The Best Planted Aquarium Lighting Fixture – Reviews & Buying Guide

We all have, at some point in our life, wanted to own a beautiful aquarium with pretty, cute goldfish in it. In fact, we believe that many of you still have kept the dream alive and own charming fish tank in your homes. But it is almost impossible for you to know all the tiny yet important aspects of keeping a fish tank in houses. Well, it needs not only water and fish but also pebbles, small shrubs, and most importantly, lighting. Yes, fishbowl lights play a major role in keeping small fish happy and alive.

An aquarium light, to a great extent, decides the fate of little fishes that you pet. Besides, the best fish tank illuminators render a home-like feeling for all kinds of water pets. Every creature on Earth needs basic elements such as water, oxygen, food, and light. If you do not fit a proper fish tank light in your bowl, chances are there that your fish would not survive very long. So it is utterly important for people to be careful while choosing the right led lights for aquarium. Also, we have prepared this top 13 list of best aquarium LED lightings so that you do not have to be restless about finding the right one.

Top Rated Led Aquarium Lights Reviews by Experts

Here in this best aquarium light review, we have summed up all details you would need to know about fish tank lights. Surely it is not hard to find lights for fish tanks. There are plenty of them available that arrive packed with many great features. But some of them are low in quality while others are genuine. Thus, it is necessary for individuals to do proper research in order to get a good product. Fortunately, here we are after completing good research and picking the top 13 aquarium lights. All those products mentioned here are simply great in every aspect and deliver more than worthy results.

13 Best LED Aquarium Lighting For The Money in 2023


hygger 9W (12-18 inch) Full Spectrum Freshwater Aquarium Light with Aluminum Alloy Shell Extendable Brackets image

Hygger Aquarium LED Lights

  • Adjustable Brackets
  • 3 Light Color Modes
  • Brightness & Timing
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Marineland 32994 LED Day _ Night Light Hood 24 by 12-Inch for Aquariums image

Marineland LED Light Hood

  • Natural Shimmering Light
  • Hinged for Easy Access
  • Night Light Effect
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


NICREW ZJL-40A 12-18 inches ClassicLED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets image

Nicrew ClassicLED Fish Tank Light

  • Extendable Brackets
  • Energy efficient LEDs
  • Adjustable Mounting Legs
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


NICREW N10371 Full Spectrum ClassicLED Plus Planted 12-18 inches Aquarium Light image

Nicrew ClassicLED Plus Aquarium Light

  • Adjustable Docking Mounts
  • Ideal for Freshwater or Saltwater Fish
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Current USA 4101 Orbit Marine LED Wireless 24 to 36-Inch Aquarium Light with Loop IR Controller image

Current Orbit Marine LED Light

  • 24 Hours Light & Pump Control
  • Ultra Slim Desgin
  • Saltwater Reed Spectrum
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


MingDak Submersible White _ Blue LED Light bar Stick 7.5 Inches 4W Aquarium Light with Timer image

MingDak Submersible LED Fish Tank Light

  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • Dimmer & Timer Function
  • Automatic Lighting
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


NICREW N14581 ClassicLED Gen 2 Dimmable White and Blue LEDs High Output 12-18 inches Aquarium Light image

Nicrew ClassicLED G2 Aquarium Light

  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  • Easy to Use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


MingDak LED Under Water Light Submersible Crystal Glass Light 7.5 inches Aquarium Light image

MingDak LED Aquarium Light

  • Great for night viewing
  • In-frame mounting
  • Adjustable mounting legs
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


SHUPAT Full Spectrum Aluminum Alloy Shell Extendable Brackets White Blue Red Combine LEDs 12-18 inch Aquarium Light image

Shupat Full Spectrum Aquarium Light

  • Ultra Bright LED Light
  • Two Light Color Modes
  • Durable Aquarium Light
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


NICREW PT0291 Round Fish Tank Bubbler with LEDs 2 inch Aquarium Stone Disk image

Nicrew Aquarium Stone Disk

  • Creates a Dazzling Underwater Scene
  • Multicolor bulb fixtures
  • Promote proper gas exchange
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Aqueon 100533612 Freshwater Aquarium Clip-On LED Light image

Aqueon Clip-On LED Light

  • Elegant super thin design
  • Easy to mount
  • 2 way LED control
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


S SMIFUL Waterproof RGB Color Changing Remote Control Underwater Submersible LED 11inches-28CM Aquarium Lights image

S Sniful RGB Colorful Fish Tank Light

  • Adjustable Color change speed
  • IP68 Waterproof Design
  • Light dim adjustable
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


MLJ RGB Underwater Lamp Submersible LED 7-44 Inch 18cm Waterproof Fish Aquarium Light image

MLJ LED Fish Tank Lights

  • 24 Buttons RGB Remote Control
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Easy to Use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Hygger Full Spectrum Aquarium Lights for Freshwater Fish Tank

What We Like?

