15 Most Durable Drill Bits Sets for Metal, Plastic, Wood, Steel & More – Reviews 2022

Best Overall

DEWALT DW1361 21-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium 21-Piece Pilot Point Drill Bit Set image
  • Has connectable accessory storage system with clear lid and clip latch
  • Patented bit-bar design of these bits ensures customizable placement
  • It gives burr-free, speed and clear holes with proprietary pilot point tip

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Value for Money

COMOWARE 13 Pcs Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium 13 Pcs Twist Hex Shank Drill Bit Set image
  • Comes with HSS Titanium Coating for durability and capability
  • 1/4 inch hex shank suits all power tools which makes work more easier
  • Not only perfect for Home DIY but also great for general building use

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Most Convenient

Bosch T5002 T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades

Bosch T5002 T-Shank 10 Piece Assorted Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades image
  • Highly compatible with almost all jigsaws that we currently use
  • Blades has T-shank design to give great stability and grip
  • Durable and convenient to use. Also, it is easy to store with a durable plastic case

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Anyone would require comprehensive knowledge before investing in any product worth every penny. Drill bits for metal are no exception where it demands extra scrutiny. There have been manifold drill bits designed for wood, concrete, tiles, and metals. The difficulty is not knowing the material but understanding different drill bits and their efficacy and quality. You may encounter hard metals like stainless steel and soft metals like copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, sheet steel, spring steel, and cast iron. Drilling holes is one of the most common tasks where every project worker should have in-depth knowledge. The best drill bit purchase makes a project successful with much compatibility.

It is quite hard for the Home improvement centers, electricians, and HVAC experts to buy perfect drill bits for metal. Because much care needed to pierce metals without snapping in half and preventing heating. This best drill bit for metal review presents you with the top 15 best drill bits for metals, especially after getting through a plethora of kits, designs, and appropriate features of drill bits in the market. We assure that listed drill bits suit any metals and assure accurate and compatible drilling, satisfying all your needs.

1. DeWalt Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set DW1361 21 Piece

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium 21-Piece Pilot Point Drill Bit Set image

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Among top-rated drill bits, it is extremely profound to place Dewalt Titanium drill bit set in the first place mainly for its durable quality and compatible performance. The attractive yellow-colored spiral-type tool has a patented titanium coat for softer metals and sustains longer. Titanium drill bit comes with a maximum of 21-pieces with different sizes from 1/16 inch to ½ inch. We like the pilot point drill bits as they are quick and deliver confined burr-free holes as expected, dissipating heat capacity. We found this 21 piece model is designed to drill in non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic. Provided with many sizes, it is perfect for commercial and residential applications. It is good to see the small yet sturdy drill set with a carrying case that was easy to clean.

Dewalt made its drill set with a tapered web structure to resist breakage. It assures two times longer life in stainless steel than any average drill bit. They manufacture high-quality drill bits that are fast and easy to load. We observed these drill bits’ 100% strong performance and saw its top ranking in all reviews. These are mostly recommended for professional contractors and residential handymen. We suggest it for low to medium drilling where its increasing ranges of size offer flexibility. With efficient components and flawless performance, this 21-piece drill bit surprises us by coming at a low price.


  • It accommodates multiple sizes of drill bits ranging from 1/16-1/2 inches, where manifold services are availed from a single appliance
  • Tough plastic case keeps drill bits well-organized, arranging size-wise as mentioned, and protects bits by tightly fixing to the lid
  • Featuring 21 pieces is the largest number of drill bits provided by any company. It efficiently satisfies all requirements
  • Titanium-coated drill bit set assures durable service. It provides sustainable life when drilling in non-ferrous metals

2. Comoware 13 Pieces High-Speed Titanium Drill Bit Sets

COMOWARE Titanium 13 Pcs Twist Hex Shank Drill Bit Set image

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Comoware is a highly demanded drill set that withstands longer in its position as the best drill bit set. It has 13 pieces ranging from 1/16 inches to ¼ inches that ideally get set into all power tools quickly and safely. We admire its optimum performance and quick-change chuck potential lock. The titanium-coated drill bit set with classy HSS construction has a fine structure with durability. The drill set with split point tip and twisted hard cutting edges ensures sharpness. Its N-shaped 135-degree point angle makes easy self-centering and fast cutting speed, thus preventing walking. With its two flutes formed, there is no debris and chips leftover from the bits.

It compiles much safer and has more longevity by making frictionless and cooler drilling processes restrain from heating. It is powerful, working at a fast speed but relatively produces heat. We are sure that no other drill bit suits a twist drill bits set that allows drilling in metal, carbon steels, sheet metal, die steels, plastic countersink, and wood and aluminum alloy particles. These best quality drill bits meet all your requirements, preferable for general building usage Home DIY. It makes the process user-friendly by clearly denoting the different drill sizes in indexes placed in the drill bit holder. We found its higher compatibility for the majority of brands. We recommend it highly for its cost-effective coherent performance offered at an affordable price.


