9 Safest Grout Cleaners/Sealers for Shower of 2022 – Ensures Clean Bathroom Floors

Best Overall

Clean-Eez Grout-Eez Grout and Tile Cleaner

Clean-eez Cleaning Products 8541814367 Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty Tile _ Grout Cleaner and whitener 2 Pack With FREE Stand-Up Brush image
  • 1 bottle of Grout-eez cleans approximately 250 sq ft of grout
  • Safely stains, dirt, etc on porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Easy to use and works fast on grout and tiles

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Value for Money

Custom Building SimpleGrout Alabaster Grout

Custom Alabaster PMG333QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout image
  • Best alternative to traditional grout; no-mix and no mess
  • Highly resistant to almost all household stains
  • Shrink and crack resistant & great for grout restoration

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Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Squeeze Tube

Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed 5.5 oz White Tile Grout Squeeze Tube image
  • Perfect for all floors and walls; masonry, tile, wallboard & wood
  • Adhesive to all kinds of mosaic tiles and ceramic
  • It is very easy to use with its user friendly consistency

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Showers usage is common in our daily routine. Due to excessive water flow in bathrooms, it is mandatory to use the best grout for shower walls to prevent contamination of tiles. Since our bathroom walls are always in contact with water, there is a high chance of fungi and mold formation if you use wring grout for shower walls. Cement-based grout in bathrooms and shower floors can lead to fungi and mold formation since it absorbs water and moisture. Moisture is always formed due to hot water used, and condensation is a major reason to protect our bathroom walls with the best grout cleaner or sealer.

We are going to guide you in buying the best grout, solving all the problems we came across while choosing one. Our experience in using these tools for showers will certainly prove helpful before making a decision. We mentioned a list of products to help acquire an affordable tile and grout for your lovely bathroom. Another major focus in this review would be the cleaner we will suggest after personal use to clean grout used on tiles. This tile and grout cleaner with many features will impress you as it did for us.

1. Clean-Eez Grout-Eez Super Heavy-Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner

Clean-eez Cleaning Products 8541814367 Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty Tile _ Grout Cleaner and whitener 2 Pack With FREE Stand-Up Brush image

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Clean-EEZ Grout-EEZ super heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner impressed us very well to take first place in our list. Best grout cleaners in the market, but this one from clean-EEZ stands apart for various reasons. Bending around the bathroom to have sparkling tiles and grout can be tiresome for many. A small tool to keep us relieved from this duty will be very much helpful. This grout cleaner tool comes in a small easy to handle bottle with a brush. What’s more, is that we get 2 bottles on one purchase. Since it is in liquid form, each bottle can easily cover 250 sq. Ft of our bathroom walls or floor.

As per the manufacturer’s advice, refrain from using this on natural stones! This tile and grout cleaner can remove grease, dirt, grime, and even permanent stains that are deeply rooted. We also used the brush provided and connected it to any standard mop or broom pole. This grout cleaner returns discolored grout to its original color. This tool, as tested by us, is one of the best ways to clean grout in shower. The easy pour spout on each bottle can reach good cleaning distances, and there is no need for much time to get grouts glistening within minutes.


  • Brush provided can be attached to standard mops, and brooms pole, hand swivel on the brush helps in effective cleaning with minimal effort
  • The spout on bottles can be used for pouring cleaner on tiles and grout; 1 bottle of Grout-EEZ will clean 250 sq ft approximately
  • Dirt, grime, grease and permanent stains can be removed; results are visible within minutes with very little odor
  • Few minutes of resting time, cleaning becomes effortless with this cleaner, saves money and time for a user
  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles can be cleaned safely to remove stains, dirt etc. 
  • All types of grout can be cleaned, easy to use on white and colored grout

2. Custom SimpleGrout Pre-Mixed PMG333QT 1-Quart Waterproof Grout

Custom Alabaster PMG333QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout image

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Custom Alabaster PMG333QT 1-Quart Grout can be relied on for better bathroom walls since it is a premium option. This is one of the best grout sealers for a shower which is premixed so you can use it directly without any hassle. No more mixing tensions and mess around our house while grouting shower tiles. Ready to use grout mixes are the order of the day. Shrinking can be a major setback while using grout mixes, but this one is non-shrinking and crack resistant. Custom has introduced this premixed unsanded grout which is far superior to traditional sanded grout. We were happy since it showed resistance to a variety of stains. This resulted in long-lasting good quality grout on application. We mainly used this premixed grout for areas around bathtub corners.

