10 Most Reliable Floor Coatings To Revitalize Your Garage

Best Overall

KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint

KILZ L377611 1-Part Satin Silver Gray 1-Gallon 4L Epoxy Acrylic Interior and Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint image
  • Water-based garage floor paint
  • 2 hours of drying time is needed
  • Ideal for uncoated concrete
  • Coverage of up-to 300-400 sq. ft.

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Premium Choice

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Paint

Rust-Oleum 261845 2-gal Gray EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating image
  • Excellent adhesive coating
  • 5 times stronger than 1-part
  • 500 sq. ft of Coverage area
  • Ready to use in 24 hours

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Greal Value

Rust-Oleum Rocksolid Paint

Rust-Oleum 318697 2.5 Car Kit Black Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating image
  • 20 times stronger than epoxy
  • Self-leveling formula delivering a clean finish
  • Up-to 500 sq. ft. coverage

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Having a beautiful garage filled with the most expensive cars is the dream of many, but that dream will miss some shine without a perfect painted floor. Often people keep a bare concrete floor that is prone to bumps and chipping off. Moreover, the overall look that you might wish for can’t be achieved without the best garage floor paint. Any regular kind of paint will not work for the concrete floor or any other kind of flooring in your garage. Normal paint will chip off in time or won’t give you the look that you are looking for.

This is why choosing an adequate one for your garage is extremely crucial, which is the motivation for us to review the top rated concrete and garage floor paint. There are many varieties available based on the kind of surface you will be using them on. Some have a latex base, while others have acrylic, based on where you will use them. Protective coverings are another option you are provided with. We are here to help you choose based on what you might need and curated a list of the best garage floor sealer for you. These are some of the best coverings from various brands, analyzed and picked by our team.

1. KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Garage Floor Paint

KILZ L377611 1-Part Satin Silver Gray 1-Gallon 4L Epoxy Acrylic Interior and Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint image

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Our first preference is a best rated garage floor paint that is water-based from KILZ Floor coatings, popularly known among customers for its durable nature. Seeing how it is highly resistant to staining and damage from chemicals, it had to be our top pick. Our suggestion would be to use it in areas that are usually hard to clean, like the basement and garages. Even the toughest stains can easily wiped off because of this paint’s easily cleanable nature. The most convincing factor for us was its durability that many garage floor paint reviews vouched for. Whether it is coated concrete flooring, uncoated, or even masonry flooring, this 1-gallon floor paint will work wonderfully.

High traffic areas are where our recommendation is for the application of this KILZ Epoxy Acrylic paint. A stain finish is what it will deliver once applied on floors or horizontal surfaces. Within two hours of painting, the floor will be usable, which surprised us here. This KILZ concrete garage floor painting doesn’t give you much effort to be made as it is renowned as a convenient one where you can recoat in just 4 hours. The one-gallon bucket is available in silver color and satin finish from its brand. The best would be to use it on a newly laid-down surface.


  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas for its high durability
  • The final result is a satin finish on all kinds of floors using the paint
  • 2 hours of drying time is needed for each coat of the floor paint
  • Coverage of up-to 300-400 sq.ft on course surfaces
  • 400-500 sq. ft. of coverage on smooth surfaces

2. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 261845 2-gal Gray EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating image

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For specific interior use, Rust-Oleum has the perfect epoxy shield formula that covers up any concrete surface efficiently. We like the very different two-part formula that is hard to come by in most epoxy garage floor sealer. But Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield is what makes this 2-gallon liquid better and 5 times stronger than 1-part floor paint. From garage floors to basement and workshops, any space with a concrete floor in interiors can be covered up by this durable garage floor paint. Within just 24 hours, the floor will be ready for use, which convinced us about its usability. Moreover, you can drive on it in 3 days, amazing right?!

These garage floors epoxy coatings come in a grey color, delivering the low VOC semi-gloss finish after complete drying. Additives can be used as well to achieve a different kind of finish. Long-lasting protection is another benefit you will receive here, in addition to the clean finish of this garage floor paint sealer. One thing that awe-struck us was how it could do all of that in just one coat with minimal odor, which is why many buyers have responded very positively about what the Rust-Oleum floor paint can do. It protects our cars from hot tire pick up hazards due to gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt.


