The 14 Best Caulking Guns for Beginners to Complete Sealant Projects

Best Choice

Newborn 930-GTD Gator Trigger

Newborn 930-GTD 10_1 Thrust Ratio Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun image
  • Thrust ratio of 10:1 for low viscosity materials
  • Padded Handle & Trigger for comfort
  • Professional-grade

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Value for Money

Dripless ETS2000 Cartridge Gun

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 10-Ounce Ergo Composite Caulk Gun image
  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • Lightweight Composite Revolving Frame
  • 12:1 thrust ratio for use with latex, acrylic, and silicone

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Best Budget Pick

Red Devil 3989 Caulk Gun

Red Devil 3989 Black 9 inches Extreme Duty Caulk Gun image
  • 26: 1 thrust ratio applicator
  • Ergonomic rubber trigger & Quick release lever
  • Composite construction rotating barrel

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Doesn’t everybody like to keep their homes flawless at all times? Well, it is really a tough job as, after some time, cracks and gaps would definitely appear in the furniture, walls, glassware, etc. It makes your house look old, too shabby, and unattractive. To maintain your household for a long time and keep it like new, you need to spend a lot of money on even the smallest of things. In this best caulk gun review, we are going to tell you one most inexpensive ways of mending your furniture and household items without any professional help and expertise. These dripless caulking guns offer an excellent way to perform a tremendous task by keeping your entire house in good shape.

You might think, what is a caulking tool and how does it help us with it, right? Well, a cartridge gun is an utterly useful tool to fill gaps and cracks in a wide range of items like metal, wood, ceramic, glass, etc. You must have seen this with plumbers and carpenters when you call them to your home for work. In cordless caulking gun reviews, we will tell you which is the best silicon gun for you and how to use it without any third-party intervention.

1. Newborn 930-GTD Gator Trigger Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun

Newborn 930-GTD 10_1 Thrust Ratio Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun image

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In our list of Top 14 caulk guns, Newborn 930-GTD occupies the first position, which is the best professional caulking tool available in the market. Designed uniquely with no-drip technology won’t let your sealant material go to waste without causing any mess to clean afterward. The feature that we liked the most about it is the decent capacity of 1/10 gallon of caulking cartridge that it can hold. This New Born cartridge gun’s body is extremely durable because of its steel half barrel and the welded back cap that prevents it from breaking or detaching from this gun.

Most caulk tools triggers and handles are tiresome to hold as they have no grip. But this Newborn caulking gun, along with having a gator trigger thermoplastic comfort grip, has padding on its handle and trigger so that it does not bother users. It has a great thrust ratio of 10:1 because of which it can easily hold up less viscous materials. We do not see the retractive rod in most dripless caulking guns, but this device’s retractive rod pulls itself back to prevent any mess after each use. It also has a spout cutter tool to save you from using a nail or other tool to puncture its cartridge. This is a compact and lightweight caulk gun available at an affordable price to suit your pockets.


  • A gator trigger with a thermoplastic grip to prevent the gun’s slippage from users’ hands
  • Padded handle and trigger allow users to have a firm hold over it and also cause less fatigue
  • Retractive and quieter rod helps the trigger snap back at its place to stop caulk’s overflow
  • No drip mechanism prevents any silicon mess and helps in easy cleaning after use
  • 10:1 thrust ratio increases its versatility as it can dispense a variety of caulks
  • A steel half-barrel frame that holds the sealant in place while using it

2. Dripless ETS2000 Ergo Composite Cartridge Gun

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 10-Ounce Ergo Composite Caulk Gun image

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Dripless Inc. Ergo Composite Gun is one of the best professional caulking tools due to its unique features. Firstly it can hold up to 10 oz caulk which is quite a decent capacity for such a compact caulk gun. It has a 12:1 thrust ratio because of which it is suitable to be used as a silicone gun, latex, or acrylic, offering versatile uses. The iconic grip on its handle helps to keep the wrist in a balanced and natural position. So that customers do not feel fatigued by stressing their arm and hand while using it. This Dripless silicone gun is light in weight which helps in its convenient practice.

We really liked this Dripless Inc. composite caulk guns precision cutter which has a viewing port to check its cut’s angle so that caulking goes efficiently and accurately. It has a revolving frame that makes it suitable for corners or hard-to-reach places and a back hook to hang it to ladders. The long clean-out rod helps make this tool a dripless caulk gun. It snaps back in whenever the trigger is left, and its gun is not in use. Because of this dripless mechanism, this product does not create any caulk mess around.