We used this grout from Custom to make our bathroom safe and hygienic for use. Give it a further 72-hours drying time before using the shower further. Apply this grout to common tiles like ceramic, mosaic, quarry, stone tile etc. The best part was it has a mold guard technology to prevent unnecessary growth. You can even apply for existing grout, and no special care was required. On average, it can cover upto 34 sq ft with a 1-quart grout tub. Grout for tiling from Custom has promised superior quality with this product. It is best used for the interior only. We used it for grout joints measuring 1/16” to ½.”


  • Non-shrink, crack-resistant. Resistant to stains, maintains the same color for many years, saves money without immediate restoration
  • Protected with mold guard technology to prevent mold and fungal formation. Long-lasting, durable and superior grout is achieved 
  • Most suitable for wet areas like bathtub surrounds, shower walls, shower floor. Best results are achieved during interior use only
  • It has a shelf life of 18 months 1 quart approximately covers 34 square feet, easier to use with smaller area bathrooms and tiles
  • Premixed, ready to use, no mess while mixing, and tools for mixing not required. The best alternative to sanded grout
  • It can be used for new tile grout installation and also restoration. Administering on older grout is easy and long-lived

3. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Acrylic Grout

Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed 5.5 oz White Tile Grout Squeeze Tube image

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Red Devil 0425 Pre-mixed tile grout is worth buying to ensure waterproof grouting in bathroom and shower tiles. This is handy since this comes in a tube package. One can squeeze this pre-mixed grout out from the tube directly to the place where you want to apply it. A spouted top ensures that you are aiming and spreading the grout in the correct location. We even tried this tile grout on surfaces to protect from mold and fungi. After curing, it sticks for a long time and also is resistant to discoloring. We could use it on tiles, masonry, wood and even wallboard. Multi-material compatibility proved very useful for us. The consistency inside this waterproofing grout is user-friendly and easy to use.

We confidently used this grout for tiling purposes since you can clean it effortlessly with soap and water. No need for any special care after application. We were successful in applying the tiles ourselves without any professional help of walls or tiles. One can buy this do-it-yourself kit in packs with the best rates. It is unsanded, thus giving it long life and durability. The best part was you can use it on existing grout even to revive its quality. Since it had the best features around, we didn’t have to re-apply every few times. The capacity per tube is 5.5 oz.


  • Usable on walls and floors, tiles like ceramic, mosaic can be firmed up, wooden walls and wallboard can also be grouted with Red Devil tube
  • Water clean-up with soap is sufficient once cured. No special care or cleaners required saves money from buying extra cleaners
  • Squeeze tube type, easy to handle and use, spouted top for direct and accurate application, covers every point without missing
  • Ready to use, pre-mixed grout in a tube, no mess of hand mixing with tools, saves time during the grouting process
  • Adhesive quality is top-notch, sticks to various materials with durability and long-life, acrylic grout for fast adhesion
  • After curing sticks firmly, prevents the formation of mold and fungi on bathroom or shower tiles and walls

4. Rainbow Chalk Grout Colorant and Sealer Pen

Rainbow Chalk Markers Ltd GP81107 Black Narrow 5mm Tip Waterproof Grout Colorant and Sealer Pen Tile Paint Marker image

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Rainbow chalk grout pen is an easy-to-use pen styled tool for grouting shower walls. Since it comes in a pen design, holding and handling were easy. Storage was also easy since it was compact. We use it for bathrooms, kitchens or other rooms that include tiles in the floor or ceiling. Due to its compact nature, you can extend this pen grout tool’s uses to its major purpose of just bathrooms. There is no need to scrub the tiles aggressively by using this simple grout pen to clean, whiten, or recolor the existing grout. One can easily bring 60 meters of grout back to life using this tool. We were happy that even large projects could be done by ourselves without outside help.

With this chalk grout pen, you can even retrieve the Cracked grouts in the shower with their older look. You can get these grout pens in varying colors to suit your taste. You can use this grout pen without fear of toxic chemicals in its mix since it is non-toxic. This enabled environment-friendly grouting technology. A water-based ink was only used to protect from spots and stains. Once applied and cured, we didn’t have to get special tile and grout cleaner to keep it stain-free since this enabled the existing grout to a superior level. This pen is 5mm, and the ink from this can dry up in 30 minutes.