  • Two part formula of this paint delivers a professional looking finish with an excellent adhesive coating
  • The paint is made for interior surfaces and is 5 times stronger than 1-part paints
  • Semi-gloss finish it delivers is also long lasting and protects any floor
  • Its coverage area is around 500 sq. ft. and is ready to use in 24 hours

3. Rust-Oleum 318697 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 318697 2.5 Car Kit Black Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating image

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Moving further into our top rated garage floor paint list, we are delighted to introduce you to this Rust-Oleum RockSolid. The Rock Solid Garage Floor Paint Kit by Rust-Oleum is loved by many because of the several finishes it is available in. It is not always that you would want a plain look for your garage floor, and that’s the main objective of it. For all those who are very careful of their home’s aesthetics, this Rust-Oleum non skid garage floor paint is the one we would recommend to you. It also has self-leveling features and an innovative formula to offer you.

While reviewing this Rust-Oleum Rocksolid, its concrete floor paint looks made us appreciate its overall outcome. The formula it has is also 20 times stronger than any other epoxy, while it can provide showroom quality in just one coat, covering around 500 sq. ft. We loved how it is also eco-friendly and has no odor while also being VOC-free, where we can drive in 24 hours. Any cracking or peeling will not be noticed for a long time, for it is stain resistant, with no hot tire pickup as well. Besides, the Rocksolid garage floor epoxy kit proves to be very useful.


  • It’s a very durable polycuramine concrete coating, coming in a terrazzo finish with five colors
  • Self-leveling formula of the paint is very beneficial for delivering a clean finish
  • The paint is ready for use in 8-10 hours and is 20 times stronger than epoxy
  • Up-to 500 sq. ft. coverage is what the paint provides through one floor kit

4. Armor AR500 High Gloss Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer

Foundation Armor AR500 5 GAL High Gloss Solvent Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer image

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Known for its unmatched bonding properties, the Armor acrylic-based concrete sealer for garage is a definite recommendation from our team. It has been formulated to penetrate high solids and easily work with poured concrete, stamped concrete, and even concrete pavers. We have also used it for sealing pavers, which has again turned out to be a great use; thus, we term it the best garage floor sealer. The main advantage comes from how it has been designed to seal, enhance, and protect a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. All this is there, while it can still deliver a high gloss finish that lasts longer and doesn’t turn yellow after a given time.

Once applied, any kind of abrasion that usually occurs to your floor will be eliminated by this non slip garage floor paint. Even the most faded of a concrete floor will look new with a coat of the Armor High Glass solvent. You can be assured that it will stand any abrasions, UV rays, and even varying hot and cold temperatures. We could also see why buyers love this floor paint because it doesn’t need a primer and is extremely low maintenance. For the next two to five years, no recoat will be needed of this 5-gallon high gloss finish, so you will be able to rest easy. Although, the final finish will depend on the nature of your surface.


  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, the paint can stand abrasions, UV rays, and even hot tire pick up
  • Solvent based acrylic coating of it acts as a sealer for any cracks or defaults in your floor
  • The high gloss solvent is also able to penetrate solids to provide a very clean finish
  • High gloss finish of this Armor AR500 lasts for at least two to five years

5. Liquid Rubber 20602 Foundation Sealant

Liquid Rubber 20602 Black 5 Gallon Foundation and Basement Sealant Indoor _ Outdoor Use Easy to Apply Waterproof Coating image

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We doubt you will be able to find a flexible and versatile protective finish like this one from Liquid Rubber. This 5-gallon paint is an ideal rubber garage floor paint, seeing it doesn’t just work with concrete flooring but works on all kinds of surfaces. All you need is this one-floor sealer, no matter what kind of flooring you have in your garage. The formula is highly flexible and designed with a final sealant membrane with over 900% elongation, which prevents any kind of adhesion failure. In just 48 hours you can get back to driving on it.

