11 Best Cozy and Comfortable Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Pets in cages should have their environment comfortable and warm as they spend most of their time roaming around it. We have seen kids who keep small animals as their pets. Creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for our guinea pigs is cumbersome if we try to make bedding materials ourselves. Instead, we can choose from options available in the market. We found a range of guinea pig beds that specifically work for guinny’s in the Amazon. It is best to choose guinea pig’s bedding according to the pet’s habits as well. If pigs like burrowing, we should buy the right kind of material that supports it.

It is a simple goal of finding perfect and safe bedding for guinea pigs from Amazon with major non-toxic materials put to use for protecting the health of our pets. We successfully got piggy bedspreads that were non-toxic, absorbent, odor-free, etc., with many other superb features that made it a must-buy. We will also focus on getting beds with the least cost but with top quality. There are numerous products out there that are expensive but do live up to products’ features. With various types of bedding available, we will suggest top picks that matched our guinea pigs at home.

We have tried out many products from Amazon as guinea pig cages. According to our experience with each brand, we have created a list of top bed lining products. You can use this list to get the best guinea pig bedding for odor control as we have listed out the main features we liked during our usage. All our opinions are true and impartial.

The 11 Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs for Sale


Carefresh L0418 Small Pet 10 L Bedding image

CareFresh Pet Bedding

  • Small Pet Bedding
  • Exceptional Odor Control
  • Ultra Absorbent
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Kaytee 100506836 Clean _ Cozy 12.3 L White Small Animal Bedding image

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Bedding

  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Soft & Fluffy Texture
  • Safe for your Pet
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Small Pet Select 611138712262 113L Aspen Bedding image

Small Pet Select Aspen Wood bedding

  • No Additives
  • Compostable/Recyclable
  • All Natural Aspen
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


FLAdorepet Small Animal Guinea Pig Hamster Bed House image

FLAdorepet Guinea Pig Bed

  • Machine Washable
  • Top Quality Fabric
  • Warm & Soft Fleece
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Arm _ Hammer FF7942AMZ3 21-Count Super Absorbent Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs image

Arm & Hammer Super Absorbent Cage Liners

  • Tear-proof with good material
  • Disposable liners for cages
  • Easy to maintain cages
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Carefresh 100262 Shavings Plus Blue Natural Paper Odor Control 69.4 L Small Pet Bedding image

Carefresh Pet Paper Bedding

  • Controls Odor
  • 97% Dust Free
  • Ultra Absorbent
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Hamiledyi 14862634 Small Animal Bunny Bedding 3 Grass mats Nest Chew Play Toy for Guinea Pig image

‎Hamiledyi Grass Mat

  • 100% natural and handwoven
  • Best for small animals
  • Multi-utility
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0 Guinea Pig Extra Absorbent Bamboo Waterproof Fleece Cage Liners Bedding image

GuineaDad Liner

  • Extra Absorbent Bamboo
  • Signature Burrow Pocket
  • Super Easy to Clean
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Niteangel Guinea Pig Cave Beds Cozy House Bedding image

Niteangel Comfy & Soft Bed

  • Comfy & Lovely Bed
  • Open Base Design
  • Reduce stress levels
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


JanYoo Chinchilla Hedgehog Bearded Dragon House Hamster Supplies Habitat Ferret Rat Guinea Pig Bed image

JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed

  • 3 Size Options
  • Removable mat inside
  • Non-slip bottom
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Kaytee 100036874 Kay-KOB 5-Pound Bedding and Litter image

Kaytee Kay-KOB Bedding

  • 99.9% Dust-Free
  • All natural
  • Litter for small pets
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2

1. Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Blue Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding

What We Like?

