The 15 Best Dog Seat Covers to Protect Your Ride with Furry Friends

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Do you own a dog and want to go on long road trips but can’t stand it soiling your seats? Are they just too temperamental and can’t stay in the same place in your car? Or does your puppy prefer riding with you on the front seat? Well, for all such questions, we are here with an efficient answer. A dog seat cover is an ideal solution for those who want their dogs not to ruin their car interior! This cover keeps your car safe from dog claws and lets your pet enjoy a calm & comfortable ride. Moreover, various new car seat dog cover are multi-purposeful. So apart from pet owners, any other individuals, too, can use these covers.

Most dog covers for car generally has a similar design, although the slight differences they possess considerably influence their areas of use & choices. Their ability to be waterproof, convertible, dustproof, design & texture, compatibility are a few factors that impact your decisions. Our experts have tested all dog behavioral patterns & examined an array of animal covers, finally shortlisting the best. Thus, here comes this review, where all those shortlisted products will greet readers. So rush to go through all the products mentioned below and choose your ideal one.

Top Rated Pet Seat Covers Reviews

We often notice that it can be tedious for those who are looking for pet seat covers to interpret some minor specs & differences. Thus, we have compiled a list of 15 top rated dog seat cover for car that is currently available. Additionally, the manual can also prove resourceful for users who did not have a great experience when they bought one the first time. So, without delay, let’s head into the best dog car seat covers reviews.

15 Best Dog Car Seat Covers You Can Buy Right Now!!


Active Pets Store XL Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Nonslip Hammock image

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

  • Against Dirt and Pet Fur
  • Waterproof & Scratchproof
  • Easy to Clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Okami Dog Car Seat Cover image

Okami Dog Car Seat Cover

  • 4-in-1 Convertible
  • Visual Mesh Window
  • Durable & Nonslip
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


VIEWPETS 024-BLK Bench Car Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover image

ViewPets Bench Car Seat Protector

  • Universal Size Fits for Cars
  • Heavy-Duty and Nonslip
  • Waterproof Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Active Pets XL Black Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock for Dogs Backseat image

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

  • Waterresistance Scratchproof
  • 4 levels of protection
  • Extra comfort texture
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Vailge 100_ Waterproof Black Standard Hammock Convertible Dog Car Seat Cover image

Vailge Dog Seat Cover with Side Flaps

  • Anti-slip seat anchors
  • Seat Cover with Side Flaps
  • Easy to Install
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Furhaven 49201011 Espresso _ Clay Buddy Two Tone Reversible Water Resistant Living Room Pet Furniture Cover image

Furhaven Two-Tone Furniture Cover

  • 3 sided bolster design
  • Convertiable side flaps
  • Heavy Duty Fabric
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Gorilla Grip Hammock Universal Fit Soft Original Durable Slip-Resistant Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector Cover Includes Dogs Bowl image

Gorilla Grip Nonslip Dog Car Seat

  • Water resistance
  • Textured grip dots
  • Thread-free Pinsonic Quilted Fabric
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


URPOWER 100_ Waterproof Nonslip Rubber Backing Padded Durable Pet Seat Cover Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars image

URPOWER Dog Front Seat

  • Nonslip Pet Car Seat Protector
  • Quilted & Durable Padded Cover
  • Heavy-duty polyester
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Mancro US600800BLK Hammock Durable Soft Seat Protector Convertible Scratch Proof Pet Seat Cover image

Mancro Dog Seat Cover

  • Scratch Proof
  • Side Flaps Design
  • Durable & Protective
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Honest Waterproof _ Nonslip Luxury Quilted Pet Backseat Cover with Side Flap image

Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers

  • Nonslip Dog Cover
  • 100% Water proof & East ot clean
  • Luxury quilted cover
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


BarksBar Black Waterproof _ Nonslip Quilted Padded Durable Pet Front Seat Cover image

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover

  • Easier to clean
  • Bumper Flap Protector
  • High-end luxury feel
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


F-color SUV Non-Slip Large Size Universal Fit Waterproof Pet Cargo Cover Dog Seat image

F-color SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs

  • Universal Fit
  • Extra Large Non-Slip Net
  • Water Resistant Cargo Liner
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


BarksBar Luxury Suv_s Black Waterproof _ Nonslip Backing Pet Car Seat Cover image

