The 15 Best Kitty Litter Mat to Reduce Mess and Tracking

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Only pet owners can relate to how tedious it will be to clean litter that their pet makes in their houses. Cleaning a kitty’s dump is not only a difficult job but also demands great effort and time. Though we have a litter box for felines, it still leaves bits of mess all over our house. Thus, leaving kitty-parents a little troubled. However, to aid people with such issues, here we are with a great solution: Cat litter mat.

Well, that is probably a great innovation for people who face issues with their feline’s mess. These are basically doormats for cats, where they have to rub their feet and then step on the floor. Meaning, these mats’ functioning is pretty much similar to a human’s daily-life doormats. You can simply put them in front of a litter box, and it will do its job in cleaning pet feet. So today let us learn more about such a sheet and know which one suits your pet the most.

Ultimate Litter Mat For Cat on Sale

Tons of cat litter rugs are currently available, but not all will suit your needs well. So, we know people might get confused as to which one to pick. Thus, here we are with this list of the best cat litter mats that are indeed great in delivering worthy performance. Our experts have carefully tested all these mat for litter box mentioned below on various pets. Only after they proved their worth to be at your homes, we bring them to you in this review. On top of everything, each of the best cat litter box mats is completely safe to use and has unique trap designs.

The 15 Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews in 2023


Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat image

Gorilla Grip Ultimate Cat Litter Mat

  • Soft on Kitty Paws
  • Scatter Control
  • Easy Clean Trapper
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Pieviev PIE-003 Super Size Cat Litter Mat image

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

  • Anti Tracking EZ Open Edge
  • Urine trapping
  • Waterproof/Urine Proof Mat
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Pawkin X-Large Gray Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh Cat Litter Mat image

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

  • Easy to Clean
  • Can use vacuum to clean
  • Easy to vacuum
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Polarduck Honeycomb Double Layer Design Cat Litter Trapping Mat image

Polarduck Cat Litter Mat

  • Honeycomb Double Layer Design
  • Urine & Water Proof
  • Water Proof
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


LittleTiger XL Super Size Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat image

LitterTiger Cat Litter Mat

  • Soft on Paws
  • Phthalate free
  • Durable Material
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


MIGHTY MONKEY Best Scatter Control Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mat image

Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Trapping Mat

  • Keep Floors Clean
  • Durable backing
  • Reduce litter scatter
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


bulk buys OL688 Quality Gray Non-Slip Backing Cat Litter Trap Mat image

Bulk Buys Quality Gray Cat Litter

  • Phthalate & BPA FREE
  • Unique design
  • Non-Slip Mat
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


PetLike BEIGE-MAT2-26 Waterproof Cat Litter Trapping Pet Feeding Mat image

PetLike Cat Litter Mat

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Effortless usage
  • Lightweight
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


WePet Cat Litter Trapping Honeycomb Double Layer Mat image

WePet Cat Litter Mat

  • Traps 90% of kitty litter
  • Envelope Design
  • 100% ECO friendly
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


UPSKY 001 Double Large Cat Premium Traps Durable Litter Mat image

UPSKY Cat Litter Mats

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Unique Design
  • Double large size
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


ANDALUS Phthalate _ BPA Free Cat Litter Mat image

Andalus Cat Litter Mat

  • Money back guarantee
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Washable Indoor Pet
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


PetFusion PF-LMD1 ToughGrip X Large Waterproof Litter Mat image

PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

  • Unique upper layer design
  • Flexible at best
  • Washable Indoor Pet
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


WePet Cat Trapping Mesh Premium Durable Litter Mat image

WePet Kitty Litter Trapping Mat

  • Scatter Control
  • Toxic-free materials
  • Superior Hygiene
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


BlackHole hvdf Litter Mat Blackhole Large Size Rectangular Cat Litter Mat image

BlackHole Litter Mat

  • Smart & Efficient Cleaning
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Easy to Empty & Clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Petlinks 49507 Purr-FECT Paws Cat Litter Mat image

Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

  • Uniquely textured
  • Easy to maintain
  • Controls litter scatter
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Gorilla Grip Ultimate Soft on Kitty Paws Cat Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Effective deep grooves
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable fabric
  • Large in area
  • Thick coils

The first litter locker cat mat in this list is from Gorilla Grip. This brand’s original premium cat litter mat has deep grooves, which are quite helpful. Meaning, they effectively capture all small granules without leaving any mess behind. Moreover, these kitty litter rugs are super comfortable for felines when they sharpen their claws on them. Besides that, on its upper layer, there are thick coils to collect wet dirt. Thus, the gorilla grip kitty mat doesn’t allow any mess to lay on the ground. It comes in small and extra-large sizes, out of which a small-sized one is quite good with a dimension of 24″x17″.

We were a bit skeptical about cleaning cat litter mat, as we were not sure whether it gets cleaned easily or not. But quite to our surprise, this one provides a breeze like cleaning. Just shake off this thick mat to get rid of granules. And if there is any wet litter, one can wash it with soap water without any difficulty. Furthermore, vacuuming too comes in handy for its maintenance. Another thing that our experts loved about Gorilla Grip’s covering is it is gentle yet offers a strong grip for pet feet. So, all felines will definitely love it and comfortably lay their paws. Those who have kitties with sensitive paws should indeed go for it.

2. Pieviev EZ Open Edge Design Litter Mats

What We Like?

  • Honeycomb designed upper layer
  • Open edged mat
  • Urine trapping
  • Double layer
  • Waterproof

If you have a cat that has urination problems and urinates outside its litter box, then you should get this particular fabric. As Pieviev’s mat for feline mess is a double-layered covering, its dry litter granules remain between 2 layers. And any wet mess and urine remain on top, thereby making it easier to clean. It has a honeycomb design, which can trap all kinds of granules without any problem. This fabric even has a nice grip and helps in keeping all urine stains off all floors. Customers might get some problems with folds when this cat litter carpet arrives in their house. However, they can straighten it out by putting some weights or by using a hairdryer on those folds.

Besides that, Pieviev’s double layer cat litter mat is super soft on felines’ paws and won’t hurt them in any way. Coming to its cleaning, this one is super easy to maintain, thanks to its double-layer design. One can either shake off this thing’s granules or vacuum it with a cleaner. For cleaning any urine contents, one has to wash it off with soap water. Not only urine, but this mat can also even hold kitten vomit and fur balls easily. Thus, it becomes versatile in usage. Moreover, the open-edge design is quite helpful too.

3. Pawkin Cat Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Patented lock mesh design
  • Can use vacuum to clean
  • Extra-large size
  • Soft material
  • Toxin-free

Let us get acquainted with another best cat litter. Pawkin’s litter mat is a worth-buy for all individuals who own kittens. One of the most interesting things that we found on this one is that it has a unique lock mesh. And that mesh is something that is not found in any other mats. Due to this unique mesh design, the mat efficiently locks all granules. Therefore, no more pet messes lingering all-around your houses. Moreover, it is an extra-large-sized mat, making it perfect for all kinds of scrap boxes. Whether your litter box is small or large, you can easily keep it over the mat.

As Pawkin’s best pet litter mat size is quite large, around 35”x23”, we thought it might be challenging to remove any messes. But we were wrong as cleaning and maintaining it is a piece of cake. Instead of shaking off loose scraps from this covering, you can happily vacuum. Meaning eliminating all kinds of dry dirt and dust off Pawkin’s covering can be possible by vacuuming. Above everything, the mat is super comfortable in all senses. It is soft and is perfect for kitties to scratch and sharpen their claws.

4. Polarduck Cat Litter Trapping Mat

What We Like?

