The 15 Car Dog Harnesses to Keep Your Pet Safe While Traveling In 2023

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With a tremendous technological increase in the automobile sector, individuals can spend memorable times with their beloved fur friends. However, just like human toddlers, furry pets also need a safe buckle-up during a car ride. A sturdy and quick-to-fasten safety strap can come in very handy for our fuzzy companions in such situations. Dog seatbelts can keep canines safe from injury by having them intact in place and optimally reducing any force during a car accident. Besides, people who own excited and jumpy pooches will understand how tricky it is to manage them during trips, especially long ones. Well, in such circumstances, too, the best dog seat belts prove to be helpful in a lot of ways.

In most common situations, pets that get greatly excited will jump from their seats and lick their owners’ faces. Well, that’s one great distraction leading to some unlikely consequences. Dog safety straps can keep us, drivers, away from unwanted distractions while driving cars. So it is important to hold down pets in their dog seatbelt harness. However, not all pet connector tethers are effective nor provide desirable results. Meaning one must conduct proper research regarding these things and choose an ideal one among them. But it can be a time-consuming and headache-causing task. Well, don’t panic because here we are with the best dog seat belts review.

Top Rated Dog Seat Belt Reviews

Going for an ordinary car harness may put yourself and your dear paw friend’s life in danger. Thus, one must pick only the best dog harness for car. So, let’s drive through some of such best that are currently on-trend. We have categorized them and given them their rankings by checking their durability, reliability, and affordability. Simply go through the below best dog harness for small dogs and choose one that suits all of your needs.

The 15 Best Dog Seat Belt Harness for the Money 2023


Vastar VDB2-ALX-1 2Packs Adjustable 16-27 inches Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt image

Vastar Pet Vehicle Seatbelt Harness

  • Hassle-free seatbelt clip
  • Universal Buckle
  • High Quality Nylon Fabric
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Headrest Restraint Adjustable Nylon Fabric Dog Restraints Vehicle Seat Belt image

BWOGUE Pet Car Seatbelt

  • Durable leash
  • Premium Zinc Alloy Swivel Snap
  • Adjustable Strap
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap Multifunction Adjustable Vest Harness Double Breathable Mesh Fabric with Car Vehicle Safety Seat Belt image

Slowton Dog Car Harness Seatbelt

  • Breathable Mesh Harness Strap
  • Suitable and Humanized Design
  • Easy to Use and Quick Release
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Kurgo K01187 Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Replacement Tether with Carabiner Dog seat Belt image

Kurgo Dog Seat Belt Pet Tethers

  • Ensure Safety While Driving
  • Dependable Pet Seat Tether
  • Drive Distraction Free
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


URPOWER SB-001 Upgraded 2 Pack Adjustable Nylon Pet Safety Dog Seat Belt image

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt

  • Heavy Duty & Durable
  • Ideal for all Sizes
  • Elastic Beuffer Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Lukovee Adjustable Dog Safety Vest Harness Double Breathable Mesh Fabric Seatbelt image

Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness

  • Elastic Bungoo Band
  • 360° Roation Metal
  • Multi Function
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Mighty Paw SafetyBelt_Buckle_Bl 16 - 26 Inches All-Metal Hardware with Adjustable Length Strap Dog Seat Belt image

Mighty Paw Safety Belt

  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Belt Lenght
  • Tri Glide Attachment
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Kurgo K01255 Car Harness for Dogs image

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness

  • Padded Chest Plate For Comfort
  • Front & Back Leash Attachment
  • Strong Steel Nesting Buckles
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt 3-in-1 Car Harness Nylon Reflective Bungee Fabric Tether Adjustable Safety Seatbelt image

IOKHEIRA Pet Seatbelt

  • 3-in-1 Multi-Function
  • Front & Back Leash Attachment
  • Strong Steel Nesting Buckles
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Vastar VDB1-ALX-1 Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Leads Car Vehicle Harness Nylon Fabric Seat Belt image

Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog

  • High quality nylon fabric
  • Ensure durability
  • Hassle-free seatbelt clip
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


DUKE DIXIE PET + PEOPLE PLEASERS 2 Pack - Adjustable Harness Heavy Duty Nylon Safety Tether Pet Dog Cat Car Seatbelt image

