The Best Pet Cameras to Keep an Eye on Your Dogs and Cats

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Dogs are man’s best friends. These loyal buddies shower their owners by licking and wagging their tails whenever they get a chance. However, owning a pet is not only a fun and entertaining task but also a responsible job for owners. One must take care of them in return for the unconditional love that they shower upon them. One major thing to notice is that pets when left alone, that too for longer hours, can become lonely. But that doesn’t mean we can take them wherever we go, at least not in all situations. And we know how disheartening it is to leave them and go to work every day. Well, in such situations, we will be not only curious but also anxious to know what our pet is doing while we are not home. Exactly in such situations, here comes the best dog camera.

Yes, with these best pet cameras, you can see, talk, play with your furry friends and loved ones while you are outside. Apart from all that, individuals can even instruct their pets with these monitoring systems. So, no distance between you and your pet anymore. Designed especially for pets to interact with their parents, the best pet monitor are truly incredible. With 2-way communication featured in a doggie cam, one can calm their pets’ anxiety and even play music or stories to their babies. Moreover, a wifi dog camera offers a natural, life-like sound for pets to recognize their owners’ voices and not get scared or confused. Well, aren’t you eager to get the best interactive dog camera after hearing all this?! If yes, then dive ahead.

Best Pet Cam For Two-way Communication Reviews

With great innovations in technological tools, people can witness many marvelous features in any electrical device. And pet monitors are no exception. These products arrive packed with a lot of great features, which can be overwhelming for a person to choose his/her ideal pick. That’s where a guide or a review comes into the picture. Based on the top dog camera review that we have gathered from Amazon and other online platforms, we have curated a list. Below are the 15 best dog security cameras for pet lovers that are really worth every penny invested in them. So happily get to communicate with your pet wherever you are by reading and selecting one great thing from the below list.

The 15 Best Dog Camera For Monitoring Your Pup


Furbo Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio Compatible with Alexa Dog Camera image

Furbo Dog Camera

  • Real Time Smart Alerts
  • 1080 Full HD Vision
  • Fun Treat Tossing
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Victure PC420A 1080P FHD Baby Monitor 2.4G Wireless Indoor Home Security Two-Way Audio Motion Detection Night Vision Pet Camera image

Victure PC420 Pro Baby Monitor

  • Real-Time Chat Victor
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Enhanced Night Vision
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


VSTARCAM Laser Wireless Cat Camera 1080P Baby Monitor 2 Way Audio Pet Camera image

VStarcam Pet Camera

  • Interractive Laser Toy
  • Motion Alrets
  • 107° Wide-Angle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Victure Wi-Fi Security Camera

  • Motion Tracking
  • Remote Switch Button
  • Motion/Sound Detection
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


NETVUE orb camera 01 1080P FHD 2-Way Audio AI Human Detection TF Card Work with Alexa Wireless Security Pet Camera image

Netvue Indoor Camera

  • Work With Alexa
  • PTZ FHD for Multiple View
  • AI Human Detection
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


KAMTRON 826 Wireless Indoor Baby Monitor IP Two-Way Audio Home 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera image

Kamtron Security Dog Pet Camera

  • Full HD 350° rotation
  • Two-way communication
  • Quick wireless connection
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Littlelf LF-C1t 1080P FHD 2-Way Audio Home Security Indoor WiFi Wireless Camera image

LittleLF WiFi Home Security Camera

  • Cloud Storage Available
  • Encrypted SD card and cloud storage
  • Easy Set Up
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Petcube [New 2020] Cam Built-in Vet Chat 1080p HD Video Two-Way Audio Magnet Mounting for Entire Home Surveillance Pet Monitoring Camera image

Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera

  • Magnet Mounting
  • Built-in Vet Chat
  • Instant sound & motion alerts
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


WOpet Smart Full HD WiFi Two Way Audio Pet Camera image

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

  • Built-in advanced microphone & speaker
  • Suitable for dry food
  • Works with Alexa
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Petcube BB20USMS Bites 2 Wi-Fi Alexa Built-in 160° Full-Room View 2-Way Audio 1080p HD Video Pet Camera image

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

  • 160° Full-Room View
  • Quick 2-minute setup
  • Smart motion & sound alerts
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


