Top Rated 13 Digital Calipers of 2022 for Accurate Measurements

Best Choice

Adoric 0-6″ Calipers Digital Measuring Tool

Adoric 0-6 inches Electronic Micrometer Digital Caliper image
  • Comes with 4 measuring modes; inside, outside, depth and step
  • Zero setting function; with just a touch of the button you can set zero
  • Auto shutoff feature to save battery life and large screen for easy reading

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Value for Money

VINCA DCLA-0605 Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Stainless Steel Large LCD Screen 0-6 Inch 150mm Red Black Caliper Measuring Tool image
  • Great LCD display for clear vision of digits; convertible units of measurement available
  • Range of measurement lies between 0 to 6 inch/150mm
  • 4 ways of measuring available, External, Internal, Step and Depth

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Best Budget Pick

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko 01407A Black 1.75 mm Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen Electronic Digital Caliper _ HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament image
  • Three measuring modes; where you can change between millimeter, fractions, inch
  • With 2 sets of jaws and probe you can measure outside, inside, step and depth
  • Comes with finely polished stainless steel frame

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DIY enthusiasts love to work with a lot of instruments while building their own stuff. Working in their workshop with instruments to create artifacts, wood workings etc., will require precision measurement in all cases. A device that can be used to measure anything with precision is called a caliper. Any object can be subjected to measurement with a caliper. For a digital caliper you can read the measurement through a digital display. We just have to insert the object between the jaws of the caliper and screw the sides of the jaws together to get a reading. Digital caliper tool is useful for carpentry and making wooden artifacts to correct measurements.

Dial calipers have existed for a long time, and digital has made its way into the market for accurate measuring techniques. In most cases, we preferred digital ones as they gave measurements to the point and did not require tuning or adjusting. The number on display could be easy to read without having to decide the exact measurement ourselves. The electronic digital caliper can last long and will require just replacement of batteries after starting to use. We have collected a list of calipers from the market, and we will elaborate on the features that we liked after using each product.

1. Adoric Digital Caliper Measuring Tool

Adoric 0-6 inches Electronic Micrometer Digital Caliper image

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Adoric digital caliper was our first choice from the list. We used it extensively to understand its features. The caliper could measure 0-6 inches/0-150mm precisely with a good accuracy range. This was a good tool for measuring items when performing DIY projects. This caliper provides 4 modes to measure. An item’s inside and outside diameter, depth and step with the two jaws given. A probe was also given to measure step and depth. The entire equipment was made with rugged plastic material for better durability. The product was also compact and easy to carry for outside use as well. Perfect fit for carpenters in their toolbox.

There is a small control panel under the screen and did not set zero with external methods. A small touch of the button led to zero settings easily. The device had a large LCD screen, and we could read all measurements with big and bold numbers. We didn’t have to squint or decide the precision reading ourselves like in dial ones. Also, to save battery, the display was equipped with auto shut off after 5 minutes if the caliper was not being used continuously. A unit conversion button was also given in the panel, and we didn’t have to break our heads to convert between mm to inches and vice versa. Like the auto turn off feature, the turning on was also automatic.


  • Auto on/off with this tool, if the device was held for 5 minutes without operation, it turns off automatically to save power
  • A button was given for unit converting between mm to inches and vice versa; no external calculation was required
  • 4 measurements possible with this caliper, external and internal diameter, step and depth measuring possible 
  • A large display was given for us to view the measurements; the numbers came in good size on display
  • Zero settings were easy; click of the button set the caliper to zero to begin measuring from first

2. VINCA DCLA-0605 6 Inch Digital Vernier Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Stainless Steel Large LCD Screen 0-6 Inch 150mm Red Black Caliper Measuring Tool image

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VINCA digital vernier caliper was built with stainless steel for more robust and sturdy usage. Once purchased, it came for a long time and did not wear out easily. The entire material gave it a stylish look and made it perfect to be added to our tool’s chest. With the jaws also in stainless steel, we got smooth edges and correct measurements with a lesser margin of error. This best digital vernier caliper comes with superb features that one can use for home purposes or professional ones. It becomes the best friend of a carpenter to get precision measurements. Wooden artifacts built with correct measurements will always give the best look. As with other calipers, it can measure a range of 0-6 inches or 0-150 mm.

