15 Best Cutting Chainsaw Chains Review of 2022 – Tackles Tough Jobs with Ease!

Best Overall

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut 14″ Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S52 14-Inch Bars Fits Craftsman Echo Homelite Poulan 52 Drive Links AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain image
  • Low-vibration chain which helps you to work for longer periods
  • This Precision cutting chain ensures great performance and safety
  • Heat-treated semi-chisel chain delivers smooth cuts

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Value for Money

Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch Saw Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch 0.050 gauge 0.325 pitch low kickback low vibration chainsaw chain image
  • 18 inches chainsaw chain with 72 drive links is highly compatible with other models
  • Husqvarna offers a pitch size of 0.325″ while the gauge size is about 0.050″
  • Very easy to install and offers high performance

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Best Budget Pick

Oregon AdvanceCut S33 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S33 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain image
  • Chrome-Plated Cutters, which keeps chain sharper for longer time
  • LubriTec Oiling System delivers best possible lubrication for the chain
  • Features low vibration which ensure more comfort

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The cutting wood quality depends mostly on the type of chainsaw chains used. The chainsaw chain consists of steel which are linked through bearings. The outer part has types of teeth used for cutting, while the inner part has drive links. It is very important to have the right tool in your hands to get the smooth cut in just one finish. With the increased demand for various cutting processes at home and professional levels, the market has flourished, with many brands offering the best cutting chainsaw chain. These brands tend to use excellent materials to build these chainsaws of various kinds.

It is nearly impossible to select the best one for you which can match all your expectations. For your convenience, we tested the chainsaws of various brands and are reviewing the top picks of chainsaw chains. We have tried them under different conditions and analyzed the results to give genuine information. Let us get into their details one by one.

1. Oregon S52 14 Inch AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S52 14-Inch Bars Fits Craftsman Echo Homelite Poulan 52 Drive Links AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain image

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Oregon has been in the market with its best products for 70 years and has successfully proved itself the best among others. We have placed it at the top of the list in best chain saw chains. It is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. This 14 inches chainsaw ripping chain can perfectly fit various chainsaw models such as Homelite, Craftsman, Echo and Poulan. We noted that this is suitable for working in the home yard and cutting storm-damaged trees. This chainsaw chain is designed to give the cutting operation smoothly.

If we speak about the cutter type, it provides semi-chisel cutting which can tolerate a good amount of dirt. The gauge and pitch are about 3/8 inches and 0.050 inches, respectively, while the number of drive links is 52. The chain lasts longer with Oregon’s LubriTec oiling system, which acts as a lubricant for the chain, making it last longer. The next best thing we found is that the energy gets lost at the saw chain and never reaches the bar reducing the vibration by 25%. Finally, Oregon products have a coating of hard chrome, which helps make the chain stay sharper for a longer time.


  • Space is provided between chainsaw and bar to prevent energy to reach the bar and to reduce the vibration
  • An oiling system that offers the lubricating property to the chainsaw chain and making it last longer
  • Hard and stiff bearings which are capable of offering high quality and load-bearing surface
  • Suitable for using at house level in cutting trees and yard works

2. Husqvarna 531300439 18 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch 0.050 gauge 0.325 pitch low kickback low vibration chainsaw chain image

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The Husqvarna chainsaw chain keeps us amazed with its effective performance. The package comes with two pieces, which is an excellent option to buyers. It is very much ideal for beginners during several cutting-related operations. The chain pitch size is 0.325 inches, and the gauge comes in 0.050 inches. With the help of the given instruction manual, you can refer to it while installing this chainsaw chain roll. Also, refer to it for identifying the part number. Make sure to wear gloves while installing the part for your safety.

Offering a size of about 18 inches in length, it is quite large, which can be a good point in considering while choosing this chainsaw chain. With all these benefits, another eye-catching part is the supreme quality of the chain. Another feature is that it can go well with the Husqvarna Chainsaw chain, while it can go perfectly well with other models of chainsaws too. Along with all these, you will be getting the chain saw replacement chain, a user manual for your convenience, and a warranty card in the package.