Duke Dixie Pet Dog Seat Belt

  • Universal & Adjustable Fit
  • Front & Back Leash Attachment
  • Top Tier Durability
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


PetSafe 62404 Happy Ride Deluxe Car Harness Adjustable Multiple Sizes Includes Seat Belt Tether image

Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Harness

  • Fully-padded vest
  • DOT-Approved
  • Suitable for all Vehicles
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


PAWBEE 2 Pack Safety Adjustable Adjustable Car Dog Seat Belt With Stainless Hook _ Clip image

PAWBEE Car Dog Seat Belt

  • Easily Adustable
  • 360° Rotatable Swivel Clip
  • High Quality Nylon
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


PetSafe 62354 72-inches Happy Ride Dog Zipline Back Seat Leash image

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline

  • Simple to install
  • Durability is at best
  • Suits all vehicle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Friends Forever d021 2-pack of Tether Attachment to Pet Harness 20-32 Inches Crash Tested Nylon Black Durable Dog Seatbelt image

Friends Forever Car Seat Belt

  • Tether and secure
  • Restraint Lead for Pets
  • Universal Compatibility
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt (2 Packs)

What We Like?

  • Hassle-free, quick and adjustable set up
  • Water-resistant and soft material belt
  • Strong anti-rust aluminum buckle
  • High-quality construction
  • All vehicle compatible

Vastar’s multi-pet car seat belts have a comfortable design to protect a doggy and keep it away from the center car console during driving. Our reviewers say that this pack of 2 belongs to premium quality products, yet is of a cheaper rate. So why go for others?! If you are planning on using a pooch car connector tether just a couple of times, we recommend that you opt for this 2 pack car safety straps. Isn’t that saving all additional costs? Moreover, Vastar’s seat belts harness come made of high-quality nylon material and aluminum buckles giving it a solid and tight grip over doggos. However, these ensure to not cause any discomfort to them.

Speaking more about this pack’s quality, we would add on by saying that it is water-resistant, soft, and anti-rust. Meaning a person is bound to enjoy long-lasting performance from it. Many harnesses that are currently available are heavy, making your pet feel uneasy while wearing them. But that is completely opposite in Vastar’s pet seat belts. Each of these 2 is so lightweight, weighing just 57g, which is a cherry on top. Apart from all these, setting them up is a piece of cake. Just clip, one of them, up over your fur mate and snap the belt buckle into your car’s connector tether receptacle.

2. BWOGUE Headrest Restraint Setbelt (Pack of 2)

What We Like?

  • Also be used as a leash for walks 
  • Swivel snap for a safer drive
  • Solid zinc alloy buckle
  • Reasonably priced
  • Tangle-free 2 belts

This particular product of 2 seat belts is famous for delivering safe rides. Bwogue will make your fur mate a well-mannered passenger in no time. And these 2 tangle-free belts assure that there is absolutely no issue while safeguarding doggos with them. Being made up of high-quality nylon fabric similar to our previous pick, these things perform outstandingly well for a longer period. Furthermore, assembling them is a breeze, thanks to an included swivel snap. This adjustable dog harness, which one can lengthen or shorten as per their loyal friend’s size, adds to perks.

As already mentioned, Bwogue’s tangle-free build straps assure users of easy attachment of these to their car’s seat and headrest. Another favorite feature that earned more happy customers is that these harnesses offer dual functions. Meaning not only do they help secure a pooch to its seat but also let people take their puppers outside for a walk. Nevertheless, we recommend this dog seat belt attachment to people who own canines that do not have a habit of biting or chewing belt straps. These fit perfectly for pets that are less fidgety and have a relatively sedentary posture during traveling.

3. Slowton Multifunction Adjustable Vest Harness

What We Like?

