15 Durable Extension Cords for 2022 – Ideal for Home, Office, Backyard, RV & More

Best Overall

GE 3-Outlet Power Strip Extension Cord

GE 51932 6 Ft Extension Cord image
  • 6 ft power cord which is versatile, pliable and lasts long
  • Comes with 3 polarized AC outlets to give power from long distance
  • Cord comes in a black finish with max electrical rating of 13A/125VAC/1625W

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UltraPro 15 Feet Outdoor Extension Cord

UltraPro 36824 Black GE 15 ft Extension Double Insulated Cord image
  • This Heavy-duty cord is double-insulated to provide extra durability
  • 15 inch extra-long cord is perfect for outdoor lighting
  • Multi-purpose; Use it for garage, backyard, patio, etc

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Value for Money

Amazon Basics 15 Ft Flat Plug Extension Cord

Amazon Basics Flat Plug Grounded Indoor Extension Cord image
  • Easily reaches hard-to-reach outlets with its 25 ft length
  • Ideal for indoor applications; small electronics & devices with 2-prong power cords
  • Comes with space-saving flat plug

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Are you thinking of installing an extension cord in your house so that you can run multiple appliances at the same time? Or want to purchase a new and improved power extender to get additional benefits? If these questions are revolving in your mind, it is essential to gather information about different extension cords available in the market. An extension cord is a beneficial tool that allows you to use several electronic appliances, such as a television set, speakers, and other gadgets at the same time. You have to simply plug all these devices into the socket to make use of the appliances.

Extension cords are great for running low-wattage devices and provide the optimum amount of power. Long extension cords can reduce the power voltage to gadgets. However, the uses of power extenders depend on their length and the type of wire they possess. Due to this reason, different types of power outlet extensions are available, having quality features. There are some best extension cords that we will tell you in this rundown, which will help you to power various devices at a single time. We have listed the top 15 power extension cords and provided our reviews based on our analysis and talking to the experts. This will help you to make a perfect selection and get the perfect cord for your home.

1. GE Power Strip 45148 6 ft Extension Cord

GE 51932 6 Ft Extension Cord image

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The GE Black 45148 6-ft Extension Cord with 3 power strips is the top pick and best seller in the extension cords category. GE is known for providing surge protectors with expanded power and versatile cord length. This model provides superior quality and high performance with its every use. It has a deep black finish that has three polarized outlets and provides power from a distance. It allows you to easily expand the outlet to plug in several electronic appliances at a single time. This cord is for indoor uses only and doesn’t exceed the electrical rating of 13 Amps.

It has a two-prong plug that features a flexible strain relief. This reduces fraying and can be utilized in the form of a polarized or grounded outlet. It is perfect for homes, offices, and workshops and can act as a centralized hub for several electronics like laptops, portable fans, phone chargers, etc. The presence of a tamper guard safety outlet covers helps to eliminate potential electrical dangers to your family. This user-friendly twist-to-close outlet restricts the use of open outlets and further prevents the insertion of outside materials. We found that this extension cord is much better than other options. The experts’ reviews and customer ratings also confirm our decision that it is a reliable cord that can provide you with amazing benefits.


  • Indoor rated for use in dry locations so it may not survive on your patio or garden
  • Tamper Guard Rotary Safety Covers for protection against electrical hazards
  • Versatile cord length of 6-foot makes it reachable even from other room
  • Durable and strong 16-gauge service cord and lasts for the lifetime
  • Features 3 polarized outlets and a 2-prong plug to reduce fraying
  • Maximum electrical rating of 125VAC/ 13A

2. UltraPro Black 15 Ft. Double Insulated Heavy Duty Extension Cord

UltraPro 36824 Black GE 15 ft Extension Double Insulated Cord image

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From double insulation to a one-piece molded plug, the UltraPro Black GE 15 Ft. Extension Double Insulated Cord is a perfect choice when it comes to outdoor extension cords. This cord is designed for outdoor lighting and can be a good tool for illuminating your backyards. It offers several benefits to the users and allows them to use it for other purposes, including landscaping, power tools, and other outdoor appliances. The one-piece molded plug construction gives additional durability to the product. In addition, it is completely weatherproof, and there will be no impact of extreme weather conditions on the functioning of this outdoor extension cord.

