-3/8” with good precision

5. Brufer Stylish and Innovative 203651-3 Wooden Handle Hatchet

BRUFER 203651-3 Genuine Hickory Wood Handle 600g 21oz Hatchet Axe image

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To start with, the Brufer hatchet axe is made up of pure hickory wood, which is a great exception, and we found the wood to be quite strong. It is a multi-tool hatchet that is used for camping purposes and gardening, and home. The appropriate total length of this product is 14.5 inches, and its weight is 600g or 21 ounces, which makes it a lightweight hatchet. This enables the users to carry the hatchets wherever they require.

Another good feature of the hatchet is that its head is connected or joined with the shaft using steel and wooden edges to ensure maximum fastening. The weight and balance of the Brufer hatchet is also very good as it enables smooth and easy operation of the axe at one go. Due to its high quality wood and blade, this tool is very durable and sturdy. It lasts for a good amount of time without any damage or rust. The best part of this tool is that its price is very reasonable and cheap, which makes it the best throwing hatchet to many customers whose demands are all satisfied.


  • It’s head is attached to the shaft using wooden and steel wedges to ensure proper fastening
  • The handle is made of pure hickory wood, which ensures high quality
  • It is ideal for camping purposes. However, you can also use it for gardening and home
  • The length is 14.5 inches, and the weight is 21 ounces

6. SOG Tomahawk Higher Precision TH1001-CP Camping Axe

SOG TH1001-CP 1.75 Inch Blades and Camping Tomahawk Pack of 3 Throwing Axe image

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The Tomahawk hatchets come in the pack of three throwing axes that are very hard to provide turbidity and rigidity to the product. Each of the blades of the three hatchets is 1.75 inches for splitting and cutting wood surfaces. The length of the hatchet is just 10.75 inches which makes it a good portable tool for outside purposes. This is also the best survival hatchet because its design makes it very easy and comfortable to use by beginners. Another good that amazed us was the removable pan cord handle for one’s preferred grip. This implies that one can easily remove the handle if he wants to ensure optimum comfort and accuracy.

These throwing hatchets also come with an all-in-one ballistic nylon sheath with protective gear and three separate pockets to store the hatchets in the safest way possible. The blade is made up of high-quality stainless steel, making it more durable and resistant. Unlike many other, the Tomahawk hatchets are made of a single piece and have the perfect weight and balance to ensure maximum precision, and we were greatly impressed by them. This also enhances the blade’s strike in one stroke only, saving time and energy.


  • Tomahawk throwing hatchet comes with a protective ballistic nylon sheath to provide a safe storage place
  • Tomahawk hatchet comes in a pack of 3, each with 10.75 inches length and 1.75 inches blade
  • It has a pan cord handle attached to it which is removable according to the grip
  • The design is very simple, making it comfortable for new users

7. Tomahawk Cold Steel Survival Hatchet with Hammer Head

Cold Steel Drop Forged Tomahawk Survival Hatchet image

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Tomahawk Cold Steel Survival Hatchet comes with a wooden handle made from high-quality, durable American Hickory wood. Its wood is so strong that it provides high rigidity and resistance to unwanted damages very easily. The blade of this Tomahawk hatchet is of diamond shape with a very sharp, pointed edge. We found this very unique as compared to other hatchets. These types of blades are mainly used for piercing and delivering deep punctures to its diamond shape. The dimensions of this tool is 21.5×9×1.5 inches which is an ideal measurement and weighs 28.4 ounces. The diamond-shaped blade can be easily sharpened using a file.

The building material of this product is drop forged 1055 carbon steel which is durable and tough. Tomahawk Cold Steel Survival Hatchet is available in 12 different colors, which the buyer can choose accordingly. We appreciate the color availability of the product for picky members like us. Another distinctive feature of this tool is its piercing design, making it an excellent survival and self-defense tool in the woods. The diamond-shaped, sharp blade provides immense intriguing power to pierce any surface. This is why the hatchet is a multi-purpose carpentry tool used for cutting, splitting, kindling, and piercing.