  • Can be used as a regular dog leash
  • Breathable mesh chest vest strap 
  • Perfect fit for every size breed 
  • Ensures an adjustable length
  • Safe to use during long rides
  • Convenient elastic strap

Main feature as to why one should buy SlowTon’s best dog car harness and connector belt is that it comes in 6 different sizes, perfect fit for each type of pet. Besides, this product renders a 2-in-1 function wherein one can employ it as a harness and a safety pet car seat belt. Integrated 2 ergonomically placed buckles make it easy to on/off the harness. Furthermore, SlowTon’s best puppy harness is super stretchy, making some extra room for whelps to move. Therefore, if you plan to go on a long trip in your car, we would recommend this product since even if a dog wears it for long hours, it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

SlowTon’s product is not so suitable for deep-chested dogs since its fitting may get slightly loose over the chest area. However, materials that we noticed in the buildup of this product are of premium quality nylon. To add on, there is a double mesh breathable, which safeguards restless pooches well. Apart from all these, the harness is freely compatible with almost all standard vehicles, keeping a whelp intact while traveling. Considering all such features, we highly suggest this to all of our readers.

4. Kurgo Dog seat Belt Pet Safety Tether with Carabiner

What We Like?

  • Assures of a universal fit 
  • Lifetime warranty service 
  • Perfect fit for huge dogs
  • Easy to use tether

In our search for the best dog seat belt harness, we came across this great one. Kurgo’s adjustable dog harness tether with a carabiner is a solid strap with strong metal hardware. The brand has thoroughly tested this seat belt in cars for crash safety. It’s a simple process to use it, just attach this tether to any pet harness and pass over your car’s safety strap inside a loop, and fasten your pupper. Not only is it simple to use, but it also offers your furry friend to move about comfortably and have the mobility to sit or lie down. Kurgo has a range of color options for this tether, such as black, grey, orange, blue, and red.

This crash tested dog harness arrives with a tether that can keep a pet in place without many movements and also reduce any strains caused by wearing harnesses for a long time. Well, that catches anyone’s eye. Furthermore, with just one click, you can get its installation done. D-ring of the tether comes in handy when you turn this belt into a dog leash as an added attachment to stop a dog when it tries to pull. We loved that Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty for its product, so you need not worry if anything goes wrong.

5. URPOWER Pet Pet Safety Seat Belts

What We Like?

  • Highly elastic buffer for every dog size
  • Anti-rust zinc alloy swivel snap
  • Ensures adjustable length 
  • Fits in any vehicle
  • Minimized jerks
  • Pack of 2

Get a relaxing drive with your pets with solid Urpower’s pet safety belts. Most loved feature of these 2, which will amaze you, is their ultimate stretching ability. These are some of the only seat belts that can offer such elasticity in their buffers. Besides, they allow adjustability from 24.8 inches to 35.4 inches and offer all breeds an enjoyable drive for long hours together. Made with a zinc alloy swivel strap and a stainless steel hook clip, each of these 2 is sturdy and durable. Hence, all doggos are safe even if any misfortune happens. Moreover, Urpower’s best heavy duty dog seat belt mark a guarantee which is authenticated.

With a nylon fabric strap that has an elastic buffer, Urpower’s harnesses perform well in preventing injuries during quick stops while driving. Our group of experts have tried both of them in many vehicles and found out that they are suitable for any car size without any issues. Thus, their universal fit can support any sports car, SUV, MPV, or van. However, ensure not to attach them or any other car restraint to a pet’s collar; it is safer to use them as a harness to prevent any further injuries.

6. Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seatbelt

What We Like?

  • Apt fit for pups and smallest breed dogs
  • Detachable leash for walking purposes
  • Jerk reduction elastic attachment
  • Quick release 2 buckles on chest 
  • All vehicle compatible strap
  • Breathable mesh fabric

Our next big saver model is of high-quality material in rendering long-lasting services for all users and their paw mates. Lukovee renders sturdy safety vest harnesses for all kinds of dogs of different sizes. However, this particular harness along with a seat belt is a perfect fit for small breeds of dogs or pups. Meaning no more fuss and mess in adjusting a seat belt in accordance with your little babies. Our analysis told us that it offers a tight and secured fit in order to make a pupper stay put in its place without making it jumpy. Nevertheless, it is long enough in letting your fur buddy lay down in peace.