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

  • Premium dye coated
  • Efficient stitching
  • Attached zippers
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Meadowlark Waterproof Unique Design _ Full Car Protection Dog Seat Cover+Seat Belt _ 2 Headrest Protectors image

Meadowlark Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

  • Full Car Protection
  • Extra Durable Zippered Side Flap
  • Headrests & Backseat
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


URPOWER SC-007 100_ Waterproof Scratch Proof _ Nonslip Backing _ Hammock Quilted Padded Durable Pet Seat Cover image

URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets

  • Rugged Protection
  • 3-layers of protection
  • Heavy Duty Material
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Active Pets Nonslip Hammock Durable Pets Seat Covers for Cars & SUVs

What We Like?

  • 4-layered PU, PA waterproof barrier
  • Trunk, hammock, & bench styles
  • Easy installation in just a minute
  • 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors 
  • 4 Headrest & 2 seat anchors
  • Has velcro openings

Active Pets dog truck seat covers offer a range of features making it the best among other models. These waterproof car seat covers comes in 4 different layers (premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton, Oxford 210D, and a PP cotton layer) to create an impenetrable barrier between it & water or mud. Furthermore, these layers do not let fluids settle on them; thus, users can easily wipe water droplets with a damp cloth, and they’ll shine like they were brand new. It is pretty adjustable and hence fits perfectly in cars, SUVs, or trucks. An easy installation quickly enables people to set it up in their backseat within a minute. Also, we can comfortably convert this automobile car seat cover from the hammock (with side flaps) to a standard bench cover within seconds. Besides, its maximum open size is 60″ x 64″, which is pretty decent.

Safety is of utmost importance for Active Pets. All of its 4 levels of security ensure that a pet does not suffer any discomfort. Integrated heavy-duty headrest anchors & seat anchors guarantee this seat cover to be in place. Non-slip rubber backing & buttons make sure that dogs never slide and have a blissful sleep. Additionally, Active Pets’ back seat cover for dogs has 2 velcro openings in the center for seat belt sockets. Therefore, an entire family can sit comfortably in a backseat with or without their pets, thanks to its bench style. We can also set up Active Pets waterproof seat covers for dog in a trunk manner, which can be pretty handy to use as a cargo liner & keep vehicles neat & tidy.

2. Okami Dog Car Hammock Seat Cover

What We Like?

  • Waterproof & scratch proof
  • Oversized storage pockets
  • Thoroughly washable
  • 4-in-1 convertible
  • Dog seat belts
  • Mesh window

This 4 in 1 seat cover itself says that it is multi-purpose in nature. The product from Okmee has a broad coverage of 60 x 64 inches, sufficient for cars, pickup trucks & SUVs. This is convertible into a dog hammock, bench cover, front pet seat cover, or a cargo liner which is very impressive. Pets that want to ride in a vehicle’s front seat can easily get their want fulfilled with this product! This cover is both waterproof & scratch proof which prevents it from getting damaged even if pets misbehave. It also offers a rectangular mesh window that lets us see through in the beach seat & vice versa. Therefore, all kids or pets won’t feel isolated anymore. Furthermore, this vehicle dog seat cover also comes with large storage pockets at the back.

Okmee’s best truck seat covers arrive stitched from a premium quality material. With multiple layers of heavy-duty oxford fabric and soft PP cotton, comfortability and safety is a definite result. Moreover, with its non-slip texture, both users and their pets will no longer feel insecure sitting in a backseat. A safety seal socket lets us wear seat belts. Additionally, Okmee provides 2 pet seat belts for free, which go with this cover’s design which is a cherry on top. Included snap buckles ensure that this product stays steady. In case this cover gets dirty, individuals do not have to worry about cleaning it. We can wipe this dog proof cover with a damp cloth, vacuum it comfortably, hand wash, or even wash it in a washing machine (laundry bag not included).

3. Viewpets Bench Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat

What We Like?

  • Perfect fitting for Limos
  • 4-layered construction
  • Side flaps for stability
  • Value-to-money buy
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip mesh

In our opinion, Viewpets’ dog seat covers hammock style is a budget buy suiting all needs. It has a range of features that most car cover twice its size offer at a much higher price. This durable cover is waterproof & resistant to canine scratches & fur. In addition, it also enhances the look of a car’s interior. The cheap car seat covers is even suitable for passengers along with canines. Passengers and their pets can comfortably sit or lay on this thing steadily because of a non-slip mesh at its bottom. However, this back seat dog cover is available only in one universal size (49″ x 56″).

