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Can Dogs Have Cherries? Know What Fruits are Safe for Dogs

It has always been a human tendency to share a few of your lives with our pets. And the food is no exception to this rule. It is commonplace that dogs can consume a wide variety of foods that humans consume. Ever wondered if can dogs eat cherries? However, some foods meant for our consumption might have an unwarranted effect on your dogs. While some may cause slight side effects, others can inflict much more significant damage. Through this are cherries bad for dogs? guide, we investigate whether cherries are safe for canine consumption. Let’s know about it.

Are Cherries Bad For Dogs?

The answer to this can dogs have cherries? would be a yes and no. If consumed in small amounts, say two or three, Cherries will not cause any damage. However, excess fruit feeding can lead to cyanide buildup in your dogs digestive system. This buildup is highly lethal and might lead to your dog being hospitalized. Another issue when it comes to cherries is the stems and pits. Dogs have big muzzles, so they tend to chow down on food.

Cherries are very insignificant when compared to this. Your dog might easily swallow the whole fruit, stems and all. Stems can poke about in their mouth and oral cavities. It might create bruising and lacerations, which your dog might find annoying. Swallowing pits, on the other hand, may create bowel obstruction. It is especially true for smaller breeds. They are also generally at a higher risk of choking from these pits.

Why are cherries toxic to dogs?

Are Cherries Bad For Dogs? yes, because Dogs cannot digest it, these cherries fruits bad for dogs, so it tends to stay in their bodies for a long. Dogs often undergo surgery to remove their guts’ leftover stems or pits. One might question what about maraschino cherries, as they already come with their pits removed. However, these aren’t suitable as maraschino cherries come loaded with a considerable amount of added sugar. Excessive added sugars can lead to either hyperactivity in your dogs or gut issues.

What to do if your dog ate cherries?

Step 1: Observing the situation

Chances are, dogs might be curious about the fruit you are eating and decide to eat a piece for themselves. Swallowing a single cherry is no way enough to cause cyanide poisoning. However, the chances of choking and other hazards are still relatively high. If your dog has ingested a cherry, the first thing you would want to do would be to keep an eye on it. Observe your pet for 24 hours to observe any changes. If your dog not eating food, then some of the common symptoms would include vomiting, difficulty in breathing, dilated pupils, and diarrhoea. In worst scenarios, they might also exhibit symptoms of shock.

Step 2: Getting a diagnosis from the vet

In the case of cyanide poisoning, the signs are much more challenging to pick up on. Most dogs show symptoms of cyanide poisoning only after 15-20 days of ingestion. In any case, the best case of action would be to take your pet to be examined by the vet directly. The vet might recommend conducting a urine analysis and blood work to detect the issue. They also carried out a diagnosis on the fluids in the stomach pit to detect traces of HCN. Cyanide poisoning can also be treated using a variety of antidotes. Most dog vets generally start this alongside oxygen therapy for effective results.

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Some of the most common antidotes used by vets include sodium thiosulfate and sodium nitrate. For relatively new cases, the vet might want the dog to vomit out its stomach contents. They can also carry out detoxification processes. These include providing your dog with thiocyanate and rhodanese through an IV drip. Sodium thiosulfate can also be given to dogs orally—this help removes toxins from the body in the form of urine.

Step 3: Follow up on recovery

Once the prognosis is done successfully, your vet will guide you to further communication regarding the recovery.

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

You might be wondering what can dogs eat. And what fruit is good for dogs? Here is the List of fruits that for good for dog health.

#1 Apples

The perfect snack for your puppy would be apples. Apples are crunchy, and dogs can eat fruit but they cannot get enough of the texture. Apples also help to control the residue on their teeth and gums. Apart from providing suitable dosages of Vitamin A and C, it also contains pectin. Pectin is an excellent agent when it comes to aiding digestion in dogs.

#2 Bananas

Just as bananas provide a dash of electrolytes for humans, they are the best puppy food. Bananas are an excellent reserve for carbohydrates and provide instant energy. If you have an active dog, then bananas are a great option. Apart from those mentioned above, bananas also provide amino acids and potassium.

#3 Blueberries:

Blueberries are just the correct sizes to turn into mini snacks for your dogs. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. It helps tackle radicals in the body, whose common source is best dog food. They have also found them to ramp up your dog’s immune system. However, ensure it gives blueberries in moderation as they contain high sugar levels.

#4 Mangoes

Mangoes might be the perfect treat for your dogs. Mangoes are highly beneficial for dogs’ eyes and skin. Avoid giving your dog the pulp near the pit, as it may contain traces of cyanide. Like before, exercise moderation when feeding your dogs mangoes due to their high sugar content.

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#5 Oranges

It may come across as a surprise that your dog can consume oranges. Generally, most dogs do not find the smell of citrus appealing. However, in small quantities, oranges can be highly beneficial. Antioxidants and folic acid in oranges help boost your dog’s immune system and aid digestion. However, fruits for dogs safe is to avoid feeding too many oranges as it can throw off the pH balance in their mouths.

#6 Peaches

Another excellent summer option would be peaches. Dogs generally find peaches to be quite delicious as well. Peaches are chock full of antioxidants that help to control inflammation. Peaches also contain large amounts of iron in them. Iron is essential for puppies during their growth. The best way to feed peaches to your dog is to cut them up into small chunks.

#7 Pears

Pears make the perfect crunchy snack for your dogs. Apart from being loaded with fibres, pears are also full of a wide range of vitamins. Pears have been found to act as mood stabilizers as well. They are also great options for aging dogs.

#8 Pineapple

If your dog likes pineapples, they’re a good choice. Pineapples help to regulate energy levels in dogs and ramp up their metabolism. Pineapples also work on activating various enzymes within your dog’s body. Stick to feeding them small chunks of the fruit.

#9 Strawberries

Many experts claim that strawberries are the perfect refreshing snack for your dogs. They are rich in a variety of antioxidants and also contain high amounts of fibre. It is best to feed your fresh strawberries. Avoid opting for anything that contains canned strawberries or strawberry syrup.

#10 Watermelons

Dogs enjoying a slice of watermelon are nothing new. It is one of the best fruits for dogs to snack on. Due to their high moisture content, watermelons help to stave off dehydration. Watermelons are an excellent nutrient source for pregnant dogs as well.


While cherries might not be the best fruity snack for your dog, there are plenty of other options. We mentioned a couple of the most common ones. However, other fruits like cantaloupe and cranberries are great as well. While giving your fruits, the main motive to keep in mind is to practice moderation. Prepare serving sizes, keeping your dog’s age and physical requirements in mind.

Apart from this, if you are thinking Are Cherries Bad For Dogs? then the safest portion to consume for dogs would be the flesh. Avoid feeding them pits, stones, leaves, or skin as they might react unfavorably to those. So, the next time you’re feeding your puppy your favorite fruit, keep in mind these few pointers. You and your pup should now be ready to indulge in a yummy snack time.