  • This best drill bit for metal designed with the 2-flutes form that helps in clearing debris and chips and reduces friction, dissipating heat
  • High-Speed steel titanium coating increases capacity to meet multiple needs and sustain for a longer period
  • Drill set organized holder with size index ensures user-friendly performance. It makes easy and safe storage
  • It effectively meets every customer designed to suit any metal types, wood, and PVC applications

3. Bosch T5002 Multi-Purpose T-Shank Jigsaw High Quality Drill Bits

Bosch T5002 T-Shank 10 Piece Assorted Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades image

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Among other drill bit sets, Bosch calls our attention towards its versatile and high compatible performance. We realized that it obliges more for your successful project by extending its utility for multiple purposes. Bosch blade set includes two sets of T119BO, T101B, T118A, T144D, and T118B jigsaw t-shank blades. These 10 piece blades are intended to satisfy basic needs for metals. T5002 jigsaw blades with different lengths enhance manifold applications where some are adept in making straight cuts and others in curved cuts. You can store the sets in a plastic case where Bosch concerns all its products reaching customers with durable standards.

With assortments of blades, T5002 suits all general-purpose wood-cutting, plastics, and various thicknesses of metals. It is appropriate for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We felt its significance in our review for its compatibility level that befits nearly 90% of current jigsaws. Its high-carbon steel-built T-shank blades make it possible to add more power transfer from five points of contact and give maximum grip and stability. This setting reduces breakage by not allowing fixing up the screw in the mounting hole. We assure Bosch T-shank jigsaw blades are out of the ordinary and its adaptable working offered for a great value.


  • Bosch 10 piece blades make sure of their compatible performance with many brands in the market. This versatile appliance deserves to be in your toolset
  • It was well structured with T-shank jigsaw blades made of high carbon steel to add more power and give longer life resisting breakages
  • With an assortment of blades, it achieves multi-purpose utility that adds more function and meets all applications required
  • Durability with superior performance is certain in Bosch T5002, where blades are made of high-quality built-in

4. Dewalt Titanium Speed Tip 14 Piece Drill Bit Set DW1341- Top Rated

DEWALT DW1341 14-Piece Titanium Speed Tip Drill Bit Set image

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Another best product from Dewalt is this 14 piece titanium drill bit set. Dewalt DW1341 calls our attention with its high-quality built-in and flawless performance. We felt its significance to be on our list of best drill bit sets for its best features. It is notable for producing high-quality, durable products where it is feasible in this 14 piece drill bit set. The set has a touch case container that tightly fixes the drill bits in the lid, making it easy to carry and not miss any drill bits. It ensures user-friendly performance by indicating different sizes and increasing convenience by keeping the bits well organized. Its speed tip point is more beneficial. This speed tip drill bit set is capable of making accurate holes while drilling and preventing walking. Further, its no-spin shank feature enhances non-slippage and protects the material from any damages.

We realized Dewalt’s manufacturing of various sized drill bits set with innovative designs and extensive utilities intentionally. In contrast, we encountered this 14-piece model ideal for drilling in metal, wood, and plastics. We found these drill bits, including 1/ 16- 1/ 2 inches drill bits that affirm impeccable service, meeting all your requirements. The titanium coating makes it certain of its longer life for drilling in non-ferrous metals. We assure that longevity, and satisfactory performance are 100% sure with this drill bit set where it is preferable for commercial and residential applications.


  • No ship shank feature facilitates non-slippage of drill bits from the surface, offers flawless service
  • Multiple sizes enable greater utility and ultimate satisfaction by making the project successful
  • Speed tip assures accuracy in making holes and prevents from walking while drilling
  • Titanium coating offers longer life in drilling non-ferrous metals

5. CO-Z Cobalt 5 Pieces Step Drill Bit for Metal

CO-Z SDB-0000 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case image

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While looking for cobalt drill bits for hardened steel, we get captured by a co-z HSS cobalt drill bit set. You surely cannot doubt the durability of the product where high-speed cobalt steel improves the drill bits’ quality. Its titanium coating has made the product look new and shiny for years. We are grateful for its ingenious step drill structure that ensures its presence in our top list. The Co-z step drill bit set was provided with 5 pieces of various drill bits capable of drilling up from six to 13 steps. We are amazed where its step drill mechanism is efficient in making multiple holes up to 50 sizes. They are finely set up in an aluminum case with their sizes mentioned and a locking system, making them easily storable and professional. We observed its compatible performance of various sizes with 1/4, 3/8, and 1/ 2 inches chuck sizes.

Thanks to its non-walking facility that prevents slippage and is free from damages. We gazed at its much user-friendly performance where you just need to point the spot and start drilling. The two-flute form ensures faster and smoother cutting and ensures safe working by preventing metal scurf from flying around. It is perfect for making round holes in steel sheets, wood boards, aluminum sheets, and plastic boards. This co-z 5 piece drill bit set does the job of multiple bits, thus saving from trouble and space. We assure you this would be the best purchase for HVAC professionals and Home DIY lovers. It works exceptionally great for its affordable value.