The outdoor electrical outlet cover is made using durable polycarbonate material that protects the outlet from outside objects. Another advantage of this 15-ft extension cord is its compact size and innovative design that allows you to easily store it anywhere in the house or at the workplace. It has a maximum power rating of 13 Amps/ 125 V/ 1625 Watts. Moreover, it furnishes grooves on the outside of the wrap and provides slots for heavy adaptors and plugs. We also observed that the features and its capability to function is better than most of the outside extension cords. We also talked with experts and understood that the cord length, durability, and quality make this one a perfect choice for outdoor activities.


  • Double insulated 15-feet cord provides an added safety and more reachability
  • Durable and weatherproof outlet cover, so the cord is outdoor rated
  • One-piece molded plug construction for extra durability
  • Features 3 conductors and 1 power outlet
  • Electrical rating of 13A/125V/1625W

3. Amazon Basics 25 Foot Flat Plug Extension Cord

Amazon Basics Flat Plug Grounded Indoor Extension Cord image

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Buying a branded product is also a guarantee of premium quality and superior performance. The AmazonBasics Flat Plug Grounded Indoor Extension Cord is a quite expensive one compared to other cords of this review. But it is a value for money tool with various quality specifications capable of delivering the desired results. It can extend the length of your power cord from far-off outlets. It is a flat plug extension cable that lays seamlessly against the wall. The multi-outlet extension cord gives a reliable power source for a maximum of 3 devices.

This power outlet extension is compatible with 2 and 3 prong plugs. The grounded power cord is tested for safety and durability and assures to provide great results. It is rated for indoor uses with small electronics and other appliances having two prong power cords. The space saving flat extension cord has a maximum power rating of 13 Amps/1625W/125 VAC. After looking at the customers’ reviews and suggestions of professionals, we found that it is a perfect choice if you can spend more money on it. We also concluded that the 15-feet cord length is impressive and not present with most extension cords.


  • Compatible with 2-prong plugs and grounded extension cord with 3-prong plugs
  • 3-outlet extension and provides a reliable power source
  • Rated for indoor usage with electrical appliances
  • Space-saving flat plug lays against the wall
  • Plugs into the standard 120V AC outlets
  • Maximum voltage rating of 13 Amps

4. Monoprice 105296 1-Ft 16AWG Power Cord Extension

Monoprice 105296 Black 13A 1ft 16AWG Power Extension Cord Cable image

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When it comes to the most budget-friendly option, the name Monoprice 105296 1-Ft 16AWG Power Extension Cord often comes into the picture. Cost-effectiveness is not the single aspect that attracts customers, but numerous factors make it favorable for several buyers. This power extender cable can complete your power connections. The exciting part about this electrical extension cord is that cables are available in distinct lengths, going up to 100ft in several gauges. In simple words, you can get a 100ft extension cord, if required.

It further offers HDMI to DVI connector types and ensures to fit in most of the electronic appliances. In addition, this cord has a male-female connector gender. Moreover, it has a maximum power rating of 13 Amps/125V. Getting a surge protector with these good features at a lower price is a great deal for buyers. We reviewed the experiences of customers who used this cable. We found in common that all of them have approved that it is the best extension cord in this price range. Whether it is sheerness, durability, quality, or cord length, this cable has impressive ratings in all of them.


  • Available in lengths of up to 100ft which is a perfect solution for connecting different appliances
  • Connector type from HDMI to DVI to power computers and other peripherals
  • This Dark black heavy-duty cord made using durable quality material
  • Maximum power of 13Amps or 125V

5. AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl 15 Ft Outdoor Indoor Extension Cord

Amazon Basics KT101_163G15 Green 15 Foot 16 by 3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord image

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The AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord is another premium choice that is at affordable cost. It is a large sum of money for an extension cord, but the product justifies its price by offering several quality features. From 3-prong plugs to 16-gauge, it is an ideal tool for various home improvement projects, seasonal décor, and lawn care that requires a good amount of power. It provides a flexible and insulated cable with a plug on one end while a socket on the other side. In addition, this 16-gauge extension cord includes three conductors and a 3-prong plug, which is grounded for additional safety.