  • 5 different patterns with small, medium, and large size
  • Easily cleanable dishwasher safe bowls
  • A perfect aid for complete digestion
  • Free from Phthalate, BPA, and PVC
  • Slows down eating time by 10x

We got this Carefresh paper pet bedding to use for our guinea pig at home. We lined cages with these bed liners, and our pigs loved them. This small pet bedding was soft and most comfortable for usage. Our pigs at home loved the idea of burrowing, tunneling, nesting, etc., and with this fiber bedding, all were possible. Along with guinea pigs, we could use it for rats, mice, rabbits, etc. All small animals will love the texture, and it was indeed soft on their sensitive feet. We achieved the best cozy bedding for guinea pigs with excellent odor control. We could not sense any ammonia-related odor for at least 10 days.

Also, this bed liner was more absorbent and dried faster to keep the entire cage of our cavie comfortable and warm. We no longer had to clean any soggy messes, and we had to spend very little time on maintenance. Our product was clear from chemicals and harmful dyes. We could use this type with confidence as it did not hurt our animal’s health. Also, our pillowy-soft paper cuts were dust-free, and pigs loved playing around their cages like never before. Since it is made from biodegradable items, we contributed to saving the planet as well. We were happy that we chose a much greener option, even in choosing the best bedding for guinea pig odor control. product came in 13 X 7 X 4 inches that were correct for cages size. It weighed 2.1 pounds in total and was good for use for smaller animals.

2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Pet Bedding

What We Like?

  • 99.9% dust-free to eliminate respiratory problems
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Nesting and burrowing possible 
  • Super-absorbent with less odor
  • Fluffy for comfort

Kaytee’s clean and cozy animal makes a good addition to our list, and we used it for our small animal pets at home. It is a paper bedding type and was a whole new level of softness and absorbent features combined. This one absorbed more liquid than wood shavings. Our cozy bedding for guinea pigs is much better than others as it is a budget pick, and we did not spend much money while purchasing the best product around. With a soft and fluffy texture, we spread this bed cover out in a cage and made our pet try them. They instantly found it attractive. We found that our pigs could burrow and nest with ease over this small pet paper bedding as this was also super-absorbent.

Due to its absorbent nature, we got less odor, and the cage was not smelly or uncomfortable for pigs’ use. We also ensured a cleaner habitat for pigs with a good dust-free feature. Our pigs did not experience any respiratory issues, and they were healthy and happy inside their cages. We also got to choose from various sizes to accommodate according to our cage size. There were different colors to suit our taste as well. We chose vibrant colors to get pigs excited. Also, we noticed scents on guinea pig paper bedding and chose pleasant one to get them comfortable. With a small weight of 1.25 pounds, we could also wash it without difficulty.

3. Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

What We Like?

  • Wood shavings from logs used
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Made from natural additives
  • Aspen bedding product
  • Good absorbent nature
  • Soft and fluffy for use

Small pet select jumbo aspen bedding suited our pigs well, and we also tried aspen for the first time. We chose this mainly because it was natural and did not contain any additives. This gave an upper-safe environment for our pigs. We no longer had to worry about them catching any chemicals due to this bed liner for long. All-natural aspen is the main ingredient in this aspen bedding for guinea pigs. According to the label, we found no dangerous fibers being used in manufacturing. This shaved wood bedding was made from wood shavings. We also saw good absorbent nature by using this wood shavings type. Due to this, the cage remained fresh and clean and did not emit much odor. We were also happy that this bedding is recyclable and compostable.

Our pigs got no harm incurred due to usage of this aspen type bedding. It was a jumbo size that we chose, and it fit perfectly for our cages that had a lot of space for guinea pigs to roam about. An even bigger size was available for use, and we chose to select that for little bigger animals like rabbits. This best guinea pig bedding was safe to use for our little creatures, and we found no discomfort for them whatsoever. They absolutely loved their bedding, and we noticed them being so happy and active after installing this bed cover in their cages. We majorly chose this bedding type as it was natural and could not harm our pets in any way. The fleece was around 25 X 16.5 X 8.5 inches and weighed 14 pounds. It was heavy but good for use.

4. Fladorepet Winter Warm Small Animal Guinea Pig Hamster

What We Like?

  • Machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Available in various sizes
  • Fleece type of bedding
  • All season compatible
  • Cozy and soft material

FLAdorepet small animal bed house was a mat format, and we added this to their cages to give them comfortable resting time. In three sizes to choose from, and we chose one according to cage size. There are options to choose from small, medium, and large. We chose a small size, and it was 7.8 X 9 inches with just 2.08 ounces weight. Make your choice accordingly. The mat was super-soft for touch, and we got cozy feelings even while touching it. Our chosen product was a fleece guinea pig bedding and was made with extra soft fleece to make it warm for our pigs inside. We could easily lift it for cleaning as it was lightweight and compact.

We were also happy with the machine-washable feature and did not have to worry about spending hours hand-washing this fleece to make it fresh again. After a few days of use, we removed it and washed it comfortably, and it was easy to clean. This fleece bedding for guinea pigs should be the best choice for your furry friends at home and suitable for rabbits, hamsters, etc. Our pigs just loved taking their naps on them, giving them a comfortable home for good and steady growth. We managed to keep our surroundings clean while using this fleece for guinea pig cage to remove odor and bacteria. We also used this bed as a blanket and bed for our pigs during winter and summer. All season compatible, and we found multiple usages after buying this fleece.

5. Arm & Hammer Super Absorbent Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs

What We Like?

  • 7 liners in one pack, 3 packs in total
  • Leak resistant and odor resistant
  • Good for small animals in cages 
  • Tear-proof with good material
  • Disposable liners for cages
  • Easy to maintain cages

Arm and Hammer super absorbent cage liners were a type of bedding option we needed so that they can be disposed of when required. We had to prevent our cages from getting soiled with wet waste from guinny or end up cleaning cages every once in a while, which became strenuous. We chose this absorbent cage liner to directly line up inside the cage to prevent the bottom tray from being drenched from wet waste. Not only did it absorb moisture from wet waste, but disposable guinea pig cage liners also did not emit any odor and kept them intact till we disposed of them away. With these liners’ help, the cage remained clean all day long, so we did only occasional cleaning. Enhanced cleaning made sure our pets were also healthy.

We no longer had our rooms with the best guinea pig cages smelling bad, and our kids just loved using a room for playing more. With 7 liners in one pack, we got 3 packs in total that came for long. It was a good buy, and we also used it for other small pet animals at home in cages. It is specifically designed for cages and is best around to reduce waste and odor clean-up. According to our convenience, we could change liners every two days once or daily as well. Depends on littering time and quantity. We also didn’t have to scrub cages to remove any stains emerging from wet waste. Each liner was 9 X 0.7 X 5 inches that made it the correct choice for cages. With a lightweight of just 1.92 ounces, it was easy to dispose of liners after use.

6. Carefresh Shavings Plus Blue Small Pet Bedding with Odor Control

What We Like?

  • Paper bedding with kiln-dried wood shavings
  • Fluffy material for comfortable bedding
  • Dust-free for good surroundings
  • Super-absorbent and odor-free
  • Used for small animals in cages
  • Greener option

Carefresh shavings plus paper bedding are additions to our list based on many features. It was perfect for small animals, and it was a paper based product. As per label, we found kiln-dried softwood shavings along with paper fiber to get a 60% more absorbent feature. better absorbent rating, more comfortable for usage. Otherwise, we have seen that all beddings emit an odor that can be unpleasant and also cause harm to pig’s health. As we observed, this best guinea bedding was the softest and driest option and made it the most comfortable home for pets.

With a mix of paper and shavings are fluffier, and our pigs just loved having a small nap on them. We also saw that our pigs loved nesting and burrowing in this best paper bedding for guinea pigs with ease. Our pigs even created a small hideout for them to have a taste of their natural life. The bedding we chose was best in controlling ammonia odors for up to 5 days. That meant we could use rooms without odor and stench raising from wet waste. The paper bedding was 19 X 15.75 X 5 inches and served us well. It was also heavy with 9.33 pounds. Due to this best bedding for guinea pig cage, surroundings were much cleaner and warmer for pigs to nest and live a long life.