  • High Speed Steel Drill Bits with titanium coating guarantees extreme durability. It allows smooth working with minimal shocks and no snapping
  • It achieves outstanding performance, making accurate round holes on aluminum sheets and sheet metals
  • Step drill bit design allows drilling holes of various sizes without changing bits 
  • Well-organized aluminium case for easy transport and efficient storage

6. Hurricane 99 Pieces Titanium Twist High Speed Drill Bits for Metal

Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set image

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Hurricane takes us to another level by providing a maximum number of 99 pieces of various sized drill bit sets. We doubted its quality of composing many drill bits, but it made us wrong by making bits with high-speed steel and titanium coating. It captured us with its trustworthy performance with premium quality build-in materials. Moreover, the titanium-coated surface reduces heat and prevents rusting. So it has increased hardness and becomes a more wear-resistant product for longer life. 99 piece drill bits produced by hurricanes include multiple sizes ranging from 3/ 8 to 1/16 inches, and each drill bit size is provided in additional numbers.

We encountered its twist, and a spiral flute design adds elegance and increases the compatibility of a drill bit. The 135-degree split point ensures effective drilling by easily self-centering to the focus point, increasing the cutting speed, and restraining from walking. All 99 pieces are systematically organized in a plastic storage box that comes in handy with notable sizes and satisfies easy transporting and user-friendly performance. The 99 piece titanium drill bit set applies to various materials like iron, bronze, copper, cast iron, Perspex, and hard plastics. With an assortment of sizes and several pieces, a hurricane titanium drill bit set never fails in fulfilling all your demands. We assure you that it is worth your bill and reduces spending for buying various sizes compiled in this single box.


  • Multiple sizes with additional quantities achieve versatility and also give a compatible performance, meeting all your requirements
  • The split point tip and twisted 135-degree angle allow easy self-centering. Thus, it increases cutting speed and prevents walking 
  • High-speed steel confines its high quality and sustainable performance for a longer period
  • U-flute type spiral  design makes cleaner holes while drilling  

7. Dewalt 14 Pieces DWA 1184 Black Oxide Coated Heavy Duty Drill Bits

DEWALT DWA1184 14Piece Set Black Oxide Coated HSS Twist Drill Bit Set image

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Among titanium-coated HSS drill bit sets, this Dewalt 14 piece model is purposely designed with a black oxide coating. It is exemplary for both hard and soft metals and allows decent heat-resisting capability and durability. Its peculiar designs make it stand alone in the market among various drill bits. The twist drill set with 14 pieces of various sizes looks sturdy and confirms greater wear resistance with a black oxide coating. Drill bits got a 135-degree split-point that makes productive drilling in flatter non-ferrous metals and satisfies all general purpose needs working at a 31-degree helix angle. There is no question about slippage and walking with a black oxide drill set as it optimizes flexible contact with materials. Dewalt is renowned for implementing the best materials for drill bits that confirm a product’s longevity and offer immaculate performance.

It was equipped with unusual parabolic flute bits that are applied to specific geometry for twist drill bits. The parabolic flute in the 14 pieces intends to improve chip evacuation in wood and metal drilling applications, accomplishing a finely finished surface in the hole. A concerned helix angle-resolved the over-aggressiveness of the parabolic flute system. We look through this drill bit, compiling different bit sizes ranging from 1/16 to 1/2 inches, and it gives congenial performance suiting all top brands. This 14 piece twist drill bit set reaches your hand in a modular, stackable box, and it indexes standard inch units on bit shank as well as on the box. We recommend it as it comes at a budget price and offers a good deal of service.


  • Black oxide coating gives longer life and maintains sturdiness of bits. It prevents heating and suits both hard and soft metals 
  • Helix 31 degree decreases aggressiveness of parabolic flute and helps to produce accurate holes for common purposes
  • 14 pieces drill bits includes sizes of larger 1/ 2 to much smaller 1/16 that accommodates easily in drilling any materials
  • Parabolic flute design optimises chip ejection in any drilling applications like metals and wood

8. Comoware 10 Pcs High-Speed Steel Jobber Twist Industrial Drill Bits

COMOWARE Twist 10 Pcs Black High Speed Steel Jobber Drill Bit Set image

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With its sleek black spiral design, Comoware made us realize that it delivers a durable and faultless performance. We found all essential qualities of the best drill bit set in the comoware 10-piece model. The 10-piece drill bit sets feature multi-functional usage where it suits best drilling for metal, plastic countersink, and wood. The drilling operation is easier with a 135-degree split point tip that fixes it by self-centering and increasing the cutting speed. There could be no doubt about damages because the HSS twist design protects the material and leaves a fine surface after drilling. We encountered its non-slippage and anti-walking abilities ensuring perfectness without leaving any dust in the hole.

