The Best Scratchers to Save Your Furniture from Kittens in 2023

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When talking about pets, cats are one of the most popular choices that one gets to hear. We love them mostly for their cuteness and playfulness. However, compared to a dog, a cat takes longer to warm up and trust human beings. But once they do, you will have a great furry friend. Cats have unique mannerisms which are interesting and fascinating to watch. One such activity is their scratching.

If you are a pet owner, you may have noticed your pet scratching objects in your home. One may easily consider such behavior as destructive. But this is not the case. Felines need to scratch now and then to be physically and mentally fit. In addition, scratching is beneficial for kittens in stretching or marking their territory. So, if you wish to save your carpets from scratch marks, you need to have a carpet scratching post in your home. That is why we have curated a list of the best cat scratching posts available on Amazon.

Top Cat Scratching Posts

Every pet owner goes through the problem of their pet scratching the expensive furniture. The best solution to this problem is buying a good kitten scratching post. It provides a surface to your pet meant specially for scratching, which leads them to use it instead of the carpet. To help you choose the right one for your cat, go through our curated list of the best cat scratching post to file nails.

The 14 Best Cat Scratching Posts for Sale 2023


SmartCat 3832 Pioneer Pet Ultimate Beige Scratching Post image

SmartCat ultimate scratching post

  • Aviods tipping & wobbling
  • Fibrous and durable
  • Attractive design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Dimaka 29-inches Light Grey Tall Cat Scratching Post image

Dimaka 29″ Tall cat scratching post

  • Nature high quality sisal
  • Long lasting usage
  • Modern Design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


PetFusion PF-CLMT2 3-Sided Large Warm Gray Vertical Cat Scratching Post image

PetFusion’s Vertical scratcher

  • 100% recyclable cardboard
  • No assembly needed
  • Less expensive
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Catry 17-inches Tall Cat Scratching Post with Natural Rope image

Catry Cat scratching post

  • Multiple size choices
  • Natural sisal rope
  • Durable construction
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Catry ZJS-16066-5 17-inches Tall Cat Scratching Post with Natural Rope image

Amazon Basics cat condo tree

  • Provide comfortable space
  • Natural jute fiber
  • Durable design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Catry ZJS-16066-5 17-inches Tall Cat Scratching Post with Natural Rope image

Trixie Sisal scratching posts

  • Soft plush platform
  • Ideal for young & adult cats
  • Improves activity levels
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PetnPurr Cactus Cat 20 inches HANGING Natural Sisal Scratcher image

PetnPurr Cactus cat scratcher

  • Easy to hang on doorknob
  • Unique design
  • Occupies limited floor
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Akarden Kitty 20.5 inches Tall Durable Cat Scratcher Pole with Sisal Rope image

Akarden Kitty scratching post

  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for big cats
  • Perfect for claw scratch
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


GoPets Premium Wedge Shaped Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher image

GoPets Premium cat scratcher

  • More ergonomic
  • Eco friendlt & recyclable
  • Attracts your cat
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


MidWest Homes for Pets 138C-BK Carnival Cat Tree Scratching Black_White Floral Furniture Wrapped Sisal Pet supplies image

MidWest Feline Nuvo carnival

  • Designer print fabric
  • Dangle toy balls
  • Sturdy, multi-tier design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Regular Premium Giant Tall 4-Level Scratch Sisal Posts Tree image

Downtown Premium Sisal cat scratching post

  • Plush toy ball
  • Cloth & Sisal Rope
  • Great for exercises
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


PAWZ Road Extra Post and Dangling Ball Included 22 inches Cat Scratching Post image

PAWZ Road 22″ cat scratching post

  • Sturdy choice
  • 4 anti-skid pad
  • Comes with a play toy
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Amazon Basics ZJS-14123-8 Medium 16 x 16 x 32 Inches Gray Cat Scratching Post image

Amazon Basics medium cat scratching post

  • Keeps cat nails healthy
  • Replaceable dangle toy
  • Prevents tipping
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post and Pad image

PAWZ Road cat scratching post

  • Durable sisal rope
  • Easy Assembly
  • Keeps your pet active
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1

1. SmartCat 32″ Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

What We Like?

