The Best Protective Dog Boots For Your Furry Four Footer in 2023

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Humans and animals are not very different when it comes to their bodies responding to external stimulation. Dogs, cats, and all the animals do feel pain and pleasure just the way human beings do. So it is nothing but natural that it would hurt even if a dog walks barefooted in the street. Pebbles and stones can cause severe wounds in their paws while walking. Also, heated roads of asphalt on a sunny day may cause insufferable pain to your loyal friends.

You surely do not want your pet to suffer from any external factors in a cruel way. So here we have come up with the best solution to your problem, dog walking shoes. Yes, that is a real thing that comes specially made to protect your pets’ delicate paws. While pet booties ensure to protect your canines from having to walk directly on stony roads, one cannot also deny that the shoes do a great job saving their paws from burning as well. Now we have prepared this top 16 best dog boots review to enable you to choose the most suitable one for your canine friend.

Top Rated Dog Boots Reviews

After performing remarkable research on the top quality dog footwear available around, we have come up with a list of the top 16 best dog boots for your pets. These pet paw protectors are all tested and reviewed by us, therefore, ensuring you of genuine quality and an affordable budget range. No matter which one you pick from this list, you can rest assured that you are getting only the ideal shoes for your beloved pet.

The 16 Best Dog Boots That Stay On for Sale in 2023


QUMY Dog Boots Black 4PCS Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole image

Qumy Pet Dog Shoes

  • Tough anti-slip sole
  • Secure & Adjustable
  • Easy to put on / off
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Protex PawZ 1024 Waterproof Snow Rubber 12 Dog Shoes per Pack XS - Orange Dog Boots image

PawZ Dog Rubber Boots

  • 100% Natural Rubber
  • Ideal for Summer & Winter
  • Natural paw protection
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


XSY_G Waterproof Outdoor 4Ps Dog Shoes with Reflective Rugged Anti-Slip Sole and Skid-Proof image

XSY&G Dog Boots

  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Soft and breathable design
  • High-quality materials
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


YAODHAOD Paw Protector Anti-Slip Comfortable Soft-Soled Dog Shoes with Reflective Straps image


  • Lightweight design
  • Prevents scratches on furniture
  • Easy to clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


EXPAWLORER ES001-1-01 Waterproof Reflective Non Slip Black 4 Pcs Dog Boots image

EXPAWLORER Non Slip Pet Booties

  • Easy to put on /take off
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Waterproof & Durable
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PIHAPPY Warm Winter Skidproof Soft Snowman Anti-Slip Sole 4PCS Brown Little Pet Dog Boots image

PIHAPPY Dog Snow Boots

  • Keep paw clean & TIP
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Excellent PU material
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


CovertSafe Non-Slip 4Pcs with Rugged Sole Black-Red Waterproof Dog Boots image

CovertSafe Dog Booties

  • High quality fabrics
  • Soft & washable
  • Ideal for daily walking
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Petbobi P001-xxs Fluorescent Orange Adjustable Straps and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole All Weather Comfortable Waterproof Dog Shoes image

Petbobi Anti-Slip Sole Paw Protectors

  • Suitable for all weathers
  • No more slipping
  • Available for all sizes
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


URBEST Hook Loop Closure Chihuahua Shoes Boots 2 Pair Dog Shoes image

URBEST Dog Booties

  • Durable and non-slip
  • Suitable for small breeds
  • Hook loop closure
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


ideaspark Adjustable Waterproof Breathable and Anti-Slip Sole All Weather Protect Dog Cat Boots Shoes Socks image

ideaspark flexible pet boots

  • All weather protect
  • Flexible rubber material
  • Skid-resistant Sole
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


WINSOON Dog Australia Antiskid Winter Warm Skidproof Sneakers Paw Protectors 4-pcs Set Boots image

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

  • Secure paws all season around
  • Stay on perfectly
  • Upgrade rubber sole
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Walkee checkered X-Large Snow Melt Paws New Dog Leggings image

Walkee Paws Dog Leggings

  • Perfect for four seasons
  • Adjustable fit
  • Easy to wear & Clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Bark Brite Neoprene All Weather Small Dog Boots image

Bark Brite All Weather Paw Protector

  • Ideal for indoor/Outdoor activities
  • 5 Sizes Available
  • Aids in joint support
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Ultra Paws 303D-BP Black Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots image

Ultra Paws All-Around Dog Boot

  • Lightduty boots ideal for running
  • Great traction for senior dogs
  • Prevent liner tears
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