  • Gripped handle for quickly getting a hold of the gun and preventing it slipping from users’ hands
  • An in-built spout cutter is useful to puncture the caulking tube to dispense this tool out of it
  • It has a 10 oz caulk capacity which means that it can hold 10 ounces of cartridge
  • Through a back hook, the user can easily hang it to a ladder to give rest to their arm
  • The revolving frame allows the gun to seal hard-to-reach and tight places
  • A powerful 12:1 thrust ratio allows it for dispensing various caulking materials

3. Red Devil 3989 9 Inch Extreme Duty Caulk Gun

Red Devil 3989 Black 9 inches Extreme Duty Caulk Gun image

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If you are looking for a top caulking gun coming at an affordable price range, it might be a tricky job. Red Devil 3989 is the best sealant gun because of its several unique features that make it an excellent heavy duty caulking gun. First of all, we were highly impressed by its vast 26:1 thrust ratio, which makes it suitable even for hybrid adhesives and epoxies and can generate 950 pounds of force. It also has an in-built seal puncture tool to avoid any inconvenience of piercing a nail into it and a ladder hook to rest your arm. The trigger of this professional caulking gun is made of rubber to provide the utmost comfort to your fingers while using it.

Red Devil caulk gun is light in weight and can hold up to 10.1 oz of a standard cartridge. The revolving barrel makes it extremely easy to load and reach tight and difficult places. It is built with drip-free technology as this appliance has a quick-release lever that snaps back at its place when it is not in use or when the trigger is left. The gun has a metal frame that makes it highly durable and surely fits your budget. It is an outstanding option for domestic as well as commercial use because of its heavy-duty performance and versatile applications.


  • Inbuilt seal puncture tool to make a hole in the caulk tube’s nozzle and easily remove the frame’s caulk tube
  • The revolving barrel allows the cartridge nozzle to reach tight places and corners of house
  • Ergonomic rubber trigger reduces excess fatigue and provides a firm grip to users’ hands
  • Compelling 26:1 thrust ratio makes the gun capable of dispensing several sealant materials
  • Drip-free technology to create minimal silicon mess and prevent wastage of its material
  • Ladder hook to hang it to a ladder or other support in a proper position

4. Preciva Heavy Duty PU Expanding Foam Gun

Preciva Professional Heavy Duty PU Expanding Foam Gun Caulking Gun image

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Preciva small caulking gun works very impressively, making it a complete money worth. It is renowned as the most popular heavy duty sealant gun available in the market. This product is an advanced type of sealant gun that ejects foam instead of a regular silicon. The hassle of using a silicon gun is cleaning it after each use. To avoid such discomfort, this gun, made of perfluorocarbon, amazes us a lot because nothing gets stuck to it. It works by spraying foam through the nozzle, which expands after being applied into any gap and hardens effectively. Its precision thread is a control knob from which you can adjust the foam’s flow coming out of this device’s nozzle.

The spring trigger is highly efficient as it glides smoothly while applying a little force and comes back at its position when left. This makes sure that the gun does zero wastage and creates minimal mess. A vesicant tank contains the caulk material that gets attached at the top, and it is convenient enough to be used by a single hand only. An insulating foam is of great use for versatile uses such as – any caulking project, best for filling, insulating, sealing small gaps. Also suitable for balcony doors, walls, windows, floor, cabinet, bathtub, etc.


  • The conical tube and copper nozzle allow it to come out of the nozzle smoothly and get into a gap in a precise manner
  • It has a non-stick body to make the caulk gun easier to clean after each use which has a dense molecular structure
  • Vesicant tank attachment is used to attach the sealant tank to this gun which ensures a noise-free operation
  • Stain steel nozzle is corrosion-proof making it suitable for long-term use
  • Precision thread allows users to adjust the flow of it through the nozzle
  • It is meant for versatile use and can dispense different types of caulks

5. Caulk N’ Seal Heavy High Thrust Ratio Caulk Gun

Caulk N_ Seal Heavy Duty Revolving Frame Caulking Gun image

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Moving further into this list, we present you with another fantastic appliance of this best professional silicon gun list. Caulk N’ Seal heavy duty caulk gun is suitable for domestic as well as commercial uses. Firstly, it does not waste even a single drop of caulk and doesn’t create any mess. It has a steel body making it apt for long-lasting use without requiring any high maintenance. The thrust block is 10 mm wide and heat-treated to give it utmost strength. Its pressure rod is also heat-treated, making it stronger than other standard pressure rods. It is fine for silicone, vinyl latex, acrylic, and various hybrid material sealant.

Caulk N’ Seal power caulking gun has a high thrust ratio of 23:1, allowing customers to use different material sealant for versatile purposes. The silicon ejaculates smoothly through the pressure by alloying a little force. The best thing about this durable tool is having a spring-loaded metal plate that locks the plunger rod whenever its trigger is pressed. Its pressure plate moves in small increments making it easier to handle and use, creating less mess. This silicon gun’s design is extremely handy so that the user does not feel fatigued afterward while working with its rotating barrel.


