15 Colorful Paints for Fabrics (2022) – Safe & Convenient for all Levels of Artists

Best Overall

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set 18 Colours 36ml

Mont Marte MSCH1836 18 Colours 36ml Acrylic Paint Set image
  • 36 ml tubes of 18 vibrant colours are perfect for almost all art techniques
  • Comes with high pigments and creamy consistency that covers large areas
  • With gloss finish it glides smoothly onto ceramic, canvas, etc

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Easy to Use

TULIP 41401 Dimensional Fabric Paint

TULIP 41401 4oz Slick Black Dimensional Fabric Paint image
  • It comes with a permanent fix and doesn’t get peeled off
  • Gives a shining and sparkling surface with its glittery finish
  • This squeezy bottle is convenient to use and its tip prevents the overflow

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Value for Money

Jacquard Textile 8 Color Set Earth Tones

Jacquard 134592 Textile 2.25oz 8Pkg Earth Tones Color Fabric Paint image
  • This includes earth colors which are intense and semi-opaque that makes the fabric soft
  • Perfect to use on synthetic and natural fibers, paper, wood and leather
  • 8 color set in which each jar has 2.25 fluid ounces

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A colorful paint puts life on a white canvas, and hence to manifest your artistic thoughts on fabric, you certainly need the best paints for fabric. Despite having fantastic art skills, if your painting is not spreading as much as possible, you must step up to get the best fabric paint set. Behind any extraordinary and eye-catching painting is nothing but your artistic skill and the best paint used. Every painter has their techniques of painting and their modes to exhibit them further. Using excellent paint color would extend the number of different mediums to display them and pleasure your core artist inside.

While consulting many painters, we realized that most painters crave the paint to be long-lasting, enduring, and resistant to water. Some are searching for washable fabric paints that won’t get removed quickly. Some want to display their paintings via decoration, some through t-shirts or clothes, and many more. But maybe all of these features can’t be included in one pack. So, we are here to give information about every alternative brand of paints at one’s fingertips and about each variety’s specialty. We will be confronting you to the comforts you are searching for in paint color for your use.

1. Mont Marte 18 Pc Studio Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Mont Marte MSCH1836 18 Colours 36ml Acrylic Paint Set image

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The Mont Marte 18pc Studio Acrylic Paint Set is listed among the best, with excellent results and amazing coloring. This fabric paint set is eventually made with a clear mindset to stand as a suitable choice for both beginners and professionals. The company claims that this paint will give you a complete color set with a smooth and buttery consistency. This buttery finish will give you a concentrated brush load to enhance the color effect.

Moreover, while conducting in-depth analysis, we found that its ultra-quick drying time allows it to get a quick-dry finish. This feature gives painting a fantastic gloss finish with coverage that explains a whole lot of ideas. After analyzing many paints present in the market, we found that this 18 color acrylic fabric paint set is heading with the user’s ultimate aim to contemplate art supplies. The right blend gives a painter the most substantial color palette with every possible color formation they wish for with this washable acrylic paint set. We have listed some of its features to clarify why this paint set gives you freedom to bring your artistic expressions to life.


  • Its quick-dry finish gives a lighting-fast gloss finish. Its smooth texture makes it fit for any surface ceramic, wood, paper, etc
  • A range of 18 vibrant colors in 36ml tubes, and said to be an excellent choice for a wide variety of arts and techniques
  • The creamy consistency allows the color to cover a large area with very fine detail to fill life in the canvas
  • The color clarity allows a superb mixing and ends up proving an extensive color palette

2. TULIP 41401 4oz Slick Black Dimensional Fabric Paint

TULIP 41401 4oz Slick Black Dimensional Fabric Paint image

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Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint 4oz Slick Black is used to create various dimensional paintings. The easy-squeeze bottle design makes it convenient for painting a wide range of surfaces and user-friendly for hands, no matter which age group. We found that paint gives it an excellent finish when material is prewashed and makes it a good fabric paint for furniture. Pre-washing fabric before painting removes sizing issues, which gives a consistent spread of color without any concentric color spots. And we also recommend not using any softener because this paint doesn’t harm your fabric.

The color set comes with a wide variety of color choices, and its non-toxic nature makes it long-lasting and peel proof even after continuous washing. We found a trick to paint a puff and a unique finish by placing a piece of iron just after applying it on the surface. This somehow activates paint and ends up giving a puff finish. Tulip Dimensional paints are among the best choices we have, and make it a wise pick when there’s a need to end art with a 3D finish.


