[Best 10] Garage Air Compressor Reviews 2022 – Quick Way to Check & Inflate Tires

Premium Pick

AstroAI 100PSI Air Compressor

AstroAI A220BL Tire Inflator 12V DC Auto Portable Air Compressor image
  • Comes with LED display which makes the regular air pressure check-ups easy
  • With 3 types of nozzles it can inflate different types of inflatables quickly and easily
  • Smart Pre-set is available, where you can set the desired pressure using M, +, – buttons on the screen

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Runner Up

BOSTITCH 6 Gallon 150 PSI Air Compressor

BOSTITCH BTFP02012 Pancake Oil-Free 6 Gallon 150 PSI Air Compressor image
  • Ensures quiet work environment with noise level up to 78.5 dBA
  • Oil-free / Maintenance-free which makes it easy to use without any risk of oil stains.
  • It is a lightweight compressor with 150 max PSI 6.0 gallon tank and high flow regulator

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Budget Friendly

Kensun Portable 100 PSI for Car Air Compressor

Kensun 4333087805 12V DC and Home 110V AC Swift Performance Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor image
  • Unique feature of AC/DC switching makes it applicable for both car and home inflatables
  • This premium-quality and durable air compressor has an accurate pressure gauge
  • Dual solid metal motors ensures quick and efficient inflating

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Earlier, Air Compressors are limited to industries and gas stations, but later, the usage is expanded in different places. They can do a wide range of jobs for you by reducing your work and making the job easy and quick. With an Air Compressor for home use, you can inflate tires, inflatables, clean your paved ways, and do other work effortlessly.

Several types of Air Compressors for sale are available with different working mechanisms and diverse capabilities. Various reputed manufacturers make different kinds of compressors with multiple features. While purchasing the best Air Compressor for home garage use, you may get confused about choosing the right one. We have tested various Air Compressors and listed here the top 14 best garage Air Compressors to help you. Check out our best Home Garage Air Compressors recommendations and buying guide to make the right choice.

1. AstroAI 100psi 12V DC Small Garage Air Compressor System

AstroAI A220BL Tire Inflator 12V DC Auto Portable Air Compressor image

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If you are looking for the best garage Air Compressor for inflating your tires, then AstroAI 100psi portable pneumatic air tool is a perfect choice. It includes a 12V DC digital Air Compressor, a replacement fuse, a valve extender, a quick connector, a screw rotation attachment, and three different nozzle adapters. AstroAI portable Air Compressor instantly inflates the car tires, bicycle tires, balloons, pillows, and other inflatables. It has a 3 meters long power cord and an emergency LED flashlight with an independent switch.

This programmable compressor has a backlit LED display screen that lets us preset pressure even in the dark. Inflation pressure can be effortlessly preset using its “+” and “-” buttons, and that “M” button allows us to select pressure units between psi, kPa, bar, and KG/CM. Note that this preset pressure has to be always higher than your tire pressure. AstroAI automatically inflated the car tire in minutes, and its compressor turned off when it reached preset pressure as programmed. Don’t forget to give some time for the compressor after continuous usage for 5 to 10 minutes. The AstroAI mini Air Compressor was very compact and handy, so we were able to store it permanently in our car. However, this compressor is not for large volume or high-pressure applications. AstroAI 100PSI compressor comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty.


  • With 35L/min larger airflow, it quickly inflates small car tires and medium-sized car tires within 2 to 6 minutes
  • High design safety factor ensures safety for both you and your device, and it also has a LED indicator
  • Three different nozzles for different applications and an extra fuse are provided as attachments
  • Made up of high-quality material, which makes it more durable and long-lasting

2. BOSTITCH 150 PSI Pancake Oilless Air Compressor

BOSTITCH BTFP02012 Pancake Oil-Free 6 Gallon 150 PSI Air Compressor image

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Bostitch is a 6-gallon pneumatic air tool with a maximum pressure of 150psi. Its electric high-efficiency motor also starts up quickly in cold weather conditions. With 5 meters long power cord cable, it overcomes the limitation of finding a power outlet near our working area. This quiet garage Air Compressor creates less than 80 dBA operational noise while working, so you no more have to bear the loud noise while using your Air Compressor home use. Bostitch has a sturdy body, and it is well designed, which ensures its longevity. We used this system for two different applications at a time with its two outlets. Those outlets remained sealed until we plugged in a hose, so there is no problem with leakage.

