The Best Dog Costume Ideas for Every Pet Parent Needs

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One doesn’t need a special occasion to dress up their pet, especially when cute dog costumes are available in abundance. Waiting for Halloween or your pup’s birthday isn’t just the trend anymore. Most amazing dogs costumes are now available to best fit your dogs. Although, it can be pretty difficult to find the right costume at times. Hence, we have curated this list of best dog costumes for you to browse through. You can find the best costumes for your pet from here and dress them up anytime you like.

We have collected all top rated costumes from the best brands and compiled them into this list for you. While many of them may seem like Halloween-specific costumes, you can use them any time you like. They are the ideal costumes if you want to have some fun with your pet or click some great pictures. Either way, this list of best outfits for dogs ever will be beneficial for you! Problems like not finding the right size, right color, or suitable fabric for comfort won’t be as troubling anymore with our help.

Funniest Dog Costumes – Top Picks & Reviews

Pets are very forthcoming to clothes that feel comfortable to them, which is why a list of amazon dog costumes is much needed. We have picked the most popular costume for dogs which pets and pet owners have loved altogether. All of them are from reputed brands across the market. So, you can get into more detail about how to buy and what exactly to buy!

The 15 Best Dog Costumes To Buy in 2023


California Costumes PET20151 Medium Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume Costume image

California Ups Pal Dog Costume

  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Sleeves for Front Legs
  • Available in all sizes
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Rubie_s 580329 Medium Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit image

Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

  • Step in hoodie
  • Cute padded false arms
  • Best for parites, photo shoot
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Rubie_s 887836 Medium DC Comics Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume image

Rubie’s DC Comics Teen

  • Detachable Cape & Eye mask
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Cute Teen Titans look
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Rubie_s 887854-S Star Wars Ewok Small Pet Costumes image.psd

Star Wars Ewok pet costume

  • Officially Licensed
  • Authentuc Safety tested
  • Cute hooded headpiece
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Delifur Medium Cowboy Rider Style Dog Carrying Costume Dog Costume Pet Suit image

Delifur Cowboy Costume

  • Soft & Breathable
  • Humoristic horse
  • Perfect for weedend parties
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Tangpan Small Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater Apparel image

Tangpan Classic dog sweater

  • Easy to Pull over
  • Available in all sizes
  • Leg Starps to hold sweater
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Mogoko MMUS2016054 Large Funny Dog Cat Shark Halloween Christmas Cosplay Adorable Blue Shark Costume image

Mogoko Funny Shark Costumes

  • Suitable for Winter /Autumn
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable Material
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Pandaloon Panda Puppy 13-14.5 in Total Height Dog Pet Costume image

Pandaloon Panda Pet Costume

  • Adjustable face and back
  • Customizable fit
  • High quality material
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Kuoser 104262-SSS Stylish Suit Bow Tie Costume Puppy Small Dog Clothes image

Kuoser Stylish Suit Bow Tie Costume

  • Humanized Design
  • Easy-fit design
  • Ideal for special occasion
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Howstar-1 Pet Camouflage Small Dog Vest Harness Puppy Winter Padded Outfit Warm Garment Coat image

Howstar Small Dog Vest

  • Adorable sleeveless winter Vest
  • Suitable for small breeds
  • Machine washable
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


SMALLLEE_LUCKY XY000052-gray-XL European Woolen Fur Collar Coat Small Dog Cat Pet Clothes Costume image

SmallLee Dog Winter Woolen Coat

  • Keeps pups warm & cozy
  • Stylish Design
  • Super soft faux polyster
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Alfie Pet XS Oscar Formal Tuxedo with Black Tie and Red Bow Tie image

Alfie Oscar Pet Tuxedo

  • Well tailored
  • Replaceable tie & bow tie
  • Detailed Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


DC Comics 887892-XL Superman Cape With Chest Piece Pet Costume image

Rubi’s DC Comics Superman Cape

  • Safe material
  • Officially licensed costume
  • Authentic design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Kuoser 59854-Black-M Dog Tuxedo Prince Wedding Party Suit and Bandana Set image

Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit

  • 5 different sizes available
  • Two Piece Set
  • Easy on & off hook
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Coomour Large Dog Wizard Costume Pet Cat Puppy Cute Outfits Clothes image

Coomour Soft Hoodies with Glasses

  • Suitable for all parties
  • Durable & breathable
  • Easy to wash
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1

1. California Costumes UPS Pal Dog Costume

What We Like?