7. ‎Hamiledyi Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat for Small Animal

What We Like?

  • No chemicals included in making this bedding
  • Made from natural grass and hand woven 
  • Used as a toy and chewable item
  • 3 mats in one purchase
  • Best for small animals
  • Grass mat bedding

Hamildeyi grass mat woven bed for small animals is an option we chose to try with our guinea pigs to see if they are comfortable around it. We also gifted this as a chew toy to them as they loved spending most of their time on it. We added this chew mat into their cages and found them happy to even take small napes comfortably. Chewing this was safe, and our guinea pigs did not get any chemicals from chewing as it was woven with grass, and no dyes are present in the composition. Our pigs loved to use this mat harshly, and quality was extraordinary and withstood their pressure very well. We placed this alternative bedding for guinea pigs’ grass mat with its perfect dimensions inside a small cage, and it was suitable for all small animals like rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, etc.

Hamildeyi Grass mat is perfect for mummy cats and dogs so that newborn cubs can lay cozily there. A perfect gift for pet lovers as well. We noticed that all small animals wanted something to chew on once in a while. We wanted to give them the best product so that they did not develop any side-effects from chemicals chewing. It kept them busy for a long time, and we had no worries as long as this product was safe. Our pets even consumed some of the grass as they nibbled on the surface. Perfect for use as guinea pigs bedding apart from being used as a toy. For the money we spent, we got 3 mats, and we reused them often and used it for other smaller animals around the house. This was perfect for most cages. Also, its weight was just 6.7 ounces.

8. GuineaDad Guinea Pig Bedding Fleece Cage Liners

What We Like?

  • No chances of contracting bacteria-related diseases
  • Made from premium materials for safe use
  • Dust-free for pigs to thrive better
  • Liners with pockets for burrowing 
  • Soft material with a fluffy texture
  • Easy to clean and saves money 

GuineaDad fleece liner is the best option for use as an alternative to other heavy beddings found in the market. We chose this liner with totally zero dust to be placed inside cages to get best comfort for our pigs at home. If we set guinea pig bedding options at home right, we wouldn’t have to worry about their growth. All pigs grow well with super warm and cozy surroundings. This product is a guinea pig sleeping bag with nesting pockets for their use. Also, we found that they did not develop any bacterial infections or allergies that could be harmful to their health while using this bed liner. We got to choose these liners according to cage sizes. It is best for you to also choose the best size before purchasing.

Changing cages for bed liner has been the most irritating task, and we have faced a lot of troubles in it. With this liner’s help, we found it to be considerably easy and for money spent we got the best product in house. There was a burrow pocket for pigs to make their homes comfortable and cozy, as they live in their natural habitat. We were also happy that mat was soft to touch and was fluffy for pigs to nap or rest on them. fleece mat weighed around 2.05 pounds and was 12 X 12 X 5.5 inches in dimensions.

9. Niteangel Cozy House Bedding Cave Beds for Guinea Pigs

What We Like?

  • Semi-rigid opening that did not shrink or move while entering 
  • Made from superior materials 
  • Two colors available for sale
  • Increase sleep cycles in pigs
  • Fluffy and super soft
  • Cave shaped beds

Niteangel guinea pig cave beds look like a real cave that can replicate our pigs’ natural feel. It was super-soft and fluffy and available in two colors. All colors were soothing and pleasant. The bed was made with warm polar fleece and was best guinea pig fleece bedding for sale in cave style. We also bought it for the reason that it added beauty to the cage as well. Our pigs also eventually loved taking naps inside beds, and it made them pretty comfortable. Spots for nesting are essential for pigs, and our pigs used this cozy bedding for guinea pigs very well for their nesting purposes. Sleep levels are important for any animals’ growth.