Bostitch BTFP02012 Air Compressor does not require oil for maintenance and also pump does not require any maintenance. This product worked very quickly and attained its maximum 150 PSI pressure in just 2 minutes. You can preset pressure by rotating the knob in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction, and a classic dial gauge accurately indicates pressure values. However, this product weighs a little heavy and thus affects its portability.


  • Quietest Air Compressor for garage with a low noise level of 75dBa, and relieves us from annoying compressor noise
  • Highly efficient motor and sturdy, well-designed compressor that assures long-lasting performance
  • Capable of reaching a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi
  • This oil-free compressor pump eliminates the maintenance requirement

3. Kenzun 12v DC/ 110v AC Portable Air Compressor for Home Garage

Kensun 4333087805 12V DC and Home 110V AC Swift Performance Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor image

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Do you want a small portable inflator that is compatible with both car and home power outlets? This Kensun AC/DC Garage Home Compressor is especially for these needs. It is capable of switching between 12V DC power and 110V AC power. Kensun’s best small Air Compressor for the garage has two separate power cords; one is a 3m long 12V car cigarette lighter plug and another is a 1m long 110v home outlet wall plug. It comes with a bag for easy carrying and two extra nozzle attachments. We tested its performance in both AC and DC power supplies, and it performed well in both conditions.

To operate the compressor with an AC supply, plug it into your home power outlet and press the “AC” button. Similarly, you can also use your compressor with a DC power supply. Kensun’s dual solid metal motors and quality construction make it durable. This best garage compressor has a classic pressure dial gauge that shows precise readings in three different units at a time. Kensun is a compact and handy Air Compressor.


  • Unique functionality feature of working in both DC and AC power supply with respective flow rates of 18 L/min and 20 L/min
  • Two different nozzle attachments can be attached to the standard nozzle end and used for multipurpose applications
  • Classic pressure gauge with a high measuring accuracy of +/-1psi and shows reading in 3 units at a time
  • Works continuously for a longer time up to 30 mins at 35 psi pressure

4. Craftsman CMEC6150K Oil-free 6 Gallon Air Compressor

CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K 6 Gallon Pancake Oil-Free Air Compressor 13 Piece Accessory Kit image

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For using an Air Compressor for multipurpose applications, you may need some additional tools and attachments. Buying separately each accessory is challenging and becomes costly, so the Craftsman CMEC6150K comes to the rescue. Craftsman 6 gallon pancake Air Compressor has a 13 piece accessory kit with no extra cost. The accessory kit includes a 25′ * 1/4″ PVC air hose with a coupler and plug, a tire chuck with plug, a blow gun with plug, a tire gauge, a rubber tip, and a blowgun OSHA safety nozzle, and three inflator adapters. It has two couplers that allow two users to use the compressor at a time for different applications.

Compressor outlet air pressure can be easily controlled using a regulator, and an easily readable pressure gauge displays pressure value. We were happy with the maintenance-free operation of this model. Though it does not require any maintenance, the high-quality materials of the Craftsman compressor make it long-lasting. It works with a 120V AC home power outlet and delivers 2.6SCFM at 90psi. Craftsman pneumatic air tools also can start in cold weather. This home garage Air Compressor can reach a maximum pressure of 150psi with a quick compressor recovery time. Craftsman CMEC6150K has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Maintenance-free long working life of the pump cuts hassle work of maintenance and lubrication
  • Includes a 13 piece accessory kit with different attachments for multipurpose use
  • Large capacity 6-gallon tank for holding compressed air without any leakage
  • Runs without making much noise

5. California Air Tools 1hp 8 Gallon Quiet Garage Air Compressor

California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet Oil-Free 1.0 hp 8 gal Steel Tank Air Compressor image

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California Air Tools 8 Gallon Air Compressor is an in-garage use compressor. Its tank is made of steel, and if you prefer an aluminum tank, California air tools also offer aluminum tank compressors. This electric motor compressor has a large 8-gallon capacity storage tank that only weighs 48lbs. We had to do some assembly before testing it, and it didn’t take much time as it was pretty easy to do. After assembling, we connected it to a 110V 60Hz home power outlet. Its 8-gallon tank fills up in a few minutes and went off after reaching the required pressure. This tool makes 60dBA noise, and it is quiet when compared to other compressors.