  • Stuffed arms on the front with box
  • 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill
  • Sleeves for legs in front
  • Velcro around neck
  • Elastic chin strap
  • 100% polyurethane foam

The UPS Courier boy costume by California Costumes deserves the award for the cutest dog costume ever. We have this as our top rated dog costumes for its design. The attached arms of the costume are way more attractive. The stuffed arms have a courier box attached to them which makes the outfit even more appealing. It fastens well around the neck with Velcro, so the final fit is also good. To get a good fit, check measurements like length, chest size, and neck size of your dog. The brand provides a size chart that will be applicable.

We also like this funny large dog costumes for their simplicity and 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill. The foam used is also 100% polyurethane so that there is quality assurance along with a great fit. Two of the four arms are wearable, while the other two are foam sleeves. These foam sleeves and collared necks bring the entire costume together. We are almost thankful that the foam visor has an elastic chin strap. This allows for more flexibility, and even if your pet moves around a lot, the costume will stay put. Even foam arms have been attached to the box with Velcro.

2. Rubie’s Walking Soft Teddy Bear Costume

What We Like?

  • Attached bear character hood
  • Gingham bow on the neck
  • Step in hoodie costume
  • Padded false arms

Dogs love a furry costume, and this one is a step-in hoodie that will turn your pet into a teddy bear instantly. We admire how you can buy this same costume in varied sizes from Xs dog costumes to 2X, so even your toddler can coordinate with your pet. Both will be looking like actual teddy bears, owing to padded arms that add weight to the costume. The bow made of Gingham pattern fabric adds value to the overall look. The same pattern follows on the ears of the hood, which is something we happen to like. The only suggestion we have here is to check the measurements of your dog to get the right size.

Made from the softest materials, this costume comes from one of the best brands of dog costumes for dogs. The most amazing thing we appreciate about the costume is its versatility of size. The entire family, along with your pet, could dress up in the same costume. It doesn’t happen very often that a costume like this is available. It is also very safe to wear, as promoted by the brand. Most reviews we have across have only praised the outfit. Also, it is suggested more for dogs with medium legs, for a better fit.

3. Rubie’s DC Comics Teen Titans Robin pet costume

What We Like?

  • Detachable cape and eye mask
  • Officially licensed by DC comics
  • Redshirt with green sleeves
  • Stretchable fabric

Another one of cute dog costumes from Rubie’s is this one. Its also officially licensed by DC comics. This means you will be getting an original product, one of the most significant benefits. Green sleeves and a red t-shirt are part of the Robin costume, while the detachable mask and cape complete the outfit. Your puppy will feel comfortable and look cute at the same time in this authentic piece. Cotton and polyester construction make it a breathable fit too. Your pet’s comfort is an aspect that Rubie’s has worked around majorly.

This is one of the best small dog costumes you will find on our list. It is also stretchable, so you’ll get an extra inch or two during the final fitting. Our suggestion is to measure your dog properly before purchasing the costume. Check their neck size, total length, and even chest size to get the right fit. Often, sizes differ even if costumes have been specified to be made for certain breeds. There is a pet sizing chart too, which will help you figure out the size of the costume. Our appreciation is for the flexibility of the costume, too, as it is available from sizes small to 3X.

4. Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

What We Like?

