The 14 Top Rated Cat Urine Remover You can Buy in 2023

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We all love our pets. Don’t we? But sometimes, taking care of them can be a bit of a difficult job. Especially the young ones, who need extra care and attention. They are the ones who litter and create a mess, and you have to clean it up later on. But that is your job and everything that comes with them, even their litters and poops. Of course, it’s more of a hassle for those who have more than one pet, be it a cat or a dog or something else. But, thanks to innovation, you can delegate at least one of your jobs to something else. Something that keeps your home healthy and reduces the stress of extra cleaning hours. Luckily, you can do all of these things very easily with a wide range of the best cat urine removers on the market.

So, take care of them, play with them, and enjoy their company subtracting all the lengthy nasty jobs that come with it. By nasty, we mean long hours taken while cleaning their urine or the bad-smelling odor. Because, at the end of your tiring day, what would you choose first after coming back home? To clean their urine or to snuggle them close? We know the latter is the one that you would love the most. So, why not make your work easy regarding this? Get yourself the best cat urine smell remover.

The Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine

We tested different cat urine eliminators based on various reviews from different online platforms and shopping websites like Amazon. After the analysis, we are here with a list of the best cat urine removers. So, the next time you have trouble with your cat’s created mess, all you have to do is take out the cat urine cleaner and get to work. Why do you need this? These are chemically compounded to help you remove those stains and odor much faster than basic detergents or cleaners. All you have to do is have a look.

The 14 Best Cat Urine Remover Reviews in 2023


Rocco _ Roxie 32-oz fsec Supply Professional Strength Stain _ Odor Eliminator image.psd

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

  • Natural Bio Enzymatic Formula
  • Eliminate odor
  • Safe for childern & Pets
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Angry Orange 1 Gallon of Solution Pet Odor Eliminator image

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

  • Derived from organe peels
  • Custom Cold Pressed formula
  • Best for toughest pet odors
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Nature_s Miracle P-5558 24-Ounce No More Marking Stain _ Odor Remover image

Nature’s Miracle Pet stain & odor remover

  • Stain & odor remover
  • Natural repellent
  • Prevent revisiting & marking
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Nature_s Miracle P-96992 32Oz Cat Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator image

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Odor Eliminator

  • Powerful enzymatic formula
  • Great for large messes
  • Light, fresh scent
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Resolve Urine Destroyer 32oz Spray Stain _ Odor Remover image

Resolve Urine Destroyer

  • Prevent remarking
  • Clean Scent
  • Safe for carpets & fabrics,
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Simple Solution 10137N-12PONL 32-oz Enzymatic 3X Pro-Bacteria Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover image

Simple Solution Extreme Stain remover

  • Safe around pets
  • Prevent repeat marking
  • Great for surface stains
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Nature_s Miracle P-98149 New Formula 1-Gallon Light Fresh Scent Urine Destroyer image

Nature’s Urine Destroyer

  • Light fresh scent
  • Safe for pet & home
  • Bacteria-based formulas
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner image

BUBBAS Pet Odor Eliminator

  • Scientifically formulated
  • Permanently destroys odor & stain
  • Kids & Pet Safe
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle image

Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

  • Powerful natural formula
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Easy to clean up
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Zero Odor ZOG 1013 16-Ounce Trigger Spray Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator image

Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator

  • Non toxic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Leaves no scent
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


OUT! 70062-6PONL 32-Ounces Orange Oxy Stain and Odor Remover image

OUT! Orange Oxy Stain & Odor Remover

  • Smells fresh & Clean
  • Citrus cleaning power
  • Safe to use around children
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Fresh Wave 290067 3-lbs 15oz (63oz) Odor Removing Gel Refill image

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Refill

  • Natural Ingredient
  • User Friendly
  • EPA Safer Choice Certification
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Urine Gone 20101 Strength Fast-Acting Enzyme-Based Solution 24 oz S Stain _ Odor Eliminator image