  • The base material is tough and durable drop forged 1055 carbon steel
  • The blade is diamond-shaped with a pointed edge which is perfect for piercing
  • Handle of the Tomahawk hatchet is made up of high-quality Hickory wood
  • Tomahawk Cold Steel Survival Hatchet comes in 12 different color variants

8. SOG All-Purpose CH1001-CP Backpacking Hatchet for Camping / Survival

SOG CH1001-CP 3.1 Inch Bushcraft Camp Axe image

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SOG CH1001-CP Camp Axe is one of the best hatchets for survival in camping. The length of it is 11.5 inches, with a blade of 3.1 inches. The blade is made up of stainless steel, which is high quality and provides a sharp edge and resistance to rust. The measured weight of the hatchet is 16.07 oz. which makes it very feasible to carry around different places of interest. Although the weight is lower, this product is of heavy-duty metal to ensure good durability. The head and body of the hatchet are designed, so that balance between them is just perfect for striking.

The blade comes with a glass-reinforced nylon sheath that provides good protection and safe storage. The black, sleek design fits perfectly in one’s bag without taking much storage space. What impressed us mainly was that the SOG CH1001-CP comes with a hammer on one side as we need a hammer to fix the nails and prepare a tent and an axe for firewood. This is not the distinctive feature, but it will surely reduce the bag weightage by replacing the place of the hammer. So with this facility of a built-in hammer, one doesn’t need to carry a separate hammer altogether and burden the bags unnecessarily.


  • A glass-reinforced nylon sheath comes for safe storage, and the hatchet also contains a hammer on one side
  • The head and the body are balanced systematically, giving the product a proper finish and functionality
  • The blade of the axe is made up of good quality stainless steel that ensures optimum durability
  • Despite its lightweight weight of 16.07 oz. it is heavy-duty and feasible

9. SOG Tomahawk F06TN-CP Throwing Survival Axe

SOG F06TN-CP Tomahawk Throwing Axe image

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The SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe is a multi-purpose hatchet that makes it an essential carpentry tool for camping and survival. The size of the hatchet is 14.5 inches and weighs 19 ounces. The design is very sleek and modern to ensure swift and easy movement without the blade being stuck. This hatchet is lightweight, although it comprises heavy-duty metal and a sharp stainless steel blade. Its blade has sharp edges, and the stainless steel combats any formation of rust, and its sharpness ensures the deeper cut in one stroke. This throwing axe also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath-like other variants of the same product for storage.

But an additional feature that we didn’t find in other products was the belt loop which allows for easy carry and is handy during camping. It is unique and helpful as well since it prevents the blade from indulging in any casualty. Tomahawk hatchets are easy to throw and because of its 12.5 inches height. Another additive feature would be that the Tomahawk hatchet has a flat edge for hammering nails. This will be a beneficial feature while camping or other essentials. There is also a sharp piercing spike that helps in survival or wood kindling. Hence this throwing axe by Tomahawk is one of the best survival hatchets both due to its quality and multi-tasking abilities.


  • It is 12.5 inches, designed with perfection for easy and swift movement
  • Even though it is lightweight, it is compatible with heavy-duty with its sharp steel blade
  • The Tomahawk hatchet has a flat edge for hammering and a spike for piercing
  • It has a nylon sheath with a belt loop for a 1.5-inch blade

10. Promithi High Precision Camping Wood Splitting Hatchet

Promithi 13 Inch Camping Hatchet Outdoor Hunting Survival Hiking Etched Wolf Head Stainless Steel Tactical Axe image

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Although new to the market, Promithi Camping Hatchet has made a big name due to its good quality and greater precision camping hatchets. The length of the product is 13 inches, and the weight is 6 lbs only, which makes it a good portable tool to carry to places of interest. This hatchet also comes with a nylon head sheath with a snap cover and a hole at the end of the handle for lanyard attachment or hang-up hook. The building material of the blade used in this tool is forged with high carbon alloyed steel, and what astonished us was the hardness of up to 56 HRC.

