The 13 Amazing Tanks for Your Betta – Top Picks & Reviews in 2023

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Among all of the most known and common fish that we generally tend to pet, betta fishes are quite sensitive. So choosing a tank for them might take more carefulness and time than needed for any other fish. You have to remember that siamese fighting fish are susceptible to how they are being treated, primarily because of the fact that they suffer a lot during their breeding process. So picking up the perfect tank for your betta fishes is not as simple as it is in the case of other common goldfishes.

It is utterly vital to pick up a tank for your betta fish which is at least of 5 gallons. Because anything less than that capacity can cause severe discomfort to your siamese fighting fish. 10 gallon capacity in a fish tank is the usual standard for betta fish aquariums. If you have planned to keep a pair of fishes, you should make sure that your fish tank is of 10 gallons capacity. Also, creating a suitable atmosphere in the tank is of extreme importance because bettas are otherwise not comfortable in anything dissimilar in appearance to their natural habitat.

The Best Betta Aquarium Reviews by Experts

So as you can already assume, you can not just randomly pick up any regular tank for your aqua pets. You have to be very picky and specific about the tank you choose for your Siamese fish. You have to make efforts so that you can turn a fish tank more habitable for your little betta fish. Here, we have tested, and thereafter, we have listed these top 13 best betta aquariums. Thus, we have intended this list so that you face no difficulty in choosing only the best for your little friends.

13 Best Betta Fish Tanks for Sale in 2023


Marineland ML90609 5-Gallons Hidden Filtration Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit image

Marineland Portrait Kit

  • Sleek Design
  • Hidden Filtaration
  • Easy to Access
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Tetra 29095 LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base image

Tetra Cube Aquarium

  • Whisper Power Filter
  • 3 Gallon Capacity
  • Pedastal Base
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


FREESEA 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump image

Freesea Small Fish Tank

  • Equipped with led lights
  • Compact Design
  • 1.2 Gallon Capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Aqueon 100101218 Betta Falls Kit image

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

  • QuietFlow Filtration
  • Compact Curved Design
  • Constant Flow
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


GloFish 29044 3-GAL LED Lighting and Filtration Included Aquarium Kit Fish Tank image

GloFish Aquarium Kit

  • Tetra Internal Filter
  • Ideal for Desktop
  • 6 Blue LED Airstone
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Penn Plax BBT4 0.7-Gallon Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank image

Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Tank

  • 2 Color Light System
  • White & Blue LED Lighting
  • 0.7 gallon Capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Aqueon 100532088 Princess Castle 0.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit image

Aqueon Princess Castle Kit

  • Half Gallon Kit
  • Water Conditioner Samples
  • Ideal for small tropical fish
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Aqueon 100101216 Betta Bowl Black Aquarium Kit image

Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium

  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy-open feeding door
  • Quick and easy Set up
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Fluval 10516A2 SPEC LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration System 2-Gallon Aquarium Kit image

Fluval Spec Freshwater Aquarium Kit

  • Etched glass tank
  • LED lighting system
  • Stylish honeycomb design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Penn Plax Betta BT1 LED Light _ Internal Filter Desktop Size 1.5 gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Kit image

Penn Plax 1.5 Gallon Beta Fish Tank

  • High quality plastic material
  • 3 stage internal filter
  • Carbon filter media
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Tetra 29003 Energy Efficient LEDs Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit image

Tetra Curved-Front Tank

  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Hidden Lights
  • Crescent Shaped
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


Fluval 10515A1 LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration System 2-Gallon SPEC Aquarium Kit image

Fluval Spec Freshwater Aquarium

  • Stylish honeycomb design
  • High-output 7000K LED
  • Powerful 3-stage filtration
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Koller Products AQ360-64C LED Lighting AquaView 6-Gallon 360 Aquarium with Power Filter image

Koller AquaView Tank

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Powerful internal power filter
  • Crystal-clear clarity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit

What We Like?

