The Best Training Whistles for Dog Silent Bark Control

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Dogs are humans beings’ best friends. We take care of our pets just like our kids. The amount of time we spend training dogs is a result of having obedient dogs at home. Dog training whistle is one such tool used by dog owners to train their dogs and teach them basic behaviors. The specialty of these whistles is that it makes a sound only dogs can hear and mostly inaudible to human ears! For the sake of giving you a clear idea of various pet training whistles that are in trend, we set out on our journey to review popular dog training whistle.

Training of our pets, especially dogs, is very necessary. This is because incessant barking at odd times will cause trouble for humans and their lifestyles. In such cases, we need loud whistle sound to make our dogs stop barking. The best dog whistle emits sound in an ultrasonic range that is perfectly heard by dogs and even some other animals like cats. These dogwhistle do work to create a good effect on a dog for effortless training. High pitch whistle comes off at a high frequency that is perfectly audible to dogs and even pooches. It may be irritating at first for dogs, but they do respond once they are used to it.

Top Rated Ultrasonic Dog Whistle Reviews

A list of top whistles that are ideal for training dogs or just getting them to stop barking at inappropriate times is here. We have given extensive information about each brand that sells the best professional dog whistle currently in trend to obtain productive results. After reading this review, you can indeed get an excellent whistles for dog training that eases your job, making your investment in it worthy. So, no more worries about waking your neighbor or your loved ones with your beloved pet buddy’s fuss.

15 Best Dog Whistle for the Money 2023


FANZ G300 Ultrasonic Training 2PCS Silent Dog Whistles with Clicker image

FANZ Ultrasonic Dog Whistles

  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Suitable for Bark Control
  • 2 whistles in pack
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


SportDOG SAC00-11751 Brand Roy Gonia Clear with Pea Hunting Dog Training Whistle image

SportDOG Roy Gonia Whistle

  • Easy-to-blow design
  • Ideal for hunting & training
  • Low-pitch sound emitted
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


ROFAKU 2 Pack Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle image

ROFAKU Dog Whistles

  • For easy puppy training
  • Adjustable Pitch
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Hivernou Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle image

Hivernou Dog Whistle

  • Ultrasonic sound
  • Far Transmission
  • Harmless Training
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Forno 2 Pack Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle Tool with Lanyard Black and White image

Frono Dog Whistle

  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Professional dog whistle
  • Loss free design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Acme 535 Silver Adjustable Silent Dog Whistle image

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

  • 400 yards of sound travel
  • Anti Loss Design
  • Professional Training
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Mumu Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Training Sugar Dog Whistle _ Clicker Lanyard Strap image

Mumu Sugar Whistle

  • Provided with 2 lanyards
  • Harmless to dogs’ ears
  • Silent Bark Control
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


JESOT 4 Pack of Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Clicker image

JESOT Dog Training Whistle

  • 100% safety, strong and durable
  • Perfect for teaching
  • Easy to Use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


SportDOG SAC00-11747 Brand Competition Mega Whistle With Pea image

SportDOG Competition Mega Whistle

  • Long range control
  • Easy-to-blow design
  • best for training puppies
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Acme 2 Pack 210.5 Black Dog Whistle image

Acme Dog Whistle 210.5

  • Ultra high pitch without cork
  • Suitable for close work
  • Best for all disciplines
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


C-Meduo Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle image

C-Meduo Stop Barking Whistle

  • 2 whistles and 2 lanyards
  • Ultrasonic sound range
  • Safe for dogs’ ears
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


FANZ Ultrasonic Adjustable Pitch Silent Dog Whistle image

FANZ Silent Whistles

  • Sound can reach up to 25 meters
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Ultrasonic sound
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Benbulben Twin Pack of Professional High Pitch Plastic Dog Whistles, Lanyards and Keyrings image

Benbulben Whistle for Dogs

  • Long last design
  • Light weight
  • Perfect for gifting
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Howan Professional Adjustable Pitch Training Dog Whistle with Black Strap Lanyard image

Howan Dog Training Whistle

  • Saftey for Dogs
  • Good for training puppies
  • Best for for Recall Training
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


PetSpy Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard image

PetSpy Dog Training Whistle

  • Best for Bark Control
  • Training Guide Included
  • Safe for dogs’ ears
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. FANZ Ultrasonic Silent Dog Whistles for Dog Training

What We Like?