  • Dripless technology helps in preventing silicon mess and does not allow any wastage of silicon while working softly like a ratchet-style pressure rod
  • It has a 1/10 Gallon cartridge capacity that allows the user to exchange between cartridges of 10 oz into the gun
  • An efficient pressure plate helps this machine to come out of its nozzle in small increments to have clear caulking
  • The high-density thrust block decreases the force applied as much as possible to prevent user exhaustion
  • Rotating barrel allows the sealant gun to reach tight places and seal them with utmost precision
  • A high 23:1 thrust ratio to dispense several caulks such as cement, latex, acrylic, etc

6. SolidWork SW1005 Professional Hand Caulking Gun

SolidWork SW1005-US Professional Hand Blue Drip-free Silicone Caulking Gun image

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This professional silicone caulking gun by SolidWork has all the essential features to make your task easier, saving both money and time. We will start with its impeccable 26:1 thrust ratio that makes it suitable for all the sealant and adhesive cartridges without any fatigue or discomfort even when used for a long period. Its body is made of aluminum, making it highly durable for long-lasting commercial uses and ensuring smooth cleaning using soap and sponge. The patented adjustment screw is used to smoothen out pressure holes and adjust the grip if there is too much space. Thus, all these factors make it the best dripless caulk gun.

Another beneficial thing about this SolidWork no drip silicon gun is the one-year money-back guarantee it offers. Buyers can get a 100% refund of their amount if they are not satisfied with this machine. It also has an integrated needle to plug in the cartridge for hassle-free usage easily. The tool comes in a handy storage box for carrying and storing purposes. There are in-built hook and puncture tools, making its practice extra comfortable and time-saving. It has a cartridge capacity of 1/10 Gallons and can hold any cartridge of standard size; hence we highly recommend this commercial caulking gun.


  • A 1-year money-back guarantee avoids extra expenditure on the gun’s maintenance and assures the user about its quality
  • The adjustment screw, which is patented, is used to control this gun’s grip and smoothen out its pressure plates
  • Built-in ladder hook to hang it onto a ladder for a break or after use in an upright position
  • The durable aluminum body makes it long-lasting and suitable for commercial use
  • It has a potent 26:1 thrust ratio letting it dispense a variety of sealnts
  • It includes a storage box to store the silicon gun properly after use

7. Albion B12S20 B-Line Manual Sausage Caulking Gun

Albion Engineering B12S20 B-Line 20 oz Manual Sausage Caulking Gun image

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Albion B12S20 sausage caulking gun is available at a budget-friendly price range packed with some unique and astonishing features. It has a huge cartridge holding a capacity of 20 oz, which is more than the regular ability in other caulk guns. A thrust ratio of 12:1 makes it the best caulking tool suitable for different types of sealant such as acrylic, silicone, latex, etc. Along with its magnificent cartridge capacity, we were quite impressed by its skill to mix two-component cartridges at once and use them simultaneously. This product offers the convertible feature that adds a unique feature to it, hardly available in any other guns.

The rotating 2-inch aluminum swivel barrel of this Albion mini caulk gun allows the nozzle to seal uptight and hard-to-reach places. It has a double gripping plate to hold the gun comfortably and a full-size handle for non-tiresome usage. It can dispense three sizes of sealant – 10 oz, 13 oz, 20 oz or converted into dispense bulk without creating any mess, especially for thick and hard materials. Additional accessories included with this tool are 2 narrow plastic nozzles, wide plastic cone nozzles, spare polyplastic sausage pistons, Hytrel bulk piston, steel ladder hook pull. It is also available in 4 different variants- cordless/battery-powered, 18:1 thrust ratio manual drive, 26:1 thrust ratio manual drive.


  • This caulking gun has a high 20 oz caulk capacity through which a user can exchange several sizes of caulks into its frame below 20 oz
  • According to the gap’s size, various sizes of nozzles are included for utmost user service to adjust the caulk dispense
  • The rotating barrel allows the silicon gun to dispense sealant material into gaps and cracks located in tight places
  • It is convertible as it can dispense three different capacities of 2 caulks at once
  • It has a thrust ratio of 12:1, which helps to dispense many types of adhesive materials
  •  A full-size handle ensures a firm grip and prevents it from slipping from hands

8. Edward Tools Drip Free Smooth Rod 10 oz Caulk Gun

Edward Tools Drip Free Smooth Rod 10 oz Caulk Gun image

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While reviewing all these appliances of this best caulk gun list, we must say that this particular one has its own unique value. Edward Tools construction adhesive gun is the most budget-friendly choice. Along with sealing your household cracks and gaps at the least possible price, it offers a lifetime warranty. If users are dissatisfied or any component of this sausage tube caulk gun fails, he/she can replace it. Other than that, it has a unique half-barrel designed frame which helps in holding the 10 oz caulks and sealants in place while using. Its body is made of steel to provide rustproof and durable usage for a long time. The trigger is properly gripped for the customer’s benefit and effortless precision while applying the caulk.