  • Compatible with rite z filter cartridges
  • Varied and colorful lighting
  • Hidden 3 stage filtration
  • 5 gallon large capacity
  • Easy access fish tank
  • Sleek glass design

Marineland LED aquarium is the first one we got hands-on, and after being satisfied with its efficiency, we have ranked it the first on our list. This betta fish in the community tank was a nice one as we got to see that almost every feature you want to look for in your aquarium is present here. It has a capacity of 5 gallons, which is fair enough if you own one single or a pair of betta fish as your pet. It has an amazingly sleek design, and the corners of this fish tank are a bit rounded, which gives off a very nice look to this aquarium. Your fish is going to love this Marineland LED aquarium which resembles the natural habitat of fish.

So be rest assured that your fishes are going to be very comfortable in this 5 gallon betta fish tank. There are two modes of lighting: daylight mode and moonlight mode. The daylight mode is enabled when a bright white LED bulb shines through the water to create a sunny day like atmosphere. The moonlight mode is in action when the blue LED lights do shine. It has a 3-way switch to light only white lights, only blue lights and blue-white lights. Also, we could slide the glass canopy easily to adjust it as needed. This Marineland LED aquarium hidden filtration system is equipped with a 3 stage filtration system invisible from the outside. With all of its awe-striking features, we strongly do recommend this fish tank for your lovely betta fishes.

2. Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base

What We Like?

  • Whisper tetra power filter and bio bag cartridge tetra whisper
  • 3 gallon aquarium with glass and acrylic feeding hole
  • Perfect home for goldfish, betta and tropical fishes
  • Power adaptor with low voltage
  • Easy to use pedestal base
  • Beautiful LED lighting

We know that you are in search of a little cute fish tank that can seamlessly accommodate itself in the tiny shelves of your office or living room. Let us introduce you to this Tetra LED cube-shaped aquarium then, which is the right choice for you. This betta tank with filter has its aquarium with a size of 3 gallon, which is enough for a single betta fish, goldfish, and tropical fishes. Its small capacity can definitely fit into any tight space. It is made of a transparent glass-like material which lets you enjoy the inside panoramic view without any problem. We surely loved the fact that this aquarium came with a special Tetra power filter exclusively available with Tetra fish tanks only. Dimensions for this aquarium are 10 × 10 × 10.512 inches.

Its whisper tetra 3i filter plays a major role in keeping your fish tank clean for a long time, enabling you to spend less time cleaning the aquarium. This self cleaning betta tank is compatible with tetra whisper bio big small cartridges, which were given in the package as we received it. Its power adaptor is also very user-friendly as this is a low voltage one, letting your aquarium consume less electricity while turned on. Again, a pedestal base is given with this package which helps your fish tank stand steady and string on your racks or table. The lid has a feeding hole on it, made of glass and acrylic for convenient feeding.

3. FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank

What We Like?

  • Pretty and powerful 2 watt LED lights
  • Removable filtration system
  • USB power activated
  • Small size fish tank
  • Filtration sponge

Owning a large fish tank is not always possible for all of us due to storage problems. But unquestionably, you can deck up your working area a bit by placing a small fish tank in it. Freesea betta aquarium fish tank may be what you are looking for in this case, as this tank is of only 1.4-gallon capacity. With its outstanding features, it is one of the unique betta fish tanks. It is perfect for keeping on your office desk for a changed yet relaxed atmosphere. A sturdy glass around its wall ensures durability. What we found as the most convenient matter was that we could easily remove this tank’s filter system any time we wanted.

Generally, betta fishes are better off when they are without filters, so what you can do is remove this filter system. Then you can add it to some other larger fish tank as this filter is compatible with a lot of other aquariums. This is the best fish tank for betta. And is compatible with a USB power system, so you know right away that this tank is simply convenient to use and perfect for beginners who want to own a fish tank. There were 2 watts LED bulbs which helped us make the tank a bright and pretty place for the betta fishes. If you are eager to take the first step towards petting fishes, you should give this Freesea aquarium a chance in your house.