LONSUNEER 4334708873 Set of 4 Breathable Soft Sole Nonslip in 5 Sizes Paw Protector Dog Boots image

LONSUNEER Paw Protectors

  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Nonslip and soft soles
  • Easy and quick to put on
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


RUFFWEAR P15202 Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots with Rubber Soles for Hiking and Running image

Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots

  • Ideal for hiking /running
  • Low-light visibility
  • Gusset Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Qumy Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Rugged anti-slip sole for a tight grip and better protection
  • High quality fabric and sole last long
  • Adjustable dog grip shoes with a tight fit
  • Comes in various sizes, from 2 to 7
  • Fashionable pet paw embroidery
  • Washable in nature

Qumy waterproof dog boots that stay on are a hit among most pet lovers. This cute dog footwear is specially designed in a way to embrace and suit your canine’s paws perfectly. Qumy canine shoes do come in a large range of sizes which include shoes ranging from size 2 to 7. In a similar way, there were other sizes up to size 8. As far as we analyzed, the pair was very easy to put on and off for our pets. They have a very wide seam opening which allows your fur friends to place its paw comfortably in them.

Qumy boots’ extra wide seam also helps your pooch to stay at ease whenever its paw extends while walking. These puppy shoes ‘ fit is a great plus point, as they have reflective straps that help them stay in place. An incorporated anti slip dog boots sole is present in them. Its sole is great at having a strong grip on the ground while walking. Also, we liked its design and quality very much, as fashionable pet paw embroidery was there on them. These doggy shoes serve your pet for a long time as maintaining them is very easy. All you have to do is wash them with mild detergent whenever you need to, and they will get back their shine. These paw protectors have a reflective strip that enables a customizable tight grip around paws.

2. PawZ Waterproof Snow Boots for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Dog boots are tight-fitting
  • Anti-slip design provides for better grip
  • Biodegradable natural rubber material
  • 12 rubber pairs in one pack
  • 7 different sizes to fit your pet

Let us introduce you to another item in our best dog snow boots list. The Pawz protective dog boots for heat have impressed us the most as we can use them for our canines in any weather conditions. These paw protectors do not fail to give full protection to the tiny paws of your cute little puppies. Pawz rubber boots come in compact packaging, and each pack contains 12 units of rubber shoes. So as you can comprehend, you would be getting enough units of additional shoes in case your dog accidentally damages one or two of these. Pawz rubber paw protectors last long and can be compatible with snow, heavy rain, muddy terrains, or on any heated asphalt without making you regret your decision. We must say that any naughty or over-spirited pooch will make use of the pair for a very long time without tearing them apart.

Pawz dog rain boots have a very brilliant anti-slip design on their bottom side. This unique design helps your puppies to get a good grip on any slippery floors or wet roads. These rubber shoes supply a considerable amount of friction to assist your dogs in the running seamlessly without falling over on muddy ground as well. The Pawz dog grip shoes do usually run a size smaller as they are very well-fitting. So we had to opt for size 4 for our puppy, whereas we usually get him size 3. Material used in making Pawz top-quality canine shoes is natural rubber, which is biodegradable. So you can be worry-free that you are protecting your dog’s feet from the heat in an eco-friendly way.

3. XSY&G Outdoor Dog Shoes for Medium Dogs

What We Like?

  • Breathable and soft booties for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Friendly customer care service available when needed
  • Fashionable and high-quality embroidered fabric
  • Easily adjustable with 2 fastening straps
  • Long-lasting in nature for all seasons
  • Comes in 7 paw sizes

XSY&G waterproof dog boots is another most demanded pet accessory in this best dog boots list that we prepared for you. You can entirely rely on these shoes as they are known for their unparalleled comfort level during hiking, snowing, hot, cold, or rainy weather types. XSY&G dog shoes come in 7 different sizes, and they are made for literally any dog breed you have in your house. These are very stylish looking which have special embroidery work making them look even better. They won’t damage your sofa or any such materials when your pet wants to relax on them. This product is a high-quality and long-lasting one that worked very well in our test for both summer and winter seasons.

XSY&G’s best dog boots for winter made of a delicate and breathable soft fabric inside to keep your fur friend’s paws from hurting and getting wounded. The outer side of the shoes is comparatively way harder and strong to serve its purpose of protecting your paw mate well out of your house. While reviewing their efficiency, we wore them to one of our pets. He wore them in both our house and outside. Within a few days, our pet was doing perfectly fine with his new shoes. The invisible tongue is also unique in its design. Reflective velcro fastening straps in these booties aids you in either fastening or loosening them as required.