The eco-friendly and easy-to-use nature of this concrete and garage floor paint is another advantage that convinced us of its functionality. You won’t need to mix anything, given it is water-based. This also accounts for the fact that no harmful odors or VOCs will be present in it. Whether you have pets at home or children running around, this is one safe and the best concrete sealer for garage to use. No breathing apparatus is needed even during or after application, for both indoors and outdoors. Its matte finish is the perfect bulletproof system meant for joints, seams, and gaps that might be there on your floors.


  • This garage paint acts as a bulletproof system for vents, gaps, bridge joints and seams on any plain concrete floor
  • No mixing required to use the water-based flexible formula of this Liquid Rubber sealant
  • Flexibility of it is up to 900% elongation which makes it suitable for all kinds of floors
  • It has been designed to be an Eco-friendly paint without harmful odors or VOCs

6. Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Gloss For Garage Floors

Coloredepoxies 10002 100_ Solids 3-Gallon Kit Clear Epoxy Resin Coating image

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Meant for concrete, plywood, and bar tops, this professional-grade garage floor epoxy coating is flexible and odorless. The durability that comes from the premium grade formula is why we would recommend this Coloredepoxies resin gloss. Specifically, its nano-composite technology intrigued us a lot. Once applied, it will render our floor resistant to mold and mildew while making it waterproof as well. Any kind of chipping or cracking will not occur given a very impact-resistant ultra-premium, and super high gloss durable finish is delivered. There are many colors available, which we like, so you can pick a color based on your garage’s interiors or the look you are planning.

A complete kit with instructions will be delivered by the Coloredepoxies when you order this metallic garage floor paint. Being a water-based garage paint, its coverage comes to around 125-175 sq. ft., which is excellent for a small to medium-sized garage. Mixing it will be required; hence all instructions on how it has to be done will come with its best garage floor paint kit itself. For its high-grade glossy finish and easy-to-apply facility will let you have a fully painted and well-finished floor.


  • This garage floor paint covers 125-175 sq. ft. on varied floors like plywood, concrete owing to its 100% flexibility
  • This 3-gallon paint is able to resist UV rays, mildew, waterproofing and mold because of its ultra-premium finish
  • Free from VOC and VOHAP is harmless for interior spaces due to its nano-composite technology
  • Non-water based professional grade epoxy formulas of it are also odorless and eco-friendly

7. KILZ L378701 Interior/Exterior Slip-Resistant Concrete Paint

KILZ L378701 1-Gallon Gray Interior Exterior Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint image

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Even the old concrete floor will shine like new when painted with this KILZ anti slip garage floor paint. It is effortless to use, as of our personal experience with it during our analysis. All the hairline cracks will be filled up in just one coat of decorative paint, leaving the floor well finished and ready for us. Driveways, garages, pool decks, patios & porches can be painted very quickly by yourself with this textured garage floor paint. You just need a ¼ inch adhesive floor for application, and the rest comes with its kit delivered to your home. Any old floor with tire marks is the definite place to use this garage floor clear coat.

We were amazed to see how the KILZ garage paint added a new life to any old floor. Most floor paints are shiny, while this one has a very unique look that makes our surfaces slip-resistant. If your pool deck needs retouching, we advise you to use this speckled garage floor paint, as it can cover 50 sq. ft. with 2 coats. The long-lasting nature will relieve you for a long time while still enhancing your whole space where you apply it. Our recommendation would be to use professional tools, like a ¼” adhesive roller, while using this paint for an exquisite finish.


  • KILZ garage flooring stands hot tires, dirt, and grease making it a very durable one with a very unique look
  • 50 sq. ft. coverage in 2 coats is what the paint is able to deliver with the appropriate use of professional tools
  • This 1-gallon paint can easily fill hairline cracks while being a protective finish for concrete and other surfaces
  • It is best for slippery surfaces because it has a unique finish that makes surfaces slip-resistant

8. UNITED GILSONITE 23813 Drylok E-1 Epoxy Semi-Gloss Floor Paint

UNITED GILSONITE LAB 23813 Drylok E-1 Gallon Platinum 1 Part Epoxy Semi-Gloss Floor Paint image

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Made with the most advanced epoxy ester resin fortified formulation, this United Drylok Garage Floor Epoxy Kit creates a showroom-like look in your garage. It has a unique formula that delivers durability and quality, which we have also liked very much. In our analysis, this 1-part Drylock has proven to be one of the best garage floor epoxy paints as it goes smoothly on any garage floor, like no other paint. No mixing or any other additives are needed to achieve a fully finished look. The color in itself will be able to give you a clean look, as easy it is to clean as well. If leftover, you can store it too for use later on.