No outside or special calibration was after purchase. The manufacturers only gave Pre-calibrated tools. The product comes with a 1-year warranty, and the customer service was always there to guide us for any problem with the product. We purchased a separate cable as it is not compatible with the USB port. There is a spare battery in case the added one expires. Be sure to keep the battery safe so that you do not have to go battery hunting, at least for a while. If connected to the PC with a suitable cable, we transfer the data to a computer and work even better.


  • Good display to read the digits clearly, convertible units of measurement available that will be displayed on the screen itself
  • Two batteries were given; one can be kept as a spare in case the first one runs dry; a box was also given to store the caliper
  • Calibration was not required and was done by the manufacturer itself, no special process required from the buyer’s side
  • One year warranty on purchase of this model, customer service responds well in case of any troubles 
  • Measurement range lies between 0-6 inch/150mm and other common ranges

3. Neiko 01407A Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko 01407A Black 1.75 mm Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen Electronic Digital Caliper _ HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament image

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Neiko Digital Electronic Caliper came with accessories on a purchase that could be used for DIY projects. You could switch between three measuring modes that give out the measurements in inches, fractions and millimeters. This was suitable for people accustomed to a certain unit of measurement and would find the rest difficult to cope with. Anything outside this can be converted easily. We got an accuracy of 0.001inches or 0.02mm. This implied all our measurements are very accurate and possessed the least margin of error. Whatever we build using this scale is always accurate to the point. This point made it a good digital caliper in the market. Our fractional digital gauge was made with stainless steel to give a robust build. We could strongly hold onto it without any hindrance.

Due to the material used, there is no wear and tear. With this caliper, four modes of measurement were possible. You can also get the internal and external diameters of objects. Also, depth and step were the other two modes. A single tool could help in measuring every item fine without errors. We got a spool weighing 1 kg as an accessory with this device. All the extra items given came in handy during different DIY projects. It was worth the money spent on this tool. The thumb roller and locking screw was present on the caliper with smooth edges to give comfortable positioning of the objects to be measured.


  • Accuracy never compromised; a margin of error lays in the range of 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm for objects measured
  • Stainless steel build with all screws and thumbing regions kept with smooth edges for better operation
  • 4 modes of measurement are available, internal and external diameter, step and depth of objects
  • Different measuring units available can be seen on display in millimeters, fractions and inches
  • Perfect for DIY projects with accessories in the box, can be given for professional use as well

4. Sangabery 0-6 Inch Digital Caliper Equipment

Sangabery 0-6 inches Digital Caliper with Large LCD Screen image

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Sangabery Digital caliper takes place in our list due to its long list of features. However, after careful usage, we found that this caliper could measure items very accurately. A large LCD screen is equipped to note down the accurate measurement. All the numbers were visible well, with a good battery inserted during purchase itself. On top of this, the package contains two spare batteries. This was reassuring as we didn’t have to go out and get matching batteries for long.

As with other calipers, you can measure the internal and external diameter with the step and depth of objects. There are two jaws and a probe for measuring the modes mentioned above. With the added features, this one became the best digital calipers for the money spent. Our caliper was made from durable plastic carbon fiber that gave the lightweight feature and portability. A button is there for changing between two modes of unit measurement between inches and millimeters. Zero settings of the caliper was no longer a difficult job with this model. There is another button to just bring it back to zero to start afresh. Easy measurement according to our needs was ready all the time.