4. Aqueon QuietFlow Betta Falls Kit

What We Like?

  • Quietflow filtration and medium sized replacement filter
  • Three separate compartments
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Filter water constant flow
  • Fill indicator window
  • Panels are frosted

One of the cool betta tanks is this Aqueon betta. Its whole mechanism is a next-level brilliance you can bring into your home. If you have three betta fishes that keep on fighting together, it is only for best that you keep them separated. But buying three fish tanks for three fishes is a bit exaggerating. So this Aqueon betta fish tank is a three-room separated tank that can come to your save here. It has three different compartments in which you can keep three of your fishes separated, with a thick and frosty panel between each compartment. This way, we were able to keep our betta fishes from being able to see one another.

The unique design of this best betta bowl is a reason why you should consider having it in your home. This Aqueon falls kit boasts a beautiful falls system that keeps the three individual compartments connected. Your fishes would feel at home with the constant water flow in their rooms, all thanks to its quiet flow filtration from Aqueon. In fact, we were amazed to see that this falls kit has a transparent fill indicator made of glass to check the water level inside those compartments. Taking all these features into consideration, Aqueon is a great way to boost your betta fish petting.

5. GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration

What We Like?

  • Tetra internal filters, activated carbon, foam block and biomax rings
  • Tetra air pump and filter cartridge
  • Half moon shaped fish tank
  • Air line tubing included
  • 6 beautiful colours
  • 3 gallon capacity

Glow fish is a wonderful pet to have in your fish tanks. These fishes do absorb light and then re-emit it in order to look glowing. If you have glow fishes, you would probably love to enhance their colors shine even more. And for that, this Glofish aquarium kit is a perfect option to take recourse to. This water pet tank is renowned for being one of the top-rated betta fish tanks for sale. It gives a very attractive appearance to your office, drawing room, or working cabin. In our analysis, it was neither very small nor too large. The size was 3 gallons which was just perfect for keeping our four fishes in this tank.

This 3 gallon fish tank for betta has an LED lighting and is lightweight in its model, weighing only about 4.7 pounds. So you can keep it anywhere you want to, as there would be no hindrance to keep it effortlessly in a tight space. Also, the Glofish aquarium has internal tetra filters, activated carbon filters, bio max bio rings, and foam black in it. These filters help water to remain clean for a long time. It also supplies the proper amount of oxygen for fishes’ breathing. We absolutely love its tetra air pump and replacement filter cartridges. You would also get to see six different and pretty colors like sunburst orange, starfire red, electric red, galactic purple, cosmic blue, and moonrise pink. These varied colors will accentuate your glow fishes’ beauty even further.

6. Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank

What We Like?

  • Removable dividers for more compartments
  • Amazing and beautiful display
  • Double colour lighting modes
  • Plant pins for easy cleaning
  • Top notch filtration system
  • Customizable fish tank

If you own more than one betta fish, then you should be extra picky about choosing your own fish tank, as betta fishes are more ferocious in nature. This Penn Plax fish tank is an ideal option for you in that case. Generally, betta fishes tend to be hostile towards one another, but this cool betta fish tank comes prepared to prevent such matters. It is designed in a way so that it can effectively accommodate three fishes at the same time without letting them have fights. First of all, let us tell you that the filtration system of it was on point once we installed a filter lift tube additionally.

Now allow us to introduce you to the removable dividers that you would get with this betta fish tank divider. Dimensions for this superior quality triple betta bow deluxe aquarium tank is 4.25 × 11.5 × 7 inches, and its capacity is 0.7 gallons. So you can even make three separate compartments out of by adjusting these removable dividers. You can either keep them as separators or remove them to make the tank one again. There were two lighting modes, one of them was this pleasant daylight mode, and the other was the attractive nightlight mode. Plant pins have been brought to existence in grids so that you can keep plants in their place while cleaning. Finally, we have to agree that there is indeed a reason behind it being one of the best multiple betta fish tank, without a doubt.

7. Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit

What We Like?

  • Betta bowl plus water and betta food included
  • Castle shaped pink lid with fish feeding hole
  • Included small plants and decorative gravel
  • Appropriate size for single fish
  • Desktop kit ½ gallon

Often kids grow an interest in keeping pet fishes in their house. For them, you have to choose one aquarium which would not spoil your kid’s interest in being an animal lover. It’s better to get them one fish at first, and for that, this self cleaning betta fish tank is shaped after princess castle to keep your kids hooked to it. Its size is half a gallon, which would serve fine for your single betta fish or tropical fish. The pink lid of this aquarium has one hole in it large enough to feed fishes without having to open the lid at all.

It might be a bit difficult for you to find plants that are of appropriate measure for your aquarium. Aqueon princess castle has the solution itself as it comes with small plants and enables us to keep them in it. Also, we received the betta bowl water, gravels, and plants along with betta fish food in its package, which was a very thoughtful addition to the product on its manufacturer’s part. What is even more attractive in this betta fish plant tank is the budget-friendliness. So we can any day recommend this fish tank for your house if you are starting new with your hobby of petting fishes.

8. Aqueon 5 Gallon Betta Bowl Kit Black

What We Like?

  • Aquarium plants, decorative gravel, food and water included with the package
  • Easy feeding doors allow you to feed fishes without opening the lid
  • Budget friendly and low maintenance aquarium
  • Divider makes two rooms in each tank
  • Works best with mini heaters

Aqueon betta bowl aquarium kit in black is a compact solution to your fish-keeping problems. This dual betta fish tank is capable of making room for up to two betta fishes separately. Yes, you can create two separate compartments with the divider given. Thus, you can multiply the number of rooms by two by adding more fish tanks to your collection. One factor that hugely attracted us was it was very affordable, perfect for anyone who is a newbie to the world of aquariums. Above mentioned divider does a great job in saving your betta fishes from pecking each other.

It accommodates the betta fish tank heater to bring an even more lively atmosphere for your betta fish. To clean this tank, you can open its lid pretty quickly. And if you need to give food to your fishes, there is absolutely no need to open the lid. You can just drop food grains inside through the feeding hole made. We did receive the much-needed accompaniments with this Aqueon aquarium package. Plants, gravels, betta fish food, and water come along with it. It would be best if you can add a mini or flat heater with this aqueon betta bowl.

9. Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

What We Like?

  • Etched glass tank aluminium trimmed
  • Circulation pump and output nozzle
  • Lighting system 37 LED light
  • Carbon insert fluval activated
  • Nano aquarium 5 gallon
  • 3 stage filtration system

When the matter comes down to choosing a decent-sized yet efficient fish tank, Fluval has the potential to grab your attention. The Fluval aquarium is a very decent one in size, having a capacity of 5 gallons. It is a sturdy set that has an etched glass tank trimmed along with aluminum. Beautifully finished exterior constitutes durability and reliability. When we reviewed this aquarium, we noted down that the size of this aquarium was big enough. It allowed us to keep our 5 to 6 tropical fishes without any worry.

There are 37 LED lights, which shine bright together to give off a vibrant and colorful vibe to this aquarium’s inner ambiance. LED bulbs are of 7000k color temperature, which is pretty much sufficient for a 5-gallon capacity fish tank. These lights do help to bring out the best in the decoration and plants kept inside the tank. A strong and efficient circulation pump comes with an adjustable output nozzle. Also, we liked the filtration system of its system which was a three-stage process, ensuring an ultimate quality for water flow.

10. Penn Plax 1.5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank

What We Like?