  • Useful for basic commands in training
  • Easy training possible with this toot
  • Clicker given along with whistle
  • Frequency adjustable whistle
  • Lanyards provided with pack
  • 2 whistles in pack

FANZ ultrasonic whistle has taken the number one position in our carefully prepared best dog whistle list. The high pitch sound from this whistle heard by dogs has a frequency that varies according to different breeds. As per our requirement, we will get a nut and screw through which we could change the frequency as per each dog’s liking. All you have to do is to turn it according to your pet’s reaction and fix an exact dog whistle frequency. We were given a clicker along with this toot, and our dog understood it in a jiffy that clicking sound meant they had done something rewarding.

You have to conduct several sessions to make your canines understand that this Fanz blare is made for them. We suggest you start training them at a young age, like 3 to 7 months. They respond well at this age and grasp sooner. This whistle was used by us to train basic commands like sit, no bark, recall, come, stop, etc. Your purchase will be indeed useful since you will get 2 whistles. Thus, anyone can maintain 2 frequencies for their 2 dogs at home. Being not audible for humans, this toot won’t wake up your tiny tots at home. You will be assured that you will get satisfactory results as, after practice, dogs will respond very well.

2. SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Competition Whistle

What We Like?

  • Easy-to-blow design with minimal effort
  • Traditional look with transparent design
  • Particularly used for hunting dogs
  • Pea shaped ball inside its chamber
  • Enables in farther communication
  • Low-pitch sound emitted

Training dogs that help us in hunting is necessary. Precisely for this purpose, here comes SportDOG’s Roy Gonia dog whistle. It has a very classy look that gives us yielding results while using it. A blaring sound from this toot specializes in training hunting dogs. We got the traditional look on this whistle, and it was transparent. A ring connector is available to connect it to chains and hang it around our necks while taking our dogs for a walk. If going on hunting or camping expeditions, our dogs can listen to this whistle and take commands.

We could be saved by our canines just by this sound in case of any mishap during camping trips. This whistle comes designed to give a low-pitched sound for being not-so annoying. The device was easy to blow, and we didn’t have to exert much effort in making our dogs understand our needs. We can assure you that this whistle from SportDOG will remain as an effective mode of communication between you and your dogs. This whistle’s chamber has a pea-shaped object that enables farther sound travelling. Toot’s quality is good and sturdy, which lasts for a long period without breaking.

3. ROFAKU Professional Dog Training Whistle

What We Like?

  • Useful for basic commands like stand, sit, paw, lay down etc.
  • Protective lid given to prevent dirt, dust and loss of whistle
  • Sound from whistle travels up to 25 meters
  • Best for puppy stage training
  • Frequency adjusting design
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

Rofaku hound whistle comes with an ultrasonic sound that anyone’s pet owner can use for training their pets successfully. When you have 2 dogs at your home, they may not follow or respond well to the same frequency. To solve this, Rofaku offers 2 whistles to train your twin pooches effectively. This ultrasonic dog whistle came with a frequency adjusting design. We just had to turn the nut and screw attached under an anti-loss cover. The toot comes designed in such a way that up to 25 meters its sound could travel to reach our dogs’ ears.

Rofaku toot’s lid, in particular, has a stainless-steel coating to prevent dirt, damage, and accidental loss. You can start using this whistle right during your pet’s pup stage to get fruitful results. In our analysis, this instrument made our pet respond well but not immediately. Its best to have patience when working with dogs and whistle training. As compared to other techniques, whistle-sounding is best, and we could make our dogs listen with just one whistle sound. So, without any further wait, start training your little ones with this pipe by giving basic commands like sit, paw, lay down, etc. After giving proper training of basic commands, proceed further with other orders.