  • Honeycomb double layer design
  • Made with EVA material
  • 1-year warranty backup
  • Urine & odor proof
  • Easy to handle
  • Washable

Looking for an affordable and effective cat litter mat?! Well, this one precisely belongs to that category. Polarduck’s best cat litter trapper mat is cheap yet made up of good quality materials. While testing it, our team members got impressed as it can absorb urine without even staining surfaces. Furthermore, this fabric is odor-proof apart from being waterproof! Another good part is Polarduck’s covering has an excellent grip and stays put in one place. So no more worries about pets being rough with their rugs. Thanks to its EVA material, the cat mat for litter box is soft and perfect for all picky felines.

Being quickly and smoothly washable in nature, Polarduck’s cat litter tray mat gets extra points. Upper layer has a honeycomb mesh to capture even tiny mess granules and store them in its second layer. In addition, people can use a vacuum or shake off this fabric to get rid of its scraps. In case of wet scraps, one can wash it as a normal rug in their sinks and get good results. Polarduck covering’s size is large enough to have a litter box on top of it. Inclusion of only BPA-free materials, this rug becomes utter safer for all pets. Overall, it is strong enough to withstand your fuzzy companion’s claws and give you a long service.

5. LittleTiger XL Super Size Large Car Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Non-slip and sturdy
  • Water resistant
  • Phthalate free
  • Long-lasting 
  • Quite large

Little Tiger’s best cat litter box mat with lip is one of those rugs that accompanies houses with multiple felines. If your fur companion has just given birth, you need to get this rug as it is super soft and will not harm kittens’ sensitive paws. Moreover, phthalate-free construction makes it safe to use for kittens and their mothers. We all know that kittens take a dump more than grown-up felines. And hence individuals need to have a durable mat to keep their houses mess-free. Measuring 46″x35″ in size, Little Tiger’s mesh can easily accommodate a number of kitties.

Any person can simply put Little Tiger’s mat to put under the litter box near their pet’s bed so that its babies can litter on it. Moreover, it comes in handy for felines that are new to training. Being water-resistant, you won’t have any problem cleaning any wet dirt manually. For cleaning this covering, one can wash it by using vinegar and baking soda or soap water. Moreover, one can even put it under a litter box and let their cat roam their house without leaving any dirt. All-in-all, it is a perfect covering for households having kittens or untrained felines.

6. Mighty Monkey Best Scatter Control Cat Litter Trapping Mat

What We Like?

  • Collects all granules
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable backing
  • Scatter control
  • Soft in nature

Best thing about this litter mat is that it has deep grooves that remove all granules from a pet’s paws. Mighty Monkey is popular for making all highly durable premium cat litter carpet and of good quality. And this particular rug is just a more enhanced one than those other best rugs. Mighty Monkey’s premium mat has thick coils, ensuring that no scatter lies around in houses. While reviewing it, our professionals found that its durable backing prevents any wear and tear. Therefore, don’t worry about your aggressive felines’ constant scratching damaging this covering.

Mighty Monkey’s premium covering for mess protection is perfect for busy pet parents who do not have much time to clean off litter boxes. Every person can simply shake off the rug to remove its litter granules and then soak it in soap water for a few hours for washing. Apart from that, people can even vacuum clean it to remove any dry litter. The best thing about this fabric is that it doesn’t release any stinking smell of wet trash immediately. It is extremely soft by measuring 35″ x25″ and will be a superb add-on for kitties. Moreover, it won’t slip while your pet rubs its feet, making it safe to use.

7. Bulk Buys Quality Gray Cat Litter Trap Mat

What We Like?

  • Non-toxic materials
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rubber material
  • Unique design
  • Strong grip

It is important to note that not all costly products offer effective results. Similarly, not all cheap products deliver poor functions. To prove such statements, here comes Bulk Buys’ cat litter mat. This rubber cat litter mat is highly cheap yet not at all less in delivering functions that are praise-worthy. While testing it, we were quite surprised by its litter trapping layers and good grip. The rug even has a unique paw design that looks good on floors. Though it is a bit small in size, almost around 16 “x12”, it proves to be perfect for small pets.