  • After applying without any heat treatment, this paint comes with a permanent fix and doesn’t get removed or peeled off when washed
  • The bottle’s tip is designed to restrict overflow and allow the color with an optimal frequency
  • The paint comes with a glittery finish to give a shining and sparkling surface
  • The squeezy bottle makes it convenient for any hand (age group)

3. JACQUARD Textile Paint Earth Tones 8 Color Set

Jacquard 134592 Textile 2.25oz 8Pkg Earth Tones Color Fabric Paint image

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JACQUARD-Dye-Na-Flow Liquid Color is among painters’ best choices. This liquid color comes under a type of free-flowing liquid color, a bit concentrated. After many reviews and descriptions, we found that this liquid color is suitable for untreated fabric and other mediums. We haven’t missed anything regarding the complete coloring procedure and found that this liquid color can spread on a cloth until it is absorbed thoroughly. The only difference one can notice is time taken between two fabrics to get completely colored. This is because the rate of flow and spread varies between two particular fabrics.

As per our testing, we can clearly say that this color gives a magical effect on silk, although an excellent choice to fit any fiber-like- synthetic and natural and suitable for many fabric paint techniques on clothes. Hence, we can say this is a stunning and versatile color perfect for any silk painting. We can color fabric through stencils spritzing, using a sponge, and facilitated batik. Lastly, heat fixing by ironing is used and performed by placing them in a clothes dryer to give it a permanent fix. The complete package includes one 2-1/2 oz bottle.


  • It’s ranked among the most popular liquid color for all fabric types, especially for untreated fabrics
  • It gives a permanent coloring effect after going through the heating procedure (ironing)
  •  Spread over the entire fabric thoroughly, giving it a consistent coloring throughout
  • Won’t leave your fabric hard and rough after coloring; that means it dries softer

4. Magicfly 14 Colors Soft Permanent Fabric Paint

Magicfly Permanent Soft 60ml Each Fabric Paint Set of 14 image

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Magicfly Permanent Soft Fabric Paint offers a set of highly opaque paint developed exclusively for fabric and textile medium. We found that this paint gives a permanent and machine washable stick to fabrics after several tests. A long-lasting texture allows color not to crack or crumble. Moreover, for a consistent color layering and a permanent, attractive finish to your jeans, T-shirt, canvas shoes, this color is again among the best choices we have. After many reviews, we found that using a brush and diluting it with water gives painting a better effect.

We also found that the company claims these colors to be specially-developed paints that don’t need a heat setting for a permanent fix. The heating procedure is necessary for most colors to stay put with a vibrant performance for long-lasting bonding. That makes it a wise choice for beginners. With these pros, paint becomes a better choice when you plan to paint your T-shirt, pair of plain canvas shoes, or canvas tote bag. Bring up color in your style with a complete set of these permanent fabric paints. Many reviews say Magicfly Paint Set is a quality choice to print your logo. You can paint your slogans or patterns that define your personality or profession on a white canvas.


  • A complete set with a wide range of color choices (14 different shades) includes a Neon, Classic, and Metallic color option with three special brushes
  • The unique design and attractive case make it an ideal gift choice on many occasions, such as Christmas and birthday events
  • It’s compatible with almost every surface, not just for fabric and canvas but also for wood, glass, paper, and wall
  • For a permanent fix on the fabric, this paint does not require any heating method to undergo like ironing

5. Castle Art Supplies 3D Paint For Clothing

Castle Art Supplies 4336922430 24 3D Fabric 29ml Paints Set image

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As the name says, Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Set gives your painting a 3D effect that brings your art project to life. A 3D paint has a thick nature with a quick-drying adaptation to provide an instant finish to your painting. After applying it on a surface, we noticed that it expanded to provide an enhanced and realistic three-dimensional effect. As per many reviews, these paints are not limited to a single surface but are suitable for a wide range of art activities on a large variety of textures. This includes t-shirt design prints, socks patterns, bracelets that confirm an excellent metallic fabric paint, and almost all kinds of fabric paint materials.

But what this paints an essential pick for your craft box is its ideal nature to use in humid weather projects, functions, or parties, for any school assignments, and importantly for decorating gifts and crafts. We know that you can easily create several different effects in our testing using thin lines from the brushstrokes. To do this, snip the tip of the brush softly as per your need to give your art a different style and end up with something creative. Lastly, a bonus adds up to a total of 3 brushes and a full money-back guarantee, which undoubtedly makes this our first pick for 3D paints with an attractive finish.