Lukovee’s small dog harness can double up as a walking harness too. Hence, people can use this vest harness regularly or once in a while; in any way, they wish for. Speaking about its construction, it has strong mesh fabric with flannelette edges, attached to 4 PP material strap, that does not irritate when covered on a pet’s chest. Moreover, it just takes a minute to put on the vest harness and take it off whenever required. Lukovee’s harness comes ideally built for individuals who have a limited budget and own tiny pets. Reasonably priced, ensures utmost comfort, and offers an ideal fit for small animals. Well, what more do we need?!

7. Mighty Paw Safety Dog Seat Belt

What We Like?

  • Strong metal hardware for utmost durability
  • Withstands intense force tension
  • Tough tangle-free design
  • Offers customizable fit

Mighty Paw’s dog seat belt is dependable and a safe one, according to many customers. As you know, a roaming or free dog can cause problems in the backseat of your car, which could be dangerous in a moving vehicle. This safety seat belt buckles up in just a few seconds into any car’s connector strap outlet. We loved its designed structure as it is similar to a human safety belt. One can fit it to their fur buddies and tighten it around them in order to set them in place. Thus, Mighty Paw offers you and your loyal companion a safe and secured journey.

Mighty Paw’s best puppy harness has a carabiner clip made of aviation aluminum with a maximum force tension. So one can be safe during small accidents. In addition, Mighty Paw has added a very handy tangle-free swivel attachment, so it will keep every little pupper away from getting twisted up while wearing it. Another important feature which it boosts out is its long adjustable strap. That adjustable strap is extendable from 16 inches to 26 inches by simply sliding over the metal hardware. Overall, it’s best for people who drive through rocky/bumpy roads or regularly go hiking or camping with their pooches.

8. Kurgo Enhanced Strength TruFit Smart Dog Harness

What We Like?

  • Leash attachments on front and back
  • Easy to set up with a carabiner
  • Crash tested certified buckles
  • Effective padded chest plate 
  • Handy 5 adjustment points 
  • Ideal for everyday use too

Before anything, this harness’ front surface arrives thickly padded to render extra protection and security for all of our 4-legged companions. Isn’t that a cherry on top? Kurgo’s tru-fit dog harness for car along with a protection tether is a thorough crash-tested product on up to 75lbs of puppers. So there is no need to worry about any mishaps. Apart from all that, there is a leash attachment on each side of the belt, which is detachable for versatile usage. Kurgo’s seat belt has a unique feature of 5 different adjustable points, which allow for a customized fit on all doggies.

When you purchase Kurgo’s dog harness, you will not need to choose between safety and comfort, as you get both in just this one. Being a crash-tested one makes it the best seat belt dog collars of all time. Speaking of its size, it can fit small pets with a neck of 9-13 inches and a chest of about 12-18 inches. Apart from that, Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty service over its product, so if a customer is unhappy with the product, they’ll have their replacement which is just a phone call away. So, without any hesitation, go for these lightweight and protective seat belt buckle dog collars.

9. IOKHEIRA 3-in-1 Car Harness for Dogs

What We Like?

  • High-quality zinc alloy swivel carabiner
  • 2 different types of buckles equipped
  • 3-in-1 multi-functional seat belt  
  • 3600 rotary connector lock 
  • Highly elastic buffer design 
  • 1-year warranty

Iokheira’s all-metal seat belt has got a lot of praise from dog owners with restless and fidgety pets. This one offers a 3-in-1 function making it multi-functional. Our reviewers noticed that this one consists of 2 types of buckles, among which one can get attached to a safety strap while the other to a metal hook for a child safety seat. Apart from all these, it has compatibility with all regular as well as premium cars. Simply, a user can attach this harness to their vehicle’s front seat, back seat, or trunk seat as per their need.

Iokheira’s best car harness for dogs and strong elasticity will protect your paw buddy from sudden speed breaks and during quick sharp turns. Incredibly good, right?! Easy installing and unloading of the seat belt is a breeze by any individual. Another impressive feature of this dog car seat harness is its buckle’s locking system that prevents whelps from escaping their protection. Moreover, it provides adjustability where one can extend it from 19 inches to a length of 31 inches, so your pet has enough free space to move or lay down. Therefore, Iokheira seat belt adjusting clip will turn out to be a worthy product for each penny a person would invest into it.

10. Vastar Adjustable Pet Vehicle Seat Belt Harness

What We Like?