VINSION HD 1080p 360° Pet Monitor Indoor Two Way Audio Pet Camera image

Vinsion 360° Pet Monitor

  • Ultra HD 1080P quality
  • Zero information leakage risk
  • Motion detector alerts
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


SKYMEE WiFi Full HD Two-Way Audio and Night Vision Compatible with Alexa Dog Camera image

Skymee WiFi Full HD Pet Camera

  • Softer Treat Dispenser
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 1080p full HD camera
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Petcube Play 2 PP20USMS Wi-Fi Alexa Built-In 1080P HD Video 160° Full-Room View 2-Way Audio Pet Camera image

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

  • Sound/Motion Alerts
  • Premium 2-way audio
  • Camera with Laser Toy
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Owlet Home 1316-31A 1080p WiFi Live Video Auto Night Vision 2-Way Audio Work with Alexa Pet Camera image

Owlet Home Pet Camera

  • Automatic Night Vision
  • Toss a treat via APP
  • Dog Bark Alert
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


TOOGE Wireless Home Security FHD WiFi Indoor 2 Way Audio and Motion Detection Pet Dog Camera image

TOOGE Pet Dog Camera

  • 360° coverage and pan/tilt view
  • Built-in mic/speaker
  • Supports multiple users
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Furbo Full HD Treat Tossing Wifi Pet Camera

What We Like?

  • 1080p full HD camera and night vision
  • Barking alerts and 2-way audio
  • Can schedule a treat tossing
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Real-time smart alerts 
  • 3 easy step application

Furbo2 Pet tossing camera is an excellent one among other models, with all the advanced features that any dog lover wishes to experience. “The Ellen Show” displayed this product as “#1 gift on every pet lover’s Amazon wish list”. Well, isn’t that enough to know how great this one is? Being equipped with a 1080p full HD and night vision system allows live streaming video or monitoring a dog with a 160° wide-angle view on a phone. In addition, there are barking sensors that detect and send a notification whenever your dog barks. And not only that, but a person can also talk to their furry mate via an app. Therefore, this wifi pet camera that gives treats via the free Furbo iOS/Android app proves to be worth-buy. Also, we love that individuals can schedule treat time or even play a game of catch with dogs.

Readers will be delighted to know that Furbo has saved 100 dogs’ lives from fires, gas leaks, and intruders. There are real-time smart alerts that help pet owners to know if their dogs need help. It features 3 types of alert: dog activity alert, person alert, and dog selfie alert. On top of everything, it helps a person find out the secret life of their fur buddy and can also deal with mental issues if any. Almost 5000 vets and professional dog trainers have approved this best pet cam for two-way communication. Our dogs indeed need us all the time, but we can’t make it. With Furbo’s smart dog technology, we can be virtually present with them all the time.

2. Victure PC420 1080p FHD Baby Monitor

What We Like?

  • 1080p full HD with automatic night vision
  • Camera lens rotate for all-angle vision
  • Best for baby, pet, and aged people
  • Allows 64 GB SD and cloud storage
  • 2-way audio and video detection
  • 48dB speaker

Next up, we have a rotating camera that allows a 120° wide angle for a great view along with a 100° folding body. Victure’s 1080p FHD baby monitor pet camera not only allows people to watch a pet but also lets them monitor babies and elders. It gives a crystal clear vision even in the dark as it automatically turns on its invisible infrared LED. So, users can watch out for their baby or pet even when they fall asleep. Isn’t it beautiful? While reviewing it, we found that Victure’s pet monitor’s installation and configuration is a piece of cake even for beginners. And for any questions, one can always refer to its user manual or contact Victure via email.

This interactive dog camera gives people an option to talk or instruct their babies and dogs effortlessly. 2-way audio support and a built-in microphone and speaker let parents monitor their fur babies or kids when they do any dangerous activity or yearn to talk to them. With advanced Victure technology, one can also monitor their baby’s, pet’s, or nanny’s movements in their phones. You will receive a notification to your phone via the Victure Home app instantly. So, with Victure’s baby monitor, anyone can keep their eyes on their house, baby, pets, or elders even when they are out. Furthermore, it is a breeze to install this product as every buyer can do so by mounting it on a wall, ceiling, or table.

3. VStarcam C38S-P Home Security Camera for Pet

What We Like?