Hammock cover from Viewpets provides a perfect fitting, supported by 2 snap clips to a headrest, 2 elastic straps around corners & 2 tuck-in anchors. It also has slits at extremities for belts & 2 slits in the center for their sockets, thus providing extra protection for people. Another notable trait of this waterproof dog seat cover is that it’s machine washable. But with a dustproof structure, wiping with a damp cloth or using a vacuum proves sufficient. With such exceptional attributes, Viewpets seat cover for a vehicle is the best budget pick by our experts.

4. Active Pets Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock for Dogs Backseat

What We Like?

  • Premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton layer
  • Machine washable product
  • Water, mud & fur resistant
  • Offers 3 styles of sitting
  • Extra comfort texture
  • Has velcro slits

This sheet for dogs comes in 2 sizes: XL & Standard, suiting all users’ needs. Active Pets store dog back seat cover is a cheap yet first-class alternative to the Active Pets seat cover (our top pick). It has many noteworthy features which make it easily convertible. And thus, it lets us switch from dog hammock seat covers to standard bench coverage within seconds. The dog car cover also serves as a cargo cover, which helps keep our trunks clean & dirt-free. Apart from all these, dog truck covers have a slightly different texture, although it is still impenetrable to water, mud & fur. Installing the sheet is a piece of cake and demands a little time. This one not only accommodates pets but also has sufficient space for letting passengers sit on it.

Active Pets pet car seat covers perfectly fit into most trucks & SUVs. Being made out of ultra safety and premium quality, this one ensures that a canine and other travelers have a safe drive every time. We found that it comes with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 anchors to hold on to in the same position and do not make your pet anxious. Furthermore, a 2-velcro seat belt socket opening allows passengers to put on belts. The inclusion of an upper layer of Premium 600D Oxford Waterproof Cotton removes all worries of pets soiling it. Thus, even if this one gets dirty, we can clean it effortlessly. Being machine washable, one can wash it in a machine or simply wipe it with a damp cloth or simply vacuum.

5. Vailge Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Back Seat

What We Like?

  • Complimentary pet seat belts
  • Resists water, and dust
  • Anti-slip seat anchors
  • Large size in nature
  • 3-layered sheets
  • Non-slip net

Vailge’s rear seat dog cover is a standard-sized, high-performing sheet. Compared to other products in its range, the cover is larger (56″ x 60″) and almost the size of an XL sheet. It covers a back seat entirely and leaves no scope for mud or water. All these reasons make Vailge’s sheet for canines is ideal for limousines, trucks & even SUVs. This protector for dogs is convertible between hammock with side flaps or standard bench coverage. Those side flaps ensure to get rid of any pet hair or fur. Presence of a split zipper hammock allows pets & kids to share this back seat if by zipping up for a full hammock or zipping down for half. Such a function facilitates passengers & pets to travel together.

The 3-layered car seat dog protection comprises 600D Oxford with water-resistant coating & a non-slip net with TPU. These furthermost layers have a soft cotton layer to provide comfort & they are held together by the heat pressing technology. Being scratch-proof, all animals can happily sit on Vailge’s rear seat dog cover. Our tests prove that its non-slip coating is very efficient. Vailge also offers a free pet seat belt as a complimentary service. Innovative belt slits provide a passage for sockets. Furthermore, the sheet facilitates easy & instant installation using quick release clips. Easily anyone can wash it in machines or vacuum it to remove any dirt.

6. FurHaven Reversible Sofa Buddy Cover

What We Like?

  • Fastening with anchors
  • Comes with warranty
  • Reversible in nature
  • High-loft cushion
  • Lavish design
  • Quilted fabric

This furry cover is delightful to all customers’ eyesight, making it look eye-appealing. Compared to other covers in the list, FurHaven’s pet dog barrier is a slightly different product. It doesn’t offer headrest anchors or seat belt silts but focuses on more comfort & demeanor. With dimensions of 18″ x 26″ x 8″ (LxWxH), one can easily get more space for themselves and their pets. FurHaven’s pet dog barrier arrives built with a fabric that is 100% polyester for sheer comfort. Furthermore, this one possesses 3-sided bolsters that increase security and stability. Additionally, this one provides comfort with high-loft cushion support for head-resters & cozy nestling nooks for burrowers.

