10 Top Rated Backpack Sprayers of 2021 – For Professionals & Beginners

Best Overall

Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer 190328

Field King 190328 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer image
  • Internal No Leak Pump keeps your back dry by preventing leakage of any chemicals
  • 4 Nozzle System; 1 adjustable brass nozzle, foaming nozzle, 2 flat fans nozzles
  • Comes with easy access pump, internal paddles, one way valve, etc

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Best Battery Powered

Chapin 63985 20v Cordless Backpack Sprayer

Chapin International 63985 4 gal Translucent White Black _ Decker Backpack Sprayer image
  • Ergonomic and Durable Sprayer Straps for prolonged use
  • Its 4 gallon tank comes with 6-inch wide mouth opening for easy usage
  • Serviceable and Cushion grip Shut-Off comes with 3 nozzles for different applications

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Value for Money

PetraTools 4 Gallon Battery Powered Garden Sprayer

PetraTools HD4000 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer image
  • Long battery life with which you can spray continuously for 6-8 hours
  • Features plastic squeeze handle with locking mechanism
  • Translucent tank comes with gallon markings which is easy to mix

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If you have a big farm, garden, or lawn, the need to spray herbicides or other chemicals becomes necessary. Often so, spraying a big land becomes tough due to the old-fashioned ways of doing so. Those ways often don’t work; either you spray too much or way too little. Along with this uneven spraying, you may also be getting pain all over your body. The product we have for you today is the backpack sprayer. We have curated a list of the best back pack sprayers in the market that are a one-time solution to all your spraying needs. This top 10 list of the best models and brands is mentioned with their specifications and technical details.

This list is brought forth after a process of extensive research, personal examination, and reading through countless reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Not only the popular products, but we have also provided a buying guide for you to understand everything about the different types of sprayers. We have answered all your queries regarding the same. The machines have passed the test of our safety and quality standards over time to be a part of this list. Explore the entire review to know more about the best sprayers to make a calculated purchasing decision.

1. Field King 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer 190328

Field King 190328 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer image

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Field King Professional is the best pick on the list. We genuinely believe this is the best backpack sprayer on the market. It is easy to carry because of its 12.8 pounds lightweight finish. It can fill up to 4 gallons and avoid any leakage with their ‘No Leak Pump’. We like the multi-functional 4 nozzle system that allows precision in spraying to reach areas that are tough to spray otherwise. The 3 common types include an adjustable brass nozzle, a TeeJet nozzle, 2 flat fan nozzles angled at 70 degrees with 0.25 GPM. The 4th type is a Field King Patented foaming spray nozzle. Finally, a poly wand is 21 inches long that allows spraying in hard-to-reach areas.

We like the inclusion of their patented technology, from its nozzle to its pump design. Most parts of this back pack sprayer are safe and repairable within minutes with no additional requirement of hardware. There are wide and strong paddles within the sprayer that can handle concentrated fluids, powders, and water-soluble solutions. We observed that it provides higher pressure than most other sprayers of 150 PSI. Even the design, we felt that the design with the pump handle, adjustable yet tight straps to hang it on, and it also has easy storage space for the wand. This backpack chemical sprayer is also affordable and extremely strong, and durable.


  • Inclusion of 4 types of effective nozzles, namely foaming nozzle, brass adjustable, and 2 flat fans. Also Compatible with all TeeJet nozzles
  • Patented Pump Design for extra durability with 150 PSI pump pressure capacity. The capacity is 65% more than other sprayers
  • You can use either wet or powdered products in this lightweight and easily carryable backpack sprayer
  • The internal no leak pump prevents spillage of chemicals on your back while spraying the chemicals

2. Chapin International 63985 20v Black & Decker Sprayer

Chapin International 63985 4 gal Translucent White Black _ Decker Backpack Sprayer image

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This is one of the most expensive picks on our list. Chapin International has a 4-gallon storage capacity. It is powered by Black and Decker’s 20 volts Lithium-ion battery. The design is fairly simple, but we observed that it is not sturdy. However, pouring concentrated liquids and other chemicals becomes easy and protects it from spilling because of its 6 inches wide mouth opening. Once it starts spraying, it has a work-time of 1.75 hours which is equivalent to 50 gallons. The sprayer has a spray rate of 0.4 and 0.5 GPM. The package includes two nozzles, a poly cone, and a fan nozzle kit as we come to the nozzle.