4. Hivernou Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle

What We Like?

  • No damage to dog’s hearing capability
  • No loss design, can be hung on lanyard
  • Adjustable frequency on whistle
  • Ultrasonic sound emitted
  • Lanyard given with pack
  • Useful for basic orders

Our great affection for your dogs can make us think twice while using whistles to train them because a loud shrill can cause damage to their ears. Seems like Hivernou has understood this issue, which is why it has introduced a pipe that is completely harmless to our pet’s ears. An adjustable frequency feature will come in handy to train more than one dog in various situations. Your pets can respond well to specific frequencies. For knowing the frequency they like, we have to test each level till we understand which frequency allows us to communicate with our dogs. Whistling for dogs is the best way to train them at a young age. The lanyard lets you attach this toot and further hang it around your necks. This prevented it from getting lost in parks or while going for a walk with our pet.

Through this Hivernou whistle, we trained our dogs to sit, stay, come, lay down, play dead, stop barking, shake hands, go and fetch etc., and our dogs got a clear understanding. Thus, we were highly impressed by this toot’s functioning. It is best to start instructing at an early period, like from 6 or 7 months of dog’s age. Good material construction made this easy for us to use. We didn’t have to worry about damaging our dog’s hearing capability. No health concerns were reported whatsoever. Being a small-sized toot, it gave us the flexibility to carry and handle it effortlessly. So, from now on, you can carry this pipe simply in your pockets. What’s more? You will be offered a 100% money-back guarantee from its manufacturer if not satisfied with its functioning.

5. Frono YUDIDA Professional Ultrasonic Dog Whistles

What We Like?

  • Safe for use, no hearing impairment in dogs
  • Lanyard given, can be hung around neck
  • Upto 25 meters of sound travelling
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Professional whistle for training
  • Loss free design

Yudida canine whistle comes as a pack of 2 with 2 different colors. Thus, pet owners with multiple pooches can easily get benefitted from these. Available 2 varied colors will prevent mixing up of whistles while using them for different pets. It is mandatory for a whistle to give out signals which shouldn’t lead to any side effects in our dogs as they have super sensitive ears. Yudida follows this rule strictly, thus manufactured this toot that guarantees safety without causing hearing issues. This is possible because the pipe comes made from high-quality stainless steel.

Yudida whistle will be very handy while giving instructions to your pup to stand, sit, run, play dead, shake hands, go and fetch, etc. This flute has a compatibility to suit various other animals apart from dogs, like birds, cats, etc. Whistles from Yudida arrive designed with a no-loss purpose. Meaning you can attach it to a given lanyard and hang it around your neck. We hung it around our necks quickly. Yudida has earned great customer satisfaction along with pet love. Therefore, we couldn’t stop ourselves from including it in this best stop barking dog whistle list and recommending it to you.

6. Acme Silent Dog Training Whistle

What We Like?

  • Quicker adjustments with pitch register
  • Silver whistle with solid brass material
  • 4 inches long whistle with chain
  • 400 yards of sound travel
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Adjustable frequency

Only the best silent dog whistle can effectively stop annoying dogs from constantly barking and distract dangerous or notorious canines. Acme silent dog whistle is one such means for managing your pets as you wish. This traditional look toot looks eye-appealing. We got a silver whistle, and it was attractive to use. Just as its name states, this flute’s tone is exceptionally inaudible to humans, and thus no more complaining from outsiders or neighbors. Dogs will obey various commands from this fife and stop barking immediately after sufficient practice. This dog whistle sounds stops the barking in no time without hurting their ears.

Acme ensured a solid brass construction that makes this tool last for an extended period without breaking or getting damaged easily. Shrill produced will travel up to a distance of 400 yards which is very impressive. Thus, proving to be one of the best tools for training hunting dogs. Acme dog’s whistle came with an adjustable frequency feature to cater to all breeds of dogs invariably. Entire fife came in silver and was 4 inches long with sufficient chain to hang around necks or carry in pockets. Its label has instructions for us to change frequencies and other important things.