With thread-free pin-sonic quilted fabric and a water-repellent coating, one can place their pets on any luxurious seats or sofas without a second thought. No fluids can penetrate through the sheet making sure no damage can happen. FurHaven’s dog seat cover has a mushy fabric lining & the quilt adds a cushioned padding for comfort. A noteworthy trait of this furry sheet is its reversibility, which allows a 2-sided use & hence gives us 2 different colors to choose from. Although our experts found that this one is preferable for domestic use, they also say that this one is useful even in limos & SUVs. FurHaven provides outstanding customer service with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects.

7. Gorilla Grip Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector

What We Like?

  • Velcro seat belt socket openings
  • Complementary pet bowl
  • Heavy-duty usage
  • Textured grip dots
  • Scratch proof

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cover, especially for trucks & SUVs, then go for this one. Gorilla’s truck back seat dog cover offers a plain & sophisticated look with a dimension of 63″x 56″. By consisting of 2-layers, this one is fully waterproof & does not let dirt, mud, hair, or fur penetrate through it. Additionally, this one is also scratch-proof from the sharp nails that pets generally possess. Lower face of this dog seat covers for trucks has textured grip dots, ensuring ultra stability. It helps to increase friction between the cover & seat and keep them in one place. Gorilla further enhances an anti-slip ability by providing 4 headrest straps, 2-seat anchors, and 2elastic straps.

Gorilla offers us an oversized & sturdy pocket capable of holding heavy items like a filled water bottle, pet food, toys, etc. Isn’t that really handy for individuals who often travel around? Its reinforced zipper allows comfortable access to pets while simultaneously allowing regular use of half of a vehicle. Not only pets but also passengers can place themselves on this heavy-duty seat cover. Additionally, its 2 velcro openings let us wear seat belts. Overall, this universal-sized truck dog seat covers is an excellent buy for all needs.

8. URPOWER Waterproof Nonslip Pet Car Seat Protector

What We Like?

  • Suitable for non-pet owners 
  • Waterproof & scratch proof
  • Arrives with a unifit design 
  • Tailored for front seat
  • Heavy-duty polyester
  • Rapid assembly

This cover has a non-slip rubber backing along with anchors, which helps to keep it intact. If your pet loves riding with you in the front seat on long drives & adventures, Urpower front seat cover can be your best choice. It adequately covers the front seat of most cars, limos, SUVs & trucks without leaving any gaps. 20.5″ x 43.3″ dimensions make it large enough for people to sit on it along with their pets. Also, this front seat dog cover is 100% waterproof and also foolproof from pet hair, pet fur & most importantly, scratch proof. Not only for small dogs, but the cover is perfect for large breeds, too. This truck bench seat covers comes with a quick-release buckle that keeps a pet safe & sound.

Urpower seat cover arrives made with exceptional, heavy-duty polyester to extend this one’s durability. A 4-layered PU ensures extra comfortability making users highly satisfied with it. These layers consist of 600D Oxford fabric, high-quality PP cotton, TPU sheet & a PVC rubber backing. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to install & clean. A dust-proof material reduces all efforts of heavy washing every time this one gets soiled. Thus, we can now wipe it with a dry or damp or even vacuum clean them. Inferring from all capabilities of all sheets, our experts believe that Urpower’s cover is suitable for non-pet owners, too. Urpower front seat cover protects your bona fide seat cover & ensures they stay neat & tidy.

9. Mancro Convertible Scratch Proof Pet Seat Cover Hammock

What We Like?

  • Remarkable customer service
  • Value-to-money buy
  • Plenty of accessories
  • 3 convertible styles
  • Extended side flaps
  • Large size

Mancro’s seat cover is a premium, multi-featured yet cheap alternative to many expensive brands. It has everything you find in a superior dog seat cover. This one is convertible between hammock, bench, and trunk style. Being top-quality, it has a four-layered (600D oxford, PP cotton, waterproof polyester & a PVC net backing) protection. These layers ensure that a pet doesn’t slip in the back seat & has a safe journey along with you. In addition, it has a dimension of 54” x 65” (WxL), suiting all needs. Thus, it ensures that your back seats are scratch-proof & waterproof. Additionally, such a large size enables us to use the seat protector in SUVs, sedans & trucks.