Moreover, Bulk Buys’ kitty litter trapper mat comes made with rubber material, making it soft yet strong. We can guarantee you that your fuzzy mates will love sharpening their claws on this fabric. An integrated rubber layer will grasp granules keeping all kitten’s paws clean. The best thing about it is that it arrives made with non-toxic materials, which are BPA and Phthalate free. High-quality PVC material offers a sturdy and durable service to all users. Therefore, one can easily use this fabric for quite a few years with no trouble. Overall, those who love to foster kittens and dogs can blindly go for this budget-friendly accessory.

8. PetLike Waterproof Large Kitty Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Effortless usage
  • Lightweight
  • Strong grip
  • Toxic free

Some of us may have cats allergic to toxic materials, which can cause a headache to maintain. Precisely for such people, PetLike’s cat litter mat proves to be handy. This best kitty litter mat comes in a variety of colors and with toxic-free materials construction. Speaking about its size, this one measures 30″x18″ with a thickness of 0.28”. One thing that impressed us is its super light nature, about 1.77lb, thereby providing easier cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, being even waterproof, there is no worry that this one stinks of kitty urine. PetLike’s rug even has a strong grip, meaning all granules will stay in their place.

PetLike’s cat litter mat, as already mentioned, is lightweight in nature which is a unique feature. Thanks to that lightweight feature, it efficiently holds and absorbs urine and pet vomit. Thus, one can rest assured about their feline’s wet and dry mess being taken care of. You can simply put it under a litter box and let it do its job. For cleaning this one, one can either shake it off to remove its loose granules or use a vacuum cleaner for that job. However, for wet litter, users would have to clean it with soap water.

9. WePet Kitty Litter Trapping Mat

What We Like?

  • Leather edging avoids urine leaks
  • Best for urine & vomit too
  • Perfect for small kitties
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Nice trap design

This particular honeycomb cat litter mat arrives with tons of features and is quite useful for kitten parents who love a mess-free house. WePet cat litter mat can collect up to 90% of granules, including wet. Isn’t that impressive to take note of?! And there are more noteworthy features, one being leather edging. That leather edging efficiently prevents any leakage of urine from this covering. Therefore, even pets that are prone to urinate frequently or have urination issues can gladly roam around houses, thanks to this mat.

People who live with a small feline and need a covering that is not too big should immediately opt for WePet’s mess-free rug. It has a nice honeycomb design to trap all litter granules and keep your fuzz ball’s paws clean. As it arrives made with non-toxic Premium EVA material, one can remain assured that their kitten is safe from rashes or allergies. Furthermore, the mat is medium-sized without demanding much space to lay. As previously mentioned, the upper layer’s 3D honeycomb holes will be a constant favorite spot of felines to scratch and sharpen their claws. So, considering all such amazing perks, we bet you couldn’t resist buying it.

10. UPSKY Premium Traps Litter from Box and Paws

What We Like?

  • Perfect for sensitive paws
  • Made with PVC material
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable 2 pack mats
  • Double large size

Let us introduce to you another unique mat which has a quantity of 2. Quite contrary to those models mentioned above, this one is a dual pack. Upsky’s double extra large cat litter mats are budget-friendly and supersavers for people who need one large mat, which could be costlier. Anyone can quickly arrange these as per their needs without any problem. Speaking about the size, each of these 2 has a dimension of 24″x16″.

Upsky’s dual rugs are versatile in nature. Meaning one can arrange them either as a litter mat, resting pad, or even a doormat. Besides, to get hassle-free usage, individuals can stitch them up together as when required. Integrated unique patterns ensure to capture maximum litter from pets in no time. Used materials are super soft in giving a comfortable feel to felines. Provided with a non-slip backing, there is no way that your fuzzy companion can misplace these rugs. While analyzing, we found their whole cleaning a piece of cake. All a person needs to do is just flip them and shake their dust off or simply vacuum. Well, isn’t that amazing?!