  • The additional three different brushes with different styles free of cost make this set a good pick and a value for the money paint set
  • A vibrant set of 24 3D color paints expands to give realistic and exciting 3D effects
  •  This paint set comes with a quick-drying nature and is also not harmful to children
  • Easily create a large variety of shades by just customizing the flow of paints

6. Tulip 17581 6-Pack Slick 3D Metallic Fabric Paint Set

Tulip 825 Washable Slick 3D Fabric Paint Set image

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Slick dimensional fabric paint kit by Tulip offers six paint colors from a list of must-have collections. This paint color pack is excellent for those searching for permanent fabric paint as it is easily washable. Cloths of such color can be washed either using water or detergents, but the paint won’t get peeled off or cracked after washing. Even if you threw them in the washing machine, it would not destroy the painting, but proper drying of color is mandatory for a good experience. As it is a non-toxic fabric paint; therefore, it is compatible with children’s use also. It gave an ultra-shine finish to the painting after getting dried and offered a tremendous long-lasting glow.

According to various reviews for Tulip fabric paint, we came across impressive reviews from most users. It is a puff of paint contained by a plastic bottle with a conical opening, which helps prevent mess as it is not watery and thick. Instead, you can use it for designing any of your clothes, backpacks, shoes, etc., without using any paintbrush. It can be either be used for your school project, which further gives a next-level 3D effect after drying and making your doodle wherever you wish with ease. Additionally, it makes a strong stick up on the material after drying so that the painting doesn’t flex even after bends or twist.


  • It is contained inside a squeezing bottle, which makes drawing fun-filled and straightforward
  • This is a Collection of 6 must-have paint with an overall quantity of 11.2 ounces
  • It won’t crack or peel off and sticks permanently
  • The finishing gives an ultra-shine & 3D effect
  • Thick nature non-toxic fabric paint

7. Tulip Soft 5 Color 10 Pack Washable Fabric Paints

Tulip 31653 Soft 10pk Rainbow Fabric Paint Kits image

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The Tulip soft fabric paint is acrylic fabric paint and has been exclusively developed for fabrics and canvas. It renders ten different, mostly required rainbow colors in bottles, each with a capacity of 1 ounce. Also, we found these paint colors maintain great consistency on material with a different color. This paint is exceptionally compatible with those who don’t want thick finishing or touch-up on fabric art, as this color is highly opaque or transparent.

Based on most reviews, this painting takes 24 hours to get adequately dried, feels soft after getting dried, and gives a glittery effect. It flexibly gets stuck on a given surface, most prominently on fabric, which won’t crumble or crack even after bending or twisting. The material is adaptive to most surfaces you would like to paint, like squishy, upholstery, and other different textile mediums. It is a washable paint color that can be washed using a washing machine or hand, but the color will not fade or peel off. It can also be used in the way you want, with different hand printing, sponged painting, stamped painting, etc. Creative stenciled arts are also obtainable by using acrylic fabric paint.


  • You can mix different colors to create a new shade while maintaining the consistency
  • The bottle is easy to squeeze, and the paint can be applied on various surfaces
  • It is a washable acrylic paint and doesn’t get faded or peeled for the long term
  • This paint is artificial and free of gluten without any toxicity

8. Arteza Metallic Acrylic Fabric Paint for T Shirts, Clothes & More

Arteza ARTZ-9282 Metallic 60 ml Fabric Paint Set of 14 Permanent Colors image

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An excellent waterproof fabric paint by Arteza metallic fabric paint. The kit consists of 14 different colors, with each bottle of 60 ml. This color set has a vibrant and wide range of shades, mixable and blended to form different shades with an exterior metallic finish. It doesn’t allow the material to become stiff after drying and keeps the material soft. These metallic paints are not so thick or dark and not so opaque. It is perfect for those searching for semi-transparent fabric paints. We found all age groups can use this paint set as it is non-toxic.

It has a metallic finish; we found it attractive and perfect for DIY projects. This fabric paint for furniture is versatile and can be used on different surfaces like customizing wardrobes and other crafting works. You can also use it on various textiles, either natural or synthetic such as cotton, linen, polyester, leather, etc. Now giving your jeans or shoes a new design is more comfortable with this metallic fabric paints. Taking fabric maintenance into consideration is machine washable and will not hamper your creative work on it.


  • ACMI certified non-toxic product which is easy to use and accessible for everyone, even for DIY projects
  • It is very durable and can withstand even repeated machine wash without any peeling or cracking
  • Quick-drying and set it with iron for the permanent finish on the material
  • Fourteen semi-transparent metallic shades are available

9. Emooqi 24 Colors Permanent Textile Marker

Emooqi AT0050_00-US 24 Colors Fabric Textile No Bleed Fabric Pen Permanent and Washable T-Shirt Marker image

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This fabric marker is excellent for detailed and precise work as the marker’s tip is 1mm fine and sharp. It has a smooth and uniform flow of ink that makes painting on clothes easier as it doesn’t bleed. We found that this marker pen comes up with sufficient ink compared to other available alternatives that quickly run out of ink. Emooqi offers 24 bright and rich colors, which quickly dries and gives a lifetime luster. This paint is ideal for bordering painting and provides an exceptionally vibrant look to your creativity. It can be held on any surface such as canvas, cotton, or polyester, not only clothing or fabric.

