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Laser Pointer for Cats: Pros, Cons and Safety Tips

The laser pointer projections emit red dots, and these are best to pass some leisure time with your cat. However, there are many reasons cats become restless seeing these pointers. If these toys are used effectively, it is a good source of entertainment for playing. Pet owners enjoy seeing their cats chasing the red dot for a long time. Read more to know about laser projections. Know why do cats like lasers? What do they contain that attracts cats? Are laser pointers bad for cats are not?

Are Laser Pointers Bad for Cats?

A major concern revolving around shining laser beams from pointers is whether they affect the cat’s eyes. What if laser beams fall directly into your cat’s eye? Pet owners should remain calm because nothing serious will happen if those beams reflect the cat’s eye. Laser games deliver an amusing experience to your pets. It features lasers in the range of 1 to 5 milliwatts safe for animal eyes.


Indoor cats have a tedious life, and wild cats perform many activities every day. Sitting continuously and sleeping makes them unfit and healthy, even obese. Cats become bored by playing with physical toys it is why they never say no to red dots. It makes them work out with natural toys. Playing is important for all animals because it teaches them social skills and coordination. Hunting skills and muscles are built up sharply. Prey instincts get honed by playing.

Mental Stimulation

Cats were domesticated 5000 years ago, and these are natural predators well known for catching mice. However, when their lives have become lazy, playing with red dots can make their mental stimulation stable and less tedious. It fulfils your cat’s natural drive of stalking prey.

Ever wonder why do cats chase lasers? However, Playing with laser beams can be frustrating for an extended duration because cats are predators. They need to hunt and get a reward. Cat chasing laser can make them anxious, resulting in torn carpets, furniture, or scratches and bites on your hand.

How to Play with a Cat laser Pointer?

Following some safety precautions is essential while your cat plays with red dots.

  • Always try to use low-wattage light which emits maximum output power of 5 milliwatts.
  • Never focus the light directly onto their eyes.
  • Store the laser toys for cats in a safe place where your cat cannot reach
  • Keep the cat laser toy a few feet away from your pet.
  • Try to move the red dots until it catches the cat’s attention.
  • Once your cat starts moving towards the light beam, shift the beam in a different direction that enables your cat to play.
  • After they catch the light, let them study for a while.

Not every cat loves to play with laser pointers. Safe cat toys satisfy the natural drive of hunting and boost encouragement. Other electronic gadgets available for pets like remote control mice stimulate their minds to play.

What Are The Psychological Effects Of Laser Points?

Playing with red laser pointer can make your cat aggressive. It gives mental torture to your cat because they cannot catch those red lights. This gives an unattainable feeling and dissatisfaction. Cats become prone to biting and clawing furniture. Studies have shown cats become paranoid or anxious after playing with laser pointers skulking around a disappeared dot. Cats are natural hunters that’s why frustration comes after failing to catch prey. The points move in a different direction at speed, so using them in an open space is advisable.


There are ample electronic toys and gadgets which keep the cats mentally and physically engaged. Stuffed animals, balls, and many more imitate the movement of live prey. Pet owners can also teach their cats to fetch a ball or toy. Safety always comes before fun. Laser for cats can cause permanent retina damage during playtime. It is essential to take care of your furry friend as a faithful companion.