4. YAODHAOD Walking Pet Booties for Small and Medium Pets

What We Like?

  • Size 2, 4, and 6 available with an elastic buckle
  • High quality dog boots with nylon material
  • Easy-to-wear with adjustable straps
  • Washable and breathable boot fabric
  • Perfect for sunny days and indoors
  • Flexible and anti-slip sole

We know that most pooches make a fuss when we wear protective booties to their paws. That’s why we have brought you this Yaodhaod easy-to-wear paw protector for dogs. Yaodhaod brand is famous for its quality built up. Once you opt for these foot wear for pets, there can be no scope for doubts that your fuzz mate would be getting the best quality boots with impeccable and never-before comfort. These paws boots are very flexible in structure. Thus, they eliminate your canine’s worries of his paws getting trapped in them. Soles of these come made to give total protection to our pets from slippery and wet surfaces during the rainy season.

These best dog boots for summer, as said, are extremely easy to wear as you can slip your pet’s paws inside these protectors real quick. All you have to do is put your little fellow’s paws inside them and then adjust the tightness. You can adjust the tightness of the pair easily by simply fastening adjustable straps as required. This product keeps your pet warm in autumn and winter by protecting their feet at night. We could easily wash them in our washing machine as the fabric of them was washable. Also, make sure that your dog mostly wears them while he is inside your house, as they are preferable for indoor purposes.

5. Expawlorer Waterproof Pet Booties With Wide Seam Opening

What We Like?

  • Larger size is advisable if paw size is in between two sizes
  • Comfortable wearing with hook and loop fastener straps
  • Superior quality material with unique paw design
  • Reflective lines for enhanced visibility at night
  • Anti-collision toe cap protects toe injuries
  • 8 different sizes available to choose from

Just in case you are in need of dog rain boots that are sturdy yet heady duty, Expawlorer pet booties are the right option. We have picked up these pet boots for your loyal companions, keeping in mind all their needs. We did not come across any kind of problems regarding the determination of perfect-sized shoes for our pet. If your canine friend is a big one, you can any day take resort to Expawlorer paw protectors which come in different sizes to fit your dog well. These are apt for medium and large canines.

We must advise you that if your pet’s paws are not exactly fitting in size and stuck in between two sizes, then you should go for a bigger one between those two. Fabric of these non slip shoes for dogs is very high quality, and you can wash them anytime without any hesitation. Also, dog mud boots came in an ergonomic shape, which ultimately proved to be maximizing our pet’s comfort. A pair of fastener straps, given in them, comes in handy to tighten them up as required. Flexible structure and grooved anti-slip soles support your wagging chaps while running on slippery, wet, or icy surfaces. Also, the waterproof material of the Expawlorer large dog boots helps to keep your dog’s paws dry on rainy or snowy days. It’s expanded closing system is an added bonus.

6. PIHAPPY Warm Winter Little Pet Dog Boots

What We Like?

  • Washable for indoor and outdoor usages
  • Rubber sole with anti-skid design
  • Pari has a removable cotton inside
  • Velvet fabric inside keeps paws warm
  • 5 different dog boot sizes
  • Brilliant PU material used

You may have already heard enough about Pihappy’s best dog snow boots as they are one of the best in the market. All of the Pihappy anti slip dog boots come in generous sizes, so they are a good choice for small to medium-sized dogs. It did not escape our notice that there was soft cotton inside to protect these paw protectors from any kind of hamper. So before you make your pup wear these shoes, you have to take this cotton out of the shoes. You can also leave a thin layer of cotton inside in order to get a good fit for your pet’s paws and increased comfort.

You must be notified that these best dog booties for snow are only for puppies and not for any large breed of dogs. Pihappy boots arrive manufactured by high-quality PU material. And this PU material is famous for offering a soft and soothing feel for your dog’s paws. Inner side of the shoes comes covered with velvet fabric. This kind of soft fabric not only keeps your pet’s paws safe but also warm in chilly winter. We appreciated its anti-slip rubber sole, as it prevented our pets from falling on the ground while running. You can wear the paw protectors on your fur buddy’s feet both in your house and outdoors. The neat thread won’t make it easier for your pooches to tear Pihappy airtight boots off. These shoes are washable, so that makes your decision even easier to make.