  • Two chainsaw chains, one replacement chain, an instruction guide manual and a warranty card in the package
  • 18 inches chainsaw chain is compatible with other models of the chainsaw as replacements
  • Very easy to install the chainsaw chain with the help of instructions from the user manual
  • Husqvarna offers a pitch size of 0.325 inches, while the gauge size is about 0.050 inch

3. Oregon S33 AdvanceCut Professional 8 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S33 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain image

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Oregon showed up for the second time on our list as we cannot ignore its versatility offered in various models. This is capable of tackling tough and difficult jobs with ease. Its fast cutting chainsaw impressed us with its solid performance and increased durability. This was made for DIY homeowners. This chain delivers a perfect cut while retaining the property of trees. The drive link has 33 counts, the pitch size is about 3/8 inches, and the gauge comes with 0.050 inches. It is compatible to use with other models of chainsaws too. To name a few, Black & Decker LCS1240, Dewalt DCCS620B and DCCS620P1, Sun Joe SWJ800E and SWJ802E are some of them.

A system that is used for lubricating provides the chain and the bar less friction and increases its longevity. Another feature we noticed is that it passes the criteria of kickback performance, which is an important factor in making these chains dependable. Finally, electroplating the hard chrome layer is done on the chainsaw cutters, saving your time grinding the chain. We can conclude with these words that overall, these heavy duty chainsaw chains are very durable and comfortable in maintaining.


  • Low vibration design is provided to the chainsaw by leaving a space between the guide bar and the chainsaw
  • Dimensions of 4.8 x 6.9 x 1 inches while weight is about 4.8 ounces; gives efficient operation
  • Electroplating of hard chrome on the surface helps it retain its sharpness for a longer time
  • Rivets or bearings have a hard texture to increase the durability of the chainsaw

4. Sungator SG-S62 Chain for Chainsaw 3-Pack

SUNGATOR SG-S62 3-Pack 0.050-inches Gauge 62 Drive Links 18 Inch Chainsaw Chain image

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The Sungator Chainsaw Chain has a length of 18 inches. If we talk about the pitch size, it is about 3/8 inches, while the gauge is 0.050 inches. The count of drive links is 62. We can assure you that this can go well with bars of different lengths, confirming its versatility. This chain can replace various other models such as Craftsman, Sears, Echo and Homelite. Steel saw chains are forged from steel exported from Germany and ensure stiffness and toughness to the chainsaw chain.

Another important thing to notice is that this brand’s cutters have been electroplated with a layer of industrial hard chrome material to eliminate corrosion and add life to the surface. Weighing about 1.35 pounds, it is easy to install. To give you safety assurance, it has met the conditions of UL and ANSI standards too. An affordable price tag can offer you a better option while making choices among chainsaw chain for sale. A user guide manual along with a warranty card is also given as the components of the package.


  • 16 inches long chainsaw chain requires easy installation without any issue; can ask professional for help
  • Semi-chisel type of cutter which can tolerate the maximum amount of dirt and dust particles
  • Works better for other models of the chainsaw chains, too along with the Sungator  brand
  • Rivets or the bearings used for connection has been treated with heat and   made sturdy

5. Poulan 051338 Replacement Chainsaw Chain

Poulan Pro 051338 18-inches Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain image

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Poulan is another brand offering the best chainsaw chain under its supervision, and here we ranked it on the number five, recognizing its importance. Owners of this brand have mastered the art of using incredible power with reduced wastage. They create the best tools manufactured in China to make your work easier. This chainsaw is about 18 inches in length, instilling all the necessary features for the buyers. While the measurement of the pitch is 3/8 inches, the gauge length has been 0.050 inches. Poulan Chainsaw Chain is very useful for various hand-tooling and tool organizing purposes.

Every penny you pay to buy this chain will be worth it. We reported that the parts and the accessories of this concrete chainsaw chain have a durable construction. This is the most recommended point the buyers need to consider while choosing the right one from the market. However, while talking about the performance, it made us overwhelmed by its superiority. The drive links have a count of 62 teeth, which comes with chamfer chisel cutters to provide comfort while working with sharp edges. Also, it can act as a great replacement for several other brands, too, which this chainsaw chain holds quite a nice factor.