  • Hassle-free and ergonomically placed buckles 
  • Strong and durable nylon fabric built up
  • Solid zinc swivel snap and metal buckles
  • Wear resistant and universal product

Here comes another best dog seat belt from a famous brand. Vastar’s adjustable vehicle protection tether has got many customers who term it as an excellent buy with a cheap price. Keeping in mind your paw mate’s utmost safety Vastar has built this one by considering all safety measures. Thus, this one lets individuals have a safe and fun-filled journey with their dear furry friends. It is a great buy for individuals who have pretty excited pets.

Vastar’s safety strap comes made of high-quality nylon fabric that won’t break easily when put over jumpy pooches. Besides, this one has all-metal buckles that ensure stability and durability for letting doggos stay comfortably in their place. Furthermore, people can quickly adjust its length with just a snap from 16 inches to as long as 27 inches. Width of this product is about 2 cm and weighs super light at just 2 oz, supported by a universal fit buckle that easily snaps into any vehicle type. We highly recommend this comfortable and durable Vastar pet seat belt for people who want to have a safe and wonderful journey with their fuzzy buddies.

11. Duke & Dixie Adjustable Harness Belts Pet Leash

What We Like?

  • Equipped with high-quality metal buckles 
  • Gets attached to any type of harness
  • Simple swivel snap set up
  • 2 seat belts in one pack
  • Aids in bumpy car rides

Duke Dixie seat belts are one of our premium picks, which are reliable and have long-lasting durability. First and foremost, each of these 2 is so firm that it will protect and restrain a pupper from bumpy car rides when driving over rocky roads. Thus, there is no doubt in agreeing that this pack assures great safety and security. These tethers have a buckle-type closure which are truly compatible with any harness and get attached with just a snap. Trust us that you will not find any other protection tethers as easy to use as these. Duke Dixie’s tether leashes will fit most car models in today’s market, with a clip of 2cm.

We noticed that these have straps which are much lengthier compared to other models, which start from 20 inches and go all the way up to 32.5 inches. Meaning they are a perfect fit for large and heavy dogs. Just as all other top pet seat tether products, both of them have a finish of nylon fabric with tough zinc alloy buckles for delivering robust performance. Moreover, these feature waterproof and anti-rust abilities for users who desire long-run usage. Duke Dixie has been continuously on the run to provide people with some best large dog harnesses so they can have a joyful and peaceful drive with their paw friends.

12. Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Car Harness for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Fully padded vest area for extra protection
  • Multiple connection points for mobility
  • Can work as a walking leash too 
  • Car crash certified harness
  • Easy to load/unload pets

In search of the best dog seat belt, we came across this great harness that includes a tether. PetSafe’s Deluxe offers a soft, smooth, and comfortable vest harness which will not a bit irritate your lovely furry buddies. Being tested with canines weighing up to 300lbs, the harness assures us of its strength and durability during car accidents. Also, it will offer a range of motion while traveling, keeping a doggo secure during sudden stops or jerks. In addition, this long strapped vest harness has a fully padded chest surface which offers extra protection and comfort for all of our little furry friends.

PetSafe Deluxe vest harness integrates tightly with any vehicle’s seat belt yet provides some free movement for dogs while traveling. And its locking system locks a canine from injuring itself in case of any jerks. Moreover, PetSafe’s vest harnesses come in 4 different sizes to fit small, medium, large and extra-large breeds. Compared to our other models, this one is slightly heavier, which is 12 ounces. However, there is no compromise in its quality efficiency. Finally, ensuring a dual functionality by acting as a harness and a walking leash makes this a worthy buy.

13. PAWBEE Adjustable Car Seatbelt For Dogs

What We Like?

  • 2-in-1 pack at budget-friendly price
  • Made from high-quality nylon fabric
  • Non-rusting stainless steel loop
  • Boasts smooth and quick setup
  • Perfect fit for huge breeds
  • 3600 rotational swivel clip

None of us certainly want our tailed friends to get injured or distract us when we are driving. Seems like Pawbee has understood our concern which is why it has come with good sturdy seatbelts. These 2 have an integrated stainless steel hook and clip, which prove to be more than useful. We must tell you that this product of 2 belts is affordable for just a few dollars, which is a great add-on. Besides, these entirely have high-quality nylon material in their construction, which flaunts endurance and toughness.

