15 Safest Dog Brushes for Comfortable and Professional Grooming – Review 2023

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We have to regularly brush our dogs to remove dead hair and get a well maintained shiny coat. The bonding we develop with our pets also increases as we spend more time grooming them. Also, dogs love the brush strokes on their skin as it keeps them cozy and happy. Choosing the best dog hair brush is our duty as this helps in stimulating good blood flow in the skin. With the right brush, our canine skin feels rejuvenated, and they feel fresh. Brushing regularly also removes dead and dry skin.

The different types of brushes available are slicker, rakes, bristle, pin, etc. It is important to choose the best that will suit your pets needs well. Our top focus in this review is to find out the best dog grooming brush from Amazon. Then, we can compare the fur of a dog with human hair. We take care of our hair every day; otherwise, clumpy knots will form. Similarly, canine hair also needs care almost every single day to keep them from forming knots and shed less during peak seasons.

Top Grooming Brushes for Dogs

In the coming sections, we will discuss different brands that produce the best grooming brush on the market. Pet brush is important for the care, and the different outstanding features of each feature are listed out for your convenience. The search for a canine brush that suits every dog is easy to find with all the details below.

15 Best Brushes for Dog (Long or Short Haired)


Hertzko FBA_881314705702 Self Cleaning Purple Slicker Brush image

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • Smooth bristles and Comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean with push of a button
  • Increases blood circulation
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Average Review 9.9


Hartz 3270083801 Groomer_s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush image

Hartz Groomer’s Combo Dog Brush

  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Double-sided brush with thin bristles
  • De-sheds, detangles and eliminates small mats
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Glendan Shedding Slicker Pet Grooming Brush image

Glendan Dog & Cat Brush

  • Anti-slip handle and convenient eyelet
  • Comfortable and safe bristles
  • Simple design and easy to clean

Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Pet Craft Supply 8705 Self-Cleaning Pet Grooming Hair Deshedding Brush Tool image

Pet Craft Supply Premium Deshedding Tool

  • Self-cleaning and high quality
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Easy to use and clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Pet Neat 2 Sided Pet Grooming Tool for Deshedding Dog Brush image

Pet Neat 2 Sided Pet Grooming Brush

  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Easy to hold with its non-slip handle 
  • Rust-resistant blade
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Coastal W6202 Li_l Pals Coated Tips No Color One Size Dog Slicker Brush image

Li’l Pals Dog Grooming Brush with Coated Tips

  • Small brush with flexible pins
  • Great for sensitive skin 
  • Detangles fur and smoothes the coat easily
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Hertzko HPP-47 Soft Pet Brush image

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs & Cats

  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Soft and gentle plastic bristles with rounded ends
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Chris Christensen AVIICL Big G Slicker Large Brush image

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

  • Great for cottony coats and fluffing curly 
  • Handles tough tangles and matts 
  • Extra long ergonomic handle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


BV PE-BR-2-IN-1 Dog Brush 2-Sided Bristle and Pin for Long and Short Hair Dog Grooming Comb image

BV Pet Dog and Cat Hair Grooming Brush

  • Ergonomic handle gives extra comfort
  • Comes with round tip pins and ventilation hole 
  • Suitable for all breeds
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


iPettie Quiet Narrow Gap 2 Heat Settings _ Portable Pet Hair Dryer with Slicker Brush image

iPettie Portable Pet Hair Dryer

  • Compact, quiet and lightweight
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning 
  • Has 2 heat settings
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Tminnov Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Shedding and Grooming, Deshedding Tool for Pet image

Tminnov Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Pet

  • Strong anti-slip handle
  • Easy to clean with just a click of button
  • Perfect for shedding and grooming of dogs & cats
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Miracle 3261 Black Coat Slicker Dog Brush image

Miracle Coat Large Slicker Dog Brush

  • Great for double coated breeds
  • Comes with larger head; best for large dogs
  • Cushioned and ergonomic grip
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


TIMINGILA Self Cleaning Grooming Slicker Pet Brush image

TIMINGILA Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • Self-cleaning feature which cleans within 5 sec
  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Perfect to remove all mats
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Safari by Coastal W6117 Mat Remover with Stainless Steel Blades image

Safari Coastal Pet Dog Mat Remover

  • Versatile design with high-quality material
  • Perfect for coarse & long coats 
  • Comfortable to use with ergonomic handle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Dyson 921000-02 Pet Groom Tool image

Dyson 921000-02 Groom Brush

  • Comes with flexible bristles 
  • Great for medium and long-haired dogs
  • Removes dead cells from the skin
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Dog Shedding Brush

What We Like?