11. Andalus Kitty Litter Trapping Mat for Litter Boxes

What We Like?

  • Catches maximum litter
  • Money back guarantee
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Gentle for cats
  • Safe to use

It is only a matter of time before you decide that a cat litter mat will accompany your kitten well. Kittens do need some training to know how to live a good lifestyle. In that training period to accompany them, Andalus’ cat litter mat serves well. Before anything, these litter rugs is super stylish in all aspects. Adding to any interiors will certainly enhance the overall look. Coming to its functioning, this one with a dimension of 15.75″ x 11.75″ doesn’t cause any discomfort for your paw mates.

Though Andalus’ pet mess mat is slightly expensive, that’s expected given its features. Without any fail, it can catch maximum granules, both wet and dry. Thus, this covering makes sure to render floors without any mess or dirt. Moreover, it is super easy to clean by simple rinse with soap water or vacuum. Whole buildup is of non-toxic BPA-free, Phthalate-free materials to ensure no pet suffers. Adding on, there are no odor causing materials which makes it even more preferable. Andalus’ pet mess mat has a strong anti-slip backing that wouldn’t slip off a pet’s feet.

12. PetFusion ToughGrip Large Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Made with FDA grade silicone
  • Unique upper layer design
  • Flexible at best
  • Lightweight 
  • Strong grip

If you are ready to invest a hefty amount on a cat litter mat, then you should do it in the right place. PetFusion’s washable cat litter mat is an expensive one currently available. However, it guarantees better results with many exciting features, worth every penny invested in purchasing it. First off, with high-quality construction, people are bound to expect a long-lasting service. In our observation, we were quite impressed by its unique design and material quality.

Being made up of FDA-grade silicone, no kitty can get ill by using it. Thus, PetFusion’s tough grip rug becomes super safe to use. Coming to its upper layer, one can find a nice wavy texture that allows felines to scratch their feet. Thus, we can say that the mat efficiently captures all dirt and dust. Silicone material makes it even resist urine and vomit. Moreover, it is super easy to clean. You can even use a broom to clean all loose granules from the mat. Though it is expensive, it will last you for many years.

13. WePet Kitty Litter Trapping Mesh Mat

What We Like?

  • Mesh design in upper layer
  • Floor friendly vinyl back
  • Water & urine resistant
  • Toxic-free materials
  • Anti skid in nature

WePet has yet another best mat to catch cat litter that is simply great. Due to its specialty in keeping a house free of all spills and messes, it becomes preferable. Even vets suggest this rug to all cat parents as it is not only productive but is comfortable for all pets. This covering has a nice meshy trap that can capture all litter granules and will prevent floors from getting messy. Besides, one can even place this waterproof fabric on their pet’s feeding areas to remove any chances of spillings.

WePet’s mat is safe to use as its material used is toxic-free. Therefore, this particular item is perfect for kittens and cats which are allergic to toxic materials like BPA. By measuring 35″x 23″, this one becomes a highly effective large-sized mat. Besides that, it is soft and will not harm a feline’s paws. Being slip-resistant, people can put it underneath their kitty’s litter box. Available in a variety of colors to match home décor, this rug never fails to capture up to 95% of mess and dirt. Inclusion of a vinyl back, no surface or floor will get scratched, which is a cherry on top.

14. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

What We Like?

  • Hassle free maintenance
  • Double-layered design
  • Heavy-duty EVA foam
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Smart trapping
  • Waterproof

In our search for a 2 layer cat litter mat, we came across this one. BlackHole’s cat litter mat is a best-buy as it doesn’t leave any mess behind. Though it would cost you a lot, it will be effective if you have lots of felines. It is large in size and will cover up an entire dump box area. Mat’s size is around 30″x23″ inches, which is quite enough for a medium-sized box.