Urine Gone Stain & Odor Eliminator

  • Stops Pets from Remarking
  • Easy to Use
  • Instantly Penetrates
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


ARM _ HAMMER SPOMHNK4083 Activated Baking Soda 20 oz (Pack of 2) Cat Litter Deodorizer image

ARM & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

  • 50% lighter & 100% dust free
  • Eliminates odor instanlty
  • Uses baking soda
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Efficient stain, odor, and residue remover
  • Very user-friendly and easy to handle
  • Certified by Carpet and Rug Institute
  • Contains natural enzymatic bacteria
  • It can be used on any surface
  • Very popular and effective

This is the best cat urine odor remover and the most used product by various pet owners and non-pet owners. Do you want to know why it is so? Firstly, because of its quality and effectiveness in its job. Rocco & Roxie’s animal odor eliminator contains natural enzymes. These bacteria feed on the ammonia residue, which is usually left behind in the pet urine. This removes the stain and the deep odor that lingers long after we have cleaned the area. It is not only a child or a pet-safe product; it is very easy to use on carpets and rugs as certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute(CRI). This helps you, as with all those busy schedules and deadlines, removing stains and odor will not appear as a heavy task. Even if your cat pees on the carpet, rug, hardwood tiles, laundry, or any other furniture.

You can restore it to its original form just by a few simple steps and sprays (why they love to pee on carpet is a mystery, though!). This is not just limited to cats’ or dogs’ mess in specific. This odor destroyer works in cases of yellow stinky vomits or feces stains or any other gross stuff stains. It cleans everything! The manufacturer claims that its professional strength bio enzymes can tackle all kinds of bacteria or odor-creating organics. Their money-back guarantee reassures us of their quality, and as far as we can deduce, everyone is quite happy after this purchase, and pet stains are no longer a headache anymore. With clear and direct instructions, you can easily follow the steps to use the product and get it all cleaned. Just go and buy it right now.

2. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator for Dog and Cat Urine

What We Like?

  • The nice scented smell of fresh oranges
  • Derived from oil in orange peels
  • Frequently bought product
  • Creates a gallon of solution
  • Removes odor efficiently
  • Works everywhere

Angry orange, well, just like its name, this product shows a very strong emotion when it comes to the case of cleaning the stains and removing the stench. Being one of the most demanded commercial odor eliminators in the market, it is worth the price you pay for it. The best part of this cleaner is the after the smell of freshly-squeezed oranges. It not only cleans the stain but removes the strong odor with its amazing scent. Angry orange pet odor eliminator is perfect for any environment and very user-friendly too. The purchase will never disappoint you for sure.

Even though the manufacturer advises the user not to use it directly on their pets, this best cat urine remover works on all the crucial parts of your home. It cleans everything without harming the original material, from the kitchen, countertops, bathroom, couches to carpets and rugs. Surprisingly, this 8 oz. bottle creates a gallon of solution. Once you pour two spoons of the liquid as per the instructions, the spray bottle runs for a very long time. So, you get a lot in just a small pack; your money is spent in the right place. And, you can use it in various places and not just for dogs or cats. Moreover, this best pet odor eliminator works in barns and stables too. So, this is a perfect thing for you to buy right now if you have a pet.

3. Nature’s Miracle No More Marking Stain & Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Prevents re-marking in the same spot
  • Very safe to use around pets
  • Eliminates stain and odor
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Trustworthy brand

This product is an experiment by its founder Joe Weiss to clean a very stubborn pet’s mess. Amazingly, it worked out well and removed the stain and odor very effectively. Most pet stain and odor remover do the job, but not many can prevent the pets from remarking the same space twice. Nature’s Miracle No More Marking does this for you. It creates a very natural repellent smell that makes your pet avoid peeing in the same place again. We were amazed to hear that this helps. It even leaves behind a very lemony and cinnamon scent. Even though they provide a money-back guarantee, no one ever felt the need to return this wonderful cat pee deterrent.