  • Built-in LED IR lights for clear night vision
  • Wi-Fi configuration with easy installation
  • 360° full vision in both iOS & Android
  • Laser light to play with pets
  • Real-time motion alerts
  • 2-way voice intercom

Vstarcam C38S-P is the best pet monitoring camera you can buy on market right now. The most interesting feature that we found is that anyone can turn on a laser pointer to interact and play with their fur mates. It gives people an option to set a fixed-pointer cruise or manually control its laser rotation. People can also share all those sweet moments that their pet or baby spent with Vstarcam. This wireless electrical device gives a 107° wide-angle view, 355° horizontal, night vision up to 10 mm, and 120° vertical rotation range. Its smart infrared-cut dual filters showcase high-definition pictures both day and night. Another important feature that this pet/baby camera offers is it detects barking and tracks motions.

Besides, anyone can also enjoy 2-way communication with their loved cats and dogs with this remote camera monitoring. A built-in microphone and speaker offer users to talk or instruct their sweethearts from wherever and whenever they wish to. Moreover, one can live-stream the happening of their pet’s daily routine and can save it in their SD card or cloud. Also, 4 different users can connect simultaneously via the high def camera app. We are sure to tell you that your pet and baby will have a great time with Vstarcam’s monitor system. The ability to mount it on a ceiling, wall or just place it over a table is another perk. It also works as a remote control home security cam that keeps all families safe & secure 24/7.

4. Victure PC540 1080P Wireless Security Camera

What We Like?

  • 1080p FHD with day and night surveillance
  • Smart motion detection and tracking
  • Fluent 2-way audio with video storage
  • Works with voice assistants
  • Easy steps installation
  • A broad field of view

To give peace of mind, real-time smart motion detection can play a big role. And that is exactly what is present in the PC540-1 Victure security camera monitor. This advanced and upgraded model will enable users to enjoy many premium features which are absent in its precedent model. Now anyone can add voice control by combining it with an Alexa device. Additionally, this Wi-Fi monitor allows pet parents to save videos on the SD card with ease. And Victure takes care of a person’s privacy with advanced video encryption technology that nobody can steal their moments. Furthermore, APP-Victure Home notifies users as soon as this dog security cam detects movements and can, thus, save homes from intruders. And don’t worry about its installation process. Because we experienced that setting it up on a wall or ceiling and operating it via phone is pretty easy.

This camera to watch dog or baby allows a wide view of 355° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation ranges so that you can keep an eye all around by pan and tilt control. Victure’s pet monitor offers a correct angle along with a clear night and day view with 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions. The range of infrared LEDs gives a view up to 30 feet in the pitch dark. So, you won’t face any problems even when you are out at night. What use is a pet cam if you can’t interact with your cared ones? So, with anti-noise technology and a pre-installed microphone & speaker, you can talk and instruct clearly and fluently.

5. Netvue ORB Camera 01 1080P Indoor Monitor Camera

What We Like?

  • AES 256 bit encryption & TLS encryption protocol
  • 8 times digital zoom for a close view
  • Smart-clip cloud storage
  • 2-way audio is possible 
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • AI human detection

Netvue’s pet camera is another smart model that allows keeping an eye on fur buddies and homes in a simple way. It comes equipped with a high-resolution 1080p upto 32 ft, 100° viewing angle along with 360° horizontal angle lens and digital pan, tilt, and zoom view. Its 2-way audio feature allows users to have a real-time conversation with their dogs and cats. For simpler, clearer, and easier communication, anyone can also connect it with Alexa devices. An intriguing feature of this security per monitor is its upgraded human detection. Smart AI motion detection adopts smart perceive technology in all circumstances. This means that regular motions in the environment won’t notify you but rather can detect transient changes in videos. Let’s take an example to give a clearance.

In many other pet monitoring cameras, they send a notification if a tree in the picture blows via wind. But Netvue’s indoor security camera uses a smart environment perception algorithm to avoid such notifications to a great extent. In addition, this puppy camera uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to give up to 30 days of cloud storage. And if you wish not to store videos, this dog video cam offers individuals an option to just keep an eye on it and watch it live. 4 predefined waypoints or multiple views will enhance the whole watchguarding process for a user. So Netvue is an awesome choice for you with high detection level and sensor sensitivity.

