The Best Goldfish Foods of 2023 – Our Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Pet lovers will constantly be on the lookout for food for their loved ones to maintain a rich and hearty diet, those who own goldfish. The goldfish are cute little ones that take up a beautiful place in our homes and increase our positive energy. Feeding and keeping them happy will be difficult if we do not know a suitable type of food to buy. Different brands in the market produce various types of food for our little pets. But, you will get confused and lookout for a way to make your choice a wise pick without making your decision regretful.

Thus, here we are to ease your decision-making process and let you pick only the best goldfish food, so both you and your pet will be happy. We will present here various products along with their quantity of food on Amazon. This will help you in choosing an exact diet for your water pets. As we all know that goldfish will become pleased if you give them treats; thus, you need to give these below-mentioned goldfish treats along with their routine diet. Most of these below commodities are reasonably priced and won’t put much burden on your budget. So, without any further wait, go on reading.

Top Rated Fish Food For Goldfish You Must Try

We have collected a list of goldfish food from Amazon that will contain various nutrients that your pet needs for its growth. This list contains all information a fish lover will need when proceeding to buy a great food brand for feeding. Fish food for goldfish may seem a small topic, but the amount of information we have gathered will get you thinking in all dimensions.

12 Best Goldfish Food Reviews in 2023


Tetra 77025 TetraFin 0.42-Ounce 85 ml Goldfish Flakes image

Tetra 77025 TetraFin

  • Diet for Optimal Health
  • Health-enhancing ProCare
  • Easy to digest
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Wardley 4332401555 3-oz Goldfish Flakes image

Hartz Wardley Fish Food

  • Ideal protein-to-fat ratio
  • High-protein fish meal
  • Better nutrition
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


TetraFin Plus 77245 1-Ounce Goldfish Flakes image

TetraFin Plus Flakes

  • Clean water maintained
  • 1 oz capacity bottle
  • Compact for storage
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


API FISH 834A 0.36-Ounce Goldfish Food Flakes image

API GoldFish Flakes

  • Balanced nutrition
  • 30% less ammonia produced
  • 0.36 OZ bottle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes image

TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Aroma and flavor of real shrimp
  • Food floats for long
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Aqueon 100106040 0.45-Ounce Goldfish Flakes image

Aqueon Goldfish Flakes

  • Ideal for Daily feeding
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Can be used in ponds
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Tetra Pond 16359 4.94-Ounce Koi Vibrance Soft Sticks for Fish image

Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance

  • Nutrition for energy
  • Floating sticks
  • Highly Digestible Food
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Aqueon 100106053 5.8 Ounces Goldfish Granules image

Aqueon Goldfish Granules

  • Natural ingredients and colors
  • 5.8 oz bottle with package
  • Slow-release granules
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Hikari 42055215039 0.88 Ounces Fish Food image

Hikari Fish Food

  • Disc type wafer
  • Easily digestible
  • Highly nutritious
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Kaytee 100033588 3-lb Koi Fish Food Pellets image

Kaytee Koi’s Choice Premium Fish Food

  • Great for Koi, Goldfish
  • Highly digestible for less waste
  • 5 pounds bag
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


API 841C 7.9-Ounce Bottom Feeder Pellets with Shrimp Fish Food image

API Bottom Feeder

  • Easy digestion
  • Pond and tank feeder type
  • Pellet type food
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Fluval A6577 1.59 oz Bug Bites Tropical and Bottom Feeder Formula Fish Food Salmon Granules image

Bug Bites Tropical Small Granules

  • Ponds & Tanks compatible
  • 1.59 oz for each container
  • High in multiple proteins
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1

1. Tetra 77025 TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

What We Like?

  • Tank does not become cloudy
  • Less waste, tank remains clean
  • 0.42 ounces with each pack
  • Nutritional diet included
  • Flakes consistency
  • Easy to digest

Tetra 77025 Tetrafin Goldfish flakes take the top-most position in our list. This brand has offered nutritional and whole meat for goldfishes. The label on it includes a set of ingredients like ground brown rice, dried yeast, shrimp meal, wheat gluten, etc. We got 0.42 oz weight with this small can. Flakes from Tetra guarantee optimal health when fishes are fed with them. Added ingredients will increase the resistance power to diseases in goldfish. These goldfish flakes, when administered inside the tank, results in less waste. Due to this, our tank could be kept clean even after repeated feeding.