This 16/3 Vinyl heavy duty indoor or outdoor extension cord has durable vinyl covering that insulates and safeguards the conducting wires. This coating further prevents moisture, abrasion, and extreme heat. It features a premium quality vinyl sheath and is perfect for both outdoor and indoor uses. It is a durable and flexible extension cord made with all-copper wires. Moreover, it has a similar power rating of 13 Amps/125 VAC/1625 Watts. It is a value for money tool known for its durability and quality of the material. We also found that the additional vinyl covering is a major plus of this cord and can deliver the most satisfactory results. Experts have also placed their reviews for it and considered it as the best one with all necessary traits.


  • Vinyl covering protects against harsh weather conditions and abrasion
  • Grounded cord for both outdoor and indoor usage
  • Power rating of 13Amps/1625W/125VAC
  • Completely made up of copper material
  • 3-prong plug and a socket on the ends
  • Features a heavy-duty vinyl sheath

6. GE Power Strip 2-ft Multi Outlet Extension Cord (6-Outlet)

GE 14831 6-Outlet 2ft Cord 15A 1800W UL Listed Black Power Strip Wall Mount Integrated Circuit Breaker image

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The GE 6-outlet Power Strip 2-Ft Extension Cord allows you to maximize your outlets just by using this cable. It is a versatile cord that comprises heavy-duty cable coated with a durable PVC insulation and jacket. This PVC coating is strong enough and can last for a lifetime. Moreover, it is pliable, which means that it can be easily and completely extended and can easily reach any place. This power cord extension has a black finish and includes six grounded AC outlets. It makes it a perfect centralized hub for several electronics in your home or at the office.

This appliance extension cord includes keyhole slots that make it easy for you to mount the cable on a desk table or counter. It further has a reset switch that allows you to have better control over the electronic appliances. The presence of an integrated circuit breaker is another important feature of this cord. It cuts the power to the extension cord and protects it from overheating or overloading. It is UL listed and is backed by the safety standards of the industry. We did a detailed review of this tool and found it to be good for daily performance. We also observed that it is easy to use cable and can accomplish all your requirements easily and quickly.


  • Six-grounded AC outlets makes a perfect centralized hub 
  • Integrated circuit breaker protects from overloading
  • Keyhole slots and a reset switch for easy usage
  • Heavy-duty cable with durable PVC insulation
  • UL listed with a lifetime replacement
  • Power range of 15 Amps/1800 Watts

7. Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Gauge Extension Cord

Cable Matters 400001-3x2 2-Pack 3 Feet 16 AWG Heavy Duty AC Power Extension Cord image

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The Cable Matters Heavy-duty extension cable is an ideal tool for extending the length of a shorter power cable. This electrical outlet extender offers various specifications that are beneficial for indoor uses. This premium product is available at a decent price and is affordable to all. It is a 3-prong extension cord specially made for indoor use with electronic appliances, such as HD TVs, desktop computers, laser printers, and more. This cord has a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and comes with a 3-pin female NEMA 5-15R connector. You will also find a cable connected to the standard 3-prong 120V AC outlet receptacle.

The cord offered by Cable Matters easily fits to any place. This 16 AWG gauge cable has a power rating of 13 amps suitable for common voltage needs in the house or at the office. It is a sturdy and flexible power extension cable that is safer and reliable at large distances. This is better than other slim extension cords. You will also get durability with this cord because it has fully molded strain relief connectors. Lastly, it is compatible with most small electrical appliances. We also found this cost-effective extension cable efficient for daily uses at homes. In our review, we focused only on the main features so that you can get the essential information about this premium quality extension cord.


  • Universal compatibility with small home appliances
  • 16 AWG Gauge and three-prong cord
  • Sturdy but flexible grounded extension cord
  • A lifetime warranty and product support
  • Fully molded relief strain connectors
  • Power rating of 13 Amps

8. FIRMERST 1875W 3-Feet Low Profile Extension Cord

FIRMERST 1875W 3 Feet 14 AWG 15A Black UL Listed Pack of 3 Flat Plug Extension Cord image

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The FIRMERST 1875W 3-Feet extension cord is a low-profile one with a flat plug. This is suitable for places with less space, like the area behind the furniture, bookshelves, or desks. It has a space-saving design that can be used when it is not possible to utilize a standard outlet. When we gathered the information about this extension cord, we found that it is made using premium quality UL and CUL listed approved materials and is very safe to use. Further, you can make use of two plugs on the same outlet without any problem.