California air tools compressor can hold compressed air for a longer time without any pressure drop or leakage. Its oil-free pump cuts down tedious maintenance work, and a 1 hp motor is so powerful. This compressor has a wheel kit, which makes compressor transportation easier. California 8010 steel tank compressor can run continuously for 30-60 mins and has a peak pressure of 120psi. It has two pressure gauges and a knob for adjusting the outlet pressure. This model has a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Air filter filters out dust and debris from inlet air for better compressor performance and provides clean outlet air
  • Thermal overload protector protects the compressor motor from burning due to thermal overloading
  • It produces only less heat while working, and heat dissipates quickly and efficiently
  • Its powerful 1hp motor delivers 2.20cfm at 90 psi and 3.10cfm at 40 psi

6. Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Tire Inflator

Skywalker Trampolines SAL302 2 Rung Plastic Wide-Step Ladder image

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Ontel cordless Air Compressor is especially for inflating car, SUV, RV, and bike tires. You can also use it for inflating sports items, toys, and other inflatables. The cordless design helped us use it anywhere required and eliminated handling of messy wires and distance constraints. It has a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery and an AC charger, which quickly charges the battery. Air hawk pro kit also includes a travel carrying bag, 12V cable adapter for continuous use, and an 11 ft long car cable adapter. This model is handy and lightweight, which only weighs about 3lbs.

A power button for switching on the compressor is provided above its handle. With “+” and “-” buttons, you can set your desired outlet air pressure. LED digital display clearly shows readings, and we were able to stock nozzle attachments in slots on the unit itself. So there is no problem with misplacing or losing nozzles, and it also helps in instant nozzle changing. Air hawk pro compressor inflates anything quickly within a few seconds and automatically shuts off after inflating. The only drawback is its battery life. Ontel Air Hawk is cheap and is worth buying.


  • Presetting pressure is easy, and a digital LED display is easy to read even in the dark
  • Lightweight and cordless design makes it portable for easy storage in your car
  • This powerful compressor inflates anything instantly to make our job easier
  • It has a built-in LED light that helps to inflate tires during night times

7. Viair 400P Small Air Compressor for Garage

VIAIR 40043 400P Portable Corded Electric Compressor image

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A compact yet powerful inflator/deflator is a basic need for most of them doing off-road. Viair is a 12V DC-powered electric Air Compressor with a maximum pressure of 150psi best companion for your off-road. This model is portable as it weighs only 10.4 pounds, and you can also permanently store it in your cars. We liked that long 25 feet hose of the Viair Air Compressor, which helped us inflate tires without moving the entire compressor near wheels. It has dual battery clamps with 40 amps in-line fuse to connect the battery terminals. Viair inflated a large 35″ tire within two minutes.

Viair’s Thermal overload protector needs a reset before using it again, so leave the compressor to rest for at least 30 minutes. This kit also contains a carry bag, a heavy-duty sand tray with vibration isolators, and three inflation tips. The only problem with this model is that your car engine should be running while using this tool to supply high-power requirements. A compressor needs a long resting time in between consequent usage. Viair 400P has a one-year limited warranty.


  • A special anti-vibration tray included in the kit reduces the vibration and noise of the compressor while working
  • In-built metal air filter keeps the compressor free from moisture and dust
  • Compact and lightweight Air Compressor suitable for inflating small to large tires of up to 40 inches diameter
  • Oil-less compressor pump does not require any maintenance and also perfectly suits uneven terrain

8. Senco PC1010 Household Air Compressor

Senco PC1010 Gray Red 1-Horsepower Peak 0.5hp running 1-Gallon Compressor image

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Senco 0.5hp PC1010 is the best portable Air Compressor for a home garage. This 1 gallon Air Compressor is lightweight and has a handle that makes it easy to port from one place to another. Usually, Air Compressors vibrate more, which creates unbearable noise making it difficult to use indoors for longer times. But the Senco PC1010 ran very quietly, making it one of the quietest compressors in the market. It can do different jobs like inflating tires, using power tools, and other jobs faster. The lube-less pump eliminates frequent maintenance requirements and cuts down lubricant costs.