Edward Tools smooth rod caulk gun ejaculates caulk out of its nozzle efficiently, which depends on the force applied to its trigger. This accessory has a 15:1 thrust ratio that makes it capable of all types of sealants for industrial and domestic purposes. Moreover, it also has an in-built ladder hook to keep it proper, giving rest to your arm. Whenever left like that, its retractable trigger snaps back at its position and stops the caulk flow immediately. This epoxy caulk gun is highly preferred for home and commercial purposes due to its distinctive and individual features.


  • Smooth pressure rod helps in the precise dispense of caulk from nozzle according to your requirement
  • A powerful 15:1 thrust ratio allows it to dispense all kinds of adhesive materials through its nozzle
  • The in-built ladder hook helps in hanging the caulk gun to a ladder in a secure position
  • Half barrel design allows the caulk tube to stay in place while using this caulk gun
  • Dripless technology leads to zero wastage of silicon and prevents unwanted mess
  • It offers a lifetime warranty to avoid any extra cost on its maintenance

9. DEWALT DCE560B 10oz/300ml Adhesive Gun

DEWALT DCE560B 20V MAX Cordless Caulking Gun image

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DEWALT 20V Max is a battery powered caulking gun available in the market, delivering its high efficiency and several amazing features. It impressed us by its variable speed trigger and dial through which a user can adjust the flow rate of caulk through the nozzle. One can easily adjust it to the lowest speed if she/he is a beginner or can set it on the maximum for time conservation and cleaner work. This machine works on a 20V rechargeable battery which gets charged in just 30 minutes. It can hold up to a 10 oz cartridge that is a standard size and is suitable for every kind of sealant or adhesive- acrylic, latex, silicone, etc.

DEWALT automatic caulking gun oozes out caulk just by pressing its trigger slightly. The dripless technology stops flowing immediately when the trigger is release without making any mess. Its plunging rod automatically gets retracted in its place, preventing any silicon wastage. Besides, another unique feature of this cordless caulk gun is its interchangeable canister trays that allow buyers to switch between canister sizes quickly. Above all, it also comes with a three-year limited warranty to save you from any additional charges if the tool gets faulty in future circumstances.


  • Limited 3 years warranty to give assurance about its durability and quality, preventing any additional expense on its maintenance
  • It has interchangeable canister trays through which one can use different sizes of canister trays in the caulk gun
  • Standard 10 oz capacity of the cartridge to dispense silicon through the nozzle of this caulking gun
  • Drip-free technology to create as minimal mess as possible and have zero wastage of caulk
  • It is battery powered susage gun, making it easily portable and gets charged quickly
  • Variable speed trigger to adjust the caulk flow speed through nozzle

10. Albion Engineering Company B26 B-Line Manual Cartridge Gun

Albion Engineering B26 10 oz B-Line Manual Cartridge Caulking Gun image

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Albion is renowned for manufacturing many satisfying caulk guns. That is why we have brought you another silicon gun by Albion Engineering that is B26 B-Line which is also available in four variants, including the battery-powered one. It has a huge thrust ratio of 26:1, which makes it suitable to be used even as a cement caulking gun. Albion B12S20 B-Line manual sausage gun consists of a full-size handle for utmost user satisfaction and zero fatigue for hand and arm. Half cradle carriage keeps the cartridge in place and also rotates to reach tight places. This silicone caulk gun is available at such an affordable price range.

Having a double gripping plate technology increases this top gun caulk’s durability. Also, the ladder hook and puncture wire are built-in so that users do not need to find them separately. This tool’s best feature is its ability to mix two different caulks in its peeler-style cartridges with static mixers. It is lightweight enough, weighing only 2 pounds which prevents extra load on hands while using, and the company claims that it won’t break even when dropped. The pump is highly efficient and does not allow even a single drop of caulk to go to waste and create any mess.