It comes in a 24 fl. oz cat urine spray as well as a 128 fl. oz pour. So, you can choose whatever you are comfortable with. They have provided all the necessary instructions to use this product. It will guide the proper direction on removing stain, odor, and even how to use it as laundry. You will appreciate how this helps you to break your pet’s habits. Pets are stubborn in the sense that they keep doing the same thing over and over again. This helps to prevent that and removes vomit, blood, and other litter very effectively. And no issues regarding the surface either; you can easily use it on carpets, fabric clothing, kennels, and hard furniture (except wood floors, leather, and suede). It’s truly a miracle, just use it for yourself and enjoy its benefits.

4. Nature’s Miracle Cat Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Removes tough stains and odor efficiently
  • 32 Oz odor eliminator at reasonable price
  • Uses powerful enzymatic formula
  • Helps to avoid re-soiling
  • Light, fresh scent

Another one from Nature’s Miracle, but it is an advanced version. The solution contains powerful enzymes that help remove the toughest of stains and odor. Be it cat urine, diarrhea, stinking vomits, or any other bio-based mess, it can clean and remove the odor as if nothing happened there. You can relax with the fact that it even disinfects bacteria and viruses in the infected area. But more than this, this enzymatic cleaner for cat urine doesn’t leave behind any particular smell. Instead, it contains a very fresh scent that is suitable to everyone.

You know how certain chemicals are harmful to pets. But the manufacturer claims that if you follow the instructions as per the guide, this unit is very safe to use near pets and in various places at home. It can clean the stain from furniture to hard tiles, wood floors, and even carpets. All thanks to the dual-action oxy formula for deep cleaning. Technically, this unit breaks down the urea formula, and as such, the urine gets cleaned up in no time. You get all of this at a very budget-friendly price, and that too is available in various sizes to suit your requirements. It is among the best cat pee cleaners in the market because you can trust this brand without a second thought. Your pet’s mess-creating problem has a perfect solution now. Buy and see how effective it is!

5. Resolve Urine Destroyer Spray Stain & Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Safe for carpets, hard floors, and fabrics 
  • Removes stain and odor perfectly
  • Very safe around pets and kids
  • Helps to prevent remarking
  • Neutralizes odor on contact
  • Is based on no flavor

Resolve has brought a very transparent-looking 32 Fl Oz odor-free solution to remove the stain and pet odor from the infected areas. It is being called the best cat urine remover for carpet because it doesn’t use a very strong after scent, just leaves a fresh light one. Also, you will love the no scrubbing part. The manufacturer claims that it contains a bio-based ingredient to neutralize cat urine. Then, with just a spray or spill, you wait for a maximum of five minutes, and after blotting, your job is done. Very easy and very fast than other solutions. Believe us, and you will love it!

We were also impressed with how safe it is around pets and kids (if you diligently follow the instructions). One can use it in offices, living rooms, cars, carpets, upholstery, grout, and mattresses. You need to know that it is not just a pet urine cleaner but is a human litter remover also. Be it vomiting, baby diaper leakage, or older adult urines, it can remove all stains (and avoids remarking too!) without much of a hassle. You get so much of these nasty jobs done in just a single bottle. Isn’t that great? This is all because of the 100% bio-based and high efficacy polymer technology formula used in the product. The overall process makes it the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine. Worth your time and money!

6. Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Handles tough stains on different surfaces
  • Removes pet odors and organic stains
  • Professional strength 32 Oz formula
  • Safe around pets and children
  • Discourages repeat marking
  • Multi-functional sprayer

Simple Solution is a well-known brand for its excellent products. The various products include leak-proof pads for dog training and other pet-friendly products. This cleaner is the best pet urine remover on the market and is manufactured in the USA itself. But let us tell you the interesting part; you will personally enjoy the 3-in-1 multi-functional sprayer (foam, mist, and stream). It becomes so easy to use various kinds of hard and soft surfaces at home. It even covers the safe usage in carpet, clothing, fabric toys, and other water-safe spaces in your place. So, it cleans the hardest of stains, be it anywhere. You get a cleaner spot at the end.