  • Chamfer chiseled cutter to ease the working while using sharp edges and delivers a quality performance
  • The country of origin of Poulan is the United States, while the products are manufactured in China
  • Serves as perfect replacements for several other renowned brands available in the market too
  • Pitch is 3/8 inch, the gauge is 0.050 inch, and drive links has number counting of 62

6. Husqvarna 18-inch Chain Saw Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 Black (2-Bundle) 18-Inch 0.325-Inch by 0.050-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain image

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Moving further with the ongoing list Husqvarna is again on the platform. Husqvarna has always made themselves proud by empowering high-quality use of materials to produce the best chainsaw chains. Offering products with affordable ranges of price, it has succeeded in the market with user-friendly products. The manufacturer has designed these chains to give high consumer speed and produce good results. This will surely act as a guiding hand to your cutting works that make use of chainsaw chains.

Being lightweight, it has met the needs of being over user-friendly. Low kickback design is optimized in the chainsaws to reduce vibrations. This is yet another quality we liked during the use of this brand’s chains. However, it is very well suitable for commercial users as well as occasional users. At the same time, this holds the quality to fulfill the needs of the arborists, a person who is specialized in trees. Besides all these, this chain is indeed easy to install and maintain. Durable products mark the life-size of the chainsaws to be large.


  • Chainsaw chain length is about 18 inches. The pitch is 0.325 inch while the gauge size is up to 0.050 inches
  • Husqvarna chainsaw chain gives great performance while cutting operations and is light in weight
  • Smaller chains in length but efficient to work well in all types of environments effectively
  • Suitable to use for commercial cutters, non-regular user as well as for the tree surgeon

7. Stihl 26RS68 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Stihl 26RS68 18 Inch 68 Drive Links 0.325 Pitch 0.063 Gauge Chainsaw Chain image

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Stihl Chainsaw Chain offers a huge range of varieties over a number of tools. Stihl manufacturers always try to combine innovative technology with hard work. Ripping chainsaw chains under this brand are light in weight to not generate problems to the consumers. Power ratings of Stihl Chainsaw Chain go to 8.7 HP from 1.6 HP. The professionals also use this chain to do the work on mountain trees. It is a powerful factor to recommend this chain. Either cordless or corded, both types of chainsaw chains can be found under this company.

Talking about the length, this chain is about 18 inches, which is quite common to several other brands but sufficient to use. 68 is the drive links count you can find with 0.325 inches and 0.063 inches of pitch and gauge measurement, respectively. You can get this chainsaw chain in the original box, and it is sealed in the factory. While its weight is about 9.6 ounces, the chains seem to last a little longer than other replacement brands.


  • Provides effective cutting to the professional mountain trees cutters as well as occasional cutters
  • Use of innovative technology and power to provide the best saw chains to buyers
  • Very durable and has a longer life than several other replacement brands in the market
  • Tools are offered in an original box of which sealing is done at the factory

8. Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Sharpest Chainsaw Chain

Oregon R45 AdvanceCut 45 Drive Links Chainsaw Chain for 12-Inch Bars image

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The Oregon R45 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain has bars of 12 inches, and a drive link count is 45. It can be used perfectly by the homeowners while cutting trees and by the professionals too. Homeowners will find this chainsaw chain within reach of their arm, which is a useful property. Even the storm damaged trees can be cut with the help of this chainsaw. Another important thing to consider is that it cuts smoothly, giving the trees a perfect texture. In addition, dust can be tolerated due to a semi-chiseled cutter.

As mentioned earlier about the lubricating quality attained by the Oregon Chainsaw Chain, this product also attains the same. LubriTec oiling system delivers a good amount of lubrication to the chain, making it perform smartly. Like every other, this Oregon Chain also has electroplating of industrial hard chrome, which makes it even more durable because of the hard surface. The rivets have been hardened to increase the strength, and the tension adjustments can be reduced. Vibration is reduced by 25% because of the design given to this best chainsaw chain for hardwood.