This 15 Amp extension cord has thick wires that can bear more amperage, and hence, can handle more wattage. It reduces the chances of wires getting hot and is safer and reliable than thin wires of 16AWG. Another quality trait of this cable is that it is easy to fold and is very flexible. Another thing that we liked about this cord is that it provides high-quality performance and is developed to provide quality satisfaction. You can further extend the AC outlet with this 3-feet extension cord to avoid clutter and outlet blockage created by the AC adapters. We found this product to be impressive in this price range and can obtain the desired results.


  • Handles more amperage and doesn’t get too hot 75-degrees temperature resistant
  • Space-efficient power cord, plug to top outlet and another one at bottom outlet
  • Flat plug suitable for tight spaces and Flexible and easy to fold
  • UL certified and power rating of 15 Amps

9. Cordinate 42841-T2 Designer 2 Prong Multi Plug Extension Cord

Cordinate 42841-T1 Designer 3 Extension 2 Prong Strip Extra Long 8 Ft Power Flat Plug Fabric Braided Cord image

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The Coordinate 8-Ft. Extension cord is known for its stylish looks and unique design. It can power your electronic appliances in style and contributes to the overall charm of the room. This cable helps maintain the home’s décor and does not disturb the elegance of a particular space. It has a braided pattern and keeps the tangle-free. The extension cord storage is also an easy task, and it remains organized even when folded. It has three polarized outlets and is ideal for table lamps, phone chargers, and other electronic devices.

This Cordinate 42841-T2 offers extended reach to the users. You can get a good reach with the extra-long cable. It is an eight-foot power cable that keeps everything within reach. The presence of a flat plug allows you to plug in the cord to an appliance where there is not enough space. Moreover, this 2-prong power strip has slide-to-lock safety outlets that safeguard you from electrical shock, especially when the outlets are not in use. We also found that it is the most stylish braided extension cord that performs better in its functions. Our experts also suggested this cord for homes as it is a multi-outlet extension cord and is available at a very cheap price.


  • Fabric braided cord with braided patterns
  • Three polarized outlets suitable for various appliances
  • Slide-to-close safety lock outlets for extra protection
  • Offers low-profile flat plug and saves a lot of space
  • Lightweight, tough, and tangle-free
  • 8-Ft extension cord

10. SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug Household Extension Cord

Woods SlimLine 2235 Right Angled Plug 16 gauge 125 Volts Neutral White Color 3 Foot Indoor Flat Plug Extension Cord image

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The SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug extension power cable is an extremely thin extension cord ideal for workshops and office workstations. It has a space-saving flat design that doesn’t disturb the overall décor of homes. This extension cord with multiple outlets has 3 grounded outlets that allow you to run numerous appliances at a single time. It is perfect for lamps, lighting, and other indoor devices. It further has a plug that is angled so that it doesn’t block the power to other outlets.

The first thing that we observed while we searched for this product is that various buyers have pointed out that this cord provides reliable performance and is a highly durable cord. This SlimLine 2235 has a neutral white color that blends seamlessly with the walls. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-grip notches on both sides that allow you to remove the flat plug from the wall easily. It is also a CL and UL-listed cord and protects the user from any electrical hazards. We are impressed with this product because it offers decent features below $4, and the customers’ reviews also convey this similar thing.


  • 2-prong extension cord with 3 grounded outlets suitable for indoor home appliances
  • Space-saving flat design by avoiding any bulky wires hanging around
  • The right-angled plug not blocks the other outlets
  • Easy to grip notches and neutral white color
  • UL and CUL listed

11. Woods SlimLine 2241 16/3 8 Ft Flat Extension Cord

Woods SlimLine 2241 Right Angled Plug 8-Foot 3 Outlets Flat Plug Indoor Extension Cord image

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The SlimLine 2241 Flat Plug cord is an indoor 8-ft extension cord with a right-angled plug. This 16/3 extension cord is built with high-quality materials and offers superior performance to the user. It can extend your existing power connection and not look awkward because of its neutral white color. It gets mixed with the color of the wall, and thus, is ideal for homes and offices. You can easily run multiple small indoor devices using this cable, such as floor lamps, clocks, and other indoor uses. It has a maximum power rating of 13Amps/1625W/125V.

