7 Top Rated Two Stage Snow Blowers of 2022 – Gives Smooth and Efficient Cleaning

Best Gas Powered

PowerSmart Snow Blower 24-in PSS2240C

PowerSmart PSS2240C 24-in 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower image
  • Features Dual-trigger steering, 13-inch wheel, 8 movement variations & electric start
  • It can break-off solid snow easily with its ultra snow removal performance
  • Comes with powerful 212cc PowerSmart engine for quick clearing

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Most Powerful

PowerSmart PSSAM24 Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSSAM24 Red and Black 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower image
  • Self-propelled system; 6 forward and 2 reverse speed controls
  • It can clear depth of 20 inch and width of 24 inch
  • Its 13 in. inflatable tires makes it perfect for asphalt, concrete, and gravel surfaces

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Value for Money

Briggs & Stratton 1696614 2-Stage Snowthrower

Briggs _ Stratton 1696614 208cc Black 24-in 2-Stage Snowthrower image
  • Featured with Friction disk drive system with electric start ensures effortless starting
  • Comes with Powerful 950 snow Series 208cc engine and 12″ auger diameter
  • Equipped with Dash mounted chute rotation and On panel deflector control

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Is there snow everywhere around you? Are you looking for ways to eliminate the snow at unnecessary places on your property, be it your driveway, lawn, or backyard? The best solution for you would be to get yourself a snow blower. A snow thrower, commonly termed a snow blower, used to get rid of snow. It could be a sidewalk, a driveway, an ice rink, a roadway, a railroad, a railroad track, or a runway. It may either be on electric power or a gasoline or diesel engine. Snow blowers range from very small to large machines.

Snow blowers can be classified into three types- single stage, two stages or even three stages. You can opt for either of the snow blower types depending on your usage requirements. They have different functioning processes and have varied features as well. Irrespective of snow blower model you choose, having one is necessary because they help you do so much work, reducing the manual work. Here are a few two stage snowblower reviews where you will get to know about the best ones on the market. Make sure to research the snow blower model before buying one.

1. PowerSmart PSS2240C 2 Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS2240C 24-in 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower image

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The PowerSmart PSS2240C is amongst the best rated 2 stage snow blowers in the market. This 2 stage electric snow blower has a strong, powerful engine that will make your snow clearing process much easier and quicker. We were impressed that it has a sufficiently good clearing power despite being a small 2 stage Snow Blower. This product has received the most amount of appreciation amongst all the 2 stage snow blower reviews. It smoothly gets the work done with not much effort to be put in.

This snow blower assures that no matter what quantity of snow is to be cleared, you will succeed at clearing any amount of snow with this wonderful unit. We were completely in awe of the dual trigger steering and the max-performance design that has been designed for the user’s convenience. The 13-inch wheel that the snow blower has enables free and smooth movement while clearing the space off the snow. This compact 2 stage snow blower is engineered to have 8 movement variations- 6 forward and 2 backwards, making work even simpler. This device is highly efficient, and it will get the work done in very little time that will leave you astonished.


  • The PowerSmart PSS2240C 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower has a 40 feet maximum throw distance
  • The blower has a clearing width of 24 inches and a clearing depth of 20 inches
  • It comes with a 180 chute rotation for a more efficient snow blowing control
  • It is engineered to have 6 forward and 2 backward speed variations
  • 212cc PowerSmart engine for powerful snow-clearing action
  • The machine is gas powered and has a 4 cycle engine type

2. PowerSmart 24-in PSSAM24 2 Stage Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSSAM24 Red and Black 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower image

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The PowerSmart Snow PSSAM24 is one of the best two stage snow throwers that we have come across. This machine is very efficiently designed in every aspect and gets the snow blowing job done in no time. The 212cc PowerSmart engine is quite competent as compared to other snow blowers in this range. The adjustable metal skid shoes are an added benefit that will help you alter the height according to your convenience. This feature will be helpful since you will be able to use this device on varied surfaces. It is powered by gas for its functioning. This two stage gas snow blower is designed to have 8 movement variations, making the device’s operation very convenient for us.

The versatile drive system of this model is extremely satisfying, and it helps you clear the snow with less effort. The reviews for this product have been so positive, and the users have loved this product. This is the best snowblower for wet snow and gets the work done without any hindrances. This PowerSmart Snow 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower is very easy to use and comes with an electric start button, a manual starter for the machine. Another aspect that we found fascinating was the adjustable metal skid shoes. They are so convenient since we can easily alter the height for smooth use of different surfaces, making the machine better.