  • Space between the saw chain and guide bar is provided to lessen the vibration and giving more comfort
  • Suitable for DIY homeowners for handling home yard jobs and cutting of storm-damaged trees
  • LubriTec Oiling system is designed so that the chainsaw chain lasts longer and works smartly 
  • Quenched the rivets of the saw chain, which gives high quality and load tolerating surface

9. Oregon L67 ControlCut 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon L67 ControlCut Fits Stihl 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain image

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Oregon L67 ControlCut Chainsaw Chain has a low kickback and delivers remarkable performance. The owners of Oregon have been making constant success in producing outdoor equipment and parts for more than 70 years. This chain is suitable while performing light cutting jobs. It ensures to give a smooth cut each time. While it can help small jobs, it can do the cutting for tree limbs too. At the professional level, it acts as the best cutting tool. To save your time, it retains its sharpness for a longer time to get the work done quickly and in the right manner.

The cutting bar is made up of 16 inches in length. 0.325 inch is the pitch 67 is the drive links count available in this chainsaw. It can go well as a replacement for Stihl brand chainsaws too. These longest lasting chainsaw chains have been evaluated for specific purposes and given security assurance by UL classification. It has been produced in the USA, meeting ISO-certified criteria. All other Oregon chainsaws have been electroplated with hard chrome, and the rivets have been hardened, so does this type. Also, it promises to produce as few vibrations as possible.


  • Saw chain has been designed with a low kickback to reduce the vibrations of the guide bar and saw chain
  • Marked with UL classification and have been certified by ISO ensuring high quality and security
  • Easy to maintain and retain its sharpness for a longer period to do work in less time
  • It is very much suitable for beginners and professionals

10.Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna SP33G Orange Gray 16 inches Chainsaw Chain image

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Husqvarna has always proven itself the best by producing a large unit of chainsaws of a different type. Besides focusing on quantity, they also make sure to add quality to products. Manufactured in Sweden, Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain has acquired decent qualities to be one of the best chain for chainsaw. X-Cut SP33G is the first-ever chainsaw completely produced and developed by this brand. This chain can fulfill the demand of every type of consumer and for everyday professional use. We can assure you that the cutting output of this chainsaw will not leave you disappointed. It also makes sure to retain its sharpness that lasts for a longer time. The products used for building the products are very durable and possess high cutting efficiency.

Weighing about 8.5 ounces, the x-cut urges the cutting operation to be faster and efficient. You will be offered a precise balance of a combination of materials and manufacturing processes. The links are lubricated enough for smooth operation. The most amazing property is that the x-cut chain is ever ready to use personally and professionally. The chainsaw is already stretched at the factory so that you can use it directly without adjustments.


  • The chain is already stretched at the factory while production so that it can work well without adjusting
  • Includes an x-cut chainsaw chain that Husqvarna has manufactured in Sweden, instilling high quality
  • Used by homeowners for smaller jobs as well as by the professionals for large scale jobs
  • A super sharp cutter that retains the sharpness quality for a longer time than usual

11. Oregon R40 AdvanceCut Fastest Cutting 10 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon R40 AdvanceCut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain image

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On reviewing the list of best chainsaw chain, Oregon has never disappointed in its use. Oregon R40 AdvanceCut Chainsaw has a guide bar of about 10 inches in length. The pitch goes to 3/8 inches, the gauge is 0.043 inches, while the drive link count is 40 in number. It works best with the saw sizes that go up to 42 cc. Maintaining its efficiency so that it can be used either for homeowners and professional cutters is again the best feature captured by this.

Once used, we are sure that you will be remarked upon by accounting for the solid performance given by this chainsaw chipper chain. Again telling you about making it at your topmost choice is that it can maintain its sharpness for quite a long time. LubriTec oiling system makes sure to give your chainsaw chain less friction and perfect durability for a long time. During testing, this has proved itself to meet all the requirements of ANSI and also acquires kickback performance. Even the chrome-plated material adds sharpness to the cutter.