  • Another button to set back the caliper to zero, no other special methods required, differential measuring was easy
  • 4 modes of measurement, the internal and external diameter of objects, step and depth of items, also possible
  • The durable plastic carbon fiber used in building the tool, strong and durable, compact and easy for mobility 
  • Unconditional refund was promised during purchase, and you can contact customer care also for problems
  • Button to switch between measuring units of conversion, change between inches and millimeters in a jiffy

5. Kynup Digital Micrometer Caliper 6 Inch /150mm

Kynup IP54 Waterproof Protection Design Large LCD Screen 6 Inch 150mm Stainless Steel Digital Caliper image

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Kynup digital calipers came with many prominent features like other brands with some unique features. This stainless steel digital scale came with a waterproof design to mitigate the non-working of the tool once water seeps into it. Also, the stainless-steel build makes it rust-proof as well. These features combinely give it a long life compared to other flimsy calipers available for sale in the market. Our device was 6 inches in length and can measure the objects in different units as liked by the user. Just press a button to set the desired unit from mm/fraction/inches. Another button was given to switch on/off the caliper.

It contains a zero button on the panel through which we could just get back the caliper reading to zero. This ensured multiple readings within our reach. This 6” digital gauge has a good display that is of optimal measurements. We also got the auto shut off feature embedded to turn off the device when nobody uses it for more than 5 minutes. We also got a portable storage case to store the caliper after use safely. This was indeed necessary to prevent misplacing and losing in our workshop. All the basic measuring modes, like the internal and external diameter, step and depth, were possible in this caliper. The range of uses exceeded our expectations.


  • On/off button to get the device running, zero buttons to get back the measurements to zero for new measuring job
  • Easy button to differ between units of measurement, can be toggled between inches, mm and fractions
  • Usable in many places, perfect for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, professionals, automotive mechanics etc
  • Auto shut off feature given; the tool will be automatically turned off if no use for more than 5 minutes
  • Good display to read values easily, storage case given for compact storage and mobility

6. Mitutoyo 500-196-30 AOS Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-196-30 LCD Advanced Onsite Sensor AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper image

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Mitutoyo AOS digital caliper had a sensor to prevent dirt, oil or water from entering the device, thus spoiling its use. This was helpful in case of working in rain or other difficult places with unpredictable weather. A versatile caliper from Mitutoyo helped in all basic measurement modes, including outside, inside, depth, and step values. The roller on the device is adjustable with the thumb and has smooth edges to prevent hurting our fingers. Furthermore, our digital measuring caliper came with a protective case to keep it safe after usage. As we keep misplacing the small objects, this storage case will avoid frequent searching for the caliper.

The caliper was also given an inbuilt battery that is replaceable. No extra batteries were given. The digital display present on this caliper gave out all the readings without much margin of error. You can toggle between mm and inches to get the comfortable unit of measurement. So there is no need for any complex calculations to get our comfortable measurement unit. The basic feature that impressed us was that the display gave the correct position of the jaws at that time on turning on. A switch was specifically designed for this purpose that came to the ABS position any time you click it. We also set the caliper to zero with just a hit of a button.


  • The original position of the jaws can be seen on switching on the caliper in the first place; a special button to bring to this position is available
  • Clarity in readings through the large display given, buttons are just below the display for easy access
  • Electromagnetic inductive sensor prevents dirt, dust, oil and water entering into the caliper
  • No special steps required to bring back the caliper position to the beginning
  • A case was given for storage to prevent loss or misplacing

7. EAGems 6″ Electronic Digital Fractional Caliper

EAGems Durable IP54 Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Caliper image

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EAGems digital caliper came with a storage box, among other coveted features that helped in easy and careful storage after use. This increased the mobility required in taking this caliper around for various uses. You can use this caliper to measure all common measurement modes like external and internal diameter with the step and depth of items. The jaws on the device glided smoothly with no friction, and we didn’t have to calibrate them separately to get the correct results.

The accuracy of this digital fractional caliper was one to be noted for. All the results had a very small margin of error, like 0.0005 inches or 0.01 mm. No worries to switch on/off while getting ready to measure. The caliper we got was made from stainless steel and can be used without fear of liquid or dust entering to mess up the readings. You can note down all the readings from an LCD screen that was big enough to give all the numbers legibly. Conversions between fractions, mm and inches were possible, and no need for any external calculations to get the required unit. This caliper came with a 2-year warranty that many caliper brands did not give. You can also contact the manufacturer for tips and tricks to use the tool effectively. Due to the stainless steel build, it lasted longer than other materials used in caliper construction.