  • It is designed with a versatile drive system while allows sufficient movement
  • It houses a 212cc PowerSmart engine for powerful snow throwing action
  • Also houses adjustable metal skid shoes for alteration in height, allowing comfort while using the device on different surfaces
  • Has 13-inch inflatable tires for treading on deep snow surfaces
  • Comes with an electric start push button or a manual starter
  • It is engineered with 8 movement variations

3. Briggs & Stratton 1696614 Two Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Briggs _ Stratton 1696614 208cc Black 24-in 2-Stage Snowthrower image

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The Briggs & Stratton S1024 Standard Series 24-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a middle duty snow blower that works in extreme arctic temperatures even up to -21ºC. It gives assurance to its users by claiming that the machine is guaranteed to start or it will be fixed for free. This 2 stage gas snow blower is designed with an electric start push button which offers effortless starting even in the coldest weather. This guarantees maximum durability in terms of functioning even in heavy snowfalls or freezing rains. This model is one of the best snow blowers on the market because it can flawlessly work in extreme temperatures making your work simpler.

If you have this model of a snow blower, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it offers an amazing quality of features and functions. This model is designed with a friction disc transmission which is apt for heavy snow conditions and therefore very easily gets the work done even through heavy snowfalls. It is equipped with a powerful engine to make the snow clearing process an effortless endeavour for you. The freehand controls make operating the device easy because you can drive the snow blower with one hand and operate the controls with another. This eliminates any complications or inconveniences that may occur while using the snow blower.


  • It has a clearing path of width 24 inches and a snow intake height of 20 inches 
  • 208cc Powerful 950-Snow series engine for a torque of 9.5 foot-pounds
  • Provided with an electric start and houses a friction disk drive system
  • It comes with 3 years of limited equipment and engine

4. TACKLIFE GST01 Electric Dual Stage Snow Blower

TACKLIFE GST01 20 INCH Width Steal Auger Overload Protection 15Amp Electric Snow Blower image

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The TACKLIFE 15 Amp Electric Snow Blower promises its users to be safe, efficient and professional. This is the affordable unit in the market that offers such a plethora of features. The Anti-Freezing handle, which takes into consideration the user’s comfort, is definitely a plus point. This snow blower is so easy to start and effortless to get the work done. The best part about this Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower is that it is absolutely maintenance-free. It has a power cord hook that enables the hanging of the cable while the device is in use. The working width and intake depth of this snow thrower is 20 inch and 10 inches respectively.

An important point to remember is that this best snowblower is not apt for clearing snow on heavy wet snow and gravel roads, and it is quite ideal for cleaning snow on mid-sized driveways, patios and walkways. This two stage snow thrower is considered to be extremely practical and economical from a user point of view. It functions on an electric drive which is very pocket-friendly since it demands fewer expenses. TACKLIFE GST01 does not use any gas, tune-ups or even oil, so it is painless to start and eventually maintain the machine. It does not contribute to noise or air pollution in any way. Another convenient aspect is that the product life is extended because of the overload protector and durable anti-freeze materials. We were very happy with this snow blower.


  • It is designed with a 180-degree adjustable chute which enables changing the snow throwing direction and distance
  • It has a maximum throw distance of 30 feet, ideal for clearing snow from mid-sized driveways, patios or walkways
  • The working width of this snow blower is 20 inches, and the working depth is 10 inches
  • This machine can easily clear 800 lbs of snow per minute
  • It has a 15 Amp motor which generates 3000 rpm

5. YARDMAX YB5765 6.5 HP 22″ Two-Stage Snowblower

YARDMAX YB5765 6.5 hp 196cc 22-in Two-Stage Snow Blower image

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The YARDMAX YB5765 is one of the best two stage snow blowers that we have come across. We appreciated that it was very easy to start this snowblower, and operating it was also quite convenient. It has also been designed with a self-propelled drive which offers multiple speeds and movement variations of 5 forward and 2 reverse movements. It works so smoothly because its notched steel augers and axe-shaped housing allow easy slicing even through hard packed ice and snow. This makes your work even simpler and rather quicker with not much effort to put in. This snow blower will guarantee to get the work done for you without over-exerting you or making you over-pay.

YARDMAX YB5765 provides its users with the assurance that this machine will be your saviour no matter how bad the snow is. This surety is because YARDMAX guarantees to provide durable products for both kinds of people- professional contractors and typical homeowners. The efficiency of this 2 stage gas snow blower is very impressive because its high speed impeller and extended chute work wonders while collecting and throwing the snow or ice. This compact machine with a simplified assembly avoids any complicated instructions to be followed even while operating it. It can be concluded that the entire design has been engineered to enhance performance, increase efficiency and manoeuvrability.