7. Mumu Sugar Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Training Whistle

What We Like?

  • 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Nut and screw for altering frequency
  • High-quality metal design
  • Provided with 2 lanyards
  • Harmless to dogs’ ears
  • 2 whistles in one pack

Mumu Sugar dog pipe comes up next in this best dog whistle list for its ease of use. While reviewing it, we were utterly satisfied with its performance and build. Altering frequencies in accordance to your dog’s hearing capacity is possible by just adjusting the integrated nut and screw. Your dogs will listen to your commands with no-fail when you order them with this fife. Hounds in our analysis quickly stopped barking when they heard signals from this pipe. The whistle that arrives produced with high-quality premium metal provides you with adequate results for many years.

Mumu Sugar’s whistle comes in a design that makes it easy for us to use without losing it. Pack of 2 whistles will make your work easier if you have more than one dog at home. Moreover, its frequency alteration will allow you to give varying frequencies and select the one that your dog likes very much. Therefore, you can effectively use both whistles with different frequencies for any number of dogs. The sound given won’t affect a dog’s ears; thus, no issue in hearing occurs. We advise you to reward your pets with treats whenever they successfully follow a certain command. This will make them encouraged to learn more commands.

8. JESOT Dog Training Whistle for Repel Silent Training

What We Like?

  • No-loss design, can be taken anywhere along with a wrist strap
  • 2 whistles, 2 lanyards and 2 clickers in pack
  • High-quality metal and plastic used
  • Unlimited commands can be taught
  • Adjustable pitch in easy way
  • Not harmful for dogs’ ears

Starting from basic commands like sit and stand to more extensive instructions like go and fetch, call back, etc., are possible with this Jesot dog training whistle. It is an excellent choice as dogs respond well to its varied sound frequency. This whistle’s pitch is easy to adjust to suit each canine’s needs. Just like in any other model, this pack too came with 2 whistles on purchasing. Also, there were 2 clickers given separately through which puppies will different orders. Metal is used in the Jesot’s high pitched dog whistle with its clicker exterior made of plastic.

Given clicker works well in making dogs understand that they completed their given task successfully, and thus, it is their reward time. 5.4KHz and 12.8KHz of efficient frequency will let us give a large number of commands. Shrills that come out of it is proven to be utterly safe for not harming a dog’s ears in any way. If you notice that your dog is uncomfortable, you can change its frequency without much effort as per your will. There is no need to look at specific manuals to adjust each time; the method to adjust frequency will be very simple. All you have to do is loosen its sonic screw and turn its lever to adjust to the desired level.

9. SportDOG Brand Competition Mega Whistle

What We Like?

  • Pea included inside chamber for long range
  • Good design with sturdy material
  • Made for competitions specially
  • Does not affect user’s ears
  • Easy-to-blow design
  • Mega whistle type

SportDog has come up with a competition dog whistle that is mainly employed for arousing a dog’s attention during any contests. The place around our dog, when crowded, can be a hindrance when using a normal whistle. This loudest whistle will emit sounds that can reach long distances, even during external noise. Its loudspeaker will give you a clear picture of how efficient this toot works. Using it anyone can train their dogs to an infinite number of commands with ease.

Since the SportDog whistle has a pea inside its chamber, it effectively allows for sound to travel far and reach our dog easily. Therefore, in any emergency situation, you can quickly get your pet’s aid with this whistle. The next question that might arise among users is, can their ears get hurt with this whistle? Well, after careful and extensive usage, we have seen that it did not affect our ears. So, do not worry about any loud shrill sounds affecting your ears. Availability of 3 colors gives you varied options to choose from. Manufacturer assures that after careful practice, your dogs will obey any commands well. So, go for this when you need your pooches to make a mark during competitions.

10.Acme 210.5 Ultra High Pitch Whistle

What We Like?

