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Register Your Dog With the American Kennel Club Now!

If you are a breeder, then AKC registration is a crucial step to showcase yourself as a reputable one. As a breeder, the AKC dog registration shows your transparency with verified lineages than unregistered puppies. So, you must know all about this certification. Well, let’s start with is this AKC litter registration good for family pets and service dogs. Yes, of course, it is. This is because you will have certified papers of a pup’s parentage. Such a thing will help you and your customer who later buys that pup in knowing and expecting future health issues, connecting with that pooch’s family, and knowing about its genetics.

Everything You Need to Know About AKC Registration

Before anything, what is AKC registration? AKC (American Kennel Club) registration is one of the oldest forms of registering your ‘purebred’ pup in the USA. You can now ask, “what is the benefit of registering my dog with AKC”? There are more interesting benefits when registering a pet with AKC. For starters, people can get a free 30-day health insurance plan with this club. That means when their puppies encounter accidents or diseases, this health insurance plan will become a lifesaver. Also, most customers will treat American Kennel Club Breeders as trustworthy and thus, pick or buy pups from them a lot. The next reason is to let others know your pet is purebred for assurance. Suppose, due to some unfortunate consequences, one has to hand over their whelp to others, and their dog needs another home. In this case, their pet’s papers will assure people about its breed, that it is a “purebred” variety. Moreover, when a pet parent has an interest in participating in dock diving events such as agility, obedience, NADD, etc., such events demand the dog’s registration. Meaning only those American Kennel Club breeds can participate in those events without any restrictions. So, all-in-all, registering with the AKC could benefit from this.

Registration Process for a Dog with AKC

Wanna know how to register a dog with the AKC? You can register your dog with the AKC if it belongs to a registered litter and must have registration numbers. However, if your pet doesn’t have any registration number, you can register it under other programs. But remember that it won’t be declared as officially registered under AKC. Regardless, here is the registration process for your dog.

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  • If you buy your dog from the registered litter, you will get a certificate showing its parentage details and a unique registration number. Also, you can see the AKC registration number on that certificate.
  • As a next step, go to the AKC website, to the “registration” page and fill in all the complete details on the registration page.
  • Later, you have to provide an approved name, photos of the pup, etc.
  • The registration charge will be $35, respectively. And that’s it!
  • Besides, there will be a higher charge if you mail in all your registration documents.
  • For mailing, first, download the application form from the AKC website.
  • Print the form, and fill in all details.
  • Lastly, mail it to the address mentioned in the application form.
  • Note: It is impossible to register your dog for official AKC status if you don’t have a certificate.

Registering Process for a Dog with AKC (Without Papers)

One must note that only with papers can anyone have a successful AKC puppy registration for a dog. Well, then how to register a dog with AKC without papers? Surprisingly, there are some alternate solutions to register your dog without papers. The AKC has facilitated this with their Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege program. Although, with the PAL/ILP program, individuals cannot get the full benefits of registering with AKC. Still, you can happily participate in some AKC events such as hunts, tracking tests, agility, rally trails, etc. So, follow the below steps for this kind of registering a pup under AKC:

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How to Register for AKC Online?

  • Make sure your puppy’s age has crossed at least 6 months and is spayed. Also, she/he must belong to a “purebred”.
  • You can download the application form from the AKC website.
  • You can ask for the registration form from the organization to your email id.
  • Attach 2 full-size photos of your pup and fill out the complete form by paying $35 as an application fee.
  • Finally, send the form to AKC.
  • Once your application form is sent successfully, wait for some time to get feedback from this club.
  • Finally, you will get your dog’s PAL/ILP number (similar to an AKC registration number).
  • Now, your dog can be able to participate in companion and performance events.

You will find some of the below questions in the application form:

  • What is your role in your dog’s life?
  • Who is the owner of the dog?

Registration Process for a Mixed Breed Dog with AKC

Until now, we all have learnt the process of AKC registration for purebreds. But what about mixed breeds? How to register a mixed breed dog for AKC? Follow the below steps for the American Kennel Club dog breeds registration process for a mixed-breed dog:

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  • Start by going to the AKC website and then to “Register Your Dog”.
  • There, click the button “Enroll a Dog in AKC canine partners”.
  • Click the “Continue to Registration” button.
  • The website will take you to the “Enrollment” page, which consists of a brief introduction.
  • Scroll your cursor down to find the application part, where you can see a form to fill the “Primary pet owner information” part.
  • By clicking the “Add Additional Owner” button, you can add multiple owners for your dog.
  • If the information provided is wrong or not filled, you can see the box turned to a pinkish-red colour.
  • As you know, AKC sets some standard rules for conventions. After entering your dog’s full name, it is checked against the naming convention standard of the AKC.
  • Make sure to agree to the “Terms & Conditions” details and then click “Continue”.
  • As a successive step, you will see the next page where you can find the payment settings.
  • After making the payment, you will get a confirmation of the payment.
  • The “Canine Partners Listing Receipt” screen will now appear, holding the choice to print the pdf file.

Immediately save the copy, and you will receive 3 emails within a few minutes from the AKC site. You will get details regarding AKC veterinary network coupon, AKC reunites enrollment confirmation, and AKC receipt (Canine Partners List).


Start your registration process today if your dog doesn’t have the registration paper under its name. If you can trace your pet’s parents and if they are registered under AKC, then registering your pup with this club seems easy. Moreover, one can go for other programs if their pet is not registered with AKC. Besides, those whose pups are registered under AKC will now be eligible to participate in the event programs and can enjoy all the benefits of this club. Also, new dog breeds American Kennel Club have already gained more popularity now. Therefore, register soon and make your dog feel happy by attending the events joyfully.