We wanted our pigs to rest well and develop their growth. This bed was an important addition, and we saw that our pigs took longer naps on them without disturbance. We also gifted this bed to other small animals at our house. Check-out measurements to see if they will suit your animal at home. We even placed more than one in different colors to get them excited. They were happy after using this cave as it resembled their natural spaces. The opening was semi-rigid and did not lose shape when our pigs tried to enter them. This encouraged them more to enter without difficulty. The cave bed was just 7.4 ounces, and we used it with ease. It also came in perfect dimensions with 8.5 X 11 X 10.5 inches for smaller animals.

10. JanYoo Bearded Dragon House Guinea Pig Bed

What We Like?

  • Super plush and cotton material for comfy use
  • Beds with cartoon characters for more appeal
  • Non-slip feet for anti-skidding reasons
  • Available in three sizes
  • Removable mat inside
  • Machine washable

JanYoo hamster guinea pig bed was another cave-shaped bed in the market that we got for trying. We got to choose from three different sizes like small, medium and large. It looked like a stuffed toy with an opening, and our pigs could just snuggle inside for more comfort and warmth. Many cartoon shapes were available to choose from. Our favorite cartoon characters like giraffes, crocodiles, bees, etc., in colorful types, were for sale. We choose according to our taste and to match size. There was also a removable mat, and we could take it out for frequent cleaning. As per cleaning methods, we had no difficulty tossing this bed into the washing machine for stain and odor-free beds. No more hand washing and hours together spent in keeping beds clean.

We let our children choose required animal design on this bed, and they were excited to choose best for their pet guinea pigs. The entire bed was made from super soft plush material and cotton filling inside to make them super comfortable. Also, a non-slip bottom is present to make sure our pigs did not fall off while sleeping. This addition was also to prevent overturning of beds while pigs are inside. We used this outside of their cages as well, and we could see our lovely pets taking a beautiful nap in this recommended bedding for guinea pigs. product weighed only 4.2 ounces and came in perfect dimensions to be added to a cage with 9.06 X 8.27 X 5.91 inches.

11. Kaytee Kay-KOB Bedding and Litter

What We Like?

  • All-natural with no chemicals or dyes used
  • Best for cages of smaller animals
  • 5 pounds of litter in one pack
  • Came in standard packaging 
  • Does not stick or cling
  • Litter for small pets

Kaytee Kay kob bedding for pets is best in the litter area of products. This bedding is made with a natural corn cob. It is processed to eliminate dust and wood, as in other products. With dust elimination, we found this to be best for pig’s use. No dust made sure our pigs got the best possible breathable environments. This made the place a better option among others that might take in dust and make our pigs uncomfortable in their cages. No chemicals or dyes are present in the composition, which made it an all-natural product for pigs. We used this due to this sole reason, and we didn’t want our pigs to develop any side-effects from chemical fumes.

This is the best option to be used inside cages for taking in wet waste and litter from guinea pigs. Best litter for guinea pigs should not stick to the cage and make it impossible for us to clean. We also noticed that this litter material did not cling to the surface, and thus we removed it easily after many wet waste collections. If we hadn’t used this, our pigs’ cages would have become nasty and dirty from wet litter. We changed it periodically after we felt that litter had taken enough. We got a standard package of 5 pounds, and varying capacity litter products are for sale from the same brand. Item dimensions on the application will be 2.5 X 11 X 17.75 inches. We also got to choose from 8-, 25- and 40-pound packages of guinea pig litters.

Bedding For Guinea Pigs Buying Guide

We have outlined reviews of different brands and their best features of bedding options for guinea pigs. All reviews focussed on our findings while using the product with their highlighted features. We are also going to answer basic questions regarding guinea pig beds in forthcoming buying guides. This guide will include all possible information one should know about products. For example, generic questions on the type of bedding that would be perfect for our pigs are given in detail. Assess buying guide for various bedding types and choose one that will perfectly suit your pig for warmth and comfort.

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding?

As guinea pigs at homes spend most of their day in cages, it is important to give them a comfortable and excellent bedding option. The bed you choose should be fluffy, soft, and cozy, giving them warmth. We should also select easy clean guinea pig cage bedding for ease.