The low-profile angled plug doesn’t interfere with other power outlets. This extension cord is further known for its efficiency. It is clutter-free and helps you to prevent the use of multiple adapters due to this complete solution. The UL certification is also provided to this cord that means that it adheres to the industry standards established for safety and quality assurance. While doing the review, we came to know that it is a modified version of the SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug extension cord, both in terms of price and features. We also found that it has a design that allows this cord to perform in extremely cold weather situations.


  • Low profile angled plug makes it a space-saver design
  • Clutter-free and avoids the use of multiple adapters
  • Up to 100 ft. extension cord is also available
  • Power ratings of 125V/13Amps
  • UL and CSA certified

12. StarTech 1 Ft Short Extension Cord

StarTech PAC101 Black 16 AWG 1 ft (0.3 m) 125V at 13A Short Power Extension Cord image

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In case you are looking for a short extension cable that doesn’t occupy much space on your power strip, then you can go for StarTech.com extension 1ft. extension cord. This cord allows you to attach a bulky power adapter to a wall outlet without blocking other power outlets. It is a 12-inch computer power cord extension cable that instantly turns a large power connector into a smaller and streamlined connector. This power extender saves a lot of space and conveniently connects the big adapters. This allows you to maximize all of your existing power strip outlets.

The biggest plus point of this surge protector extension cord is that it provides a lifetime warranty to the user, and hence, you can rely on the actual quality of this cord. While reviewing, we find that it gives the flexibility to extend the current power cord by 12-inches. This gives an extra reach to the computer case or other such devices. It is quite an expensive cord that we came across in our review. But the features justify its coat. However, our experts suggested that it is better to buy this cord only to satisfy your needs. Otherwise, you can search for other cords as it also doesn’t have any modern features.


  • It can also be used as a 12-inches power extension cord
  • Conveniently connects to big-sized adapters
  • 1 ft. computer cord and 1ft. power cable
  • Space-saving design
  • Lifetime warranty

13. Maximm Cable 1 Foot 360° Rotating Small Extension Cord

Maximm Cable White 1 Foot 360° Rotating Flat Plug 16Awg Power Extension Cord image

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This cable is also Amazon’s choice in the short white extension cord. The Maximm Cable rotating plug extension cord has made its place in our review because of its premium quality and impressive outcomes. The reason why rotating extension cords are preferred is their adaptable and good design. This Maximm Cable cord features a 360-degrees rotating flat supply power plug. It gives you the choice to get access to the power outlet in any direction of your needs. It has 3-pronged outlets and a grounded plug that ensures the safety and convenience of the user.

Moreover, this space saver extension cable can enable you to remove your old AC power cord and use the slim rotating plug that also provides angular flexibility. The maximum power rating is 13 Amps/125V/1625W, similar in almost all the extension cords. You can plug into the top outlet and can make use of the bottom outlet for other purposes. It offers quality construction that is UL listed and confirms the industry standards. We also found that this short cable has more advanced features capable of providing the desired outcomes. Therefore, we can conclude that this product is great for you to run multiple appliances without worrying about the cord’s quality.


  • Wire gauge of 16AWG with Maximum power rating of 1625W/13Amps
  • 3-pronged outlets and a grounded plug
  • 360-degrees rotating flat supply power
  • Made using high-quality material

14. InSinkErator CRD-00 Garbage Disposal Power Cord Kit

InSinkErator CRD-00 Garbage Disposal Power Cord Kit image

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InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Power Cord Kit is easy to install and offers several specifications to the users. You will get a complete cord kit when you purchase this product. The kit will comprise a 3-foot cable cord, an instructions manual, and a strain relief clamp. From safety assurance to premium quality, this power cord meets the standards of Underwriter Laboratories SPT-3 category related to the cord’s thickness and ability to resist extreme weather conditions.