One great thing that we liked about this rug is it’s super easy to clean. Furthermore, one can easily clean it by shaking the mat off in a bin or a litter box. For wet trash, one can simply soak it in soap water and then rinse it. Besides, it is reusable and will last people for a long time. Another thing that we liked about this mat is that it is compatible with all kinds of litter boxes. Be it clay, granules, or crystal grubs, the mat can trap them all without any difficulty.

15. Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat, Medium

What We Like?

  • Patented mesh design
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Easy to maintain
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Flexible

Last but not least, here comes Purr-Fext’s paws cat litter mat. This one has a unique mesh design that forces a feline to open its paws in full length. Due to this, the mat is able to collect all granules and give your cat clean paws. It is a great addition to all houses considering its overall look. One great thing is people can even lay this one on their pets’ feeding areas to avoid any food spills or scraps.

Moreover, Purr-Fext’s jumbo cat litter mat is super comfortable, and your picky mate will definitely love it. It is a medium-sized mat, around 24″x15″, and weighs around 1.2 pounds. Furthermore, this one is even flexible and will not be a difficult job to clean. You can simply throw all those extra granules into a litter box and clean it. It is safe to use and will prevent any kind of mess in your house. Moreover, it is water and urine-proof, hence protecting floors from getting stained.

Best Kitty Litter Catcher Mat Buying Guide

Before buying a cat litter mat, it is important to know certain things about it. There are various factors that one should consider so as to get maximum benefits out of this product. Here, we have made a list of all such important things about these mess-free rugs. It consists of various types of mats, things to look for, and even tips on how to use and clean a litter mat. It will serve as a helping guide for your pre and post buying process.

What is Cat Litter Mat?

A cat litter mat is like a doormat but functions as a collector. Cats are famous for scattering their mess all over a house as their toes consist of some litter granules. These mess-free rugs perform their job of collecting those granules and keeping a house mess-free. You simply have to put this one beside your cat’s dump box. That’s it! feline will rub their feet on these covers, getting rid of any mess. Besides, these coverings can also become helpful in capturing a feline’s urine, vomit, or food scraps.

Why to Buy a Cat Litter Mat?

The best cat litter catcher mat is an essential thing for pet lovers. Even if you have a dog, it is necessary to have this rug as it will help you keep your house free of granules. When a pet takes a dump in its litter box, all those granules can get stuck onto its toes. And those stuck-up granules will scatter all across a house, making it not so livable. This can create a lot of mess for owners. Not only will a house get covered with dirt, but it will stink too.

If you have a cat or are planning to get one, make sure to get a litter mat, too, along with a litter box. Though one can always sweep off such a mess, it can become a tedious job as they would have to do it from time to time. To avoid sweeping all the time, it is better to have a rug that will do its job of making a place free of pet trash.

How to Use Cat Litter Mat?

Those who are new to these rugs need not to be worried as using such rugs is not rocket science. As already said, a litter mat is basically a doormat for felines. The main thing that one should keep in mind is to place this sheet perfectly over floors. Before buying it, make sure to check for its overall size. A large rug will cover more area and allow a kitty to wipe its feet involuntarily while moving.

If a person has a front-entry litter box, should ensure to place this rug right in front of its entry gate. By doing so, their furry mate will automatically wipe its feet on the mat, and there won’t be any granules on floors. However, people with an open-top dump box should place this covering right under it. It is because their kitten may get out of its box in any direction. Besides, always ensure that the covering is large in size and covers all sides of this junk collector box. For a top-entry box, you have to place the mat from an area where your cat exits.

How do Cat Litter Mats Work?

A cat litter mat is basically a litter box that appears like a mat. It consists of 2 layers. Upper layer has holes in it to collect granules. While its lower layer stores those granules, making it easier for people to throw them away in a trashcan.