Its ability to discourage repeated marking in the same spot made it the most sold product in the current market. It removes pet’s urine, feces, or vomit in a very quick and safe manner. The pro-bacteria and enzymes formula breaks down the stain and odor organics and tends to remove them permanently. The foam spray is very effective for this. What’s more of a market grab for Simple Solution is the various styles, from original, scented to extreme dog odor flavors. So, choose the one that suits your needs and taste, and you get different sizes options as well. We have to say that the manufacturer went all the way to provide a money-worthy product to the users. So much in so little price, it’s a grab-and-go product, to be honest. Do try for yourself!

7. Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer

What We Like?

  • Best cleaner for cat urine and vomiting
  • Works on various kind of surfaces
  • Comes in different sizes and style
  • Removes tough stains and odor
  • Targeted urine enzyme formula
  • Light fresh after scent

Nature’s Miracle, known for its high-quality product, has brought this amazing cat urine stain remover to the market. Its efficiency and the ability to get the job done are undeniably good. So if you are constantly troubled by your cat peeing here and there and messing the house’s best carpets and couches, get this unit for yourself. This not only disinfects the bacteria and viruses but removes the stain as if it didn’t exist in the first place. It can easily remove tough stains, vomit, feces, and other bio-based messes from carpet, hardwood, tile, and linoleum. No disappointment there! You will love this unit if, by the end of that tiring and hectic day, you see your cat’s mess and have no solution as of now.

This best pet stain removers work until it removes all the food and the sticky residue. The deep odor vanishes, leaving behind a very light and fresh scent that makes it easier to forget the mess. Then, just within 10 minutes, you can clean all the stains and not worry that your house is unfit to welcome any guest. And if you follow the instructions correctly, this product is very safe around pets. It stubbornly removes all kinds of stains and makes your home cleaner. We should buy this if you are a cat owner or have more than one cat. Your work will reduce and save a lot of your time and energy wasted on extra cleaning. Just choose the right size and style (we suggest you go for the 1-gallon one!) and clean that tough mess with ease.

8. BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

What We Like?

  • Trusted choice in hospitals and by vets
  • Certified by Carpet and Rug Institute
  • Removes strong stains and odors
  • Can be used on various surfaces
  • Not limited to just pet stains
  • Money-back guarantee

The BUBBAS Super Strength Cleaner uses a natural dormant bacteria that activates immediately upon hitting the pee stains. The enzymes get down to work to remove the stain and the stinky odor. So, the next time your cat ruins your favorite carpet, use this carpet odor eliminator to fix it. But we admire how the manufacturer claims that this can work in a laundry, wine stains, and garbage odors. And according to the reviews, it does. Not only this, it works in all the places of your home, like kitchen, bathroom, and offices. So, let your cat roam anywhere without the tension that its litter will leave behind any permanent stain or odor.

This carpet deodorizer for pet urine effectively removes all kinds of stains from vomit, poops, urine, sweat, and blood. It is better than other enzymatic cleaners because you can use it on furniture, upholstery, fabrics, and floor. Also, if you find the product ineffective in many situations, the manufacturer backs you with a money-back guarantee. Although, as per the reviews, this has never happened to any of the users, everyone seems highly satisfied. It is not concentrated on just pet urine and works on shoe odor and as clothes pretreat to remove tough grass stains makes it a very attractive unit. It comes in a 32 oz and one-gallon bottle, so choose as per your preference. You will want to keep buying it again and again for sure.

9. Sunny & Honey Enzyme Cleaner for Dog and Cat Urine

What We Like?