  • Fast heat dissipation with aluminium alloy steel
  • Waterproof glue sealing & 20000 lighting hours
  • Adjustable light brightness up to 5 levels
  • Time setting for lighting; 3/6/12 hours
  • Suitable for 12”-18” width of fish tanks
  • 3 unique multicolor light modes

When it comes to Hygger planted aquarium lightings, there are so many great features to talk about. Firstly, with this aluminum set, one can adjust these lights’ brightness as per their requirement. When your fishes need some extra warmth, turn these lights to their brightest mode using 5 levels from 10%-100%. In the case of dimming them too, it is a breeze, all thanks to those modes of simple operation. We were pretty much amused with the product’s timer settings, with which there is no more need for manually turning off lights in the day. Using its aquarium lights timer settings, individuals can set these illuminators’ automatic on/off for up to 3/6/12 hours.

Hygger’s best light spectrum for aquarium plants offers 3 unique color modes to choose from. Those 3 color modes are white LEDs, red and blue LEDs combined, and white, blue, and red LEDs combined. Apart from this, the product has a cable length of 5ft+1.8ft So you have control over both the color temperature and color modes of these lights. Furthermore, large 5730 LED beads provide a soft and white illumination that is comfortable enough to offer a natural habitat-like feeling for aqua pets. Shell made of aluminum alloy steel helps the heat to dissipate evenly and quickly through the water. Finally its installation is a piece of cake all thanks to its 2 plastic and 2 metal mounting brackets

What We Like?

  • Energy efficient and energy star qualified
  • Convenient push button switch system
  • Best for 24″ x 12″ wide aqua tanks 
  • White LED natural effect light
  • Easy access for 2 sets hinges
  • Day mode and night mode

2. Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums

This best planted aquarium light is super easy to turn on and off by an integrated push-button; thus, convenience is at its best. Marineland has excelled in making aquatic tanks and related products since its establishment. Marineland’s aquarium LED light hoods are incredible as they have successfully won over our experts’ hearts. Upon buying it, one will come across a shiny and beautiful fish tank lid that has the power to lift up any room’s standard. Being energy star certified and naturally energy-efficient, one can term this light hood as a budget-friendly product.

Apart from making these aquarium lights bulbs to be no burden on electricity, Marineland has made them in order to offer a natural habitat for fish. Light hood contains LED bulbs that are white in color and, therefore, give off a very serene and peaceful natural effect of light inside an aquarium. Furthermore, this product’s 2 distinct modes: day and night, make it apt for any interior or situation by adding to an aesthetic appeal. It illuminates a yellowish color in the daytime and then creates a sunny atmosphere for marine pets. Those who love to stare at their vivarium of aqua pets at night time can go for its night mode, where it illuminates a bluish aura. All in all, it is a great buy for anyone with fish.

3. Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Lighting Fixtures

What We Like?

  • Recommend for freshwater tanks or others with low-level plants
  • Works with Nicrew single channel and channel pro timer
  • Adjustable mounting length for flexible fitting
  • Improved design of inline barrel connector
  • Low voltage and safe usage
  • 2 different lighting modes

There are not many aquarium lights that passed quality checks and are waiting for users to take them home. However, Nicrew always strives to deliver excellent products when the matter comes down to quality. These aquariums lightings are best known for their extraordinarily efficient and bright LED illumination. In addition, Nicrew’s Classic LED aquarium light is famous for their extremely low voltage usage and even safer user experience.

Nicrew’s fresh water aquarium lights are not limited to lighting up your little friend’s home ambiance, but they also offer a natural vibe of lightning. There are 2 lighting modes, one of which is the day mode, where both the white and blue LEDs shine together. And then there is a nighttime mode, where only 450nm blue LED will shine a dimmed lighting. Additionally, its mounting length is adjustable, as we noticed. Hence, one could easily change its mounting height to their convenience for a better fitting. Therefore, we do not see why anyone would not be advising others to go for these lightweight and easy-to-install fishbowl lights.