You have to connect the smoother side of the power cord to the black wire of the disposer. While the other side, i.e., the ribbed side, has to be attached to the white wire of the disposer. When installing the cord extension, you can plug the disposer directly into a standard wall outlet. It has to be properly grounded to the disposer’s ground screw. We found this power cord kit to be decent in this range but is available at a higher price. We have also reviewed the customers’ ratings to get proper and detailed information about this power cord. Almost all buyers and our experts also confirmed that it is a value for money product that is very easy to install compared to other power cords.


  • Easy to install with provided strain relief clamp and a 3-foot cable
  • Solid material is durable and can plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Kit contains 2 wire nuts and motor electrical connection
  • Proper insulation thickness and is moisture resistance

15. Kasonic 12-Feet Multiple Outlet Extension Cord (3 Outlet)

Kasonic 13 Amp 125V 1625 Watts (White) 12-Feet 2 Pack Triple Wire Grounded 3 Outlet Extension Cord image

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The Kasonic 12-Feet 3 Outlets extension cable is a multi-outlet extension cord that delivers high-quality performance. From the sturdy construction to durable material, this extension cord has much more to offer. The material covers insulating and protects the cord’s conducting wires. It has a space-saving flat design that minimizes the hazards and blends with the wall. This lets you keep the furniture against the wall. Another exciting part of this cord is its built-in accessory loop that enables you to hang the cord n conveniently. It allows easy storage and keeps the wire safe in its place.

This 12-feet cable has 3-wire grounded and 3-outlets that provide the desired results. It has a maximum power rating of 13 Amps/125VAC/1625W. You can plug in more than one electronic appliance, and it is perfect for vacuum cleaners, laptops, and other household electronic items. It further meets the UL-listed safety and quality standards. The presence of a grounded plug enhances safety to a great extent. Reinforced blades give durability to the cable and protect it from breakage. In our review, we found that it is a cost-effective cord that offers universal compatibility. Experts have also recommended the usage of this cable that is excellent for households.


  • Space-saving flat design with 12-foot extension cord with 3-power outlets
  • Simple and Practical cord with built in loop to hang to walls
  • Universal Compatibility and meets UL safety and quality standards
  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction

Buying Guide

In the above extension cords’ reviews, we have listed the top 15 best power extension cords with their key features and ability to perform a specific function. According to our recent extension cord review, GE 9 Black 45149 9-ft Cable with 3 power strips is the best, but you as a reader might find some features missing it, and go for the second product. When deciding which product will be the best, the features to look for can be tough. Hence, we will guide you through all the specifications required while making the right decision. We will also provide a brief answer to a few questions related to extension cords.

What is an Extension Cord?

An extension cord, also known as a power extender or extension lead, is an electrical power extension cable that is longer and is flexible that has a plug on one end and one or more than one socket at the other end. Its main function is to power an electrical appliance that doesn’t reach the outlet. Longer power cords lead to more electrical resistance and transmit comparatively lesser power to devices connected to the outlet. Therefore, it is better to use an extension cord of the appropriate length to decrease the power loss.

How to Fix an Extension Cord?

An Extension Cord can be fixed by following some easy steps.

  1. Make a cut over the outer jacket of the cord by using a utility knife. Make sure that you will not have a deep cut in the cord. This can break the wire itself.
  2. Cut and Strip the wire. The length of the cut should be as per the length mentioned in the strip gauge.
  3. Before screwing the wire into a plug, make sure you twist the wires tight. For the wire concerned, make sure the black wire goes into the golden screw, white into silver and green into the green. Ensure you will not cut the insulation jacket as it will prevent the wire from tearing during the outlet.
  4. For the last step, close the plug and screw it tightly to fix the cord tightly in it.

How to Roll Up an Extension Cord?

An Extension Cord can be rolled up by following these steps:

  1. For the first step, connect the male and female ends of the extension cord.
  2. Now, make an Overhand Knot at the end where you connected the two male and female ends.
  3. Make successive knots following the first one. To make a successive knot, pull your hand through the overhand knot loop and grab the two strands of cord to make a new knot.
  4. When you reach the end of the cord, just tie off the knot by pulling it through the last loop. This will make another overhand knot at the end.

What Gauge Extension Cord Do I Need?