  • A wide base eliminates wobbling
  • Made from durable sisal fiber
  • Attractive looking
  • Easy to assemble
  • 32 inch tall

Topping our list, we have a perfect scratching pad for your cat. It is the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post. With a height of thirty-two inches, your cat can use this pad to stretch to its fullest height and tone its muscles. But, the higher the post, the more likely it is to wobble and fall. That is why this tall scratching post has a wide base of 16X16 inches. This makes it more stable and prevents wobbling or tipping. In addition, the brand has used fibrous woven sisal fiber to make this product. This makes the pad durable and provides a great surface for scratching.

We found that the scratching posts for cats are extremely easy to assemble. You need only two screws to assemble the whole pad. For your convenience, they included two screws in this package. Being a modern cat scratcher post, the pioneer product looks quite decent and can easily be mistaken for a showpiece. We noticed that our pet is fond of this post and fairly enjoyed scratching its paws. This scratch post for cats is a far better option than a carpet that can snug nails. All in all, this post is an ideal product for your cat.

2. Dimaka 29″ Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope

What We Like?

  • Made from pet-friendly materials
  • Post made from natural sisal
  • 14 inch wide stable base
  • Includes a plush toy
  • 29 inch tall

The second position on our list has been occupied by the very deserving Dimaka 29″ Tall Cat Scratching Post. This carpet cat tower scratching post is ideal for improving your furry friend’s physical and mental health. Made from high-quality sisal, your pet will love to scratch the post and relieve all its stress and tension. No chemicals have been used in the making of this product which makes it safe for felines. Dinka has included a plush made from pet-friendly material to attract your pet towards the post. With a good height of 29 inches and a base of width 14 inches, the scratch most is quite stable and skid-free.

This best couch material for cats with claws is available in five different colors for you to choose from according to your home decor. Assembling this product did not make us anything more than 4 minutes. Thanks to its lightweight, it was easy to carry around or move. In addition, we noticed that the material of the post was strong enough to tolerate our kitten’s scratching but soft enough not to harm its claws. So, after using and testing this product with our kitty, we could say that your pet will enjoy this modern cat scratching post for a long time.

3. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

What We Like?

  • Made from recyclable cardboard and non-toxic corn starch
  • Ideal for scratching as well as playing
  • Three-sided with a hole at the center
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • No installation

This three-sided cat rubbing post is the most lovable design by many pet owners. Of course, we are talking about the PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post. This best scratching post for cats is made by keeping in mind your kitty’s ultimate enjoyment and well-being. Unlike other scratch posts, this post is three-sided, which gives your kitty more curves and edges to scratch. It also has a cubby hole at the center, which can grab your pet’s interest to explore. If you have more than one feline, then this scratching post might be the solution to your problems.

The vertical cat scratching board is an eco-friendly and nontoxic scratch post. This recyclable cat scratcher cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue are the raw material in the manufacturing process of this post. Kittens prefer cardboards to play and scratch, making this product the right choice for them. PetFusion has made their product stylish and suitable for placing anywhere and everywhere. There is no need for any installation, which is a relief. Apart from scratching, your kittens can climb and play with it. You can rotate the post to have 6x use, which is perfect for multi-cat households.

4. Catry Minimalist Style Design of Cat Tree Scratch Post

What We Like?

  • Includes a hanging toy ball
  • Made from natural sisal
  • Durable MDF board
  • 17 inches tall

The next position on our list is the most adorable and efficient Catry Cat Tree Cat Scratching Post with Natural Rope. Felines, especially kittens, are very playful around this. Sometimes, their playfulness can cause you trouble in the form of scratched sofas and carpets. The small cat scratching post might be the solution to your problems. With a height of about 17 inches, it is ideal for scratching for a kitten. The base measures 12 inches in width and provides good support to the post. We were happy to see that even after vigorous scratching from our cat, this post did not wobble or fall.

Made from natural sisal, the catry cat tree with natural rope is completely safe for scratching. Other than this, it has attached a hanging ball from the post. This helps attract the pet towards the post and holding its interest. The baseboard has high-quality MDF, which provides durability to the product. We noticed that our cat enjoyed scratching on this post without hurting its nails or claws.