  • The device can mix two-component products; users can insert two different caulking tubes simultaneously and use them simultaneously
  • Extremely powerful 26:1 thrust ratio to dispense almost all kinds of caulks such as latex, acrylic, cement, etc
  • This adhesive gun has a standard 10 oz cartridge capacity to dispense 1/10 Gallons of caulk tube in a single-use
  • Full-sized handle to provide maximum to the user’s hand and avoid slipping it from hands
  • It is highly efficient as it is dripless and will not break even when accidentally dropped
  • Presence of a metal trigger gives durability and strength to apply lesser force

11. Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun

Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun image

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Newborn 250 caulking gun is the second product on our list by this brand. This silicone gun has a high thrust ratio of 18:1 that makes it suitable for most kinds of sealants such as acrylics, asphalt, adhesives, cement, and butyl. The frame is made of steel, providing it with extreme durability, and has the revolution feature to help it reach the house’s tight places. It can hold up to a standard size of 1/10 gallon cartridge. It is the smooth pressure rod-style so that the force applied on its trigger is comparatively less than other types of manual caulk guns.

The trigger and handle of this Newborn smooth pressure rod caulking gun are made of zinc alloy so that rust never attacks it and prevents it from corrosion. The precision sintered friction plate helps maintain the gun’s drip-free nature to save you from an unwanted mess. Seal puncture tool, spout cutter, and ladder hook are in-built. It weighs only 1.6 pounds, and this is what we liked the most about it as it is ideal for long-term usage and does not make us tired. This Newborn 250 gun is available at a budget-friendly price and is one of the best caulk for Rv windows.


  • In-built seal puncture and ladder hook to easily puncture its caulk tube without requiring any other tool. You can hang it to a ladder to give rest to your arm
  • A smooth pressure rod allows it to be dispensed efficiently according to the short or long duration for which its trigger is pressed
  • Rustproof handle and trigger that make the caulk gun durable to be used for several years
  • Gripping plate and friction plate to have a smooth flow through the nozzle without any overflow
  • Steel revolving frame to help the adhesive gun reach tight places of walls, furniture, bathroom, etc
  • A high 18:1 thrust ratio to dispense all kinds of silicon through its nozzle

12. Chicago Pneumatic CP9885 Air Caulking Gun

Chicago Pneumatic CP9885 Air Caulking Gun image

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While searching for an efficient refillable caulk gun, we came across this appliance. Chicago CP9885 is air powered caulk gun with several marvelous features impressing us. The thing that we were awe-struck with was its airflow regulator that allows adjusting the air pressure according to your requirements. Once it achieves the desired air pressure, this gun works efficiently. It seals all types of cracks and gaps in your furniture, glassware, bathroom, doors, walls, etc.

Chicago pneumatic caulk gun’s body is made of metal and weighs only 2.3 pounds, making it ideal for long hours without causing us fatigue. The trigger helps in maintaining this caulk’s flow and does not need a lot of pressure to apply to it while using. Moreover, this pneumatic caulking gun comes with a 1-year warranty that the company is offering. It is a good option for a susage gun to be used for household and commercial works. It is suitable for all standard-size cartridges, 1/10 gallons, and can hold different cartridges, including latex, silicone, adhesives, cement, etc.


  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty to save users’ extra expenditure on adhesive gun maintenance
  • It is highly efficient as it can seal all gaps and cracks with utmost precision and quickly
  • It has a trigger control to adjust the flow through its nozzle and maintain its efficiency
  • Airflow regulator to control the caulk’s flow material through the nozzle of its tube
  • Air-powered to increase its efficiency and keep it as quiet as possible

13. Tajima CNV-100SP Super Rotary Caulk Gun

Tajima CNV-100SP Convoy Super Rotary Caulk Gun image

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Tajima CNV-100SP Convoy caulking gun is the most efficient and one of the best silicone guns available on amazon. Its twin thrust plates reduce the pressure applied to a minimum. Its barrel tends to rotate a complete 360° to help the caulk gun reach tight places. Tajima CNV-100SP has a powerful 26:1 thrust ratio that makes it ideal for different material caulks such as silicone, acrylic, latex, adhesives, cement, etc. The frame is steel welded to provide the utmost strength and durability to the tool, and loading the tube into the gun is also very easy.

This silicone caulking gun has an in-built sealant puncture tool and ladder hook for user’s convenience. It weighs only 1.7 pounds because of which the user does not feel fatigued while working with it. It can hold up to 1/10 gallon of caulk cartridge and is designed with dripless technology for zero mess. It’s auto flow control system is also very helpful to keep the process clean and precise. The rugged aluminum handle prevents it from slipping from the hand due to maximum grip. This caulking gun has many wonderful features and is available at such an affordable price range, making it an efficient choice.