Comoware shows its technical intelligence in initiating HSS jobber bits that provide longer bits than diameters of the other shaft. It is viable through a lengthy design that assists larger flutes with overall length. This limited sizes model includes important sizes that are utilized for common purposes. The sizes from /16 to 1/ 4 inches that got it down flute length to make drilling clean and safe free from flying materials. This comoware twist drill bit set is so inexpensive that it befriends project workers in making a successful project. We believe comoware black oxide drill bit sets can be extensively productive for home DIY, engineering use, and general building needs. It shows higher compatibility in most drills and drivers in the market.


  • 135-degree split point tip and twist design makes easy self-centering and increases cutting speed. Its design makes accurate holes clearing chips with its spiral type
  • High-speed jobber steel provides maximum length of bits making the drilling process more convenient
  • Black oxide coating ensures higher durability and long-lasting, effective performance 
  • Various sizes of drill bits are highly compatible with major drills and drivers

9. Dewalt Masonry Percussion 7-Pieces Drill Bit for Metal and Concrete

DEWALT DW5207 Masonry 7-Piece Percussion Drill Bit Set image

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Dewalt shows its reliance on manufacturing drill bit sets for various purposes. This 7-piece drill bit set made of carbide material is best to drill bit for concrete and masonry. Dewalt inputs and manufactures products in Germany. While evaluating the design, the drill bit tip is intended with rock carbide that gives longer life while drilling in carbide surfaces. It is top-ranked as a hammer drill bit set with various sizes gives a compatible performance with electric or cordless hammers. The 7 pieces come in different sizes, from 3/ 16 to 1/2 inches bits that look strong in their flute design. It constitutes four flutes spiral form in this masonry drill bit set to facilitate efficient drilling by cleaning debris out of the bit.

We noted three flats on the shank helps in eliminating bits slipping in the chuck and prevent walking and spinning. This high-profile DW5207 7-piece drill set model is excellent drilling in blocks, bricks, masonry, and concrete. We reassure the effectiveness of the Dewalt masonry drill after sensing the thickness and strength of drill bits. This masonry 7-piece set makes holes in rock and artificial stones, and its average 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch chuck are devised for mechanical anchors. DW5207 Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set of 7-Pieces deserves to accompany you and provides flawless service. We are sure that this would be the best purchase under your budget where it offers a 1-year full warranty.


  • Carbide material improves sturdiness and long-lasting performance. Rock Carbide tip increases contact with carbide surface 
  • Four flute designs clear out all debris from bit, providing a dust-free environment 
  • Ideally suits drilling holes in concrete, masonry, artificial stones, and bricks
  • 7 pieces of different sizes  Compatible with electric and cordless hammers

10. Bosch Cobalt M42 1/2 In. x 6 In. CO 2159 Hardest Drill Bits

Bosch CO2159B Cobalt M42 Drill Bit image

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Bosch cobalt sets remain ordinary by relying on heavy quality cobalt material. The M42 cobalt drill bit by Bosch provides jobber-length bits. This drill bit contains 8% of hard-core cobalt alloy, which satisfied us with its durability and meticulous performance. We found its high build-in works 10 times longer than standard bits. These drill bits achieve high-heat resistance that is capable of withstanding high-temperature applications for a longer period. Bosch provides a 1/2 inch metal drill bit that emphasizes much strength and durable quality. Further, its thick web-helix design adds more stability in tough applications.

We encountered the three-flat shank, which helps reduce bit slippage and split points, get rid of skating, and give a center punch. This hard-core cobalt-made hardened tip penetrates tough, abrasive materials. Bosch cobalt M42 drill set gives superior performance in stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, light-gauge metal, and aluminum. If you were dealing with projects that require drilling heavy materials, then Bosch cobalt metal drill bits would be the best option. We noted Bosch’s best cobalt drill bits were remarked as one of the best quality bits. Instead of buying a large set of cheap bits, we recommend a great investment in a Bosch 1/2 inch drill set that makes the project many times easier than other conventional drill bits.


  • Thick web helix spiral design makes drilling faster and leaves clear holes, removing debris. It increases the stability to drill in tougher applications
  • Hard-core M42 alloy cobalt drill bits deliver long life and sustainable performance. It resists heat and is ideal for hard metals 
  • Offers extensive sizes where 1/2 inch size features larger and stronger split points. It gives more grip and stable working
  • No-skate tip helps in achieving a more defined hole, escaping from walking, and damaging  the material surface

11. Drill America KFDRSD1 Reduced Shank Black & Gold 1 Inch Metal Drill Bit

Drill America KFDRSD1 1-inch Reduced Shank High Speed Steel Black _ Gold KFD Drill Bit image

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Drill America has produced drill bit sets with high-speed steels with gold and black oxide coating. Its innovative qualities attract firstly, and its high-built design gives confidence over its performance. While evaluating its operations, it stunned us where the sturdy 1/2 inch shank is wear-resistance for any hard materials. It has extensive utilities satisfying the needs of all general-purpose applications. Black oxide-coated HSS drill bits are a completely refined product that prevents corrosion and increases durability. It helps project workers widely by getting used to drilling in stainless steel and other metal drilling. The 1/2 inch shank drill bit produced by drill America was designed with round shanks to perform in various tool holding systems.