6. Kamtron Security 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera

What We Like?

  • Secured with financial encryption standard
  • Cloud service for sharing and storage
  • Clear day and infrared night vision
  • 360o HD 1060 p panoramic view
  • Smart motion detection alerts
  • Intelligent 2-way audio

The 2-way audio with a built-in microphone and speaker gives a great comfort of talking to all loved ones by this best dog camera. Kamtron’s wireless indoor home camera offers a new era of digital security in pet parents’ lives. It monitors our home from every corner with 350° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation with pan, tilt, and zoom view. This electrical device captures all precious movements from different vantage points remotely with zero blind spots. Night vision offers users 24-hour protection and captures every moment, even in a pitch dark situation. Another feature that this WiFi pet cam offers is a smooth conversation through the MIPC app with loved ones.

Do you wish to have day and night surveillance at your home? Kamtron’s pet surveillance camera fulfills this wish with motion detection and night vision features. Buyers will receive a notification every time their monitor detects any unwanted motion. We love the fact that its night vision features super IR LED up to 20 feet without disturbing a baby or pet from light pollution. If you love remembering memories, friendly cloud service is another feature to go for. It allows anyone to save all the data where they could watch, download and share with full video securely meet financial encryption standards. Furthermore, this one protects all such data from a third party from being lost or tampered with. So, what are you waiting for? Scan QR code to download the MIPC app and connect your Kamtron Home Camera Baby/Pet Monitor with an easy and quick wireless connection.

7. Littlelf LFC1t Home Security Camera

What We Like?

  • Multi-users with multiple views simultaneously
  • Can be controlled with Alexa devices
  • Enhanced night vision with 33 feet IR
  • Encrypted SD card and cloud storage
  • Convenient 2-way audio
  • Smart motion detection

Littlelf LFC1t home security monitor is another dog facetime camera that is a must-buy. It is a good choice product to monitor pets, babies, and even elders. Happy to know that this lightweight device is compatible with Alexa devices to make conversations smoother. While the electrical device detects motions, it also sends notifications instantly to receive real-time alerts and make you feel forever connected with your loved ones. This also protects a user’s home from break-in and can save the lives of children and pets in many dangerous situations. With invisible infrared LEDs, one can see and feel visions without disturbance while they are sleeping. This monitoring device automatically turns on the LED when there are any dim lights. Thus we can say that it gives people a 1080p enhanced night vision.

Littlelf’s wifi dog camera offers individuals anti-noise technology. This means it intelligently filters unwanted background noises to have clearer communication. In this way, people can communicate or instruct their dogs and babies at any time and anywhere. We understand that many pet monitor cameras allow sharing between limited people, and sometimes it turns out to be an issue. But this indoor camera has no limit when it comes to sharing your account with all family members. So everyone can monitor and stay informed about what’s happening in their homes. There is another reason for you to pick this product which is the Littelf smart app allows people to enjoy multiple views simultaneously. So you can manage and display live videos on one screen simultaneously.

8. Petcube Pet Security Camera with 1080p HD Video

What We Like?

  • Clear night vision with 8x zoom view
  • Magnet mounting to any surface
  • Instant sound and motion alerts
  • Goes well with voice assistants
  • Simple to install and use
  • 110° wide-angle view

It is equipped with 2-way communication to talk, soothe or instruct your pets, is another great product to own. Petcube camera is a smart pet and security cam with easy installation in any house. Considered as famous in many houses with pets and toddlers globally, this one has many happy customers. Being featured on many popular shows like The Ellen Show, NBC’s TODAY Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, etc., it surely has a fan base. With 1080p HD video and 30-feet night vision, one can keep an eye day and night on their pets. With a real-time alert feature, it also works as a dog security camera as you will get instant notifications of any major disturbance in your home. If connected with Alexa devices, one can prevent pets from misbehaving with smart alerts while it detects its motion.

Petcube’s pet monitoring system is the first camera with built-in vet chat. This is an amazing feature to take medical help. If you capture any suspicious pet behavior, individuals can instantly chat with a professional vet from Petcube’s dog cam app. This monitoring system is easily mountable thanks to its magnet base on any surface. In addition, it has a flexible design with a compact size that can go almost everywhere. At the same time, we were surprised to see that one can install and connect their cam in under 60 seconds. So, one can rely on Petcube’s cam to keep their love of life safe and secure even when they are not home.