  • It has a rotating barrel which helps the caulk gun reach tight places such as small gaps and corners in the house
  • Twin thrust plates to reduce the pressure applied to the caulk gun and provide utmost comfort to the user
  • It has an in-built ladder hook to hang it to a ladder in an appropriate position to give rest to the arm
  • Rugged aluminium handle to have a high grip to avoid slipping of the sealant gun from the hand
  • Auto flow stop prevents overflow of the caulk from the tube and prevents any mess
  • Steel frame to increase the durability of the tool and make it apt for long-term use

14. Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun image

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Let us wrap up our best caulking tool list with an incredible machine. Ryobi P310G battery operated caulk gun is the most in-demand caulking tool packed with mind-blowing elements. It operates on a low 18V battery having great runtime after 30 minutes of charging. This automatic caulk gun can generate up to 500 lbs of push force, ideal for every kind of sealant material used for caulking. This Ryobi caulk gun energy efficiency is unmatchable as it can dispense 200 caulk tubes on a single battery. The cartridge capacity is 10 oz, and you do not need to worry about carrying a puncture tool with you as it already has it on board.

The stand at the bottom of this caulking gun helps users keep it in an upright position while taking a break. Even distribution of all components’ weight throughout the no drip caulk gun body constitutes easy portability and storage. This makes it suitable to be used by a person of every age, even without having professional experience with these things. It also has a variable speed adjuster that serves two purposes- first, to adjust the silicon flow speed, and second, to adjust the bead’s size. When it is on a low setting, its bead dispenses in a thin style, and when it is on a high setting, its bead is the thickest.


  • The variable speed adjuster is used to adjust the caulk flow from the nozzle, and it also helps in adjusting the caulk’s width
  • Cordless and battery-powered that makes it easily portable from one place to another after charging for 30 minutes
  • It is energy-efficient, charges quickly and has a long runtime making it suitable for work that takes a lot of time
  • Onboard puncture tool to puncture silicon tube for using it beforehand and even removing it from this gun
  • It operates on a low voltage of 18V so that there is no problem even when there is a voltage fluctuation
  • The standard 10 oz capacity to dispense 1/10 Gallons caulk from this electric caulking gun

Best Sealant Gun Buying Guide

As of now, you are aware of the best caulking gun types available online, packed with several essential features. Now, it is time to guide you through the process of selecting an ideal one that will suit your requirements. We discuss many important topics under this buying guide, along with an overview of some essential features to look for while buying a silicon gun.

What Is A Caulking Gun?

A caulking gun is an inexpensive tool of convenience that can be money as well as a time saver for users. Its specific purpose is to fill up cracks and gaps in many things made of metal, wood, ceramic, glass, etc. A caulk gun a.k.a Sausage gun or sealant gun because of its characteristics. When pushed, the caulk made of silicone or latex in the form of a tube or sausage gets into the crack.

Why Do I Need A Caulking Gun?

A Caulk/silicone gun is best suitable for a sealant to mend gaps and cracks in several items. But it also has several other advantages. It is cheaper to repair small household things yourself rather than calling a professional. It can seal off gaps and cracks in your bathroom to prevent leakage, growth of molds, and any entry of bugs. A sausage gun could also mend gaps in windows to give more insulation to your home and cut down energy costs. These are some of the many reasons why you need a sausage gun and how it is a worthy investment for saving a lot of money.

How Does A Caulk Gun Work?

Cartridge guns expel caulking compounds by the utilization of a ratchet and piston mechanism. Its piston’s forward movement gets halted when the amount of the caulking compound wanted has been released. Now, the piston held set up by its ratchet system forestalls any backward movement. The caulking material, being elastic, is in a compressive state and keeps on flowing out of a sealant gun.

Most caulking guns have a pressing release system. A normal caulk gun with a ratchet bar has teeth on one side to release pressure so that the rod can rotate and turn about its axis. While turning the rod, the ratchet teeth are not held by this ratchet mechanism anymore, and the piston has freely moved backward. This method requires the use of both hands to release pressure.

How To Use A Caulk Gun?

  1. Use a putty knife to clean the old caulk off the place where you want to use the categun.
  2. For silicone caulking, use a needle nose plier and hold one side of the caulk and pull it. In this way, you will create a new foundation for applying the new caulk in cracks.
  3. Disinfect the gap or crack with rubbing alcohol, disinfectant and hot water. After cleaning it, rub it with a dry cloth to remove any moisture before applying the caulk.
  4. Apply a painter’s tape around the crack. This will help in keeping the procedure more precise and clean.
  5. Now let us prepare the sealant gun. On caulking, the gun’s back, press the release trigger. This will help loosen the long steel rod.
  6. After putting a caulk tube into its frame, pierce it with the metal rod to keep the caulk in place while using.
  7. To adjust the caulk’s thickness, cut its nozzle with scissors’ help at a 45° angle. Note that this choice is permanent, so cut it carefully and precisely.
  8. Now, to apply the caulk, hold the gun at a 45° angle to the crack. Use both hands while working, one on the trigger, and another should hold the frame to aim better at gaps.
  9. Now press the trigger to push the caulk into nozzle and move it across the gap to fill it precisely.
  10. Use a heated metal spoon to smoothen the caulk and remove the painter’s tape afterwards. Now leave the caulk to dry.