5. Amazon Basics Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

What We Like?

  • Includes two posts with a hanging ball
  • Covered with jute ropes
  • Has a Hammock bed
  • Sturdy and durable

Moving forward, the AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post will surely give a luxury touch to your kitty. This cat tree scratching post has everything that a feline needs to enjoy itself. There are not one but two towers covered in good quality and durable jute ropes for your cat to scratch. It provides enough space for your kitten to play or scratch its paws. The base is sturdy chipboard, which acts as a carpet. So, you would not have to worry about your kitty scratching and destroying the expensive carpets.

This smart cat scratching post with bed has a hanging ball to catch your pet’s attention towards the post. It also acts as a good toy for your feline to play with. It is no secret that kitty like cozy places can nap or just sit peacefully. The brand implemented this knowledge into their cat tower and attached a Hammock bed over the two towers. So, your pet can use this Condo Tree Tower to scratch, play or sleep and have a good time.

6. Trixie Sisal Scratching Posts and Small Cat Trees

What We Like?

  • Two platforms to sit and relax
  • Stable and wide platform
  • 27-inch high post
  • Made from sisal

We have the Trixie Sisal Scratching Posts and Small cat Trees for Young and Adult Cats with promising durability. If you worry about your cat scratching and destroying your carpet or furniture, then this Trixie product is the right choice for you. It will surely improve the physical and mental fitness of your kitty. It features a twenty-seven-inch long post that has durable sisal material. Sisal is one of the best materials to make such kitten scratch posts as they have the right amount of hardness that is ideal for scratching. Furthermore, sisal also helps to make it durable. So, this product is perfect for adult cats who are vigorous scratchers.

These small cat trees for young and adult kittens have a plush platform at the bottom and the upper end of the post. It acts as a platform where the kitten can climb and relax. Just like the post, the platforms are also of durable material that can withstand scratching or biting. The 15-inch wide platform provides a good base to the post, which eliminates wobbling or tipping. It is available in five different neutral colors that can match your home’s decor.

7. PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher

What We Like?

  • Made from high-quality sisal
  • No installation is required
  • Adds life to the room
  • Includes a teaser ball
  • Space-saving

This product is a perfect combination of style and usability. It is the PetnPurr Cactus cat scratcher. Moreover, this cat wall scratcher is ideal for keeping your pet entertained and protecting your furniture from its wrath. It is made from sisal, which is a high-quality carpet material. The sisal acts as a perfect surface for your feline to do its scratching. They made cat scratching carpet in a cactus shape. In our opinion, the cactus design looks very fresh and lively and is a treat to the eyes. You can hang it from a door handle or a wall and add life to your room.

The PetnPurr Cactus’s best cat scratcher also features a dangling teaser ball that can grab your cat’s attention and attract it towards the lost. Your pet will have to stretch and leap to catch the ball, which will tone its muscles. Other than this, we feel that this cat claw scratcher acts as a real space saver, which is beneficial for small apartments or compact spaces. Furthermore, there was no preparation or installation needed for using this product which saved us a lot of valuable time and energy.

8. Akarden 20.5” Tall Cat Scratching Post

What We Like?

  • A wide base prevents wobbling
  • Hanging ball attracts cats
  • 20.5 inches of height
  • Made from sisal

After testing many scratch posts for cats, we loved the Akarden 20.5” Tall Cat Scratching Post so much for its durability. With a good height of 20.5 inches, this scratching tower acts as a good object for your pet to release its energy onto. It is made from a hundred percent natural sisal that is perfect for tolerating your furry friend’s vigorous scratching and biting. The best part about this product, in our opinion, is the hanging ball. The ball adds to the attractiveness of the post and does a good job of teasing our kitty. We were happy to see our pet playing joyfully with the ball, all the while getting proper exercise.

The tall cat scratching post rope has a very wide base which gives it good support to prevent wobbling. Akarden has used chipboard to make the base and covered it with good quality carpet material. Due to this, it gives a very soft and cozy feeling which your kitten will love. Assembling this product did not take us more than five minutes. Overall, the the scratching post for cats is a sturdy and reliable product that your pet will love.