  • Over-friendly and acts as a replacement for various brands of Husqvarna, Craftsman, Ryobi etc
  • Kickback performance has met the standards of ANSI and CSA; fewer vibrations produced
  • Offers helping hand to DIY homeowners and professional cutters for harvesting trees
  • Applicable to use for saw sizes that are about 42 cc and has a drive link count of 40

12. Oregan S62T AdvanceCut Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S62T 2-pack 62 drive links 0.050-in gauge AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 18-Inch Bar image

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Oregon has always topped the list whenever people have demanded quality over quantity. We chose Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain because of its high tendency to impress us every time. It has about 18 inches of bar with 62 drive links. With over 72 years of constant success, people trust its ability to manufacture the best chainsaw. With a pack of two chainsaw chains, you will be offered a perfect replacement for various other brands of Husqvarna, Poulan, Homelite, Remington and Craftsman. You can get more details about this from the back of the packet.

DIY homeowners find this more suitable in decreasing their workload for doing home yard jobs. While maintaining its thickness and sheerness, it values your money also to a greater extent. You can get a lot of work done through this with an efficient result. The cutters retain their sharpness power for a longer time. A Semi-chisel chain can tolerate the dirt particles. This semi skip chainsaw chain can get solid and quality performance while harvesting wood for timber. Overall this is a recommended product because of its high user engaging factors.


  • Suitable for fulfilling the cutting demands of home yards, storm damaged trees and for landscape professionals
  • Perfect fit for Husqvarna, Homelite, Poulan, Craftsman and Remington; backpack carries details for replacement
  • Very user-friendly; cuts smoothly with every stroke and capable of handling tough jobs of harvesting
  • The hard outer layer of industrial chrome; tough rivets bears the load to increase strength

13. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Saw Chain

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 56 Drive Links Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar image

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With several types of chainsaws, Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain has come up at the thirteenth place. The chainsaw is made capable enough to handle the difficult jobs of cutting. Oregon has developed itself completely in the market in providing outdoor equipment for its consumers. Ideal for homeowners in helping with the home yard. This most aggressive chainsaw chain can be useful to landscape professionals. We are recommending this brand as it has acquired the skill to maintain your property.

Like other Oregon products, this also uses a LubriTec oiling system to deliver a lubricating advantage to the chain for more longevity than usual. With a pitch size of 3/8 inches and a gauge of 0.050 inches, the number of drive links is 52. You will receive a bar of length 14 inches. This has been engineered to offer complete user safety and high-profile performance. Cutters have been made sharp to give a perfect and smooth cut to the logs. Rivets are capable enough to hold the load and add strength to the chain.


  • 14 inches of bar matches the standard of UL and ANSI; perfect to work as a replacement for various brands
  • Cutters have been designed to perform smoothly and with minimum kickback producing less vibration
  • Lubrication property from Oregon oiling given to the chain makes them sharper and long-lasting 
  • Layered with hard chrome from the outside of the cutters to make the surface tough

14. Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Long Lasting Chainsaw Chain

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain image

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Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain has advanced technology of sharp cutters. Oregon is the top leading brand in owning the skill to manifest the best chainsaw chains for the buyers. While this type has a guide bar of 8 inches, it can be known as a microlite. Weighing around 4.16 ounces, this 8-inch chainsaw chain fits other pole saws, Poulan and Remington brands. This has been made in the USA with top-quality features installed. The International Organization for Standardization has certified this company because of fulfilling the demands of the consumers consistently. In addition, advanced technology made sure that the cutters remained tough and sharp throughout the working process.

Low kickback design has been UL classified to lessen the vibration by 25%. In order to decrease the vibration, a small space is generated between the saw chain and the guide bar. As a result, a lot of energy gets used up at the chain not to reach the energy to the guide bar. In addition, 0.043 inches of the gauge is made narrow and utilizes less power, unlike other standard chainsaws. Besides all these, homeowners and skilled people will find it very useful in enhancing their cutting performance.