The included lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and comes with a charging station. The sturdy design of the sprayer is supported on the back with ergonomic style straps. The pressure tank of this rechargeable backpack sprayer is 35 to 60 PSI. The horizontal distance traveled by the spray with this pressure is 20 feet, and the vertical spray would reach 27 feet. The brand suggests you charge the sprayer fully before using it for the first time. We like the fact that this product is completely manufactured in the United States.


  • Fully powered by an ion-lithium battery works around 1.75 hours with a fully charged battery. A charging station is also provided
  • A 6- inch wide-mouth opening for easy loading, and the wand included 2 nozzles, namely fan nozzle and poly cone nozzle
  • Long-range of the spray of 20 ft in Horizontal direction and 27 feet in vertical direction
  • Ergonomic style design of the shoulder straps for convenient and prolonged usage

3. PetraTools HD4000 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

PetraTools HD4000 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer image

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This is one of the most efficient backpack pump sprayers on the list. We believe that the design is not the sturdiest, but it is very powerful. It has a battery capacity that can continuously spray for 6 to 8 hours. The sprayer’s 70 + PSI power pump is equivalent to spraying 200 gallons of liquids just on a single charge. We observed that the brand provides a warranty period of 1 year as they pledge to provide 100% satisfactory results. The package includes a lead-acid battery which is fully automatic with an AC charger included in it. The brand recommends pairing it with a ULV500 Professional Surface Cleaner.

Petra tools is a fully USA-based company providing a wide range of high-quality backpack sprayers tested in their domestic testing facilities. We like the different wand types, which is a plastic acid bleach wand with a maneuverable handle that you can lock at any time. A screen filter attached to a large mouth opening that filters out eases dirt and debris while spraying clean fluids out of the sprayer. You can achieve the perfect spray with the adjustable pressure tank. This backpack tank sprayer’s capacity is 4 gallons, and the tank has gallon markers to fill up as much as you need or desire.


  • High-pressure pump with more than 70 PSI with pressure adjustable knob. You can fill the tank easily with a wide mouth opening and translucent tank
  • As the capacity of the tank is very high. The padded shoulder straps will add extra comfort while spraying with this back sprayer
  • Lead-acid battery-powered with an AC charger included. These batteries last 4 times longer than the standard batteries
  • The battery can power the sprayer for 6-8 hours, equal to 200 gallons so that you can cover a large area

4. Chapin International 61800 ProSeries Backpack Weed Sprayer

Chapin 61800 4-Gallon Translucent White Backpack Sprayer image

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This is the second mention of this brand in this list. We believe the Chapin International Pro series is the cheapest pick on the list. This is one of the best backpack weed killer sprayers. It is a lightweight product weighing around 9.8 pounds. They have provided a high-quality sprayer equipped with 3 filters in one tank to ensure that the sprayed fluid is clean and free from dirt and debris. Multiple filters also disable the clogging of hoses and nozzles. The design of a product is decent, with a translucent finish and comfortable padded straps. The tank can hold up to a volume of 4 gallons.

We observed that it comes with a variety of adjustable nozzles to achieve better accuracy of the spray. One can attach three types of nozzles to this sprayer. It has a cushioned poly shut-off feature as a locking system. The 4-inches wide mouth opening allows better filling and cleaning. Also, it is compatible with herbicides, fertilizers, and weed killers for allowing faster keeping your lawns and gardens cleaner and green. It is one of the most affordable picks on the list with a frustration-free certification. It is fully set up in the United States with globally sourced materials. We like their full customer service through their official website and phone number.