Another aspect that caught our eye is how easy this garage floor epoxy clear coat is to clean. Your garage floor won’t be far from getting stained, so this becomes a great benefit. Two mixed colors with a tint base are delivered to you after purchase and what surprised us here is that you can change its tint to 12 different colors, which is a lot of flexibility. Even specific highest traffic areas will be able to easily workaround with this epoxy paint for garage floor. A semi-gloss finish is what you will get as a result, which is great for most spaces like basements, garages, and more.


  • Extreme water retention and long duration color-retention are the biggest advantages of using the United Drylok paint 
  • Chemical resistant and low VOC 50g/l formula has been incorporated for the paint to be able to work well in high traffic areas
  • Interior and exterior surfaces can both be covered by its advanced epoxy technology
  • This floor paint ensures a durable performance with its high-quality ingredients

9. Seal-Krete 921001 Epoxy-Seal Garage Floor Paint

Seal-Krete 921001 Gallon Armor Gray  Epoxy-Seal Concrete _ Garage Floor Paint image

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Available in armor gray color, this is the best paint for garage floor you can buy for your home garage. The ready-to-use formula of this sealer works perfectly in any space where you have a concrete floor. We were also surprised to see how it works well in areas like garage floors, driveways, shop floors, basements, pool decks, walkways, patios, porches, and more. The epoxy fortified acrylic formula works wonders anywhere you apply this cheap garage floor paint, and it covers up to 500 sq. ft promptly. It is because of its formula it has excellent resistance to water, oil, grease, gas, and salt. The cleaning bit also becomes much easier for you with this epoxy garage flooring.

Most epoxy garage floor coating reviews also mentioned the excellent finish of this Seal Krete Floor Paint. Its low odor property was well appreciated, along with the fact that it is UV resistant. We could see that it was the perfect floor paint for low-traffic areas. Application is also pretty quick; in only two hours, its entire coat will dry up and be ready for use. A long-lasting premium finish that is hard to achieve with most floor paints convinced us of most of its functionality. Any chemicals or wear and tear will not let that finish fade away as well.


  • Epoxy fortified acrylic formula of this garage paint is ideal for low traffic areas without the finish fading away
  • Avoids surface scuffing, peeling, and blistering and is great for both the interior and exterior surfaces
  • This commodity is ready to use within two hours of application which is quicker than most others
  • Upto 500 sq. ft. coverage is provided by the paint along with a top satin finish

10. Valspar 81052 Premium Clear Coating

Valspar 81052 Premium 1 Gallon Clear Epoxy Kit image

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Valspar produces the best epoxy garage floor paint with a high gloss finish, designed to deliver high performance, wherever used. This is a very unique kind of high gloss finish that you can use directly on a concrete floor or over a painted floor and is almost 2 times stronger than most of its competitors. The clear benefit we could see with the use of this Valspar extreme epoxy is that it becomes a protective coating for our floor which has a very advanced bonding technology. Preparing garage floor for paint can also be tough sometimes so you can choose to simply use this garage paint.

Valspar is a leading brand in the industry, and buyers love the strong adhesion it comes with, which allows it to provide anti-peel protection. Its epoxy formula is extremely strong, meant for the highest traffic areas. Whether it is tires, oil, or petrol that comes in contact with this floor, nothing can affect the finish at the end. Painting garage floor over existing paint is possible with this Valspar premium clear coating kit. It is hard to come by, which is a sure recommendation from our side. There isn’t a better clear floor finish available in the market. The clear coat over epoxy garage floor itself is so clear and of the highest quality that anyone would love its results.