4. Nicrew ClassicLED Full Spectrum LED Fish Tank Light for Freshwater Plants

What We Like?

  • Fits glass or acrylic canopy-covered fish tanks
  • Flexible fitting with adjustable mounting
  • White, blue, red and green light fixtures
  • Long 8-10 hours usage in a day
  • Durable aluminium alloy shell
  • 2 beautiful lighting modes

Nicrew Classic LED plus planted light is a variation of Nicrew’s Classic LED aquarium light series. Needless to say, these fish tank lights contain all great features making them stand out in a crowd. We observed that this product also has 2 different and beautiful lighting modes. Those modes come in handy in making goldfishes comfortable by switching into day and night modes. In its day mode, white bulbs shine bright in order to make a day-like ambiance. And in its night, blue and green bulbs go dimmed to create a night-like aura. White, red, blue, and green, which shine accordingly, provide individuals a comfortable day mode and night mode.

We found Nicrew’s best LED freshwater aquarium lighting bulbs very easy to fit on any fish tank, which has a width of 20 inches. These LEDs further ease their assembly because they arrive with a mounting bracket system attached to them. It comes made with an aluminum alloy shell to make it last long without any deterioration in quality. You can use this 12–18 inch LEDs for planted aquarium for as long as 8–10 hours a day easily and help marine plants grow and flourish.

5. Current Orbit Marine LED Aquarium Light with Adjustable Color Spectrum

What We Like?

  • Spectacular color combinations & a wireless remote
  • Aluminium housing for better heat control
  • Loop system: Pump and feed control
  • 24 hours biorhythmic lighting cycle
  • 12° angle lens for higher output
  • Fits fish tanks of 18”-24” width

In our search for best led aquarium lighting for corals, we came across this particular product. Current USA’S Orbit marine current LED light has so many amazing features that it is not only limited to being a mere fish tank light. It performs the duty of feeding pets as well. Moreover, we were stunned by its beautiful color spectrums that reflect on the bowl water and intensify any fish tank’s overall look. Orbit’s best led marine aquarium lighting fixure also has a simple control with which one can operate its features with a single touch.

You can take your aquarium experience to a whole new level with this Orbit marine light set. Being the best budget product is sure enough to grab your attention with its special loop system. Meaning it offers both beautiful lighting and needed oxygen supply with pumping. These saltwater aquarium lights have an aluminum housing on their roof so that heat gets evenly distributed into the water and does not overheat any particular part. Another great feature that has our affection is it follows a very regular yet special 24 hours biorhythmic light changing system. Meaning it keeps the bowl lit with lights of different colors according to the sunrise, day, sunset, and nighttime of a day.

6. MingDak Submersible LED Aquarium Light with Timer

What We Like?

  • 3 unique lighting modes – blue/white/blue & white
  • Brightness options given for 10% – 100%
  • Timing period per day 6/10/12 hours
  • Auto lighting on and off
  • Has 18 dimmer lights
  • Easy to Mount Fixture

If there is any aquarium light that you would regret missing, that is definitely MindDak’s fish tank lights submersible LED. Known as submersible for solid reasons as these timer lights have a 3 layer sealing design and can, therefore, resist any harm caused by water. We have personally tested this thing out by completely submerging it into the water, only to discover that no damage occurred. Brightness options offer users convenience in setting these lights’ illumination as per their convenience from 10% to 100%.

MingDak’s aquarium lighting arrive blessed with 3 colors of light fixtures, which are white, red, and blue. These lighted bulbs combine differently to impart various color tones in marine water. White and blue combined light setting is best used in evenings. Blue light fixtures help individuals to derive nocturnal beauty and serenity, whereas the white color represents a fully bright daytime. MingDak’s LED light lasts for about 9 hours every day, and every time it shines only brighter without any hint of wear. Also, it would be a shame not to tell you that the white light fixtures are 7000-7500k, which is just best for growing and nourishing little pet fishes and their plants.

7. Nicrew ClassicLED Gen 2 Dimmable LED Fish Tank

What We Like?