  • Anti-slip handle during brushing for maximum comfort of the user
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin, removes dead, loose, and dirty hair
  • Retractable bristles makes it easy during traveling and storage 
  • Easy cleanup with a press of a button
  • Soft bristles to not scratch the skin
  • Blood circulation is increased

Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush takes the top place on our list due to its significant features. First, we picked the slicker brush for our dogs as they loved their grooming time with us. The single grooming tool comes with several benefits like removing loose hair, untangling knots, and even trapped dirt removal. Another interesting feature to share was that this one dog slicker brush suited all hair types and sizes. It is a rectangular groomer that weighs 3.2 ounces and 5.8 X 3 X 10 inches in size. The bristles on this brush were super smooth, and they never hurt their skin. The attractive feature is that you can clean with a press of a button.

The method was simple, and all you needed to do was push a button to get the bristles out, groom our pet, push the button again to retract the bristles in. After the bristles were in, the loose hair stayed on top of the brush surface, and it was removed with a single swipe of our fingers. Grooming is essential for dogs to not only enhance their looks but also make them feel better. With an anti-slip handle, brushes never slipped out of our hands, even while untangling difficult knots. We never felt any strain on our hands either.

2. Hartz Groomer’s Detangling Double Coat Dog Brush

What We Like?

  • 2-in-brush for detangling and redistributing oils to the skin
  • Stainless steel tips on one end and nylon on other 
  • Removes loose hair and keeps the coat shiny
  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Safety tips under each bristle
  • Minimize shedding action

Hartz Groomer’s detangling dog brush is the best budget option that is pocket-friendly. This groomer was developed according to professionals who take at most care of the dog’s well-being. We used grooming tools for dogs to remove loose hair and detangle knots on their shiny coat. Our chosen product ticked all the boxes mentioned. There are two sides to this brush, and each side has a particular utility. One side had stainless steel tips for removing loose hair and detangling purpose. The other side helped in giving back the natural oils to their skin to maintain their shiny skin. Both sides were used alternatively to bring out the best of both utilities.

Strain less usage with this brush that has ergonomic handles for easy handling. The brush was mainly suitable for coarse hair types. The brush was just 4.8 ounces and was easy to take during travel as well. It also was 3.25 X 2.62 X 12.25 inches in size. The bristles on both sides are soft and never hurt our dog’s skin. They loved their grooming time and wanted more! Safety tips are present under each bristle so that dogs feel the smoothness and gentleness. Washing the brush was also easy, and we used warm and soapy water for thorough cleaning. This pet grooming brush is best to repeat when necessary to minimize shedding quality. With a soft handle, you can brush your pet’s hair from head to toe.

3. Glendan Anti-slip Handle Dog Slicker Brush

What We Like?

  • Safe bristles without scratching, ventilation hole allows bristles to flex
  • Skin diseases are prevented by increasing blood circulation
  • Removes dead hair and loose hair, reduces shedding 
  • Anti-slip and ergonomic handle 
  • Rotatable slicker brush
  • Easy to clean

Glendan Dog brush is a good product that we found useful for our dogs at home. You no longer had to vacuum the hair strands during peak seasons, as we used this brush to remove loose hair almost every day. They are available in two colors and two sizes to choose from. They were available in small and large sizes. Also, pink and blue were the colors available for sale. The grooming tool was 3.17 ounces and was perfect for traveling mobility. Its dimensions are 7.87 X 4.72 X 1.57 inches. It was made from metal and was sturdy for holding. We used this pet groomer brush to remove mats, dander, dirt, etc., along with loose hair. It is perfect for use for both short and long-haired dogs.

Our brush from Glendan was perfect for getting the blood circulation better, which helped hugely keep their coats and skin shiny. Skin diseases also were at bay and never troubled our pets. An anti-slip handle is present at the bottom of the brush to hold it without fear of slipping during heavy knots. Also, there is no strain while using this best deshedding brush for dogs. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee in place and a full-year guarantee for lifetime quality. As per the instructions, we used this brush on our dogs 2-3 times per week. Stroke through the whole body to remove dead hair and reduce shedding.

4. Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Short or Long Hair Dog Brush

What We Like?