  • Unit conversion possible on this caliper can be toggled between mm, inches and fractions for easy readings
  • Big screen to give all readings legibly, accuracy is also very well maintained, the margin of error is very less
  • 2-year warranty on purchase, customer service could be contacted for further assistance and tips for usage
  • All 4 modes of measurement possible like external and internal diameter, step and depth also possible
  • The protective case given for safe storage, mobility increases, stainless steel material used for build

8. iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 4 Inch Digital Caliper

iGaging IP54 ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-4 inches Digital Electronic Caliper image

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iGaging digital electronic calipers take an important place in our list and have many features that have impressed us during usage. This is one of the best digital calipers under 100 dollars. The level of accuracy achieved was outstanding, and we got the margin of error between 0.001 inches and 0.02 mm. This is the standard level of error that we have noticed in many calipers. The entire body of the caliper is enabled with IP54 protection to ensure no water, dust, dirt etc., enters the tool. If this protection was not given, you may miss the accuracy or precision maintained every time.

With the USB cable given for sale separately from the same manufacturer, you can easily connect to the system and proceed with our calculations. 2 years warranty was given with each purchase. The customer service was also good, and we could approach them any time for valuable tips on how to use and maintain the device. Once the battery was installed and used normally without wastage, it could come two years without any glitches. This stainless hardened digital caliper came with all basic manufacturing standards, much to our approval. The jaws could move around easily, and the thumb roller also glided smoothly without any interference.


  • Splash water and dust resistant with no problems of water seeping into device to stop its use, IP54 property added
  • Battery once installed and used with care comes for up to 2 years, no problems of changing battery frequently
  • 2 years warranty on this product from manufacturer, customer service can be contacted any time for tips
  • Hardened stainless steel built, strong and durable for many years, less wear and tear noticed
  • Accuracy was good and can be used to measure all 4 modes of usual measurement

9. Qfun Vernier Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

Qfun Vernier Stainless Steel Large LCD Screen 6 Inch 150mm Digital Caliper image

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Qfun vernier digital calipers can be used to toggle between units of measurement to give correct readings in the desired way. Just had to click a button to move between mm and inches during the measuring. The entire caliper was built with stainless steel to give long and sturdy use. We could hold the caliper effectively without fear of hurting our hands as all the edges were smooth. A waterproof property was also added to the caliper for preventing water, dust, dirt etc., from going into the tool, thereby affecting its operation.

Measurement using this tool was successful with good accuracy. This 6-inch digital caliper has an automatic switch feature after 5 minutes of no usage. This saves the digital caliper battery. With two sets of jaws and a probe, you can measure the internal and external diameter and step and depth of objects. This ensured our vernier caliper could be used for various purposes and by many professional people. There is a large screen to get all the information easily. There is no need to calibrate this caliper separately. A storage box that helped us in carrying it around for outside use was given during purchase. This also helped in safe storage after each use. We set zero at any point to begin measuring again.


  • Auto shut-off feature enabled, no tension to shut off frequently to save power, after 5 minutes of non-usage, shuts off immediately
  • Good and large display given with the caliper to get all numbers legibly, all buttons under the screen for easy access
  • It can be used everywhere and taken all places with the storage box given, safe to store to prevent misplacing 
  • 4 modes of measurement possible, internal, external, step and depth of objects done with accuracy
  • Switching between units was easy, mm and inches units available to read from the display screen

10. iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Measuring Caliper

iGaging 100-333-8B IP54 Electronic 0-6 inches Display Stainless Steel Body Digital Caliper image

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iGaging Electronic IP54 Digital Caliper was put to extensive use by us during our DIY projects. We even gifted this tool to many friends who are into automotive repairs, carpentry etc. It was a complete set, and we got to store the caliper in the box given during purchase. With this box, it’s hard to lose our calipers again, and it was easy to move around to various locations for work. This, being among the best calipers, had a display that could give out all information of readings in either mm, inches or fractions units.