  • The 100-foot-long extension cord should be used if the current draw lies within the range of 10A-20A, provided the voltage drop is at most 5.00%. The minimum wire gauge for this extension cord ranges from 10 gauge – 12 gauge.
  • A 50-foot extension cable is recommended for current draw ranging between 10A-20A, provided voltage drop is at most 4%. The range for minimum wire gauge is 12-14 gauge, whereby 12 gauge is for 20A current draw and rest of current, 14 gauge.
  • 25 food extensions cords are best for current draw within 10A – 20A, provided voltage drop is at most 2.58%. The minimum wire gauge for this extension cord should be 14 gauge.

Top Brands for Extension Cords

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight provides top-quality extension cords to the users. It offers extension cords, plugs, connectors, and other electrical components. The company ensures to provide quality tools at low prices. The materials of cords are solid and deliver high-level performance with every usage. In addition, it provides extension cords of distinct gauges and further offers quality specifications.


GE is the leading brand in extension cords that furnishes a vast range to buyers. It provides extension cords with a decent number of outlets and larger lengths to extend your home appliances’ reach both at the house or workplace. As a result, customers are satisfied with these high-quality extension cords and can provide the proper outcomes.


DEWENWILS is a professional manufacturer specializing in home improvement devices, consumer electronics, and outdoor equipment. It has made its position in the market by providing a large variety of extension cords. The company primarily aims at providing superior quality and impressive performance to every customer. It is possible to buy DEWENWILS extension cords from various online shopping platforms like Amazon.

Types of Extension Cords

Two-Prong Cords

Two-prong plugs are not safe as compared to three prongs. The two wires are connected to them, of which one gets connected to the hot and the other to the neutral wire in the extension cord. The biggest disadvantage of two-prong cords is that no connection is attached to the ground wire, and hence, not suitable for high-voltage appliances.

Three-Prong Cords

Three-prong plug extension cords are appropriate for outdoor uses. The third prong is attached to the ground for carrying high-voltage. They are safer and perfect for use with electrical appliances that require high power. Thus, it is better to search for an extension cord with three-prong plugs so that you can use it anywhere without any hassle.

Extension Cord Designations

Following are the designations used for an extension cord based on Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 400-

  • S = Standard; rated at 600 VAC
  • SJ = Junior; rated at 300 VAC
  • T = Thermoplastic
  • O = Oil-resistant outer jacket
  • OO = Oil-resistant insulation and outer jacket
  • P = Parallel construction (flat)
  • W = Approved for outdoor use
  • V = Lightweight, round vacuum cleaner cord

How to Make a 30 Amps Generator Extension Cord?

You can make use of the following steps to develop a 30Amp generator extension cord-

  1. In the first step, you need to arrange a square box and make a hole.
  2. Strip the cord using pliers. Then, you have to cut the wire, and you will no longer be able to make use of the extension cord.
  3. Put the CGB on the hole of the square box and insert the wires on the CGB.
  4. Strip the wire and make two grounds.
  5. Connect the wires to the receptacles and attach them to the cover of the box.
  6. In the last step, you have to connect the wire’s other end to the male plug.

Indoor vs Outdoor Extension Cord

What makes indoor and outdoor extension cords different from each other? Following are the points which distinguish them:

  • Indoor extension cords are made up of durable materials in insulation and protect against moisture and changes in temperature, but sunlight can break its insulation layer. At the same time, outdoor extension cables are made up of special material that protects against sunlight damage. They are constructed to prevent destruction from chemicals also.
  • Indoor extension cables are available at most 25 feet in length, whereas outdoor extension power cords come in a length of 150 feet at least. The difference in length availability is essential, especially when you need to determine the size of the gauge wire cord.
  • Indoor and outdoor extension cord differs based on plug type too. Most indoor extension power cables have two-prong plugs, whereas outdoor power extension cords are available with three-prong plugs.
  • Indoor cord generally supports lower amperage flow, whereas outdoor extension cord has comparatively higher amperage rating.

Safety Tips for Using Outdoor Extension Cords

  • Always make sure you have good connections when using an outdoor extension cord.
  • You have to avoid using an indoor cords outside.
  • Use an extension cord only when necessary.
  • Do not use an extension cord with a lower wattage/amperage than what you’re trying to use it for.
  • Look for any damage to the cord itself. If you notice a cut in it, reach for the wires inside and do not use it.
  • Check and make sure all the connections are tight and secure before plugging them into a power source.