  • Best for freshwater and saltwater fish & low-level plants
  • Fits over glass or acrylic canopy-covered aquariums
  • More LED and power enhances the performance
  • Adjustable brackets for any size tank
  • Brightness level 5%-100% 
  • Aluminium alloy header

Next up in this best aquarium lights list, there is yet another excellent product. Brightness levels of these marine lights allow people to set at any level between 5% and 100% in accordance to pets’ needs. Nicrew keeps getting better with every product it launches. Nicrew’s gen 2 aquarium light comes equipped with more LED power which ultimately proves to be very helpful in enhancing the whole performance. In addition, there is an adjustable bracket given in these 2 light, which makes it a breeze to assemble the product.

Nicrew’s gen 2 aquarium light has magnificent color and a light spectrum. Thus, all such features make these dimmable LEDs perfect for aqua plants, illuminating fishes and our interior’s ambiance. In fact, what is more surprising is that it has an adjustable brightness feature where one can control these lights’ dimming too with an added controller. Furthermore, Nicrew’s fish tank lights do have a very reliable aluminum casing, so you can be sure about its durability as well. Besides, this one fits any fishbowl with a length ranging between 12” to 18”.

8. MinDak Submersible Crystal Glass Aquarium Light

What We Like?

  • Moonlit night appearance with blue LEDs
  • Perfect for 9”-15” width fish tanks
  • Runs on low and safe voltage
  • Unique in-frame mounting
  • Cups with strong suction
  • Waterproof lights IP68

MingDak has a good name when it comes to making durable and reliable aquarium lights for fish tanks or turtle tanks of any sort. And these particular set from MingDak are simply extraordinary when we tested them. The MinDak Submersible has pretty blue LED lights, which are incomparable in giving any fish tank an appearance like that of a moonlit night. These LED bulbs are also dimmable if we prefer to keep them low on light, nevertheless, these things give 20% more brightness than other standard fixtures. Besides, these illuminators are not going to affect your budget as well. Besides, an in-frame mounting system gives great comfort in seeing only the illumination and not the fixture.

MingDak aquarium LED lights are not only affordable but also demand a little less when it comes to electricity bills. These illuminators do run very low on voltage; thus, they are safe for kids too who start around this pretty piece of attraction. All LED and other parts are completely submersible and waterproof as per IP68 code. Hence, there is nothing to worry about this thing’s durability under the water. Moreover, included strong suction cups, which help these aquarium lamps stay glued firmly on a fish tank’s wall or any other surfaces. An easy-to-understand power plug connection is another feature why we could opt for these fish tak plant lights any day without hesitation.

9. Shupat Full Spectrum Aquarium Light for Freshwater Plants

What We Like?

  • Supports mid-low light level plant growth 
  • Top notch design yet reasonably priced
  • Quickly adjustable mounting brackets 
  • High quality built up with Aluminium
  • Extra bright aquarium LED lights
  • More than one light color modes

With a great number of satisfied customers, this brand rose to fame. Shupat’s aquarium 5730 large LEDs are those that we could never cut off from this top 13 list of best fish tank lights. These aquarium grow lights appear with a full array of 33 different color LED bulbs that shine brightly according to different time settings. Along with 2 modes, LED day mode and night mode, fish will get a feeling as if they are living in a natural environment. Day mode lets all 33 lights fixtures shine bright so as to give off a whitish daylight-like appearance. And if it is night mode, all blue lights shine bright, which gives a night vibe.

Easy-to-setup 2 mounting brackets are cherries on top which will indeed make a person happy regarding this product’s whole installation. Furthermore, those mentioned mounting brackets are convenient and make them compatible with a wide range of fish tanks of different heights and widths. This best led aquarium lighting for plants arrives built with high-quality aluminum, so you can happily invest in it without worrying about its repairs. Besides, people can rest assured as these illuminators can offer their services upto 20000 hours. Overall, the sleek and elegant design of Shupat’s aquarium night light leaves a strong impression on all spectators.

10. Nicrew Multicolor LED Aquarium Air Stone Disk

What We Like?

  • Petite and lightweight fish tank light bulb
  • Enhances bubbling replenishment
  • Power cord and suction cup
  • Multicolor bulb fixtures
  • Assembling is a breeze

Are you looking for a device that not only illuminates but also creates appealing bubbles in fish tanks? Well, then this is a perfect device for you. Nicrew’s stone disc aquarium 6 LED lights are a definite purchase for all those who want to add some beauty spark to their fish tanks. This stone disc illuminator cum bubbler works wonderfully in fishbowl by continuously producing bubbles. And those bubbles not just make spectators awestruck but also helps in the exchanging of gases in a fishbowl.