Like any best drill bit for metal, drill bits with the heavy-duty 135-degree split point allow smooth drilling to prevent slipping. It operates more user-friendly where its spiral-fluted forms eliminate chips and reduce clogging. We obtained clarity over its KFD features, making it a killer force drill bit manufactured from M2 premium-grade materials. This drill bit does a greater range of steel and iron types such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and other hard-surface drilling. It was provided as a reduced shank drill that enlarged the size range capacity of the portable drill chuck. With general flute type and full length for adjustment, it performs congenial with any materials.


  • 135degree split point tip eases drill bits’ self-centering surface and allows making smoother accurate holes. Its anti-walking feature is effective than conventional 118 degree tip bits
  • Drill America killer force drill bits are manufactured with high-quality M2 grade High-speed steel that widely suits iron and steel types 
  • Black and gold surface applies to drill in stainless steel and hard metals. it maintains sturdiness and gives longer durability 
  • Spiral-type flute forms evacuate chips and debris out of holes. Provides clean surface of a material by reducing clogging

12. Bosch ½-Inch Touch Titanium T121591M Long Metal Drill Bits

Bosch TI2159IM Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit image

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Bosch introduced us to its high carbon steel-made titanium drill bit set. High carbon steels deliver strong performance and are harder to process. We suspected their carbon steels were open to rusting, but Bosch succeeded in technical intelligence coating the drill bits surface with titanium material. This makes sure about its longevity and frictionless operations. We look at its long flute that makes user-friendly performance removing any hard material and allowing universal drilling. The 1/2 drill bit for metal features a no-skate tip to make fine holes restraining from skating and walking on the surface. It is so beneficial with its debris and chip-free clean surface while drilling.

1/2-inch shank specially designed by Bosch satisfies effective drilling in heavy-gauge and high-carbon steel materials. Its hex shank structure aids in working with both impact drivers and drill drivers. We found many positive reviews from supervisors and engineers for impeccable service, even in heavy materials. Bosch drill bits give impact through tough quality and actions. Impact tough screwdriver bits deliver ten times longer life than standard impact bits. It functions as an impact tough multi-material bit, achieving an all-in-one bit for hammer bits. This Bosch drill bit set features a tough impact mode that allows fast cutting and produces impact tough whole saw and drivers. We believe that this drill bit will be fortunate for electricians, plumbers, and HVACs professionals to achieve the desired output at an affordable price.


  • Ensures higher durability with titanium coating and tough construction that provides two times longer life than standard impact drill bits
  • It performs effectively for heavy-gauge carbon steels, wood, PVCs, and light t gauge metals and hardwood applications
  • Impact-rated shank design gives extensive utilities in drills, hole saw, screwdrivers, and impact driver
  • high carbon steel with titanium nitride coating gives longer life and dissipates heat and rust

13. Knoweasy HSS Titanium Coated Step Strongest Drill Bits for Metal

Knoweasy HSS(6542) Titanium Coated Spiral Grooved Step Drill Bit 3-Piece Set image

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Here comes the multi-facilitated brand’s desirable step drill bit set. It satisfies all ideal qualities to be the best drill bit set for metals. It inhibits high-speed steel quality with titanium coating where you can completely trust its longevity and powerful performance. Knoweasy provides three effective drill bits that equal the function of multiple sizes. This three-step drill bit ranges 4-12mm, 4-20mm, and 4-32mm and its hexagonal shank was designed with double-edged that makes drilling smoother. We found its spiral flute type comprising various sizes of step such as five, 9 and 15 step drill bits that helps to accompany us in both hard and soft materials drilling. Know easy extended the usage of drill bits to wood, plastic plates, aluminum alloy, window glasses, and a fixed point on a wall.

It is considered one of the best sheet metal drill bits, majestically in aluminum and thin iron sheets. We prefer the Knoweasy step drill bit that facilitates chamfering and deburring. We sensed its premium quality design could be utilized for various materials like steel, brass, wood, glass fiber, plastics, and PVC. As the drill sizes are perfectly lasered, it offers more accurate holes. The device benefits cordless screwdrivers and all common drills. We are sure it would be an essential appliance to be in your toolset. After going through top drill bit reviews, we found all its users were so grateful for its multi-beneficial purpose and durable performance offered at a low price.