Another good thing is that the Promithi Camping Hatchet has two sides, a curved surface for splitting and a chiseled surface for picking. This makes it easier for the user to serve both the purpose using one tool only. The handle is made up of strong sandalwood with edged blossoms to make it look ergonomic and aesthetic. The wolf-edged head adds a new dynamic to the product. Last but not the least, this hatchet ensures optimum durability and long-lasting effects. But one should keep in mind that this is not available to people below the age of 18 years. Nevertheless, it is indeed a good camping hatchet because of all the quality features it offers.


  • Promithi Camping Hatchet comes with a nylon head sheath with a snap cover and a hole at the end
  • It is crafted and beautifully forged with high carbon alloyed steel and curved at the sides
  • The company guarantees long-lasting properties and resistance to unwanted corrosion
  • The size of the hatchet is 13 inches, and the weight is 6 lbs only

11. Schrade SCAXE2 Portable Small Axe Wood Handled Hatchet

Schrade SCAXE2 3.8in Blade and Glass Fiber PA and TPR Rubber Handle 11.8in Stainless Steel Small Axe image

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The Schrade hatchet is a small axe with dimensions 15×7×2 inches making it portable and easy to carry. The axe weighs nearly 1.4 pounds which is very lightweight and is available only in the shade of grey. The blade is made up of stainless steel and can be sharpened using a file easily. The head has titanium-coated stainless steel with a hammer pommel on the back of the blade. We truly admire the handle made up of black glass fiber and its ergonomic black TPR rubber grip. This prevents the hatchet from slipping and hence providing extra safety.

Schrade axe consists of an extra-long Ferro rod with a lanyard that stores inside the blade. A thermoplastic belt sheath also accompanies this blade of the hatchet for extra protection. The head is strategically sharpened to provide thorough contact and prevention of extra work. The thermoplastic handle present in the hatchet ensures that it is shaped to fit perfectly in hand for a precise grip and a solid and balanced contact while using the Schrade hatchet.


  • Pommel is at the back of the blade, and a Ferro rod is in the hatchet’s handle
  • The weight of the item is 1.4 pounds and is available in the shade of grey
  • Dimensions is 15×7×2 inches which makes it portable
  • The blade is made up of stainless steel material

12. Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet Camp Axe

Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE 415 Wildlife Hatchet 13.50 Inch Axe image

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Gransfors Bruks Wildlife hatchet is a typical axe mainly used for camping and trekking. The length of the hatchet is 13 inches, and the weight is only 1.3 pounds. The handle is of good quality, top-notch wood to provide a firm grip and ensure greater durability of the wildlife hatchet. In addition, Gransfors Bruks Wildlife comes with a protective sheath gear which is surprisingly made up of vegetable-tanned leather and not the usual animal skin ones. This makes the product environment friendly and a good diversion from using the animal skin leather sheath.

This hatchet is a traditional camping and scouting axe specifically designed to serve the purpose in a better way. The main manufacturing unit of this hatchet is in Sweden, and all the hatchets are produced in the factory outlets of Sweden. The backside of this tool is given a detailed, round shape for the ease of holding it by hand. However, a distinctive feature that took our interest was the hatchet handle, which is longer than the usual hatchets of similar types. What made us love this product is that Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet comes with an axe book having all the instructions for using it.


  • Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet is a traditional camping and scouting axe for outdoor usage
  • The dimension is 13 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds
  • A protective sheath comes with the wildlife hatchet on a vegetable-tanned leather surface
  • The handle is matte polished to ensure maximum grip

13. Estwing Sportsman E24A Axe for Camping

Estwing E24A 14-inches Camping Hatchet Sportsman_s Axe image

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Estwing Sportsman Axe E24A is one of the best budget axes available in the global market. The length of the axe is 14 inches, and the weight is 1.91 pounds in total. It comes in a variety of three beautiful colors, namely, steel, leather, and leather special. The handle of the blade is made up of pure leather for optimum grip and prevents slipping. This total hatchet is forged in a single piece to become more durable and resistant to dust, moisture, and unnecessary corrosion. This hatchet is ideally designed for cutting wood, small trees, branches, kindling, and splitting different logs of wood. Depending on the length of its blade, Estwing’s cutting edge has two depths, one 2.75 inches, and the other 3.25 inches.