Tetra has produced this pack in coordination with top biologists, chemists, and nutritionists who have studied and discovered the type of food acceptable for fish. We were delighted since the fishes got their tasty meal with nutrition. It is best to go through the entire instructions on its label. You can use these flakes in an aquarium as well, and fishes just love it. Goldfish will easily digest them without leaving any residues behind. Moreover, an aquarium’s water won’t become cloudy or ugly with these flakes’ addition.

2. Wardley Premium Goldfish Flakes

What We Like?

  • Clean water maintained 4555
  • Flakes fortified with Vitamin-C
  • 3 ounces of flakes in one bottle
  • No cloudy water after feeding
  • No artificial colors added
  • Less wastage of flakes

We know that you care for your goldfish a lot, and you don’t want to feed it any harmful or not-good items. That’s why we have brought to you these Wardley flakes for goldfishes. The best part we noticed is this Hartz Wardley Fish Food absolutely free from artificial colors. Yes, colors derived from ingredients are natural. Feeding goldfish with this jar will be easy since it will be convenient to store them nearby the tank after use. One main advantage of these all-natural chips is, they won’t make your aquarium look cloudy.

These flakes from Wardley are maximized on proteins through their ingredients. We could also see considerably less wastage after feeding since fish can easily digest these chips more gladly. Basic ingredients are fish meal, soy flour, corn gluten meal, dried yeast, vitamin C sources, etc. And, all these components will help your pet build great immunity and resistance. Once our aqua buddies began to eat these flakes from Wardley, they continued to maintain their shiny skin color. Goldfish diet, when given with these good nutrients, they thrive longer and healthier.

3. TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes with Algae Cleaner Water Formula

What We Like?

  • Helped maintaining health and color of fishes
  • Nutrients added with algae meal
  • Suitable for all age group fishes
  • Clean water maintained
  • 1 oz capacity bottle
  • Compact for storage

Tetrafin Plus flakes for cyprinids take its position in this best goldfish food due to the inclusion of top nutrients for our fish’s longevity. These flakes are infused with algae which fish love to have. The bottle is 1 oz in capacity to serve you well for a considerable time. On top of regular nutrients like dried yeast, ground brown rice, shrimp meal, etc., algae will prove to increase the mental and physical growth of your pets. Carrying this bottle was easy since it was compact and lightweight. Thus, you can take this to small ponds nearby to feed fishes there. We could feed all age groups of fish with these pieces.

The best food for goldfish at home will become very easy with these algae flakes from Tetrafin. They will continually maintain fishes’ health and color in a natural way. Besides, there will be no kind of indigestion issues since all these bits are free of artificial elements. Tetrafin has made this as a staple diet for fishes with appropriate ingredients that they won’t be able to resist. The pro-Care formula used in this feed ensures a fish’s immune system and longevity. Algae matter added increased digestion in goldfishes. An easy-to-carry bottle, effortless pulling out flakes from it, and digestible chips all make your money worthy.

4. API GoldFish Flakes Fish Food

What We Like?

  • Vitamin C and garlic powder added to enhance immunity
  • Nutritionally enhanced protein
  • Tanks are clean after feeding
  • No complications in digestion
  • 30% less ammonia produced
  • 0.36 ounces bottle

Right after feeding your fish, you are left with a tedious task of cleaning your aquarium. To resolve that issue, you will need these API fish food flakes that help maintain a clean environment in a tank. This compact bottle of bits weighs 0.36 ounces which will be enough to feed your Genus Carassius for long. Bigger-sized bottles are also available for purchase from Amazon. Goldfish nutrition will be kept intact with this bottle of flakes from API. Optimal protein incorporated in its making will prove to make your dear ones strong. Unique ingredients like squid meal, pea protein, cane molasses, turmeric, etc., are present for great taste. According to our analysis, most Carassius produced 30% less ammonia, thereby keeping their surroundings healthy and neat.

Components added to formulate this product are mostly found in a fish’s natural habitat. Thus, our pets were comfortable eating them and increased their well-being considerably. We didn’t have any piscis falling sick, and their immunity to diseases increased multifold. Their original color and their shiny coat continued to glisten. It is best to feed your aqua buddies twice a day with these flakes. Vitamin-C supplements are present, which greatly constitute to boost immunity. Garlic powder enhances taste making your Carassius more than eager to consume.

5. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

What We Like?

  • Cleaner and healthier tank maintained 
  • Real shrimp added to attract piscis
  • No weird smell from flakes
  • 0.42 ounces bottle
  • Food floats for long

TetraMin Plus has brought its edition of tropical flakes earning more pet love. Natural shrimp food intensifies flavor, making your cyprinid get excited and energetic. Goldfish feeding has never been so easy with this bottle since it weighs just 0.42 ounces in one package. There are heavier packages also in Amazon accommodating various customers’ needs. Basic components involve a fish meal, dried yeast, wheat gluten, shrimp meal, feeding oatmeal, potato protein, etc. Hence, there is no doubt in agreeing that these chips will cater to all needs of your Genus Carassius.

We noticed that flakes, once added, did not collapse to a tank’s bottom and are sturdy enough for fishes to eat. Aroma and flavor that arises from these shards attract them since these are found in their natural habitat. Presence of algae gives a proper and balanced diet that a piscis needs. This pack renders a variety of purposes like ponds, tanks, aquariums, etc. This meal floats on for a considerable amount of time for fishes to feed on later when they are hungry. We suggest this meal for beginners who have recently bought a cyprinid as their pet.

6. Aqueon Goldfish Flakes

What We Like?

  • Good flavor with no artificial colors
  • 0.45 bottle, compact for storage
  • Nutrients added for healthy diet
  • Maintains color of fishes 
  • Clean tanks all the time
  • Can be used in ponds

If you are searching for a healthy goldfish substitute, then Aqueon flakes are just the things that you need. These bits come with good flavor and natural color without posing any harm to your loved ones. Weighing just 0.45 ounces, it will be effortless for you to carry this bottle as per your requirements. This nutritionally balanced diet is compatible with daily feeding without fear. We got nutrients and vitamins that were added, which in turn increased our piscis’ immunization. This meal did not cloud the water on administration and guaranteed clean water because of less residue. The taste is preferred among fishes that they rush to consume these chips within 2 minutes maximum.

We saw that on constant use of this meal from Aqueon, the bright golden colors of Genus Carassius were intact. In fact, their color looked magnified, impressing us. Resistance to diseases is a cherry on top. The best part was no artificial colors were added. Ingredients used contribute to natural colors. This bottle can be compatible with ponds even. A well-packaged bottle lets you scoop out flakes with your hands easily and drop them off into tanks. The taste is preferred among fishes that they rush to consume these chips within 2 minutes maximum.

7. Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Pond Fish Food

What We Like?

  • Feed daily when tank’s temperature is above 500
  • Clean water and surroundings
  • Suitable for pond fish too
  • 4.94 ounces bottle
  • Soft sticks type
  • Easy to digest

These sticks from Tetra Pond Koi are easy to digest, becoming ideal for all types of Genus Carassius. All sizes of goldfish and all age groups can feed on these sticks. A considerably large-sized bottle weighing 4.94 oz will be given to you upon purchase which lasts all your piscis appetite for longer. Added premium nutrition renders your aqua buddies with vibrant colors. We can guarantee you that this meal will enhance their immunity to fight against diseases. These sticks float well on the water without sinking down, thus enabling fish to grab a bite when necessary.

The usage directions as given on the Tetra Pond Koi label will guide through feeding at all times. Basic elements used are corn flour, fish meal, wheat starch, dehulled soybean meal, feeding oatmeal, etc. Ornamental pond species will gulp these sticks down since they have enhanced flavor profiles too. Even outdoor fishes will love to try these sticks. Being made of High-quality, these sticks were designed to give clear water even after feeding. Therefore you will be free from frequent cleaning of tanks for maintaining a hospitable environment.

8. Aqueon Goldfish Granules

What We Like?

  • Clean tank and surroundings intact
  • Natural color and ingredients used
  • Can be used in ponds as well
  • 5.8 oz bottle with package
  • Slow-release granules

The life of pets is not only a great concern, but also it demands effort from us. So, it is of high importance for us to take relative measures to give them healthy and tasty food. Aqueon seems to understand this situation well, which is why it has come up with these granules. These Genus Carassius granules got their position in this best goldfish food pellets list as they consist of many nutrients, including those ingredients that fish love to have. Besides, you can feed your pond critters as well with this meal. This slow release fish food from Aqeuon came in a bottled typed packaging with 5.8 oz. On its label, it is stated that daily feeding can give satisfactory results. Formula applied to create this diet is a special one, thus minimizing wastage. Small amounts of feeding is preferable.