This Air Compressor has a durable aluminum tank for storing compressed air and has two classic pressure gauges. The two gauges individually display tank pressure and outlet pressure of compressed air. Senco PC1010 has a 1/4″ quick disconnect coupler located near its regulator. This model has a standard cfm value of 1.4, and the only maintenance we had to do was to drain out moisture from the compressor tank daily. It has a tank capacity of 1 gallon and a maximum pressure of 125psi. This Senco pneumatic air tool comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Motor is directly coupled to the compressor, and no complex gearing is involved
  • Easily portable as this compressor is small and lightweight and weighs only 20lbs
  • Quickly drives power tools and inflates vehicle tires and other inflatables
  • This compressor runs in a standard 110V 60Hz AC power supply at home

9. Skey Cordless Mini Air Compressor

SKEY Tire Inflator Handheld Electric 150PSI Portable Air Compressor image

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Skey 150psi Air Compressor is a handheld cordless unit that runs on a rechargeable battery. This model comes with seven different nozzle tips for various applications. The seven inflating nozzle tips included two tips for motorcycles and cars, two tips for mountain bikes and bicycles, one for sports balls, one for balloons, and one for other inflatables and toys. This tool has a long-lasting battery that can inflate 25 bicycle tires or 10 motorbike tires or 4 car tires without charging. You can choose the psi, bar, kg/cm, and kPa pressure units by touching the “M” button. And you can preset pressure using the “+” and “-” buttons. The slidable bar for locking provides additional security while using your compressor. Skey JC10 has a gun-style hand switch for inflating, which gave us more control over the inflation process.

Skey’s handy Air Compressor has a built-in emergency LED light that helped us use it at night times without any problem. This 2200 mAh battery compressor is so powerful and can inflate anything in just a few seconds. Its USB-style power cord makes it compatible with your phone adaptors, so you easily charge it at home or on the go. It also comes with a carrying bag.


  • 2200mAh capacity lithium battery that requires less recharging and USB style charger for increased charger compatibility
  • It is handy and cordless, so no more messing up with wires and take it anywhere you want to use
  • Seven quick interchangeable nozzle tips make the compressor more versatile
  • Safety lock and gun style switch for safe and convenient one-hand usage

10. Rolair JC10 Plus Single Stage Electric Air Compressor

Rolair JC10 Plus 2.5 Gal Electric Air Compressor image

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It is another electric power compressor with a large 2.5-gallon capacity tank made of cast aluminum. Rolair is one of the best Air Compressors for small garage list. This compressor has a powerful 1725 rpm electric motor that can deliver 2.35cfm at 90psi. The problem with oilless compressors is that they are loud and cannot be used long times in indoor conditions due to their noise. But, Rolair JC10 is one of the quietest oilless Air Compressors that we have ever tested. A sound level meter measured its operational noise as 60db, which is no louder than a typical human speech.

Rolair has two pressure gauges that individually show outlet air and tank pressure. It measures 17 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 15 inches in width. This compressor works great in powering pneumatic tools and other cleaning processes. Rolair also can be used for inflating balloons, vehicle tires, mattresses, and other inflatables. It is well-made of quality materials and parts, and its handy design makes it portable. Even though it does not require any tedious maintenance, don’t forget to drain out moisture accumulated in the tank daily. This product is a bit costly for its capacity.


  • A single-stage oilless compressor that runs without making much noise and vibration
  • Easily portable small and compact compressor unit that occupies less storage space
  • Powerful 1725rpm electric motor that delivers high cfm of 2.35 at 90psi air pressure
  • This compressor is built with high-quality materials that make it robust and sturdy

11. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Commercial Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor image

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Makita MAC2400 is the best Air Compressor for Home Mechanics. This 181122A compressor oil-lubricated pump has a big bore cylinder and quick piston recovery time. Its cast-iron pump is durable and was easily removable for any repair and maintenance. Makita’s 2.5hp motor is so powerful and delivers up to 4.2cfm at 90psi, which is comparatively higher than other similar models. With two 1/4″ universal quick coupler outlets, two users can use the compressor at a time. It has two storage tanks attached with a total capacity of 4.2 gallons.