The display was huge enough to give out the numbers legibly. There were three buttons beneath the display for easy access. One of the buttons could be used to switch on/off the caliper. One another button was the one for bringing back the caliper to zero levels. No need to resort to any other method to bring the caliper back to zero. Switching between units of measurement was also easier.

For our convenience, values can be displayed in mm, inches and fractions. Perfect for all DIY assignments, we didn’t have to take out the values to do extra calculations for conversion. The entire build was from stainless steel, and it gave the sturdy look we wanted and the roller to bring the jaws together was smooth for comfortable handling. IP54 waterproofing property was given, and with this, water could not seep into the device to spoil its working.


  • The stainless steel material used for building the caliper is, robust working with smooth rollers to bring jaws together
  • Had a switch to toggle between units of measurements, mm, inches, fractions were the options for the display
  • Bring back to zero with the press of a button, and no need for other methods to calibrate
  • IP54 property enables waterproof and prevents any dirt, dust
  • A storage box is there for easy storage and portability

11. Sattiyrch Stainless Hardened Digital Caliper

Sattiyrch Stainless Steel Large LCD Screen 6 Inch Millimeter Fractions Conversion Electronic Vernier Digital Caliper image

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Sattiyrch Digital caliper is for all purposes like woodturning, carpentry, automotive works etc. It was made with hardened stainless steel to give better durability and long life. The material is sturdy and comes for a minimum of 10 years. The digital display is there to read out only single values, and they can be represented in either inches, mms or fractions. This was easy as we didn’t have to do any external conversions. Digital caliper measuring tools like ours had an accuracy range of 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm. The margin of error was very limited, and this made our work perfect.

Due to the stainless-steel build, the thumb roller slides smoothly along the caliper to bring jaws together. The roller knob was smoothly placed with good edges to help in the comfortable operation. Using this caliper, you can measure all objects’ external and internal diameter, step and depth. Contact the customer service in case of troubles and within 48 hours of reaching out to them. This was good and reassured us in buying this product again. The control panel under the display had three buttons to bring back to zero, toggle between measurement units and switch on/off the caliper.


  • Big display to read out the single values easily, all the units could be displayed on the same screen when selected
  • Four-way measurement was guaranteed, depth, step, the internal and external diameter was possible to measure
  • Made from stainless steel, we got knob rollers to bring the jaws together with smooth edges and operation
  • 6 inches measuring tool with great accuracy and margin of error was very less for perfect DIY jobs
  • Three buttons to toggle between units, switch on/off the caliper and reset the tool to zero

12. REXBETI 6″ Digital Caliper for Reloading

REXBETI IP54 6 Inch Micrometer Polishing Finish Stainless Steel Digital Caliper image

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REXBETI digital caliper takes a position in our list due to our experience after using this one for many carpentry purposes. The caliper was forged with stainless steel and had smooth rolling of the jaws to measure objects. There was no friction observed while moving the jaws together. It came with a polishing finish to give the caliper a brilliant and shiny look. This was one of the reasons why we chose to buy this, as it added more beauty to our workshop tools. The design is dust-proof and water-proof. No water would enter the caliper even by mistake to render it non-operative.

This is one of the best digital caliper for reloading, DIY, jewelry making. With the help of this tool, we could measure all 4 basic measurements like internal, external, step, and depth of each object that was placed between the jaws. Since it was a digital one, we got a large display in the center to correctly get the values of readings. A safe box was given to us for storage, and we could use it to store our calipers safely after each use. This prevented dust from entering the tool as well. We got an automatic on/off from the manufacturer in this model to save charge on the battery for the digital caliper.