7. CovertSafe Waterproof Dog Booties for Outdoor

What We Like?

  • Adjustable and tight-fitting
  • Fashionable pet paw embroidery work
  • 24×7 friendly customer service
  • Wear-resistant 4pc material
  • Washable fabric

CovertSafe waterproof dog boots have occupied our top 16 list for their budget-friendliness. These shoes are very affordable, and therefore, they do not make a huge impact on your monthly budget. There are seven different sizes available in CovertSafe paw protectors, which you can pick from. What we found most appealing was that no matter which breed you own, these paw protectors will fit their paws aptly like a glove. Also, the cute embroidery work on them is remarkably eye-catching. Size 2 for the pair has measurements of 2.4 × 1.6 inches for canines with 14 – 27 lbs of weight. Straps of the shoes do help in tightening around your fur friend ankle for a perfect fit. Also, you can reach out customer service for any kind of queries at any time of the day, and they would be happy to help you.

CovertSafe protective dog boots are waterproof in nature, which means that your dog can easily wear them and play outside in your garden. In fact, they arrive designed with reflective straps. So you can rest assured that your puppy would be safe even at night as these shoes’ outline will be clearly visible. CovertSafe pet booties consist of a fabric that is hard in its outer layer and soft inside. So CovertSafe shoes are very long-lasting, while at the same time, provide proper comfort to your canines. We washed them with our hands to check whether the fabric remains undamaged or not, and we were happy to see that it was completely unharmed. So we can guarantee you that you can even rinse these boots once they are dirty.

8. Petbobi Waterproof Fluorescent Orange Dog Boots

What We Like?

  • Suitable for small dogs during hiking, hot or cold weather
  • Sole and fabric are tightly sewn, ensuring durability
  • Vast range of sizes and easy-to-wear
  • Tough sole provides better stability
  • Convenient wearing and taking off
  • Waterproof dog boot material

Caring for your canine doesn’t end with food. You have to provide him with boots that protect his soft paws in any weather conditions. Petbobi fluorescent dog running boots are one such kind that made the strongest impact on us with its first look. Their bright fluorescent orange color was very attractive to peak up our pet pals’ interest. These shoes appear made of waterproof material, which allows your loyal buddies to seamlessly play in the wet areas of your garden or house. Petbobi pet shoes boast a rugged and tough sole as its base, which imparts immense stability to your dog’s posture. Shoes have a firm grip on the ground for the rugged design, and we absolutely adored these cute boots.

Another cherry on top, which we found in Petbobi dog shoes, was the convenient in wearing them on pets. These protective dog boots have a wrap-around kind of strap, making it very easy to get your pet’s paws inside them. In fact, the taking off is also, in the same way, very simple, as you only have to unwrap this said strap. These paw protectors have two parts, a solid sole, and a beautifully designed body. Those two parts arrive sewn very tightly together so that the sole does not come off after some time. Once you get your fur mate Petbobi sturdy waterproof boots, he would be able to enjoy himself no matter if it is a sunny or a snowy day.

9. URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure

What We Like?

  • Product runs a bit smaller; go for one size up
  • High quality PU leather used in the vamp
  • Perfect fit for small breeds like Chihuahuas
  • Durable shoes with anti-slip soles
  • Warm and soft cashmere material
  • Rubber-made stylish dog boots

If you want your puppy to look as cute as ever, you should seriously consider going for these Urbest loop closure dog foot protection boots. These tan-colored paw protectors give a very elegant yet funky look on your hound’s paws, thus occupying our best dog boots list. Urbest shoes, made of genuine material, are very stylish in appearance. They are not only beautiful but also a durable solution to your pet’s paws protection problem. There were anti-slip solid soles which helped our loyal buddies keep their balance steady while walking on slippery grounds as well as snowy and wet roads.

Urbest dog booties generally tend to go a bit smaller than other same-sized regular pet shoes. So when you buy this product, you have to make sure that you go one size larger than the size of shoes your fur companion usually wears. We got to see that there were two pairs of cute pet boots inside its package along with cotton stuffed inside them. Warm and soft woolly cashmere fabric, incorporated in these, enhances them to provide your puppies with extra love and warmth during cold days. Also, Urbest promises to give you only the supreme quality PU leather material in these pet booties.

10. ideaspark Adjustable Waterproof Dog Boots

What We Like?