  • Easy to handle, loops for connecting to lanyards
  • Perfect for training dogs with basic commands
  • Perfect for dogs that have problems in hearing
  • High-frequency tone released
  • Suitable for close work
  • Pack of 2 whistles

Moving further into this best ultra high pitch dog whistle list, here comes Acme’s another top-rated whistle. This product arrives in a pack of 2 and with a sturdy design. Anyone can employ it majorly for training purposes and to teach dogs few basic skills. We could achieve sit, stand, lay down, stop bark, etc., instructions with this whistle easily. However, we must say that you need to be patient while training your pets. It gives a high pitch dog whistle sound without a cork that excites canines after training. Acme’s whistles are designed in such a way that hoops at their end connect them with chains for hanging around necks.

Lightweight and compact features are added to this whistle, making it effortless for us to carry by putting it in our pockets. We got a pack of 2 whistles, and for homes with 2 dogs like ours, it will prove to be a good value for money spent. Although there is no lanyard given, we could still get a matching one from a nearby store. Sound emitted will suit any breed of dogs without hurting them. It works with a single frequency only. Meaning you cannot change it as per various breeds at a time. So buy it for dogs that are suitable for its given frequency.

11. C-Meduo Ultrasonic Professional Dog Training Whistle

What We Like?

  • Compatible with all dog breeds along with other pet animals
  • Anti-loss design with protective covering
  • Varying and adjustable frequency
  • 2 whistles and 2 lanyards
  • Ultrasonic dog sound
  • Safe for dogs’ ears

C-Meduo ultrasonic dog whistle proves its worth as anyone can successfully train their dogs to teach them basic commands. Embedded with a silent bark control, one can stop their hounds from barking unnecessarily. We got a pack of 2 whistles that gave out an ultrasonic sound. This sound is audible only to dogs and not to us. Thus, teaching our dogs basic drills is simple without hurting our ears. The whistles have 2 loops at their ends to connect to lanyards that come along with its pack. So, you can hang them around your neck using lanyards. This facility will eliminate your fear of losing the whistle while using it.

While testing the C-Meduo loudest whistle, we noticed that our dogs could hear its noise, but it never affected their ears or hearing. If you have neighbors who usually complain about your canines barking at odd hours disturbing their sleep, this toot can come in aid. Its silent bark control whistle feature calms down your dogs and prevents them from disturbing others. Thus, we can say that it is a pack that is a total value for money that you spent on it. Moreover, its complete package makes it stand top among other standard dog whistles. Compatible for all dog types will let you use it on any number of dogs at your home. Simply adjust its frequency settings according to a dog’s liking.

12. FANZ Ultrasonic Adjustable Pitch Silent Whistles for Dog Training

What We Like?

  • Best for training simple commands at beginning
  • Chain provided with whistle to hang around neck
  • Convenient to carry and lightweight
  • Sound can reach up to 25 meters
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Ultrasonic sound

Only the best bark control dog whistle can be able to manage annoying dogs and distract dangerous ones. Fanz ultrasonic whistle is one such tool for effectively controlling pets that create disturbance to our neighbors and us. It comes with a protective covering, thus helping us to keep it safe from dust and dirt. The manufacturer promises that its sound cannot be audible for humans, but it can be audible for dogs. This high pitch dog whistle sound effect can help you train your dogs to learn some basic instructions. Although canines can learn at any of their life stages, it is best to start giving them lessons from their early stages.

While tutoring dogs of different breeds, one major issue is that they may not respond to a similar frequency point. This is because they need various frequency modes, each unique according to their hearing capacity. Precisely for this purpose, the Fanz ultrasonic toot comes with frequency change settings. Through this setting, one can easily set up a particular dog’s required setting and start training it in a jiffy. This compact and lightweight tool has a lanyard present in its package enabling us to hang it around our necks for hassle-free carrying. Besides, its sound can travel up to 25 meters distance which is cherry on top of everything.

13. Benbulben Professional High Pitch Plastic Dog Whistle

What We Like?