All an individual needs is an air pump in order to get this Nicrew stone disc started. Ensure to soak the stone disc in water for at least an hour or two before turning on an air pump. As we analyzed this stone disc for a long time, we saw algae forming on its sides, which is obvious. In such cases, a simple tip can come in handy, which is simply cleaning all of its surfaces, and it works wonders. It has multicolor LED fixtures which keep shining generously all along with bubble replenishment. Volume pump and its pressure output are responsible for the amount of bubbles this stone disc releases.

11. Aqueon Freshwater Aquarium Clip-On LED Light

What We Like?

  • Clip on LEDs for freshwater aquarium lights
  • Shimmering illumination with 21 LEDs
  • Great fit for up to 20 gallon fish tank
  • Day, moon glow and off power switch 
  • Easy mounting with mounting screws
  • 2 way LED control soft touch

While we can all agree on how beautiful aquariums look, we cannot deny that fitting fish tank light fixtures can be troublesome if not done with utter care. But, Aqueon’s clip-on aquarium illuminators are easy to fix and do not need any rocket science. These marine lights do not have a traditional design as an aquarium top lid. Rather they have a clip attached to, which we can fit in a fishbowl accordingly, based on our needs. A soft touch is all it demands to turn on or off this fishbowl illuminator. With a timer accessibility users can set timings of its night and day mode as per their need.

These fresh water aquarium lights can fit giant fish tanks of 20-gallon capacity easily. As mentioned, one can fit the product’s clips very easily, and most importantly, we could change the position of lighting, which is a great convenience as we found it. In fact, individuals can opt for more than one unit of these lighting fixture in order to get their whole fish bowl covered without any mounting hassle. Clip-on built-up of this illuminator includes a solid bunch of 21 LED fixtures. And those fixtures burn bright to illuminate a fishbowl at once while at the same time giving some beautiful coloration to marine pets along with pebbles and plants.

12. S Smiful Colorful Aquarium Lights

What We Like?

  • Color choices and fading color gradients
  • IP68 waterproof aquarium lights
  • Adjustable color change speed
  • Alterable lighting brightness
  • Silicone sucker suction cups
  • Wireless remote control

S Smiful is a sought-after aquarium illuminator with smart technology. These marine lights not only keep a fishbowl kindled but also help aqua plants in their survival. Furthermore, the light fixtures which are 20% brighter, keep fish warm and safe, thanks to their explosion protection acrylic glass. First, let us tell you that these waterproof fish tank illuminators have maintained a steady performance throughout our testing. In addition, it comes with wireless remote control, so individuals will know right away that there is less work involved in maintaining them. There are 9 RGB LEDs that offer 16 colors along with 4 modes(flash, smooth, strobe, & fade) making your buy a worthy one.

Wireless remote that arrives with this aqua light fixture has almost all features listed down on it. There were functions like changing colors, changing the color, changing speed, controlling illumination’s intensity, and many more features. S Smiful’s aqua illuminators have sucker cups with strong hold made up of silicone, so these things do not get slackened while sticking to an aquarium’s wall surface. There is a wide selection of colors that one can opt for. We can master and flaunt orange, green, pink, blue, white, and mixed light effects with this S Smiful aquarium light that creates a magnificent scene.

13. MLJ Underwater Lamp Submersible LED Light for Fish Tank

What We Like?

  • Transparent and explosion-proof acrylic lampshade
  • Comes with Red, green and blue Lights
  • Wide selection of size for 7 – 44 inch
  • 24 button remote control
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Firm suction cup

You must be thinking that we totally missed out on mentioning the brilliant fish tank lights made by MLJ in this top 13 best aquarium review. But let us take our time to introduce you to another proud member of this list, MLJ 7 – 44 inch LED aquarium. This one is surely one of the best cheap led aquarium lightings one would get to find. MLJ’s aqua illuminators are IP67 waterproof rated, which means that you can submerge them in a tank of water either partially or completely. We checked out this specific product’s sturdy structure, and it is indeed a durable one that assures long-lasting usage.