While reviewing it, we were impressed by this food as our piscis vanished them within a few minutes. The type of granules that came with this package was a slow-sinking type. We noticed that food reached the tank’s bottom very slowly, thus allowing fishes to eat at their leisure. When fed as directed, you will achieve great results. Immunity and nutrition are both the main goals of these bits. Sufficient resistance that gives the ability to face various diseases is appreciable. Moreover, these granules improved our species color and made them look more vibrant and strong. Thus, we can say that this diet will definitely improve your fish’s well-being along with making them look more beautiful. Visible changes will catch your eye, which is something that Aqueon is proud of.

9. Hikari Sinking Wafers Fish Food

What We Like?

  • Specifically designed for sinking and bottom feeders
  • Goof flavor profile irresistible for fishes
  • Sinks gradually rather immediately
  • Disc type wafer
  • Easily digestible
  • Highly nutritious

Hikari goldfish food produces unique disc-type wafers attracting and making sea critters to consume. These fall very gradually and can be best used for bottom feeders. Since they become soft by sinking gradually, you can be assured that your pets that love to stay bottom will get an enjoyable and tasty diet. As they go down, it is easier for fishes to gulp them down and digest them well. We found these highly balanced wafers’ flavor good making our cyprinids irresistible. The uniform sinking of discs took place inside our tank. Sinking goldfish pellets from Hikari is available on Amazon and in varying quantities. We could either tightly close this packet after opening or transfer its contents into a bottle for further use.

Fish silkworm puree, dried seaweed meal are some core elements that undoubtedly lead to your aqua buddies eating this diet more excitedly. Superior nutrition with vitamin C along with other minerals and vitamins infused in this meal is acceptable in tanks, ponds, aquariums, and lakes. Though it is a disc-shaped diet, even small fishes can eat without much trouble. Extreme digestion of your pets is, thus, guaranteed. Furthermore, no clouding nature will eliminate any tedious tasks of cleaning aquarium tanks frequently. Fishes remain active after consuming these wafers; hence, your money is worth it. These are fitting for all life stages of Genus Carassius, including other species like catfish, loaches, and goldfish vacation feeders.

10. Kaytee Koi’s Choice Premium Pond Fish Food

What We Like?

  • High-quality fish food for all once or twice a day
  • Clear water and clean surroundings
  • Color of fishes maintained
  • Floating fish food
  • Best for ponds
  • 5 pounds bag

Our regular visits to ponds near our houses can be more pleasurable with the use of this fish food. Kaytee’s Koi meal is specifically designed for pond critters. Fishes at pools nearby will become friendly and expect you to bring this fish food often. They will also easily digest and not leave any leftovers, thus making a pond dirty. Clearwater can be kept intact without any pollution happening from this kind of food. Hikari cyprinid diet comes in varying quantities, and this bag of food weighs 5 lbs. We can use this for months together, depending on our number of pond trips. These chips’ usage can be extended to tanks and aquariums. We can also use it in tanks and aquariums.

This is a floating time release fish food and will be useful for aqua critters to slowly and steadily munch their food as they wish. They can also wait to take their turns to eat when they are hungry. Pet lovers prefer these all-season bits since they don’t have to keep bottles of changing fish diet for each season. Our fishes on eating this type of food remained healthy with good growth. We suggest you keep a check on your tank’s water temperature. In addition to water, fishes will consume the bits within minutes. Granules-type fish meal is a great hit among fishes as it is easy to digest.

11. API Tropical Sinking Pellets Fish Food

What We Like?

  • Bottom feeder as sinking type of food
  • In 30-minutes all food will be eaten
  • Shrimp flavor added for good taste
  • 7.9 ounces of bottle type container
  • Pond and tank feeder type
  • Pellet type food

API bottom feeder is in a pellet form, and it comes in a 7.9 ounces container. On consumption of this food, fishes produce less ammonia to have safe and sound water. Surroundings can be well maintained, and fishes will be active and healthy. Optimal protein included in it creates an optimal environment. Sinking fish food from API is more suitable for bottom feeder fishes. 50 years of expertise has made sure that quality food is being given to fishes. Its container is in a bottle which we can store easily. We can even take these bottles to a nearby pond to feed fishes. Ingredients are whole menhaden fish meal, whole wheat, shrimp meal, pea protein, etc. Shrimp flavor included in it gives irresistible flavor attracted fishes.