  • Breathable, long, and adjustable fastening straps
  • 4 dog shoe socks only for small breeds
  • Skid-resistant and flexible soles
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Goes in all weather types
  • Secure and tight closure

Finding a perfect pair of dog boots is a tough job indeed, especially if your pet is a small one. Measurements for small breed dog boots are tricky, but not if you own these Ideasparks pet shoes. This pet boot is a proud owner of skid-resistant and anti-slip soles. These kinds of soles provide your pets with extra grip on any surface while walking or running. Cats love to play outside in the garden, and these pairs serve their needs perfectly well. The thin rubber material of Ideaspark pet shoes is completely waterproof and durable as well. An anti-skid design, employed at the bottom of them, prevents your pet from falling on slippery surfaces.

Ideaspark dog booties is the name you can trust when it comes to a pair of shoes for all seasons. It does not matter if it is a rainy day, or a snowy day or a hot and humid day, Ideasparks booties are just what your pet needs. Ideaspark shoes can be loosened up or tightened back up as and when needed with the long and adjustable fastening straps given in them. We evaluated and reviewed their straps and were happy to see these shoes fitting just as advertised. In fact, their adjustable velcro straps did a very good job ensuring a tight fit and kept shoes from getting kicked out. You would be getting 4 paw protectors in this Ideasparsks pet boots in your purchased package.

11. WINSOON Winter Warm Skidproof Paw Protectors

What We Like?

  • PU material with anti-slip rubber soles
  • 4 packs of boots made of soft leather
  • 8 different sizes available
  • Maintains the natural paw shape
  • Easy to wear lightweight shoes
  • Durable for all seasons

We understand that it would be great if you could find comfortable dog boots in different colors as a set. Well, your wishful thinking has now come true with Winsoon anti skid boots that come in 4 different colors, as sold together. Let us tell you that these shoes are available in 8 different sizes. But be advised that they are not for very large breeds. These leather dog boots give a sturdy finish and allow your pet to play freely. Velcro straps added to them ensure a great fit for your paw friends so that they do not ever get kicked out of their feet again.

Winsoon small pooch paw protectors have strong bases as their soles come made of solid and pure rubber material, which is skid-proof as well. You can let your puppies run and play outside without having to worry about their slipping off. Winsoon dog sneakers are extremely easy to make your puppies wear, and they are lightweight as well. So your puppies would not be feeling uncomfortable while walking in these sturdy shoes. In fact, your canines can wear them regardless of which season it is out there. If you want complete comfort for your pups, then you should give these Winsoon dog sneakers a try. The pair is well-known for maintaining a natural paw shape inside them and keeping your fur mates at ease.

12. Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Dog Leggings

What We Like?

  • Convenient over-the-back design with customizable adjustment
  • Loose-fitting on ankles for comfortable movements
  • Hand washable leggings cum booties
  • First ever versatile leg protectors
  • 4-way stretchable fabric easy-to-wear
  • Grippies provide extra traction

Walkee paws dog booties are the first ones in the dog leggings category. The pair has indeed become the best among pet parents. There is not an iota of doubt that these leggings do not only protect your pet’s paws from everyday heat and rain but also their entire legs. We discovered that these amazing socks had very strong and firm grippies as soles. Anti-slip soles helped our aged canine keep its balance on our wooden floors very well. Waterproof rubber feet of them protect your pooches from getting hurt while running.

Walkee paw socks have a unique design that distinguishes them from other regular boots. Walkee leggins connected with a sock-type fabric cover your fur mate’s whole leg. Then the socks from four legs do get joined at your dog’s back with an over-the-back design. There are basically 4 sneakers joined together with a 4-way stretchable fabric. We loved that these booties cum socks were loosely fitted around our doggo’s ankles. This kind of design makes it very easy for any pet to move freely without feeling restricted. You can, in fact, wash them with your hands whenever you feel like they need a wash.

13. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Boots with Reflective Straps

What We Like?

  • All weather-proof, plus hiking, walking, running, hunting, and swimming compatible
  • Breathable neoprene high-quality maintains a natural paw shape
  • Can be used as water shoes with included travel zipper case
  • Puncture-resistant and water-resistant
  • 5 sized with elastic reflective strap
  • 2.5-inch slit for easy wearing and taking off

Moving further into our search for the best dog running boots, let’s get familiar with another amazing product. Bark Brite neoprene booties are one of the best quality dog boots to get for your pets. The product arrives designed keeping in mind your fur babies’ natural paw shapes. So once you get your pup’s paws inside them, you can relax, knowing their natural paw movement wouldn’t get inhibited. We have tested out them on a floor where thorns were scattered, only to find out that the shoes were unaffected by those sharp objects. When you can get a waterproof and puncture-proof boot at such a low price, then definitely it becomes a deal worth stealing.