  • Automatic on/off enabled saves battery by automatically shutting off once the caliper is not used for more than 5 minutes
  • All 4 modes of measurement possible, external and internal diameter, depth and step, can be measured
  • Box for safe storage, prevents dust getting into the caliper when stored here, mobility also increased
  • Button to toggle between unit conversions, values can be displayed in inches, mms, fractions easily
  • Extra battery given with box while purchasing, helps in keeping the caliper running for years

13. Clockwise Tools Electronic Digital Caliper DCLR-0605

Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 IP54 Protection 0-6 Inch 150 mm Stainless Steel Body Super Large LCD Screen Electronic Digital Caliper image

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Clockwise digital caliper takes the last but not the least spot on our list. We were satisfied with the super large LCD screen, and it was one of the large digital calipers we had seen. The electronic caliper gauge had the values displayed on the large screen, which is easy to readout. Our caliper was made with stainless steel that was finely polished and did not involve any cheap plastics in its build. The jaws could be moved smoothly without friction and gave accurate measurement. A data transfer port was given for which cable had to be bought separately.

However, with this port, only data transfer is possible. It isn’t easy to connect with a regular USB cable. You need not perform any digital caliper calibration while buying as it was ready to use the tool right out of the box. There is an extra battery included in the package. The caliper was designed with IP54 protection to give better life with water and dust resistance. There is a storage box for keeping the caliper safely after each use, and it provides easy portability.


  • Extra-large LCD screen to display values, easy to read out and transfer to a computer also possible with a special cable
  • Storage box was given to keep the caliper when not in use, we could carry the box anywhere we required easily
  • Stainless steel polished finish to get the stylish look, due to this jaw moved without friction between the object
  • Water and dust resistant properties are added with the design to give long life with the durability 
  • Already calibrated, no need to calibrate from external sources, ready to use out of the box caliper

Buying Guide

We covered all brands that stood out while testing a digital caliper for home uses. The most likely features and our experience due to each feature elaborated in detail. With this we move on to the buying guide where generic questions and answers will clarify why to choose a digital caliper over traditional one. We also cover brands that make the best digital calipers for sale.

What is a Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is a measuring instrument that has two jaws and a probe. The object to be measured should be kept between the jaws and measured by tightening. This digital dial caliper has a digital screen to give out the values measured. Digital inside calipers measures internal diameter.

Why do you need a Digital Caliper?

Digital calipers mainly used by people for the accurate measurement of the objects. Most DIY projects require measuring and fitting joints with perfect accuracy. While in case of regular metal calipers, accuracy goes for a toss and we get only near values as we have to self-read ourselves from the ruler.

How does a Digital Caliper work?

Any object to be measured is kept between the jaws of the digital caliper. We have to use the thumb roller to bring the right-side jaw together with the first jaw to hold the object tightly. After this, the caliper can be switched on and the value will be displayed on the screen. We can convert to the required measurement unit by pressing the button on the control panel.

How to setup a Digital Caliper?

Calibration is an important step to know whether our caliper is working fine or not. We can tightly close the caliper jaws to see if zero is being displayed on screen. An alternate way is to use gauge blocks. A 6-inch digital caliper can be calibrated by placing a 1-inch, 4 inches block between to see if correct values are given.

How to use a Digital Caliper?

  • For outside measurements, keep the jaws tightened around the object and read the value on display.
  • For step, the bottom jaw will be on step and the other jaw will make contact with the object to learn the measurement. 
  • Inside measurements can be taken by using the small jaws on top, placing them inside the object to get values. 
  • For depth, the probe should be inserted into the hollow object using screws and read the value on screen.

Types of Digital Calipers

General Purpose Calipers

The types we have seen till now are the general-purpose calipers. They are used for woodturning, carpentry, and automotive uses. It consists of an electronic digital display mostly to get accurate readings. It is best to get this for DIY purposes at home. Workshops can hole this caliper with storage boxes correctly.

Specialty Calipers

Specialty calipers used for different types of measurements. They are either available in electronic or vernier style. The different specialty types are offset, point, tube thickness groove, long jaw calipers. Each style used for different purposes. Different brands like Mitutoyo, Kerley, Gaging create specialty calipers for unique uses.

Who Makes the Best Digital Caliper?


They have been producing calipers for long and have specialized in creating them with good material. Waterproofing property is their speciality and it should be present in all calipers to prevent dust and water entry to bring down its life. Mitutoyo has even created a solar version to save battery usage.