  • Anti-peel protection is provided by the Valspar epoxy kit while it acts as a protective coating for the garage floor 
  • Advanced bonding technology is the reason behind its unique finish that is available with the application
  • High glossy finish is delivered by it when it is completely dry, which is within a few hours of application
  • The final finish of this paint is unaffected by hot tire pickup as it is meant for high traffic areas

Garage Floor Paint Sealer Buying Guide

Preparing garage floor for paint can become confusing because many of us are unsure of what exactly to use that stays put on the floor. Most garage floors are concrete, which is why you need the best garage floor paint to get the job done. This buying guide will help you understand different garage floor paint types and the reason why they are important. Your decision-making process will become simpler in choosing a specific one, and so you can buy the best garage floor paint kit.

Why Should I Paint My Garage Floor?

Concrete garage floor painting can seem like an add-on task, but it has its benefits. It is not an activity that will add to extra cost for you, rather increase the life of your garage floor.

Less Dust

An unpainted floor that is rough attracts dust more than anything, which in turn requires more effort to be made when cleaning. Painting the garage floor will attract less dust, and the floor itself will create less dust, making it easier to maintain as well. Hence, garage floor coatings, when painted well in a finish of your liking, will make them more durable.

Protected Floor

The garage floor is exposed to your cars’ tires and can get bumps over time or simply chip off. This is where the best garage floor paint can become a protective coating for it, so you won’t have to redo the floor itself for a long time. These paints have durability and last for years to come, hence increasing the longevity of your floors too.

Better Aesthetics

Most homes are very well done these days, especially their interiors, and leaving our garage floor in only concrete will seem like something left unfinished. To give a better aesthetic to our entire garage, the floor can be painted as well. Rocksolid garage floor paint is also available in case you want a specific kind of finish, or you can opt for one from the many garage floor paint colors.

How To Prep The Garage Floor For Painting?

Whether you are painting garage floor over existing paint or a newly done up floor, these steps will help you prep the surface before you start painting. Better painting quality can be achieved if the floor has been prepped right.

  1. Cleaning up an entire floor is the foremost step. Use a broom to clear out all dust and then a rag to take out any oil or dirt stuck anywhere on. No debris or dirt should be left on the floor.
  2. Now you will need concrete and masonry cleaner and etcher so it can be sprayed on the floor. This step will help in better absorption of the paint by the floor.
  3. Take a plastic can which we usually used for watering plants, pour the mix in it, and then spray it all over the floor. Let it rest for 10-20 minutes at least.
  4. Vigorous scrubbing of your floor needs to be done now, so no dust is left on its surface. Paint will settle better because of this act.
  5. When scrubbing is done, rinse that entire floor with water, using a hose preferably. Make sure whatever you use allows the high-pressure water to clean.
  6. Any excess water should be taken out with a mop and allow the entire garage to dry up. That’s it. You are good to drive!

How To Paint The Garage Floor?

Painting a garage floor isn’t as tricky as it seems. The pre-painting part has to be done right, along with choosing just the right concrete floor paint. Rest can be accomplished by following these simple steps.

  1. If the floor paint you are using has been specified to be used directly on concrete, then you can start painting. If not, start with a garage floor primer paint first.
  2. The primer can be done quickly by drawing a edge around your entire garage and then just quickly filling it in.
  3. Once primer is done, start with a 2.5″ brush to paint that floor.
  4. Pour the paint into a bucket or a painting tray, depending on whether you need to add anything to it or not. Never paint in the same bucket the paint came in.
  5. Making a boundary around your garage is an ideal way to start the actual painting. This gives you a boundary to work inside.
  6. Start filling in space after you have created this said boundary. A 4′ long by 2′ wide roller will work best here.
  7. Paint one section using the wide roller and take it down to an entire length, so you have a clean section painted.
  8. Painting your floor wholly section by section can help get the job done in almost no time.

Garage Floor Paint Types


Latex paints are water-based paint formulas and come under cheap garage floor paint options. You will be able to find a wide range of colors under latex paints for floors. Latex-based paints are often known as standard paints as well and are used less nowadays, especially not when the sole composition is water-based. Although, this option can be considered for very light traffic areas.