  • BT1A cartridges as replacement cartridges
  • Unobstructed viewing with curved design
  • White LED lights of low voltage
  • High quality plastic material
  • 3 stage internal filter
  • Carbon filter media

Penn Plax has yet another fantastic product to assist your precious betta fish. Penn Plax 1.5 gallon betta fish tank can be the right destination for you to give you an edge. Customers have said that this is one of the known awesome betta fish tanks. Its 3 stage internal filters work together in synchronization to make living easier for your pet fishes. There is a lid above the main fish tank body, which has LED lights hanging from it. You can turn these lights on when it is dark or whenever you want to see and pet your fishes.

Body of its system isn’t exactly rectangular; rather, it comes with rounded, which enables you to enjoy a much more precise and unobstructed view of its inside scenery. This beta fish tank fits anywhere again, as this tank’s size is convenient for keeping on your desks or tables. The filtration system is fully advanced as it filters in all three biological, mechanical, and chemical ways. Carbon filter media also works in a considerably impressive way to suck dirt out of the water. Dimensions are 10.28 × 8.98 × 6.42 inches creating for compactibility. Also, these filters come with a facility for replacing seamlessly with BT1A filter cartridges.

11. Tetra Crescent Curved-Front Aquarium Kit

What We Like?

  • Crescent shaped curved front aquarium for 1 goldfish/3 community fish
  • Internal filter whisper technology
  • LED bulbs are energy efficient
  • Replaceable whisper cartridge
  • Advanced carbon technology
  • LED hood low profile

Tetra energy-efficient crescent acrylic fish tank deserves to be in this top 13 list of best betta fish tanks. If you are not a very expert level player in this field, then you might have to kick start your hobby with an easy-to-control, easy-to-understand, and budget-friendly aquarium. It is one of the topmost best betta bowls, perfect for starters. Adequate visibility to its interiors is provided with LED lights attached to the upper lid. These bulbs are not only bright but incredibly energy efficient, which keeps an eye on your electric bills as well. We measured that the dimensions for this aquarium are 15 × 9 ×11 inches, and the capacity was 5 gallons.

Like the other products from Tetra fish tank series, this best small betta tank comes with their signature whisper internal filter technology. Also, we were able to replace the filter cartridges with unique whisper replaceable cartridges seamlessly. An inbuilt carbon technology that works extraordinarily well to sucking out impurities and dirt out of the tank water is infused in its system. All you have to do is change the bio bag and one-fourth of the total tank water once a month, at the least, for best results.

12. Fluval 2 Gallon SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

What We Like?

  • Superior water quality with 3 stage filter system
  • Circulation pump and output nozzle
  • Activated carbon and biomax insert
  • 2.6 gallon aquarium for single betta
  • High output LED bulbs

Fluval SPEC fish tank stands tall when it comes to a fish tank that is comfortable enough to let your single betta fish live in peace. This betta fish bowl is large enough for a single betta as its capacity is about 2.6 gallons. There are high output LED bulbs attached inside this aquarium, allowing you to look inside at night and keep your fishes cheerful. These light bulbs are of 7000 k temperature, which is sufficiently bright for your betta fishes. 10.8 × 11.8 × 8.7 inches measurement can easily make your fish feel at home. We were pleased to see the packaging of this fish tank was very compact.

As Fluval is known for its trademark and unique 3 stage filtration system, it was quite expected that this 2 gallon betta fish tank would be no exception. The high-quality material of its body was very sturdy that we assure you this aquarium was made to last for a long time. A circulation pump along with a nozzle keeps water flow steady and gentle inside its tank. Also, the activated carbon insert and bio max insert play a vital role in purifying water inside.

13. Koller AquaView 6-Gallon Aquarium

What We Like?

  • Internal strong filter cleans 45 gallon water per hour
  • Strong and leak proof one piece construction
  • Therapeutic benefits with beautiful design
  • 3AAA batteries with inbuilt light timer
  • Dual sided premium filter
  • 7 beautiful LED colours

Keeping an aquarium in your house does not only enhance your interior’s beauty but also has its own therapeutic effects on your whole well-being. This Koller 6 gallon aquarium is a huge one that is for sure going to be your betta fishes’ favorite sweet home. We were pretty much impressed that this betta fish tank light gives a 360° view of its inside, which means you can see fishes from any direction. It has an inbuilt light timer for better convenience to help you put off its lights at the right time without your manual efforts.