9. WOpet Smart Dog Treat Dispenser WiFi Pet Camera

What We Like?

  • Infrared LED night vision instrument
  • Share pictures and videos easily
  • Recording & voice interaction
  • 720p high definition camera
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Remote feeding

Wopet’s smart pet monitor is the best dog camera with treat dispenser. With few extra features, this brand delivers more fun and quality time to individuals and their pets. Its treat tossing feature allows people to toss a treat to their dogs digitally. Anyone can fill their dog’s favorite treat or play a game of catch via the Wopet app. A pre-installed advanced microphone and speaker allow individuals to have a clear audio/video conversation with a good and stable Wi-Fi connection. It is an amazing feature that this dog treat camera offers to every pet lover to interact with from anywhere and at any time. With a 720p full HD camera, one can spy with clear day and night vision. 123° wide-angle lens and 4x digital zoom make your HD live streaming better to watch. It functions even in pitch dark with an infrared LED night vision instrument.

This dog video camera and treat dispenser is compatible with Alexa devices which helps you scoop and measure your pet’s food digitally. We also find that with wireless feeding, one can set manual feeding as well. Besides, one can also share pictures and videos with their family members and relatives very easily. With 3 easy steps of connecting Wopet camera helps people give full security to their home and an interesting living to their pets even when they’re away.

10. Petcube Bites 2 Wi Fi Pet Monitor with Treat Dispenser

What We Like?

  • Ultra wide-angle lens (160°) with night vision
  • In-built Amazon Alexa & 1.5 treats capacity
  • Only pet camera supporting 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Real-time sound and motion alerts
  • Premium 2-way audio

Watch your pet in 1080p HD quality to see all of its activities from wherever you are. This best dog camera from Petcube Bites lets you use 4x digital zoom for a close look to watch what’s happening in their houses clearly. Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi dog treat dispenser with camera is a highly valued and globally admired brand in manufacturing products for pets. It has a high-capacity container and supports a wider selection of treat sizes. With alerts regarding any sound, motion, pet, and human, one will receive real-time notifications on their smartphone. This wifi pet camera has a sleek design and also comes with Alexa built-in with 50,000 Alexa skills. In addition, you can hear and speak with high-quality 2-way audio for a clear and smooth conversation. These pet monitor also supports a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection along with 2.4 GHz.

Petcube Bites 2 has many advanced features that are missing in most of its analogs. We found that it has a vet chat where dog parents can chat live with veterinarians and get help for their fur babies 24/7. Apart from all that, one can happily play music, control smart devices, set alarms, check the weather, etc. Moreover, it also has bark and meow detection, which is a cherry on top. There is also an option for automatic video recording and easy download of video clips. It records a doggo’s activity as soon as it triggers by sound or motion. Petcube Bites 2 pet camera with treat dispenser is the best choice as an all-in-one home security camera for modern pet parents.

11. Vinsion Ultra HD 1080P Pet Camera

What We Like?

  • Mobile detection alarm push function
  • 360° panoramic view monitoring
  • Easy setup for beginners
  • Full HD day and night vision
  • High-quality 2-way audio
  • Motion detector alerts

Vinsion 360EYES wireless intelligent camera commonly comes in handy as a business and home security and baby monitor, toddler indoor camera, plus pet monitor. It gives a 1080p full HD 360° panoramic view and 3D navigation with pan and tilt view. So, you will never miss any angle or a moment of your 4-legged buddy’s activity. There is a built-in microphone and speaker that give you clear 2-way audio. So, even when a person is far away, they can hear and speak to their pets from anywhere whenever they miss them. Also, one can monitor their pet’s and baby’s activity the whole day long with 1080p full HD and IR-Cut night vision function. This Wi-Fi monitor also supports SD cards and cloud storage.

This best monitoring camera works as a housekeeping anti-theft system as well. There is a built-in motion sensor that helps for an effective motion detection function. It records a clip of any unusual event and sends a notification on to a user’s smart device. Besides, capturing all precious moments of dogs and other loved ones is the best feeling, all thanks to Vinsion’s 360EYES wireless intelligent camera. Vinsion allows you to store and share those lovely moments that you have missed. This smart home and pet monitoring cam is an ideal choice for every pet lover, which they can install and connect within no time by downloading the “360eyeS ” app.

12. Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

What We Like?

  • Infrared LED night vision instrument
  • Real-time 2-way voice dialogue
  • Can be connected to 8 devices
  • Softener treats dispensing
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 1080p full HD camera

This pet camera treat dispenser gives people an option to play with their dearest pets with the powerful treats launcher. Skymee Petalk AI dog camera arrives designed specifically for homes with pets. It provides real-time 2-way voice wireless dialogue for pet parents to talk, instruct, or calm their pooches when they are not at home. We recommend 6mm~11mm dry treats for best effects with no issues in popping out. Open motion detection notifies individuals every time it detects any misbehavior. An extra feature to help a dog know that its owner isn’t around is frosting on the cake. There is an indicator light that turns blue when a user uses the app to give satisfaction.

Skymee captures all great moments and also allows customers to share with extra 8 smart devices. Furthermore, one can see their pets day and night with 8 infrared lights, which turn on and off automatically according to the light. The Skymee pet cam that gives treats with superior quality food-grade material will prevent it from being damaged by an animal’s fangs and claws. With a 130° wide-angle, one can see their paw mate all over the room anytime via an app. It also works with Alexa, where a person can dispense and monitor digitally. There is also an alarm recorder to remind and notify events. Overall, Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera is a new partnership between a pet parent and their pet.

13. Petcube Pet Parents Love Play 2 Camera with Laser Toy

What We Like?

  • 1600 ultra-wide full room angle view
  • Alexa and vet chat built-in
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Premium 2-way audio
  • Works as a laser toy
  • 5GHz supportive

Featured with a 4-microphone array and a speaker bar, this one offers premium 2-way audio and full-duplex sound. Petcube’s Play 2 pet camera is the best and ultimate assistant for busy pet parents like you. One can talk and instruct their pets if they catch them doing any mischievous activity. Its natural and familiar sound production makes it an excellent interactive camera. This one has a built-in Alexa assistant for users to play music, hear the news, control smart home devices and order their doggie’s favorite treats via the Play 2 smart pet camera. It also gives people an option of vet chat, where they can chat live with professional veterinarians 24/7 to find any answers about health, behavior, or nutrition.

Petcube’s Play 2 monitoring camera has a sleek design and arrives made up of high-quality aluminum and hard plastic, which is indestructible. Being manufactured to provide maximum coverage with a 160° ultra-wide-angle lens and 4x digital zoom, one can get a clear view. In addition, people can have peace of mind with 1080 HD video, night vision, and real-time sound-motion alerts that their pet is safe. Most intriguing feature is the laser pointer which works as a toy for doggos to get sufficient entertainment. Schedule an auto-play or give them a game of laser chase; the choice is yours. Petcube Play 2 pet camera comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on any damages in its parts or workmanship.

14. Owlet Home HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

What We Like?

  • 1080p HD and auto night vision
  • Pre-record voice for tossing
  • Treat dispensing and tossing
  • 2-way audio advancement 
  • 165o wide-angle view
  • Alexa compatibility

Owlet home smart dog camera with treat dispenser is way more than just a dog camera. It works as home surveillance providing fun and safety. This dog camera treats a dog manually, or one can schedule it too with a good 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Thus, it makes doggies feel that their owners are with them always. Along with a sleek and compact design, it includes a built-in best quality microphone and speaker for people to enjoy a clear communication experience. Next up, this dog video camera treat equipped to provide live HD video streaming with a 1080p HD camera, and automatic night vision delivers a clear picture all day and night. A wide angle-view of 165o doesn’t miss any activity all around the room to record and helps to check that your pet is safe.

While reviewing it, our team members found that anyone can install it in a breeze with wall-hanging holes. To bring more joy to its mounting, Owlet also has suction cups for hard surfaces. Moreover, operating this one via an app by smartphones is not at all a problem. However, this camera works with Alexa, where users should make sure that the Amazon Alexa app is installed on their device. With a 12 months warranty period, you and your pet can always enjoy a together-life virtually with the Owlet home smart dog camera.

15. Tooge FHD WiFi Indoor Camera Pet Monitor

What We Like?