Based on the review we have gone through on this product, it is the best fabric paint for T-shirts. It has no restriction for any age group as it has been certified by EN71 for being non-toxic. Also, to avoid the risk of choking after getting caps swallowed by infants or children, it gives lids with air vents. The color is accompanied by being water-resistant and UV resistant. Fabrics are washable in water up to 30° C, and their brightness doesn’t fade even after drying.


  • Available in 24 vibrant and bright permanent fabric markers with sufficient inks
  • Safe for children’s use as it offers non-toxic inks and breathable caps
  • Smooth and uniform ink flow works on different surfaces effectively
  • Easy to use and provides detailed outlining using a 1mm fine tip

10. Tulip Dimensional Permanent and Non Toxic Fabric Paint

Tulip 35148 Dimensional Fabric 20 Pack Non-Toxic and Permanent 3D Paint image

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The Tulip dimensional fabric paint party pack consists of 20 easily squeezable bottles of neon colors with an overall weight of 1.4 pounds. This version of fabric color by Tulip has been voted for America’s favorite fabric paint. It is flexible to the different surfaces once dried completely like glass, wood, backpack, canvas, t-shirt, etc., and keeps your family engaged and enhances their creativity. This complete pack of colors is a perfect companion for your child at school projects, DIY gifts, holiday decors, craft activities, etc. It has a fine-point tip for precise outlining with a shiny exterior finish after drying. These tips are removable and hence can be refilled.

Apart from that, these dimensional fabric paints are friendly for kids based on coupled safety measures. These fabric medium paints are non-toxic and avoid any trouble for children after mistakenly consuming them. Also, using such easily squeezable bottles makes it easy for the use of these children. The colors given here are mixable, and blending different colors will provide shades according to your convenience with next-level 3D effect and ultra-shine. Provision to open doesn’t need any painting tools and doesn’t even mess up the painting. It dries permanently and won’t peel or crack after washing inside a machine or regular wash.


  • 20 must-have fabric color collections will be a great idea for gifting purposes
  • Easily squeezable and refillable bottles, shake well and use them directly
  • It dries permanently and doesn’t peel or crack even after machine wash
  • Non-toxic and versatile for the different surfaces

11. Puffy 24 Bright Colors Premium Quality Fabric Paint

Puffy 38785 Premium Quality Nontoxic Set of 24 Bright Colors image

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If smelling paint color or chemical causes allergic reactions, then the Puffy Premium quality fabric paint is best for you. Its pack consists of 24 bright colors with sufficient quantity inside a squeezing plastic bottle, each weighing 0.09 pounds. This paint is permanent on most crafting surfaces like glass, wood, canvas, poster board, and many more. Puffy paints dry permanently and are super dimensional, formulated to keep their shape and thickness, providing a 3D effect. There are no age restrictions for using this paint as it is non-toxic. This fabric paint is trusted for its quality and is very demanding for its affordability. Hence, this assortment of 24 must-have colors is vibrant, easy to use for all age groups.

According to most reviewers, we came across these fabric colors for designing costumes and crafts on Halloween rather than in Christmas crafts and decorations and many more. These puffy paints are well recognized for use in fashionable artwork and crafting works. Apart from that, these paints flexibly stick up on a different surface and don’t get cracked or flexed even after twisting & bending the material. These paints are appropriate for washable clothes and don’t get peeled or fade their brightness for the long term.


  • Collection of 24 non-toxic vibrant colors with shiny and glittery finishes
  • Colors are free of odor and ideal for those having allergies to paint smells
  • It stays dimensional and gives a 3D effect after drying correctly
  • Permanent for variant surfaces and washable machine

12. Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint for Clothes, Wood & More

Magicfly 3D Fabric 40 Colors 30ml Permanent Textile Paint image

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Three-dimensional colors by Magicfly are coupled with glow-in-dark fabric paint, and fluorescent colors glow under UV, which is in high demand. This fabric paint set consists of three painting stencils, three paint brushes of different orders (6.5, 6.6, and 6.7 inches), and an assortment of 40 vibrant paints inside 1 ounce of squeezing bottles. Five different color types like metallic, neon, glitter, fluorescent, and standard type are also available in its pack. These fabric paints have met the standards of EN71, ASTM, and D4236 for being non-toxic and are odorless. That’s why they can be used by all ages of the group above three years, and elders should supervise use by young children.