Bark Brite dog booties are true companions of your pups if you want to take your pet out on a hike or run. The weather may be sunny, rainy, or snowy; it does not affect your little mate’s comfort as long as these dog sneakers are sticking to their paws. In fact, Bark Brite shoes can give your pet great comfort even if it aims at having a swim in a swimming pool. Moreover, we noticed a 2.5-inch slit on the back of them. This slit came extremely useful while making our fur mate wearing these paw protectors or taking them off. You would get 5 different sizes of these boots from which you can opt for the right one for your doggie.

14. Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots

What We Like?

  • Light duty dog boots for running and indoor use
  • Patented design with foam inside for extra comfort
  • For all ages and breeds
  • Can be used while swimming
  • Velcro straps for tight-fitting
  • Rubberized anti-slip soles

If your dog is a small one, or if your pet is huge, then finding the right pair of shoes may be a little bit more time consuming. But we have found you a great solution for this problem, i.e., Ultra Paws water-resistant boots. These pet shoes are light-duty ones, which, though, you cannot use for heavy outside usage. If your paw mate tends to relax indoors along with garden walks, then this pair of shoes is a great choice for your hounds. One of our pets, 7 years old, usually loves to stroll in our garden; he absolutely loved the pairs for its unmatched comfort level. Sometimes putting paw balm or cream on your doggo’s paws and keeping them intact seems like a problem to their owners.

Ultra Paws dog shoes have an anti-slip, skid-free sole which is of rubber material. This type of hard soles are a very much preferable solution if your canine hardly deals with slipping on slippery roads or floors. These shoes boast a Velcro strap which you can use to loosen or tighten the boot fitting on your pooch’s feet. Now tight boots may induce slight discomfort, therefore, they are further stuffed with foam inside. This foam helps to increase the comfort of your dogs while walking in them. We saw our doggie swimming in our pool effortlessly while wearing them. So you can rest assured that Ultra Paws boots are not only water-resistant but waterproof as well.

15. LONSUNEER Breathable Soft Sole Nonslip Paw Protector

What We Like?

  • Combination of breathable mesh fabric and a soft cloth around
  • Flexible and roomy for a relaxed fit
  • Easy-to-wear and hard-to-slip off
  • Adjustable elastic strap for closure control
  • Skid-proof soft soles provide traction
  • Flexible top cuffs keep dirt away

Lonsuneer dog shoes is not a name very rarely heard in the sphere of the dog boots for hot pavement market. These particular boot pairs are a brilliant combination of breathable mesh fabric outside and a soft cloth around their outer fabric. Such combined material provides your fuzzy buddy with a very comfortable walking experience. What we liked more about this product is that we did not have to work much to keep dirt and debris away from these shoes. The upper area consists of flexible cuff-like patterns, which help in keeping dirt away.

Lonsuneer breathable dog boots, designed to have a skid-proof sole in them, ensure that your wagging mate doesn’t fall. Such anti-slip soles are immensely useful to help canines stay balanced while walking and running on slippery floors by giving that extra traction. Besides, the paw protectors are really easy to wear, although once your dog wears them, they won’t come off until you remove them. Elastic straps given in them are fully adjustable for secure closure. Lonsuneer dog boots do not hurt your pet’s ankle while wearing them, as these are loose-fitted ones near the ankle. In case your pet’s paws are in between two sizes, then you can go for a larger one and pair them with socks to ensure tight-fitting.

16. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots for Hiking & Running

What We Like?

  • Trial-ready for heavy outdoor adventures
  • Extra visibility in low light with reflective trim
  • Rugged sole design for proper traction
  • Hook and loop secure closure system
  • Wide opening allows easy wearing
  • Tightly woven breathable mesh

There is no better product to close our best dog boots for hiking reviews than the Ruffwear Dog booties. Yes, Ruffwear has brought their heavy duty dog boots to support your canine’s in their long run wild venture. These shoes are literally ready for anything that comes in their way, be it snow, hills, rain, or slippery mud. Take your pet on an outing, hiking, trekking, running, and many more adventures with Ruffwear heavy-duty boots on. We have personally tested the sole of these, which was totally rugged in order to give an additional grip or hold over the soil.