Extended side flaps secure absolute protection of a vehicle. Mancro’s do seat sheet protects vehicle doors & rear of front seats against scratching, animal fur & hair. Its side flaps have a convertible function, which facilitates an easy entry & exit out of a car for a dog. Also, this product comes with built-in ‘Hook & Loop’ openings for seat belts that help in keeping your dog secure. Adjustable strap buckles & seat anchors help it to keep all those sitting on it steady. Other accessories include a sturdy storage pocket & foldable food bowl for pets. Mancro provides us with exceptional customer service, which is 24/7 available, coupled with a 1-year warranty.

10. Honest Luxury Quilted Waterproof & Nonslip Dog Seat Cover

What We Like?

  • Polypropylene & polyvinyl chloride fabric
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Has storage pockets
  • Luxury quilted cover
  • Pet seat belt

Available in 2 colors, Honest’s luxury quilted cover is a marvelously designed seat cover. It will give your car a new dominant look. Furthermore, the presence of polypropylene & polyvinyl chloride material will keep this product extra secure from dog nail scratches, fur & hair. Side flaps ensure that your back sweat doors & front seats are also safe from pets. This cover is also suitable for general use. Honest provides us with a zipper & also 2 storage pockets that can hold water bottles, mobile phones, toys & even your pet’s favorite food. You don’t even have to worry about your pet’s security, as the non-slip material keeps an animal steady. Along with that, Honest offers us a comfortable seat belt for a pet and seat belt slits for their sockets.

This best dog seat sheet has non-slip backing & seat anchors so that it stays in one single place. Also, an upper layer consists of oxford fabric & A-grade PP cotton, ensuring more comfort. Your pet can, thus, have a comfortable & peaceful sleep in a backseat. A 57″ W x 60″ L dimension assures that this sheet is compatible with most cars & trucks. In addition, Honest’s vehicle seat cover is dustproof; i.e., we can easily clean it with a damp cloth, and it looks brand new again. Additionally, we can also vacuum clean this product.

11. BarksBar Pet Front Durable Pet Seat Covers for Cars

What We Like?

  • Triple-layered protection
  • Heat resistant in nature
  • Suitable for most cars
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Durable car seat
  • Resists water

A heavy-duty polyester fabric ensures that this cover lasts longer than ever and doesn’t get damaged by dog nails. BarksBar pet seat sheet is a typical car front seat cover with extra durability. It only comes in black color but perfectly fits the front passenger seat of most automobiles like sedans, limos, trucks & SUVs. These dog bench seat covers is a triple layer of PU fabrics, which makes it waterproof & comfortable at the same time. Its upper side has a quilted design to enhance a car’s look. Simple design paves a path for easy installation of this sheet. Its anchors & back straps adjust the tension and allow you to travel in a trouble-free, carefree environment.

BarksBar’s pet seat sheet also offers a neat & tidy ride as they do not let the dust settle on them. We can easily wipe this sheet with a damp cloth or vacuum clean it. Furthermore, Barksbar also claims this cover to be machine washable. Although, our experts suggest a gentle machine wash. A significant feature of BarksBar’s cover is that it is resistant to very high levels of temperatures. Furthermore, its black color of the cover is free of Azo dyes & heavy metals, which extends its durability, and it doesn’t fade away quickly in sunlight.

12. F-Color Water Resistant Pet Cargo Cover Dog Seat Cover

What We Like?

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Dole-sized rubber backing
  • Machine washable
  • Bumper flap
  • Large-sized
  • Slit design

In the opinion of our experts, F-color’s Cargo Liner is a fine large-sized sheet with all great features. This particular sheet has 55″ x 91 “of dimensions, which are large enough for SUVs, compact crossovers, minivans & sedans. Along with a traditional beige, this cover is also available in grey, black, khaki & brown colors, and all are free from color bleeding. Waterproof coating of 600D Oxford fabric, soft PP cotton, waterproof polyester & EVA non-slip backing are its 4 layers. These layers help in blocking water, hair dander, spills & odor from passing through them.