Why should I buy a guinea pig bedding?

Guinea pig bedding is mostly used in cases where we have to save cages from smell and stains from wet waste excreted by guinea pigs. This bedding will help take in waste so that a waterproof base gives protection to walls down. Also, we have to give pigs a cozy environment for them to thrive so that their growth is good and steady. With excellent bedding, they will get good cycles of solid sleep. Moving around the cage is also easy for pigs when a soft and fluffy material helps their sensitive legs.

Guinea Pig Bedding Ideas

Bedding ideas mostly consist of material best in making them.

  • Cotton: It is the softest material involved that will not create any allergies for pigs and give cushion effect they are expecting. It can also be easily washed and reused.
  • Fleece: Blankets made from fleece are most comfortable for use when fluffier bedding is required. Fleece liners are washed easily through washing machines as well.
  • Hay: A cheap option when compared to many other options. Hay bedding for guinea pigs might not be the best choice for absorbing wet waste and eliminating odor.
  • Paper: Piggy bedspreads made with paper are a good option as they are a very good absorbent. Also, we get pellets, confetti, and more paper bedding types in the market.
  • Wood: Low-cost safe-wood for guinea pigs bedding is another option. When low-cost is priority, pine shavings for guinea pigs are used. They may not be the safest type, but they help to remove cost burden from users.
  • Hemp: A newer version for bedding is introduced in the market. It is sustainable and good for the environment. Odor-resistant and absorbs wet waste well.

How To Make Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding?

  • Choose fabrics that will make best fleece bedding. Bathmats, cotton towels, waterproof fabrics are best choices.
  • It is best to wash all fabrics chosen at least three times to remove any dust, impurities, a strange smell, etc.
  • We should trim all edges of clothes chosen to get them to lay flat. Otherwise, there are high-chances it might not allow pigs to roam around freely.
  • Take measurements of cage and cut fabrics accordingly. Allow at least 2cm extra in case cloth shrinks during washing.
  • waterproof material should be placed between the other two layers of cloth chosen.
  • Stitch them together.
  • Try placing them inside the cage to see if it fits. Your fleece is ready for use.

How To Use Fleece Bedding For Guinea Pigs?

  • A simple fleece bedding at the bottom of the cage is placed. Also, a waterproof towel is an option to place under a fleece blanket if it is not waterproof. 
  • Check for wet waste collected over a period of time. 
  • Also, fleece blankets should restrict odor well. At least for 5 days, ammonia smells are not sensed.
  • Wash off the blanket well by either hand-washing or machine-washing. 
  • Dry it well before next use.

What Types Of Bedding For Guinea Pigs?

In the case of outdoor guinea pigs, guinea pig pine bedding with pine shavings is considered best. Also, it is best to add hay in places where pigs sleep regularly, and warmth is needed. Indoor pigs can use fleece or aspen shavings bedding for best odor control and absorption of pigs’ urine. For best odor control, we can use kiln-dried pine shavings.

Fleece Bedding

Guinea pig fleece bedding comes in blankets, beds that are spread across cages to have good absorbent powers. Few fleece beddings cannot withstand too much wet waste and might give them to the cage floor. Few protector blankets are used under fleece bedding to get better clean up.

Aspen bedding

Aspen wood makes wooden shavings that constitute bedding for guinea pigs. No harmful chemicals are found, and they are completely natural for use with many smaller animals. Compared to pine and cedar shavings, aspen shavings are the best and safe alternative.

Paper bedding

Paper bedding is soft and fluffy for use. Super absorbent powers with good odor control are the best feature in case of choosing paper bedding. All paper bedding is best to replace at least once and does not hurt the pig’s feet.

Wood bedding

Safe wood for guinea pigs is best only when aspen shavings or pine shavings that kiln-dried are used in making them. Sawdust is not preferred due to its dusty nature. We can spread shavings around the cage to get superior comfort for pigs as they are soft and not hazardous for their health.