  • A large mouth opening of a 4-gallon tank facilitates spillage-free pouring. The sprayer includes 3 nozzles, and it is frustration-free certified
  • Inclusion of 3 filters allow the smoothest stream of chemicals out of the sprayer. The filter is easy to clean for efficient usage
  • Strong pump with an adjustable nozzle is compatible with common fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc
  • Translucent finish lets the user see the level of liquid in the tank while filling it or using it

5. Smith Performance NL400 Weed Killer Commercial Backpack Sprayer

Smith Performance Sprayers NL400 4-Gallon No Leak Backpack Sprayer image

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The brand’s tagline, ‘Built to work as hard as you do,’ shows the consideration of the brand to provide the best quality of sprayers for their hardworking users. Much of its features are similar to our best pick, but a few subtle differences make this a part of this list. It does not let the fluids leak in any way. The internal pressure of the sprayer is 150 PSI that is 65% higher than most diaphragm backpack sprayers in the market. It can hold up water-soluble liquids and powders always ready to spray. There is a 21 inches stainless steel wand with a special poly lining.

It requires no additional tools to repair it, and the weed killer sprayer backpack allows a 7 times faster, easier, and more convenient repairing process within minutes. We like the extra comfort of the sprayer with the padded straps made out of a ballistic nylon harness. It provides coverage over the full body with an adjustable chest strap and lumbar support. A large opening with a filtration basket helps keep the dirt and debris out of the tanks for a coarse flow of liquids with a rate of 0.15 GPM. It is equipped with a pump handle and a storage space to place the wand.


  • The tank can handle all types of products like chemicals, powdered or water-soluble. The set of 4 nozzles will do the work very efficiently
  • High-pressure pump of 150 PSI with leakage proof. So no need to worry about harsh chemicals spilling all over your back
  • Large opening allows spillage-free pouring and a filtration basket at the mouth to prevent the flow of dirt and debris
  • Extra comforted padded straps made of the ballistic nylon harness to conveniently carry the 4-gallon capacity tank

6. SOLO Piston 10207 Professional Backpack Sprayer

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer image

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This brand is multi-functional in terms of the multitude of liquids it can bear. You can fill it with herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides. It allows control, growth, and maintenance of different fruits and vegetables by killing the different pests, insects, weeds, and grasses. We like the simple white translucent design with padded polyester straps that you can pull easily to adjust and allow complete comfort for the user. It is proficient for commercial use with 4 types of graded nozzle types: fan spray, hollow cone, jet stream nozzle, and an adjustable plastic nozzle. However, it has a metal frame in the base that makes it strong and sturdy. We assure you that the product is durable and long-lasting.

We admire that the tank is protected against harsh UV rays with a piston-type pump. It has an extra-wide opening to allow pouring the mentioned liquids without any spillage. They have tried to provide maximum maneuverability with their interchangeable pump handle that one can shift on either side. The pressure of the pump reaches up to 90 PSI, a 20 inches spray tube, and a 4-feet high-pressure hose. As a brand, they assure high performance and long service life. The price of the product is very reasonable for a 4-gallon capacity tank. The SOLO sprayer also gives the user a 1-year warranty.


  • Tank is protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays to avoid harmful reactions with chemicals that may damage plants
  • Heavy-duty piston-style pump and interchangeable sides of the pump handle makes it user-friendly for everyone
  • Equipped with 4 types of nozzles, namely Hollow Cone, Fan Spray, TeeJet, and Jet Stream nozzle
  • 1-year warranty on the SOLO Backpack sprayer with unbreakable wand and robust metal frame

7. Hudson Never Pump 13854 Bak-Pak Pest Control Backpack Sprayer

Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak-Pak 4 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer image

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One of the sleekest-looking tanks on the entire list, Hudson Never Pump is a completely battery operated backpack sprayer. This machine uses a powerful lead-acid battery that can allow the user to spray continuously for up to 10 hours on a single charge. We like that it also includes an AC charger that fully charges the battery in 9 hours. The machine is equipped with a multi-functional bonus system with 4 nozzles, a cone, long-reach, dual-cone, and fan. The capacity of the tank is 4-gallons, and the finish of the tank is translucent.