How to Protect Outdoor Extension Cord from Rain?

Protecting an outdoor extension cord from rain is crucial because moisture can affect its performance and quality. It is better to disconnect the cord before the rain as it is essential for your own safety. The outlet must have a weatherproof coating or cover to remain protected from rain and other odd situations. It has to be done to the other end of the cord as well. You can make use of plastic bags for accomplishing this purpose.

Features to Consider While Buying Extension Cord

It is always preferable to choose a perfect product for your applications. However, in the available market with abundant products, choosing a perfect one is sometimes tough. So to make your shopping easy, here are a few main considerations of an extension cord.


When you are purchasing an extension cord, it is suggested that you go for the cord whose length is a bit longer than your required one, i.e., you should opt for the cord next in length. Plugging into each other, these extra multiple cords increase the resistance between the outlet and you’re intended. Target which you want to power. Not only this, purchasing a longer-length extension cord can prove to be one investment that you can utilize beneficially in your future projects as well.


Aside from the length, thickness inside the extension cord also helps to determine how much power cord can safely carry. Moreover, thick wires transmit more power safely over long distances. Any cord at a big-box store should meet the minimum requirements, enabling them to run low-power gear like lights, battery chargers, or a stereo.

Wire gauge

In the United States, the thickness of the cord is determined through the gauge or what they call AWG, aka American Wire Gauge. AS per AWG charts, the larger the numbers, the smaller the wires are, which will eventually carry power. The cord with a measurement of 14 AWG, which is recommended, is the thinnest, provided lengths of cords are only 25 feet or shorter whereas, the thicker 10 AWG is probably the thickest gauge you’ll ever find in any store selling extension cord.

Ability to handle standard power

it is recommended that you better skip indoor/outdoor extension cords rated ranging between 10 A and 13 A. Instead, you should rather get one rated for at least 15 A., And if your intended cord doesn’t list a maximum amperage, it is suggested that you should skip it entirely. Using the extension cord starting from 15A rated will allow you to plug in any household tool or equipment. They are fit for 15 A breakers or fuses, which are usually found in most residential electrical panels, which cut off the power before the cord is pushed beyond its limits.


Flexible Cords are easier to stretch across the workspaces, easier to coil up and store properly, and less frustrating when fitting them in tight spaces. It’s hard to choose which cord one should use and make the work pretty easy when cords are tightly wrapped in their packaging on a shelf. Without uncoiling them and drawing them off the aisle, the only way to ensure that you get a flexible cord is to search for one made for lower temperatures.

Number of outlet ends

It’s no hidden fact that with an extension cord with few extra outlets fixed on end known as banana tap, people usually look forward to using such extension cords. And if you’re looking for a durable cord to run tools, equipment, work lights, or other power hogs, it is recommended that you avoid them at all costs because they’re affinitive to go overload easily. For anything requiring serious power or even general-purpose cords that you hope to have on hand for several years to come, you need to stick to one outlet per cord and per piece of equipment.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is an Outdoor Extension Cord?

Outdoor extension cords are more strong as compared to indoor-rated cords. This is because they are made using thick gauge wires and durable materials like rubber, plastic, and vinyl.

Q. How should I maintain my Outdoor Extension Cord?

It is possible to maintain the quality of the outdoor extension cord. You can make use of an extension cord cover and protect the cord from extreme conditions.

Q. Which is the Best Extension Cord?

The GE 9 Black 45149 9-ft Extension Cord with 3 power strips is the best extension cord available on online shopping platforms.

Q. Are Outdoor Extension Cords safe in rain?

No, the outdoor extension cords are not safe in the rain. It affects its performance and is a hazard to health. Thus, it is essential to protect it in rainy conditions.


In this review, we addressed the need for getting oneself the best one among the top-rated home power extension cords. Everyone wants to run multiple electrical appliances at a single time so that they can take the benefits of all of them without waiting for long. This is essential for every customer to evaluate distinct extension cords available in the market for making the right decision. The best extension cord can deliver the best results, and can provide you with certain additional specifications. With the help of our listed products on extension cables, Amazon has brought you the cheapest items with decent features that are sure to last you for a long time.

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