  • For all pets, suitable for long and short-haired cats and dogs even with sensitive skin
  • Self-cleaning, hair removed easily by a press of a button
  • High-quality pins for smooth working
  • Mats, tangles, loose hair removal tool
  • Reduces shedding up to 95%
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle

Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Pet grooming brush is best for dogs with both long and short hair. This was a specific de-shedding tool, with an option of two sizes like small and large. Another slicker brush from the same brand was for sale. The entire tool was made with stainless steel, and it lasted long with good durability. We also found no rusting, and a blade cover was also given to protect the blades when not in use. Within minutes, dead and loose hair removal was possible from our dog’s coat to get them groomed and happy. Regular stroking gave them shinier coats and skin. This best dog brush for shedding had buttons to retract when pressed.

This dog shedding brush was 3.2 ounces only. Easy to take while traveling with pets. Also, their size was 5.91 X 4.13 X 2.36 inches. All these specs pertain to the large size of the rake from Amazon. Just push back the button to retract the bristles, and the hair removed stood on top for easy removal. Also, an anti-slip handle made sure the grip on the groomer was firm and that too without any strain. We used as per instructions and noticed that the bristles did not damage our dogs’ coats. The pins on the rake were high-quality and never hurt our pet’s topcoat. We even considered giving this brush as a gift to pet lovers.

5. Pet Neat Two-Sided Deshedding Tool

What We Like?

  • Dual-sided brush, one for detangling other for thinning and de-shedding
  • Blue color brush reduced 95% shedding
  • No-scratch rounded tips on each side
  • Paw tag and instruction manual given
  • Safe and skin-friendly
  • Rust-resistant blade

The Pet Neat dog brush came in blue and was an attractive addition to our pet grooming tools. Our best dog shedding brush contains dual sides for two utilities. According to the manufacturer, first, start with 22 teeth for hard-to-remove mats and tangles. Later, use the 87 teeth for thinning and de-shedding purposes. With regular use of this undercoat brush, you can remove up to 95% of shedding in canines and no longer need to vacuum pet hairs that fall out of the coat. In addition, the teeth on each side are with no-scratch rounded sides to give smooth and comfortable grooming to our dogs.

Few accessories were also given with the rake, like a paw tag and an instruction guide. There is a paw tag to hang the deshedding tool in the holders. This was handy and thoughtful. Even a non-slip and ergonomic handle is added for our convenience. There is no stress and strain while handling the rake, and our fingers never felt any strain. The brush that we chose was 10.23 ounces and 7.68 X 5.12 X 2.09 inches in size. This grooming tool was suitable for use daily and also helped in reducing loose and dead hair. Also, blood circulation increased, thereby keeping their coat and skin healthy and shinier. We noticed that our dogs loved their grooming time, and we were happy to give them their satisfaction.

6. Coastal Dog Slicker Plastic Undercoat Brush

What We Like?

  • Long and short teeth for deep undercoat and loose hair removal, respectively
  • Plastic tips on bristle for soft functioning 
  • Plastic brush with stainless steel handle
  • Perfect for puppies with good bristles 
  • Works with matted hair 
  • Easy-grip handle

The Coastal dog slicker brush was plastic and thus lightweight at just 0.96 ounces. The brush is convenient and travel-friendly. It was multi-colored and gave more attraction to our belongings. This long hair dog brush is suitable for pets with short hair as well. The pins on the body of the groomer were flexible, and it contoured according to our movements. With the help of this tool, you can easily detangle and remove loose hair from the dog’s coat. Each bristle was given with a plastic tip to ensure there were no brushing difficulties. It went on to glide smoothly over their skin. The brush was just 0.75 X 3.25 X 7.25 inches in size. Perfect for carrying around even during traveling.

We used the wire dog brush to pass on the natural oils around the skin of the coat of our dogs. This made sure the blood circulation increased to give better coat looks. Even for pups, this was the most suitable one. Though the grooming tool was plastic, the handle is made of a stainless steel handle with an ergonomic grip to not strain our fingers. In addition, a combination of both short and long teeth is present on the brush. We removed loose hair with the short teeth, and longer teeth helped move deep into the undercoat. You can also work easily on the dog’s matted hair. Finally, to make the pet’s appearance look better, you can fluff their coats by brushing in the opposite direction.

7. Hertzko Plastic Pet Grooming Brush

What We Like?