There are 7 beautiful LED colors, which play a vital role in enhancing the shimmering colors and bringing out your betta fishes’ charm. Koller fish tank contains a mighty internal filter capable of purifying up to 45 gallons of water per hour. Also, its dual-sided premium quality filters contribute much to keeping the fish tank’s clean water intact for a more extended period. One piece of material ensures a leakage-proof performance on its part. Also, we liked the trendy design of this fish tank, which helped level up our room’s beauty to a certain extent.

Best Betta Tanks Buying Guide

We hope you have an idea of which brands are best for fish tanks by reading the aforementioned brands’ reviews and their respective products. If so, then there might be some reasons you need to know whether you are a newbie or expert. We have made your work way easier by gathering all the information you need to know about buying only the best betta aquarium.

Does Betta Fish Need A Separate Fish Tank?

The answer to this question is yes! Betta fishes are not really comparable to other tropical fishes you own in a fish tank. So it is nothing but natural that their nature would also not be the same as each other. Usually, fishes are aggressive towards other fishes. In fact, they are not even capable of coping up with any other fish. So it is better to have separate compartments for each of your fishes.

One more important thing in this context is that betta fishes are used to live in a place where the temperature is a bit high. Again, regular tropical fishes would need cold water to stay alive. So if you keep the betta fishes and the tropical fishes together in your single aquarium, it would be tough for you to adjust the water temperature differently. So it is recommended to separate fish tanks for your aqua pets to keep them at ease.

What Size Tank Does A Betta Fish Need?

If you go out to gather information about fishes and their needed tank size, you would probably end up knowing that a 1-gallon betta fish tank is enough for a fish. Moreover, some might suggest you go for as small as you can, as these fishes do not need much water to live. While this fact is partially true, the whole truth is that betta fishes need a lot of space, if not water. 2.5 gallons is said to be the minimum size for your pet, but actually, a 5-gallon tank is the most preferred tank size. But the larger you go, the better it is because the life of betta fishes declines when kept in a small place. That is why it is perfect to go for the best betta fish tank.

How To Set Up A Betta Fish Tank?

  1. You have to start with cleaning the tank first; make sure not to use soap water. Simply rinse the tank thoroughly with lukewarm water for turning your ordinary tank into the best betta fish tank.
  2. Place the fish tank near a place that is close to the window, but do not place it anywhere where sunlight comes directly.
  3. After placing the tank, do a double-check to make sure that it isn’t touching the wall. There should be a minimum 5-inch gap.
  4. Do a bit of research to find a proper filter for your betta fish tank size. When the fish tank is not complete with water, do not start the filter.
  5. Rinse the gravel very well with cold water, and then place them at the tank’s bottom. One-inch or two-inch thickness should do.
  6. Now add the plants for your betta fish tank decorations. If you are adding natural plants, then the gravel thickness should be two inches.
  7. Now when you have set up various decorative items correctly, it is time for you to place a plate to keep gravel from getting displaced and start filling water.
  8. Turn the filter on, and the water flow should be very gentle and mild. You do not want to stir up a mini tornado to scare your little fishes away.
  9. Now the fish tank would be prone to pile up chlorides. For that, you have to use some neutralizer to balance out the chlorine amount.

Who Makes Best Betta Fish Tanks in Market?

Top Fin Betta Tank

Top Fin is a PetSmart original production currently at the top of their game. They make a full line of aquatic products which can any day turn your aquarium into a beautiful underwater world. They have a wide range of perfect styles and sizes of fish tanks to suit any home. You can find an aquarium made of plastic as well as a fish tank made of glass. Waterfall Betta Fish Tank and many more options they offer you to choose from.