  • It ensures maximum snow throwing and minimum blowback because of its high-speed impeller that collects more snow and the extended chute that manages a tighter discharge
  • Serrated steel augers, which enable easy slicing through hard packed ice and snow and the axe-shaped housing adds to the easy slicing
  • It is designed with an aluminium gear case with alloy steel gears and synthetic gear oil, broadening the performance
  • The control cranks enable smooth chute adjustments on the fly

6. Husqvarna ST224 208cc 24 Inch 2 Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower image

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The Husqvarna ST224 Start Snow Blower has been specially designed for homeowners who require a highly efficient blower to clear the ice or snow from large driveways and paths. The Husqvarna ST224 208cc is one of the best inexpensive snow blowers with a wide range of features. The adjustable skid shoes are very beneficial because they allow the device’s functioning on any kind of surface. This will make your snow cleaning process so much better and so much easier. The two stage system of this snow blower is very efficient and designed with a high throwing capacity.

We were very happy with how our work went smoothly with not much effort to put in. It has been so carefully designed to be efficient and convenient for the users that it guarantees complete customer satisfaction. There is an adjustable handle to alter the handle’s height for comfortable use. The friction-disc transmission guarantees the smooth and efficient functioning of this model. The overall additional features for this model are heated handle grips, an electric starter and LED lights which enable enhanced efficiency for all weather conditions.


  • This is a self propelled snow blower with 6-speed variations along with reverse
  • Electric start, which makes it very easy to start the machine
  • Functions on a powerful 208cc Husqvarna engine
  • It is designed with a remote chute deflector
  • The tires of this Husqvarna ST224 are 15 inches

7. Husqvarna ST224P Two Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224P 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Power Steering and Electric Start Gas Snow Blower image

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The Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start is mainly for maximum usability, efficiency and comfort. We love the Husqvarna’s two stage snow blower because it works so well even in the hard packed ice or snow, and it manages to smoothly slice it through the ice or grind the snow down before being fed into the housing and being thrown through the impeller. This best value snow thrower is so strong and sturdy since it is built specifically to survive and work in the demands of the harsh weather conditions. This model has two stages, heavy-duty apparatuses featuring a firm impeller and a cast-iron gearbox for easy and effortless snow removal.

We were impressed by the cleated track drive system because it offers supreme level propulsion on slippery or uneven lands, hills or surfaces with deep snow levels. We were appalled at how easy the operation of the model is. All the controls and levers are smartly placed, and the entire design is so compact that we experience a sense of added comfort and control. This model will help you clear the snow and ice even in low temperatures without damaging the batteries. The heated handles provide so much comfort in operating the machine is cold, snowy winter days. The power steering and a hydrostatic transmission that this model is engineered with provide smooth and efficient performance. We found this model to make our work much easier while considering the user’s comfort of utmost importance.


  • Provided with a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year engine warranty by the manufacturer 
  • This best 2 stage snow blower has an electric start, making it quite easy to operate the machine
  • Has a gross torque of about 9.5 pounds feet and a cylinder displacement of 12.69 cubic inch
  • It is a 24 inch two stage snow blower with a horsepower of 6.3 HP
  • It comes with a remote chute deflector or a remote chute rotator

Buying Guide

Deciding the perfect and the most suitable snow blower that exactly matches your expectations can be difficult sometimes. There are various factors, right from requirements to design to features, that you must consider before deciding. However, you must start by knowing what exactly a snow blower is and why you need it. Here is a buying guide that will enlighten you on everything you must know before buying a snow blower.

What is a 2 Stage Snow Blower?

A 2 Stage Snow Blower, a machine used to clear snow from unwanted spaces. It makes use of two different stages for the process of snow clearing instead of just one. The two-stage process enables faster and farther throwing of snow up to 60 feet, which is better than the single stage blowers. The 2-Stage blowers have a much larger intake and can smoothly function in depths of about 23 inches. Most 2-stage snow blowers house metallic skid shoes that elevate the auger for better use on varied surfaces.

Why do I need a Snow Blower?

A two-stage snow blower is of immense use when you have a piece of land covered with snow, and clearing it manually is a lot of work. If you have a garden, a backyard, or even the pavement outside your house that often gets filled with snow, then you must have a snow blower. It will help you efficiently remove the snow from the unwanted spaces without much manual labour. There are various types of snow blowers that you can choose from depending on your requirements, and then opt for the best affordable snow blower.

What size Snow Blower do I need?

Depending on the area of land and the depth of snow it covered with, will determine the size of the snow blower you need. A 2 cycle snowblower would be sufficient for an average to large size space. The different sizes of snow blowers have different power engines, and that determines their snow blowing capabilities. For instance, a 2-stage blower may be ideal for people with gravel driveways. This is because the cleaning is not to the ground, so pieces of gravel are avoided from entering the snow blower’s auger.