  • Rich colors, available in 11 popular shades, special colors like terracotta, beige, cream ivory is present, a pen can cover thin and thick narrow grouts
  • No special cleaning agents are required after setting. Just simple soap and water can be used for cleaning and removing stains, dirt, grease etc
  • Non-toxic, environment-friendly, safe-to-use, no fear of inhaling bad fumes while application, water-based formula enables quick grouting
  • One pen can cover upto 60 meters of narrow grout, dries up faster in 30 minutes. You can achieve the best results after 2 hours of curing
  • Ideal to use anywhere, bathroom, kitchen, rooms with tiles in floors or ceiling, simple to use, compact for storage
  • Clean, whiten, recolor grout to restore brightness and quality, simple solution to all grouting requirements

5. AQUA-X Professional Grade Grout Sealer for Shower Tile Floor

AQUA-X Professional 1 Quart Clear Grout Sealer Grade image

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AQUA-X commercial grade grout sealer can be used to seal grout and tile. Bathroom tile grout may require retouching after several years due to wear and tear. We used the AQUA-X grout sealer to reinforce available grout for many years to come. You can use it in several places in bathrooms, kitchens, any room with tile flooring. People with breathing problems or allergies to a few odors might find it difficult to use certain grouting tools. This sealant is odor-free, which makes it comfortable to use. The rate of coverage is around 75 square feet per 16 ounces per coat. A solid 5 years is guaranteed before the resealing process.

This best grout sealer can seal a huge area with a single bottle. No need to keep spending money and time again to seal even a small area. It comes in a bottle design to pour the sealer right across the location. We used certain spray bottles to spray sealer across floors and walls. Better to test a small area first to see adverse reactions. If any strong reaction is noticed, we suggest you stop and use other materials that are tolerant. We removed mold and fungi with cleaners before using this sealer.


  • Rinsing off is easy; mold, mildew and other dirt can be easily removed using this sealer. Cleaning tiles is no longer a hassle, as it creates a moisture barrier
  • No spray nozzle but can be transferred to a spray bottle for wider coverage, easy refills also available for instant refilling, easy to handle bottles
  • No harmful gases are emitted during usage making it safe for breathing, and foul odor is not present. Low VOCs are maintained throughout
  • Good coverage rate with 75 square feet per 16 ounces, one coat is only advised for best results, money saved due to square feet coverage
  • Mold and mildew will not further form on the application; long-lasting clean grouts on tiles and floors can be ensured
  • 3-5 minutes only for application, water-based so easy application with a lint-free cloth and good penetration

6. Sashco 15020 10.5oz MorFlexx Tile Grout Repair

Sashco 15020 10.5oz Sashco Sealants Gray MorFlexx Grout Repair image

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Sashco 15020 10.5oz grout repair is the most popular since it has a mortar texture but works wonderfully for grout repair. Waterproof grout will also require some repair in due time since tiles are contaminated by mold. Though grout does reduce contamination, repairing grout will require many sophisticated techniques. This repairing has become easier with the use of Sascho 15020 10.5oz bottle with spout. We could pour it over effortlessly using the spout and be accurate enough to reach every minute location. Durability is ensured with this grout repair technique since it compresses and stretches for a long-lasting seal. We didn’t notice any cracks, or it did not fall away after application. You can also repair cracks and other gaps with Sascho grout repair.

Since it can be loaded into a grout gun, usage was effortless. We could reach every nook and corner with its mortar texture. Weatherproofing was also done with the use of this grout repair gun. No longer need to mix up patching materials to hide cracks in walls, tiles, floors etc. Since it is mortar textured, one can achieve the cement look from grouting techniques even. This was indeed a unique type. A variety of materials is compatible with this gun, like brick, stucco, block, stone, windows, siding etc.


  • 10.5 oz capacity in one tube, covers a good range of materials, no more repeated buying of grout bottles for repair, money-saving for small- and large-scale repair
  • Building materials like chimney tuckpointing, brick, stucco, block, stone, windows, siding stick with this grout repair, money-saving for all surfaces
  • Gun type design for easy application and focussed repairing. It comes with a spouted nozzle and can be easily refilled into the gun tool
  • Easy to apply, smooth out with fingers, even novices can use without external help, blends beautifully with all materials
  • No mixing needed, ready to use, no mess with mixing agents or different tools are not required for mixing
  • Crack-free repair, even if pressure is developed, it won’t crack, dries like rubber

7. SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Epoxy Grout for Shower Floor

SpectraLOCK Pro Premium AB Full Unit Requires 9 LB (4.1 kg) Part C Carton Grout image

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SpectralLOCK Pro premium grout is better than its previous version due to its color uniformity. A uniform shade is to be maintained throughout without having to do many coats. With the help of SpectralLOCK’s grout, we achieved this feature easily. The product is also durable enough to avoid any repainting due to cracks or breakthroughs. This grout is epoxy material, which means that it is one of the best materials for shower tile grout sealer. Waterproof epoxy grout, in this case, gave us ease of installation. Once applied, it is easy to clean without any special cleaners. No need to spend extra money on getting expensive grout cleaners. We just used cloth, soap and water for effective cleaning.

The improvised formula of non-sag has been applied to this grout’s design which gave us enhanced performance. We had to consider this feature the best since all the other grouts may not fill small, narrow places. This best epoxy grout served that purpose. Another feature that impressed us was the stain-proof nature it was designed with. No need to worry about deep-rooted stains getting a hold on the applied grout for long. To remove this, we have to use an expensive grout cleaner machine.


  • Stain-resistant, hard stains don’t stay. Also, any other stain can be removed easily since it is easy to clean. Soft cloth and soaps can be used to remove simple stains
  • Color choices available separately should be mixed with Part A and B. According to Part C in the manual, we get the desired color opted for
  • Within 72 hours of application, a shower or grouted area can be used, soap or shampoo usage will not hurt the quality of grout applied
  • It should be hand mixed; it can cover about 50 sq ft of regular 12×12 tiles once mixed. Can accommodate larger when used correctly
  • Durability makes it last longer. Once cured, it stays on for years to come, money saving and time saving in grouting repeatedly
  • Easy to apply, filling up narrow places was also effortless, enhanced performance was guaranteed

8. Custom WDG5 5 lbs White Unsanded Grout

Custom Building Product WDG5 5 lb Non-Sanded White Tile Grout image

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Custom WDG5 5lbs non-sanded grout will be most preferred since it is another option considering the traditional sanded grout. Custom has made this one of the best grout for shower floors since it specializes in white grouting tiles. White-colored tiles are the biggest headache for most homes since dirt, grease, grime etc., will be visible easily. The color might also lose its brightness in due course of time. So let’s use this grout box of a whopping 5 lbs to suit all our grouting needs. Joints upto 1/8” can be cured and grouted comfortably. Indoor grouts are numerous. Outdoor supporting grouts are few, and Custom WDG5 5lbs is one of the best tile grouts for a shower in this case.

We had to mix it on our own. Measurements of water to be added were provided on the back of the tub for our verification. Stick to measurements for better results. Larger tiles would require more grout, whereas we could cover smaller tiles comfortably with this grout package from Custom. The white color gave the grout an extra attraction since we liked the shiny bright finish it gave. All narrow spaces filled with this grout sealer gave the best durable look on curing. Varying quantities are available in the market for sale.


  • Good capacity of 5lbs, which will cover a large area of smaller tiles. Refilling will also be easy, or we can buy higher quantities beforehand form market
  • The non-shrinking methodology is enforced; we don’t have to reseal regularly due to this, which saves money from buying grout sealer 
  • Non-sanded grout, preferred upon sanded version, a specialist in grouting white tiles, white suitable for all places
  • Curing becomes hard, thus sticking well to tiles or surfaces. Mainly suitable for floor and walls
  • Self-mixing, measurement to be followed for mixing is given behind the tub

9. Locite 1515861 Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk

Loctite 1515861 Polyseamseal 5.5-Ounce Tube White Tub _ Tile Adhesive Caulk image

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Locite Polyseamseal tub and tile adhesive caulk is the best grout sealer for shower tile. It comes in a tube design and is thus easy to use. Handling of the tube was also easy since 5.5 ounces of grout. You can hold the tube and achieve the narrow spaces for grouting with perfection. The spouted nib gave way to grout coming out comfortably. Simply point to narrow spaces, fill them up with grout. Wait for it to dry, our bathrooms were back to their safe and glistening corners. This caulk also specializes in tub grouting. The corners of tubs may lose their material quality due to water absorption and moisture.

This grout agent is added with extra features to remove mold and mildew from excess water usage and condensation. Waterproof tile grout from Locite has made all our troubles end concerning fungi or mold formation on sides of sinks, tubs, tiles etc. We used this on several materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, fiberglass composites, enamel, aluminum etc. Its adhesive nature was so strong that there is no need to worry about much of the materials used. Best grout for porcelain floor tiles is one of the names earned by this product. Durability was ensured upon usage.