Pawbee dog seat belts are smoothly extendable to a height starting from 18 inches to 30 inches, so all huge German Shepherds or Labradors wouldn’t be left out without protection. Their loops made of high-quality zinc buckles lets people stay stress-free about any issues regarding rusting and breaking. Moreover, their 360° rotating swivel clips can easily get twisted and turned around to fit in a safety strap with just a snap. All-in-all, in simple words, Pawbee car dog seatbelts are just simple and straightforward straps with tons of great protective features.

14. PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline Back Seat Belt

What We Like?

  • Fits any PetSafe Happy Ride Harness
  • Renders sufficient mobility to dogs
  • Zipline design for more comfort
  • Durability is at best
  • Suits all vehicle

We have PetSafe once again on our best dog seat belt list. Reason being that the brand manufactures truly good and durable products which will last customers for years to come. And this happy ride dog leash from PetSafe effortlessly allows a pet to see all scenic views through a car’s window without any problem. It has a zipline design where all individuals will feel its whole setup to be simple and less time consuming. Furthermore, being compatible with any happy ride harness, this leash can give people a comfortable ride without any distraction from their paw mates. Pooches can gladly sit or lay down upto a certain range thanks to this flexible product.

PetSafe’s happy ride dog leash zipline perfectly fits any vehicle such as a truck, SUV, or any other standard car. Its zipline arrives made of quality nylon material, keeping it away from wear and tear. We highly advise users to attach this leash zipline to a harness and not directly to a whelp’s collar. Its main highlighting feature, which sets it apart from other leashes, is it’s adjustable up to a length of 72 inches, which is way higher than most others.

15. Friends Forever Nylon Dog Car Seat Restraint Lead for Pets

What We Like?

  • Unique and strong penta layer sewing  
  • Allows pets to sit, stand or lay down
  • Made with high-quality nylon fabric 
  • USA made industrial zinc alloy
  • Crash tested belt strap

You will love these buckles’ easy, quick snap in and out function, making them flexible to install. Friends Forever is a popular pet-friendly brand that certainly has many satisfied customers. This pack of 2 is a budget-friendly yet high-quality large dog seat belt for all of our fuzzy companions. Those who frequently go on long trips along with their pets should go for this pack in order to have peace of mind. These 2 have a toughened strap made of high-quality nylon fabric that holds anxious puppers still. Even though they offer a stable and tight fit, they give adequate flexibility for doggos to sit, stand, or lay down happily.

Friends Forever’s dog car restraint also features an adjustable ability of 20 inches to 32 inches. Thanks to their robust protection, no canine will get injured due to any sudden jerk where a great amount of force gets exerted. Furthermore, these straps are suitable to fit with any vehicle’s seat belt, turning themselves into universal products. The ability to turn each one of them into a handheld leash for taking our puppies for walks is a great added advantage. Finally, although this small dog seat belt of 2 is slightly costlier, we assure you that your money invested into it will be worth every penny.

Buying Guide of Seat Belt Harnesses For Dogs

We have made your selection process even easier by listing down the top heavy-duty and durable pet car seat belts. Whether a dog is small or large, all those, as mentioned above, will prove to be handy for dog owners. So all that is left for readers like you is to choose one among them. But, there may be some other general questions regarding a canine safety strap that linger on your mind. So, to have in-depth knowledge about this, a seat belt harness for dogs read on further.

Why Do I Need a Dog Seat Belt?

A good dog seat belt will keep a pet away from getting injured during sudden breaks and while driving through rocky roads. Another most important aspect of having a dog seat belt leash is that one can restrain their fur companions from getting fidgety, distracted, or jumping around in cars. Pets that roam inside cars may distract their owners, most likely drivers, leading to unfavorable conditions.

Thus, it is a must and should for people to own a dog protection harness that acts as a leash holding whelps in cars. Besides, even if you have got the calmest dog on the planet and you wouldn’t want to confine it, let us tell you that you will be putting your fur mate in danger. It is because one can never expect situations where they can jerk forward in their vehicles. Even if it is a 5-minute journey, one must always put on their car seat belts, and pets inside vehicles are no exception.