There is a large 4 inches opening that prevents spillage of chemicals. A screen filter allows the liquid to be dirt, dust, and free from debris for coarse and smooth pouring of chemicals. The poly spray wand of the tank is extra wide with a size of 20 inches. We particularly like the hose of the sprayer that is PVC braided that stands up to clogging. The pricing of this product is fairly expensive, and it’s very lightweight. One of the subtle differences is that it has a curved tip to allow precision spraying.


  • Large 4-inches mouth opening and a screen filter avoid spillage and prevent dirt and debris, respectively
  • It has a poly spray wand that is 20-inches long with a multi-functional bonus system for 4 nozzles
  • Fully operated with a lead-acid battery for an output of 10 hours on a single charge
  • PVC braided 72-inches hose avoids clogging that can withstand strong chemicals

8. MY 4 SONS M4 Automatic Backpack Sprayer

My 4 Sons M41000 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer image

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One of the few last picks in this list, the M4 Backpack sprayer is one of the most technically designed tanks on the list. They have eased the process of pouring fluids into the tank with the wide opening to avoid chemical spillage. We like the automatic 60 PSI pressure pump reaching up to 30 feet while it is powered by a highly efficient 8 AH lead-acid battery that allows continuous spraying for 6 to 8 hours on a single charge. You can still manage the pressure with a switch that enables variable spraying for precision spraying. Multi-functional and convenient to spray herbicides, deck stains, water-soluble powers, and many more.

The package is fully loaded with all the features and additions. It includes an AC battery charger that fully charges the battery in 8 hours. A screen filter at the large opening filters the residual dirt and debris, keeping the flow smooth and coarse. We like including two kinds of wands, one stainless steel adjustable wand and a plastic acid bleach wand that allows attachability with various nozzles like a cone, fan-tip, and fog. The nozzles are available in brass and plastic. The latest updated version of this sprayer comes with comfort additions like the XXXL padded shoulder straps, a battery-changing compartment, and a never leak lid.


  • Fully operated with the 8 AH Lead-acid battery that sprays for 6 to 8 hours on one charge. Included AC battery charger for a full charge in 8 hours
  • The wide-mouth opening with screen filters at the mouth prevents the flow of residue, dirt, and debris
  • Two wands, one adjustable, and one plastic acid bleach wand are included to all your needs
  • Attachable nozzles of various kinds are brass and plastic, namely fan tip, fog, and cone

9. HD Hudson SP2 Piston 97157 High Pressure Backpack Sprayer

HD Hudson 97157 SP2 Piston Pump 47 inches Bak-Pak Sprayer image

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We believe that Hudson has some of the best backpack lawn sprayers around. However, some of their models are more advanced, while some are very simple. Hudson SP2 is one of the simple and minimalistic backpack sprayers equipped with a high-pressure piston pump that can reach up to 180 PSI. It is compatible with stronger chemicals like chlorine. The downside of the build is that it is not sturdy, but the steel base of the sprayer makes it stable and prevents the tank from bouncing.

It has 3 flat fan nozzles made of plastic and one patterned brass cone nozzle that you can easily adjust. Its translucent surface allows the user to keep a check on the chemical levels. There is a long 20-inches wand of brass for easy spraying with a 47 inches industrial spray hose. This tank comes with a solid steel handle for the pump and has a shut-off valve that locks in with an in-line filter. It comes with easy and comfortable padded shoulder straps. Since the pressure is high, the liquids could be strong chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, and many more that can be easily powered in the tank with the wide opening preventing spillage.


  • Solid steel pump handle and thick padded shoulder straps for comfort. A translucent finish allows checking the chemical levels in the tank
  • High-pressure pump reaching up to 180 PSI. Compatible with strong and concentrated chemicals like chlorine
  • 47-inch industrial-grade hose spray with a lock and shut off valve and inline filters
  • 4 nozzle attachments, 3 plastic, and one patterned brass

10. PetraTools Disinfectant Electric Backpack Sprayer

PetraTools 4 Gallon Electric Disinfecting Fogger Machine Backpack Sprayer image

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PetraTools has had multiple mentions on this list. We found this product apt to be on the list of the best backpack sprayers. This is the last pick on the list, and it has different features than the rest of the choices. The brand categorizes this sprayer and fogger as one of its premium products. Primarily, this is a fogger mist blower to reach the part of the land that has to be sprayed upon. We like the rugged look of the sprayer equipped with a large opening to allow easy filling without any leakage. The maximum distance it can mist at once is up to 15 feet. With all its valor, it gives a total coverage of 30000 sq. feet.