  • Plastic brush with anti-slip and thumb rest in the handle 
  • Large and small dogs suitable with all hair types
  • Removes loose hair, tangles, dander, and dirt
  • Bristles also plastic with rounded edges
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Every day is an ideal option

Hertzko pet brush is the best brush for everyday grooming. Daily stroking means that hair is reduced considerably even during the peak shedding season. The brush was oval, and the handle was made with plastic. The deshedding tool is purple, making it all the more attractive for purchase. As with other groomers, this one was also for loose hair removal, eliminating tangles, dander, and dirt. This one brush was suitable for all dogs breeds and sizes. Even the bristles are plastic with rounded ends to help our pets not feel the stress or pain. It was 3.99 ounces and 7 X 3 X 2 inches in size. This made sure you could take it anywhere along.

We used this on sensitive skin areas of canines, like the face and paw. Our dogs were brimming with happiness once they knew it was their grooming time with this brush. The undercoat rake also helps to increase blood circulation, thus contributing to a healthier and shinier coat. Comfort grip and anti-slip handle ensured no stress while working with the brush, and it never fell out of our hands while combing to remove hard tangles. With all its features, it is one of the best dog brushes for golden retrievers. The grooming tool also had a thumb rest to forget the pressure while working. A loop on the grooming tool helped in hanging on the wall after completion. We made use of this brush mainly for our dogs who had sensitive skin.

8. Chris Chrsitensen Slicker Dog Bath Brush

What We Like?

  • Suitable mostly for curly hair type
  • Pins gave more movement and lift
  • 40% more pins than most brushes
  • Extra-long handle with good grip 
  • Long bristles penetrate deeper 
  • Fluffing of the coat is possible

Chris Christensen’sChristensen’s slicker brush contains more pins or bristles than many other brands in the market that sell dog brushes. According to their highlighted feature, 40% more pins are present in this slicker brush. With the deshedding tool, you can remove loose hair, detangle the coat, and fluff the hair up for a superior look. This brush, in particular, helped fluff up curly, cottony coats of hair in most dogs. The bristles were long enough to reach the deep undercoat. Even the roots of hairs are touched with these dog combs for shedding. The groomer was 4 ounces in weight and 8 X 4 X 2.5 inches in size.

We even contacted our vet to understand how to take care of hair coats on dogs. Few pets might have a thick undercoat that requires frequent care; otherwise, tangling is sure to happen. Our product helped in untangling the messy regions of the undercoat easily. We were told to use mainly on the body and less on the legs and columns of dogs. The brush was coral in color and was only 4 ounces in weight. The pins on the brush are kept to reach the bottom-most layer of hair easily without difficulty. All the pins moved well along with our grooming direction. A unique feature in this brush was the presence of a longer handle.

9. BV 2 Sided Grooming / Dog Shedding Tool

What We Like?

  • Rounded tips on pins for even distribution of natural oils
  • Two-sided, one for topcoat and the other for undercoat
  • Massages skin and keeps coat healthy and shiny 
  • Ergonomic grooved handle for better grip
  • Ventilation hole for contour movement 
  • Suitable for all coat and breed types

BV Dog brush is an important addition to our list as it comes with double-sided brushes for varied purposes. One brush will go for all breeds of dogs and hair types. Our dogs loved their grooming tool and wanted more. After each session, they felt good and also looked better with chic looks. It came in a combination of black and blue color and had two dies of bristles. One was pin-sided, and the other had bristles. Use the pin side first to detangle and remove loose hairs from the undercoat. With the bristles, loose hair from the topcoat comes out. This side was even used for removing excessive hair from carpets in our home.

An anti-slip feature is given in the handle so that you can hold on to the bottom of the brush very conveniently. An eyelet made us hang it on hooks after completion. It was just 3.21 ounces and came in 2 X 3 X 9.5 inches in size. Few ventilation holes on the bottom of the brush under the bristles were there to make sure it moved along the direction we were moving and contoured all over the dog’s body. The pins on the side to remove topcoat hair had rounded edges for smooth and pain-free working over the dog’s skin. After stroking, natural oils nourished the skin, and their coat was shinier and brighter. A limited one-year warranty was also there with every purchase from this brand. This was the best dog brush for labs.

10. iPettie Professional Short Hair Dog Brush

What We Like?