How To Use Caulk Without Gun?

  1. Firstly, you need to take a squeeze tube caulk as it is far easier than traditional caulks to apply without a gun.
  2. Just do the beginning procedure as we mentioned above, and then you are all set to fill up any crack or gap.
  3. Hold the tube and squeeze it firmly to push the caulk out through its nozzle and into gaps.
  4. These days, several caulks are available in the market to use without sealant gun guns.
  5. There is also a second method using a T-shaped tool that looks similar to a hammer handle and can push the caulk out of its tube. However, this won’t give the best results like a caulk gun.

How To Load A Caulk Gun?

  1. For loading a caulk gun, press the small trigger located at the caulk gun’s back to loosen the steel rod which runs throughout its frame.
  2. Use your other hand to hold and pull the rod as far back as you can.
  3. Now it is time to insert a caulking tube into the frame by putting its flat end first and the nozzle in the direction away from yourself.
  4. Puncturing the tube is essential, so use a metal rod to pierce it deeply. This keeps a caulk in place.
  5. Now cut the nozzle’s end according to your desired thickness at a 45° angle, and this gun is ready to use.

How To Release A Caulk Gun?

  1. Hold the caulk gun in one hand, keeping the nozzle directed towards the floor. Now, using your other hand, turn this handle in a clockwise motion.
  2. Disengage the piston by keeping its plunger backwards.
  3. Lift the caulking tube from the gun’s back. Discard it after removing it from the tool completely.
  4. Use a scraper to remove the excess caulk that might have stuck before it settles and dries up.
  5. Clean the caulk gun properly by using a wet cloth or a brush.
  6. Do not forget the lubrication step to keep it ready for subsequent use.

Sausage Caulk Gun Tips

  1. Wearing the correct type of gloves while handling the caulking gun is very important. The caulk is extremely difficult to remove from hands.
  2. Never apply force while putting the caulk into the frame for sealing.
  3. Be extremely steady while applying the caulk into any gaps.
  4. While cutting its nozzle according to your desired thickness, be precise and hold it at a 45° angle as it is an irreversible procedure. If it gets cut very wide, the caulk will get wasted.
  5. Do not forget to clean and lubricate the caulk gun after using it to keep it in good condition.
  6. Keep distractions away from yourself while using this tool as it requires acute concentration.

Types Of Caulk Guns

Ratchet Caulking Gun

These Ratchet guns are old-styled tools used to seal the household’s cracks and gaps. These kinds of caulking guns have a serrated push rod or steel rod throughout their frames. So when you press the trigger, it gets pushed down completely along the caulk tube and helps the caulk discharge from it. In this type of sealant gun, the ratchet drive forces the pressure bar to move in actual small increments to avoid caulk’s overflow.

Electric Caulking Gun

Electric caulk gun operates while using electricity to dispense caulk out of the tool. The battery cartridge guns are easier to use than other kinds as the user needs to press the trigger lightly and the caulk starts coming out of its tube. They also have the settings of adjusting the caulk flow speed, which is pretty convenient and time-saving.

Manual Caulk Gun

Manual caulk guns, as understood by the name, work manually. The user must press the trigger using force, and then the caulk comes out of its nozzle. The trigger news to be pressed continuously in order to get a proper flow. These are quite tiresome as they require manual strength and take a lot of time to get your work done. One advantage of having a manual caulk gun is that it comes in a very affordable price range and requires less maintenance.

Smooth Rod Caulk Gun

A smooth rod caulk gun is much like manual one except having a different kind of caulk flow. In these types of caulk guns, to get the caulk out of their tubes, when the user slightly squeezes the handle, a small amount of caulk comes out. When there is a large squeeze, more caulk oozes out. Smooth rod caulking guns are also available at affordable prices and are extremely convenient to use.

Dripless Caulking Gun

A dripless caulking gun is not a different kind of caulk gun but is a characteristic of a good caulk gun. As these known to do much wastage of caulks and create a mess because of caulk overflow through nozzles. Nowadays, cartridge guns built with dripless technology to give us a great working experience without consuming your time cleaning after each use. When the trigger of a caulk gun gets squeezed, the caulk starts flowing. When it is left, the flow is supposed to stop, making it the best caulk gun.

Different Caulk Gun Sizes – Which Is The Best for You?

29 Oz Caulk Gun

This heavy duty caulk gun can hold a 29 oz caulk material, is quite big. This 29 Oz silicon gun is best suitable for an industrial caulking gun.

28 Oz Caulk Gun

28 oz large caulk gun is mostly preferable for industrial purposes. It can hold up to 28 oz of caulk material and is quite big in size.