  • Loops on whistles can be hung around or kept with keyset
  • 2 different colored whistles for easy identification
  • Pack of 2 whistles made of plastic
  • Professional whistle set
  • Perfect for gifting
  • 2 lanyards given

Benbulben’s dog whistle comes in attractive colors. Its whole package consists of 2 whistles in 2 colors that are suitable for pet owners with more than one dog. Thus, no more confusion about using the same whistle for 2 dogs. We used this pipe mainly to give recall training so that once the loud dog whistle came out, our dogs came running back to us joyously! However, it did take some time before we could establish this.

Benbulben whistles are constructed with premium-quality plastic. This helped in giving long life and also a lightweight feature. Moreover, being compact, there is not much problem in carrying it. 2 nylon woven lanyards were also given to us so that one can hang them around their necks. Anyone can hang these whistles on their walls or on a key bunch due to the loop given. So there is no need for you to search for the whistle every time you want to command your pet.

14. Howan Trasonic Professional Silent Dog Whistle

What We Like?

  • Adjustable frequency levels, easy to adjust
  • Pack includes one whistle and one lanyard
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Does not affect dog’s ears
  • Good for training puppies
  • Recall special training tool

Howan trasonic silent dog whistle deserves its position in our best whistle list with its amazing features. It comes prepared to meet all dogs’ hearing capacities since the toot lets us adjust frequencies. We can work with 2 frequencies, 5.4 KHz, and 12.8 KHz mostly, and both will be heard by dogs but not by humans. This will be an excellent tool to train dogs for a basic discipline like toilet training too. One can also teach other skills too along with basic training commands. We could easily use this whistle for a long period without worrying about it being too heavy or made of inferior material.

If asked for our opinion, we must say that this pipe is suitable to teach pooches. Because puppies can quickly understand commands at their initial stages better. A lanyard will be given with this toot so that one can hang it around their necks while training. A common tension among pet enthusiasts is the effect this whistle sound will have on their dog’s ears. Quite surprisingly, this sound did not affect our canine’s ears nor created any hearing impairments.

15. PetSpy Dog Complete Pet Training Kit

What We Like?

  • Free tutorial on training dogs on purchase
  • No health issues developed by the sound
  • Fun to train dogs with this whistle
  • One whistle and clicker set
  • Human audible sound
  • Safe for dogs’ ears

PetSpy dog training whistle takes the last spot but never the least. One can effectively make their pets stop barking and listen to their instructions effectively with this toot. Therefore, a sense of peace prevails among people as it helps make their pets behave just as they want. Sound produced by this toot is just audible for animals only. Moreover, this whistle is compatible with all other animals apart from dogs. Entire process of teaching dogs will be very smooth without asking for much effort from users. All materials used in both whistle and clicker are made of durable and strong quality.

As already said, PetSpy’s dog training whistle is very easy to use, especially for beginners. Its manufacturer assures that there will be no concerns of whistle sound damaging ears of dogs. A clicker accompanies this package of a dog whistle. This clicker comes in handy while calling out our pets for rewarding them with treats. Furthermore, one can hang both the whistle and clicker around their hands or necks with special loops designed. Besides, you can even get a free tutorial to train pets without a hassle. Just scan the given QR code on its package, and you will immediately get the free e-book with tips to train dogs.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Whistle for Well Trained Dogs

After knowing various top-rated whistles in the given best dog training whistle list, you may have gotten an idea of which whistle suits your needs exactly. However, you may still need to know answers to some common questions like the frequency at which dog whistles work, basic steps involved in training, etc. As a responsible pet owner, it is a must to acquire detailed information regarding various steps involved in training. That is why we have furnished this buying guide so that you can take great measures in successfully teaching your pet several commands.

What Is A Dog Whistle?

A dog whistle, in general, is a tool used to give out a clear, high-pitched sound that is mostly heard by dogs or other animals like cats. Emitted sound, however, is not audible to humans, which usually stays in the ultrasonic range. Thus, we can confidently say that these tools work on a frequency that is mostly audible only to dogs. This frequency, however, can vary in different brands of such products because all dogs do not respond to the same tone. Each breed or even dogs of the same breed need different sounds to get their attention.

What Does A Dog Whistle Do?