Slower feeding habits are some main characteristics of bottom feeders. So, this type will be perfect for them as they will search the tank’s bottom for most of time. We could also use this for feeding other bottom feeder types fishes as well. Original sources of protein are added to this food, and it gives good energy for fishes to be active and happy always. Clearer water is maintained since pellets do not make their surroundings cloudy. This made sure our fishes breathed in clean water, and all toxic chemicals are limited. In 30 minutes, the dropped food will vanish, and after checking water temperature, fishes can again feed on them. We were happy that maximum absorption happened with these goldfish pellets.

12. Fluval Bug Bites Fish Food

What We Like?

  • Omega – 3 and 6 for healthy skin, scales, fins, and colors
  • Larvae and salmon recipe added to food
  • Clear water and surroundings
  • Ponds and tanks compatible
  • 1.59 oz for each container
  • Bottom feeder formula

Last but not least, here comes Fluval’s tropical fish food that includes insect larvae and salmon recipes. We noticed that the size of these granules was small, which was perfect for small and medium-sized sea critters. Genus Carassius eats this type of food well due to its increased taste. Natural colors in this diet will give us assurance that our pets will feed on harmless bits. What fishes find in their natural habitats like rivers, oceans, etc., is available in it to attract them easily. 2 containers of fish food weighing 1.59 ounces for each bottle will serve your aqua mates for a long time. This is a combination of tropical and bottom feeder formulas.

Sinking fish bits will be perfect for bottom feeders as they often search the end of tanks or ponds for consumption. This diet is rich in fiber and protein, and fishes will love this type that helps them in staying fit and active. No water clouding, and surroundings remain clean and fresh after each feeding session. Skin, scale, and fins of fishes are superbly kept with the help of this fish food due to Omega 3 and 6 presence. We saw that this fish food was fortified with essential vitamins, amino acids, and proteins for a balanced diet. This product is made in Canada with no quality compromise. No added colors or preservatives are added, and we were content that this will keep fishes free from toxic chemicals. Ingredients used are also added into it with extreme freshness.

The Best Goldfish Feeding & Buying Guide

In all the above sections, we learned about different brands of best substrate for goldfish and their remarkable features. We are sure that your decision-making process of choosing an ideal one is eased. But knowing about these isn’t just enough. Goldfish pellets for fish tanks should have more details than just brands delivering them. Now, we will look into each topic at length that gives general information about fishes and their food. Through these topics below, you will gain better knowledge about fish food and how to use them.

Are Goldfish Edible?

Goldfish are certainly edible. Few points that we would like to elaborate on this:

  • What do goldfish taste like? – Look for ingredients of the food type that you feed for a goldfish. Since what they eat derives into them, making them taste almost the same.
  • Like any other fish, you have to cook goldfish before eating.

What To Feed Goldfish Without Fish Food?

Goldfish, like any other sea critter, has a wide range of diet options. Hungrier fishes will eat away all flakes and other types of fish food quickly. This is the time for some homemade fish food for goldfish. Though as it might sound crazy, genus Carassius eat a few vegetables and other items. Let’s look at few foods from home that can serve well for goldfish:

  • Shelled peas – make sure to remove skin
  • Worms – frozen or live
  • Shrimp – frozen or live
  • Daphnia – frozen or live
  • Crickets – frozen or live
  • Boiled vegetables – small bits
  • It is better to opt for frozen food in case of worms or shrimp, since live ones may transfer any infections or diseases easily.

Are Goldfish Healthy?

Goldfish will be healthy since they are always swimming. Goldfish should be active always and not sinking or bobbing. If it is healthy, it will eat regularly and also eliminate waste regularly. A healthy goldfish can certainly live up to 10 – 15 years. A varied diet and proper water conditions will certainly keep fish active and healthy always.