30 Oz Caulk Gun

30 oz caulk gun is best for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. It can hold up to 30 oz of caulk material and is the biggest in size.

10 Oz Caulk Gun

10 oz caulk gun is of the standard size that can hold up to 1/10 gallon of caulk material in it. Most caulks are of this size only. That is why this is the most popular size of caulk tools.

Who Makes The Best Sealant Guns In the Market?


Ryobi is a popular brand when someone is willing to buy a caulk guns either for domestic or commercial purposes. Moreover, Ryobi produces the best electric caulk gun built with high-quality material and long-lasting use. This brand has gained the trust of millions of users through its authentic and supreme products.


Newborn brand established 45 years ago, has been developing and evolving at a rapid pace. It starts from just two models of caulk tools and now manufactures over 95 different models, out of patent models. The motto of this brand is to provide the highest quality adhesives and sealant dispensers in the market.


Milwaukee is one of the oldest brands that has been developing high-quality industrial tools since 1924. This brand motto is evolving with time and developing its products according to customers’ demands and technology changes. There is hardly any competitor of this brand who can produce such supreme quality products.


Albion is an in-demand brand in the community of sausage gun users as it produces premium quality and affordable products. The Albion Engineering company was established in 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Since 1935, it is a leading brand in the caulking guns market.

What To Look For While Buying a Caulking Gun?

Buying a good caulking gun that fulfills your requirements is essential. But you need to look for some crucial factors in it that will help you get the best caulk gun and make it highly efficient and secure too. We have listed below some important factors to seek in a sealant tools while buying it so that you do not end up with something that will not prove to be a worthy investment in the future.


Traditional caulking tools were messy and hard to clean, but they do not cause such difficulty nowadays. These heavy duty caulking guns are available with drip-free technology that makes them capable of creating as minimum mess as possible. However, make sure it is comes with dripless technology by checking its retractable trigger that snaps back at its position whenever it is releasing and Stooping the caulk flow immediately, leading to zero wastage and trouble.


Though silicone guns come on a budget and is an inexpensive method of keeping your house up to date, it does not mean that you end up buying the one that is meant for one-time use only. So, while purchasing the best caulking tool, knowing its durability is extremely important. As you do not want something that needs to be bought again and again whenever your home requires a repair. That is why always invest in a caulk gun with a metal body, gripped handle/trigger, and rust proof coating to keep it usable for a long time.


Whenever you want to buy a tool, knowing its purpose is absolutely necessary. A similar fact applies to caulk tools too. If you want it for a small purpose or require it for one or two things only, it is best to invest in an inexpensive and minimalistic one. But if you require it for homeowner repair or long-term jobs, then you should invest in the best quality and full-featured tool that may last you for a few years.

Additional features

Well, caulk tools come with several unique features other than just dispensing caulks. When you invest in a caulk gun, search for features like a rotating barrel to reach tight spots, gripped trigger/handle to prevent the tool slipping from hand. Also, look for a spout cutter or puncture tool to puncture a caulk tube, ladder hook- to give rest to your hand and hang it in a secure position. These features are extremely necessary and are available in almost all pocket-friendly caulk guns.

Frequently Ask Question

Q.Why my caulk gun too hard to squeeze?

If there is an old caulk build up in your caulking gun, then it might cause it to be tight and hard to squeeze. Try soaking it in mineral spirits, and it might help loosen the old caulk particles, then clean it and use it again.

Q. What is the best caulking gun?

All the caulking guns that we have mentioned above in our list of best caulk gun list are the best in the market.

Q. What is thrust ratio caulk gun?

The caulk gun’s thrust ratio is the ratio of the force you apply vs the force being applied to push the caulk. 10:1 thrust ratio means if you apply 1 pound of force on the trigger, then 10 times of that force pushes the caulk.

Q. How to get caulk out of caulk gun?

Press the release lever at a caulking gun’s backside and pull back its plunger to get the caulk out of a sealant gun.

Q. What is a sausage caulk gun?

A sausage caulk gun is a manual type one which, by pressing its trigger, caulk comes out according to the force applied on it.

Q. How much does caulk cost?

The cost of caulking depends on the area that needs to be sealed; the total cost of caulk is between $179 to $412.


Caulk tools are essential tools for homes and professional jobs to repair and seal gaps or cracks in various objects of your household or living areas. It is costly to maintain the quality of things at home. You can easily mend your bathroom, furniture, glassware, and walls with a caulk gun at a low price without any professional help. These silicone guns will not give you a hard time in the future and will last for long without costing you a fortune. You can buy any of the caulking tools listed above according to your feature requirements and budget. We hope this top gun caulk review might have helped you in gaining more knowledge about silicon guns.

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