All the necessary parts like pressure gauge, outlet, and regulator were set on one side, which helped us easily access everything. Makita’s oil lubrication protects the pump from wear and helps it to maintain cooler running temperatures. We checked the oil level with oil sight glass, and its large industrial grade air filter provided clean compressed air. In addition to oil lubrication, this pneumatic air tool also has an in-built thermal overload protector for additional motor protection. This Air Compressor runs on a 120V standard AC power outlet at home, and its dimensions are 12* 18* 18.75 inches. The only drawback is that this compressor runs a bit louder than other oil-lubed compressors but, its sound level is under 80db. Makita MAC2400 Electric Air Compressor has a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Rapid heat dissipation using copper fins tubing that also reduces the level of moisture accumulation in the tank
  • Roll cage compressor design helps it in withstanding unfavorable workplace environmental conditions
  • High power compressor suitable for home mechanics and helps in making their heavy-duty applications
  • Operates at a maximum pressure of 130psi and delivers 4.2 cfm at 90psi and 4.8 cfm at 40 psi

12. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 8 Gal Large Residential Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 8 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor image

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Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 is the best size Air Compressor for home garage and outdoor use. This 8 gallon compressor is made of durable materials, making it last four times longer. The noise level created by this system when measured is less than 70db. Its dual-piston pump worked efficiently and quickly reached the required pressure. Campbell Hausfeld garage compressed air system is more versatile and can do various applications like nailing, inflating, fastening, and other projects. This oil-free best garage Air Compressor is for long-lasting performance without any maintenance.

Campbell DC080500 Air Compressor was easily portable with its large wheels and steel handle. It has a rubber grip on its steel handle that gave us a good grip while moving the Campbell compressor. It can reach a maximum pressure of 125 psi within a few seconds. This residential Air Compressor operates in 120V AC power and delivers 2.4 cfm at 90 psi air pressure. Its powerful 1hp motor automatically starts and shuts down when there is a pressure drop or maximum pressure. This product comes with a one-year warranty. Overall, we liked the versatility and robust structure of this Air Compressor.


  • A highly versatile Air Compressor can help in doing different projects, thus making it suitable for professionals
  • As this product has an oilless pump, it can last longer without any maintenance
  • This compressor is portable with a rubber-grip steel handle and large wheels
  • Its dual-piston pump delivers 2.4 cfm at 90 psi efficiently and quickly

13. Dewalt DWFP55126 Pancake Home Garage Air Compressor

DEWALT DWFP55126 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Air Compressor image

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Dewalt 6 gal Air Compressor is yet another best inflator. It has a 6-gallon capacity pancake-style tank and a classic pressure gauge with a regulator. The oil-free pump does not require any maintenance and is well-designed for a long working life without maintenance. We wrapped its cord conveniently around the unit, and this compressor also occupied only less foot area. This compressor can reach a maximum pressure of 165psi.

Dewalt Vertical Air Compressor has two outlets and a regular switch for switching on and off the unit. With a sturdy black plastic handle, we could easily carry the compressor from one place to another place. Dewalt’s reliable, highly efficient motor starts up even in cold weather conditions and delivers 2.6 cfm at 90 psi. This system operates with a standard 120V AC home power supply. The protective rubber legs help the Dewalt compressor to stand steady and protect the floor from any damage due to compressor vibration. Dewalt DWFP55126 has a ball drain valve that drains out moisture completely and instantly. Note that you have to keep the compressor with 12 inches clearance from the walls or other obstructions. This electric compressor comes with a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Reaches a maximum pressure of 165psi, which is comparatively higher than other similar capacity compressors
  • Sufficient pancake-shaped 6 gallons capacity tank for holding the compressed air without any pressure drop
  • A vertical compressor that takes less foot area and easy to port with a strong plastic handle
  • A highly efficient electric motor that quickly starts even in surrounding cold temperatures

14. Porter-Cable C2002 Oil-free Air Compressor

PORTER-CABLE C2002 6-Gallon Pancake Oil-Free Air Compressor image

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If you need a cheap oil-free compressor without compromising on its quality, then Porter-cable 6 gallons Oil-less Air Compressor is the perfect one for you. This electric-powered compressor can produce compressed air with a maximum pressure of 150 psi and delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi. Porter-cable is an oilless compressor that is especially for long-lasting performance with no maintenance. It has two classic pressure gauges that are clearly labeled and indicates tank pressure and outlet air pressure individually. With a regulator, you can control outlet pressure, and there are two separate outlets for two users using compressed air simultaneously.

We liked cord holding slots on the compressor top that keep the power cord wrapped and intact. The porter-cable household Air Compressor has a water drain valve for draining out moisture accumulated in the compressor tank. It also has rubber legs that prevent any floor damage and keeps the compressor steady. This compact system worked well in inflating and powering pneumatic tools. Porter-Cable C2002 Air Compressor is portable, which helps you use it anywhere in your home or outdoors. It has a one-year warranty on the compressor parts.