  • Stainless steel pins with rounded edges on comb, wider spaced pins 
  • Debris, loose hair, dirt, etc. removed while brushing
  • Two temperature settings for brush
  • Ergonomic handle with portability 
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning 
  • One step dryer and brush combo

The iPettie Pet hair dryer and brush came as a good combination where after brushing, hair dried easily without any mess. Pet bathing is messy as you have to comb the dog’s hair after they are dry. Without waiting till then, we used this hair dryer combo to dry right out of the bath and then comb away any loose hairs almost immediately. Matted hair and tangles go away right after the bath without difficulty. This dog bath brush was noiseless and gave sound only less than 60 db. We no longer have to scare them with our own noisy hair dryers. There is no fear of heat affecting their skin, and there are two settings, low and high, for heat levels. This is the best brush for short hair dogs and is better for only medium and small canines.

With lightweight and portable features of just 13 ounces, it makes it handy and travel-friendly. There is a brush just on top of the dryer, and all pins are stainless steel with protected tips. You can reach deeper into the coat with these bristles for a thorough brushing of our dogs at home. Many safety features are there for our pet’s convenience, and one such notable feature is that the dryer switches off automatically once the temperature goes too high. Also, cleaning was easy with a fitter cover on the bottom. Just open it and discard the hair away.

11. Tminnov Self-Cleaning Soft Bent Bristle Brush Dog

What We Like?

  • Stainless steel flexible bristles to reach the undercoat
  • Removes dander, dirt, loose hair, tangles, etc
  • Ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and all sizes hair 
  • Massages and increased blood circulation
  • Easy to clean with a button click

Tminnov self-cleaning slicker brush takes place in our list and after careful usage only. This brush was best for curly and thick-haired pets at home. It is a rectangular-shaped brush head that delivers a comfortable combing movement. All dog breeds could use this brush, and the gentle bristles took away loose hair and dander, mats, and dirt from dogs’ hair. It was a retractable type brush, and a push of a button gave the bristles out for grooming. No need to hold onto the button for continuous grooming. After the session, press the button again to take in the bristles while the hair strands are ready for removal.

Cleaning was no longer a time-consuming process with this best deshedding tool for dogs. All the bristles on the brush softly bent on our dog’s skin. They never felt any pain, nor did you have to implement pressure to move deep into their coat. We felt no hand and wrist strain with a comfortable and ergonomic handle on the brush. The deshedding tool was only 7.2 ounces and came in 10 X 5.75 X 0.16 inches dimensions. 90 days money-back guarantee with a 1-year full-time limited guarantee made this the best brush for Labrador. Blood circulation was well in our pet’s skin, and their coat was shinier than ever. All the bristles were made from stainless steel to reach the undercoat easily.

12. Miracle Care Slicker Wire Dog Brush

What We Like?

  • Flexible pins with the angled laying on the brush head
  • Cushion handle with ergonomic design
  • Loose hair, dirt, the matting is reduced 
  • Best tool for grooming undercoats
  • Can be best used for large dogs
  • Perfect brush to the finish coat

Miracle care slicker dog brush was black and a better option on Amazon from this brand. Another option specifically designed for cats was available. The brush head was oval, and the entire product was just 5.6 ounces in weight. The pad on which the bristles are present is soft, and all the pins moved in good angles for comfortable and better reach. We found no irritation on our pet’s skin. It is suitable for finishing the coat as well as making it fluffier. Cushioned grip made sure our hands or fingers never took any strain while grooming. A large head was available on the brush that made us use it with ease on large dogs.

It is one of the best brushes for dogs, and we use it regularly to reduce matting and shedding. All the pins combined gave a good and comfortable way to reach the undercoat as well. You can remove loose hairs, dirt, and untangled knots in the undercoat area for thicker hair. The entire brush came in good size with dimensions of 8.5 X 4.75 X 2.25 inches. Daily grooming with this gave more comfort to them, and unnecessary shedding was reduced considerably. We also noticed a healthy and shiny coat on our dogs with increased blood circulation.

13. TIMINGILA Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

What We Like?