9. GoPets Wedge Shaped Corrugated Cardboard

What We Like?

  • Holes in the middle to keep toys
  • Made with recycled cardboard
  • Comfortable inclined shape
  • Includes a catnip packet
  • Ergonomic design

Unlike most cat scratch posts, which are tower or tree-shaped, GoPets has come up with a naturally inclined scratching post ideal for your pet. The inclination gives your kitten a more comfortable scratching position than tree posts. Additionally, this design is more ergonomic. Finally, we feel that the best quality of this product is its long-lasting nature. After your kitty has used and is done with one side of the GoPets product, you can reverse it to the other side, and your Scratcher will feel as good as new. This way, it lasts two to three times longer than traditional scratchers.

This best cat scratch post is made from recycled corrugated cardboard, which helps you minimize your carbon footprint. Furthermore, you can recycle this cardboard cat scratching post after multiple usages and dust with it. There are two holes in the middle of the scratcher, which you can use to keep toys or treats to attract your pet. It also acts as a cozy place for your furry friend to sit and relax. Other than this, GoPets has included a catnip packet with this product.

10. MidWest Feline Nuvo Carnival Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

What We Like?

  • Features two scratching arms wrapped with sisal
  • Dangling balls to offer fun playtime
  • Multiple tiers covered in faux fur
  • Stylish-looking design

The next product is the MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree Scratching Furniture Wrapped Sisal Pet supplies. Research shows that kittens like areas with elevation where they can play or cozy up. Therefore MidWest has come up with a product that will cater to every need of your furry little friend. It features two arms wrapped with sisal that provides an ideal surface where your feline can scratch its paws as much as it likes and release all its stress. In addition, it is impressive to see that the two arms are sturdy enough to hold the weight of our heavy cat.

Not only scratching posts but also this cat tree scratching post also had multiple elevations for your cat to jump and climb. In addition, they have a stylish ultra-soft black faux fur cover, making this product perfect for keeping at your house and matching with the decor. It also serves as a comfortable platform where your cat can lay and relax. The MidWest scratch house also has multiple dangle balls hanging from the post, which can offer hours of playtime. Other than this, all the tools are included in this pack for the easy assembling of this product.

11. Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Scratching Sisal Posts

What We Like?

  • Wide base made of good quality wood
  • Total height of 40 inches
  • Wrapped in sisal ropes
  • Includes two posts
  • Easy to assemble

The next product that managed to impress us with its features is the Downtown Pet Supply Cat Scratching Sisal Posts. This rope cat scratch post is excellent for kittens on the larger side. With a total height of 40 inches, your pet can use this post to stretch to its maximum height. This way, it will get much-needed exercise every day. It contains two posts that can be stacked one above the other. If you wish to lower the height, you can use one post instead of two. The poles have stainless steel hardware which adds to their durability and stability.

This interactive cat scratching sisal posts tree and exerciser for Kitty has a hard wooden base that is wide enough to handle both the posts along with your cat. The carpet cat scratcher has sisal ropes wrap towards the top to attract any feline and encourage it to scratch. We were happy to see our pet enjoying itself with this cat scratching post. Assembling this product was a fairly easy job with the tools included in the package.

12. PAWZ Road Extra Post and Dangling Ball

What We Like?

  • Features two tracks with marble balls at the base
  • Includes a spare post and dangling ball
  • Four skid pads to avoid falling
  • 22-inch scratching post
  • Includes a dangling ball

We have the PAWZ Road scratching post cat interactive toys with a deserving position on our list. This scratch post has a good height of twenty-two inches that your cat can use to stretch its body and scratch. Its top part is covered in natural sisal, and the lower part is covered with carpet material. Due to this, your kitty will get two different kinds of surfaces to scratch. This way, your pet will love scratching the post and spare your furniture from its wrath. This scratch post for cats includes a spare post that can be used when the main post has worn out. Or, if you wish to increase the height, you can do so by joining the two posts to form one tall post.