A dog whistle, as mentioned, gives out a sound in an ultrasonic range. Mostly dogs or animals with sensitive hearing can easily identify the produced sound. This will make us get their attention so that we can teach them certain commands. The chamber on a whistle will emit the sound on use. This sound can travel far distances, maybe up to a few hundred yards or 25 meters generally. Once this sound is familiar to your dog, you can use it to train and make them respond.

What Is A Dog Whistle Used For?

Sometimes we have our pets becoming unruly and not obeying our orders. This makes us frustrated. To make our pets obey us, we do have to use a tool that emits sounds, acting as a communication device. A dog whistle is used for training purposes to make our canines obey basic and simple commands. Teaching your dogs to respond to your commands well is very necessary for them to behave well. With a tint of patience and a proper dog whistle, you can train your pup to shake hands, play dead, stop barking, pee in appropriate places, go and fetch, etc.

How To Use A Dog Whistle?

  • Choose the whistle that best suits your’s and your pet’s requirements.
  • Firstly, practice on the whistle. Try different whistle sounds for varying commands. For example, if you want to recall your dog, use 3 consecutive sounds. In the case of a sit order, give a long sound.
  • After deciding various sounds for various commands, try to note them down.
  • Start by going through small sessions. Take your dogs outside or to a park. Try giving high-pitched tones with commands. See how they respond.
  • Try to reward them with treats to encourage them to follow your whistle commands.
  • Be patient. Your pets will take some time to understand.
  • Not only dogs but other animals too can learn certain commands with a dogwhistle.

How To Train A Dog With A Whistle?

  • Get the perfect whistle from a store or online.
  • Start practicing at home with your decided training command sounds.
  • Try these out with your dog in your backyard, to begin with.
  • It is best to start when dogs are at a young age. This gives them a better understanding and willingness to learn.
  • Keep a dog on its leash and try simple commands like sit, stand, lay down.
  • Do it with patience. Over time and with regular sessions, dogs will certainly respond.
  • If they do not respond, try changing a whistle’s pitch. This will increase their interest.
  • Try to maintain the same set of sounds for corresponding commands in every session. Otherwise, a pup becomes confused.
  • After maybe weeks of training, your dog will certainly get the hang of it. No more verbal commands are required after successful completion of training.

How To Adjust A Dog Whistle?

  • Most whistles that are currently available surely have a screw and nut for adjusting in accordance with a frequency.
  • The first step is to locate the screw and nut on a whistle. It is mostly concealed under a protective covering. Locate it and remove its covering.
  • Once located, loosen its screw, and try to blow the whistle. Try adjusting the frequency in your dog’s presence to see how it reacts.
  • As soon as your dog reacts by giving its attention, you are good to go with that particular frequency.
  • Fix this point and put on the covering again.
  • That’s it! Your dog whistle is ready to train dogs.

Types Of Whistles

Pea Whistle

Pea whistle is a type of whistle dog tracker that gives out a high-pitched sound. The sound that it produces can reach distances due to a pea-sized object present inside its chamber. The advantage of having a pea inside is to make trill sounds and make different combinations of high pitch dog noises. This is best used for common weather conditions. Users in places with optimum temperature can manage this without fear of pea sticking to the end of the chamber due to saliva from the mouth.

Pealess Whistle

For extremely cold weather conditions, pealess whistles are best. Pealess puppy whistle does not carry the problem of saliva making the pea stick to the sidewalls. The advantage that makes pealess better than pea whistles is that it can produce quick sounds. For pealess whistles, it takes effort, however, to produce a good blast of sound. According to seasons, pealess plays a vital and comfortable role while using during a rainy day.

Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

Ultrasonic dog whistle gives out a pitch that is so high that no humans can hear it. However, dogs are sensitive to this sound and take in commands after correct training. Do be careful if ultrasonic sounds beyond a range can hurt the dog’s ears, thereby causing hearing damage. This whistle can, however, make barking dogs stop abruptly if trained well. This whistle is otherwise called a silent whistle also.