The best fabric paints for cotton, i.e., it was excellent on 100% cotton canvas and gave a long-lasting glow in light and dark. Apart from that, you can also use it for customizing your t-shirts, doodling, DIY projects, etc. Prolonging its versatility on various surfaces, this paint also works well for decorating the home, furniture, and other textured surfaces like walls, plastic, wood, glass, etc. It’s ideal for writing or outlining on any surface because of its uniform paint flow through its ultra-thin opening and precise tip design. Fabrics used here can be washed gently using mild detergent only after turning the pattern or design inside.


  • This fabric paint set consists of 40 vibrant colors of different color-type, three paint brushes, and three painting stencils
  • Non-toxic and odor-free paint meets both ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards
  • This paint dries quickly without getting cracked or peeled off
  • Versatile and Permanent impressions on multi-surface

13. Arteza Premium 3D Fabric Paint for Ceramic, Clothing, Glass

Arteza 3D Set of 30 Metallic _ Glitter Colors 1oz Tubes Fabric Paint image

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Arteza produces 30 eye-catching 3D colors to transform your accessories & clothes and is excellent for textile medium, accessories, glass, ceramics, etc. This pack of multi-color paints comes with a quantity of one ounce each inside a squeezy tube. Puff paints render different color types: one glitter paint for fabric, five fluorescent glows under UV, seven metallic shades, and sixteen vibrant shades. We found customizing and decorating textiles becomes easy and fun, especially after using fluorescent neon fabric paint and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, which are usually very demanding in the market.

After using the colors, dry instantly and produce a striking three-dimensional look. We found its pack providing an additional 16 unique tip-caps very handy and different from other alternatives, which can turn or be twisted to have a thick, thin flow of paints and other multiple measurements. It gives uniform, smoother and convenient flow to paint, whether a professional or a beginner. These permanent fabric paints are certified by AP and satisfy EN71 & ASTM D-4236 for being non-toxic and safe for children. Fabrics can be washed either by hand or machine at 100°F but only after drying for 72 hours.


  • Non-toxic and safe for children as it met all the ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards
  • This paint set consists of an assortment of various bright and vibrant color-type
  • Additionally, it offers sixteen different dimensional tip-caps inside
  • Versatility on variant surfaces with 100% guaranteed 3D effect

14. Tulip 17581 Glow In The Dark Fabric Paint

Tulip 29025 Dimensional 6-Pack Multi Color Glow Fabric Paint image

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This dimensional fabric paint glow starter pack by Tulip offers six neon colors, further known as glow in the dark fabric paint. As it comes under the Tulip brand, this product also has been nominated for America’s favorite fabric paint. It comes up with easily squeezable bottles with super-thin openings, giving a uniform and smooth paint flow. The Tulip provides fantastic trending types of color like – glittery, shiny, metallic, glow in the dark, and many more. This paint dries permanently on multiple surfaces without any cracks, even after twisting or bending the material. After completing your art or pattern, it should be kept untouched for at least one day to experience its three-dimensional effect.

Prominently based on reviews, we came across it as designing clothes and decorating walls as it gets activated with black lights and UV. We used these fabric paints to decorate pillowcases to keep books and bags and an exclusive dry look. Also, I used these paints for decorating furniture, crafting works, DIY projects, window glasses, etc., and gave an impressive look to all guests. All age groups can use these non-toxic fabric paints above three years old, but note consumption of small parts can lead to choking hazards for kids.


  • Non-toxic and applicable for all age groups come in easy-squeeze bottles
  • Collection on six must-have glow-in-the-dark fabric paints
  • It won’t peel or crack after washing and permanently dries
  • Gives a 3D effect for your design at any time of the day
  • It gets activated when it comes under UV and blacklight

15. Neon Nights UV Activated Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint

Neon Black 4260319230680 Fabric _ Textile UV Light 0.7 fl oz Set of 8 Glow Paints image

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Neon Nights produces eight UV blacklight fabric paints, known as the best fabric paint made in Germany. This paint comes up inside plastic containers with a quantity of 0.7 ounces of paint. The brand quality promises and guarantees high opacity, which gives the paint a thickness and makes it dark. Even after passing through several washing cycles, its glow does fade. Using these paints for different fabric painting techniques on clothes like handprints, sponges, regular brushes, airbrushes, and other methods.

To experience its best glow effect, use the energy-saving black light bulbs or UV tubes to activate its glow effect in the dark. But we explicitly recommend that you not use UV LED light technology and not use it on skin or hair for safety measures. We found this paint compatible with all kinds of backgrounds, where it maintains its consistency in vibrancy and glow of colors for a long time. It is an easily washable acrylic paint and can easily withstand high temperatures, even heat-produced whole ironing. We would recommend this fabric paints best for canvas and textile designs.