  • 2-way audio with anti-noise filter
  • 360° coverage and pan/tilt view
  • High-level security protection
  • Supports multiple users
  • Motion detection
  • IR night vision

Last but not least, let us introduce another best dog camera. Tooge wireless home security pet dog camera has many satisfied customers thanks to its features that all a pet parent wishes to have. Featured with a built-in anti-noise filter microphone and speaker, it receives excellent audio on both sides. 2 infrared LEDs also ensure a watching eye on pets at night. This interactive camera also arrives equipped with motion detection alerts where a person receives alarm notifications on their phones when it detects any unusual movement in their houses. Finally, it supports multiple users to view simultaneously on different devices from anywhere so that all family members don’t miss out on the wonderful moments.

This security cam from Tooge features a wide view with a 350° pan and 80° tilt view so that no one misses any activity throughout the room. This works on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and provides a high level of security protection of your data. So it doesn’t matter where you’re in the office, on a trip, or anywhere else; you can just monitor your house freely via this home security camera. Tooge’s wireless home security pet dog camera can be your best partner to watch your house from anywhere and at any time to keep loyal mates safe and happy.

The Best Rated Pet Monitor Cameras Buying Guide

Our group of professionals has curated a list of the 15 best dog monitor cameras according to our latest survey and honest customer reviews. We hope that it will provide you an idea of all features of the dog camera you wish to go for. But before investing your money, it is important to know more particulars about pet cameras to make the best choice.

What are the Benefits Pet Camera?

Pet cameras, considered as the best assistants of many parents’ pets, have many benefits for users:

  1. 24/7 hours surveillance regarding your pet and home.
  2. A camera with a treat dispenser and laser points provides fun and activeness to pets.
  3. Protects your home from incidents and also saves doggos from mental issues, if any.
  4. Can talk and instruct your pets for any misbehavior.
  5. Live video streaming with alert notifications.
  6. Above all, this product will give peace of mind to users whenever they are away from home.

How to Set Up a Camera to Watch My Dog?

Setting up a pet camera to watch a dog/cat has simple and easy steps to do.

  1. Connect your smartphone to a good and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Plugin monitor’s power cable, if yours is a corded pet camera, or switch it on if it is a wireless camera.
  3. Download the particular app and scan its QR code.
  4. Register your account and connect to the camera in under a minute.

What is The Best Wifi Dog Feeder with Camera?

With our latest reviews, below are the best Wi-Fi dog feeders with a cam.

  • Furbo Dog Camera with Treat Tossing.
  • Wopet Smart Monitor with Treat Dispenser.
  • Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Monitor Camera.
  • Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera Treat Dispenser.
  • Owlet Pet Monitor with Treat Dispenser and Tossing.

Best dog camera treat dispenser ensures a non-sticking treat tossing. With different models, the sizes of treats may vary. Also, it is suitable for tossing dry treats only.

Who Makes Best Pet Cameras for Dogs?


Furbo launched through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign; this one makes high-quality products. And now this company is a leading manufacturer of pet cameras. Furbo dog camera is the best-selling dog camera in 10 countries and the #1 gift for every pet lover. More than 5000 vets and professional dog trainers have approved its innovation and technology. Many Furbo dog camera reviews are really positive, praising this product.


It is first in this product line, with many more to come. With its premium features, users can connect with their furry friends from anywhere and at any time. Petchatz is part of Omcare Inc., which is based in Minnesota. Petchatz Dog monitor is an interactive pet camera that makes customers happy and active.


Skymee is a China-based enterprise founded in 2017. It is a budding and fast-growing company with its specialization in the pet supplies field. From top-class development and high-quality production to best after-sales services, Skymee includes pet feeders, pet cameras, and so on. Skymee pet camera always aims to give a better life to your pets and a relaxed mind when you are away from home.


This company now has its specialization in smart home products and wireless cameras. Wyze Labs, Inc. is a U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington. It was a small startup founded by former Amazon employees in 2017. Wyze camera delivers great results, and it comes at affordable prices.


Petcube is a combined technology startup founded to design and manufacture pet products at its best. There are many awards that Petcube has received, like the 2020 Red Dot Award for Outstanding Design, 2018 and 2017 Edison Award for Innovation. It is the most trusted and huge brand influence worldwide. With innovative features, the Petcube dog camera has earned great love from its customers.