This backpack mosquito sprayer can easily spread disinfectants in lawns, gardens, fields and keeps insects and mosquitos away. The strong build is amplified by the sturdy heavy-duty shoulder straps that add an ergonomic feel to it. It can store volumes of up to 4 gallons. PetraTools pledge to provide the best quality of technology with their 1200W powerful motor and an output of an ultra-low 25 to 50 micron-sized particle volume to save fogging, but also a 12-month warranty to reassure the users. It is best paired with a ULV500 performance surface cleaner. This mist fogger is completely manufactured in the United States. They have a highly acclaimed customer support team that is ready on the go to help their buyers with all queries.


  • Premium quality fogger mist blower with a rugged look and design with Heavy-duty shoulder straps allow prolonged comfort
  • Easy to spray disinfecting sprays on lawns, farms, gardens, etc. You can even use it in commercial areas like offices or malls
  • Powerful 1200W motor to keep the flow continuous without causing any damage
  • Fully manufactured in the United States, and it comes with a 12-month warranty

Buying Guide

Backpack sprayers are essential products while spraying any chemicals in a farm or field. Thus, proper research is necessary to conduct before choosing a backpack sprayer. Although the above list of the best backpacks gives you an idea of what to pick, this buying guide enhances your decision-making process even more.

What is a Backpack Sprayer?

A backpack sprayer is a machine that allows the user to spray different liquids, water-soluble powders, chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, and many more on a wide area of land. It comes with a tank that stores the volumes of chemicals, a lever-operated hand pump to adjust the pressure, and a wand that can be attached with different types of nozzles. A backpack sprayer makes spraying easy for wider areas, and a maneuverable wand reaches hard to spray regions. It is a tool/machine that is portable and allows the spraying of liquids and chemicals on a wide variety of lands.

Why Does a Gardener Need a Backpack Sprayer?

A backpack sprayer is a convenient mechanism that allows the spread of different fluids like chemicals usually used in gardens and lawns like weed killers, herbicides, and insecticides. However, specific regions in a garden are hard to spray or some areas that need a calculated amount of spraying to avoid any damage to the plants. That’s when a backpack sprayer comes to the rescue. It is quick, portable. A thin wand reaches narrower regions and different nozzles to regulate and circulate the spray as per requirements. That’s the reason why a backpack sprayer is a need for avid gardeners.

Piston vs. Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer

The most considerable difference between a piston and a diaphragm sprayer is the pressure each can handle. Piston Sprayers can usually handle up to 90 PSI, and Diaphragm sprayers reach up to 60 PSI. Higher PSI allows a larger size of a droplet and vice versa for a diaphragm backpack sprayer. Piston sprayer tanks cannot be filled with strong or harsh chemicals but only herbicides, weed killers, and insecticides. However, you can use it with water-soluble fluids, powders, or bleaches on the flip side. Using the opposite kind of liquids or fluids in either type of sprayers could cause damage to the pump.

How to Calibrate a Backpack Sprayer?

Backpack sprayers are easy to use, but they will only give you optimal results if calibrated properly. A lot of precision goes into calibrating a sprayer. You need to know a few statistics before calibrating, those are,

  • Size of the area to be sprayed.
  • Amount of water you would need to spray the area.
  • Amount of chemical liquid or fluids to use on the area.

These statistics are necessary to prevent spraying too little or too much of the chemical on the area. The speed of walking while spraying also becomes a secondary consideration as it determines the pressure and coverage time. The type of nozzle also determines uniformity and the amount of fluid to be let out of the tank in one go. Once these parameters are fulfilled, move on with the calibration process.