  • An assortment of eight bright colors stands out under blacklight and UV light
  • You can use it efficiently for DIY projects gives an intense glow on dark fabrics
  • Gives a vibrant glow and is versatile for all kinds of backgrounds
  • Withstand several cycles of ironing and washing

Buying Guide

We have talked about how using the best paints for fabrics gives a new look to your creativity. Further enables you to showcase your arts using different mediums like clothes, accessories, hats, t-shirts, and many more. Either expert or beginner painters have their painting techniques, and based on that, we have recommended the above brands stating their features, pros, and cons. This segment will guide you on steps to take into account before buying any fabric paint set.

What is Fabric Paint?

Fabric paints are dye-based paint, which allows it to adhere well to fabric and is prominently used to paint fabric materials. These paints can be thick or thin, depending on the manufacturer. It consists of a unique glue-binding agent, which enables it to stick up permanently after drying properly. This paint being dye-based and having a glue agent inside makes it distinct from other paints.

Benefits of Using Fabric Paint


Fabric paints don’t require any boiling or steaming to get fixed on the fiber material. After getting dried, this paint forms a permanent bond with fabric either by staying untouched for 24 hours or ironing. Nowadays, this paint has been adaptive enough to stick up flexibly on shoes, accessories, glass, hats, canvas, furniture, and many more.


Most of the brands we talked about produce non-toxic fabric paint, like Tulip, Arteza, Magicfly, etc. Because of this characteristic, one can use this fabric for children in your house as well. Tulip produces all its fabric paint products, which stand on all standards of EN71 & ASTM D-4236 and are certified by AP for being safe for all ages above three years.


Fabric paints strongly adhere to the fiber or required surface that doesn’t get cracked or peeled off either by hand or machine washing. We have mentioned waterproof fabric paint in the above segment, which doesn’t allow you to step on the painted surface. Hence, water doesn’t destroy the glow and vibrancy of fabric paint.

How to Use Fabric Paint?

The use of fabric paint depends on the art or pattern you are interested in drawing. Fabric paints should be handled carefully as they are in thick and dark liquid form, so use an apron while painting. The following steps are defined below.

  1. If you want a three-dimensional effect with medium fabric paint, then use puffy paints for that and use a sponge. Dip it in paint and start getting your art on the material.
  2. You can use a squeezing bottle with a narrow and pointed opening, best for detailed and precise work.
  3. If you don’t want concentrated or thick paint, you can put some paint on a palette, put some water to make it dilute, and draw using a paintbrush.
  4. Keep the material untouched and flat for at least 24 hours; don’t when you feel it is still tacky.
  5. After using paints, bottles or containers should be closed or sealed properly. As the air gets inside the paint bottle or tube, it would lead to drying colors and further wastage of ounces of paint.

How to Prepare and Paint on Fabric?

Every painter has their techniques of painting, but considering the necessary steps we should follow when painting on fabrics is stated above-

  1. Firstly, Choose a fabric you want to paint on and wash it thoroughly and properly to prevent unwanted shrinkage.
  2. If the fabric is double-layered like a t-shirt, subsidize it on the back and front layer barrier.
  3. Then, Pin it up using safety pins or board pins to prevent its movement on the support.
  4. Now, use a pencil or disappearing ink pen to draw a rough sketch of your desired pattern.
  5. Lastly, use any tools like sponges, paintbrushes, stencils, ultra-thin opening squeezy bottles, etc., based on your convenience and paint patiently without any hustle.

Paint to be Used on Fabrics

Using fabric paints allows you to customize your designer wearable textiles, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., including fabric paint for upholstery, which is pioneering, which gives it an attractive look. Preferably, textile paints and acrylic fabric paint stand best for fabric that firmly sticks up with the fibers. This acrylic paint on clothing consists of a suspended pigment, which specifically formulated for fabric material. But based on the nature of paint or work you want to perform, we enlist below some paints which are mostly preferred:

  1. Acrylic fabric paints used in the textile are acrylic polymer, which bonds with the color and emulsifies. This makes the paint durable to sunlight and several cycles of washing.
  2. For detailed work on fabric, we can use a fabric paint marker.
  3. To cover a large surface, use liquid fabric paint.
  4. Use puff paints to give a dimensional effect to your art, with a 3:1 ratio of fabric paint, i.e., one drop of fabric paint and three drops of the puffy medium.
  5. Transparent paints are also an excellent choice to go with when you want the translucent and light effect.
  6. Metallic paints and iridescent tinting medium can give a sparkling effect on the fabric.

Apart from this, the paint used on the fabric should be non-toxic so that all age groups can use it. We should use either washable or waterproof outdoor fabric paint to prevent exposure to water from hampering your design. Additionally, the paint should be versatile to a different surface, not only on fabric but also on additional material, as discussed under other brands.