How does a Two Stage Snow Blower work?

A Two-stage snow blower works in two distinct stages while removing snow. In the first stage of snow removal, the auger accumulates all the snow and transfers it to the centre of the snow blower and the back into the impeller. The impeller then throws it out of the chute. The engine’s power, the auger and the impeller combined can throw out the snow much faster by chewing up ice and snow and tossing it out through the chute.

Are Two Stage Snow Blowers worth it?

A 2-stage snow blower ranges from $600 to $2000-plus and is suitable for using it on a long, wide or hilly driveway. If you have snow that exceeds 8 inches or a gravel pathway, this snowblower is worth it. This will reduce your work immensely and get your work done smoothly. 2-stage blowers provide an electric starting. They also have driven wheels, an auger that collects snow and an impeller that throws it. Therefore, dual stage snow throwers are worth it with the kind of function they perform.

Single Stage vs 2 Stage Snow Blower vs 3 Stage Snow Blower

Single stages are suitable for mid-sized spaces with an average snowfall of 12 inches or less. They can manage well in wet and light snow. An auger moves the snow through a discharge chute directly in a single stage snow blower. It throws the snow up to around 35 feet. Two stages can work in depts about 23 inches and icy-wet snow. In a 2-stage snow blower, the auger accumulates the snow first, and then the impeller fan discharges the collected snow through a chute. A three-stage makes use of an accelerator along with an auger and impeller. They can easily handle driveways that are over 60 feet long and inclined unpaved and paved lands. It works in the snow of depths up to 23 inches.

Snow Blower vs Snow Thrower

Although the terms snow blower and snow thrower are quite often swapped, the two machines are, in fact, quite dissimilar in terms of functions, features, power and price. A snow thrower is relatively more powerful than a snow thrower, and snow blowers tend to remove a wider band of snow in a single pass than snow throwers. Snow throwers meant for light snow, whereas snow blowers used in cases of heavy snow. An extension cord powers snow throwers, and their power restricted to the length of the chord. On the other hand, snowblowers are fuel powered. Snow throwers are also relatively cheaper, but they come with limited functions and features.

Single Stage vs Dual Stage Snow Blower

Single stage snow blowers can function in light to moderate snow, whereas Dual Stage snow blowers can work in much heavier snowfall. One stages are suitable for flat and short driveways or walks or even decks, whereas dual stages are apt for long, wide and hilly driveways. Single stages are good for snowfall of 4 inches or less, and the dual stage is apt for snowfall that exceeds 8 inches. Single stage snow blowers are small, compact, light and easy to operate and store. On the other hand, the dual-stage models are relatively heavier and not very compact, so they take up a lot of space.

Who Makes the Best Two Stage Snow Blowers?


The brand Ariens, popularly known as the King of Snow after earning it through persevered hard work and efficient results. They have successfully managed to produce over 4 million snowblowers since 1960. Ariens is the leading brand of the top rated 2 stage snow blowers worldwide.


The specialty of Craftsman snowblowers is that they are inexpensive and yet quite efficient to get the job done for homeowners. The Craftsman makes the best two-stage snow throwers with the same quality parts of the machine as the expensive models. The best budget snow blower in the market currently is 88781, which is a craftsman snowblower.


The Husqvarna brand makes the most reliable snowblowers, which also happen to be one of the best affordable snow blowers. They make snow blowers with a powerful engine that grind the snow before feeding it into the housing and throwing it through the impeller. These snowblowers can easily tolerate harsh winters and deep levels of accumulated snow.


The Toro Snow Blowers are durable, efficient and inexpensive, and they make one of the best manufacturing brands in the market. They make the most powerful snow blowers with great speed that will leave you appalled. They are simple to operate and designed with intuitive controls, making them simply the best.

Cub Cadet

The Cub Cadet Snow Blower, a popularly liked and dependable brand for approximately 60 years. They are known to manufacture snow blowers with a plethora of models that can be used for both professional and residential use. They deliver amazing results, which always gain positive critique from the users.

Two Stage Snow Blower Accessories

Like any other machine, snow blowers also have certain accessories of their own. There are snow blower cabs that protect the machine from snow, freezing rain or sleet. There is a clean-out tool that enables you to get rid of the ice and snow from the discharge chute of your snow blower. Then, there are snow blower tire chains that enable engine-powered wheels for better self-driven traction. A heavy duty floor mat is another essential accessory that protects the floor of the storage area from any water, scratches or stains. You might also want a cover, a gear lube, roller skid snow blower shoes, skid mounting bolts and such other accessories. It is advisable to buy these accessories while buying the snow blower because they come in handy.