  • Certified by ISO; manufactured in the USA and delivers sharp and smooth cutting with each stroke
  • Comfortable to use with other brands of chains such as Craftsman, Poulan, Ryobi and Remington
  • Micro lite 8 inches of bar length, 0.043 inches of gauge length and 3/8 inch of pitch size
  • High quality and increased tolerating power of the rivets make the chainsaw work longer

15. Oregon D70 AdvanceCut 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon D70 AdvanceCut 0.050-Inch Gauge 70 Drive Links Chainsaw Chain for 20-Inch Bar image

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The Oregan D70 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is compatible with many chainsaws in the market. This product meets UL and ANSI standards for low kickback requirements. It manages to stay sharper for a longer time to ease the cutting process. Electroplating with an outer layer of industrial chrome gives Oregon cutters a harder surface. Even the bearings have been hardened to increase their level of tolerance. This also increases the chainsaws’ strength and offers few adjustments for tensions. The design of the cutter is made unique to give smooth and quick cutting operations. Ideal for handling tough jobs, it helps in cutting storm-damaged trees.

A good amount of dust and dirt can be tolerated by the semi-chisel chain. Full chisel is applicable for saw sizes ranging from 50 cc to 100 cc. Like many other Oregon chainsaw chains, it also uses an automatic oiling system to instill lubrication properties to the chain. Thus, it ensures to deliver smarter and long-lasting performance. Amazon chainsaw chains can be a perfect replacement by fitting into other models such as Echo, Homelite, McCulloh and Timber Bear. To find the correct replacement parts, you can always contact the company’s site.


  • The unique design of cutter tools ensures that tough jobs are made possible; hardened rivets and outer chrome layers do the same
  • Provides comfort by inducing fewer vibrations between the chainsaw and the guide bar with a low kickback design
  • Ideal for people who are specialized in trees, for commercial cutters as well as for people doing home yards work
  • 20 inches of a bar, best suited to 3/8 inch of a pitch for perfect cutting of woods and trees

Buying Guide

Those mentioned above top-rated products will give you a clear choice to buy a chainsaw chain. But before choosing one you have to know in detail about the product, its types and usage. Along with these, we mentioned the main factors to consider while buying a chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw Chain Types

Full-chisel Chain

This type of chainsaw is suitable to cut softwood efficiently. It has been designed to give quick cutting. Teeth of full chisel have corners of square shape, which is the best structure to provide more aggressive cutting. Edges have been made sharp to perform cutting very effectively with comfortable speed. These chains are very sensitive to dirt.

Semi-chisel Chain

The teeth of semi-chisel chains are rounded; it helps maintain a proper radius while cutting softwood or hardwood. These semi-chisels work 10% slower than full-chisel chains. However, these chains are capable of maintaining sharpness throughout rough conditions. Therefore, for cutting off the dirty wood, the semi-chisel chain is preferred.

Skip and Semi-Skip Chain

These skip chains have fewer teeth for cutting than a standard chain. Therefore, it cuts the wood with less power. If you need to cut larger wood logs, you can rely on this type of chain. The bar length recommended for using a skip chisel is about 32 inches and longer.

Chainsaw Chain Direction

If the material is not cut from the correct direction, it will create a mess by being inappropriate and risky. It will have two blades from the top of the chisel chain; one is sharp while the other is dull. It is worthy to note that the chainsaw always rotates in a clockwise direction. While checking from the bottom side, notice that the blade would be facing towards the body.

Chainsaw Chain Sizes Chart

Pitch, gauge and the drive link count will give you a perfect size chart to your chainsaw chain. While the pitch determines the distance between three rivets, the gauge tells about the thickness of drive links. Vernier caliper measure gauge. There are four different gauge sizes which are 0.043, 0.050, 0.058 and 0.063 inch. Drive link is known by counting the teeth available at the inner sides of the chain.