A breathable and tightly woven mesh present in these doggie boots is very impressive. Not only the mesh, but there is also a wide enough opening sim that lets your paw mate wear these paw protectors without any struggle. It is really easy to get your fur baby’s paws inside once the seam is widely open. We also liked the booties’ closure system, which was a sort of hook and loop system. This kind of closure system is said to be the most secure closure system in pet shoes. Much to our liking, the boots owned a reflective strap on them which allowed our pet to see even in low lights. Considering all such amazing features this shoe pair holds, it has indeed earned a thumbs up from our side.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Boots

Choosing a pair of boots for dogs is way different than choosing a pair of boots for humans. Our beloved pets will squeak in joy and thank us with their wagging tails to express their happiness after wearing the best dog boots for hot pavement, rain, and snow. Therefore, it is of immense importance for us, as their owners, to pick the right kind of shoes for them. You have to take care and ensure that your pets would not feel uncomfortable wearing the shoes you bought for them. So below here, we are providing some commonly asked questions and their probable solutions. Make sure to give these topics a read.

Why Are Dog Boots Necessary?

If your doggie is an active companion of yours in all the ventures you go on, then it is high time to give him pairs of sneakers now. If you are instructed to wear boots in your adventures like running, hiking, camping, or climbing, then it applies the same to your pets too. It is indeed very necessary that your dogs also deserve to be treated humanely, with good protection to their paws. As canines age, they tend to develop weak back and paws that fall subject to tear in no time. If consulting a veterinarian after the injury is not your choice, then get your canines that extra cushioning support, i.e., dog boots.

Walking on asphalt roads during summer days is no easy task. Well, the same thing relates to your dog as well. To protect your loyal buddy’s feet from hot roads, get them a couple of pairs of shoes. Waterproof shoes are best which not only save your canines from hot roads, chilly cold grounds but also watery and slippery areas. One major reason why you should get shoes for your pets is that you definitely want to keep your home clean. You do not want all that mud and grass to be all-around your floors and rooms. Also, pup nails can be a trouble for costly carpets and upholstery. Two pairs of dog boots are surely going to do the magic here.

How To Measure Dog Paws For Boots?

  • Make your doggie stand on a clean sheet or blank white page on a smooth surface. Take one of its front legs and one of its back legs for reference size.
  • Mark the front part of its paw on the paper. In the same way, mark out where the back of that paw is touching that paper.
  • Now repeat this process for both the left and right sides of its paw. Remember here, tracing around the whole paw is not going to work.
  • Now, with the help of a scale or measuring tape, measure the width and length of your pet’s paw. Include its toenail while marking out the width.
  • Other alternative measuring techniques include putting some black paint on your dog’s paw and then taking the impression on a white sheet.
  • If your dog’s paw is in between two sizes, always make sure to opt for a larger one of those two sizes. A little extra space would never hurt.

How To Keep Dog Boots On?

  • Always trim your dog’s nails off before taking the measurements for dog boots. If nails are too big, then the measurement would be inappropriate, and the shoes would be loose.
  • Make sure to measure paws by spreading white paper on a smooth surface. This would ensure you are taking the full paw measurement.
  • Make use of markers to mark out measurements on a blank sheet so that you do not opt for the wrong size. Remember, the wrong measurement leads to loose booties that fall off.
  • Sizes for dog sneakers do differ from brand to brand. When you purchase shoes, always double-check the measurement and compare it with that brand’s size charts.
  • After your pet has worn them, squeeze the front portion of boots softly. If there is not much space left from the top of paws to boot walls, then these shoes would not come off.

Who Makes The Best Dog Boots?

Ruffwear Dog Boots

Ruffwear is the pioneering brand in the dog boots making industry. All of their dog paw protectors fall under three main categories, i.e., grip trex, polar trex, and summit trex. You can choose the right pair of shoes for your dogs by determining which type of shoes your canine needs very much. All of the Ruffwear boots are available in eight sizes and in two pairs. This ensures the right fit for your pets.

Qumy Dog Boots

Qumy produces the best quality puppy booties and pet products within a very affordable range of prices, keeping in mind the market’s comparative prices. So whenever you choose Qumy over other brands, best value deals are guaranteed. Qumy never compromises on quality for the sake of their lower price. So your dogs would be getting proper care and support to their paws within your budget.

PawZ Dog Boots

The Pawz rubber doggy shoes keep your pets from being hurt while walking on hot roads and pavements. They provide that extra touch of care and support that protects your pets from injured. With Pawz shoes for your dogs, you do not need to worry about high prices and cheaper boot material. All their paw protectors come made of authentic quality rubber paired up with a high level of comfort.