A significant feature of F-color’s Cargo liner is its extra-large non-slip net (45″ x 54″), which is the size of a standard-sized cover! Moreover, this rubber backing hence facilitates an even smoother ride. As already mentioned, these heavy duty seat covers for trucks have 4 layers of protection which also facilitate a stable ride for you or your pet. Thus you or your pet don’t have to fret over bumps & turns. With 2 straps & quick-release buckles on the headrest, installing F-color’s Cargo liner is a breeze. F-color also delivers us with an attached bumper flap. Thus, it is quite useful to guard your cargo or, we can also use it as a picnic mat.

13. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors

What We Like?

  • Head rest protectors
  • Premium dye coated
  • Efficient stitching
  • Attached zippers 
  • Seat belt slits
  • Elegant look

Primarily designed to be a back seat covers for dogs, this particular model suits large automobiles like jeeps, trucks & SUVs. However, due to its colossal size, we can also use it as a cargo liner. BarksBar’s Luxury pet car seat covers has a high-end & sophisticated appearance, predominantly because of its quilted design. This jeep dog seat cover has dimensions of 60″ x 64″, suiting any large vehicle. Besides, it is easily convertible from hammock to standard bench covers. When in standard bench mode, side flaps come into play, which provides extra coverage to the side of your seat cushions.

BarksBar’s Luxury pet car seat’s triple-layered body has a waterproof PU and extra stitching in every inch, which enhances this product’s resilience. Also, this cover arrives coated with a dye that will not color bleed. It is free of AZO dyes and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead & mercury. Our experts found out an additional benefit of its premium dye, which is that the coating can resist extreme temperatures. Besides, we can comfortably install this best dog seat cover in both modes. In the dog hammock car seat covers form, buckle up all 4 quick-release clips around each headrest ideally. Whereas, in standard form, buckle up any 2 quick-release buckles to backseat headrests. Thus, with all such traits, BacksBar’s Luxury cover can be a perfect buy for you.

14. Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design

What We Like?

  • Extra-padded comfort
  • 2 headrest protectors
  • Semi-hammock form
  • Sophisticated design
  • 4-layers of protection
  • Machine washable

If you are looking for high-end seat covers that not only act as dog proof seat covers but also work as a traditional sheet, then we recommend Meadowlark’s seat cover. This one is available in 2 sizes; XL & Standard & in colors, black & white. It has an attractive texture and can immediately improve a vehicle’s ambiance. The 4-layered, double-stitched material comes from great quality: non-slip, reliably waterproof, & withstands heavy-duty usage. Neither a pet hair & mud can penetrate through this sheet, nor the pet claws accuse any damage to them.

According to our experts, Meadowlark is a revolution in dog seat covers for SUVs. It provides absolute protection from pet claws & even oil stains with the help of durable zippered side flaps. This protection of back seats, car interiors & also the backside of front seats is ensured. So, you no longer have to worry about what your beloved pet does in a backseat. Furthermore, Meadowlark ensures that there prevails no issue in comfort. Extra padded sheets let dogs take a sound nap while their owner can drive peacefully. In case you want to place your pet passengers in a vehicle’s backseat, you convert this cover into semi-hammock form. Due to all these features that Meadowlark’s dog seat cover offers, it is arguably the best buy.

15. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover with Detachable Window

What We Like?

  • Seat belt socket velcro openings
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 3-layers of protection
  • Multiple accessories
  • Easily convertible

This sheet’s material comprises polyester, polyvinyl chloride, grade PP cotton & 600D Oxford fabric, making it highly efficient. Urpower pet seat cover is a traditional back seat sheet for limos & SUVs. According to our experts, this particular product is a high-performing item with extra comfort. It is available in 6 different colors: black, black & orange, grey, khaki, and light brown. Our tests prove that Urpower’s made this dog seat sheet to be extra durable, resistant to water, mud & hair. More importantly, this one is resistant to pet claws. Even if you place them on leather seats, this one will stay intact no matter what. Inbuilt snap buckles & seat anchors help it with the same.

These 54″ x 58″ dog seat covers for leather seats can enclose an entire rear seat, the backside of front seats, & side flaps to protect door interiors. Another notable feature of this Urpower’s pet seat cover, which we notice, is that along with pets, passengers too can sit on it. Thus, this cover no longer occupies the entirety of back seats just for your pets. Urpower also gives us accessories like a couple of upgraded 3-in-1 dog seat belts & another couple of dog seat belts for a headrest. Furthermore, this sheet is fully convertible into 3 different styles: bench form, hammock form & trunk cargo liner.