These four cat scratch pads prevent it from falling when your kitten climbs on it. There are two tracks on the base with marble balls which act as a fun and interesting toy for the cat. You also get a dangling ball that can be attached to the post to grab your pet’s interest. PAWZ has included a spare ball to use when the other one is damaged. You get all these under a price of 30$, which is a great deal.

13. Amazon Basics Medium Cat Scratching Post

What We Like?

  • Replaceable dangling ball
  • Made with natural jute
  • 16-inch wide base
  • 32-inch height

Another best scratchers for cats from AmazonBasics has managed to impress us with its product to bag a deserving position. The scratch post we are talking about here is the AmazonBasics Medium Cat Scratching Post. With this post in your house, you can say goodbye to the days when you had to worry about the scratch marks on your sofa. It has a height of thirty-two inches which is ideal for even the biggest of kittens. This post has natural jute wrap that acts as a good surface for scratching and helps in improving the quality of your pet’s nails.

This medium cat scratching post also features a replaceable dangling ball that did a good job attracting our cat. Replacing the ball was an easy and neat job, thanks to the clipping system of the post. Other than that, it has a sturdy base of 16 inches in width. It acted as good support to the pillar post and did not let it wobble or tip. The materials used for making this product are completely safe for your cat, so there is no need to worry about its health.

14. PAWZ Road Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads with Play Ball

What We Like?

  • Features a spring ball attached to the base
  • Includes a scratching pad on the base
  • Made from cat-friendly materials
  • Post fully wrapped with jute

Coming to the end of our list of the best cat scratching post ever, we have another PAWZ Road product. But this time, it is the PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post and Pad. This modern cat scratch post does an excellent job keeping your furry friend occupied to save your furniture. The design gives your feline full freedom to scratch or bite the post from any angle. Unlike other scratching posts, the post is fully covered in sisal to give a larger area for your pet to scratch. Along with a scratching post, your kitty gets a scratching pad on the base too.

The scratching post and pad base is covered with soft carpeted material, soft for a cat’s touch. The base is made of MDF and is quite stable and sturdy. The most interesting part of this product is the spring ball attached to the base. It can move back and forth to give a different and more fun experience than a dangling ball. All in all, this PAWZ Road product is a fun take on the traditional cat scratching posts.

Buying Guide for Best Cat Scratching Post

Before buying a perfect scratching post for your pet, make sure to choose one that your pet won’t ignore. So here is the buying guide to know what product your cat will like and adore. Make sure to check on the features to consider before buying a scratching post.

Why Do Cats Need Scratching Post?

Cats need a scratching post so that they can get a proper object to do their scratching without harming your furniture. Scratching is an essential activity for kittens that has many benefits. Some of them include marking their territory, exercising muscles, maintaining nails, releasing stress, and many more. It is also helpful for their mental and physical health.

What is a Cat Scratching Post Used For?

A scratching post is used by cats to scratch their claws or stretch their muscles. The rough material on the post is also suitable for rubbing their body and relaxing. In addition, some scratching posts have dangling balls, which encourage the cat to play. It is a must-have for every cat owner to save their furniture from scratching.

How To Make A Cat Scratching Post (With Rope)?

  1. Measure and cut the base from plywood or MDF.
  2. Cover it with carpet using non-toxic glue.
  3. For the post, you can use a wooden piece or a strong cardboard cylinder.
  4. Wrap it tightly using jute or sisal rope.
  5. After each turn of the rope, apply non-toxic glue to stick it to the cylinder.
  6. Stick the cylinder vertically using strong glue.

Who Makes Best Scratching Post?


PetSmart is one of the leading producers of pet care products that help improve pets’ lives. They understand the needs of your pet and make products to cater to them. In addition, their products help to bring pets and their owners closer to each other. For example, their cat nail file scratching posts are many kittens and their owner’s favorites.


Betsy Lipscomb founded SmartCat after realizing the problems faced by pet parents whose cats love to scratch furniture. So, she formed SmartCat to make products whose sole aim is to understand your pet’s behavior and prevent it from scratching your expensive furniture or carpets. As a result, they are trustworthy by many cat owners around the world.