Types Goldfish Foods


Most flakes are made of wheat gluten, dried yeast, shrimp meal, algae meal, squid, mussels, Vitamin-C supplements, etc. Flakes have become a very commonly used fish food type these days. Flakes float, and they will not sink down. This will help our aqua pets to eat at their convenience and is not suitable for bottom feeder fishes. This dry type of diet is suitable for consuming at least 2-3 times daily, depending on the tank’s temperature.


Pellets are a good type of fish meal, which Genus Carassiusloves to eat a lot. These food pellets can be dropped into tanks or ponds for about 2-3 minutes till they stop eating. However, it is best to check a tank’s temperature for feeding at appropriate times. These pellets will be in dry form, which sinks down that will help bottom feeders to consume efficiently.


The Goldfish gel food has to be mixed up by hand after receiving powders in packets. Gel is preferred over flakes or pellets since it can be very soft. Fancy Carassius eat moist meals more easily than hard ones, and it will lead to their better digestion. No mess in tanks since a gel-type diet doesn’t cause clouding of water. We can serve this diet with no extra aftercare.

Best Goldfish Food Brands in Market


Hikari offers science-based diets to fishes for enhancing easy digestion and help create a friendly and natural habitat in tanks. This brand specializes in creating meals for goldfish, koi, tropical fish, herptiles, etc. Being a pioneer, Hikari has a range of foods that serve immunity building and less wastage. Different types of chips with varying quantities are produced in surplus by this brand.


As early as 1951, Tetra made its mark in the fishkeeping industry. During Tetra’s reign, there were many innovations introduced which set a benchmark for today’s products. They are known for producing optimal fish food suitable for aquariums, ponds, and terrariums. Sticks, flakes are this brand’s specialties. They also offer a special growth diet to give healthy and sufficient nutrients for our aqua mates.


Fishkeeping has been the passion of API for many years. They have supported the aquatics industry for almost years now, producing some ideal meals for carassius. API has been producing fish food in various forms of flakes and pellets with superior quality. Even tropical types of food have been made popular from API. This is very useful for sea critters with a taste of natural habitat.

How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?

Goldfish can go without food for several days. These kinds of fishes are comfortable for people who are ardent travelers. Basically, Genus Carassius can be without eating from 8 days to 2 weeks at most. Hunger part gets decided by the tank temperature usually. It is best to keep tank or aquarium temperature at lower levels to reduce hunger sensations in them. If going out for long, ensure that someone’s at home to take care of them to avoid mishaps. Food for goldfish at home should be constant since you do not want your pets to go hungry under your care.

How Often Do You Feed Goldfish?

It is best to feed 2-3 times daily, keeping a fixed time frame for pet goldfishes. If visiting nearby ponds, do follow this same pattern of timely feeding. Fish food for ponds should be more in stock as there can be a large number of sea critters. As per aquariums’ concerns, it is best to feed diets that cyprinids can finish in 2 minutes. Another way to assess the amount for feeding will depend on the size of a goldfish’s eye!

What Do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish can eat a variety of meals other than fish food. It is best to get them acquainted with natural diets rather than just packaged foods to give a feeling of natural habitats like rivers or ponds. They are free to eat anything in their natural places. Kinds of foods that cyprinids eat:

  • Algae
  • Algae wafers
  • Aquarium plants
  • Worms
  • Shrimp
  • Daphnia
  • Fish pellets, flakes, and gels
  • Vegetables like peas, spinach, kale, etc
  • Oatmeal
  • Cooked rice

What Do Goldfish Eat In The Wild?

Goldfish in the wild can eat anything. Options are endless. List of foods they eat in the wild:

  • Plants
  • Insects
  • Dead plant
  • Animal matter found in the bottom
  • Small crustaceans
  • Zooplankton
  • Bugs
  • Krill
  • Shrimp
  • Algae

How To Feed Goldfish?

Points to remember while feeding goldfish:

  • Take care to select an appropriate fish food type. Do get a meal type that is rich in nutrients.
  • Dry diet is very much preferred in their diet.
  • Live or frozen meal is also necessary to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Include small amounts of veggies and fruits often.

Steps to Give Goldfish Food Substitute or Alternative Goldfish Food:

  • Open cans of fish food. Try dry type first.
  • Take 3 fingers full flakes by scooping out by spoons or by bare hands.
  • Scatter them around a tank as they will start floating.
  • Only feed them to the point they can eat in 2 or 3 minutes maximum.
  • Feed in this same way for at least 2 – 3 times daily.