Acrylic paints are oil-based and are the exact opposite of the latex-based mixture. The price range is also similar, and light traffic areas are where they are best put to use. A durable finish is what this paint type will be able to deliver at a low cost. Also, their application is quite easy, so the entire task of painting your garage floor becomes convenient.

Epoxy garage floor paint

Epoxy garage flooring paint is now readily available and has become rather popular as well. What is interesting is that they aren’t painted, rather a protective coating that will protect your garage floor from cracks, weathering, and more. The solution of epoxy is much thicker and also durable for this exact reason. Its cost is also not much, which is a great upside; only time will be needed for the paint to dry up completely.

Epoxy VS. Acrylic VS. Latex Paint – Which Is Best?

Acrylic and Latex floor paints are of the same family in terms of application and pricing. On one hand, acrylic paints have an oil formula, while latex paints have a water-based formula. Epoxy-based paints are more durable compared to the other two because they are rather thick in concentration. The cheapest of these will be latex paints only, followed by acrylic paints and finally, the one-part epoxies being most expensive. The use of traditional paints has only declined over time, and Epoxy formulas are being used more because of all that they can deliver. Two or three coats of acrylic or latex paint are equivalent to one coat of any one-part epoxy. Two-part epoxies are even better but less because of their high price.

Who Makes The Best Concrete and Garage Floor Paint?


Rust-Oleum has a wide range of floor paints based on their application. You will be able to find anything from latex floor paints to their very popular among reviewers, the epoxy shield. Their quality is why buyers have loved the brand till now. Not just concrete flooring, paints are available with the brand for other flooring types as well.


Known as the best brand for coatings and paints being manufactured in the region, Valspar has some very unique products that customers have come to love over time. The brand is known for the name it has built over time and the quality it has been able to deliver. Sealers, epoxy coatings, normal floor paints in varied textures and colors are available for you to choose from.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is one of the best brands to buy paints and coatings from. They have some of the most innovative painting solutions which are highly demanded across the world. Their paints have great coverage and color consistency which is why their products are very popular among many. A long-term solution for floor painting is best found with Sherwin Williams.

How To Remove Paint From The Garage Floor?

  1. A paint stripping solution is what you will need first; apply it on an entire surface where the paint is.
  2. Now give some time for that stripping garage floor paint solution to do its work. It will seep into that previous paint so it can be removed using a scraper.
  3. Get a paint scrubber now and start scrubbing that whole surface of the floor with it. Layers of paint will start coming off as you scrub more.
  4. The entire layer of painting has to be taken off with this scrubber.
  5. Repeat this process of applying the stripping solution and scrubbing until the entire layer of paint has come off.

What Tools Will I Need To Paint My Concrete Floor?

Hand Sander

A hand sander will help you even out a whole concrete floor. Any bumps that will create a problem while painting can be eliminated with this tool. It is the same one we usually use for walls; only you will have to get one that has a harder texture since concrete is much tougher than the plaster on walls.

Paint scraper

If you are re-painting your garage floor, it is important to take on stripping garage floor paint that had been done earlier. Leaving on old paint or painting over it will affect the garage floor finishing. Most times, the older paint is also visible if not scrapped properly. A better can be achieved with this tool.

2.5” Nylon/Polyester brush

A 2.5″ nylon or polyester brush will help you mix the paint well before use and create an edge around the entire area. For painting corners and edges, it is important to have this size of brush as the task becomes much easier and convenient for anyone.

Paint tray

A paint tray is an extremely useful tool because you will constantly be using a paintbrush or roller to finish the painting job. This tray will help you keep excess paint out of the brush, and you don’t have to reach into the bucket again and again. Drops of paint can be avoided altogether as this is a very handy tool.

4′ X 2′ Roller

This is a must-have tool if you want to get the painting job done quickly. The roller paints a 2′ wide section each time, and the holding stick is long enough for you to paint from a distance even. Convenience is the key reason we recommend buying this tool when planning to paint your garage floor.

Garage Floor Paint Ideas

Garage floors have to be durable because they are exposed to incoming vehicles every day, but there is no reason that your garage floor can’t look stylish as well. These are some ideas you can count on for getting the perfectly painted floor.