  • It is made of quality materials, and the durable aluminum tank withstands maximum pressure of 150psi
  • Standard pressure gauges indicate the compressor tank and outlet air pressure accurately with no errors
  • Available at a relatively low price with all the functions that other compressors have
  • Separate slots for holding the wrapped cord for easy storage and portability

Best Air Compressor Buying Guide

So far, we have looked in detail at our top 14 picks. Now, here are some answers to your common question, tips, and other information regarding home garage Air Compressors. Our buying guide will help you know better about Air Compressors. If you know better you choose better.

What is an Air Compressor for a Home Garage?

An Air Compressor is a device that delivers compressed air at the required pressure. It has a lot more advantages and is always handy for different applications. The modern inflator system is more versatile and comes with extra added features and attachments. The best compressor for the home garage makes your work simple and faster.

What can you do with a Home Air Compressor?

There are a lot of things that you can do with a garage home compressor. Here we listed out some of the general benefits and uses of it.

  1. Helps in blowing up inflatables like balloons, pillows, cushions, balls, and toys within seconds at required pressure.
  2. It can inflate vehicle tires, like a car, bicycle, and even truck tires, automatically with a preset pressure function.
  3. Supplies compressed air for operating pneumatic tools like air hammers for repairing or working on projects.
  4. Compressed air flowing out of the nozzle with high pressure easily cleans out the pavements and any hard-to-clean complex-shaped items like computer parts.
  5. You can also use compressed air for spray painting.
  6. An Air Compressor significantly eliminates tiresome manual work and helps in completing our jobs quicker.
  7. Apart from supplying compressed air, Air Compressors for the garage also include different additional features and attachments to simplify our work.

How does a Garage Air Compressor Work?

An Air Compressor draws air inside through the inlet. The compressor pump of the it works with a gas or electric motor that compresses the air to the required pressure. The compressed air is stored inside the storage tank, and there is also a tankless Air Compressor that directly supplies the compressed air.

How to Setup a Garage Air Compressor System?

Putting your Air Compressor at the right place is important. The location of it will determine its efficiency. So, here are the steps to be followed for Home Garage Air Compressor Setup.

  1. Find how much foot area your compressor requires. You can find this by looking at its dimensions.
  2. Add some clearance for better fluid flow. Air Compressors quickly fill up when we install them with an appropriate allowance.
  3. Choose the proper hose fittings and other attachments.
  4. Make sure that the hose length reaches your project or workplace.
  5. Use some anti-vibration pads or isolators to reduce noise.
  6. Connect the compressor to a nearby power outlet or fill it with fuel (for gas-powered compressors).

How to Install Air Compressor Lines in Garage?

  • Choose proper pipelines of suitable size and material.
  • Purchase necessary pipe fitting and couplers.
  • By clamping, install pipelines and connect them. Make sure that no electric or water line is passing in between your compressor lines.
  • Attach the couplers and other valves.
  • With essential safety precautions, test whether air is flowing through all lines and check all parts.
  • Make necessary repairs if any part is not working or is leaking.

How to Use a Home Garage Air Compressor?

The procedure for using your Air Compressor varies with the model and type. But here, we have listed out some of the common steps for using a compressor.

  1. Connect it to the power supply.
  2. Allow some time for the compressor to produce compressed air.
  3. Set required outlet air pressure by using regulators or buttons.
  4. Connect nozzle tip attachment that suits your application.
  5. Connect nozzle to inflatable or power tools.
  6. Use the switch provided to operate, or some compressors can inflate and turn off automatically.
  7. After using, disconnect the attachments and cut down the power supply.

Air Compressor Parts/ Accessories

Any Air Compressor you consider have some of the common parts and accessories. So, knowing about the essential components and their function can help you choose better.

Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is a mechanical part that operates with air pressure. We have seen that several electric Air Compressors shut off when they reach maximum or preset pressure. This pressure switch has a pressure relief valve that closes a circuit and cuts down the motor power supply when maximum air pressure is reached.


A hose of an Air Compressor is an essential part without which delivering the air from the compressor is impossible. There are threaded type air hoses and quick lock type hoses. The right hose for your compressor depends on the compressor coupler type, length, pressure rating, and material.