  • Three drill bit sizes of 4-12 mm, 4-20mmand 4-32mm finely structured in different number of step sizes of 5, 9, and 15 steps
  • Perfect for home DIY and light jobs like drilling holes in various sheet metals, aluminum, plastics, copper, and iron sheets
  • High-speed steel 4241 with titanium coating gives the extreme capability to meet all demands and improves durability
  • Benefits in any common drills and cordless screwdrivers, allowing for much compatibility

14. DeWalt 21-Piece DW1342 Titanium Drill Bit to cut Metal & Other

DEWALT DW1342 Titanium 21-Piece Drill Bit Set image

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We find it a prime duty for us to get you through this amazing 21-piece DW1342 Model by Dewalt. We never encountered wholehearted reviews from customers for any other drill bit set. Many brands initiate products with many specifications but compromise quality, but in regards to Dewalt, it never gives a single chance to doubt its excellent functioning. We have gone through many Dewalt products, and they rely on using premium quality build-ins. Similarly, this 21 piece drill bit set was made of first-rate titanium material and tactfully finished with titanium coating. As we all know, titanium metal gives a very durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant product for any engineering application. Further, the drill bit tips increase the speed of cutting and feature almost no-walking bits. It gives additional care over the surface of materials by structuring no-spin shanks.

This Dewalt titanium coated drill set includes 21bits of sizes ranging from 1/16 to 1/2 inches that potentially serve all your needs. It was provided in a secured plastic tough case that keeps bits tightly fixed to the lid, leaving you less bothered about pieces. The bit case is user-friendly by indexing the bit sizes and keeping it well-organized. Its specifications make certain of its maximum use in commercial and residential buildings, helping make exact holes in woods and plastic. We confide your best purchase of this Dewalt 21-piece DW1342 set that functions as per your expectation. It costs a comparatively bit higher than its counterparts but compensates for its greater value for secured performance.


  • Titanium coating increases toughness and can withstand any tough materials. it further improves durability in non-ferrous metals
  • No-spin shank and anti-walking feature maintains the surface of the standard of material while drilling
  • 21-piece bits cover all various sizes of drill bits that were required by professionals and home DIY
  • Dewalt plastic tough case safely stores all 21 bits in an organized way with bits mentioned in it

15. Comoware Titanium Coated Step Steel Cutting Drill Bits

COMOWARE Step Titanium Coated Double Cutting Blades High Speed Steel Short Length Drill Bit image

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Comoware shows its brilliance in its innovative short-length drill bit. This small-sized drill bit is working excellent with its double-cutting blades. We considered it as an all-rounder as it brings all sizes in one drill bit. As it comes as a step drill, it increases its service to meet different kinds of diameter holes. It optimizes money and trouble, saving you from the need to buy various sized bits. We felt this step drill bit looks so strong being made of premium quality high-speed. Moreover, its titanium coating increases its life and maintains the thickness and sharp edges for a longer time. This Titanium coated drill bit reduces friction and keeps the drilling process safe and cool. We notice the split point tip was designed at a 118-degree angle keeping in mind the achieving wear resistance.

The two-flute spiral type easily escaped chips and dirt from holes while drilling and increased cutting speed. Its three-flat shank type attached to the pistol drill makes the drilling process easier by preventing slippage or sliding during rotation. We felt it would be fortunate to get a single drill that compiles 10 steps of various sizes. Those provided sizes ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 almost fit the majority of brands in the market today. This high-profile Comoware titanium drill bit is ideal for various sheets drilling such as aluminum, steel, and many others with ease countersink and further accommodates in a wood board, plastics and copper. We assure its cost-effectiveness to suit engineering use, home DIY, and general building.


  • Features 118-degree angles split point tip that should be used vertically, and it supports for cleaner surface and fasts cutting
  • The all-in-one facility is feasible through step drill bits with 10 various bits, thus fitting well in major brands
  • Three flat shanks are clamped effectively with the pistol drill that helps in reducing slippage and walking
  • Ideal for any types of sheet metals, wood chips and boards, plastic plates, and aluminum alloys

Buying Guide

This best drill bit review gives you in-depth knowledge about the significance of drill bits in every home. Especially for Home DIYs and professionals, it is a must-have home improvement appliance. This review not only focuses on experts to have clarity but on amateurs who are hunting for the best drill bits. As drill bits come in a wide variety of designs, features, capabilities, and durability, this review would be a buying guide to make your purchase worthy.

What is Drill Bit?

A drill bit is a cutting tool that removes materials and creates almost rounder holes. Drill bits designed in many shapes and sizes to produce different types of holes in different materials. Bits attached to drills that allow it to cut through pieces. There are many types of bits differing in coating and features.

Why Do we Need a Separate Drill Bit for Metal?

Metals need special care in drilling. It is necessary to get drill bits designed for metals where any regular drill bits were not heavy-duty to cut metal materials. A drill bit specially structured for metal comes with the flute, no-slip shank, and premium quality coating to not damage and make accurate, clean holes in its appropriate surface.

How to Use Drill Bits?

  1. Loosen the chuck in drill; adjust and insert the bit appropriate for your project surface
  2. Tighten the chuck and make sure that the drill bit fits tightly
  3. Adjust torque in drill according to your device
  4. Make drill stable and vertical
  5. Start drilling with low speed and gradually increase speed until it gives you the desired outcome.

What are the Best Drill Bits for Metal Made of?

Best drill materials quality goes higher with high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt HSCO or carbide. HSS well suits soft metals, whereas cobalt and carbide equipped with high-quality tool holders to drill the hardest materials. HSS is a popular choice for its economic operation, where the other two are expensive for their tough application.