Hay bedding

Hay bedding is a natural type. It is best to provide pigs a chance to burrow and make nests easily. It also replicates the natural habitat in which pigs love to live. Pleasant to use and does not hurt the feet of pigs. Not that waste absorbent. It gives a tendency to emit odor as well.

Wood pellet bedding

Wood pellets are a good choice in case we need to reduce our budget. It is troublesome in cases where wood pellets themselves emit an odor that might be irritating for use. However, one can reduce odor from waste in different methods. But, we do not prefer to use wood pellets due to the odd smell.

Fabric bedding

While we use fabric bedding, we can make it as homemade guinea pig bedding ourselves. We can choose fabrics we want from our home materials. It is best to switch together waterproof fabrics between softer cotton fabrics to get the best bedding option at home itself. Saves money and time as it is easy to clean.

What Are Guinea Pigs’ Beddings Options To Avoid?

list of options that are not suitable for guinea pigs bedding options are:

  • Disposable pads
  • Cedar shavings
  • Newspaper on its own
  • Pine shavings, not kiln dried
  • Cat litter that are clumping type
  • Sawdust

Cedar and pine shavings will cause problems in cats’ respiratory systems, thereby leading to other health issues. Natural elements are the safest bet to give all-around protection and needed care.

Cedar And Pine Shavings

Cedar and pine shavings that are not kiln-dried are most dangerous to be used as bedding options for guinea pigs. It is not permissible because it will irritate the respiratory system in pigs, causing them trouble breathing. Sometimes, an allergic reaction is seen on guinea pig’s skin, thus causing chronic skin diseases.

Cat Clumping

Cat clumping litter is not the best choice for guinea pigs as a bedding option. Guinea pigs eat this litter while nibbling on them. If they eat this, it causes choking discomforts for them. Also, as they are not smooth, it hurts the legs of pigs. Other health problems might occur if pigs eat this litter in huge amounts.

Corn Cob

It is better to avoid Corn cob mostly due to many problems. It is not smooth and tends to hurt the feet of guinea pigs. This bed might also mold and does not control odor better than other types. According to facts, the impaction problem is seen in many male guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat this bedding, and it is a bad idea as this bedding has characteristics to swell when wet with waste.

Useful Tips For Managing Guinea Pig Bedding

  • Give bedding that will be sufficient for pigs to use when required.
  • Keep bedding a few cm bigger than required and also thicker to give burrowing and nesting options.
  • Select bedding that repels odor. If not odor-resistant, it is best to give outdoor time for bedding to get it odor-free.
  • Wash bedding well and at least frequently to keep cages clean. It helps in getting their health better.

Is Aspen Bedding Safe For Guinea Pigs?

  • Aspen shavings are better than pine since they do not contain any aromatic oils that will hurt pigs in any way. 
  • However, it is not always 100% dust-free. It is better to remove dust often to give them a good breathing environment.
  • Aspen shavings are also natural and do not contain any dyes or chemicals.

Is Pine Bedding Safe For Guinea Pigs?

  • Pine is not the best form of bedding for guinea pigs. At least, use only kiln-dried pine shavings in case only pine bedding is required.
  • When kiln-dried, it is a good choice for good absorbent and odor-resistance. It is also a cheap alternative to many other wood shavings for guinea pigs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bedding For Guinea Pigs

After getting a piece of knowledge about the guinea pig cages, you may now have clarity on what to buy for your pet. But there are some considerations to check before buying one. Here are the minimum conditions you need to consider before buying a guinea pig cage.

Type Of Bedding

We have to choose the correct type of bed linings that will fit our guinea pig cages well. We have to also focus on materials used in this pet bedding for guinea pigs as they have to be natural. Otherwise, it will harm our pigs when on constant use. Natural substances with no dyes involved make the best bedding alternative. Our options range from fleece, paper to disposable liners. In case of fleece, beddings are super-soft and made from natural materials without harmful dyes. Most features required are present in this type of bedding. Paper material is also good for use as it is fluffy and comfortable for pigs. We can refrain from using pine and cedar shavings to be harmful to the respiratory system in pigs. Hence, it is mandatory to choose a material that will allow many natural habitat processes like burrowing, nesting, etc.