1/4″0.050″ (1.3mm)13RME1, K1NK50KS00H00
3250.050″ (1.3mm)S30H30, H37
3250.050″ (1.3mm)PM320, SPR320,K1C, K1L50J23H22, H2382
3250.063″ (1.6mm)K363J26S28H28, H26
3250.058″ (1.5mm)SPR328,K258J25S212H25, H21, H38083, 686
3/8″0.058″ (1.5mm)SPR378A258A35RS48, S49, S52H42, H48, H49, H52, H54, H8199
3/8″0.050″ (1.3mm)PM370, SPR370A150A33RS46H51, H47, H46, H80, H82100
3/8″0.043″ (1.1mm)N443RG61PMN
3/8″0.063″ (1.6mm)PM373, SPR373A363A36R, 33RS45, S53H44, H45, H53, H50, H83110
4040.063″ (1.6mm)PM403, SPR403B3S63B46RSS64, S65H57, H64, H65103, 108
3/8″0.050″ (1.3mm)M370N150R63PMS36H35, H3692

Parts of a Chainsaw Chain


The distance between three bearings of the chainsaw chain is known as pitch. Commonly, pitch sizes of 3/8 inches are for homes, while 0.325 inches of pitch size is preferred at a professional level. Heavier chains are used with the larger pitch. The selected size should provide a perfect balance between various factors such as weight, flexibility, strength and speed.


Every chainsaw chain is provided with teeth that work well to perform the cutting operation. These are the essential part of any chainsaw chisel chain. They are the basic parts as they only apply force to cut various types of wood. It is made for right-hand cutters as well as left-handed cutters.


The bar of the chain acts as a mentor for it while cutting. In case you are not provided with the already attached bar to your chainsaw, make sure to buy it as most of the chisels don’t have this. You can always call a professional to get it done in the right way.


Before each cutting tooth, a gauge is placed to determine the depth of the wood chip to be taken out while cutting. In case of low depth of the gauge, losing control while chiseling would occur. So it is very important to maintain the sharpness of the gauge depth for safety and effective operation.

How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw?

  • Attach the bar to the body of the chainsaw loosely
  • Verify that the direction of the chainsaw is correct. Chainsaw chain direction is already mentioned in this article.
  • Tighten up the blade so that it can work without any disturbance.

Best Chainsaw Chain Brands


Stihl Chainsaws are designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in America. This is one of the popular brands worldwide, which is known for making effective chainsaws and chisel chains. In addition, they make sure to supply the right texture of machines to every home and art workshop. Using fuel with not much percentage of ethanol is the preferred thing owned by the manufacturers of Stihl.


Oregan is another renowned brand that manufactures various types of chains. According to cutting needs, they have produced the tools for every application. Professional cutters can make use of these chisels to get high and effective performance. Full chisel cutters of this brand hold power to operate cutting purposes with speed and efficiency.


Husqvarna offers a range of chainsaws, from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws. It will always act as a helping hand to you for various cutting works of the logs and wood. Husqvarna owners have made sure to consume less fuel as possible to save the environment. Besides these, the chisels give an effective result with more flexibility and safety being lightweight.


Homelite Chainsaw chains will always be there beside you for every cutting process, either for big or small. For general use at homes, these chainsaws work very well to offer great performance. There are several kinds of saws available under this brand which binds to give the best job at a professional and personal level.


Craftsman is another brand that provides a variety of chainsaw chains for your help. These are determined to make your hard work of cutting simple. Some of the types included in Craftsman Chainsaw Chisel are gas powered, corded chainsaws and cordless chainsaws. They will indeed keep your workload low as they are capable of overcoming any cutting challenge.

How to Measure Chainsaw Chain?

  1. Measure the chain pitch by finding the distance between three bearings and then dividing the result by two.
  2. Next, to determine the chain gauge, you need to find a quarter, penny and a dime.
  3. The quarter is equal to 0.063 gauge. A penny is about 0.058 gauge, while a dime is 0.050 gauge.
  4. Clean out the debris from the bar’s groove via a screwdriver.
  5. After sliding each of the coins, determine the best one which fits into it without any difficulty.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain?