  • All pets compatible with different hair types
  • Removes loose hair, tangles, dirt, dander, etc
  • Massage particles to promote blood flow 
  • Comfortable grip with anti-slip handle
  • Easy to clean with the click of a button
  • Keeps the coat of dogs soft and shiny

TIMINGILA self-cleaning brush was available in bright pink color, and we got to use this for removing loose hair, tangles, dirt, dander, etc., from a dog’s coat. It was made with stainless steel, and we used the self-cleaning button to retract the bristles away so that brushed hair was ready for cleaning. You can use it for our small dogs at home, and it is suitable for use with small and medium-sized breeds. All hair types compatible, this best deshedding tool gave an excellent massage to our dog’s body while rejuvenating their skin along with natural oils being spread across their coat to make them shinier. Once blood circulation increases, you can observe a reduction in skin diseases.

We got to hold onto the brush with a good grip due to the anti-slip handle, and it never moved away from our finger and palm unnecessarily. When our pets wanted more, we brushed their coats for a long time and even then, there was no stress or strain. It was just 4.37 ounces in weight and 9.37 X 5.47 X 2.24 inches in size. Each bristle came with a safety head to prevent hurting the skin of our dogs. All the bristles bent well on use and never caused any pain or discomfort to their coat. We didn’t have to spend hours cleaning this self-cleaning tool.

14. Safari By Coastal Mat Remover Brush

What We Like?

  • Perfect for both right- and left-handed users
  • Safe and easy to use with ergonomic handles
  • Promotes natural oil flow for a shinier coat
  • Stainless steel blades with curved edges
  • All dogs coat types and lengths suitable 
  • Mat remover brush

The Safari coastal mat remover brush came with stainless-steel blades to help remove mat, tangles, and loose hair from the dog’s coat. The groomer was made with plastic, and it weighs way less than others, thus helping in portability while traveling. The brush is suitable for all breeds, sizes, and hair types. This worked best, especially with dogs that have long or coarse coats of hair. The blades are less on the rake head but come with curved edges to not hurt our pet’s skin or coat. The brush’s beauty was that all family members, regardless of being right or left-handed, could use this easily. For best results, comb in the direction of hair growth to stimulate better grooming effects.

One can easily hold onto the best brush for long haired dogs due to the ergonomic design and without any worry about the brush handle hurting our fingers. The rake was 2.56 ounces in weight and came with excellent dimensions of 1.5 X 4.5 X 10.5 inches. It is best to use this mat remover brush before bathing. We groom our dogs regularly to give the natural oils a chance to reach everywhere. The stimulated good and shinier coats at all times. We also noticed reduced shedding as we took out most of the loose hairs. Our product was designed to cater to all coat types in dogs.

15. Dyson Groom Tool Brush for Long Haired Dogs

What We Like?

  • Removes dead skin cells to keep coat shiny and healthy
  • 364 bristles at a 35-degree angle for undercoat reach
  • Loose hair removal and also shedding is reduced
  • Vacuum brush head with a slicker brush 
  • Best for medium and long-haired dogs
  • Removes allergens from the skin

The Dyson groom tool is a dog vacuum brush head that fits most vacuum models for cleaning our pets. This brush is best suitable for medium and long-haired canines. Along with a vacuum head, we got a slicker head with all bristles facing at 35 degrees for easy movement along the dog’s skin. This is a mechanical tool and helps in reducing human effort. Also, we used this to remove loose dog hair from the coat. This also meant that we no longer had to vacuum our floors every peak season of shedding.

Check out the manual to see the OEM part numbers compatible with this vacuum brush head. The head was 1 X 1 X 1 inch in size and 4 ounces in weight. Also, the dead skin cells on the coat are taken away during the vacuuming action, and our dogs were left with a shinier and healthier coat. There are 364 bristles in total and all are flexed to an upright position for comfortable and quick removal of hairs. All these bristles made sure they got under the hardest coat of our dog’s skin to remove the dead hair easily. This brush vacuum had no dials or buttons to work with and was user-friendly. There were options to choose bristle length and modes like groom, self-clean, and self-store to choose from by just using our thumb.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Brush

All the above sections covered highlights of each brand that sells the best dog brush in the market. Our experiences while using each brand were also given in detail to grasp how it would be for your breeds at home. Also, the best dog shedding tool comes in various types with the required features to give them a shiny coat and skin. Finally, we will provide a buying guide for further explanation on dog brushes and their benefits. This simplified section gives even shorter answers in the form of FAQs. Use this guide to get the best dog brush from Amazon for comfortable and beneficial grooming.

Why Should you Brush your Dog?

  • Brushing removes dead and loose hair from the top and undercoat. 
  • It also removes dirt, dander, mat, and tangles from hair clumps. 
  • Along with cleaning the fur, raking and grooming also stimulates blood flow to prevent skin infections.
  • This helps in keeping the coat and fur shiny and healthy.