Types of Fabric Paints

There are many types of fabric paints with various remedies, characteristics, and specialties. Before buying any fabric paint set, we must know about chemicals or resources used inside. Different types of fabric paint were available in the market with other specifications. Based on the material and work, you can decide which kind of paint required. Here are the types:


Alcohol acts as a binder in alcohol-based paints. Technically, this kind of paint is ink; it binds the pigment with the medium. Alcohol-based not usually used for fabric, as porous fibers of fabric soak it. Like acrylic paints, they can’t saturate the color.


These fabric paints are formed by mixing the acrylic polymer with color pigments and then emulsifying it to create paint. After drying, this paint forms a durable bond with the fiber. But the viscosity of paint gets altered when exposed to water, i.e., water-soluble. Despite that, it doesn’t affect the saturation of color. These washable acrylic paints usually provides consistent results and are easy to work with.

Fabric Dye

This fabric dye reacts chemically with the fiber for chemical bond formation. Fabric dye is not usually used on fabric and is preferably not even formulated on fabric as it will yield a poor result. More often, they are used for changing the color of garments or clothes.

Liquid Paint

Liquid paint known to be best for silk screening or block printing. Paintings using such paints are done by using a brush. They are prepared by mixing water with a ratio of 1:1, due to which they give a light and translucent effect after using it on fabric.

Spray Paint

Spray types of paints specially used for furniture and fabric/clothes. These are used to cover large areas without any detail or outline. These upholstery fabric spray paints are best for stenciling applications and are very easy to work with.


This type of paint used for detailed and outlining work on fabric. These are portable and convenient to use as children can use them. But can’t be used to cover a large portion of the fabric. Used primarily for precise line work, writing, etc.

Special-Dimensional Paint

You can use puffy paints exclusively formulated for a 3D effect for the dimensional effect on fabric or any other material. Also, using the thin-tip squeezy bottle for direct application on fabric renders a dimensional effect.


Explore all-new painting techniques and enjoy a variety of expansive color palettes with FolkArt premium acrylic paints that come with a wide color range of color shades. The company makes stroke painting essentials and, apart from this, a variety of embellishing craft activities. But the company is known for its bigger line of paint features with an amazing color variety. Premium color acrylic paints well formulated to give a perfect finish and appreciate your art.


Company makes a wide range of color shades and finishes. Moreover its colors are non-toxic and suitable for all hands irrespective of any age group. Tulip colors give a 3D finish to your art with a glittery effect. The company also claims its color shades are proof, which means you won’t notice any fades after continuous washes.


Jacquard made delicate, beautiful, and creative work on silk much easier than before using its long-lasting Silk Colours. These Jacquard Silk Colours are among bold primary colors that resist applicators. This color set is everything that you need to dip into the ocean of silk painting.


Term “magic” and “fly” together form a clear, cheerful, and bright, positive musical note with color. The company itself has the best manufacturing team specializing in all distinct product lines with customer satisfaction prior. The production line focuses on new and creative products that even fit the budget. The entire product line provided on their official website.


Provides the best quality of art and craft products for all age groups. It’s among artists first for their necessary crafts and paints. The company manufactures non-toxic and wash-proof paints. This makes it wise for different age groups to showcase their creative minds on a white canvas. Also, its wash-proof nature gives it a long-lasting hold on any surface.

How to Remove Fabric Paints?

On the one hand, it gives a permanent bond with the fiber, which is beneficial. But meanwhile, those who want to remove fabric paint from fabric consist of steps to remove paint stain properly. Those steps are as follows

  1. Firstly, scrape off as much paint as possible from the garment or fabric but do it gently.
  2. Now, pour a few drops of denatured alcohol on a small and soak clean cotton clothes for a large stain.
  3. If alcohol doesn’t work on the stain, you can also try a fabric softener to soften or break fabric bonds with the fiber.
  4. Then, run the fabric or garment on a washing machine with a mild detergent. Probably following this step would help you to remove any paint pattern or stain.

Turning Acrylic Paint Into Fabric Paint

To turn acrylic paint into fabric paint, you must mix two acrylic paint parts with one fabric medium. Fabric medium, being liquid, easily integrates with paint and thinks it out a bit. Most probably, it doesn’t alter the concentration or saturation ability of paint. Now, wash the fabric properly on which you want to paint before using any color on it. After painting, keep it untouched for at least 24 hours ( to dry completely). Eventually, use any heating appliances (a high heat medium) like iron, hair drier, etc., for 3-5 minutes.

Does Acrylic Paint Work on Fabric?

Acrylic works very well on fabrics, but being a low viscous liquid while washing, it releases color. These fabric paints formed by mixing the acrylic polymer with color pigments and then emulsifying it to create paint. After drying, acrylic paint on fabric forms a durable bond with the fiber. But the viscosity of paint gets altered when exposed to water, i.e., water-soluble. Despite that, it doesn’t affect the saturation of color. This washable acrylic paint usually provides consistent results and is easy to work with.