Pump is the heart of an Air Compressor unit. There are several kinds of pumps that are classified based on their input energy. A compressor pump’s principal function is to compress air with a screw or piston. The compressed air is stored in a tank or directly delivered through an outlet.


A regulator is used for changing compressor outlet air pressure. It is usually a rotatable knob fitted near a pressure gauge. We have to rotate this knob in a clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction for increasing or decreasing outlet pressure.

Check Valve

These are one-way valves that are usually fitted in between the tank and compressor. Check valves do an essential function of not letting compressed air pass into its inlet line after the compressor shuts down.


A part that holds or stores compressed air is called a compressor tank. These Air Compressor tanks are available in different capacities, sizes, and shapes.


You can only find a motor in electric Air Compressors. An electric motor coupled to the compressor drives its piston. Different motors that operate on AC or DC and various hp are available in the market.


While using Air Compressor, we cannot ensure that only clean air enters the compressor. If dust and contaminants enter into the compressor over time, they will cause wear and damage. An air filter is used to filter out debris and dust particles from inlet air to overcome compressor damage caused by dirt and dust.

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve?

Air Compressors come with fixed start and stop pressure or minimum or maximum pressure. You can adjust the pressure switch control valve for regulating these pressure values.

  1. Find these pressure values.
  2. Turn the larger screw in a clockwise direction to increase minimum pressure.
  3. With the change in minimum pressure, maximum pressure also increases. So, take note of the new maximum pressure value.
  4. Turn the smaller screw for adjusting maximum pressure.

What Size Air Compressor for a Home Garage?

The best size Air Compressor for a home garage depends on your garage size and application. Generally, size is defined by its tank capacity. 1-gallon and a 3-gallon Air Compressor will be handy and small. 10-gallon, 20-gallon, and 30-gallon Air Compressors are best suited for medium-range applications. If you need a large capacity tank, then you can buy a 60-gallon Air Compressor.

How to Reset Residential Air Conditioner Compressor?

For resetting the residential air conditioner compressor, follow the following steps.

  1. Disconnect the unit from the power supply and wait for a minute.
  2. Turn off thermostat control.
  3. Find breakers of your AC unit in the main circuit box.
  4. Put these breakers to the off position.
  5. After a few minutes, turn on the breakers and set the temperature.
  6. Now, your compressor is reset and connected to the power supply.

What are the Main Types of Home Garage Air Compressors?

The three main types of Air Compressors are rotary compressors, reciprocating compressors, and centrifugal compressors.


Rotary Air Compressors are most widely used in industries to replace piston Air Compressors. These compressors are capable of delivering a large volume of compressed air. It has two large screws that rotate in opposite directions and compress air passing through it. A rotary compressor supplies compressed air at constant pressure without any pressure fluctuations. As they are large, they require more power to operate.


Reciprocating Air Compressors have pistons driven by a crankshaft, hence piston compressors. It can have one or two pistons that compress air inside the cylinder and deliver it. There are single-sided and double-sided Air Compressors that are classified based on their working. A single-sided compressor will only compressor air on the forward motion whereas, a double-sided compressor will compressor air on both forward and reverse motion.


As the name implies, these compressors work based on centrifugal force. It has an impeller and blades that produce compressed air by centrifugal action. These compressors have a radial design and are also called dynamic compressors, as the pressure of outlet compressed air varies depending on inlet temperature conditions. Centrifugal compressors are standard in different industries like oil, water treatment, etc.

Who Makes the Best Air Compressor for Home Garage?

Harbor Freight

In 1977, Allan Smidt and Eric Smidt started Harbor Freight and salvage in California. They began as a small mail-order tool business, and at present, they are specialized in various tools and equipment. One among them is their Air Compressor. Harbor Freight retail stores are also widespread across the nation.


Craftsman tools were started in 1927 by Seers, and now the Craftsman brand is owned by Stanley Black and decker. In the beginning, Craftsman was only supplying farming tools as their customers were mostly farmers. Now, they are manufacturing a wide range of items like lawn sweepers, tools, and other equipment to meet their customers’ varying needs.


Dewalt Industrial tool is a registered trademark of Stanley Black and Decker. With over 90 years of expertise, they have gained a good reputation through their quality products and many happy customers. This American-based manufacturing company supply 200 different power tools and 800 accessories for manufacturing, woodworking, and construction.