  • Many finishes are available in floor paints, along with textures and colors. Experiment with both based on what you have in the rest of your garage. A little pop of color might just brighten up the entire space. 
  • Some brands have garage floor paint chips that deliver a terrazzo finish, and that is something that never goes out of trend. Picking such different elements can change your garage’s overall look. 
  • Garage floor paint with flakes is also readily available where you can throw in some flakes over the paint so a very different look can be achieved when it dries.

Tips To Paint Garage Floor Efficiently

  • If you are painting over a recently laid down concrete floor, make sure you give it 30 days for curing. This will allow the paint to settle down better once its concrete has dried up completely.
  • When painting over an old floor, sanding it, and cleaning it is a task to be done thoroughly. Any debris will create an uneven surface later on if left behind.
  • Give extra time to the cleaning part because the better your floor is cleaned, the better it will look when finished.
  • Clear out your garage completely well in advance so you can clean without trouble. Cleaning the surface and taking out things can be a tough task when done together.
  • Many brands don’t recommend using a primer, but a better finish is always achieved when the primer has been done before painting.
  • One coat is usually good enough for any floor; more than one ends up making the paint layer too thick.
  • A clear coating should also be done as a final coat above the paint for a more durable finish.

How To Choose A Garage Floor Paint?

There are several features you will have to look at before picking the best garage epoxy. These are aspects that will help you define which aspects are more important for making your choice, and this will be a beneficial exercise for picking just the right finish for your garage floor.

Coverage area

The total area to be covered is the first aspect to be factored in before deciding which paint for the garage floor you will go for. Every product has an area it will cover in one gallon. While some can cover less area and some can cover more, based on their consistency. You should not have to use too much quantity of paint to cover up the entire area under question, hence go for a floor paint that will cover well in a certain amount. The number of coats you are planning to do will also factor in here.

Final finish

The finish delivered by coating will have to be looked at carefully because every paint will look different when dry. Check the kind of appearance a specific paint has when painting is complete; some have a satin finish, some have a high gloss finish, while there are others like metallic garage floor paint. What you are planning to achieve in your garage is something to consider here because the appearance should match the rest of the interiors of your garage.

Temperature flexibility

When looking at the best epoxy garage floor paint, check that if they are meant for use in hot temperatures. You will usually notice the phrase ‘hot tire pick up’ mentioned in descriptions which indicates that specific paint will not lose its adhesion if exposed to hot temperatures. If you live in a climatic zone where temperature is usually high, pick a floor paint that will stand with that.


The durability of any floor paint you pick matters the most here because it should not happen that it starts to chip off over time. Durable garage floor paint will be one that is weather-resistant, stain-resistant, and one that isn’t prone to chipping off. Low-quality paints will leave bald patches on your garage floor over time, so always check how durable it is based on the area you will be applying.


Cost is again a very important factor when painting a garage floor because just one gallon of it won’t always complete the job. If you are buying a garage floor epoxy kit, check for how big a garage it is for. Brands usually mention it in terms of the number of cars in a particular garage. The cost shouldn’t go up too much because of that paint’s quantity requirement.

Frequently Ask Question

Q.What is the best garage floor paint?

Epoxy Shield from Rust-Oleum is a great for floor painting as it has been known for durability and a great finish.

Q. How much does it cost to paint a garage floor?

Tools and the paint combined, per square foot charge of painting, can come around $2. The cost will add up according to your area coverage.

Q. How to paint garage floor with flakes?

While the paint is wet, flakes can be thrown on top of it, so they settle into it. The final coating will then seal them in.

Q. How long does garage floor paint take to dry?

The drying time varies from brand to brand. Some dry up in two hours, while others take even 24 hours.

Q. What type of paint to use on the garage floor?

One-part epoxies are the most durable option to concrete garage floors.


Painting your own space is always a fun task, and garage floor painting can become so too if done in the right way. Most people today paint their garage floors right away after it has been laid down. The aspect of the longevity of your garage floor is why it is done and is always a great option to go for. You can find a perfect option from our list, and therefore you can make a good decision in getting the durable garage floor paint. This buying guide, we hope has helped you choose the best garage floor epoxy coating for your garage.

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