This rug consists of small ridges, where a kitten can wipe its feet off and scratch its toes too. While doing so, all granules stuck in its toes go through those integrated holes of the first layer. Later they remain like that in another layer which is underneath. It not only collects granules but also provides felines a place to scratch their toes easily. Furthermore, these mats arrive made to keep a house clean from all trash granules and avoid any kind of stinking smell.

Who Makes Best Cat Litter Mat in Market?


BlackHole litter mats are expensive mats in the market. But, they come with nice features. BlackHole is popular for building tough products that will last for a long period. Moreover, various grooves on their mats are deep and increase a mat’s trapping capacity.


This is a brand famous for making various products for animals. PetSmart litter mats from this company arrive made from toxic-free materials. Furthermore, its mats are perfect for cats with sensitive paws. They even come in various colors and designs to match a house’s interiors.


Easyology is another brand in this industry that makes affordable products. These Easyology cat litter tracking mats will last for a long time and come with tons of features. Their price is quite good, and one can get 2 to 3 mats based on the number of pets they have.

Litter Box Mat Ideas

Some may not be ready to invest in a litter mat and want to go for an alternative. Well, people who have such criteria can follow these ideas as given below. Before anything, none of these ideas require much hard work but are highly effective.

Yoga Mat

Best alternative for this sheet is a yoga mat. If you have an old yoga mat, you can easily use it as a litter rug for your fur companion. As yoga mats arrive made up of spongy material and have a nice grip, they can easily collect granules from a cat’s toes. Moreover, these are super comfortable for sensitive paws and are even good for scratching and sharpening claws.

Old Carpets

Next option we have is an old carpet. Instead of allowing a feline to wipe its feet on a nice new carpet, place an old carpet in front of its litter box. Old carpet would serve as a nice mat for a kitty to rub its feet, and it will even collect granules. Besides that, carpets are easier to clean and will avoid any kind of a mess. Vacuuming them once a week makes them reusable.

Shelf Liner

Shelf liners are famous for preventing spills and collecting pieces of food without damaging a table. A shelf liner would serve as the best litter mat for cats. Put a liner in front of a dump box and watch as it collects urine and granules. However, it is advisable to place a liner underneath the box as it will stay put for a longer time. You can use more than one liner to cover a litter box area.

Welcome Mats & Rugs

Another effective solution is to use welcome mats or rugs. Welcome mats are thick and have a nice grip. Moreover, they are perfect for kitties to scratch and get granules out of their toes. Besides that, people get tons of options to choose from. There are rigged rubber litter mat for cats, prickly cloth rugs, and much more. However, welcome doormats are quite difficult to clean. Individuals would have to clean them in soap water once a week to avoid any stinking smell.

How to Clean Cat Litter Mat?

When deciding to purchase a cat litter mat, one should know how to maintain it properly. Improper cleaning of this rug can slowly start giving off a stinking smell and will get worse with time. So, in order to clean and wash it with proper care, there are 3 steps which are as follows. Make sure to follow these steps and clean your feline’s mess covering at least once a week.

Remove Loose Litter

First thing that a person needs to do while cleaning the rug is to remove all loose litter from it. Such loose grubs are easier to remove as they are on top of a rug and only require a dry wipe from a tissue paper or cloth. If they have a mess-type covering, then they can just shake it off to remove any wobbly dirt.


Next step is to thoroughly clean this mesh to remove all wet parts and granules that are stuck between its layers. As these are not machine washable litter mat, people have to clean them with their hands. Individuals can either clean them under running water or soak them in soap water for around 30 minutes before washing. However, in case of cleaning under running water, there are chances that some wet parts will still remain, which can later turn into mold. Thus, for effective results, one should use a bathroom brush.


Finally, it is drying. After a thorough clean, all your mat needs is a good dry. But, it is important to note that these rugs are not to be dried directly under sunlight. Our experts suggest people go for the air-dry method so that there remain no germs on mats. Moreover, air-dry will avoid any chances of foul odors.

How do You Get Cat Pee Out of Litter Mat?