Like the other hatchets from the same company, this axe also comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath to protect the blade. You can also sharpen the blade with your hand with the help of a file or other similar tool. We loved it the most because there is a perfect pitch balance between the head and the body, and the weight balance is also very good. This enables a smooth and swift strike of the blade, and in most cases, the splitting or cutting is done in a single stroke only. The blade of the Estwing Sportsman Axe is made up of the finest stainless steel of the Western region to provide good quality products.


  • The handle of Estwing Hatchet is sanded and lacquered for a comfortable yet durable finish
  • The handle and blade is crafted by hand, which makes this product unique
  • The 2.75 or 3.25 inches edge comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath for protection
  • The Estwing Sportsman Axe is tempered heavily to provide better function

14. Gerber Gator 22-41420 Combo Axe Multi Tool Hatchet

Gerber Gear 22-41420 Gator Combo Axe II image

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Gerber Gator Combo Axe II comes in a packet of two. One comprises the main hatchet, and the other comprises a knife, the quality of which had mesmerized us. The hatchet is 15.60″ long and has a forged steel head for durability and greater striking force. There are mainly two sides of the head, one being the blunt side used as a hammer and the other sharper edge for cutting, splitting, or kindling. The Gerber Gator Combo Axe II is attached to the main sheath via a magnet which we found very new and unique. This is done to ensure an easy and secured transport to prevent harm to the blade or the person using it.

The handle is made up of glass-filled fiber that contains a hidden coarse blade to cut or split. The hatchet weighs around 26 oz. Another thing that we noticed was that the handle is quite long compared to the other hatchets of similar types. This is mainly done to ensure higher precision and a maximum striking force to cut or split the wood. The handle also provides a very comfortable grip in wet and muddy conditions, which is why this hatchet is one of the best buy products.


  • The handle of this Gerber Gator Combo Axe is longer than the usual ones to enable maximum striking force
  • The handle is glass filled with a hidden coarse blade saw of length 10.24″ for cutting or splitting
  • Gerber Gator Hatchet consists of a forged steel head for durability and a greater striking force
  • This axe is attached to the sheath via a magnet to ensure easy and secured transport

15. Husqvarna 13 inches Lightweight Wooden Hatchet

Husqvarna 576926301 13-inches Wooden Hatchet image

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Husqvarna Wooden Hatchet is 13 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width, and 0.98 inches in height. The measurements are ideal for carrying the hatchet outside for different purposes. The weight is 2.2 pounds only. Even though it is lightweight, the hatchet works as a heavy-duty piece. This hatchet is supremely designed for the use of it in firewood, camping, and garden work purposes. The handle is high-quality hickory wood imported from the United States, and the blade is stainless steel manufactured in Sweden. This whole thing adds durability and a new dimension to the product.

The Head is attached to the body of the hatchet using both wooden and steel attachment for ensuring a firm grip and greater fastening. A leather sheath accompanies this hatchet for protection against rust and unwanted corrosion. The length of the handle is again a bit long from the usual hatchets to provide larger space for holding and greater accuracy in striking. It also enhances the striking forces and increases the speed of the stroke, as we found while testing. This is a small, lightweight, and easily attainable hatchet that will stay for a longer period with little maintenance.


  • The Head of the hatchet is attached to the body using both steel and wooden grip for maximum fastening
  • Dimensions is 13×6.5×0.98 inches, and the weight of the hatchet is 2.2 pounds
  • Hickory wood handle and stainless steel provide the hatchet a robust and exceptional build
  • It is mainly designed for firewood, camping, and garden work

Buying Guide

Before you buy a hatchet, you must have basic, preliminary knowledge about it. So to help you, we have specially created a guide which covers almost all the aspects you have to know about a hatchet. You will get a glimpse of all the answers to the questions which will run through your mind while getting yourself a hatchet. This buying guide will help to shop for the best hatchet according to your needs.

