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Does Your Dog’s Breath Stink? – Discover the Reasons, Remedies & Treatment

Only some smells are as undesirable as your dog’s bad breath. Being a parent to a pet, one would not want one’s pet to have a foul smell when it comes near to cuddle or shows affection to your guests. Your doggo might think its owner loves those kisses and cuddles, but this might not always be the case. This article covers about bad breath for dogs how to take care of it. 

Causes of Bad Dog Breath

Pet owners tend to neglect the odour from their pet’s mouth, calling it just dog breath, but severe health problems can be behind intolerable breath in your canine friends.

Oral Health

and periodontal diseases are one of the most common reasons for bad breath. Tooth decay or bacterial infection because of tartar and meat particles can lead to odour formation. If you do not brush your doggo’s teeth regularly or do not get them cleaned by a professional, then plaque may start forming in its mouth, and not paying attention to it will only worsen the situation.Diet


Dogs are often recommended fish supplements as the protein source in their balanced diet. If your dog has a compromised immune system or osteoarthritis, the vet must have suggested fish supplements rich in Omega-3. Salmon, tuna, cod and hank are famous species of fish. If fish consumption is more than recommended, it might cause bad breath.  

Gross Habits

A practice called ‘coprophagia’ where a dog starts ingesting another dog’s poop or sometimes its poop. Which can also lead to a serious disease called ‘parvovirus.’ Wait, this doesn’t end here; dogs love cat poop too. So if you have a cat and a dog, there are good chances your doggo will practice coprophagia and develop bad breath.

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Liver Diseases

If your dogs bad breath is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea and has a yellow shade in gums, it is quite possibly for a liver infection. Weight loss and appetite loss are common symptoms along with the said signs. 


If your dog’s bad breath contains a fruity smell and it is urinating more often, then probably your dog is diabetic. It is a serious issue but can be cured easily if you pay attention and take care of bad breath dogs on time. 

Kidney Disease

If your dog’s kidneys are not functioning the way they should, it might lead to renal infections, due to which your dog breath smells like urine. Hence, it is best to provide with food and the best fish oil supplements that promote renal health in canines.

Impacted Anal Gland

It could be the reason behind why your dog breath smells like fish even if he is not fed any fish diet. The secretion of anal glands in dogs produces a powerful, spicy and fishy smell. When dogs lick their tail in the rear, this transfers to their mouth.  

Respiratory Tract Disease

Bad breath could be because of the compromised respiratory tract; some of the diseases which can cause this are: nasal infection, sinusitis, and even nasal tumor. It triggers the production of pus in the nose, which comes down to the throat and emits a stinky odor.   

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When Should You Worry About Fishy Dog Breath?

If the fishy smell persists for a long time, even after you give them dog-friendly DIY mouth fresheners, it may be time to take more action. When a dog’s anal glands are swollen or impacted (when the glands cannot release the fluid inside), you would be required to express those glands manually. You can do it yourself or visit a veterinarian for eradicating the issue at hand, bad dog breath. 

Dog fishy breath could be a problem that arises due to many reasons, including diet. So it will subside in a day or two if you stop feeding fish. If your furry friend visits trash often, you can monitor it for a few days. Even so, when the breath isn’t any good. It may be because of the impacted glands and how your furry friend would lick its rear. If your dog is scooting (rubbing their butt on the floor) or if you see swelling in the tail region, visit a vet. 

Besides, it could be a liver disease when the butt looks perfectly fine. In this case, you might see yellowness in the eyes. 

Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

Dental Chews: By providing healthy and tasty dental chews from a young age, you would be doing a great favor to your dog and yourself by eliminating some probability of frequent bad breath. 

Dental Water: Wondering what can I give my dog for bad breath? Then this is another easy and bright solution for bad breath for dogs. Instead of giving normal water, give them some dental water. It might take a few days to work its magic. 

Wheat Grass: Chlorophyll helps in freshening the mouth. You can add fresh wheat grass to your dog’s food.

Coconut Oil: Adding one spoon of coconut oil to your pet’s meal would do wonders in combating the breath issue. It would also help the metabolism and immunity of the dog. 

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Cinnamon: Adding a pinch of cinnamon to every meal is good, so beautiful results. But remember that cinnamon is a spice and should be added only a little.

Probiotics: If the source of bad breath lies in the guy, probiotics will help you eradicate the problem with the help of good bacteria. 

Carrots and Apple Slices: You can consider these natural versions of chew toys. They induce saliva production, which can wipe off the plaque. 

Parsley: It contains antioxidants that help keep bad breath at bay and reduce inflammation and irritation. You can directly use some parsley in the meal or blend it in it. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: Out of its many uses, apple cider vinegar serves as a dog breath freshener. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of it to their favorite and the best dog water bowl

Celery: A better alternative for carrots and apples, it triggers saliva production without any additional problem. It has hardly any fructose and very little starch content. 

Neem: You can get some neem capsules to add to your dog’s food. Do not overfeed; keep the doses small- 1 capsule every 7-10 days. It promotes good dental health.

Bad Breath for Dogs Treatment

As the problem of bad breath could be due to several factors, there are different ways to counter it. The very first step would be the identification of the problem. Once you can put your finger on what might cause such havoc in your dog, you can follow these suggestions. 

Dental Condition

It is the most common reason why your dog’s breath stinks. Here is the guide for how to counter it:

  • Visit a vet regularly to get your pup’s teeth examined.
  • The plaque (a film that develops on teeth) becomes tartar. This is why you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly.  
  • You can visit a professional and try to brush your pet’s teeth using a toothbrush or just a clean cloth to remove the film from his teeth. 
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We have seen above how your dog’s gut health affects its breath. Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Do not let your dog “explore” trash; keep the bin out of reach. 
  • Ensure that there is no unsupervised snacking because it is disgusting and dangerous. 
  • Keep in mind to provide a healthy, nutritious diet along with probiotics. 
  • You can make an appointment with the vet to check for other health-related issues.  


Smaller breeds or old or obese dogs require more care, especially dental ones. 

  • As smaller breeds have close-fitted teeth, there is a high chance that the food gets stuck often. Providing chew toys may help the situation.
  • Also, provide them with the best and nutrition filled diet like the best small kibble dog food which is specifically meant for small breeds with good chance for chewing purpose. 
  • Look for other symptoms that may suggest serious problems, like anal gland impaction or kidney disease. 

How to Stop Bad Breath in Dogs? | Preventive Measures

Before you look for treatment, once look at the preventive measures that you can take. it is very important to analyse the symptoms and know the cause of bad breath so that you can get the right treatment done.

  • One of the essential ways to prevent your dog from bad breath is to brush its teeth regularly.
  • Brushing the teeth regularly decreases the chances of tartar build-up, bacteria formation and plaque.
  • Buy them chewing and canine toys; it naturally prevents their mouth from infection. 
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  • Make them do a lot of work out like running, playing with a ball and other exercises. It keeps them healthy, which decreases the chances of diabetes.
  • Providing your dog with quality food is another crucial step towards preventing your dog from bad breath.
  • Do not use human toothpaste because some contain xylitol, which can cause liver failure in dogs. 
  • Do not try human “dental hacks” on dogs, like using baking soda to whiten teeth, etc. 


Senior dog bad breath is common. Puppies have a sweet and milky smell because they have not yet developed bacteria. Bad breath is not only yucky but can also be associated with several health issues. There can be various reasons behind your dog’s bad breath, including canine diseases and diet. If it isn’t truly serious then one can follow dog bad breath home remedy. Or else pay a visit to the vet for a dental check-up to figure out how to stop bad breath in dogs.