Are Seat Belts for Dogs Safe?

Yes, seatbelts for dogs are always safe. They keep canines or pooches intact and seated in one place, restricting too much movement. With a harness, there is assured security and protection of these animals during their entire time of traveling. Studies say that several dog breeds are restless and jumpy, especially when they are outdoors. Therefore, buckling them up will keep them at ease and prevent them from distracting drivers. Moreover, puppers even tend to peek their heads outside vehicles’ windows which could be dangerous and can lead to injuries. So to put a full stop to all such situations, a dog protection strap proves to be a great one. All those pet seat belts, as given above, not only provide safety but are also famous for offering great comfort for pooches, even for longer hours.

How to Use Dog Seat Belt?

Following are steps on how to use a car seat belt:

  • People should slide their car safety belt into their dog seat belt loop and buckle up their pet.
  • Later, they have to place their doggo on their car’s seat and connect its silver buckle hook to the vest harness.
  • Finally, it is time to adjust the belt’s size by pulling its strap to a length as desired, making sure it fits perfectly around pets.

Top Dog Car Seat Belt Brands


Kurgo is a brand popular for producing greater and tougher dog car safety harness for several years. It produces products that are simple, durable, and have a need-based design structure. All of Kurgo dog harness models render great protection along with sufficient luxury for pups to stay relaxed. Compared to other brands, this one has unique crafted designs of pet car belts.

Mighty Paw

To simply put, this is a brand that has true dog lovers as its manufacturers who make dog belt harnesses to fit every single type of whelp breed and size. Mighty Paw certainly makes strong car belts for whelps which come in handy when individuals go rock climbing or over uneven, bumpy roads. Manufacturers of Mighty Paw offer a full range of car belt models that are of high quality and are affordable.


Ibuddy, tagged as a dog’s best friend, makes comfortable vest harnesses and dog leashes. The brand uses soft cloth and comfortable material in their leashes and seat belts so that no pooch gets hurt or rashes after wearing them. All of their belts have a 360° rotating hook which keeps them from tangling up and are also installable with just a snap.


Pawaboo will provide some of the best pet supplies to match every breed of canine. They are certainly rising in demand with their cheap dog car belts, which have many loved customers. Pawaboo has a tremendous vast variety of pet products and accessories. We also loved how their customer service functions. They never leave any customer disappointed with their product.

PawSafe Seat Belt

This is a brand that honestly doesn’t require any special introduction. PawSafe seat belt for dogs might be costlier but deliver outstanding performance. All of its products go through multiple car crash tests before coming into a user’s possession. Therefore, one can say that PawSafe’s products are reliable in nature.

Types of Dog Harnesses

Latch Bar Attachment

Commonly used attachments of harness belts are latch bars. A latch is an attachment for car safety seats. One can use lower anchors of a seat to install the harness and then fit it over to a pet.

Seat Belt Clip Attachment

You just have to attach the existing car seat belt to your dog vest harness. Just like how human safety straps, these dog seat belt clip attachments work. Clip them up to a car seat’s belt and fasten the harness over your pet.

Tether Attachment

A tether is a long piece of a belt or a strap clipped to a convertible car seat’s back. This is a rear-facing attachment for a pet or a toddler. One must attach a tether to their doggo’s vest harness and adjust it to get a customized fitting.

Tips for Traveling With Dogs

  • Always be sure to check that your car belt straps fit properly over your dog and are not loose. They should be tight enough so that a canine cannot move about freely.
  • Make sure a strap is of a perfect length that will be comfortable for whelps to have some mobility. But it is important to make sure that these pets do not reach drivers.
  • Do not make a pooch wear its seat belt before you have securely clamped it to its seat. If you do so, the strap might get caught and can cause small injuries to our beloved paw buddies.
  • Do not fasten seat belts to your pet’s collar because it can lead to choking. Just clip the belt to the vest harness.
  • Those who own large or heavy doggos should use a double strap or dual belts. Our list has most belts, which come in a pack of 2, offering extra protection.