Best Dog Seat Cover Buying Guide

Those who own pets and often travel with them can understand how crucial dog seat covers are. A pet is capable of making a mess out of a car. In addition, back seats, front seats & door interiors are all vulnerable to a pet’s claws. Thus, pet seat covers constitute an essential part of a pet parent’s life. But, selecting the appropriate seat cover can be quite tricky. That’s where we come in to help you through each and every aspect of pet seat covers and help you choose the best one for you.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Seat Cover?

A pet seat cover is an enclosure for car seats. These covers protect car seats from pets soiling them. For example, dog nails can be sharp enough to damage a vehicle’s seats. Also, pets tend to have muddy feet, which can taint an SUV’s interiors permanently. Thus, pet seat covers offer a permanent solution to all these complications. Furthermore, these pet covers are also handy even if you don’t own a pet. One can place these sheets in their houses (like sofas, to protect them against their toddlers), picnics, or camps for happily sitting on them.

Types of Dog Car Seat Covers

There exists a variety of car seat covers to protect all seats in various possible ways. Some popular forms of this product are:

Dog Car Hammocks

A hammock is a prevalent form that covers the entirety of back seats. As the name suggests, it forms a sort of a hammock that extends from the front seat’s back to the rear seat’s top.

Bench Seat Covers

Most common seat covers are of standard or bench styles. This one covers a backseat completely. Besides, a few bench seat covers also have seat belt socket openings for passengers or pets.

Cargo Liner Covers

Cargo liners or cargo capes are seat covers that are compatible with SUVs or mini-trucks. They can cover vehicles’ entire storage area. This type of dog seat cover suits large vehicles.

Front Seat Covers

This form of a sheet is similar to those traditional front seat covers. With them, anyone can envelop their entire seat along with headrests. Recently, front seat covers are gaining popularity, too.

Dog Trunk Covers

Similar to cargo liners, trunk covers are those sheets for trunks, but we can use them in sedans & limousines, too. Just as cargo liners, these, too, suit any large vehicles.

Bucket Seat Covers

Just as their name suggests, these sheets cover bucket seats. Although, we can also use them to cover a car’s front seats or a minivan’s middle row. These are highly popular in terms of comfort.

Back Seat Covers

They are large extending sheets with anchors & buckles to envelop entire rear seats. They are a blend of bench seat covers & hammocks. Their whole structure ensures stability.

Irregular Car Seat Covers

If you have certain modifications in rear seats like armrests, no seat cover will fit your seats appropriately. Irregular car seat covers are a great alternative in such situations.

How to Clean Dog Seat Cover?

These days, most seat covers have an efficient waterproof & dustproof coating. Thus, we do not have to make any efforts to dry & wash them. All we have to do is:

  1. Dust a dog seat cover thoroughly.
  2. Wipe them with a damp/partially wet cloth.
  3. Certain premium quality covers are also machine washable. So, if your sheets are machine washable, you can directly place them in a washing machine. (Although experts recommend a gentle wash.)

Dog Hammock Vs Car Seat Cover – Which One is Best Pick?

A standard car seat cover is a traditional covering for seats that fits just along their dimensions. We generally use them for front seats, but we can also place them on back seats. In comparison, a hammock is similar to standard car sheets that cover a car’s entire interior in the backside. Hammocks extend from the back of your front seat to the top of your back seat, i.e., they simply form a hammock.

Best Selling Brands of Pet Seat Covers

Active Pets Store

Active Pets Store is a family business started to fulfill every pet’s & pet owner’s needs. Along with pet seat covers, the brand sells an array of products like fog seatbelts, dog leashes, pet donut beds, etc. Active Pets is popular for its user-friendly & comfort-seeking products. This brand offers an extended 3-year warranty on most of its products. A 24/7 customer helpline number is always available at our disposal.


This one is another brand that primarily focuses on pet comfort products. But Okmee doesn’t just stop there. It also has various pet grooming products, including high-quality dog clippers, electric dog nail grinder, pet grooming tool, pet heating pad, dog training collar, etc. Okmee is a new brand and hence, now available only on Amazon. Although, they do plan to expand their brand.


A family-based company, FurHaven is a familiar brand among pet owners. FurHaven, founded in 2004 in Bellingham, is an American company that knows what people have & what people need. Pet beds, feeder stands & car accessories are some products that FurHaven manufactures. A very renowned brand, FurHaven tests all of its products ‘n’ number of times before launching it for public use. Their products not only reduce your work but also make your pet feel significantly comfortable & cozy.