  • Tube with spouted nib to point every nook and corner, an application was easy and accurate. No need to miss any point or apply by hand
  • Durable and flexible, no cracks developed and did not peel away or fall off after application. Curing ensured it stuck well to the material
  • Several materials like ceramic, aluminum, glass, porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, wood and plastics were compatible with this grout
  • Adhesive strength could be used in strengthening loose tiles even; just strap tiles together and correct any cracks on tiles easily
  • Less odor emitted during use, no problems for users since it was non-flammable. Comfort levels were huge during usage
  • White-colored grout, suitable for many purposes, gives a good look and excellent finish

Buying Guide

The above-mentioned sections have given all information about the best tools used for grouting a shower. We have mentioned why each product has taken its place in the list we have prepared due to its extraordinary features. However, grout for shower floor doesn’t depend only on features. Wide knowledge about grout is far more important than just knowing its details. Let us concentrate on different concepts involved in grouting shower tiles. We will discuss different types of grout, the basic features to be looked for like buying etc. In the end, all questions will have answers from this buying guide.

What is Grout?

A combination of color, cement and water forms grout. This is the basic definition in layman terms. Grout is available in a liquid form or can be mixed with water to make it fluid. This mixture is used to fill gaps between tiles, flooring, walls etc. It is mostly preferred for use in bathrooms since fungi and mold may develop between tile gaps after prolonged use of water and moisture. Grouting shower areas is of major importance to keep your bathroom healthy and hygienic. Most of the grout mixtures can be readily available or can be mixed using instructions from the manufacturer.

Basic uses are around households in showers, kitchens, bathrooms and any flooring with tiles. We can use grout basically to remove stains on tiles, remove contamination by fungi or mold. Grout gives a protective covering to narrow places susceptible to contamination from excessive moisture and condensation from water usage. Tile and Grout sealer can be obtained to secure intricate spots.

Is Grout Waterproof?

The basic definition of grout is to safeguard our bathrooms from excessive exposure. Although grout works perfectly well in damp rooms of our house, sadly, it is not completely waterproof. It is mainly moisture-proof. A shower grout sealer can be used on top of grouts to make it completely waterproof. The sealer does the job of preventing water from seeping into tiles after installation. The major drawback is when we use grout made of sand.

Once it is placed between narrow spaces, it dries up. After curing, it begins to absorb water due to its sandy material. This is one of the main reasons why consumers prefer unsanded grout. Waterproof epoxy grout is another type of grout available in markets that can provide the least water absorption rate compared to other grout types, thus giving long life and durability to tiles and walls. Going for an epoxy grout for shower is much better to save money from buying external grout sealers. In addition, epoxy shower floors will be preferred majorly in swimming pools to reduce contamination from bacteria.

Benefits of Using Best Shower Tile Grout

Grouting shower tiles have become the most wanted method to take care of our bathrooms. Imagine your bathroom reeking odor due to bacteria, fungi, and mold formation after prolonged water usage. This may lead to uncomfortable bathing sessions and cause our bathrooms to be lackluster and lose a life. As already mentioned, grout is the best way to prevent our bathroom or shower places from becoming ugly.

Best tile grout has its own benefits, and they are listed below:

  • One of the first advantages that come to mind is, best grout for shower tiles keeps your bathrooms clean and fresh most of the time.
  • Using grouts with a waterproof design like epoxy grout can prolong the tile’s life. Water will not be absorbed; thus, seepage, mold or fungi formation etc., will not happen.
  • If not for waterproof grouts, we can even use a grout sealer on top of our grout to give durability.
  • Your bathroom surfaces become stain-resistant, thus giving a clean and lovely ambiance. Stains might reduce the pleasant feeling while you are taking a shower!
  • Dirt, debris and grease will not enter tiles or under. If not taken care of, this may loosen tiles from their position during the due course. Strength and rigidity are added to the tile’s life.
  • Colored grouts can enhance the look of shower areas. With other benefits, we get beauty too!

How much Grout do I need?

Grouts are available in ready mixes as well as can be mixed after purchase. Before purchasing, a common question might arise in everyone’s mind. How much grout do I need? Let’s go about answering this in detail.

Grout works by covering spaces between your tiles to give long-lasting durability. If we are considering tiles, then you have to know certain dimensions and areas of grouting location.