Fabric Painting Tips

We have gathered some information on fabric painting from professionals and expert painters, which they generally use to get a unique look at their artwork. This technique helps them to elongate the glow of paint without getting cracked after drying. And these tips may also come in handy for beginners to get different patterns quickly by themselves. The following are the tips to follow-

  1. You can apply melted wax with a brush on fabric, further leading to penetration through cracks from batik print on fabric material.
  2. According to fabric spray paint reviews, we found this technique is easy and mostly acquired by novice painters to get different patterns or designs on fabric.
  3. To get a beautiful crackle effect, you can sprinkle salt on it.
  4. Stenciling is most preferred for an amateur painter; print pictures you want to depict on fabric and put painting under fabric used.
  5. Stamping is another technique that budding painters can easily acquire. Cut in the desired pattern or shape, spread paint on one side, and place that colored face on fabric.
  6. Artists who create paint splatter fabric take some paint on a brush, then throw, flick or drip paint onto fabric or canvas.

Features to Consider While Buying the Best Fabric Paint for Art

After getting much more familiar with fabric paints and other relevant information about them. Now, let’s move toward the most crucial part; features to be considered while buying the best paint for fabrics. Some features are already in your mind, and the best part is our job to make you remember. Here are some of the features:


Most people search for fabric paint to work on multiple surfaces. And can be termed as an essential feature to be considered while buying the best fabric paint set. Please choose a fabric paint that can maintain its consistency on a different background. Most of the brands we discussed earlier work on various surfaces such as glass, furniture, t-shirt, and upholstery, which can be used as textiles, paint, and many more. Before buying, make sure you can yield the same result after using it on a different surface and different color background.


Fabric paints, by default, can settle down firmly on a particular surface, but only after keeping it untouched for 24 hours and ironing or giving a high amount of heat. Fabric has been made available, which permanently forms a bond with fiber after keeping it for a maximum of 24 hours only. So, also buy such paint, which effortlessly sticks up with material.


A non-toxic fabric paint enables use by any age group without any tension. Additionally, check whether it’s been certified by any well-known authority because that would allow more assurance of children’s safety. We would recommend Magicfly and Arteza, as it satisfies this feature perfectly, and most of their paint products are certified by AP. And it meets all standards of EN71, ASTM, and D4236.


Washable Fabric Paints designed to hold the fabric surface even after continuous washes. Waterproof Fabric Paint always preferred to color fabric because it gives a permanent finish with uniform consistency. If a paint won’t come under a wash-proof nature, its consistency over fabric changes when color fades from different spots is not best washable paint.

Squeezy Bottle

A squeezy bottle makes it handy to use for all hands. This comes to something perfect for all age groups using an ideal tip to control flow of color. The pointed tip won’t allow an excess of color flow when suddenly squeezed; it’s been set to flow with a constant speed. This makes it relatively safe to use for kids with an uncontrolled squeeze.

Additional kits availability

A Fabric Paint Set with a wide range of color choices in a value for money price tag makes it a wise pick. And what’s like cherry on top is additional crafts like brushes, stencils, and other additional kits required while painting, which come free of cost with a paint set. A perfect brush with perfect color paint is what makes an artist’s table complete. Consider color type to buy, whether metallic, acrylic paint on fabric permanent, puffy paint and other alternatives available. Depending on the result you want to yield as features, all options available in the market have been explained in earlier segments.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Can you use Acrylic Paint on fabric?

Yes, we can use Acrylic paints on fabric only when recommended by the manufacturer.

Q. What is the best Fabric Paint?

The best fabric paint expands nicely on the fabric surface with uniform consistency and has a wash-proof hold on the fabric.

Q. Is Acrylic Paint washable?

Not all Acrylic paint is washable, but many acrylic paints are said to be wash proof even to frequent washes.

Q. Where to buy Fabric Spray Paint?

You can easily buy fabric spray paint on different e-commerce websites like Amazon, where you will find many color choices with a suitable surface recommendation.

Q. How long does Fabric Paint take to dry?

Usually, the paint takes almost an entire day to dry after applying to the fabric.

Q. Does Fabric Paint wash off?

Not all, many Fabric Paints get washed off after continuous washing, but others hold the fabric even after going through many washes one by one.


In this review, we discussed the importance of getting the best fabric paint for clothes. Every painter has their tricks & techniques to paint and is coupled by their ways to display. Using best washable paint allows it to form a strong chemical bond with fibers and flexibly stick up on the surface without cracking or peeling. So, to get your fabric paint set according to your requirement, we have enlisted the best brands available in the market at cheapest and affordable cost. I hope you find our suggestions and recommendations helpful.

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