Training Tips Using Canine Whistle

  • Start training at home to familiarize a dog with known environments.
  • Dogs take a certain amount of time to get used to these sounds. So try to give them regular training sessions.
  • Blow the whistle in the exact same way every time. Do not mix them up, confusing your pet. This may also lead to a dog losing interest in learning commands.
  • After a few days, take the training outside to give a change of place.
  • Give adequate rewards once pets complete each task successfully.
  • Rewards will motivate them further. Use clicker sound to get them to know that it is a treat time.

Features To Look For While Buying A Whistle For Dogs

Number of whistles in pack

It is best to get 2 whistles along with 2 lanyards per pack because that can prove to be advantageous if we have more than one pet. Lanyards can be used to hang them around our neck while taking these whistles out for training our dogs outdoors.

Adjustable frequency

We might have 2 dogs at home. And all dogs do not respond to the same frequency of sound emitted from a whistle. Hence, the whistles we get should have a feature that can accommodate frequency changes. Otherwise, a single frequency may be useless, and we will end up buying alternate whistles repeatedly.

Sound should not harm dogs

Dog whistle noise comes out in a frequency that can harm dogs if it is in a very high range. It is best to use silent dog whistle sound to get a comforting feel that will make them respond. Most whistles come with a sound that will not cause any harm to their hearing capacity. It is safe to get such whistles and make them comfortable.

Clicker with pack

A clicker is a tool that comes mostly with whistles and gives a click sound making our dogs understand that it is time for their treat. Once they complete their given task or command, it is always advisable to use a clicker to notify them that they have done well. On hearing the sound, they come running to grab their reward. Be sure to get a clicker in the pack of whistles you buy, as we don’t have to spend more externally just to get one.

Easy to use and handle

Whistles should be easy to use. Their main feature should be lightweight and compact for easy carrying. If you take your dog out or for trips, we advise you to take these whistles along with you so that your pet can behave properly. For more ease of carrying, dog-whistle packages come along with lanyards for attaching whistles to them and hanging the whole chain around our neck. Be sure to get whistles with loops. Ability to store in pockets or with a key set is also important for increased mobility.

Frequently Ask Question

Can A Dog Whistle Stop A Dog From Barking?

Yes, dog whistles can stop a dog from barking unnecessarily. Silent bark control has been given in most whistles to enable this feature.

What Frequency Is A Dog Whistle

The most common frequency range of dog whistles lies between 23KHz to 54KHz. This makes sure it is inaudible to humans and audible to only canines.

Where To Buy A Dog Whistle?

We can buy dog whistles from Amazon or any other such e-commerce portals. You can also get them from a nearby pet store.

What Does A Dog Whistle Sound Like?

A dogwhistle gives out a high pitched dog sound to stop barking (it sounds like hissing). To human ears, it is very quiet, however for dogs, it is clearly audible. This is best suitable for training dogs.

How Many Hz Is A Dog Whistle?

The frequency of a dog whistle is lies between 24KHz to 54KHz.

How Much Is A Dog Whistle?

Dog whistles can be as low as $5. A complete package of a dog whistle can range between $15 to $20 with lanyards and clickers.

How Far Can A Dog Whistle Be Heard?

Whistles for dogs can reach upto 400 yards or 25 meters in common brands.

Do Dog Whistles Hurt Dogs?

No, dog whistles do not hurt dogs. If blown with caution and not too loudly, dogs cannot get hurt by this sound.

Do Deaf Dogs Bark?

Yes, deaf dogs do bark but only when seeing other animals and not as a response to your commands or questions.

Can Humans Hear Dog Whistles?

Most of the dog training whistles make noise only dogs can hear (few cats) it. So humans cannot hear dog whistle sound. However, if a dog’s whistle has a higher frequency, then humans can hear it too.


Whistling for dogs creates a sound that makes them alert and ready to obey our commands. This review of the best dog whistles has covered all major topics of interest for all pet lovers. We have given a detailed product description of each brand that manufactures dog whistles to ease your decision-making. By knowing answers to various common questions regarding dogs’ training, we are sure that you are more than ready to train your pup with a dog’s whistle.