It is best to know the dimensions about:

  • The total area of tiles to be grouted
  • Each tile size
  • Tile thickness
  • The gap size between tiles

These are sufficient to have a successful grouting session. Grouting shower tiles can end up laborious without any pre-planning or preparation. Use the units of length as per your comfort level. It is always best to start with mm for small information like thickness or gaps size.

Let’s perform simple calculations to determine how much grout will be required:

  1. Tile width + tile height (can be derived from tile size) – Keep this as A
  2. The gap size between tiles * tile thickness – Keep this as B
  3. A * B + 1.2 (coverage ratio of most tile grouts) – Keep this as C
  4. Tile width * Tile height – Keep this as D
  5. C / D = E (this is the amount of grout we will require in meter squared units)
  6. Once E is done, we can just multiply the total area to get the exact amount of grout required.

It is always best to keep extra grout ready while grouting since spillage and wastage should also be considered.

Types of Grout

Cement Grout

One of the types of grout, though not preferred much, is the cement shower grout for sale. It works very well with most tiling materials. The major advantage of using this grout is its consistency. Much more liquid than regular cement flows easily into cracks and gaps, thus securing the tile’s life. The major disadvantage, as noted, will be its porous nature. Few undetectable points after curing might be problematic and lead to water and dirt seeping in. Stains and mildew may be formed due to this.

High-performance Grout

Walls and tiles have been one major worrisome factor after the construction of a house. The reason is corrosion, stain formation, mold and fungi formation etc. We can use high-performance grout for easy application and are stain-resistant too. The best tile grout for shower can be chosen as a high-performance type since it is very dense and easy to clean after drying. High-performance grout can be chosen for tiles that are expensive and require superior care in the long run.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout for a shower is one of the best tile grouts due to its waterproofing design. You don’t have to use external sealers if you use epoxy grout for bathrooms. It is more popular than sanded grouts since it does not allow water, dust, dirt, grease etc., to seep in after curing. Stains and chemicals are also prevented from forming or entering tiles’ surfaces due to the presence of strong epoxy grout.

Grout vs Mortar


It is a viscous material that binds to narrow spaces, thus filling gaps rather perfectly. Grout is used mostly in binding tiles to its surface and preventing water from seeping through due to huge moisture and condensation formation. Less stiff than mortar. Water content is more in the grout, thus cannot be handled using shovel-like tools. Tubes, spray guns are the most preferred for grouting shower walls. Grouts are available in various colors as opposed to mortar. You can choose the color of our choice to build up our bathroom. Few grouts like sanded ones are porous. Water can move through small openings that can spoil the life of tiles or the material it is bound with.


Mortar is a combination of cement, sand, lime and water. Since water used in mortar is lesser than grout, mortar can be handled using tools like a shovel and other tools. The ability to work with mortar is easier since we don’t need specific tools to handle it. Mortar comes in its traditional form and color.

Setting time is more when compared to grout. The curing process also requires water. It is non-porous and hardens well after curing. Mortar is essentially used as a bonding material during construction and masonry.

How to Grout Floor Tile?

Grouting a shower can be a quick and easy process if we follow all the steps.

  1. Buy grout according to your needs. Check manufacturer’s instructions to find if it is ready-mix or has to be mixed.
  2. If it is a ready mix, no issues. Hand-mixing has to be done with careful instruction from behind grout tubs.
  3. Pour the required amount of water into the grout tub. Mix it well without lumps.
  4. Use appropriate clothing and face protection to protect from odor and toxic air during the grouting process.
  5. Apply the grout on a specialized brush or spray can or tubes with nibs to reach every narrow gap.
  6. Keep sweeping across each tile to attain a uniform coating.
  7. A sponge can be used to remove excess grout.
  8. Clean tiles after application with a dry cloth.

How to Clean Shower Grout?

Shower grouts can develop stains after long and repeated exposure to moisture. Stains, dirt, grease etc., may form on certain types of grout after a few years. To restore grout qualities, you can use a specialized grout cleaner or the best grout cleaner from the market.

If you prefer to use home-based cleaning methods, we can use baking soda or mild bleaches to remove hard stains. Few stains might require setting time from cleaning agents before removal. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used at home with baking soda to become a powerful homemade grout cleaner.

How to Grout a Shower Floor?

Grouting bathroom and shower floors follow the same methods. Best grout for shower floor can be applied to shower areas just like the rest of the bathroom tiles.