How Do I Clean My Scratching Post?

  1. Use a stiff brush to scrub and remove hair from the post.
  2. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining hair from the post.
  3. Apply a pet-friendly disinfectant on a wet cloth and clean the scratching post.
  4. Keep it in sunlight to dry.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post?

  1. Place the scratching post at an area where your cat likes to spend most of its time.
  2. If it does not start playing right away, try attracting it towards the post using catnip or treats.
  3. If he starts scratching the post, give it a treat or rub its back in praise.
  4. Scold it when it tries to scratch furniture and divert its attention back to the post.

How to Get a Cat To Use A Scratching Post?

  1. Spray or apply catnip on the post and its base.
  2. Attach or keep a toy that your pet likes to play with.
  3. Lay the post to the side.
  4. Keep it at a place where your pet loves to be

How to Make s Cat Tree Out Of Cardboard?

  1. Decide and mark your measurements of the tiers on the cardboard. 
  2. Cut out the pieces. 
  3. Make a thick platform using multiple layers of cardboard and gluing them together. 
  4. Similarly, make the other layers. 
  5. Use cardboard cylinders to make the pillars of the tree. 
  6. Wrap the pillars with jute or sisal rope to make scratching pads. 
  7. Place the layers on the arms one by one and join them with super glue. 
  8. You can paint or cover the platforms with carpeting to give a better look. 
  9. Your cat tree is ready. 

Where Do Cats Like to be Scratched?

The best part of scratching or petting a cat is under the chin. Almost all kittens love and enjoy a good and light scratch under the chin. You can also try scratching its chin which contains its scent glands. This way, you will be mixing your scent with theirs. A cat will also appreciate a good rub on the head or back. Avoid touching the paws, belly, or tail.

What to Look for in a Cat Scratching?

Choosing a cat scratching post is not an easy process. There are some considerations before you spend your penny on it. As you have already gone through the best scratching posts selecting one for your pet from those is really a tough decision. So based on the below considerations, select one.


Cats love scratching their paws on surfaces that are hard enough for them to shed their claws on but soft enough not to hurt their nails. Therefore sisal is considered a good option for making a cat climbing post. It is a fibrous rope that acts as a perfect surface for cat scratching. It also adds up to the durability of the post. So, it is advisable to look for a post wrapped in sisal rather than some other material.


One thing which your cat would surely not love is a wobbly scratching post. Cats love sturdy and stable surfaces which can withstand their body weight and let them scratch in peace. The last thing you would want is the post falling on your kitty and frightening it. So, while buying a cat scratching post, go for a post that has a wide and stable base that can prevent wobbling or tipping.


Size is one of the main important things you have to consider before buying any product. So you can place it according to your comfort. If you have a large cat, it is better to opt for a tall scratching post. If you have multiple cats, opt for a single product with multiple scratching posts. Consider having a hammock on the post if your pet is interested in hanging out there.

Extra features

Merely buying a simple scratching post might not be the solution to your problems. The post will first have to grab your cat’s interest enough to let it choose it for scratching. For this, a cat post should have some extra fun features like the presence of a dangling ball or some other toy. This way, it will be encouraged to play too, which will be good for its health. A comfortable bed attached to the post will also be a great extra feature.

Frequently Ask Question

What Is The Best Cat Scratching Post?

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate is the best cat scratching post to file nails.

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Wall?

A cat can scratch the wall to keep its paws healthy.

What Kind Of Rope For Cat Scratching Post?

Sisal rope is best for making cool cat scratching posts.

Which Is The Best Climber Of All The Big Cats?

Leopards are the best climbers of all the big cats.

How Much Is A Cat Scratching Post?

A cat post can cost anything between 10$-100$ depending upon the quality and brand.


Kittens are lovely animals who like to live life in their own way. Scratching is an essential part of their lifestyle. But for feline owners, this lifestyle can lead to scratched furniture and carpets. To avoid such situations, it is best to have a carpet cat scratching post at your home. Our buying guide and list of the best cat scratching posts will help you find the right one for your pet. Select a perfect one for your pet and save your furniture.