Dog Car Seat Belt Vs. Dog Car Harness

A basic dog car seat belt is a strap directly attached to an existing car belt and wrapped around canines. On the other hand, a pet car harness is a tougher version of a safety belt. They have padding at their front surfaces, which provide extra protection to puppers. A dog seat belt is mostly purchased for small-sized breeds such as Maltese, Boston Terriers, or a Pomeranian. In comparison, a car vest harness is for huge-sized canines such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Saint Bernards, which need tougher safety precautions. In addition, seat belts offer limited secured positions for pets. But a whole-body vest harness gives very limited movement for puppers that get distracted or fidgety often. If pets are restless, always opt for a small dog car seat belt harness that will keep them in place.

Dog Seat Belt Laws By State

  • According to US law, 8 states have made it a compulsion to have a car seat straps while traveling with their fur buddies. Those 8 states are Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  • In New Jersey, if a pet is not with a seat belt, then their owners will get a charge of $250 to $1000.
  • In Arizona, car drivers will get a penalty if they drive with their paw mates over their laps.

Features to Consider While Buying a Dog Seat Belts

A dog car restraint is a must-have safety precaution for all dogs, cats, etc., just like humans. Thus, investing in them is a wise choice. But to get a worthy pet protection tether, it is important to consider some factors, which are as follows:

Fastening Mechanism

One sole reason why we buy a pet car seat belt is to make our fur buddy stay put. A fastening system can be either a clip or a loop strap that snaps into a car belt receiver. A belt that quickly fastens into a safety strap receiver will give you a much more secure grip. These car belts come in various sizes. So ensure to get an apt size one, or else their clips might get jammed into a seat strap receiver. Whereas loop-strapped belts wrapped around a headrest seat usually do not come in any size and are easy to install.

Adjustable Straps

Not all belt straps would fit every type of pooch. Hence, always look out for belts that have adjustable straps. Also, these straps come in handy when a whelp grows bigger since dogs tend to grow within a few months. These straps will keep pets safe and offer them comfort. Besides, there are some straps that we can connect to a doggo’s collar while some directly to their vest harnesses. In short, if you want a secured and tight-fit strap, make sure to get a precise sized one.


Look out for car seat belts that are fully waterproof since some models have straps that get faded out or worn out if water gets in contact with it. In addition, many belt models in today’s market arrive sealed with a waterproof coating that makes them last for years to come. Why waterproof? Because there are some harnesses that we can use as a leash for walks too. So it is better to own straps that are water resistant.

Strong Belt Material

Look out for a long-lasting dog belt, made of breathable nylon or polyester since these 2 materials have durability. These material belts also keep canines cool during summer. Do not go for thin and delicate strap harnesses because they can tear apart easily if your dog has a constant habit of biting or chewing objects. Sturdy straps will have a tight grip on the vest harness and a car seat belt and stay tightly buckled up on a pooch.


Pet safety straps in their latest editions have dual functions in them, wherein they become a car seat belt and also a handheld dog leash during walks. If you purchase a 2-in-1 function pet car belt, you will save up on buying a handheld dog leash seat belt separately. Extra money which you will invest in these dual pet car seat belt models will be definitely worth every penny.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the safest dog seat belt?

Vastar’s adjustable dog seat belt is the safest dog seat belt.

What is the best car restraint for dogs?

Ruffwear’s dog car harness is the best car restraint for dogs.

How to attach dog harness to seat belt?

One simple way to attach a dog harness to a seat belt is here. Just attach a seat belt harness to a dog’s harness and clip the seat belt’s end loop to that harness.

How to seat belt a dog in a car?

Slide in the car seat belt into a dog seat belt’s buckle and tuck your pet into it. Next, place your pet over the car seat and plug the silver buckle into its harness.

Can you attach dog belt to collar?

It is not mostly applicable to attach a dog belt to the collar since it can cause injuries when pulling or tugging the leash.


Hope we have provided you with ample information on which best dog car seat belt you should choose. Our experts analyzed every product mentioned here with a critical eye. Thus, we can assure you that all those given here are truly helpful in protecting your dear paw mates. Having a good and long-lasting vehicle strap for a pet will solely provide it great protection during trips. Moreover, reliable dog seat belts will ensure that both a doggo and its owner get to enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride. So considering all this go ahead and buy a safety seat belt for your pet and get relaxed when you are on a drive.