  • Effective in removing tough stain and odor
  • Leaping Bunny certified product
  • Uses bio-enzymatic formula
  • Works on all kind of stains
  • Amazing full spice scent 
  • Multi-surface cleaner

Are you worried that whenever you let your pet move around freely, they tend to make a mess everywhere, either by peeing or ruining things? And what are the stains and after smell? Pet Stain & Odor Miracle is a complete solution to all of it. Being certified by Leaping Bunny, they pass all the safety and stain removing standards. And the scent that it leaves behind is to die for. It is so refreshing and fresh that one wouldn’t know that there existed a stain or bad odor before. It is all organic and completely harmless. You will see it yourself once you try it. Effective and would make for a good purchase.

Pet Stain and Odor Miracle use a bio-enzymatic formula that cleans every surface in your place, like rug, carpet, tile, furniture, concrete floor, car upholstery, and many other areas. These natural ingredients are biodegradable, non-toxic, and contain the scent of essential oils. So after using them, you get a refreshing smell. This also proves that it is very safe around kids and pets. So, if you follow the instructions properly, you can remove every hard and tough stain and it is safe at the same time. The manufacturer also claims that you can use it in artificial grass, patios, and decks and cleans them just the same. Furthermore, it is made in the USA, and as such, makes for better quality assurance and customer service.

10. Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Made of biodegradable ingredients
  • Removes stains and strong odors
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Perfect pet deodorizer
  • Very pocket-friendly

Do you like perfumes? Or deodorizers? They tend to leave traces of good scent. But Zero Odor Eliminator is an opposite example of a perfume meant to remove odors created by your pet’s residue or urine. But the right thing to say is, it is very pocket-friendly and claims to leave no scent behind. So, true to its name, there is zero odor. So, you clean up the mess, and after using it, no one will notice that you even used an odor remover in the room or anywhere else.

Most of the time, there are bad smells in bathrooms, kitchen, trash cans, cars, furniture or clothes and shoes, and even smoke. It can make them all disappear in just a few sprays. A 16-Ounce formula with non-toxic, non-allergenic, and uses biodegradable ingredients. So, it is very safe and harmless to any environment. They have even explained molecular technology, how the molecules seek and come in contact with the odor creating organic materials, and break them down to create an odorless molecule. Hence, you don’t get a masked odor in exchange for it, and there is no scented smell. Use it anywhere and anytime, and it works perfectly fine. In just a 16 oz bottle, it does a wonderful job.

11. OUT! PetCare Orange Oxy Stain & Odor Remover

What We Like?

  • Removes toughest stains and smells
  • High quality pet odor neutralizer
  • Uses powerful oxidizing formula
  • Prevents repeat marking
  • Safe to use around pets
  • Very user-friendly

According to the top rated cat urine remover reviews, this is the best odor eliminator spray. This 32 oz spray can work amazingly to remove odor and ensure that no lingering aroma or scent is left behind. Such scents attract your pets to re-create the mess in the same area and re-soil it again and again. OUT! Orange Oxy Stain remover leaves behind no such traces and tends just to clean the area and make it the way it was before the mess. Very effective and efficient in its work.

Among the many cat odor eliminators, we found that this one is the most effective in removing those pheromones that usually draw your pet to pee in the same region. Unfortunately, this activity eventually destroys the quality of the carpet or floor, leading to an unbearable level of smell and mess. So, if you own a pet, be it a dog or a cat, try this to reduce future mess and make it a habit. Even after returning home after a tiring day at work, you shouldn’t have to deal with the hard work behind removing the mess, just use this urine cleaner. At least, you can have more time to have fun and play with them than cleaning.

12. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Refill

What We Like?

  • Uses no harsh chemicals or toxic material
  • Very convenient to use and eco-friendly
  • Works for various other bad smells
  • Safer choice certification from EPA
  • Uses plant-based ingredients
  • Removes strong odors easily

Do you know what the best part of this odor-removing gel is? It is made of plant-based ingredients, including cedarwood, pine needles, clove, lime, and anise. Let us tell you that the combination of this creates a refreshing unit making it the best odor absorber. You might have seen many pet urine odor eliminators, but this is a very eco-friendly product. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-GMO, and as such, is very safe around pets and for the planet as well. There are no harsh chemicals used; it has been certified as a safe choice from EPA itself. Very, very safe to use.