  1. Use a ready-mix or to-be-mixed shower grout. Mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Scoop out a small amount of grout and apply it to any tool used for grout application.
  3. We can even use a brush for successful grouting.
  4. The brush can be widely spread across the shower floor, holding at a 45° angle. This ensures grout is placed properly and at the correct pressure.
  5. Use a wet sponge to wipe out excess grout. The finished look is achieved only after this step.
  6. Wait for grout to set. Let the grout sit for around 24 hours to achieve the best results.

Sanded Vs Unsanded Grout – Which is Better?

Difference between sanded and Unsanded Grout

  • Sanded grout should not be used for narrow spaces. Unsanded grout is thinner and hence used for narrow gaps.
  • Sanded grout contains sand grains that may absorb water and not provide any waterproofing solution. Use unsanded epoxy grout for the best waterproof shower and bathrooms.
  • Sanded grout is thicker than unsanded grout, thus giving more durability. Shrinkage doesn’t happen in sanded grout. Unsanded grout does shrink and can be pulled away from tiles after a few years.
  • Sanded grout is not suitable for vertical surfaces. However, unsanded grout can handle vertical surfaces easily.

Make the right purchase according to the task at hand after weighing in pros and cons between the two.

How to Remove Grout?

Since grout holds itself firmly to the surface, it is being applied on, and we have to use special methods to scrape off grout from shower or bathroom tiles.

Few tools that can be used to remove grout:

  • Grout removal blade equipped tool
  • Saw with grout grabber blade
  • Rotary tool
  • Angle grinder – suitable for large grout removal
  • Manual grout removal tool – for smaller areas

Features to Consider While Choosing Best Grout for Showers

Before getting a Grout for your shower make sure to check the main considerations. These features will make sure you get a perfect shower grout for the use.

Pre-Mix or To-Be-Mixed

Pre-mixed grouts are comfortable for usage since you don’t have to mess with tubs and tools to mix grout and water. This is comfortable for many. On the other hand, we can use to-be-mixed grouts for tiling purposes. Instructions have to be followed as per the tub’s backside details. Pre-mixed are easy since you don’t have to meddle with ratios to achieve the perfect consistency. This type will flow out of tools easily as well for accurate application.

Package Type

Important information is the package type of grout brands. Grout for the shower floor is best when it arrives in tubes and spray gun bottles. Application in narrow spaces can be tricky when using external tools. A grout tube with nibs that directly fit in narrow spaces is mostly preferred for easy and accurate grouting. Bottles capable of fitting into spray guns can also be used since they are easy to refill if pre-mixed.

Sanded, Unsanded or Epoxy

Material used in grout is of great importance since we have to watch if it is sanded, unsanded or epoxy. Each type has its own benefits. Sanded can be used in huge gaps and for more durability. Unsanded can be used in places where gaps are very small and also for vertical grouting. Epoxy grout for a shower is the best solution for waterproof grouting without an external grout sealer to be used.

Cleaner for Grout

Grout can also crack or develop stains after a few years. Look for grouts that do not require external cleaning machines or tools to remove stains, dirt, grease etc. A simple cloth, soap and water routine should keep most grouts clean and fresh. If required, we can buy the best grout cleaner from markets to remove such stains that are irremovable. Cleaning is essential for grouts to maintain their look and purpose.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best homemade tile grout cleaner?

Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide is the best homemade tile grout cleaner. Use precautionary gloves and a mask while cleaning the grout.

Q. How long does it take for grout to dry?

Most grouts dry within 5 hours or less. Therefore, it is best to wait 24 – 48 hours before foot traffic inside the grouted area.

Q. What is grout made of?

Grout is made of cement, water, sand, epoxy acrylic and polymer. Unsanded grout is also available without sand-grains.

Q. What kind of grout for shower floor?

Epoxy grout is best for the shower floor since it waterproofs bathroom shower tiles completely. In addition, long-lasting tiles without water seepage are ensured by epoxy grout.

Q. Where to buy epoxy grout?

Epoxy grout can be bought from Amazon. Different brands in varying quantities and superior features are available for shipping from Amazon.


We delivered essential information about grouting showers in this review along with details about various brands from Amazon that sell perfect and best grout for shower floors. We recommend you decide based on this entire article since we need our shower floors to be fresh and clean. Hope this review helped make important decisions about grout purchasing and cleaners to restore the quality and life of applied grout.

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