  1. Grab the correct tool to sharpen the chainsaw chain.
  2. Fix the bar in a vice and tighten the screws.
  3. Mark the cutting tooth, which needs to be sharpened.
  4. Fix the guide again until they are in parallel with the bar.
  5. Push the file, keeping that angle.
  6. Stroke the tooth five to six times.

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain?

  1. Take out the tangled chain from the chainsaw chain.
  2. Grasp the tangled chain from the opposite loop using both hands.
  3. From the hanging chain, increase the diameter of the loop to 3 inches.
  4. Raise the lowest part of the chain.
  5. With the help of gravity, the lowest part will fall off, untangling the chainsaw. 
  6. Repeat these processes for the rest of the loops to untangle them.

Chainsaw Chain Accessories


A chainsaw chain sharpener is an essential accessory used to sharpen the edges of various cutters. Sharpening is an important part to do while performing cutting operations as it gives the perfect cutting. Today, electric sharpeners, also called grinders, are available to get back an efficient chain to do the proper working.


Oil provides a good grip over safety while the chainsaw serves its ultimate purpose. Use oil of good quality, which ensures the chain remains non-slippery throughout the process. There are various chainsaw chain oils present in the market which cannot be substituted for any other oil in chainsaws.


The chainsaw chain brake prevents the chain from rotating around the bar, ensuring safety. Located at the top handle of the chainsaw, braking in the chainsaw can be done by two methods- by pushing the handle forward and applying Newton’s third law of motion, which occurs by inertia when a chainsaw is kicked back.

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Chainsaw Chain

As you acquire detailed knowledge about the product, you may now proceed to finalize your cart. But before doing that, here are some main features to consider before buying the perfect chain for the chainsaw. Make sure to check these features are present in the product you’re placing an order for.

Length of the Bar

The top factor that needs to be considered while buying a chainsaw chain for your home or workplace is the appropriate length of the bar. The length of the bar is the same as the length of the chainsaw. However, it is not the exact size. Length comes in the range of 10 to 42 inches. Usually, the length of the chainsaw is marked with even numbers. Commonly, the most used length is of the sizes between 16 inches to 20 inches.

Chisel Type

The next important factor taken into consideration is the cutting the chainsaw provides. It is essential to note what the teeth type of the cutter is. As we have already talked about the chainsaw chain type, you can refer to that section to know more. You need to keep in mind the purpose of cutting and the type it requires.

Size and Weight

While picking the best chainsaw chain for your use, make sure to compare various options based on size and weight. However, you need to find the chainsaw at least 2 inches larger than the wood’s length you prefer to cut for the best piece. Also, make sure to get in hand the chainsaw according to the type of job.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best chainsaw chain?

According to our research for the top rated chainsaw chains, Oregon’s is the best chainsaw chain.

Q. Are chainsaw chains universal?

Chainsaw chains are available in different shapes and sizes, and thus, they can fit in only specified ranges of chains. Therefore, they are not universal.

Q. Do chainsaw chains stretch?

When using chainsaw chains continuously, they stretch and become loose, creating an unsafe environment for the user. Therefore, they need to be tightened from time to time.

Q. Where to buy chainsaw chains?

Various brands manufacture the best chainsaw chains. You can get them from shops and also from online portals.

Q. When to replace chainsaw chain?

When the teeth are broken, and you find difficulty positioning the bars, it is time to replace the chainsaw chain.

Q. Which way does chain go on a chainsaw?

The chain in the chainsaw always goes in a clockwise direction.

Q. How long does a chainsaw chain last?

The chainsaw chain can last for more than five years with regular use.

Q. How to count drive links on chainsaw chain?

The drive links are available on the underside of the chainsaw chain and can be counted easily without missing a single point.


Through our review, we have given all the necessary information about the top-rated chainsaw chain after analyzing each of them. We have also provided you with the details of chainsaw chains describing its types, parts and accessories. All these chainsaws are bound to give you an easy operation while cutting or harvesting trees. The sturdy steel is used to forge the chains with the hard surfaces. Hopefully, our buying guide helps you in determining the best one for you.

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