This works as a great pet urine odor remover, be it a dog or a cat or any other pet for that matter. It removes their stench, and it absorbs the urine odor in no time. This is a worthwhile purchase, to be honest. It neutralizes the odor around it, say in kitchens, trash cans, cigarette smoke smell, or any other stench. It makes them vanish and leaves behind a very refreshing and fresh scent. Whereascomes in small packs and is in the form of a gel that absorbs the odor around it. Usually, when we have cats and pets, or even areas like a shoe rack or garbage section, there tends to be some mess or litter in the house. This acts as the best odor eliminator in such cases. Very pocket-friendly and useful product. The results will never disappoint you.

13. Urine Gone, S Stain & Odor Eliminator

What We Like?

  • Prevents remarking in the same spot
  • Penetrates deep and removes stain
  • Uses fast-acting enzyme cleaner
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Multipurpose cleaner

Urine Gone has ensured that you get all the necessary benefits that one desires in a cat urine deodorizer. It has a professional strength enzyme cleaning solution to the convenience of use. It covers everything in just a 24 oz bottle spray. Not only this, this is effective on various kinds of surfaces in your home. For example, say your pet stains your carpet, and it will thoroughly remove the stain and the odor created by it without much hassle. It is safe to use in woods, tile, bathrooms, mattresses, and couches as well. Nobody can deny how effective this solution is.

The one thing you should know is that the manufacturer claims that it instantly penetrates deep into the fabric of couches or carpets where your cat might have peed. Then, it breaks down the urine compound and creates an odorless molecule that even cleans up the stain. These natural enzymes ensure that the fresh smell makes the pets avoid re-soiling the same spot repeatedly. In addition, it breaks their habit of peeing in the same space (your favorite carpet is saved!). You don’t have to think twice if you are looking for the right size, as the 24 oz makes for an appropriate and convenient usage for everyone. Every pet owner has demanded this product after using it for the first time. Reviews have been great for these; you will have a fruitful experience.

14. ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter Deodorizer

What We Like?

  • Remove cat urine odors within minutes
  • Very effective in removing odor
  • Makes for a perfect cat cleaner
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Very inexpensive product
  • Uses baking soda

Just a small pack of 20 oz can work magic when it comes to cleaning your cat’s mess and smell. ARM & HAMMER has come up with this low-priced cat urine odor removal that comes in packs of two and works the same as those expensive units. Within this price range, you won’t get such an effective odor remover. The very USB of this product is the use of baking soda. It is unique and among the innovative and yet inexpensive items in this targeted field. Do you want to know how these small packs work? And why do people prefer to buy this despite those good spray bottles?

Firstly, it absorbs the unpleasant smell from the source itself. Say, if you put it in a litter box, and your cat peed in it, then the moisture-activated scent makes sure that there exists no smell of the cat’s urine. Second, it refreshes the box for next time usage and makes it stay fresh for a long time. Even at times, when we vacuum, cat hair gets stuck in it. To avoid this, use this item, it helps to lift away unwanted hairs during vacuuming. Another good thing is it helps to prevent urine clumps that might form in the litter box, which makes the litter box stay odorless and less dirty. Very cheap and very easy to use. Just imagine, it’s baking soda! Try it and know how good this small pack can be.

Buying Guide of Best Cat Urine Odor Removers

We have listed to you all the important and best cat urine remover available in the market. Even though various other items are available in the local market, one can also make some homemade cat urine cleaner. But these items are very effective and much easier to store and use. Yet, we would like you to know what exactly to look for to obtain the best urine cleaner for pets. These might help you in making the right buying decision.

What is a Cat Urine Odor Remover, and How does it Work?

Cat odor remover eliminates the stains and odor that arise due to urine and residues left by the pets in various areas of the home. It neutralizes the smell and retains the freshness of the home. Its better to soak the affected area in an enzyme cleaner and let air dry. The broken-down uric acid evaporates in the form of gas and leaves the fabric or the carpet fresh and stain-free. This natural drying keeps both the surface and the aroma around it clean and healthy.