Titanium vs Black Oxide

Titanium is universal in many drill bit coatings mainly for increasing tool life and wear-resisting quality. It increases cutting speed and can be used for drilling in any metal type, including non-ferrous metals, whereas black oxide can be used in certain materials. Black oxide reduces friction and does not allow heat while drilling, and increases chip flow up and out of the drill, making the drilling process clean and smoother.

Drill Bit Coatings

Drill bit coating plays an essential role in increasing durability and faultless working. There are many types of drill bit coatings. Titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride, and black oxide coating is widely used to maintain the product anew for a longer period, resisting heat and rust, and are best for softwood, hardwood, fiberglass, and steels. Some coating looks bright, but they are not real finish but assist in increasing chip flow.

Metal Drill Bit vs Wood

Metal drill bits intended to cut through tough materials, but wood drill bits cannot cut only wood and light materials. Either using metal bits in wood or wood bits on metal results in the abrasion of materials. Metal drill bits have an angled tip where wood comprises brad, a sharp tip to snag wood. Wood drill bits are often in silver, with Metal Cutting Drill Bit with titanium or black oxide coating.

Who makes the Best Drill Bits?


Carbide has been manufacturing sophisticated hard material cutting and wear protection solutions for many years. They have constantly been upgrading their products with technical innovations and inducing futuristic qualities. Carbide remains constant on top that achieved through high-quality material and meeting everyday requirements. They are taking forward the tool industry to the future with many facilities.


Dewalt has created a trademark in manufacturing power tools, accessories, anchors, and concrete adhesives. All its products make clear of its yellow and black scheme. It started its reliable service in 1922 and kept on providing customers’ entire satisfaction through its products. Dewalt ensures absolute confidence for the toughest job site conditions.


Neiko tool is a leading manufacturer of premium quality hand tools, power tools, hydraulic tools, accessories, and supplies. They stand unique in producing the finest drill bit sets and all automotive tools. It is a USA-based manufacturer. Having longer experience and dealing with all tool accessories, Neiko is a popular choice among professionals and engineers.


Black and Decker introduced as a small Baltimore machine shop in 1843. They strongly believe in fulfilling their customer needs, and it takes them to be a global leader in engineered fastening and ranking first in tools and storage. They got a reputation for their quality, ingenuity, and value-added ultimate security services. Black+Decker’s trustworthy tools and innovative solutions created a path to reshape the world with hard work and inspiration.


Makita is a worldwide power Tool Company that retains customers in over 170 countries. Their vision is to offer a never-ending innovation in their technology and products. They upgrade products in all aspects, from power consumption to ergonomic designs and functions, thus completely satisfying every customer’s needs. Makita inspires by ensuring anything possible and being concerned about the future and environment.

How to Sharpen Metal Drill Bits?

  1. It is required to sharpen the drill bit after it gets dull.
  2. Many sharpener brands remove dull pieces and provide a sharpened edge.
  3. Bench grinders with two grinding wheels assist you where some prefer doing in hands.
  4. The chisel edge must angle at 55 degrees to the main cutting edge.

How to Take Care of Your Bits?

  1. Make sure you drill the right material designed for your drill bit.
  2. Fix it rightly in the chuck of adaptable drillers or drivers to resist damages.
  3. Make certain bit sizes tightly fixed in the lid at appropriate places after using it.
  4. Lubricating bits reduce friction and give longer life. Store it in a container case to get rid of corrosion.

How to Drill Stainless Steel?

  1. Right drill bit intended to drill stainless steel should be used for drilling.
  2. The drill bits for stainless steel should be satisfied as high-speed steel and recommended to use bits sizes to hole size you need.
  3. Cobalt drills would be a worthy investment for those who work extensively in stainless steel.
  4. The split point of drill bits should have cutting angles of 135 degrees to make thinner chips for easy elimination.

Tips for Drilling Holes in Metal Using Drill Bit

  1. Lubricated bits gives longer life
  2. Wear safety glasses to protect your eye from tiny metal fragments
  3. Make a dimple with center punch to prevent walking
  4. Clamps help by holding down the metal piece and makes drilling easier
  5. Always start with a small hole with a small bit size that helps drill larger holes accurately
  6. Deburr the hole by slightly taking out a bit from drilled level to clean out burr and debris
  7. Drill at a slow speed to reduce heat and get an expected hole

Troubleshooting Guide for Metal Drill Bit

Use wider flute drill bits if flutes get clogged with chips in deep holes. Further polished flutes would help more in clearing out chips and make drilling easier. Holding drill bits in hands will be insecure, so use clamping devices or holders to get fixed tightly to restrain walking or slipping. In case of drill bit dulling, check speeds and feeds and no.5 premature dulling. Having additional care over bits by using appropriately would improve its durability.

What Type of Drill Bit Do I Need for Metal?