Muttluks Dog Boots

Muttluks dog boots company was first established in the year of 1994. This proud Canadian puppy shoes making company has, since then, produced a lot of well-designed and fairly priced boots for canines of all shapes and sizes over there. Muttluks produces a full line of extraordinary pet products, including pet shoes and shoes. Customers have reported their trust and love for the Muttluks premium pet product supplies.

Ultra Paws Dog Boots

Ultra paws dog products got its kickstart about thirty years ago. Since then, this company, focusing on making top-quality pet products for all breeds of active and aged canines and puppies, is best. Their products include non skid booties for dogs for almost any size, making it easy for customers to pick a proper one. Customers have immense faith in Ultra Paws regarding dog gear such as coats, shoes, and other accessories.

What To Look For While Buying Dog Boots?

Buying boots for your dogs does not work any less critical than buying a pair of shoes for yourself. Choosing the right pair for your doggy also needs a lot of consideration for a comfortable walk for him. In fact, pooches almost stay active throughout the whole day, so it is immensely important that you pay a close look at the deciding factors for buying dog shoes.

Construction of boots

Dog boots should usually be made of hard fabric on their outer side. The inner fabric should always be a soft cloth or flexible cotton lining. This type of shoes for dogs are usually a great fit for outdoor usage, and also, they are extremely comfortable to walk on. Pet shoes material should never be harsh on your pet’s soft paw skin, as that may lead to eating the skin of paws or hurting toenails.

Adjustable straps

You should go for those dog boots which come with an option of customization in the fitting. If the pair of shoes you are opting for is rigid, then it may end up hurting pooches in their paws due to tightness. Choosing a pair of shoes that has adjustable velcro straps ensures a not-so-tight, not-so-loose fit on your pup’s paws. Go for dog boots with long adjustable velcro straps.

Reflective stripes in boots

You can use dog sneakers even when your pup is staying indoors. Imagine your loyal buddy being not used to the shoes yet, and he needs to walk around in the house at night? It becomes really tough for them. So choosing a pair of boots that have reflective straps on them ensures better visibility at night. The reflective straps do glow in the dark, which helps your pup see his own feet even at night and walk accordingly with due caution.

Soles of boots

Dog boots are meant to be protecting your dogs from outside harsh weather and surfaces. Having two pairs of booties is of no use if your pet trips over the road for its wet, slippery surface. So always go for a boots brand that ensures proper anti-slip, skid-free and hard soles in them that further help your pup keep its balance on surfaces. To provide that extra traction and balance, never go for shoes with plain soles.

Washable material

No one would want to keep wearing a pair of shoes after they are dirty with mud and dust. You should consider that your dogs also do not deserve to keep on muddy boots for a whole day after they come home from the playground. Also, a pair of muddy boots would require you to wash and clean your house’ floor whenever your dog walks there. So make sure to choose the right pair of shoes which have washable fabric.

A larger size

When you are shopping for your pet, you should consider that their paws are not quite similar to human feet. So you cannot choose a pair of boots keeping in mind a tight fit for paws. Your dog’s nails do grow after every few days, so going for a boot with a slightly larger size than their paws is a smart choice to avoid scratching from their nails.

Frequently Ask Question

Should dogs wear shoes?

Definitely, yes, dogs do need to wear shoes just like human beings to protect their feet from getting hurt.

Where to buy dog boots?

You can buy dog boots from your nearest pet shop, or you can go online shopping from the official websites of the brands and Amazon.

How do I get dog boots to stay on?

You have to choose the right size of doggie boots to get them to stay on without being loosened up.

Do dog feet get cold in the winter?

Yes, walking on cold floors and icy grounds does make dog paws cold, and that is precisely why dog boots are necessary as well.

At what temperature should dogs wear boots?

There is no such prescribed temperature for dogs to wear boots. Irrespective of hot or cold weather, dogs should wear boots to avoid discomfort while walking.


After comparing all the available dog wearing boots online, we have come up with the above list. These above-mentioned top 16 best dog boots are the superior quality ones for your doggies. You can pick any one of those shoes to protect your pet’s delicate paws from the wrath of nature outside. Also, we have covered all the topics that generally peak up the interest of pet owners before buying pairs of canine shoes. Hope you would make the right decision for your loyal buddy’s wellbeing by going through our carefully researched top 16 best doggie booties review.