How to Brush a Dog?

  • Brushing is always recommended in the direction of hair growth. 
  • Also, we should only brush down and out, not touch the dog’s skin directly. 
  • Gently stroke the fur without giving too much pressure as this might hurt the dog and create rashes and spots on the skin. Stretch the hair slowly to remove tangles.

Dog Brush Types/What Kind of Brush Should I Use on my Dog?

Slicker Brush

Slicker brush is preferred by pet lovers because it works very well for all breeds and types of hair coats on dogs. It consists of a flat head with rows of thin bristles that are either wire or plastic. Most bristles contain a protective covering for not hurting the dog’s skin directly. Loose hair and detangling of hair are the main features of the slicker brush.

Pin Brush

Pin brush is suitable for other benefits like removing dirt and debris from hair. We can make the natural oils reach all parts of their body with frequent brushing, thus increasing blood flow. This makes sure that their coat is furry, shiny, healthy, and clean all the time.

Dog Brush Glove

Gloves with brushes can be worn inside our palms directly. A soft and required number of bristles are present on the dog brush glove for easy grooming and combing. The glove helps groom effectively and quickly. The hair collects on the glove, and it is easily peeled for discarding.

Bristle Brush

Medium hair size is easy to maintain with bristle brushes. They are often used on short-haired dogs as well. This type removes excessive hair shedding and stimulates the skin for a shinier coat. Pugs, Italian greyhounds, and Jack Russell are the common breeds that are compatible with a bristle brush.

Rubber Brush

Rubber dog brush is the best-chosen alternative for dogs with sensitive skin. If stroked with rough brushes, these breeds of dogs can develop rashes and hot spots that can cause itching and scratching. The short nubs help in easy scrubbing for efficient grooming in quick time.

Undercoat Brush

Undercoat rake brush for dogs is for dense haired dogs like golden retrievers, St. Bernard, etc. These brushes should have bristles that can reach deep into the undercoat to remove tough knots and loose hair for better grooming. Also, this helps in keeping their coat shiny and healthy. This type is the best dog brush for German shepherd.

Who Makes the Best Dog Brushes in Market?


Hertzko has a range of grooming needs for our dogs. You can buy different brushes from this brand, ranging from normal slicker brushes to even combo hair dryers with brushes in one. Massage brushes for bath time are also available from Hertzko. The self-cleaning brush is their specialty.

Kong Zoom

Kong zoom groom brushes are a typical design used for grooming and massaging purposes. Your dogs will become super calm when you use this brush every day for long-haired breeds. With this there is no pulling or yanking of dog’s hair, and you get the big bristles effect for a soothing grooming session.


Furminator dog brush is a tool that can be easily held by hand for grooming and deshedding. Stainless steel bristles reach the undercoat via topcoat for effective loose hair removal. An ejector button also released collected hair for an easy cleaning method. This is mainly suitable for large dogs with long hair.

Common Dog Hair Coat Types

Short Coats

This breed is best for busy families who do not want to spend more time caring for or grooming their coats. It is enough to use a brush for short-haired dogs once or twice a week to remove loose hair. Also, this minimizes shedding to mitigate vacuuming the floor. Basset hounds, Boston terrier, chihuahua, and dalmatian are the most common types of short coat dogs.

Wiry Coats

Wirehair coats in dogs are not smooth to touch and give a harsh and bristly feel. To complement this, most dogs in this breed have mustaches, eyebrows, and beards of the same type. Though this type doesn’t grow fast, they do require maintenance with a technique called hand-ripping. Since this is time-consuming, wiry coats in dogs are best groomed by professional people.

Long Flowing Coats

Many terriers, Irish setters, etc., come under this category. Many dogs of this type are hypoallergenic, and their coats are often silky and long. More care and time are required in grooming these kinds of dogs. Tangling and matting will occur more often in long-haired dogs and require daily brushing.

Wooly Undercoats

Double coat dog brush is suitable for dogs with wooly undercoats. Their undercoat will be shorter than their outercoat. These breed dogs will have dense and wooly texture in their hair, thus the name. Wooly undercoats dogs shed their hair almost twice a year according to seasons. Therefore, you need a brush that will reach deep places in your undercoat to remove shedding often.