Drilling is not easy on metals, unlike other materials. Various types of metals and drill bits are intended with a unique structure to drill in certain material types only. Most of the drill bits satisfy the needs of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is a prime duty for anyone to clearly understand their needs and how well the product satisfies you. Drill bits for metal come with many ergonomic designs, quality, coating, and performance features.

Things to Consider While Buying a Drill Bits for Metal

Drill bits are a common tool to be kept in the home and compulsory for project workers, HVACs and repair persons. Before buying the drill bit, you should be aware of the drill bit required for your project. You should look at its material quality, shank type, durability effects, and performance, adding to cost worthiness.

Drill bit material

Most drill bits are made of high-speed steel, cobalt, and carbide materials, depending on the durability and compatibility. It is imperative to examine the best drill material that aptly suits your project needs. These varieties of material standards keep on varying in their price, adaptability, and performance too. High-speed steels act as a multi-purpose drill bit that is inexpensive and widely used for ferrous and non-ferrous. Cobalt works efficiently in heavy materials but not in soft metals. Carbide metal-drilling bits made from carbide are highly compatible with tough materials. Both cobalt and carbide are expensive for their heavy working range.


Coating matters a lot in drill bits as a strong coating surface highly protects the material. Effective Coating not only keeps it looking new but maintains quality and sturdiness. Most drill bits come with titanium or black oxide coating. While reviewing various drill bits, we encountered most drill bits that are titanium coated as it gives much life and increases cutting speed. The black oxide coating is equally effective in reducing heat and eventual breaking. Appropriate Coating saves a life for drill bits while meeting any hard surfaces. Don’t get fooled by attractive colors but also go through the coatings of your drill bit and purchase accordingly.

Shank Design

The shank design is the non-drilling part of the drill bit that fits into the chuck or drill mandrel. It is necessary to know shank type in your drill bit as the shank size of the bit plays a greater role in effective drilling. Ensure it fits well in your preferred drill chuck because improper fixation would damage the bit and give a poor experience. Drill bits mostly come either as no-spin or hex shank type that secures smooth drilling and prevents the surface. No-spin shank offers extensive benefits by preventing the bit from slippage and walking, whereas hex shank has six sides that aids in keeping the bit steadier while drilling into hard metals.


Adding to all futuristic qualities, spending on a product that values our money is crucial. It is not always that expensive products give ultimate satisfaction. We have enjoyed ultimate service from low-cost devices that are highly capable than costly ones. Drill bits prices are normally at a low budget, but it increases depending on brand and designs. The prices of drill bit models vary with the number of pieces provided in the package. Coatings, shank type, and anti-walking features further add bucks to its pricing. Revise all the varieties and choose the one that fulfills your needs at an affordable value.


From our review, we realized the drill bits design gives a clear idea about its guarantee period. High-speed steel naturally increases durability, and carbide ensures break-free working on heavy materials. Warranty is essential to consider while buying because you can’t lose money on a failed product or damage your surface. Most drill bit companies don’t provide warranty except a few renowned brands that rely on customer satisfaction and durable performance. To put your knowledge, a warranty for drill bits can’t be expected for more than 1 year.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to drill through metal with a Hand Drill?

It is best to use hand drills with adjustable speeds to make drilling easy and safe on metals. While drilling with a hand drill, it is best to drill at a slower speed.

Q. What kind of drill bit for steel?

Regular drill bits can’t help in drilling steel. It requires heavy duty, hard drill to drill steels. Various coatings like black oxide, cobalt and titanium coatings add durability and effective drilling in any type of steels.

Q. What size drill bit for 1/4 20 tap?

1/8 inch size drill bit adapts well for a 1/4 -20 tap.

Q. How to remove broken drill Bit from metal?

When the drill bit for metal is broken in the middle, you will be able to locate the end of the bit. Clamp it and rotate the bit counter clockwise to pull out. If the drill bit is deeply embedded, then use a tap extractor by boring a small hole in the bit.

Q. What kind of drill bit for sheet metal?

Regular, step, countersink and spade drill bits do the best in sheet metal. Some regular and suitable coated drill bits will be great on sheet metals.

Q. What is the best drill bit for steel?

Using Cobalt and carbide bit materials is a popular choice for drilling steels. The 135-degree self–centring will add more convenience to stainless steel. As well titanium coating will be long lasting on steel.

Q. What is the best titanium drill bit set?

The best titanium set in the market is the Bosch T l14 14-piece, titanium twist that has a plethora of drill bits. It is efficient to get through wood, sheets, plastics, and even cast iron devices.


We believe that this review has precisely comprehended all the essentials that help you purchase the best drill bit in the market. Being one of the necessary appliances at home, the drillbit should be highly capable and compatible with fulfilling all your requirements. We felt content to present to you the top 15 best drill bits that are highly efficient in their build-in quality and versatile working. Know your requirements and evaluate whether your preferred drill bit satisfies all your needs for the project. The listed drill bits are justifiable for cost, drilling satisfactorily on materials and mainly confirming safety standards.

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