What is a Hatchet?

A hatchet is a single-handed tool with shorthand and a sharp blade on the side for wood chopping or survival. Some hatchets have a hammer or a spike on another side for multi-purpose use. The blade usually made of stainless steel of good quality, attached to the composite handle or the wood. The handle is long or short, depending on the type and purpose of the hatchet. Most of the hatchets come with a protective sheath to protect the blade from corrosion.

What is a Hatchet Used for?

Hatchet, a tool mainly used for cutting and splitting wood into pieces. It is a single-handed tool which makes it handy and comfortable to use. However, one can also use it for carving, cutting small trees, building treehouses, driving tent stakes, creating fire with the help of friction and spark. A hatchet also used in splitting, kindling, and creating tinder. These days, most of the hatchets used for camping as they effectively prepare the base camp and chop wood to ignite a fire. You can also use the hatchets for gardening purposes.

How to Use a Hatchet?

  • First, place the wood that you want to cut on the chopping block. A chopping block should be firm, or you can use a sturdy table or a wood base for the same. 
  • Mark the point where you want to place your hatchet and measure the distance from the cutting point to your standing point.
  • Lower yourself onto one knee in front of the chopping block for good balance and proper vision.
  • Place one hand on the side of the wood to have a firm grip, and make sure that you hold it tight.
  • Now bend your elbow, aim carefully and chop the wood.
  • Make sure to tame the uneven surfaces of the wood to ensure a smooth surface.

Who Makes the Best Hatchets in the Market?


Fiskars Hatchet is one of the world’s oldest companies, established in 1649 in Finland. They make one of the finest hatchets in the market. They have perfect weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp blade, and a virtually unbreakable design to maximize performance and experience.


Estwing Hatchet mainly specializes in manufacturing different kinds of axes, hatchets being one of them. Their hatches have a very sharp and precise blade which makes them distinct from other brands. The hatches are also tough, reliable, having a leather sheath. Moreover, they come with a very comfortable handle to have a firm grip.


Gerber Hatchet, formed in the year 1939 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Their main formula is quality, reliability, and innovation, which they carry in every product. Their hatchets are unique and innovative, with the good edge retention and slim profile sheath. The blade has an extra coating to ensure a sharper edge.

How to Sharpen a Hatchet?

  • You can sharpen hatchet using three main tools: a grinding wheel, a mill file, and a sharp stone.
  • Use the filling to make the edges smooth, whereas use the grinding wheel to remove excess potion of steel.
  • To sharpen a hatchet, hold it by hand or place it on a firm base and gently move the available tools in to-and-fro motion.
  • Once you get your desired sharpness, remove the excess steel.

Types of Hatchets


A splitting hatchet is the toolthat has sharp blades to cut through timber fibers. It is used to cut wood in a vertical position with a single downward stroke. They are designed so that the head of the hatchet does not get stuck between the wood. They are usually small in size with long handles and hence are easily portable.


Utilitarian hatchets are the most versatile ones used for carving and splitting smaller kindling. They are made for finer tasks with a good finish because of their sleek design. The utilitarian hatchets have a very thin and more distinctively tapered head which aids in the function of the hatchet.


As the name suggests, backpacking hatchets are portable and lightweight, making them one of the most loved types. They have a flat head compared to other hatchets and considered one of the important tools to carry. But while splitting or chopping wood, hatchets for backpacking are not as compatible as other hatchets are.


Tomahawk hatchets named after the weapon called ‘Tomahawk,’ used by the tribal indigenous natives of North America. These hatchets have shorter blades and comparatively longer handles than the others. They also have a spike that comes off from the back of the blade. Tomahawk hatchets are useful tools when it comes to camping or bushcraft.

What is the Difference Between an Axe and a Hatchet?