Why Does a Cat’s Urine Smell Bad?

Cat’s pee contains urea, uric acid, electrolytes, and other bacteria and pheromones. The decomposition of pee through the bacteria breaks the urea that releases a strong smell of ammonia, creating the bad odor. And cats have a habit of marking their territory where they pee, so continuous disposal makes for the worse smelling stench. But the real reason is ammonia that makes it smell so bad.

How To Remove Cat Urine Smell?

How to get cat urine smell out of carpet?

  1. Track down the source of the smell, as in, in which area has your pet peed in.
  2. Use a paper towel or an old rag to blot the spot with water (cold water would be best)
  3. Pour or spray an enzymatic cleaner on the spot and let it soak.
  4. Either clean it up by blotting with water again or sprinkle baking soda for better stain removal
  5. Freshen up your room by using the spray in and around the specific spot.

How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Clothes?

  1. Blot the spot or the entire cloth with water and rinse the spot without rubbing
  2. Pre-treat the stained area using oxygen bleach(not chlorine bleach) and let it sink in water to soak it.
  3. Mix water with a small amount of vinegar, say in a ratio of 3:1, and prepare the wash.
  4. Add baking soda if you like and then after washing, let it air-dry.
  5. If you use an enzymatic-based detergent, then just pour it in the wah with the cloth.
  6. Run the garment through laundry or hand-wash it, as per your preference, and then let it air dry. The stain is gone.

How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress?

  1. choose the right cleaner that will work on the mattresses without damaging the material
  2. pour the cleaner and let it saturate the stained area, and leave it to sink in
  3. remove the excess cleaner using towels or old rags
  4. After a while, sprinkle some baking soda, let the mattress air dry in the open, or use fans or vacuum to dry the spot.
  5. Later on, sweep or brush the area to remove the baking soda and use your mattress with a fresh scent again.

How to Get Cat Urine Out of Furniture and More?

  1. Either use an enzyme cleaner (which is best in cases of furniture and upholstery).
  2. Let it soak in the affected area by blotting with water beforehand and air-drying to remove odor and stain.
  3. Or one can use vinegar and baking soda, just the same way, but it may take more time and may or may not work.
  4. The best way is to use the right enzyme-based cleaner in cases of hard and other soft surfaces.

Who Should Buy a Cat Urine Odor Remover?

Anyone who owns a cat or more and people who don’t should also keep one in handy. At times, the stray cats or dogs litter the garbage box and make it stink. There is no specification on people as all pet owners prefer to have one urine odor remover, and certain non-pet owners tend to keep one. The basic job is to reduce the odor, for that, you need one such unit at your place.

What is an Enzymatic Cleaner?

Enzymatic cleaners are bio-degradable and non-hazardous cleaning agents. They often use clean floors, furniture, tiles, rugs, and other household items. It is also used in healthcare facilities for cleaning and decontamination of medical units. These are natural enzymes that break down the soil, stains, and other residues and waste to reduce them into odorless and cleaner molecules. They are best in reducing stains and removing bad smelling odors efficiently and easily.

Who Makes the Best Cat Urine Remover?

Angry Orange

Angry Orange has its headquarters in Florida, United States, and is now one of the most popular brands for odor removing agents. And just like the name suggests, the after-use smell is that of freshly peeled oranges. It will eliminate the toughest barn, shelter, and stable odors. But now, they are exploring and innovating to provide their services in homes as well. The high-quality products and services have led this brand to achieve new heights. One can easily trust their products without any second thoughts.

Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer

For over the last 30 years, Nature’s Miracle aims to keep its name high by providing high-quality range products when it comes to producing good odor remover. They offer a line of total pet care products and training aids as well. Its products are used worldwide and are appreciated for their effectiveness and use of natural enzymes that cleans the stain and leaves the area fresh with light after scent. Their motto is to help you keep a clean home and a healthy and happy pet by your side.