  • Officially licensed Stars Wars costume 
  • Hooded Headpiece 
  • Drawstring closure 
  • Step in brown top
  • Attached ears
  • Cowl neck

Made from polyester, this is an excellent option for dog halloween costumes. If you plan to dress them up as characters from Star Wars, you have your match. It is also an authentic piece that your dog would love to adorn any day. The hooded design and the step-in-brown top of the costume impressed us. It will make your dog look no less than an Ewok. Cowl neck and drawstring closure are great additions to the look. These are also aspects that make the costume comfortable. Since it is a safety-tested item, you need not worry about your pets wearing this piece.

It is usually hard to find baby dog costumes, but this will be a great find. We admire this Ewok costume for its detailed stitching and face opening, which secures it. Sizing won’t be a hassle either since Rubie’s has a very detailed chart to help you buy the right size. Measurements are also detailed out so you can check and then buy. It would be good to consider aspects like costume style and animal shape beforehand. A fun group look awaits once you bring this costume for dogs home.

5. Delifur Cowboy Rider Style Dog Carrying Costume

What We Like?

  • Made from polyester and non-woven fabric
  • Suggested for Pugs, Maltese, etc.
  • Removable triangular binder
  • Cowboy doll attached 
  • Soft and breathable

This costume from Delifur will catch anyone’s eye for its quirkiness. We would recommend it if you are aiming to buy something funny for your pet. The cowboy sits on top of the costume’s neck wearing a hat that can be taken off if required. Our suggestion would be to buy the costume for dog breeds like pugs, Maltese, bulldog, or a corgi. Its fit would be perfect for them and others similar in size. Weekend Parties, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Parades, Photoshoots, or playdates are perfect occasions to show off this cute outfit.

Funny dog costumes are hard to come by, and this is one such great outfit. Another reason for having this costume on our list is its very breathable fabric. The size of the outfit is 20-26.5 inches around the chest, and the neck size is 12 – 18.5 inches. You can check whether these sizes will be good to fit your pooch. H saddles in the costume are convenient for putting on the costume. Hook and loop will further fasten the outfit onto your dog. The outfit itself doesn’t slip off easily, which is something to be thankful for.

6. Tangpan Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater Apparel

What We Like?

  • Turn-downable ribbed collar
  • Turtleneck lapel sweater
  • No rear leg straps 
  • Straw-rope print
  • Made from wool

We would suggest this if you are going for a cute look for your dog and don’t want to overdo it. A ribbed collar adds additional detail to the outfit and makes your pet comfortable too. The most significant advantage, according to us, is that the outfit is very easy to wear and doesn’t slip off like fancy costumes. Your pet will be able to run around easily, given it is made of wool. The advantage of having thread is added comfort and flexibility, which your pet will appreciate. The classic straw rope print enhances the fabric even more.

Winters are a great time when your pet could wear cute small dog costumes like this one. Wool will keep them warm, while rear leg straps will hold the costume in place. This is why it won’t slip off even when your dog is moving around. Turtleneck also adds a classy touch to the entire casual and cozy attire, which we like most here. Measurements of the costume are easy to judge based on the sizing chart. Although it is a lapel sweater, a certain amount of flexibility will be there for fitting.

7. Mogoko Adorable Blue Shark Pet Costume Winters

What We Like?

  • Microfiber material on insides
  • The outer material is velvet
  • Four-button closure
  • Comes in 6 sizes

Costumes for small dogs are hard to come by, adorable ones. Although, here’s one that will make your pet look like a baby shark. The velvet fabric is a feature we value because dogs enjoy soft fabric. Autumn and winter season is the perfect time to put your dog into this shark costume. Your pet will also stay warm even outdoors, given the layers in the costume. Velvet inside and microfiber outside form a great combination that is responsible for making this costume comfortable.

If a relaxing Dog Costume is what you want, then this is a perfect choice for it. We could see how it has been designed for pets to stay extremely comfortable. Dogs weighing between 9 to 12 lbs have been recommended for this costume. Our suggestion would be to go one size up from what you have measured. The neck circumference of the costume is 12.6 inches, chest girth is 16.1 inches, and back length is 12.2 inches. Moreover, you will easily make your canine wear the costume, no matter how squirmy they are. This is where the four-button closure will help, which we were very impressed to see.