Some other Snow Blower accessories mentioned below

  • Drive/Traction Belt
  • Wheels and Key
  • Shear Pins/Bolts
  • Electric Starter Gear
  • Augers
  • Scraper Bar
  • Primer Bulbs
  • Fuel Filters
  • Carburetor Kit
  • Spark Plugs

What Maintenance does a Two Stage Blower Need?

There are three steps that you must follow for proper maintenance of your two stage snow blower. Changing the oil is the first and necessary step. The 2 stage snow blowers use 4-stroke engine oil. Next is changing the spark plug if you have used your snowblower a lot in the previous year. The third is to take steps for rust prevention for prolonged maintenance of the machine. This is important because melting snow often rusts scratched steel. To prevent rust, try to scrub it off using a wire brush or sandpaper so the paint will stick. Apply a thick rust-proof paint and repeat this step a few times.

What to look for in a Two Stage Snow Blower?

You must look for certain features in a Two stage snow blower before buying it. This is important because the product’s usefulness will only determine whether the features match your requirements. You can check out different snow blowers, compare their features, and choose the most suitable one for you. Here is a checklist of certain features that you must look for in a Double Stage Snow Blower.

Suitable Surface Type

Before choosing a snow blower, you must check if that machine works well on a certain type of surface. This is important to check because if you choose the wrong snow blower for a certain type of land, you will lose one efficiency and spoil the machine. Two stage snowblowers known to be suitable for steep slopes or driveways. Most dual stage snow blowers may even work in dirt or gravel driveways, but you must confirm before buying the machine.

Power Steering

If you opt for a two stage snow thrower with power steering that will be a blessing for your back since you will not have to push it around. Double stage snow blowers are heavy, and turning them around in wet and deep snows can be too taxing. Therefore, a power steering enables you to turn the machine quite easily. The one-hand power steering controls taught in the latest models turn the machine in a 180º in no time.

Battery Powered Snow Blowers

Battery-powered two stage snow blowers are always a better option because they eliminate the struggles of oil changes, gas, and annual spark plug service. A single charge can enable a machine to function for about 30 minutes, but you can buy a second set of batteries for a longer run. However, these battery-powered snow blowers are more suitable for small to medium driveways with light to medium snowfall depths.

Plastic Chutes Over Steel Chutes

The Plastic Chutes are a better alternative to steel chutes because plastic chutes formulated to be slightly slippery, which does not let the snow stick or jam the machine easily. Plastic, being relatively flexible, does not crack in the extremely cold winters, whereas the steel chutes may chip or dent. Another disadvantage of steel chutes is that the snow starts sticking to the chute once they start to rust. If the snow keeps sticking to the steel chute, you will have to stop and clear the snow pack, slowing down your work.


Headlights are yet another significant feature that you must look for in a snow blower. Although headlights may seem to be a rather decorative feature, they are quite useful and must be considered while buying a snow thrower. In winters, it is usually dark outside, and when you get to work, be it either early mornings or late evenings, it is always going to be dark. This is where headlights play a significant role since they enable you to see the obstacles and clear them before they jam your snow blower.

Airless Tires

Unlike the pneumatic air-filled tires, which cause constant hassles of being deflated or being unevenly inflated, airless tires are hassle-free. This is because airless tires never go flat, and they are maintenance-free and completely eliminate the issue of sidetracking. Airless tires made of a special polymer material that allows flexing to shed the snow and have an equivalent amount of traction as traditional rubber tires. Therefore, airless tires are the best option for your snow blowers.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What are the best two stage snow blowers?

The PowerSmart PSS2240C, the PowerSmart PSSAM24 2-Stage, the Briggs & Stratton S1024 Standard Series 24-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower, the TACKLIFE Snow Blower are a few amongst the top best two stage snow blowers.

Q. Are snow blowers easy to use?

Yes, Snow Blowers are easy to use if you have chosen the correct type of snow blower. It also comes with a manual, so you have nothing to worry about if you follow the instructions accurately.

Q. Where to buy two stage snow blowers?

You can easily find best 2 stage snow blowers on ecommerce websites like Amazon.


These were the best 2 stage snow blowers that will make your work so much easier in long, cold, snowy winters and help you get through them. We hope that two stage snow blower reviews will help you gain an insight into the specifications of various models, and this helps you decide which product is most suited for your requirements. The two stage snow blowers that we have mentioned here are a few of the best and inexpensive ones in the market. However, it is advisable to research the model, match it with your requirements, and buy it only if suitable for your usage.

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