Most striking feature in MLJ’s best lights for fishtank among all is that these are totally flexible with their size. There is nothing such as size limitation as far as these fall under the bracket of 7 to 44 inches. This illuminator has a remote, so users can control most of its functionalities effortlessly with its remote. This remote control has 24 buttons that include many operations such as slow flashing mode and fast flashing mode, flash /strobe /fade / smooth flash modes. Also, 16 different colors offer a glow to any standard fishbowl. Coming to its installation, there is a strong suction cup which gives reliable performance in making the product stay sturdy.

Buying Guide For Best Aquarium Plants Lights

Until now, all those products, as mentioned above, must have given you an idea of what to choose for your beautiful aquarium filled with precious creatures. Our experts who conducted various tests on marine lights have termed those, as given above, to be excellent and worth every penny invested in them. So make your decision-making process an eased one. Besides, there are some necessary details one ought to keep in mind before buying any fish bowl lights. Thus, here comes such related subjects. Read ahead!

Why do I Need a Fish Tank Lighting?

  • Well, when we put it this way, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, a fish tank is not really a fish tank if there is no lighting.
  • Individuals who take care of their aqua pets in aquariums would want to see them whenever they wish so. Thus a fish tank light can give great visibility to them in seeing their marine pets even when it is dark.
  • Then again, one main purpose of fitting lights is their aesthetic value, as you already know how pretty fish tank can turn into if lit properly.
  • Precise aqua lighting enhances and ensures the healthy growth of water plants which is a vital part you never want to miss out on while growing the hobby of petting goldfishes.
  • Another aspect is that many kinds of goldfish cannot survive without little warmth. So to keep them alive and cheerful, you must arrange some sort of lighting to your fish tank.

Who Makes Best Aquarium Lights in Market?


Nicrew LED aquarium light bulbs are always many customers’ favorite. The Nicrew is a trusted brand worldwide when it comes to taking care of people’s pets in fishbowls. This brand is popular in making and supplying affordable yet durable fish tank lights. In addition, Nicrew’s illuminators help support Anubias, java ferns in a small aqua ecosystem.


This brand has a lot of happy customers in its 9 years of establishment. Koval LED aquarium light is the most recommended product that is indeed a worthy buy. Koval’s aqua essentials are so versatile and durable in nature, making the brand to be at the top among many people.


Hygger is popular for producing high-quality LED marine lights for a long time now and surely has their good reputation already peaked up in this field. Moreover, Hygger aquarium lights have a flexible mounting bracket for easy installation, which contributes much to users’ satisfaction.

How does LED Aquarium Lighting Work?

LED fish tank lights, as mentioned before, are very important for aquariums. They illuminate a fish tank or bowl immediately, which has a huge impact.

  1. Aquarium lights, as they light up the tank, impart a healthy effect on fishes by keeping them cheerful.
  2. Fish tank illuminators do generally work towards spreading artificial light in a fish bowl that lacks natural sunlight.
  3. But a fish bowl is not really a natural habitat of pet goldfishes. So LEDs do the work of illuminating a fishbowl as and when needed, with an exact amount or intensity of light.
  4. It is very important to keep a balance between how much light your goldfishes are in.
  5. If there are no external lights, then it might be hard and frightening for fish to stay in the dark.

How to Set Up LED Aquarium Lights?

  1. Only after finishing setting up all steps of filling up an aqua tank, you have to pay attention to its lighting part.
  2. If an aquascape is of standard size, we recommend fitting 2 heaters and lights in it. But if a fish tank is of small size, a single heater and lighting would do the job.
  3. A person can either go for a submersible light and heater or stay above light only. Both are quite efficient in keeping fish warm.
  4. Always go for low voltage lights as they are way safer for tanks and fish than those high voltage ones.
  5. Now, one has to place the light on their aquascape’s walls if it is a clip-on light. If it is a lid-style aquarium light, one has to fix it on top of their fish tank.
  6. Set your fishbowl light timer accordingly, keeping in mind the size of your fish tank and how much light it really needs to be warm. Setting it at 6/8/10 hours is safe, as per our professionals.

What Kind of Light do Aquarium Plants Need?

Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact fluorescent lights are famous for being energy efficient and, therefore, cost-efficient as well. These types of best fish tank illuminators are way smaller in size than those standard fluorescent ones. Yet, these compact fluorescent bulbs give off much more light than standard ones. Moreover, these kinds produce extra heat, so you might want to make use of an exhaust fan in a fish tank.