8. Pandaloon Panda Pet Costume Set

What We Like?

  • Full-length hoodie costume 
  • Adjustable customizable fit
  • Adjustable face and back
  • Soft plush fabric 
  • Reinforced feet

Panda costumes are very popular among dog parents, especially if you are looking for tiny dogs clothes. The whole costume is well put together as a full-length hoodie. Our liking is towards tits adjustability which means more flexibility. According to us, this is one of the most desired qualities in pet costumes. Sizing is important here, so the best would be to measure well in advance. A good fit can be expected given how flexible, and easily adjustable the costume is. The patent has won many awards which impressed us.

This panda costume also has features like fixed legs which ensure that it would be perfect for any dog. Typically, this is a costume that would fit well on a pet weighing less than 10 lbs. We also appreciate the jumpsuit-like design of the costume because that ensures a perfect teddy bear illusion. Even shorter cats can wear these Dog Costumes. Be sure to check available sizes, which are based on the height of your pet from the top of the head to their paws. There’s an added bamboo accessory that comes with the costume. It completes the entire look of the dog costume with a perfect teddy bear illusion.

9. Kuoser Wedding Shirt Formal Tuxedo with Black Tie

What We Like?

  • Soft cotton blend material 
  • Comfortable belly part
  • High cut belly design 
  • Humanized design

Little dog costumes are the most fun to shop for, and when you can find options like this one, it couldn’t get better. Kuoser has the perfect formal costume with a bow tie around the neck. We would rate the dress highly for its fine detail and vintage look. Pets look more attractive and rather cute in such durable and fashionable pieces with exquisite detailing. Additionally, they will be comfortable in the 100% cotton blend fabric of the costume. Finally, it is easy to put on your dog, which means less effort from your end.

The suit’s workmanship and elegant style have made this dress for dogs very popular among buyers. Its humanized design is what convinced us most about this stylish costume. It is a definite sharp-looking suit for your pet and great for special occasions. There is a white satin shirt underneath, which pairs very well with the double-breasted tux. The whole combination of the set is what we truly appreciate here, along with the stitching detail. Sizes are available so that the costume can be bought in small to large sizes. Breeds like golden retriever, Labrador, husky, Teddy are perfect matches for this suit costume.

10. Howstar Small Dog Vest Harness Puppy Winter Padded Outfit

What We Like?

  • Needs machine wash
  • Sleeveless winter vest
  • Suitable for small dogs 
  • Zipper closure

One of the simplest dog costumes is this one from Howstar. Your pooch could wear this weather coat even on regular rainy days. But, what attracted us most, was the simplicity of this outfit and the that it could very easily become a costume. With a simple addition of doggie costumes like this one, your pet could look completely different in an instant. We also like the zippered vest being combined with a sleeveless design. Even if your pets end up dirtying this piece of clothing, you could just put it in the machine to wash up as the costume is fit for machine wash.

Many buyers have ended up using this weather coat as a regular outfit because of its functional design. Print on the outside gives the outfit its adorable look. On the inside, it is rather comfortable, which is what your pet needs. The best recommendation from our end is for smaller dogs because of the kind of fit and size the weathered coat has. There are five colors available so you could pick your pet’s favorite. All colors are bright enough to look good and not be very disturbing at the same time.

11. SmallLee Stylish Dog Winter Coat with Faux Fur Collar

What We Like?

  • Double-breasted and belt details
  • Soft faux polyester woolen
  • Button-down closure 
  • Easy on and off
  • Faux fur collar

Here is a furry costume for your furry friend, which is also no less stylish than anything else. Known as one of the best large dog costumes, it is more popularly bought in larger sizes. We recommend it because of the faux fur on the collar, which complements soft faux-polyester woolen construction. Both combined, keep your dog very warm from neck to toe. Moreover, there’s a luxuriant factor added to the entire fit because of the faux fur collar. Parties could be great occasions where your pet could wear an outfit like this.