A hatchet is a one-handed tool, whereas an axe requires both hands for optimum pressure. Hatchet mainly used for cutting and splitting wood, whereas Axe used on large trees or Lew lumber. The size of the hatchet makes it easier to squeeze into narrow spaces as it has a comparatively lower backswing than the axe, which requires a greater space. Comparing the sizes of a hatchet and an axe, hatchets are more portable and easy to carry over different spaces.

How to Split Wood with a Hatchet?

  • First, place the wood on a chopping block and mark the position of the cut.
  • Measure the distance from your standing point and bend on one knee to have extra support.
  • Hold the wood with one hand and imitate striking a few times to ensure proper placement. Once everything is set, strike the wood with a good force to split it.
  • Once the wood is split, remove the excess pieces using a duster.

Features to Consider While Buying a Camping Hatchet

When you are purchasing a camping hatchet, there are few features that you need to keep in mind so that the selected product caters to all your needs. The most considerate parts of the hatchets are blades and handles. However, you should not ignore the size of the hatchet. Portability is another important aspect one should look for if a person is buying a hatchet for the sole purpose of camping.


Well, this has to be the most important feature of a camping hatchet to consider while buying. The entire usefulness of a hatchet is mostly dependent on the type of blade that it comes with for camping, splitting, or carving purposes. However, most of the blades are from stainless steel. Unfortunately, few are also of similar materials that are not easily distinguishable from the original steel. So it is crucial to look for the exact material of which the blade is made to ensure smooth service.


The next important feature to look for before buying a camping hatchet would be the size. Since the purpose is mainly for camping, it is necessary to have a portable hatchet. By portable means, the size of the hatchet should be small, yet it should be properly functional. The preferable axe for this would be the best backpacking hatchet that is small in size but effective in the work of camping.


Handles are important for any hatchet as they act as a connecting medium. They bind the head of the hatchet together and provide a firm grip. Without a proper handle, it is quite impossible to use a hatchet effectively. Also, before buying, check the quality and the type of wood used to make the handle. Because most of the time, to improve the blade, the quality of the handle is overlooked.

Additional Accessories

Most camping hatchets or other hatchets of every kind come with additional accessories like the guide book, the pouch to keep the hatchet, cleanser, and a sharpener to sharpen the blades edges. Even though it is named additional, while carrying a hatchet for camping purposes, these accessories will be of utmost importance. They will be an aid in carrying out the entire process of camping.


Although it is considered that carpentry tools might not have a warranty period, that’s completely a misconception. There are several good brands which offer a good warranty period. However, there are chances that the blades get rusted, or there are some other manufacturing defects. So to combat those problems, a warranty is required so that the company replaces the defective one with a fresh, new piece.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to make a hatchet?

1. Draw the blade of the hatchet on temperable steel and cut it out without any extra traces.
2. Draw two holes on the sides and then heat it until the blade is red hot.
3. Hammer it into shape and immediately immerse it into cold water to solidify the blade.
4. Carve out a wood handle and then join it to the blade, and you can also customize the shape and size according to your desire.

Q. What is the best survival hatchet?

The Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet is the best survival hatchet, which is lightweight, effective, and helps wildlife survival.

Q. Where to buy a hatchet?

A hatchet can be bought either from the carpentry stores in the local market or can be directly ordered online from electronic commercials like amazon.com or the respective sites of renowned brands.

Q. How much does a hatchet cost?

The cost of a hatchet generally differs according to its brands, sizes, and blades. However, a standard hatchet costs between $25 to $50. The price majorly depends on the quality and the purpose of use.

Q. Can a hatchet split wood?

Yes, a hatchet can split wood because one of the main functions of a hatchet is to cut and split a block of wood into pieces.


Hatchets have become one of the most demanded tools in the market due to their versatility. Several new and important brands manufacture different types of hatchets. But while purchasing, one should keep in mind all the features to consider and the purpose of buying the hatchet. We hope the detailed review of the 15 top-rated hatchets available in the market is helpful for you. So make sure you go through the features and length of the hatchet for easy use.

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