Harbor Freight

Amazing calipers with good features have been created by Harbor Freight. Most of their calipers are 6 inches and contain a good digital display to give out the readings. They have been pioneering in creating the best cheap digital caliper. Dial type calipers are also available from Harbor Freight for convenient usage.

Digital Caliper Uses and Applications

  • Useful for measuring inside, outside, step and depth of objects in DIY projects.
  • Carpentry
  • Woodworking
  • Polishing silver
  • Automotive parts machinist
  • Medical instruments
  • Locksmithing
  • Educational institutions
  • Research applications
  • Comparative measurements
  • Extremely accurate measurements

Uses of small digital calipers are mostly seen in workshops at home and are preferred by DIY enthusiasts.

How to Reset a Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper can be reset or set to zero by pressing the zero button on the panel beneath or just above the LCD screen. It is best to keep the measurement at zero each time while taking a new one. This is the main step in calibration. If it is not reset, then inaccurate measurements will be displayed thereby confusing all DIY projects.

Dial vs Digital Caliper

Dial caliper consists of a rack and pinion and a gear set inside. This helped in moving the dial in increments of one thousandth of an inch. No batteries required and will work even when damp.

Digital caliper on the other hand consists of jaws and a probe. This can be used to measure inside, outside, depth and step measurements. Requires battery for screen and should be waterproof.

Micrometer vs Caliper

Calipers can be used for measuring inside, outside, depth, and step for most objects in an accurate method.
Micrometers are also the same; however, the small difference is that they can be used for more specialized measurements like outside or inside dimensions only. They are built with specialized jaws.

Digital Caliper Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Keep it in a protective case after each use to prevent dust and dirt.
  • Do not immerse in water for best results.
  • Brush off any dirt to make the sensor work better before each use.
  • Try using it for the purpose mentioned only.
  • Avoid pairing the digital caliper with any other tools like cutting machines, files, drills, etc.

How to Choose a Perfect Digital Caliper?

After detailed information about digital calipers, you may now decide what to buy for your workshop. Here are the main considerations of the digital calipers while buying.

Big Digital Display

A digital caliper set should come with a good and large LCD screen to view the numbers after measurement. The display should be visible even during daylight and we should not have any problems like numerals being too small. Digital display plays the main role as we get accurate measurements without much margin of error. The display also should be placed at the correct location just above the main jaw to view easily.

Buttons on Panel

We should have buttons to control our digital micrometer caliper. To bring the measurements back to zero, we should have a zero button. To switch between units of measurement a button should be given. An on/off button is mandatory to save battery life. The units in specific should be displayed between inches, mms and fractions. Choose calipers that consist of at least these three buttons to have a smooth operation.

Material Used for Build

Stainless-steel should be used in construction as they give better and stable working. Polished stainless-steel can also be opted for a more stylish look and the jaws move without any hindrance or friction. Plastic digital caliper can become flimsy and may not be strong enough to give precision readings at all times. The knobs on the roller should have smooth edges to move with comfort.

Battery Provided

Make sure the caliper comes with batteries in the box. If not, then most calipers may be dead on arrival. Few brands give extra batteries along with the box as a gift. If we get such calipers, then we need to buy batteries for years together. Switch off the caliper when not in use for saving the battery. Automatic on/off is also a feature to be noted while buying the best digital calipers for machinist.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the least count of digital vernier caliper?

The least count on digital vernier calipers is 0.01mm. The least count error might occur with both systematic and random errors.

Q. How do I change the battery in my digital caliper?

The battery of digital calipers can be changed by snapping out the top cover. The replacement battery can be bought in a hardware store.

Q. Where to find a digital caliper?

A digital caliper can be found on Amazon and can be bought with varying features. The shipping charges may differ.

Q. How to zero a digital caliper?

To zero a digital caliper, we can choose the button on the panel to bring back the measurements to the beginning.


These digital caliper reviews covered in this entire review will be useful in deciding the type of caliper that will suit your household’s purpose. Be sure to look at the features section to check on the basic features that are a must-have on each caliper you get. We also gave much-needed information about general questions and FAQs to get quick and easier answers. Use this review to benefit from buying the correct caliper for precision measurements.

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