  • Select the type of nozzle required.
  • Spray water on the area you wish to spray and check the uniformity of the stream.
  • Once you achieve a desirable stream. Start spraying from a proper spot maintaining the speed and the position of your hand while spraying.
  • Once the tank is empty, stop and make sure you mark the spot.
  • To determine the area covered, calculate the length in square feet by multiplying the length and width of the area.

Now, calculate the volume of gallons by dividing every gallon sprayed by the area. After achieving all these statistical data, you can easily determine the volume of pesticide needed for the area you desire to spray.

How to Use a Backpack Sprayer?

Backpack sprayers are used after examining the field or land that needs to be sprayed. After following the above calibration steps, you would need to make sure that you appropriately decide the type of nozzle and the pressure that needs to be maintained to spray the area.

  1. Wear the backpack sprayer and consistently walk on the field without changing the position of your hand while spraying.
  2. Use the valve on/off to shut the spraying process in case of exhaustion.
  3. Do not forget to mark the spot you left from.

Types of Backpack Sprayers


Manual or handheld backpack sprayers are the most commonly used sprayers in the market. A simple reason being their affordability. As there is no mechanical assistance, it makes a manual backpack sprayer lighter and also cheaper. In addition, manual sprayers are equipped with a hand pump that allows the constant release of chemicals and maintains constant pressure.


Undoubtedly, the addition of technology adds the ease of using a sprayer. However, it also makes it extremely expensive in comparison to manual sprayers. This kind of sprayer is recommended for use in larger regions. It is faster and more convenient in comparison to the handheld backpack sprayer.

Sprayer Parts


Various types of nozzles are compatible with the hose to get the desired stream. You can change or adjust it as per user requirements. Every single type of nozzle has a set of perks and is usable in different situations. There are a few types of nozzles from a flat fan, cone, streaming, and more made of various materials, including brass, steel, and plastic.


A backpack sprayer wand is a long steel/plastic tube attached at the tip with a hose to attach the nozzle. This part of the sprayer allows a calculated stream of chemicals or fluid sprayed around the area.


A backpack isn’t a backpack without straps. Most of the mentioned products in our list come with premium quality shoulder straps attached to the tank, which can be easily worn, making the sprayer portable and comfortable. A thick padded set of straps is necessary as spraying takes a long time, leading to injuries and back pain.


The pump in a sprayer is the main component as it allows the flow of chemicals and maintains the pressure in the tank. There are broadly two types of pumps. One is a piston, and the other is the diaphragm. Most are deceptively different with their pressure scale, repairability, and also liquid compatibility.

What to Use to Clean a Sprayer Tank?

Smaller parts of the sprayer tank like the hose and the nozzles should be cleaned with normal water. To avoid chemical reactions inside the tanks, people use dish soap liquid with warm water to clean the tank. Cleaning other parts like the pump can be done by damping a semi-wet cloth on the same, and cleaning other parts is a fairly straightforward process, just by rinsing them under clean water.

Best Sprayer Brands


Established by a pair of brothers, Hans and Heinz Emmerich, in 1948, this brand has been around for over 70 years. They have been providing the best quality backpack sprayers over the years with constant innovation, both in technology and their design. In addition, their annual plan shows their dedication towards providing premium quality equipment at affordable prices.


Stihl provides a wide variety of hardware solutions for every need. Spread all over Asia and America, this brand provides stylish premium quality backpack sprayers in the market. They pose tough competition to all its competitors with their affordable pricing and their product tests. All their products are tested in the USA for quality and performance to provide the best.


One of the first brands to start making sprayers in the USA, Chapin, has been in the business for over a century and started in 1903 by Ralph E. Chapin in Oakfield, New York. Once began selling air and hand sprayers to now providing an ever-lasting range of innovative and high-tech backpack sprayers in the market at some of the most reasonable pricing.


Ryobi is one of the premium brands in the market; they have a huge variety of highly demanded products in the United States and Europe. Therefore, over-the-top design, high-tech features, and affordable pricing is a win-win situation for the user. In addition, every backpack sprayer by them comes with a warranty, a minimum of 1 year, maximum of 3 years, depending on the model.