Fluval Fish Tank

Fluval made their debut in 1975 by introducing their unique three-stage filter system in the aquatic market. Since then, Fluval has only been flourishing along with all the growing love and support from its customers. They are steadfast in making aquatic products rich in technology to adapt to our ever-changing world of aquariums. They are known for their unparalleled manufacturing of betta fish tanks with plants.


Two great companies collaborated and led to today’s Marineland, which has earned an equally great reputation. Marineland has become the fastest-growing aquatic product manufacturer in a span of short time for the production of betta fish tank accessories as well as tanks. Their every fish tank kit comes with a guarantee of budget-friendly price and superior performance.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas


Usually, fishes are very curious about their surroundings, and they do like to explore their world. Also, they are easily bored and depressed, so you must add decorations. A lot of decoration in your fish tank contributes to the entertainment and liveliness. Add fish toys and tiny colorful pebbles to keep your betta fish tank mates occupied.

Right companions

You should always have to keep it in your mind that betta fishes are very territorial by nature. They do not like to share their area with other fishes. So make sure to not place them with, especially those fishes which tend to be fin rippers. Always choose those fishes that stay in the tank’s bottom, as betta fishes do usually swim on the surface area.


You can never keep your fishes in a fish tank that does not have a tank lid. Betta fishes can be very hard to stay calm, so they often jump in the tank searching for mates, food, or mere entertainment. And they do take long leaps, which can be easily weaponized in jumping out of the tank. So make sure to choose a tank with tank lids, preferably a large betta tank with a lid.

Water Temperature

Betta fishes cannot live in a tank if the water temperature is too low. Your betta fishes are best comfortable in a water temperature of range between 75° and 85° Fahrenheit. Also, they are very prone to fall weak when the temperature gets down, so do not ever let the temperature sink below 69°. If needed, consider placing a water heater for an ideal betta fish tank temp.

What Temperature Is Best For Betta Fish Tank?

Betta fish and temperature is a very delicate combination. You have to be very specific about your fish tank’s temperature if it contains betta fishes in it. They usually remain all comfortable and cheerful if the tank water temperature ranges between 75° to 86° Fahrenheit. But they are very likely to go through temperature shocks if the water temperature ever gets below 69°. So never let your fish tank water get colder than that, as it may even lead to the death of your fishes; more specifically, in the case of a fish breeding tank setup.

How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank?

  1. To properly clean your betta fish tank and get ideal results of your Best betta fish tank, you should take extra care. First off, get all the things you would need near your fish tank. This would make your cleaning easier.
  2. You would need an algae scrubber, plastic razor, gravel vacuum, water conditioner, a toothbrush, bowl, and a pair of gloves.
  3. Wash your hands very carefully and make sure there is no soapy froth stuck in your hands. Wear gloves to prevent germs and bacteria from diffusing into your best betta aquarium.
  4. After that, start taking decorations off from your aquarium. Make sure to take things slow; otherwise, your betta fish would be scared to the point of no return. If it is a betta fish tank with plant on top, be extra cautious not to damage it.
  5. Now, gradually switch everything off in operation, like the air bubbler, lights, heater, or filters.
  6. Start scrubbing off any algae accumulated on your fish tank’s sides using a magnetic algae scrubber. In case of a large betta fish tank, make sure you do not miss any spots left uncleaned.
  7. Consider using a gravel vacuum to make gravels free from dust and dirt. The old food debris would also come off these gravels by vacuuming.
  8. You have to clean up decoration items with the help of boiling or warm water. This needs to be done every once in a few months when you see algae forming on them. The betta fish planted tank is a must and should product that requires this said cleaning method.
  9. Use a soft sponge to clean and wash filter interiors of your best fish Tank. Do always remember to go gentle on filters.
  10. Once done with the whole cleaning process, put everything back in their places.