Chemicals Or Natural

Chemicals should not be present in the bedding we buy. Natural substances with no dyes are a perfect combination for making beddings for guinea pigs. If chemicals are chosen over nature, our pigs are exposed to them each day, and they might even nibble and chew on bedding material. That causes chemicals to enter their body and cause further complications. The best cage liners to use for guinea pigs is one that contains only natural elements good enough for their living conditions. There are examples of grass mats that are perfectly fine for nibbling and eating. We should also focus on getting aspen beddings that come with natural shavings from wood. Even pine and cedar shavings are not popular choices in case of bedding alternatives. We will also reduce the burden we cause on mother nature by using natural elements only. This is a small step contribution from our side.


Odor-resistant is the main feature for guinea pig bedding. We have to make sure the bedding is also waterproof so that wet waste does not flow out to the bottom of the cage. Since bed liner will take in wet waste periodically, odor is eliminated in odor-resistant bedding. It is mandatory as we are disturbed to even use guinea pigs’ room due to unpleasant odor. Ammonia is released in case of frequent urine collection in beddings. The cage liners that we choose should control ammonia release for 5 days at least. In case of a lesser span, we are forced to clean bed often, thus creating more stress and time while using cage liners. The choice you make should feature this odor-resistance for long and should not be lost after washing. Our pigs also might feel uncomfortable and develop any infections about wet waste.


Our bedding choice should be dust-free as when dust collects on material. It directly affects the respiratory system in our pigs. The material used on bedding will decide if it takes in dust or keeps it dust-free. Keeping our pigs healthy is the main concern, and our bedding choice should help in this regard. cages also should not be polluted with total dust from homes or from material itself. Since shavings are used, cage liners should not emit dust and other particles without proper finishing.

Easy To Clean

With every bedding choice, we should be able to clean easily. Even machine-washable bedding alternatives are available in the market. Fleeces, for example, are the best choice in cases of easy-to-clean bedding options. We can just toss fleece blankets for guinea pigs bedding into a washing machine to remove odor and stains. We no longer have to scrub bedding to remove tough stains and odor. If we cannot clean bedding well, it will lead to throwing away bedding without further use. The natural paper bed will give out an unpleasant odor, and stains will remain forever, making them ugly.

Frequently Ask Question

Can you use cat litter for Guinea Pigs?

No, cat litter should not be used for guinea pigs as they come in clumping type. This litter will cause pigs to choke on when they eat it.

Can I use newspaper for guinea pig bedding?

No, a newspaper should not be used for guinea pig bedding. They contain high levels of ink that can be harmful to pigs when wet litter comes in contact with newspapers. Also, it can tear off easily.

What is the best bedding for guinea pigs?

Carefresh paper pet bedding is the best bedding for guinea pigs. It contains good absorbent qualities and odor-resistant features.

What is the safest bedding for guinea pigs?

Either aspen or paper or a blend of both is the safest bedding for guinea pigs. Both are made from natural materials mostly and do not affect the health of pigs.

How much bedding does a guinea pig need?

A guinea pig might need at least 2 inches deep bedding in their cages. It is to help them in easy burrowing and nesting.

Can you use red cedar bedding for guinea pigs?

Red cedar bedding is not the best choice of bedding for guinea pigs as they contain chemicals that will harm the respiratory system of pigs in general.


We have covered all guinea pig bedding alternatives to give them a warm and comfortable place to rest in their cages. This might help them as it gives them a piece of natural habitat when they live out in the wild. We have also highlighted basic features that one should look for while getting the best cheap guinea bedding for guinea pigs. Be sure to carefully read that section to find out the most compelling features cage liner should hold. You can get a bed to give your guinea pigs full-out warmth and cozy living with careful consideration.