Thin Coats

Thin and short coats are present in a breed of dogs who have trouble living in colder temperatures. You do have to brush them often to remove small dead hairs. Only then will blood circulation improve to give a shiny coat and skin for a long. Most of these dogs are leaner and do not need constant brushing daily.

How Often Should you Brush your Dog?

You should brush our dogs at least once for a couple of days. No matter the coat length, they follow this strictly to keep their fur healthy and clean. Long-haired dogs require more care, with daily brushing mandatory. This is to reduce shedding and reduce the number of loose hairs on our home floors.

How to Clean Dog Brush?

  • Remove the hair strands.
  • A mild soap solution with water is best to immerse the brush directly in it.
  • Soak the brush for some time. All the bristles should be submerged.
  • With clean water, wash it thoroughly.
  • Dry it well in sun or towel to avoid moisture formation between pads and brush head.

How to Brush a Dog that Hates being Brushed?

  • Instead of brushes, choose a grooming glove. This will limit their fears of previous painful experiences.
  • Finding the correct brush is the best part for getting your pets used to it.
  • Try brushing them after a long walk or playing outdoors.
  • Offer a treat to eat to distract them while brushing.

What to Look in a Best Dog Brush?

After knowing the details about dog brushes, you may still be a little confused about taking the last step to get a dog brush. So here we are, giving you some mandatory conditions to check while buying a perfect dog rake.

Removes Loose Hair

Every dog brush that you select should be best in removing loose hair, dander, mat, dirt, etc., from the top and undercoats of the dog’s skin. Also, the main reason for getting such a brush is for massaging the skin during grooming. If we massage the coat well, natural oils are released throughout the coat, which helps increase blood circulation. This further takes care in keeping their coat shiny, clean, and healthy.

Compatible Hair Types

Our selection of brushes should be compatible with all dog breeds. Also, if your dogs are short-haired, a slicker brush is a perfect choice. Similarly, for long-haired dogs, you have to choose the appropriate groomer. This is important as the bristles on our chosen brush should reach the undercoat, where tangled knots might occur more frequently. Thus, choose a brush that is compatible with mostly all hair types.

Ergonomic Handle

Since you use the brush with your hands, make sure not to strain while working for a long time. The brush should have an ergonomic grip on its handle. Also, an anti-slip coating is required for better grip. This will ensure that brushes do not fall out of hand when you are detangling tougher knots.

Soft Bristles

Bristles play the most important role in a brush. They should glide through our dog’s hair and fur without hurting them. For this, the bristles should be made from wires or plastic that can bend as we move about. Also, a safety tip is essential on each bristle to make sure they do not touch the skin directly to cause any pain or discomfort. Our dogs should not even feel the presence of sharp pins moving over their body.

Easy Cleanup

Get a self-cleaning brush to aid in easy cleaning after the job is done. For that, a button is mostly placed where bristles will retract inside, thus leaving all the fur removed from the dog’s body right on the surface of the brush head. If this feature is available, you can swipe off the excess hair without difficulty. Also, make sure to get brushes that are washable in mild soap and water for better cleanliness.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best dog brush for shedding?

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the best brush for shedding. This is available on Amazon and has good features to remove excess hair, dirt, dander, mat, etc.

How much does a dog brush cost?

A dog brush is available from $5 to $250 on Amazon. They vary in features, types, and dog coats.

What brush to use on short haired dog?

The slicker brush is the best option for use on short-haired dogs. There are short bristles that can bend and reach loose undercoat hair for removal.

Should I brush my dog before or after a bath?

Brushing a dog’s skin before bathing is the best practice. This will ensure any loose hair and dirt is removed easily, as once hair becomes wet, tangles and mats are hard to remove.

Does slicker brush hurt dog?

No, slicker brushes will not hurt dogs. However, improper use will definitely hurt them. When we exert too much force in the undercoat areas, it might hurt our dogs.

What is the best dog grooming brush?

Combo brushes to remove loose hair on one side and increase blood flow for the shinier coat are the best dog grooming brushes for use.


This review on best dog brushes has given all needed information on types of brushes, dog hair coats, and the best brands that sell groomers compatible with everything. Check out the entire review to get a much-needed dog rake to keep your pet’s skin healthy and shiny. Choosing the best one can be tricky, and your dog’s hair length and type should be considered. Also, get a dog washing brush or a self cleaning dog brush that is easy to clean to avoid spending hours making the brushes new again!