Harbor Freight

Started as a family business in 1977, Harbor Freight has grown exponentially, providing the best quality tools at extremely low pricing. In addition, they provide a wide variety of high-end tools. There are over 1100 + stores of the same all over the world. This brand gives 100% quality assurance but also a lifetime hand tool warranty to reassure its customers.

Backpack Sprayer Tips and Tricks

From choosing a backpack sprayer to using it, many tips and tricks will assist you in getting the best outcome for your bucks.

  • When it comes to spraying a small garden just with water or non-corrosive fluids or spray painting a wall in your house, the type of pump you would use is the piston.
  • While working with corrosive chemicals like herbicides and insecticides, a diaphragm pump is useful.
  • The nozzles also have specific uses with differing shapes and sizes. The narrower tip of the nozzle allows spraying in one particular place and hard-to-reach areas like a cone nozzle.
  • A broader or wider nozzle should be used for spraying over a large portion of land like a hollow and a flat fan nozzle.
  • Another tip is to predetermine the seasonality of your region to ensure spraying in a pre-emergent or a post-emergent environment.

What to Look for When Buying a Backpack Sprayer?

There are various things to take into your account before getting yourself the best backpack sprayer. And those factors are as mentioned below:


There are two types of backpack sprayers, manual and motorized. Usually, manual backpack sprayers are also known as handheld sprayers. A manual sprayer requires more effort and time because of its hand-operated pump to maintain flow. However, the motorized backpack sprayer is easy to handle, convenient, and works fully on technology. One thing that defines their purpose is the difference in prices; manual sprayers are cheaper and vice versa for motorized sprayers.


One of the most important features to look out for is including nozzles with the sprayer. Despite their small size, nozzles pose to be an integral part of a weed killer backpack sprayer. Look out for including at least 2 or 3 nozzles like the flat fan, cone spray, and streaming nozzles. While they are extremely cheap compared to the other parts, they are really necessary for a controlled and calculated spraying process.


The pump is the ultimate component in every backpack sprayer. It is responsible for pushing out liquids from the tanks promptly to ensure continuous flow. There are broadly two types of pumps, piston and diaphragm pumps. The fundamental difference between the two is the pressure. Piston pump maintains 90 PSI while Diaphragm pump maintains 60 PSI. A diaphragm pump is more expensive than a piston pump, but piston pumps cannot hold heavier fluids like insecticides and herbicides.

Price and Safety

The price of the sprayer should be affordable and yet provide great features. However, most cheap sprayers are less durable and strong, and they can wear off sooner than expected. The price range for a 4-gallon tank backpack sprayer should be between $80 to $125. In addition, various safety features like thick padded shoulder straps and gentle grip on a manual pump are necessary for backpack sprayers.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best backpack sprayer for the money?

Field King Backpack Sprayer mentioned in our list is the best backpack sprayer for the money.

Q. Where to buy a backpack lawn and garden sprayer?

E-commerce websites like Amazon, Homedepot, eBay, etc. Also, many brands have their e-commerce websites to buy one directly.

Q. Is it worth it to spend money on a backpack sprayer model with a motorized pump?

Yes, but it depends on the use and the area of land that needs to be sprayed upon. Motorized pumps work faster and more efficiently.

Q. What is the working pressure of a backpack sprayer? And is it safe to wear?

The pressure can be anywhere between 50 to 80 PSI. Some models in our list provide more than 160 PSI of working pressure. Yes, the purpose of a backpack sprayer is for the user to wear it.

Q. How far can a backpack sprayer spray?

A backpack pump sprayer can spray up to 15 to 22 feet horizontally and vertically, upwards of 25 feet.


As we come to the end of this review, we hope we have provided you with a list of the best backpack sprayers in the market. However, as technology keeps evolving, there will be better choices available in the market. We hope this review makes you aware of the different technicalities and nuances of a sprayer before going ahead with your purchase. Then, after thorough research and analysis through multiple channels, choose the best pick to get the best deal for you. We have made sure we bring forth an unbiased review after research and analysis and hope that we answered all your queries regarding the best lawn sprayers in the market.

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