Simple Green Odor Eliminator

Simple Green have a strong sense of foundation based on various principles and are nationally famous for their efficient products and services. Their products reduce stains and odor very effectively, and the after smell is very refreshing and good. Being their headquarters situated in California, one can trust their fast service and quality. They use natural enzymes in their products and are also effective on grass, turf, concrete, gravel. They are not just limited to household items. Simple Green provides all the guidelines that you may need to use their products.

How to Choose a Cat Urine Remover?

Choosing the perfect best cat urine removerr may be a tough task for you based on the available options in the market. Here are the minimum considerations to look into while choosing the cat urine remover to make your shopping easier.

Choose natural enzymes

Pick a urine remover that contains natural enzymes and is not based on chemicals. As cat urine is made of ammonia and using chemical cleaning detergent will only elevate your problems. Using eco-friendly enzymatic-based products removes debris by reducing stain and odor at the molecular level and keeps it disinfected of bacteria. It should be healthy and safe to use at your home. Cat urine remover is not just a mask, it will eliminate completely. It would help if you looked for permanent curing agents, and natural ingredient-based solutions are the best.

Ease of use

Look for products that are easy to use and have versatility. Sprays are easier than foams and mist, but the latter is more effective. Not all products can give you that spot clean in one go. We would suggest going for sprays as they are easy to use and work as a grab-and-go unit. One can just easily follow the instructions and use the product as specified. And enzymes tend to work in damp conditions, so products that reduce your work and clean spotlessly at the same time are the right ones.

Covers multiple surfaces

Now, pets tend to litter in every area in the house. They have no specifications, so the cleaner that covers many surfaces is the perfect purchase. It should cover a maximum of them from wood floors, tiles, hardwood, carpets, rugs, furniture, upholstery, and bathroom fixtures to clothes, soft fabrics, and litter boxes. Choose the one that removes stain from all such places as then a single unit is enough for everything. You don’t have to buy different products for different areas; one item can remove stains and smells from all such places. Pick the right one.

Safe around pets and kids

Look for products that are safe around pets and kids. If they contain certain harmful ingredients or chemicals that might be toxic to the health of the house members, then it is useless. Products that are certified or pass the safety standards should be bought to be used around kids and pets without any worries. Every brand asks you to follow certain instructions before using it around pets, but some tend to have toxic materials, avoid them. Natural enzymes that are good to use around them should be bought.

Frequently Ask Question

How Long Does Cat Urine Odor Last?

Unfortunately, cat urine is the most persistent smell, and it may last forever if you do not remove it properly.

Is Cat Urine Toxic?

Yes, cat urine is toxic to humans. The ammonia in the cat urine may trigger respiratory problems, and it is very problematic for people suffering from asthma or bronchitis.

What Does Cat Urine Smell Like?

In general, cat urine smells like any other type of urine. The smell of cat urine is slightly acidic and pungent.

Does Vinegar Neutralize Cat Urine?

Yes, the vinegar, when mixed with baking soda, can neutralize the cat’s urine smell.

What Is The Best Cat Urine Odor Remover?

Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator is the best cat urine odor remover.

Where To Buy Enzyme Cleaner For Cat Urine?

You can get enzyme cleaner for cat urine from any local stores or online sites like amazon.


Hopefully, these might help you get a clear picture of how effective a simple cat urine remover or a pet odor removal unit should be. If there is certain confusion, you can check the links and make the right decision for yourself. We presented before you the best that the market has to offer. If you’re a pet owner or not, we highly suggest you keep such products at your place.

Because stains and odor are a general problem that needs to be solved for a healthy lifestyle and happy home. won’t it be useless to keep a pet and not tend to the cleaning part? Don’t you want your home to be good enough to welcome guests and them to like their pets? For that, we need to keep their stench and stains away, and only a cat pee cleaning unit can do so. Do try for yourself and you will know why we are asking you to buy one.