Additional Tips And Tricks For Your Betta Fish Tank

Healthy Tank

Your betta fish and its friendly neighbors would definitely need all the space to themselves. Do not bombard them with a large and complicated filtration system which would eat up most of the area for itself. Along with everything else, filters should also be minimalistic in appearance.

Healthy Fish

More often than not, try to keep a careful eye on your betta fishes’ condition. Study their color, fins, scales, and movements very intently. They should be bright and colorful when healthy. Their fins should not be torn, scales ought to be smooth, and they should move quickly. If all these are checked, rest assured your betta fish is healthy.


Feed your betta fish with frozen or fresh foods which are nutritious and healthy for them. But do not forget to treat them with tasty insects and worms at times, which would make them feel good. If you notice your fishes getting swelled on their tummy, stop feeding them for a couple of days to get them back in normal state.

Feature To Consider While Buying A Betta Fish Tank

You need to take care of a few factors while buying the best betta fish tank for your little buddies. It is not that your feisty fishes would not survive in a regular fish tank, but it is a matter of their wellbeing. They do not usually stay happily in a place where they do not feel homely. So we have tried to point out all those factors and have written them down for you to have a quick look.


This is the first and foremost important thing in case of buying a tank for your betta fishes. Your fishes do love to have a large area for swimming, so you would have to choose one betta fish tank generous in size. A betta fish tank 2.5 gallon is the starting range of size. If you can manage to purchase a betta fish 10 gallon tank, it would be the best.


Now, the place where you want to keep the fish tank is also equally important before buying a fish tank. Say if you have a spot near the window of your room already decided as the tank place, you would need to keep in mind the fish tank’s dimensions. Otherwise, it would not fit perfectly in the area you determined for your tank. So mark a spot where you are planning to keep the fish tank. A 3 betta fish tank comes in handy if you maintain more than 1 fish.

Tank Type

Now that you need to take care of, the next most crucial factor is tank type. Betta fish tanks, as well as regular fish tanks, can be of two types, saltwater and freshwater tanks. Both of these tanks have their own interior style, so you have to make sure which one you want to opt for your feisty fishes. We would highly recommend a saltwater tank.


Betta fishes do not need a lot of accompaniments, and it is true. But it is always preferred for you to keep a few accessories in the tank so that your Siamese fighting fish are most of the time busy exploring. So when you are buying a fish tank, make sure you buy some proper accessories as well. The right kind of accessories can further make your fishes live longer.

Frequently Ask Question

What are the best tanks for betta fish?

Large and spacious fish tanks with minimum accessories are the best ones for your betta fishes. Marineland LED fish tank is the best fish tank for betta fish that we could find.

How long do betta fish live in a 1 gallon tank?

Betta fish will live only about a few weeks in a 1-gallon fish tank, so always opt for a tank with a minimum 3-gallon capacity.

Why there are bubbles in my betta fish tank?

If you are using a bubble creator, it is nothing but normal to observe bubbles in your fish tank.

Why my betta fish is laying on bottom of tank?

Betta fishes are prone to swim higher up in the tank. If they are lying on the bottom, it is your cue to check whether they are alright or not. Check their fins, scales, and movements to know about their physical condition.

How often do you clean a betta fish tank?

Consider cleaning your betta fish tank every once in two weeks. That would keep your fish healthy.

Can betta fish be in a tank with other fish?

It is only best if you keep betta fishes alone, but other fish which are not finned rippers like barb fishes can be held in your fish tank.


So by now, you must have come to the idea that keeping betta fishes in your house is effortless work keeping in mind the tricks and tips we have provided. There are certain factors on which it depends which fish tank would be best for your Siamese fighting fish. Again, many aquariums are available in the market that demand you to be very careful about picking the right one. If you happen to pet various fishes that are super violent, we recommend you to go for a betta fish in 10 gallon tank. Do make sure to go through our best betta fish tank review to know everything you need to know about keeping betta fishes happy and healthy in your home.