Metal Halide Lighting

If we are to name a powerful type of aquarium lamp, that will surely be these metal halide lights. These lights also produce so much heat underneath the water. Hence, one would be left with no other option than to install an exhaust fan in compulsion. These metal halides penetrate the water of a tank as deep as 24 inches so try to avoid these bulbs if a fishbowl is not large enough.

Planted Aquarium LED Lighting

Generally, a fish tank with only fishes does not need much variation in lighting. It is because fishes are not really dependent on light for their lives. But that is not the case when we own a planted aquarium. One has to look out for a light that arrives designed to help plants grow in fish tanks as well. These kinds of lighting support plants to live.

Reef Aquarium LED Lighting

These best reef aquarium LED best reef aquarium led lighting types, also known as saltwater aqua lights, are another famous one. They are pretty much different than freshwater aqua lights set up. Usually, one can use fluorescent as led reef aquarium lights, mostly standard fluorescent ones. But depending on the need, metal halides can also come in handy for such lighting.

How to Use Aquarium Light?

  1. First, check what type of aqua light you have. Determining a fish tank’s type is a primary step towards using its illuminator.
  2. If you have an underwater aqua light, simply put it under the water carefully, and turn its switch on. Ensure to avoid where fishes swim.
  3. Those who have a fish tank wall light place the light in any position as desired. Adjust it just above a fish tank and press lights against a wall so that its suction cups hold the light in place.
  4. If you have a fish tank lid illuminator, simply place it on top of your aqua as a lid. Make sure its wires are not touching water and turn its switch on. 

How Long to Leave Aquarium Lights on Planted Tank?

So now that you know that planted tanks and only fish tanks are quite different in their natures let us inform you how long you should keep the lighting on in planted tanks. In a fish-only tank, the lighting requirement is lower than a planted one. While a fish-only tank requires around 4 to 5 hours of lighting, a planted aquascape needs about 8 hours of light. Remember never to exceed this boundary of 8 hours in a day. Also, if your planted aquarium is still freshly formed or new, then avoid keeping lights turned on for more than 6 hours a day. Gradually, this time limitation gets loosened to up to 8 hours.

Can LED Lights Grow Aquarium Plants?

Answer to this specific question is yes. LED aqua light bulbs can grow aqua plants perfectly well, as long as you know what intensity of light is necessary to grow what kind of plants. However, just because LEDs can grow aquaurium plants, it does not mean that you can use them to grow any plant in a fish tank. For example, low-intensity LED lighting can propel the growth of plants like Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Javascript, etc., low-light aqua plants. In comparison, medium lighting is good for growing carpets on a tank surface.

Can I Use Freshwater Lights for Saltwater Aquarium?

When you see 2 separated products, such as freshwater lights and saltwater aquarium lighting, it is mostly because of their bulb type. Freshwater aquariums need illumination, which is far more soft and delicate than those intense illuminators used in saltwater fishbowls. Saltwater fish tanks need a light of around 8000k to 10000k intensity, while freshwater tanks need illuminators of around 4500k to 6000k intensity. So you know why freshwater aquarium lighting would clearly not be sufficient for a saltwater aquarium. Apart from intensities, there is no harm in using a freshwater light in a saltwater aquarium.

Can I Use Glow Lights in My Freshwater Aquarium?

Yes, you can. Glow lights add a sparkle of beauty to freshwater aquariums and light up the whole room, marine plants, and rocks. Apart from that, these illuminators turn a fishbowl’s interior into marine pets’ natural habitat. However, pets in freshwater aquariums are not really very demanding, so it is easy to look after them as well. So we would not recommend expensive glow lights as far as petting is concerned.

How to Hang Aquarium Lights?

Those who are wondering “How to install aquarium light?” can be at ease with these pieces of information as below:

  • One would need to anchor their aqua lights’ suspension cables into walls properly to hang them. Almost all suspension kits provide cables, so keep an eye out while buying one.
  • If luck is there, you will succeed in anchoring cables directly through a wooden stud. But, most probably, it would not match, and you might have to opt for an alternate anchor style.
  • Try using toggle bolts to anchor suspension cables safely through a drywall ceiling. Bolts should be long enough to let us anchor them through a ceiling completely.
  • Laser lines or chalk lines are very useful in marking precise placements of measurements you have taken on a wall. Make sure to place a light fixture in an exact position over a fish tank.
  • Those who cannot afford to dig a hole in walls might want to take recourse to mount arms available at quite a cheap price.
  • Voila! Here is the answer for “how to hang led aquarium lights?”.