We have this costume on our list of best pet costumes for dogs for the classy look it offers. The jacket and button detail on it add a lovely touch to the complete look. Moreover, it becomes the perfect winter coat and a classy factor to your canine’s style. The brand states that the outfit is good for dogs of any age, but we recommend taking proper measurements. Measuring your dog will help you in getting a better fit for them. We came across great reviews about the quality of the costume too, so you can be assured of getting a good product.

12. Alfie Oscar Formal Tuxedo with Black Tie & Red Bow Tie

What We Like?

  • Replacement black and red tie
  • Actual tuxedo fabric used 
  • Fully lined formal tuxedo
  • White satin inside

One of the cutest puppy costumes is this one, which is also the classiest one at the same time. It is hard to find formal clothing for dogs, but this one from Alfie fares well in all aspects. We love how the entire outfit has been tailored and fully lined for it to become formal attire. Additionally, there is a bow tie with a plain satin shirt and coat on top. The tie has two color options, so the entire costume can be completed as per what your pet might like. Red and black both color options are there for the tie, so you can have your dog pick one.

Polyester and linen have been used to create the outfit so it will be comfortable for your dog. Size is something that has to be checked carefully to ensure a better fit. One of the most surprising features we found is that actual tuxedo material has been used in the making. This is why the final result is a great formal attire which your dog will look great in. The brand suggests that these puppy costumes for dogs is good for breeds like Toy Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian.

13. Rubie’s DC Comics Superman Pet Costume

What We Like?

  • Superman Logo on the chest piece
  • Has a cape, chest piece, and belt
  • Official licensed DC costume
  • Available in four sizes

The list of best big dog costumes could not be completed without this superman costume on it. The costume comes in a set that includes a red cape, a chest piece that has the Superman logo, and a standard yellow belt. The detailed stitching in this costume specifically attracted us. Moreover, what you will receive will be an authentic outfit that DC comics have licensed. It could also be very easily taken up as one of the dog costumes for kids. Bigger sizes of the costume are available so your pet and the entire family could pair up. Not much adjustment will be required, even for fitting.

The fabric used in the costume is lead-free, so your pets will also be very comfortable when they wear it. The brand has designed it keeping in mind your pet’s safety. The clear advantage of buying this costume for your pet is that the entire family could wear similar costumes from the brand. All of them will be equally detailed with the headpiece to complete the outlook. Springer spaniel, Brittany spaniel, collie, bulldog, schnauzer are breeds of dogs that the brand recommends this costume for. We would suggest checking the sizing chart very well before purchase.

14. Kuoser Dogs Tuxedo Wedding Party Suit

What We Like?

  • Has a tuxedo and bandana
  • Hook and loop closure 
  • Decorative buttons
  • Two-piece set

We have one of the unique dog costumes here, and It is a two-piece set consisting of a formal tuxedo and a wedding bandana set. Bow tie and decorative buttons add more style to the already very classy outfit that it is. We would rate it as one of the most well-fitting costumes among the lot. Breeds like Beagle, Poodle, Bulldog and Golden retriever, etc., fit well with this type and sizing of this costume. All five sizes are available, so the best would be to check the measurements and then purchase. Aspects like how bushy your dog is will also matter.

Another feature that you will find convenient is that the outfit is easy to take off and put on. Pooches are no less than babies and take time to put on such clothing. Hook and loop closure on neck and chest add that kind of convenience of use. Additionally, the silky inner fabric is truly loved by pets because of how it feels on their skin. The whole outfit has been designed keeping in mind comfort and sizing aspects for canine. It fits small, medium, and even large dogs, so it is a definite recommendation.

15. Coomour Halloween Dog Costume

What We Like?