How To Choose Goldfish Food?

Choose a complete meal comprising live or frozen meats, veggies, and fruits, fish foods from cans, etc., to give essential nutrients from all. Never choose only one type to satisfy your swim-pet as it cannot attain energy from a single type. We can give a mix of everything prepared at home or buy fish food and serve other types quite often. Be careful not to use items that do not support digestion. This can lead to bloating of their digestive systems. A combination of everything will keep them active and healthy always.

Features To Look While Buying Best Food for Goldfish

Food Type

It is best to know a fish food type since it will vary between flakes, pellets, and gels. Pellets are specially designed for bottom feeders as they search for meals at a tank’s bottom. These pellets will sink gradually to the bottom and thus give time for fishes to eat mid-way too. Other types like flakes and gels are mostly preferred for goldfish since they float in the water. Gel food is more moister than all other types, which is preferable.

Nutrients Added

We have to ensure that the fish diet we buy has all added nutrients. This will ensure good growth and perfect color maintenance on their fins, gills, and body. Nutrition is a must when we have to ensure that our Carassiusdon’t get sick unnecessarily. This will also increase immunity power and make sure they are active. It is best to get a fish meal that is high in natural flavors and does not have any added preservatives.

Value For Money

A container or bag we get should be value for money spent. Make sure that you acquire a pack or container that has a good weight meeting your requirements. If you make regular trips to ponds, we suggest you purchase big packs within your budget because you don’t have to keep replenishing food every now and then.

Type Of Container

Bottles or bags are common containers to pack fish food for sale. For effortless scooping of flakes or pellets, bottles come in handy. Carrying chips in bottles can also be easy when visiting ponds. Later, it can be fed directly to aquariums to feed fish well. Packs with varying quantities are useful for fish food as after opening, we can transfer them to a bottle. We can also store either type of packs compactly.

Less Waste

Fish meal for goldfish should be designed in such a way that after consumption, there should be no or less wastage. This is mainly important since residue will cloud water and render it unhealthy. Also, when wastage takes place, it leaves a foul smell later that may lead to an unclean environment.

Easy Digestion

Digestion must happen in a simple way; otherwise, our pets may develop upset stomachs. This will lead to bloating and constipation. Buy a diet with ingredients made of natural substances. Feeding goldfish peas and other boiled vegetables will be a healthy option for other fish food. Digestion will sure not be a problem when we feed homemade fish food to them.

Frequently Ask Question

What Can I Feed Goldfish?

Besides fish food from markets, we can give shrimp, peas, boiled veggies, fruits, worms, daphnia, etc., to goldfish for best nutrition.

How Many Times Do You Feed A Goldfish?

It is necessary to feed goldfish daily at least 2-3 times a day. It is best to feed when the aquarium temperature increases.

Can Goldfish Eat Betta Fish Food?

Goldfish can eat betta fish food but only in small quantities. Protein levels are too high in this type of food and may hurt goldfish.

How Much To Feed Goldfish?

Goldfish can have small amounts of food that they can eat within 2-3 minutes of dropping. Also, another measure is feeding them in accordance to their eye size.

Can You Overfeed Goldfish?

No, goldfish cannot be overfed. Overfeeding can lead to serious health issues in them, thus bringing down their immunity levels.

How Many Times A Day Should You Feed A Goldfish?

We should feed goldfish at least 2-3 times a day for good health. Maintain a particular time frame to feed at regular intervals.

Can Tropical Fish Eat Goldfish Food?

Yes, tropical fish can eat goldfish food. This food will have higher vegetable content which will suit the tropical fish diet.

Can Goldfish Eat Lettuce?

Yes, goldfish can eat lettuce. It is best to boil veggies and fruits before giving. This will certainly add the required nutrients.

Why Is My Goldfish Not Eating?

Goldfish may not be eating due to poor water quality. Also, increase your aquarium’s size because cyprinids might require bigger spaces to breathe and eat well.


This entire review focussed on goldfish food produced by various brands that are available for sale on Amazon. We saw about specific features of each brand to get better knowledge to choose wisely. Make sure to provide the best water for goldfish with its balanced diet, as per our findings, should be a complete mix of required nutrients and thus creating a flavor that will be attractive for them. We hope our review helps get the basic details about fish food for Genus Carassius.