This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acer and is the leading designer and manufacturer of Wi-Fi-based cameras. Pawbo pet camera provides a simple way for pet lovers to monitor and interact with their loved ones. Core values of this company make the new smart pet feeders that are really many users and pets favorite.

Petcube Vs Furbo

Petcube and Furbo are 2 admired and recognized brands in the pet products industry. Key differences between these two brands are:

  • Furbo pet cam is Alexa compatible but doesn’t have built-in, whereas Petcube offers built-in Alexa.
  • Petcube gives sound and motion alerts notifications. In comparison, Furbo has barking alerts.
  • Furbo doesn’t have a wall-mounting installation, whereas Petcube offers wall-mounting installation.

Where Should I Put My Pet Camera?

There are various areas to install and mount your pet camera. Most famous installation places are the wall and ceiling mounting or a tabletop. To get the best view angle, putting your camera above a pet’s eye level is important. Also, we recommend you not install it in front of a glass or mirror because it may cause issues with infrared LEDs at night.

Things to Look for When Buying a Dog Camera

Various factors to look for while buying a dog camera are:

Video Quality

Video quality varies in different models. It is of utmost importance that one gets the best quality view when their dog looks at the camera. Therefore, we suggest people go for a 1080p full HD view. Also, a pet camera must have night vision, and infrared LEDs feature you to get a clear picture even in the pitch dark.

2-way Audio Quality

This is a basic and important feature to look for. A pet camera is specifically to have 2-way audio, but the tricky part is determining its quality. Dogs must hear their owners’ most natural and familiar voices to listen and interact with them. So, reassure yourself with the premium and clear audio quality cam.

Detection Alerts

There are various detection alerts installed in pet monitoring cameras, including motion, sound, barking, and meow detection. Do check out which type of notification alerts you prefer to receive. There is also a human and pet recognition sensor that helps houses from unwanted outsiders. This means it detects whether a human or a dog looking down at camera.

Treat Dispensing And Laser Pointer

Fun treat tossing and laser light are extra-added features included in cameras nowadays. It keeps a pet entertained and active even when its parents are away. So, choose whether you wish to buy a monitoring camera with a treat dispenser or laser light.

High-quality Material

Your camera must be made up of high-quality material. Because you never know when your dog misbehaves with it. So, before buying it, ensure that its whole construction is of superior quality food-grade material. This kind of construction prevents it from getting damaged by a dog’s fangs and claws.

Design And Installation Type

Different designs like ball cameras for dogs or straight-base cameras have different installation types. For example, a base-camera is easy to assemble by simply putting it on a table. And others need an installation on the wall or ceiling. So do consider the weight, design, and installation type of a pet camera before buying it.

Remote Viewing

We all buy a pet monitor system for one common reason, i.e., we can see our pets from wherever we’re sitting. And we all know that a pet monitor is operated via an app. Remote viewing feature ensures that your video will not buffer or freeze at whatever distance you’re sitting away from home. So, make sure that your high def camera has the ability for you to show and live stream videos from a distance.

Frequently Ask Question

Are laser pointers bad for dogs?

Yes, indeed, many dogs’ breeds don’t respond well psychologically towards laser pointers. Also, it can hurt a dog’s eyes.

How much should I spend for a quality camera to watch my dog?

To buy a quality camera to watch your dog, the prices can vary between $50 to $100.

Can I use the camera outdoors?

No, we don’t recommend you use the camera outdoors. Pet baby monitor home security cameras are suitable for indoor security.

Difference between a dog camera and a cat camera?

Though, there is not much difference. But usually, a pet camera that gives treats is a dog camera, and a pet cam with a laser is specifically for cats. Also, you can use any of these 2 cameras for both pets.


A best pet monitor at home has turned out to be an essential gadget installed. This monitoring system is becoming a popular way to keep a watch on dogs and what they are up to back at a ranch. Also, these are way different from home security cameras as they arrive packed with many extra features to entertain pets. No matter when and where there is no distance between family interactions with 2-way communication on a doggie camera. Always know what’s going on in your place when you’re away. So, with your best pet cam for dogs and cats, give them a better life to enjoy. And don’t worry about your pets at home being lonely when you have to leave for work, business, or travel. It brings more fun and quality time between you and your beloved pets. Play together. Stay together!