  • Cloak and glasses in the package 
  • Velcro straps for closure 
  • Breathable material 
  • Stretchable fabric

What could be better than a wizard costume for your little fur friend, which also has a pair of glasses? Nothing. This wizard costume includes a cape and a set of glasses. It is also one of the trendiest outfits on our list. Many have even rated it as one of the funniest dog costumes while being extremely durable and breathable for the furry ones. Since their comfort comes first, the fabric used is very airy and doesn’t induce discomfort for your pet. We like that any size or breed of dogs will be able to use this costume.

We also love this costume because of the high-quality fabric that has been used in the making. While being harmless to pets, it is also convenient for pet owners to put it on their pets. Stretchability provides another convenience, making the costume a little flexible. Velcro straps prove to be helpful, too, based on what we could understand. It will end up getting dirty as well, so you can be thankful that machine wash is possible for this costume. Breathable high-quality material will be easily washed and worn again. Overall, it is a super cute and funny outfit for your pet.

Best Amazon Dog Costumes Buying Guide

Pet parents love to dress up their dogs, and finding the right costume can become crucial here. A chance of getting them dressed is all we want. This is why you need the perfect costume. The great thing is that there are no varied styles of funniest dog outfits that are also very comfortable. This buying guide will help you define your choices based on various factors, like what features you should be considering or which brands you should be looking at.

Best Rated Dog Costume Ideas

Costume ideas for dogs can get confusing, especially when you have so many options in front of you. Although, here are some great classic ideas you can always count on when looking at dog costumes.

Lion outfit for your dog

Your dog dressed up as a lion will be the cutest outfit there could be. It is also not very difficult to find lion mane dog costumes on amazon, so you can always pick one there. It is a creative idea that will make your dog dressed up for Halloween or any other occasion. Moreover, it is very comfortable for dogs too, hence a sure recommendation from us.

Court Jester

Dressing your dog as a court Jester is one of the most playful ideas. Clothes for larger dogs can sometimes be hard to come across, but they can always dress up as jesters while all colors of the outfit bring it in. Making a jester costume is also easy to do, with simple fabric, so you always have that option.


When it comes to easy dog costumes, this is the one to go for because all you need is a chef’s toque Blanche and a neckerchief if you want added detail. A hat is easy to make with paper, and a small fabric piece will work well as the neckerchief. This is the quickest costume you could whip up for your dog and still have them looking glamorous.

Ballet Dancer

If you are looking at ideas for girls dog costumes, then here is something for you. Dressing up as a ballet dancer is a cute outfit for your pet, and the idea can be executed with a tutu around their waist and a set of wings if you have that around. Both elements combined will make a cute costume for Halloween or even a photoshoot that your dog is featured in.

How do I know what size my Dog needs?

To know the size of costume that your pet will need, a little bit of measuring will be required. Each brand or costume will have a sizing chart, so measure accordingly and see which size will suit better. Here are steps you can follow to measure the size perfectly.

  1. Get a pencil, paper, and a measuring tape so you can note down whatever you will be measuring up.
  2. Any accessories of clothing that your dog might be wearing will have to be removed before starting the measurement process.
  3. First, you will have to measure around your dog’s neck, as that is a measurement mentioned in most sizing charts.
  4. Next, you will have to measure around your dog’s chest and the broadest part in that. Extra two inches can be added here for comfort.
  5. Now, measure the back of your pet, starting from their neck to their tail. Adding two inches here will be suitable.
  6. All sizes you have noted down can be checked with the costume size to ensure that it will fit your dog well.

How do I get my Dog used to clothes?

One could never know what their pets will like and what they won’t when it comes to clothing. Unfortunately, some pets don’t get used to wearing clothes, and if you are someone who would wish to dress them up, this lands you in a dilemma. This is why we have some tips you could try to get them used to clothes.