How to Make a Homemade Aquarium Light?

  • Individuals would need a few materials before they start making an aquarium light. Such as a laser-cut acrylic, 2 pieces of 10-watt heat sink, 2 pieces of LED bulbs 10 watt, silicone transparent, dc sockets, and a bunch of newspaper.
  • Take a top plate and a bottom plate which you would use as a base for lights, and join them with the help of silicone.
  • Attach LEDs with a heat sink and then attach bulbs, along with that attach heat sink, to plates.
  • Now it is time for connecting dc jacks with LED fixtures. Do this work very carefully because you cannot undo it once you have applied its adhesive.
  • Whatever gap is left between those mentioned 2 plates, fill in with enough silicone. You are going to need a lot of it. Now your item is waterproof.
  • It is time for people to slide in support kegs gradually on their lighting structure’s sides and secure them with a few drops of adhesive. That’s it! Your homemade aquarium light is ready!

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Lights For Fishtank

Consider these factors as mentioned below before finalizing your final decision.

Tank Type

You must know by now that LED lights depend on the type of tank you have in your house. For example, freshwater fish tanks need aquarium lights completely different from those needed for reef aquariums or saltwater aquariums. So keep your needs in mind and choose a precise one carefully.

Planted / Only Fish

Fish tanks are of two types, one for fish or both fish and plants inside. Fishbowls for fishes only would not need much importance for aquarium illuminators compared to planted fish tanks. However, tanks that have plants will need highly efficient lights for their survival.

Bulb Lifetime

In case of planted aquarium illuminators, make sure to check out their attached bulbs. If you are required to change those bulbs very frequently with a gap of only a few days, then we would suggest you go for some other product which ensures a long-life bulb guarantee. Usually, an aquarium illuminator slightly higher in price might offer durable bulbs.


Say a person is to turn their fish tank’s illuminators on and then, due to some reasons, have to go out of their house for at least a few couple of hours. In this situation, they must be worried about how long their fishbowls’ lights would stay turned on in their absence. Well, this is why they need to look for a timer in their aqua light.

Tank Size

Light in a fishbowl should be sufficient and never exceed the normal limit. For this, one has to opt for a light that is in sync with the size of their aquarium. If an aquarium light fixture is too big for the aquarium itself, then the water might get overheated. Again, a small light is of no use to a regular-sized fish tank. So choose very carefully.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the best light for aquarium plants?

A compact fluorescent LED light is the best aquarium lights for plants.

How many hours of light do aquarium plants need?

Aquarium plants generally need 6-7 hours of light.

How long should a UV light be on in an aquarium?

UV light for aquarium should be on for at least 6-12 hours in a fish tank. However, it is not safe for use at all times.

What color light is best for aquarium plants?

Generally white, blue, red and green lights are best as aquarium plant lights.

What does a UV light do for an aquarium?

UV light does heat up the water of a fish tank in a short amount of time. However, these are not good for aquariums for longer durations.

What is considered high light in an aquarium?

Any light above 8000k is considered as high light, but to be specific, 10000k is a perfect example of high light.

What does AR mean on an aquarium light?

AR in aquarium light means the power of that light to comfortably grow an aquatic plant, Alternanthera reineckii.

How much light does my aquarium need?

Light of 6000k intensity is enough for an aquarium light.

How long should aquarium lights be on?

Aquarium lights should be on for 6 to 7 hours on average.

How does the color of light affect the growth of plants?

Red and blue LED aquarium lights are beneficial light colors to help aqua plants grow.

Why are my aquarium plants dying?

Check the light intensity and light colors of your aquarium light. That may be a reason for your aqua plants’ zero survival.

How to dim LED aquarium lights?

Generally aquarium lights come with options to dim them from either a remote control or from a light panel.


After a strenuous effort, we have gathered details and information on all extraordinary LED aquarium lights. Moreover, our team of experts specified different types of these best LED marine aquarium lighting and their usefulness. Therefore, we hope that you no longer have to go through all that arduous work of collecting information and brainstorming about which one to buy. So after going through all pieces of info mentioned, make your wise decision and enjoy the company of your pet fish happily dancing across all shimmering lights!