Husky Air Compressors are supplied by home depot across US stores. These compressors are known for their quiet operation and are available in different tank sizes. Most of their compressors are vertical type and have larger tank capacities.


In 1906, Porter-cable was started as a small jobbing machine and tool shop. With over 100 years of expertise, they have expanded their production of various power tools and other machines. They developed many portable tools and equipment, and their specialized portable pancake Air Compressors work very well.

Tips & Tricks for Garage Air Compressor Maintenance

Some fundamental and regular maintenance actions can aid in the longevity of your Air Compressor. Let’s look at some of the primary and essential maintenance tips.

  • Dust build-up on your compressor inlet and other parts can affect its efficiency, so do some regular dusting of compressor parts.
  • Regularly check inlet, outlet, and pressure relief valves for any blockages and clean them to avoid any failures.
  • Due to wear and improper fitting compressed air can leak from the outlet and hose. These leakages can result in more power requirements, so fix any leakages as soon as possible.
  • Moisture accumulated in the tank can create rust and damage the compressor, so do a daily drain of water.
  • In oil lubed compressors, oil level reduces and changes color over time. If you notice a drop in oil level below minimum or change in oil color, replace oil.
  • Your user manual contains all necessary information, usage, and maintenance tips. Therefore, read your user manual thoroughly.
  • Check if there are any loose bolts and damaged parts. Tighten loose screws, bolts, and nuts and replace or repair damaged parts.

Things to Consider While Buying Air Compressor for Home Garage

While purchasing any product, we will look for its features, functional capability, warranty, etc. We also compare with other similar products to find out the best. Likewise, there are certain things to consider while buying the best Air Compressor for home garage. Here are some of the significant aspects for consideration that can help you compare and select your Air Compressor.

Maximum Air Pressure

While choosing the Air Compressor for your need, look for its maximum pressure value. Make sure that this value is always more than the required pressure range. But choosing a compressor with a higher maximum pressure than your requirement will increase energy cost. Pick the right compressor with an absolute maximum pressure value slightly higher than the required pressure.

Tank Capacity

The tank is a part of a compressor that stores the compressed air. Tankless Air Compressors are usually small and directly deliver compressed air without storage. Home use Air Compressors are available in various tank sizes, from a 1-gallon to a 60-gallon Air Compressor and even more. Based on your requirement and the application, you can choose any tank size.


Cubic feet per minute (CFM) represents the flow rate of compressed air from its outlet. The higher CFM value means quicker the job gets done. Usually, CFM ratings are measured at 90 psi pressure as it is the pressure required for driving most of your pneumatic tools. The nominal CFM rating for a small compressor is 2-4 CFM at 90 psi. However, this value depends on the design, size, and compressor capacity.


Most home-use Air Compressors are small and portable. Handheld compressors are very portable and can be stored anywhere. Weight is an important consideration when it comes to portability. So, based upon compressor weight, additional attachments are provided. A heavy Air Compressor will have wheel attachments and a handle for pushing or pulling it like a trolley. On the other hand, a medium-weight Air Compressor will have a plastic handle for carrying.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much is a Home Garage Air Compressor?

Air Compressor for sale is available at various prices, which varies from $20 to $800.

Q. Where to Buy an Air Compressor for a Home Garage?

Plenty of websites sell Air Compressors online, like the Amazon, or you can buy one from a store nearby.

Q. How much CFM do I Need for My Workshop?

The best cfm range is 1 to 5 for small compressors, and it is above 10 for large compressors.

Q. What is the Best Workshop Air Compressor?

Craftsman, California air tools, and Dewalt are the best workshop Air Compressors out of the several garage Air Compressors.

Q. How to adjust the Air Compressor in the Garage?

Adjust the knob by turning it in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction or use the + or – buttons for pressure adjustment.


Nowadays, Air Compressors are getting more popular due to their widespread applications. They can simplify a lot of hard-to-do tasks and help in doing your projects or home repairs. Owning a compressor cuts down the cost of hiring a professional for doing any home repairs and renovations. But picking the perfect compressor for your garage can be difficult as there are numerous brands and models in the market. There are also several factors needed to be considered while purchasing the best home garage Air Compressor. We hope our review and buying guide have helped you to get the in-depth knowledge. From our list of top rated Air Compressors, pick the right one for your Garage and Home.

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