  1. The best way to get your pets to do anything is to offer them treats while you are at it. Their attention will be on treats and not what they are wearing then.
  2. Figure out what type of fabric your dog likes by trying on a few costumes on him/her. It often happens that dogs like a certain fabric, like velvet or something more comfortable to them.
  3. Try avoiding any clothing that is too big or too small for your dog and even too fancy sometimes. Start with simpler costumes and then move up-to to fancier ones.
  4. Let your dog examine the clothing before you put it on them. It is equivalent to having someone new around them, and they will take their time to be familiar with it.
  5. Patience is key when all other aspects don’t seem to be working. Give your dog time while they familiarize themselves with the idea of wearing something.

Who Makes the Best Dog Costumes?

Animal Planet

Given the name of the brand, it has the best animal costumes for dogs. You will be able to find quirky costumes like dinosaur outfits, raptors, zebras, and more. No better brand does detailed animal costumes like animal planet, and it is also very easy to find their products online.


Tomsenn is a brand popular for pet costumes for large dogs, especially Lion mane costumes. They have this specific costume in varied sizes, so almost all breeds will wear a similar one. Anyone who knows the brand knows that there isn’t a better brand to buy Lion Mane dog costumes.

Rubie’s Store

Rubie’s store is responsible for having our dogs look like Superman, green lantern, or batman. They have the officially licensed DC comic costumes for dogs, so you get the original detail on the outfit. Moreover, they have almost all superhero costumes which means a vast collection to browse through any day.

Features to Consider While Buying Doggy Costumes

Dog costumes are available in a wide variety and from various brands, and understanding these features will help you decide which ones to pick out of those. Everything from the material used to the kind of closure will hold importance for getting the perfect fit for your dog.


Fabric or the material that the entire costume has been made from is the most crucial detail when selecting outfits for dogs. Dog skin is very sensitive, and bad quality material can be harmful to them, which is why you must ensure that the costume only has materials that won’t be harmful to your pet in any way. The best is to check for any allergies to materials in advance.

Closure Mechanism

Dogs love to move around the space, and you are putting your pet in a costume, be sure that it is not something that will keep slipping off. The closure mechanism is important because it has to be comfortable and something that stays put at the same time. Hook and loop closure usually works best, while Velcro is useful in certain scenarios. It still depends on the costume, but in the end, it should be comfortable enough.


Sizing is often provided by brands from small to extra large dog costumes. It is best to measure up your pet in advance and see the sizing breeds. Factors on which size like small to XXL dog costumes have been decided are to be looked at here so you can refer to the same when it comes to picking a size of costume for your dog.

Washing Requirements

It is no doubt that our pets will be making a mess of their clothing and definitely on it, so washing instructions are crucial. Any costume that can be washed easily is a keeper, according to us. Anything that will need dry clean or more will enhance the amount of effort to be put into washing the costume later on. Of course, you can always choose based on your convenience.

Design and Look

When it comes to buying doggy costumes, the cutest one or fancy one will surely win all hearts. Hence, the design plays a key role, especially when looking at halloween dog costume for sale. Attention to detail in the plan will decide if a costume will appeal to what you had in mind. Of course, authentic costumes are the best ones to go for because you will find all the design details in the costume, like superman’s cape or wizard’s glasses.

Frequently Ask Question

Where to buy dog costumes from?

Amazon has excellent cheap pet costumes and even dog costumes for large dogs, so it is possibly the best option for shopping.

How much are dog costumes?

A good costume can easily be bought for under $10, but if you are looking at XL dog costumes or specifics like santa dog costumes, the price might go up.

Do dogs like being dressed up?

Dogs are often not keen on wearing clothing, but they can always get used to it with time.

Can A Dog Still Wear A Leash While Wearing A Costume?

Yes, many costumes can accommodate a leash as well, and you can always match that to the costume.


Who wouldn’t want their pet to look like the best and cutest dog on the block? Whether you want christmas costumes for dog or football dog costumes, you will know what exactly to look for. All kinds of costume ideas have also been detailed for you. So, your pet and yourself can have fun picking a great costume. Hope this review and buying guide has helped in understanding the kind of available pet costumes. Now, you will be able to pick the best costume for your pooch!