Gorilla Grip

Probably one of the most famous brands on this list, Gorilla Grip is a part of Gorilla Commerce’s brand. Its reputation is enough to convince people about the quality of its products. Moreover, Gorilla Grip has always sold products that are the need of time at a very reasonable price. Along with that, this franchise consistently keeps up with all upcoming trends, and it’s quite evident in the design & framework of their products.


BarksBar is not that big of a brand but an established name in the pet comfort & pet grooming industry. It produces very cozy & elegant pet snuggle sleepers, pet seat covers, and various other accessories like foam replacements, flap replacements & blankets. Additionally, they provide a 30-day, fully refundable return policy. They also have a 24/7 helpline number to help us out.


Meadowlark, named after a native bird in North Carolina, began as a family entrepreneurial venture in America. This one manufactures an array of premium pet products like dog seat covers, adjustable dog seat belts & headrest protectors. All of their products are generally suitable for all types of automobiles like limos, sedans & SUVs. Also, they have a reputation for being visionaries. Today, Meadowlark strives to become the ultimate dog parent companion.

Things to Look for When Buying Dog Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are long-term investments. Therefore, making the right choices is key to get an ideal one regarding this product. Factors that you should take into consideration before purchasing the perfect dog seat covers for cars are:

Cover Modes

Most important thing that you need to consider before getting a cover is where do you want to seat your pet: in the front seat or back seat. Front seat covers are abundantly available, but they don’t have any significant differences in their forms. But if you want to place your dog in rear seats, you might get a range of forms in pet covers like a hammock, bench form & cargo liners having their specialties. Although, one must note that both front & seat covers are generally suitable for both passengers and pets.


If your pet is prone to wetting car seats, always prefer waterproof sheets. Certain pets claw through seats & destroy cushions. In this case, individuals can opt for a sheet with extra strength & durability. A few users have heavy usage of their cars. Pets find it hard to be steady on sheets with no gripping. For that, we recommend sheets with no-slip coatings. Although, after going through the entire product guide, you might have noticed that maximum products offer an integrated waterproof, durable & non-slip coating.

Comfort Level of Fabric

Pets’ comfort is of utmost importance for all their owners. And, thus, you shouldn’t compromise on it by any means. If a pet isn’t cozy, every penny invested in purchasing a dog seat cover goes down the drain. So, always try choosing plush & soft seat sheets. Additionally, if covers are compatible with passengers, too, then comfy sheets will also please them. In case your sheets have seat belts for pets, inspect them thoroughly, too.

Washing Competence

It is a common myth that every pet seat cover is washable, but they aren’t. Only a few pet seat covers allow machine washing, and a further few allow heavy washing. Although, we can clean most covers by wiping them with a slightly damp cloth or dusting them. So, if your pet seat cover is prone to get stained frequently, we advise you to look for a gentle or heavy machine washable product.

Frequently Ask Question

How to protect car seats from dog hair?

We can put on the best seat covers for dog hair in order to protect car seats from dog hair, fur & claws.

What is Best Dog Car Seat Cover?

Active Pets store dog back seat cover is the best pick for car rides.

Can you wash dog seat covers?

Although it wasn’t possible before, anyone can now wash most high end dog seat covers. However, we recommended a gentle wash to retain its durability.

How to install dog seat cover?

All a person has to do is put on covers on seats and lock in all the snap buckles & fit seat anchors. Entire process takes just a couple of minutes.

Why invest in a quality dog car seat cover?

A good quality seat cover not only keeps car seats safe from dog hair, fur & claws but can also keep them secure from water, mud & any heavy-duty usage.

Where to buy dog car seat cover?

All the best dog seat covers are easily available on Amazon.


An ideal pet seat cover will protect your car seats, car interiors & keep your pet comfy on every ride you take them on. But finding a perfect pet seat cover isn’t as easy as it seems to be. We know this, and hence, along with our experts, we have designed this flawless manual to take you through every detail you need to know about a specific product. Furthermore, all products on this guide are arguably the best available on Amazon. Hence, we have devised this guide to reduce your efforts & time in segregating them. Our experts have thus made it a no-brainer to choose your exemplary pet seat cover that will never disappoint you.