Cats can sometimes urinate on litter mats, which can be really stinky and unhygienic. If your fuzzy buddy has urinated on this rug, then you need to clean it as soon as possible. Else it will start smelling and can even cause bacteria to grow and survive.

  • To remove urine from a litter mat, people have to put it under running water. 
  • After that, they have to place it in a bucket and add some oxygenated bleach and water. Soak this fabric in that solution for a few hours. 
  • After doing so, clean it with adequate water, and voila.
  • In case if it still stinks of urine, use white vinegar and water to clean. 
  • Put vinegar and water on all parts that have stained urine and let it sit for a few minutes. 
  • Individuals can even use baking soda for cleaning the urinated stain. 
  • After doing so, clean the rug in lukewarm water and leave it to dry.
  • Usage of enzyme-based detergents to eliminate urine marks and smell is also preferable. 
  • Those who couldn’t employ those steps can always put these rugs for laundry.

How to Choose Cat Litter Mat?

Before buying a cat litter carpet, there are certain things that every person should know about. Such factors, when considered before making a final decision, will lead to choosing a wise product. Therefore, take a look at these factors as mentioned below:

Trapping Litter

Before anything, know how perfectly a mat can trap litter. If this covering cannot capture dirt and grubs effectively off a pet’s paws, then it is of no good use. It would be better not to have this sheet than to have one that cannot trap trash effectively. Not only that, but people also need to look for the type of trapping material this covering uses. Do prefer grooves, holes, or mesh in these products as they are better at trapping dirt and mess of all kinds.

Litter Trapping Type

As there are various kinds of litter boxes available, it is important to get a mat that will go well with a dumping box. There are these boxes that use silica gel crystals, pine, and even wheat. Thus, before buying the covering, make sure to check the type of litter that it can trap, else it would be of no use.


This sheet needs to be waterproof; else, it can get really messy. When a kitty pees in its dump box, it still has some urine stuck to its paws. If this covering is not waterproof, then floors can get damaged. Moreover, a waterproof rug will be useful to trap wet mess without damaging your floor. It would be easier to clean a sheet with urine in it rather than sweeping floors continuously to remove foul odors.

Cat Habits

One important thing to keep in mind is your furry mate’s habits. If it does not love scratching or sharpening claws in a groovy or meshy surface, a litter mat with a mesh layer would be of no help. Moreover, if its paws are sensitive, then you need to be extra careful about the type of litter mat that you are buying. It is better to go for a smooth surface for pets with sensitive paws, or else it can be painful for them.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the litter mat’s size. If you have a small dump box, it would be a waste to buy a large covering. Make sure to check out its surface area where you will place the mat and then buy according to its size.


Those who want to buy a large mat will have to remember that it can get difficult to remove it for cleaning. Moreover, even if you have to shake off such a large one to remove grubs, it would be tedious to do so. Therefore, it is better to get a smaller one than a large mat. If you have a large dump box, then get 2 small of these mats for your pets.

Frequently Ask Question

What is a best cat litter mat?

According to our experts, Gorilla Grip’s original premium mat is the best cat litter mat.

Where to put cat litter mat?

People can put a cat litter mat right under their pet’s litter box. Or, one can even put it in front of that box.

How to prevent cat litter tracking?

To prevent cat litter tracking, an under litter box mat can prove to be helpful.

How to keep cat from peeing on litter mat?

Proper training for cats to pee in their litter boxes will help prevent them from peeing on mats.

What do you put under a litter mat?

For extra protection, one can put an old rug, carpet, or any other such thick fabric under a litter mat.


Cat litter tracking mats are essential for pet parents as they would help in keeping their houses clean. Instead of cleaning a house 10 times a day to get rid of any pet mess and trash, it is better to get cat litter rugs. This particular buying guide arrives made with the sole purpose of helping people in selecting the best cat litter mat for their pets. Hope all readers will find no more mess paws in their houses.